01x08 - Not the Eternal

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Lockwood & Co." Aired: January 27, 2023 - present.
Based on a series of books of the same name follows three teens at a ghost-hunting agency fighting the deadly spirits plaguing London.
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01x08 - Not the Eternal

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[light buzzing]

["Homesick" by The Cure playing]

[Lucy sighs]

Luce, I can't stand it anymore.
Say something. Anything. Please.

We won. We b*at Winkman.

We got the mirror. It's safe with Barnes.
George will be back any moment.

You can relax. It's over.

No, it's not.

We nearly died tonight,
all because of your bloody bet,

and now every relic hunter in London
is out to k*ll us.

They could be watching us right now.
Or waiting for us inside the house.

What are we doing this for?

What does any of it mean
if we end up s*ab

or d*ad at the bottom of the Thames
with nobody left to care?

This doesn't feel like winning.


["Homesick" continues]

I'm sorry.

You were right.

I got totally carried away on this job.

I was thoughtless and reckless.

[crockery rattles]

[scraping toast]

I just wanted to say,

don't give up on us.

- Please.
- [drops knife]

Or... what I really should say is...

don't give up on me.

To be honest, the bottom of the Thames

used to be
a far more appealing place to be.

And really no one would have cared.

But now...

Grenadier Guard or policeman?

Grenadier Guard.


But if George comes in
and sees you using his eggcup,

I'm not responsible for the consequences.

[Lockwood] I was right about that Dulac
book, wasn't I? It's mostly nonsense.

Lots of babble about forbidden knowledge
and the mysteries of creation.

Didn't you see this bit
about Bickerstaff? Listen.

"Yes, I k*lled him."

"sh*t him with my father's p*stol,
sealed him with iron, buried him deep."

"Yet I still see him when I close my eyes,

swathed in his velvet cloak,
performing his rituals."

- Mary Dulac k*lled Bickerstaff? Why?
- "I shall claim an act of self-defense."

"His cunning servant trapped me."
"The doctor held the glass before me."

"One glimpse
and I felt my sanity shake loose."

So she sh*t him
before he could k*ll her with the mirror?

- Fair enough.
- No, wait.

"For this looking glass
was not a mirror after all."

"It was a window."

A window to where?

"I dare not say any more,
and I have no one left to confide in."

"Since that glimpse, I am damned."
"All I want to see is more."

Lockwood, look.

Look at the illustration.

Look at the mirror.

[crockery rattling]

Where the hell is George?

[theme music playing]

[echoing whisper]

[bird screeching]

It's okay.

It's okay.

Stay calm.


- Pamela?
- [wings fluttering]


I'm sorry. I startled you.

- No. It's good to see you.
- I'm so glad you came.

I was worried
that you'd have second thoughts.

Are you sure no one followed you?

We should go in. Get on with it.

[Joplin] How did it go?
That Flo Bones girl didn't try to take it?

No, it wasn't difficult.

Lockwood and Lucy did the cool stuff
and left the donkey work to me, as usual.

Don't do yourself down, George.

Lockwood and Lucy might be highly gifted,

but trust me, if anyone's
going down in history, it's you.

You think so?

You've done the right thing. If DEPRAC
had got their hands on the bone glass,

it'd be lost forever, into the furnace,

along with everything it can teach us
about the Problem.

All they do is destroy things.

They'll never learn.
But you and me, we'll learn.

We'll learn everything.

You don't mind, do you?

- Long as you don't run off with it.
- I wouldn't dream of it. I need you.

Come on. I want to show you
what I've been doing.

Oof! [groans]

[Lucy] What do you know?
What have you seen? Where's he taken it?

Too busy playing the happy couple, weren't
you? No wonder he found another friend.

- Lucy, tell me what he's saying now.
- Something about another friend.

What other friend? Flo? George doesn't
have any other friends apart from...


Sh... she wouldn't do anything. Would she?

[skull] Death is coming,

and he's gone to meet it, with her.

It's got Joplin too. Everyone
who goes near that thing loses their mind.

