24x12 - Blood Out

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit". Aired: September 1999 to present.

Moderators: Trialia, Sarah Elseify

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"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" follows the detectives of New York City Police Department's Manhattan Special Victims Unit, based out of the 16th precinct, as they investigate s℮xually based offenses.
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24x12 - Blood Out

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In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses

are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

I want confirmation that Oscar Papa

put the hit out on me.

I don't k*ll people, Captain.

No, you have kids do it for you.

I wanna show you something.

open rapes,
perpetrated by known BX recruiters.

Maria Garcia ID'd both
Bugbear and Sacrilege

as the guys who r*ped her.

Can we get her to testify?

So far, no.

Benny Barros.

My client has all his boss's
phone conversations on tape.

And he's willing to testify.


Oscar Papa, you're under arrest

for r*pe and attempted m*rder.

Everything okay?

Just found out my cousin's d*ad.

s*ab in Green Haven,
along with his friend, Sabo.

Oh, what happened?

The cops put them on the same block

in Green Haven as th Street.

After that subway thing?


Just trying to flip them.

This Duarte guy, he have any kids?


but that bitch from the news does.

- Benson?
- Yeah.

She got a son.

All right.

We're gonna make this right.


You know the rule...
Blood for blood.

Get some principiantes
to chop her little bastard son,

right in front of her.


You heard enough?

My client was in distress,

expressing frustration.

There is a difference
between intent and hyperbole.

Well, unfortunately,

this sick bastard's hyperbole

carries a lot of weight.

Benny Barros is an
amoral opportunist

who secretly recorded my client

in exchange for what?

Citizenship, and a safehouse,

about as far away from
your client as possible.

Benny, he's playing you.

I think you'll find once
your anger settles, that it is

the very man that you have
in witness protection

who ordered a group
of kids to att*ck you

and your son with machetes.

Captain Benson, as I've stated,

I'm sorry you were hurt.

But it pains me more that
your son was traumatized...

If you say one more word,

about my son,

it will be your last.

I think we're done here.

We'll be charging your client
with multiple counts

of r*pe in the first,
not to mention

attempted m*rder of a police
officer and her son.

♪ ♪

That was a huge mistake letting
you go in there by yourself.

Counselor Swope
is gonna claim NYPD bias.

Promise me that he'll be convicted,

because I need to know,

that Noah is safe,

before I bring him home.

Oscar Papa, you are charged

with counts of r*pe
in the first.

- How do you plead?
- Not guilty, Your Honor.

And on the two counts of
attempted m*rder in the second?

Not guilty, Your Honor.

People on bail?

Oscar Papa is a career
criminal who ordered

the gangland style hit
of an NYPD captain

and her -year-old son.

He is the acknowledged leader
of BX ,

and he's guilty of participation

in at least rapes that we know of.

We request remand.

Your Honor, these m*rder charges

are up to interpretation.

The defense intends
to paint Oscar Papa

as some kind of local
youth advocate when, in fact,

we all know that he is the head
of a criminal organization

that could more accurately
be described as a death cult.

He has never been
charged with a crime.

Well, he is now.

Defendant is remanded
to Rikers pending trial.

Next case.

Must feel good.

You wanna clean up our trash

like the Italian cops did with the Mob?

Let's save the fist bumps
til this prick's in prison.

Well, DOJ's pulling out
of the Bronx.

You know what that means.

You got a whole crew
of new detectives

you gotta break in.

Hell no. I'm done.
I told you.

That deaf girl case was my last
piece of unfinished business.

What, you got some kind of monogrammed

hammock in Mexico I don't know about?


Believe me, a settlement like that

isn't as good as it sounds.

You expect me to believe that, right?

Uncle Sam took half of it.

My ex-wife, Rose, took the rest.

Poor Bruno.

So, thank you
for picking up the check.

You're not fooling anybody, Bruno.

All right, tell you what.

Let's put your
detective skills to the test.

- Let's go.
- If you can tell me what I have left

within one million,

I'll pick up the tab.


Judging from the way you threw
that Patek at that lab rat

like your wrist was on f*re,

I'm guessing,
you got at least half of that,

kickin' around somewhere.

Am I right?

- Close enough.

Just in time.

Phoebe wants me home.

So what are you gonna
do now, climb Machu Picchu?

- Surf the Gold Coast?

Ah, I don't know.

Probably sleep in for once.

Find Rose on a dating app,
and swipe right.

That sounds healthy.

