02x39 & 02x40 - The World/The Finale

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Amazing World of Gumball". Aired: May 3, 2011 - June 24, 2019.
Revolves around the life of a 12-year-old cat named Gumball and his frequent shenanigans in the fictional American city of Elmore.
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02x39 & 02x40 - The World/The Finale

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[theme music playing]


-♪ Look up ♪
-♪ Look down ♪

♪ Look all around ♪

♪ We own the peaceful town ♪

-♪ You can find us on the street ♪
-♪ In your house ♪

-♪ Under your seat ♪
-♪ We are also in your store ♪

♪ We are cleaner than before ♪

♪ We're the Amazing World of Elmore ♪

♪ We are here to give you flu ♪

♪ People like me more than you ♪

♪ I'm still waiting to be kissed ♪

♪ I don't know why I still exist ♪

♪ I am here to help you write ♪

♪ Not just here for you to bite ♪

♪ You always buy us by the pair ♪

♪ But you won't find me anywhere ♪


We like to turn and turn and turn

♪ I try hard but never learn ♪


♪ I like to listen to your dreams ♪


♪ There's more to us
Than meets the eye ♪

♪ Try to look when you go by ♪

-♪ We love ♪
-♪ We laugh ♪

-♪ We cry ♪
-♪ We do all of this and more ♪

♪ 'Cause we're the Amazing
World of Elmore ♪

♪ Tum! Tum! Tum! ♪

♪ Dadum! ♪

♪ Bumbum, bumbum, bumbum ♪

♪ Bum ♪

♪ Tum! Tum! Tum! ♪

-♪ Tada! ♪
-♪ Bumbum, bumbum, bum ♪

Oh, man. Do you really have to do this
every morning?

♪ Yes, I do! ♪

-♪ 'Cause I can! ♪
-♪ Bumbum, bumbum, bum, bumbum ♪

♪ Bum ♪

Psst! Hey, dude. Hey.


Hey, hey! Light bulb!


Yeah, yeah. Very funny.

Hey, light bulb, light bulb. Lighten up!

Would you mind giving it a rest
for just one--


Dude. Dude!

Light bulb!

No! Oh, no! What have I done?

Light bulb! No!


[both laugh]

You're the best roommate ever, dude.

♪ Bacteria, we begin with only one ♪

♪ Bacteria, two is what we then become ♪

♪ Bacteria, each of us becomes two more ♪

♪ Bacteria, we are stronger than before ♪

♪ Bacteria, we keep growing at this rate ♪

♪ Bacteria, no longer shall we wait ♪

♪ Bacteria, the plan now unfolds ♪

♪ Bacteria, we will take over the world ♪

[dog barking in distance]

[sighs] You know what?

I wish I could travel,
you know, go places.

[sighs] Me, too.

Every day, I get letters
to Japan, Europe, South America,

-but I never go anywhere.

I wish I was a bus and not a bus stop.

And I wish I was a plane flying high
through the clouds into the sunset.

[both sigh]

You know what I wish?
I wish my face was on the other side.


[male voice] Fight!


[phone ringing]


[Richard] Yeah? Uh-huh.

[Hot Dog] Hey.

You know... I was thinking... Just tell me
if it's weird or anything but, uh...

[Muscular Rat] Yeah?

[Hot Dog] Well, you know,
we're work friends and all,

but... I thought that...

[Muscular Rat] Yeah?

[Hot Dog] Well, maybe we could go for,
like, a movie or something?

[Muscular Rat] What? Like, like a date?

[Hot Dog] Yeah, I guess, like a date.

What do you say?

[male voice] End it!

[Muscular Rat] I'd love to.

[Hot Dog] Awesome.

Yeah! [yells] Yes!


Bring on the tan!

Yeah! Woo-hoo!


Turn it up, bro!

Yeah, burn, baby, burn!


[blue wire] Help! Please, we're stuck!

We can't breathe!

Oh, come on, guys!

How do you always end up like this?

I don't know. It just sort of happens.

OK. I'll sort you out,
but this is the last time.

There. Isn't that much better?

I don't like it.

-It's way too tidy!
-Yeah, that woman's not the boss of me!

I say we start a revolution!
Who's with me?

Yeah! Power to the people, man!

The spirit of freedom cannot be contained
in pretty little rows!


[blue wire] Help! Help! I can't breathe.

Oh, come on!

Yeah! Ha-ha Wooh!

Make me beautiful!


-Is that it?