Tell me where they are.

I'll tell you, if you take me.

- [Lucy] Where?
- To see my master.

- Bickerstaff.
- They're at the cemetery.

[skull] With the d*ad.

About to join them.

And it's all your fault.


[cackling echoes]

It's all empty.
George must have forgotten to restock.

No. This is my fault. I should've noticed
what was happening to him.

No. It all started going wrong
when I joined.

I screwed everything up between you.

One measly box of salt-b*mb.

This is a nightmare. We're d*ad.

Maybe. But if anything's worth dying for...

If any agent's gonna b*at
this bone glass, Bickerstaff,

whatever grip they've got on George,
it's you.

- Thanks. Put it all on me, why don't you?
- That's not what I mean.

What I mean is that we're gonna do this.
Both of us.

- For George.
- For George.

[Lockwood] She was in front of us
this whole time.

Poking her nose in before we'd even
opened Bickerstaff's bloody coffin.

She must've hired Carver to steal
the bone glass and put a knife in his back

when he double-crossed her
and took it to Winkman.

I can't believe she's capable of this.

Pretending like she cared. Wanting to be
part of the team. Everything was an act.

God knows what she's been
whispering in George's ear.

We knew how much
it had gotten under his skin.

His little comments,
how distracted he was.

We noticed it,
but we didn't take any notice.

- Too wrapped up in our own bullshit.
- I have said how sorry I am...

It doesn't matter
how sorry either of us are.

Being sorry is not gonna save him.

You really think it's got to him?

I don't think it's taken control of him.

George wouldn't do something like this.
This is someone else's work.

Something else's.

[George] This place is crawling
with d*ad things.

Don't go so fast. I need to k*ll these
lights in case anyone tries to follow us.

No one's going to follow us.
They'd be mad. Here, take my hand.

Don't worry.
It's nothing I can't deal with.

- Your flat would've been nicer, though.
- Oh no. It had to be here.

[George] Because of something
in Bickerstaff's papers?

The way to look at it safely?


- [clattering]
- [both gasp]

- What was that?
- I don't know.

Wait here. Don't move.

I'll be right back.

Be quick.

- [echoing groan]
- [clank]

- [gasps]
- [gust of wind]

- [thumping]
- [gasps]

[distorted voice]

- [giggling]
- [power crackling]

[distorted groaning and whispering]


- Whoo!
- [Kipps] Oh!

- Whoo!
- Aaah!

Aah! [laughing]




What the hell are you doing here, Kipps?

I could ask you the same thing.

- You've got the mirror.
- Don't mess with me.

- I just saved your life.
- Bullshit. I had it under control.

No, you didn't. You couldn't see it.
You were all over the place.

You're losing your talent.

You dare tell anyone

and I'll k*ll you, you hear me?

[Joplin] Calm down, Mr. Kipps,
and let go of my friend.

Put your hands behind your back.

Now turn around slowly.

What are you... What the...

You could be arrested for this.
Both of you. You're criminals.

George, you'll be destroyed.
You'll never work again.

Why did you bring that?

And handcuffs and a knife?

Because I knew
that something like this might happen.

Everyone in London wants what we have.

But it's ours.

We can't let anyone jeopardize that.

[Lucy] Come on, then, you big bastard.

- Tell us where he is.
- Is that aimed at me or the skull?

The skull.
I'd never be that polite to you.

- Can't you use a different voice?
- No.

Stop glowing so much. You'll give us away.

- That was to the skull.
- I got that.

[skull] How can I, when my master's
so close? I can feel him.

They'd better be here.
If you're just using us...

[skull] Oh, don't worry. They will be.

He's her master now.
She's lost to your world.

All it takes is one glance.

- [wings fluttering]
- And everyone wants to look.

- I don't.
- [skull] You couldn't resist.

Nor could he. Who knows what he might see?

- Mummy and Daddy, maybe?
- What's he saying now?

Neither of us could resist looking
in the bone glass if we had the chance.