Hey, yo, Orlando!

- Stop! What the hell?
- What?

Everything okay?
We're cops.

- I thought I heard something.
- Like what?

I don't know,
but I heard something.




Orlando, stop the compactor!



♪ ♪

Open up the back.

She's alive!

She's barely breathing.

Blue-gray lips,
looks like an OD.

♪ ♪

The hell is that?

Some kind of dart.

Send me a bus,
corner of Bryant and Hunts Point.



Can you tell me what happened?

I was r*ped.

We got you.

We got you, okay?


♪ ♪

She was pretty out of it
when we found her,

but, she said she was r*ped.

I found blood in
her underwear, semen.

Arms are bruised up pretty good.

She was held down.

At least until the Wildnil kicked in.


The tranquilizer dart you found.

Tested positive for a potent opioid.

Lucky she's a heroin addict.

What makes you say that?

Already has a built up tolerance.

She's gonna pull through, right?

I've never had to use three
doses of Narcan before.


♪ ♪


Excuse me.

- Liv?
- Hey.

So I'm, uh,

just heading up to Carisi's,

to prep witnesses.
You coming?

I wish I could, but evidently,

I'm incapable of making it south

of the Washington Bridge.

Hold on, you're still up
in the Bronx?

Yeah, me and Bruno
stumbled onto a case.

Oh, your new best friend?

[CHUCKLES] All right, Fin,
are you leaving me too?

You've always been,
and will always be

my sister from another mister.

But I just can't drop this
in the lap

of some green Bronx SVU detectives.

The woman was r*ped,

and dumped in the
back of a garbage truck.

Well, then, you owe me a favor.

All right.

Let me call you Amanda from now on.

and tell Carisi don't wait up for me.

I'll be working late.

♪ ♪

Listen, hon,

why don't you take another
sip of that cola,

and slow down?

I got low blood sugar.

You wanna tell us how you wound up

in the back of that garbage truck?

I pretended I was d*ad.

Yeah, you pretended
you were d*ad for who?

That's the question.

Some white boy.

Can you tell us what he looked like?

Hell, all you white boys
look alike to me.

Whoa, whoa, where are you going?

You cops.

Somebody catch me talking to you,

my pimp is gonna k*ll me.

Someone attacked you.

The nurse found evidence

that he may have forced himself on you.

Ain't the first time.

Don't you want us
to catch who did this?

If I don't earn, I get b*at.

How much are you making a night?


On a good night?

Two, three.

Here then.

That's enough for a great night.

He crazy or something?

Yeah, but he's a good dude.

What do you want in return for it?

The truth.

Tell us everything you know
about the guy who hurt you.

After I passed out,

I woke up in some kind of tile room.

And he was spraying
me down with a hose.

Do you remember anything else?

It was like a medical room.

Then he kind of just did it to me.

Next thing I knew, I was in a dumpster.

We done here?

Just promise us you'll
go home and get some rest.

If it's okay with you,

I think I'll stay here.

♪ ♪

We have our witnesses
prepped, the few that we have.

We got Benny Barros.

Benny's not the most
reliable guy I've ever met.

- Carisi's right.
- Yeah, the guy keeps making demands.

I mean, last night,
it was a strict vegan menu.

What happens if he changes his mind?

Benny's got more to lose than
anyone if he doesn't testify.

And we got Fugazi in our pocket.

Where are we with Maria Garcia?

Still doesn't wanna testify.

So how do we change that?

She can be found in contempt.

Do you really wanna put a victim

of sexual as*ault in prison?

Well, all the same,
the thr*at can't hurt.

What about Sacrilege?

What about him?

Did you get him to tell us anything?

The kid won't talk.

I mean, I couldn't help
to notice his track marks.

The kid's an addict.

It's been a while since his last fix.

That ought to hurt.

Well, it was your techniques

that got us here in the first place.

What did I do?

Those recordings that
we received from Benny

confirm, that the hit on
Benson was a direct result

of you putting Ricky and
Sabo in s*ab distance

of th Street because
you wanted to flip them.

You almost got my son k*lled.

Thank you again for that.

Captain, if you want,
I can talk to him.

We're getting very close to the trial.

I mean, is that worth a sh*t?

A last-minute change of conscience

from the only
g*ng recruiter left alive?

It's down to the wire,
but it can't hurt.

Okay, Velasco.

Take Churlish with you.


Hector, Detective Velasco.

She a lawyer?