You just drink me and throw me out?
Is that it?

Well, what did you think was gonna happen?

I don't know. I thought we were bros.

Oh, man. If I knew
you were gonna be like that,

I would have just had a glass of water.

I thought we had something.

Well, it was nice while it lasted.

At least tell me what I did wrong.

Look, look, it's not you, man. It's me.

It's just there's a lot of drinks
out there I haven't tried yet.

Hey! You can't do this to me!

-You haven't seen the last of me!

[Soda Can] You can throw me out,
but I'll be back!

-[Darwin] Sorry, man.
-[Soda Can] This is not the end!

I'm coming for you, bro!

I'll come back, and you'll be sorry!



I'm smoking hot!

Give me more! I want more!



OK. Stay frosty, soldiers.

We're in hostile territory.

The enemy always strikes
when you least expect it.

I don't like this, man.
Something doesn't feel right.

Just remember your training and stay calm.

We'll be fine
as long as the captain is with us.


The captain's down. What do we do, Sarge?

-You're next in command.

"B" squadron, you take the left
flank and keep watch of the...


Oh, man.


Communications officer, send for backup.

Mayday, mayday.
This is first platter requesting help.

We are under att*ck.
I repeat we are under att*ck.

Coordinates, table three,
seats six and seven.




You're gonna have
to go on without me, Private.

I can't handle the pressure.

I've gone all soggy and limp.

I'm not leaving you, Captain. Get up!

Get up right now so we can walk
out of here!

[both screaming]

Why not me?

Take me as well!

I dare you!

[sobbing] I dare you!


You forgot a fry.

Ah. I don't like the sweaty ones.


Give me more! I want more!


[screams] Yeah! Let's tan the inside, too!

[automated voice]
OK, this is Mission Control.

Initiating G-force training
in three, two, one.

OK, that's one G achieved.

Now going up to two G.

And two G's achieved. Well done.

Now five G's.

Five G's achieved.

How are you holding up?

-Pretty good.

Bringing it to seven now. Seven G's.

Seven G's achieved.

Breathe. Breathe.

OK, Mission Control aborting simulation.

Subject is G-locked.

Repeat, subject is G-locked.

One day, Father.

One day, I'll fly just like you.



-Why, you little!
-Hey, wait!

Think about what's going on here.

You punch me after you kick me?

What do you think happened?

You think I got up
and walked in front of you?

I'm a table, man!

[chuckles] Oh, yeah. Well, sorry.

It's pretty stupid to take it out
on an object.

It's not like you did it on purpose.

What the... Why?

Because... It's because
you're always putting your feet on me!


-What was he talking about?
-I have no idea.

[instrumental music]

[thunder rumbling]

You're my best friend, Daisy.

-You're my best friend, too, Anais.
-What the--


-Oh, can you get some milk, sweetie?

Told you I'd get you back!


♪ And now you know
A little more about us ♪

♪ But now it's time to wave goodbye ♪

♪ We hope we've opened up your eyes ♪

♪ So, please, next time that you stop by ♪

♪ Say "hi," don't be shy ♪

♪ We would love to see you more ♪

♪ In the Amazing World ♪

♪ Of Elmore ♪


[all laughing]

That reminds me.
Look at what I found in the attic.

Oh, wow! The family photo album!

Let's open it and remember
all the zany adventures we've had.

Whoo! That's the time we left you
in charge and you all flooded the house.

Do you remember?

Do I remember?


[all laughing]

We must have fallen , feet
straight onto the sidewalk

and walked away without a bruise.

Oh, and, look, that's the house minutes
after being irreparably water damaged.

Is it me, or did we all look a bit... off?

Let's look at another.

Do you remember the time we swallowed
Mr. Dad's supplements and turned into men?

♪ We're gonna test drive a car ♪

♪ And say we need a little time
To think about it ♪

♪ Because we're-- ♪

[doorbell rings]

Hey, Hector's mom. What brings you here?

Do you remember the time when your kids
wound up my boy and he went on a rampage?

Oh, yeah. I remember.

You think this is boring?

Call me boring!

Enough flash backing.

If you'll remember well,
% of Elmore was destroyed,

and somebody has to pay for it.

You mean it didn't all end well
like it always does?

Here's your half of the bill
for the reconstruction work.

Why are you looking so surprised?

Did you really think
we lived in some kind of fairytale?

'Cause wake up, buddy. We don't.


Weird that lady gnome seems to think

that things we did in the past
have consequences in the now.