Just promise me
you won't, though, Lockwood.

I need you to be
just the right amount of reckless.

[Lockwood] Of course.
But why are you so worried about me?

- What about you?
- [Lucy] Won't be a problem.

Can't stand mirrors. There's always
this stupid girl staring back at me.

Let's draw our swords
and kick in the doors.

Like we're cool
and really know what we're doing.


[metal clatters]

[Lockwood] Hear anything?

[Lucy] Not a sound.

It's warm. Not hot. Someone's
been here tonight, but not for a while.

[Lucy] Oh, and look.

Bickerstaff's coffin.

[Lucy] I can't sense anything.
There's nothing in there.

- Why would she take his body?
- For a mad experiment.

She wants the master
to witness whatever they're doing.

This is good.

They can't have gone far with a body.
They must still be here somewhere.

- It's locked.
- Oh God.

- From the inside.
- Where does it go?

Before, George said there were catacombs,
so there has to be another way down.

The catafalque. Saunders said
it was still working, didn't he?

Look everywhere.
There has to be a way to operate it.

[Kat] Lockwood!

- Where's Kipps?
- [Lockwood] Why are you here?

- What do you mean, "Where's Kipps"?
- He followed Karim here. Called us.

Our agents have been
following you for days.

We know Karim's got the mirror
and they're both here.

They're both in serious trouble.

We need each other's help,
so put those swords down

and let's get on with it.

We think they're in the catacombs.
But that platform's the only way down.

- It's called a catafalque.
- [Lockwood] We know.

Do you know how they're operated, Bobby?
From above or below?


The minister lowers the coffin
during the service. There's a button.

Kat! There's people here.

Four nasty-looking bastards in a van.
Said Winkman's on the side.

- Oh shit.
- How did they find us?

Probably followed the parade
of bloody Fittes agents.

- [Kat] Friends?
- [Lockwood] We know Winkman.

- [Lucy] We know he's a psychopath.
- [Winkman] Anthony Lockwood!

- What are we gonna do?
- Run.

- Not an option.
- Barricade ourselves inside.

- No, they'd have the advantage.
- What's your plan?

I barricade myself inside, rescue George
and Kipps. You fight them off out here.

[agent] Fight them off?

If you'd rather go down
to the catacombs alone, go for it.

- I'd rather deal with that lot.
- [Winkman] Where you going?

- Anthony!
- No. I'll go.

- No way, Luce.
- [Lucy] It has to be me.

- I've got a secret w*apon.
- It's too dangerous.

You have to let me do this, Lockwood.
For George.

And remember, just reckless enough.

- Okay?
- [man] With me!

What's the secret w*apon?

She is.

[Winkman] Where's my mirror?

[Bobby] What are they doing?
Don't they know this place is infested?

Oh, they're going to put us in there.


We should've run.
You're gonna get us k*lled.

Pull yourselves together. You're elite
Fittes agents, three of the best I've met.

And I'm Anthony bloody Lockwood.

Any one of us could see this lot off
any day of the week.

But all of us together?
This will be a walk in the park.

- [Winkman] You're d*ad!
- This isn't a park, it's a graveyard.

- Then let's bury them.
- [Winkman] d*ad!

- You're d*ad, Lockwood.
- Yeah!


[Winkman cackles]

[both grunting]


We have to get them away from the chapel.

- How?
- Run!

[man] Hey!

[distorted humming]

[pulse of energy]

[sound of flies buzzing]


- [pulse of energy]
- [skull] Oh yes! That sound!

Bone glass. Such sweet ecstasy.

It doesn't sound like ecstasy to me.

- [skull] Your petty mind can't comprehend.
- Then help me comprehend.

Were you there when it was made?

[skull] Of course.

From the bones of seven bodies,
suffering souls.

The power of their torment trapped...

Trapped in glass to make a window.
A window to see what?

[skull] The eternal.

What does that mean?
What did you actually see when you looked?

[skull] I never looked. I'm not a fool.

The way to look
is with someone else's eyes.