- No.
- But where's yours?

I, uh, represent myself.

Bold words, for a guy
whose hands are shaking.

That captain of yours left
me in here to sweat it out.

Yeah, he ain't no captain of ours.

Whoever uses withdrawal as a
w*apon hasn't been through it.

You have?


What the hell are you doing?

We're supposed to be

asking questions,
and trying to flip him,

but we both know it's not gonna work

if he's sweating like that.

- Can I talk to you outside?
- No.

Where'd you get that?

Wheel well of that car
your dealers were using.


This has gone too far.

What are you gonna do,
Captain America?


You're gonna arrest me, hmm?

♪ ♪

She's pretty uptight for a sister.

Yeah, she grew up in the suburbs.

You can tell.

♪ ♪

I went to my car after work.

Two men were in the back seat,
door open.

They pulled me inside.

They took turns raping me.

When they were done,
they took my underwear.

For what purpose?

To show my brother
what they could do

to the rest of the women
in our family,

our mom, or our baby sister,

if he said no.

Were these the two men
who as*ault you?

- Yes.
- For the record,

Lindsay del Toro,
AKA Bug Bear, is now deceased.

Hector Suarez, street name
Sacrilege, is in Rikers.

Now, you heard testimony,

that DNA links both of these men

to Ms. Garcia's as*ault.

Ms. Garcia, did you tell
your brother what had happened?

I did.

He told me he had no choice.

That BX would target
other women in our family

if he refused to join.

Which is why you withdrew
your initial complaint

to the police.

I was afraid of retaliation
against Rodrigo.

But he was k*lled.

Two months ago.

By rivals of BX ,

so he doesn't need me
to protect him anymore.

Thank you.

I am...

I am very sorry for what
happened to you, Ms. Garcia.

But haven't the men,
responsible for your ordeal

been brought to justice?

One is already d*ad,
and the other is in jail,

awaiting his own trial.

Yes, but they were acting
on Oscar Papa's orders.

Well, do you have
any direct knowledge of that?

Other than what the police,
and the...

- DA have told you?
- No, but...

Did your brother
implicate my client?

- No...
- You know Oscar Papa, don't you,

from around the neighborhood?

Everyone does.

He's a customer sometimes
at my family's restaurant.

You invited two NYPD captains
to that same restaurant

under false pretenses?

I had to do that.

- I was afraid that...
- Of my clients or the police?

- Both.
- But you did lie to the police.

Well, did that motivate
your decision to testify?

- Objection.
- Withdrawn.

Nothing further.


♪ ♪

Captain Duarte,
can you explain what this is

to the jury, please?

A recruitment tool for BX ...

Undergarments of r*pe victims,
mothers and sisters,

hung from a tree,
to intimidate vulnerable teens

into signing up as principiantes.


That's what they call
new recruits at BX .

And how many women were you able to

associate with r*pe cases?

Through DNA
and victim IDs, about .

And what did your
investigations conclude?

Two mid-level recruiters, Sacrilege

and Bug Bear, of the Tremont clique,

were responsible for most of the rapes.

Now, do mid-level recruiters

for BX usually act independently?

In my experience, no.

BX is a hierarchical organization.

There are multiple levels
of the command chain.

And how do g*ng members
usually move up the ranks?

Through committing acts
of v*olence, including,

r*pe and m*rder at
the behest of their superiors.

Does anything happen without

the knowledge of the
head of the organization?

No, it does not.

Orders of v*olence

only spill down from the leadership

to the soldiers
and the principiantes.

And in your ongoing investigations

into the BX leadership,
who did you focus on?

That man right there,
Oscar Papa.

Thank you, Captain.

Captain Duarte,

you investigated BX for five years.

Is that fair to say?

Yes, that sounds about right.

Well, isn't it also fair to say

that you have a personal
vendetta against BX ?

A vendetta, no.
I'm just doing my job.

But you, you did own a vintage Mustang?

- Yes.
- What happened to it?

Two BX g*ng members followed
me home and set it on f*re.

And that made you pretty angry,
didn't it?

What do you think?

Well, angry enough to push
one of the boys off a roof?

As Counselor Swope knows,

Sleep's death
was ruled an accident.


But, one of your colleagues,
Captain Olivia Benson,

accused you of pushing
the boy, didn't she?

It was a misunderstanding.

Well, is it true that
you've had a few of those

involving BX members?

Do you recognize these two boys?

Sabo and Pretty Ricky,

two former principiantes
of the Tremont clique.