Someone weak. Someone curious.

Someone vulnerable.

- [cackling]
- Oh God.


Don't worry. We won't hurt you.
We're doing this for your own protection.

[Kipps] Do you really believe that?

Wake up, Karim. She's gonna k*ll us both.

We have to get out of here
while we still can.

No one's going to k*ll anyone.
We're academics.

This is a scientific experiment.

None of this would be necessary
if you'd minded your own business.

[Kipps] You've lost your mind.
You're as mad as she is. [sobbing]

Pamela, what's Bickerstaff's body
doing here?

We could hardly do it without him,
could we? This is all because of him.

He deserves a front-row seat.

But don't worry,
he's quite safe behind the chains.

A front-row seat to what?

Tell me what you've discovered,
what the methodology is.

How we're going to look at it safely.

In those papers,
whenever he mentions followers,

he's always talking about adults.

He didn't know that it's young people
who have the ability to see beyond.

He was too far ahead of his time.
Missing the vital key.

So you were going to...

If Kipps hadn't barged in,
it would've been me sitting there?

It'll be the most wonderful thing, George.
You said you wanted to see more.

But if I said no, those cuffs were for me?

You're missing the point
quite spectacularly.

All our lives, we've been buried in books.
We live in our minds.

And here at last is something that will
tell us everything we ever wanted to know.

Make us feel everything.

You and me,

with him as our conduit.

- It's perfect.
- [Kipps] No.

[sobs] You can't use me.

I can't see. I...

I've lost my talent.
I've lost my talent. Tell her!

Is that true, George?


You were saving him from a ghost.

I know that knife. I've seen one like it
before. They come in pairs.


Wh... [gasps]

You k*lled Carver.

- No, George.
- He betrayed you.

- No, no.
- He realized what the glass was worth.

Sold it to Winkman, didn't give it to you.

- Listen.
- You planned this.

- It's all gonna be fine.
- And I helped you.

It's all going to be absolutely...


[both grunting]


[whispering voices]


- [ghosts hissing and snarling]
- [screams]

[both grunting]

[yells] No, no, no!



- [yells]
- [ghosts hissing]


[rapiers clang]

After I k*ll you, I'm gonna find
that little scrubber girlfriend of yours,

and I'm gonna k*ll her too.

- [Kat yells]
- [Winkman groans]

- [gasping]
- [Lockwood coughing]

- Where are the others?
- Follow me.


I knew you'd be okay.

- We're really not okay.
- We heard voices. There's more.

There. Look.



- He's left us.
- Ugh! The bastard tricked us.



- [Bobby] That bastard had a plan.
- [Kat] A suicidal one.

That tends to be a feature
of all my best plans.

- Keep ghosts away till DEPRAC get here.
- You called DEPRAC?

Not yet. But one of these huts has
to have a phone. I'll call them on my way.

- On your way where?
- To save my friends.

And Kipps.

[ghosts hissing]

[George] You were right. It's perfect.

You don't care about me.
You just care about that mirror.

You didn't need me.

[sobbing] Just like Lucy and Lockwood
didn't need me.

'Cause I'm the oddball.

The third wheel.

Always have been, always will be.

It makes sense this is how it ends.

[low snarling]


[skull] My master!

He... is...


- [growling]
- [ominous music drones]

[skull] Set him free of those chains!
His greatness should not be constrained.

Let him bear full witness
to this glorious moment!

Lucy! Behind you!


It's the little listener.
But you didn't hear me coming, did you?

I don't think
you're going to k*ll me, Miss Joplin.

[George] She will! She k*lled Jack Carver.

- You shouldn't have come!
- [Lucy] No, I had to!

Because you're not a third wheel.

Or an oddball.

Or whatever it is that you think you are.

You're the best of us.

I left my family without looking back.

Lockwood's lost all of his.
We are not losing you, Georgie.

Very moving. Now bind your hands.


Because if anybody
is looking in that mirror, it's me.

No! No way!

It has to be me.

'Cause this is something else.

This is historic, and for that,
you need the best talent in the room.

The best since Marissa Fittes.

I can talk with Type Threes.
Commune with the other side.

This is what I'm made for.
This is meant for me.

- No, Lucy, I won't let you!
- George, you don't have a choice in this!

He'll be d*ad in an instant.

Just look how much
one glance has screwed him up. Just...

Just... just let me do this for him.


Cross me...

and I'll cut both your throats.

God's sake. Really?


Look, there have been several developments
since we last met.

It's far too complicated to get into,
but I'll cut a long story short.

I'm working with Fittes now,
so can we call a truce?

In a bit of a hurry here.

I'm not Fittes.

You've no idea who I am.

Okay, well, I've already dealt with
eight thugs and one psychopath tonight,

so one more fight's not gonna k*ll me.

Especially with someone
I've beaten twice already.

You've no idea who I am, and you've
no idea what you're messing with.

The forces in play.

The bone glass is... an inconvenience.

You are insignificant.

Just like your mother and father were.

What's that supposed to mean?

You'll never know.

- [gasps]
- [g*n]


Please, Lucy, don't! It'll k*ll you!

Don't you dare look.

And whatever happens,
this wasn't your fault.


This was my choice.

Tell me what you see.

What you feel, and what you hear.

Every detail.

- [roaring]
- [gasps]




- Look!
- [whimpers]

[Joplin] Look!


Look! Damn you!

[yells] Look!

[skull screams]

[distorted scream]

What? What...

If you can talk to it,
tell me what it says.


[Joplin] What is he saying?

Talk! Take it all in
and tell your master what you see.


No, no, no, this isn't right!
Something's changed!

- They're trapped!
- [gasping]

Speak, girl. Speak!

- It says something's wrong.
- [Joplin] More!

- Don't stop.
- It's not... it's not the eternal!

It's a trap. We have to destroy it!





[glass breaks]


Lucy! Lucy!

Lucy, Lucy, it's me, it's me.

Say something, speak to me!


[glass clinks]

[Joplin] You broke it.

You stupid little boy.

- [soft whoosh]
- [voices whispering]


- It's working.
- [hissing]


[Joplin] Something's happening.


It's extraordinary.

Whatever happens, don't look at her.
Don't look at it.

[Joplin] It's wonderful!

[whispering and growling]

- [gasps]
- [distorted howling]

It's beautiful.

[screams] Beautiful!

[dust whooshing]

[Lucy panting]

Lucy, don't...

No, it's okay.


[soft whooshing]

[ethereal music playing]

[spirits sighing gently]

[George] Uh...

Why aren't they coming for us?

You've set them free.

[both laugh softly]



- How did he escape?
- His chains...

- The blast blew them apart!
- Where's your rapier?

[Lucy] God knows!

He's locking us. I can't move!

Me neither.

I can't look away.

I'm sorry about everything, Luce.

So am I.


Get away from them. They're my friends!

Lucy, George, move now!



[Lucy] What happened?

Fought off a load of thugs,

fell down the catafalque hole,
battled a bunch of ghosts.

You know, usual sort of thing.

Oh, and I got sh*t.

We need an ambulance.

You need to destroy Joplin's tape,
make Kipps keep quiet,

or you'll be even more done than I am.

Ah! [winces]

You're not done. Don't say that.

This isn't how you die.

How do you know?

Because we won't let you.

- Will we, George?
- Never.

[gentle piano music playing]

[radio chatter]

[reversing alarm]

I don't know what happened.

But I know it was you.

Your talent, it saved us.

We all did our bit.

Except for me.

You don't know what it's like
when your talent starts to fade.

You sense them.

You know they're there,
but... can't do anything about it.

All that's left is...


It'll happen to you one day.

Everything that makes you special...


- I didn't know.
- I thought George would've told you.


No, we won't tell anyone.

I promise.


[Barnes] You can see him now.

- [Kat] Go on, George. Go.
- See ya.

[Lucy gasps]

Just reckless enough.