They're deceased now, aren't they?

s*ab in prison by rivals,

you requested they be
put in close proximity to,

in an effort to flip them.

Now, was Captain Benson aware

that this decision made
her and her son a target?

She is now.

A lie of omission,

just another one of
your misunderstandings?

Objection, immaterial.

Move it along.

You're Mexican, right?

What the hell does that
have to do with anything?

Well, in your experience,

have you found that Mexicans are

prejudiced against Salvadorans?

Humans are territorial,

just like every other
animal on this planet.

Are you territorial?

Well, I'm human, aren't I?

But I'm not prejudiced
against Salvadorans,

only BX .

They ruined the neighborhood
I grew up in.

Before they came along,

people could walk their dogs
at night.

Kids didn't have to worry,
about their mothers' dignity,

being hung from a tree,

as some sort of a sick advertisement,

for a life they didn't even want.

Well, it sounds to me that you do have

a vendetta against my client, Captain.

- Objection.
- Withdrawn.

♪ ♪

Yeah, pulled two Jane Does

out of here in the past few years.

You run their DNA?

Yeah, nothing in the system.

Showed their photos around Hunts Point,
but nah,

- no one wanted to talk.
- So where are their bodies?

Buried on Hart Island.

What'd the M.E. say?

Both OD'd, massive dose of opioids.

Any sign of sexual as*ault?

We're Homicide.
It's not like we ran a r*pe kit.

If M.E. found something,
that was Bronx SVU.

That was their job.

You know better than anyone
what really happened there.

All too well.

Yeah, thank you, man.

See you fellas.

I think we're looking at a serial.

It'd be tough to prove,

unless we find that source of Wildnil.

We may get lucky with the
online complaint system.

Cross-reference doctors,
dentists, pharmacists.

And veterinarians, right?

I don't know of too many
other kinds of doctors

who sh**t their patients
with a dart to put them out.

So much for your retirement,
huh, Bruno?


I know I'm not supposed
to have Misty here.

But she's gentle, quiet.

We're not here to confiscate
your dog, Ms. Morgan.

Two years ago, you filed a complaint,

against your veterinarian?

Dr. Tim.
That pervert.

Can you tell us why
you filed that complaint?

I didn't have money
to pay Misty's bill.

Dr. Tim said we could
work something out.

And what did he mean by that?

He tried to get me to touch it.

- Touch what?
- What do you think?

His member, his tool, his wang!

Okay, we get it.

Okay, so what happened?

I'm old, but I'm no idiot.

I touched it.

But I didn't like it.

You licking your wounds?


Why? Should I stop so you can
pour some salt in them?

Hey, you did your best.

Which, let's face it,

might not have been good enough.

- If Oscar Papa gets off...
- Don't even say that.

This is not over.
We have a solid case.


Captain Benson.



Velasco, what the hell happened?

UNI says Benny's mom
sent him a plate of food.

He took a few bites,
and he started bleeding.

- Rat poison.
- For a rat.

Oh, my God.

Is it possible that
they got to his mother?

Either that,
or the kid who delivered it.


♪ ♪

What are the chances
Benny makes it?

Well, if it doesn't,

Oscar Papa walks free.


- Benny Barros is d*ad, huh?
- Died in the ambulance.

Yeah, which puts our case
on life support

because Benny's tapes
are no longer admissible.

We know BX is behind this,

which means Oscar Papa gave the order.

No kidding.

So what are you doing about it?

My detectives are all over it,

working BX 's girlfriends' contacts.

What about Sacrilege?

- You get anything?
- I got the kid on the hook.

That's one word for it.

What does that mean?


All right, I'll talk to the DA.

I'll see if I can't
sweeten his plea deal.

For rapes?
You gonna tell Benson?

Hey, we're past that.

Don't you get it?

We need to start playing dirty,
just like Oscar Papa.

Copy that.

- He's been running a fever.

I'm gonna send the nurse back over, but,

if he gets any worse,

you have to take him
to the hospital.


No, I'm fine.

Albert, how are you doing,

- Huh?
- Why are there more cops around?

Benny Barros was k*lled last night.

I thought he was in witness protection.

He was.

Just like us.

I just want my son to be safe.

Believe me, so do I.

I don't know why I ever trusted you.

I'll never be able to
walk down the street

without looking over my shoulder again.

You should have just ended
my life while you could.

Don't say that, Albert.

My son is not testifying.

- Mrs. Diaz, let's think about this.
- No!

Get out.
Get out of our lives.


♪ ♪


Captain Benson, you are
a sorbet for the eyes.

Hey, you wanted to talk, talk.

Well, we both know that
your lead witness is d*ad.

Yeah, a pupusa full of rat poison.

You know,
BX should publish a cookbook.

We'll be filing a motion to dismiss,

unless the DA has an offer.

Well, your client pleads guilty
to charges of r*pe,

counts of attempted m*rder.

- We'll think about it.
- You do that, but,

Benny may be d*ad,

but those recordings he gave us

have your client running his mouth

about half the gangs in the city.

Now, I might not be able
to use that in court...

But, they would make a great mixtape,

for all the bangers in here.

Are you thr*at me?

That's not a thr*at.

It's a verdict.

No one...

Gets away with trying to k*ll my son,

not without some form of justice.

And right now...


Is starting to sound pretty good.

You know the rule...

Blood for blood.

♪ ♪

Now, take your time, Ms. Sipes.

That's him.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

I remember the eyes.

Who the hell is he?

Dr. Tim Birch, a veterinarian.

We think he's good for

the m*rder of a few
other prost*tute in the area.

Why would he do that?

He could have just paid
like the rest of the johns

up at Hunts Point.

Vets are supposed to
take care of animals.


Well, he is one.

The judge won't grant
a motion to dismiss,

but, if Fugazi doesn't testify,

then I have no way to prove
that Oscar Papa

ordered that hit on you and Noah.

The UNIs assigned to
Fugazi and his mother...

They just rushed him to the hospital.

Not another poisoned pupusa, is it?

This time, it's my fault.

♪ ♪

They said I'm gonna lose my leg.

We're getting you
the best doctors, okay?

- I'm afraid.
- I know, honey.

- I know.
- Where's my mom?

She's just upstairs.

- She's filling out some paperwork.
- I'm sorry.

- We have to take him in now.
- She's gonna be with you

the whole time, okay?

♪ ♪

I'm running out of witnesses.

Upside is, I might be home early.

I love you too.


You look like you could
use a cup of coffee.

Come in, come in.

Been at the hospital,
all night, with the Diazes.

The doctors manage
to save Fugazi's leg?

Oh, man, this kid is gonna be
out of commission for months.

Wouldn't be the first
time I had somebody

testify from a hospital bed.

Be that as it may,

the mother is not budging.

I'm not a miracle worker.

I mean, I got a -hour
continuance after Benny,

but I gotta put somebody
on that stand tomorrow.

Thank you.

- How's Noah doing?

He's fine.

He's good.
He's safe.

You know, Woodstock PD's got

unmarked cars on the McCanns' block,

I see what you did there,

What'd I do?

Brought up Noah,
to remind me which kid

I should really be thinking about.

- I plead the fifth.

Thanks for not telling Benson.

About what?

Those drugs that we
confiscated from these bangers.

You know it was all theater, right?

The guy was a junkie.
He was sweating.

I just dangled some of his
product in front of him.

You didn't give him any?
Because that would be illegal.

Oh, of course not.

You know I'm just a white shield,

but I have a whole future
to worry about.

I get it.
You got your sights set on PP.

- Don't laugh.
- Look,

if you wanna keep your
nose clean so you can be

the next Black female
commissioner or whatever,

that's on you.

But my job right now is to flip

a bishop to take down the king.

Okay, and you heard Carisi.
We gotta play dirty.

If push comes to shove,
I'm never gonna lie for you.

No one's asking you to.


♪ ♪

What's up, homey?

What, no care package?

We're cops, not dealers.

Yo, nobody's talking to you, bicha.

I'm only interested in my friend here.



What did he say?

It's a waste of time.

He's being vulgar.

About me?

So what do you say, bicha? Huh?

How about I, uh,

show you the rest of my tattoos?

You know what, Churlish?
Why don't you give us a minute?

Knock yourself out.

♪ ♪


Never good to drink alone.

Well, it beats sleeping
in my house that way.

Is that an invitation?

You wish.

I was talking about my kid.

What she's having.

Oh, that's defeat, on the rocks.

Actually, I'll have a bourbon.

So, Carisi is going to subpoena Fugazi.

What, you didn't
crack him in the head

with that bleeding heart of yours?

It's all out of blood.

Oscar Papa will do that to you.

Guy's like a bed bug.

You know, I finally understand why...