[Barnes] Miss Carlyle, Mr. Karim,
hoping you can help me.

They found the b*llet. But there's no sign
of a firearm on the scene.

Either of you see anyone with a g*n?

Mr. Kipps?

- Surely Lockwood knows who sh*t him.
- [Lockwood] It was dark.

Couldn't see a thing. Sorry.

- There's nothing you're not telling us?
- Nothing at all.

Anything else we can help you with,
Inspector Barnes?

You've done enough.
The bone glass will go to the furnaces.

Winkman's off to prison.
All in all, I'm a happy man.

- You don't look it.
- Trust me.

This is happy.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Oh, and, uh... congratulations.

You did it.


He awarded you the case.

[Lockwood] Oh.

[laughs] The bet.

I'll write the advert
and hand in my notice.

I keep my word.

That's all I needed to hear.

Let's forget about the whole thing.
It was a stupid idea in the first place.

- Seriously?
- [Lockwood] We did it together.

Side by side.

- I told Barnes to split the commission.
- Fifty-fifty?


We're an independent organization.
We've got overheads.


You're all right, Lockwood.

Thirty percent all right.

Had to outplay him
on every level, didn't you?

[Lucy] That's not it.

It was just... the right thing to do,
wasn't it?

[grunts] Now, who is gonna help me
get out of here?

[George] Ugh. This is so touchy-feely.

[Lockwood] It's a medical necessity,
George. It doesn't mean a thing.

[gasps] So, Luce,
you feeling like we've won yet?

[Lucy] Get me home with a cup of tea
and... maybe.

[Lockwood laughs]

DEPRAC has the bone glass.

It's been damaged.
Can't be sure how badly.

It's on its way to the furnaces.

I'm sorry. I thought I'd k*lled him.

Just as long as it's out of their hands.
Out of the public domain.

But we should take extra precautions.

Drive on.

It's all super dark, top-secret shit,
so I can't give you any details yet.

Honestly, Norrie,

you'd hardly recognize me.

I've been through so much.

But... [sighs]

...I think I'm starting to heal now.

I hope you are too.

George, it smells really good.

- [George] Thanks.
- Got the glasses?

- This is my secret recipe.
- I'll take the plates over.

After you.

Coming through, coming through.

[Lucy] I was wrong about George.

He didn't hate my guts. He actually
turned out to be a bit of a hero.

- [chatter]
- [Lucy] Which is good.

- Cream.
- Of course.

Lockwood almost died
a thousand times, but...

Ooh, wait!

...I think he's decided
he's better off alive.

- Which is really good.
- I made sandwiches too.

- And Lucy Carlyle?
- Mmm!

- She's doing all right.
- Could I have one?

- She feels stronger.
- Thank you.

Less scared of her talent.
Less scared of... everything.

Has it still not said anything?

[George] What do you think
it actually saw?

All that "trapped" stuff.
Was it talking about the seven spirits?

I'd rather not think about it.

[Lockwood] We'll destroy it.

If you want us to.

- No. Let's keep it.
- Good.

'Cause it's incredibly rare.

Both of you are.

As long as no one finds out.

- About either of us.
- [Lockwood] They won't.

I promise.

I've been thinking.

We shouldn't have
any more secrets between us.


I did see who sh*t me.

It was the Golden Blade.

- That prick from Fittes?
- He's not from Fittes.

- He's part of something else.
- [Lucy] What do you mean?

Before he sh*t me,
he mentioned my parents.

Said their deaths were insignificant.

Like mine would be.

[George] Holy shit, Lockwood.

What does he know?

- We have to find out...
- Yes, we absolutely have to.

And we will.
We'll figure out what's really going on.

But not till my legs work properly
and it doesn't hurt every time I laugh.

There's nothing to stop me
doing some background...

- [Lucy laughs]
- [George splutters]

Talking of my family,
there's something else you should know.

About that locked room upstairs.


You're not gonna...

No more secrets.

Lockwood, you really don't have to.
Not if you don't want to.

I want to.


[theme music playing]
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