You are the way you are.

He's ruined hundreds of lives.

Not to mention taking
me away from my son.



He's never looked so happy.

They look really...


Yeah, they do.


I hate to say it, but,

you were right.

We should have gone after Oscar Papa,

right after the subway case.

Does that mean you're sorry,

for reducing my five-year whale hunt,

for one of the biggest
scourges this city's ever seen,

into a simple r*pe case?

Don't push it.


If that's as close as I'll get tonight,

I'll sleep a happy man.

♪ ♪

Thank you.
You didn't have to do that.

What, picking up the check?

What can I say?

Ever since you got jumped,

I've been racking the overtime.


Are you sure,

that we can't drop you somewhere?

No, thank you.
I think I'm gonna walk.


Good night, Mike.

Good night, Captain.


Help you?

Can I get a pack of Reds, please?


♪ ♪

Get on the ground.

Call .

Tell them it's a
police officer involved.

Do it.




♪ ♪


You okay, Liv?

How is he?

Still in surgery.

The doctors say he lost a lot of blood.

Oh, my God.

Every unit in the city is on the scene,

canvassing, pulling traffic cams.

Bodega cameras caught
the whole att*ck.

We're running facial recognition.

- We're gonna get these guys.

That's my boy Manny from Bronx Gangs.

Velasco's on the scene.

Muncy came in on her day off.

I can't believe this, but,
I was just with him.

It's not over, Liv.

We did catch a serial.

Picked him up off vic ID.

DNA linked him to the r*pe kit.

And I'm really impressed
with Moneybags.

This guy is driven.
He's on a mission.

And I was thinking,
now that Rollins is gone,

- we could use another body.
- No, I just...

I was too hard on Duarte.

He's a good cop, Fin.

We all know that.

♪ ♪

Bobby Santos,
Jose Cruz, Carlos Lopez...

You recognize them?

You should.

They're three of the five principiantes

that you ordered to
k*ll Captain Duarte,

and they're willing to testify.

Testify to what?

Well, unlike Fugazi, they say,

that they got their
orders to k*ll Duarte

- from a prison call.
- Which are all recorded.

You had to know that.

I'm not denying anything, Captain.

You got me d*ad to rights.

I need to confer with my client.

No, you don't.

Sit down.

We're listening.

I just wanted to say

I know how much you
respected Captain Duarte.

And that's why you k*lled him?

You know the rule.

Blood for blood.

He wanted to take
away everything I've built.

I couldn't allow that to happen.

♪ ♪

You knew that you could run
your organization from here.

Most of my crew is in here.

And like I said,

you can't k*ll an idea.

So you knew exactly
what you were doing,

when you made that call.

The question is...


The truth?

I got a soft spot for you, Captain.

I see the way you look at me.

Most women say they
would k*ll for their kid, but,

not a lot of them would go toe to toe

with a guy like me for them.

You are a better mother
than I've ever had.

We can talk about your childhood later.

What I need to know is,

is your client going to
plead guilty to m*rder?

But not the rapes.

♪ ♪

Hang on.

I need, you to assure me,

that my son is safe.

He won't be harmed.

I got what I wanted.


We're even now.

♪ ♪

for the attempted m*rder on you.

to life for Duarte.

He'll be eligible for
parole around .

And the five principiantes?

We're gonna go after them all.

- Noah headed home?
- He is.

s*ab's driving him down.

And I'm going to meet them at home.

I didn't wanna drive,

after the day that we've had.

There's nobody that I trust more,

to bring my son home in one piece,

than s*ab.

I'll give Amanda your love.

Please do.

Officer Churlish,

you're a long way from the Bronx.

I have something I wanted to give you.


I left my phone on,

when Detective Velasco
was talking to that recruiter.

Aside from it being a felony,

why would you do that?

You'll see when you listen to it.

♪ ♪

He's out, like a light.

- He's had a hard week.
- Yeah.

So did you.

Thank you, Elliot.

Thank you for picking him up.

You're family.

What are you looking for?

- Sugar?
- It's here.

I have some here somewhere.

Why didn't you call me?

Because I knew that
you would try to protect me.

And there's something wrong with that?

I care for you.


♪ ♪

Liv, look at me.

Here it is.



Elliot, I want to.

I want to, but I can't.

Why not?

Because, what if it doesn't work out?

And what if things work out?

Elliot, I'm not ready for this.

I'm not ready for this.

I'm not ready for this.

♪ ♪
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