Is there an adult in the house?

Oh. Hi, Principal Brown.

I'm afraid I have some
not very shocking news.

It appears Gumball and Darwin have
to restart school from kindergarten.

What? Why?

Because all you do at school

is argue about your little problems
and aggravate students

and staff members until they go nuts
and chase you through the halls,

none of which makes
for a decent education!

I'm hyperventilating.

Stop it! You're making me hyperventilate!

[phone ringing]

-Oh, hello, officer.
-[man speaking]

Really? I don't remember
any reckless driving.


Well, I think I just won't pay the fines
and wait for this to all blow over.


[Anais] Whoa, whoa, whoa.

If you don't pay,
they could send you to jail.

That's exactly what he said,
but don't worry.

I've been in prison heaps of times.

They put you in, then, straight away,
you're just not in there anymore.

This bill is $ , .

It says if we don't pay by tomorrow,
then they can take our house away.

What is going on today?

It seems the results of all our reckless
actions are finally catching up with us.

We need to do something!

You're right! But this time,

instead of diving headfirst
into whatever stupid idea,

we should-- And... they're gone.

So the plan is we have
to do all the schoolwork

we haven't done in one sh*t.

Yeah, but first we need to get the money
for that greedy troll woman.

But how do we do all of this in one day?

We need transportation.

Stop the bus!


That's my bus!


I'm sorry, Mrs. Watterson,

but this is the Justice Department,

not the "I'm sure everything will be OK

if we just sweep it under the carpet
and forget about it" department.

You're gonna have to pay the money.

This is ridiculous!

You can't take our house!
We're nice people.

Interesting you should think so.

Maybe we should consult your files.

That's January.

OK, OK, fine. You're right.

The front door wasn't
wide enough for a bus, but--

You! I should have known when I saw
a bus driving into my living room

that a Watterson would be at the wheel!

Stand back! I've got a w*apon, too.

-Dad, what are you doing?

Dad fight!

Dad fight! Dad fight! Dad fight!
Dad fight! Dad fight!

This has escalated a little too far.

Do you really want to have a fight?

Definitely not.

Look, just pretend to hit me
with the handle, and I'll go down.

-Good plan.
-On three.

One, two...


Good acting.

December th,
car collision with Santa Claus.

February th, willful destruction
of a mobility scooter.

April nd--

[phone ringing]

Oh, I see. Thanks.

Sorry what are you doing?

Apparently, your husband crashed
a hijacked bus into a house

and as*ault a man with a rake.


Oh, you.


-as*ault on a municipal officer.
-Oh, come on! Please!

You have to help us!

Isn't there something we can do
to fix this?

Well, I suppose you could go
and apologize to everyone on this list

to get them to drop the charges

and forget about the millions of dollars
you owe them.


The problem with having a sarcastic voice
is that no one

can tell when you're actually
being sarcastic.

OK, we got off to a shaky start,

but if we just pull together
and stick to this new plan,

I'm sure things are gonna go our way.

So, to recap Gumball and I will sneak into
the hospital and give each other

facial reconstructive surgery to make us

look like the two
highest achievers at school

Bobert and Alan.

Meanwhile, Dad will pose as
Dame Prunella Bigredbus.

Fish and chips.

And he'll convince
Alan and Bobert's parents

to pay him the entrance fee for
a made-up British boarding school

called something really English
like, uh, Scotland,

simultaneously paying off our debts
and allowing us to replace them at school.

Ah, perfect and simple.

What could go wrong?


[siren blaring]

Come on, Larry. Just let me in!

-I'm sure we can talk this through.
-[Larry] No!

Every time I so much as
look at a Watterson,

something terrible happens.

-OK, I take that back.

Seems just talking
to a Watterson's enough.

But don't you think a class action lawsuit
is a slight overreaction

for repeatedly scaring off your fiancé?

Every time you guys mess something up,
I have to pay for it out of my own wages.

Why else do you think I have so many jobs?

Hmm. Never thought about that before.

Look, I'm tired of your attitude, mister.

I'm coming in there, and we're going to
shake hands and make up like adults.

-Mom, you can't do that!
-Yes... I can!

No! I mean, you can't do that
because he's got a...

[sighs] ...restraining order on us.

Now, what you do when you arrive in prison
is you punch the biggest guy in the room.

Then, no one will--

Ow. He said punch the biggest,
not the fattest.


Now it hurts here and here.

[metal clanging]

Ah. Thank goodness!

Your mother's here to bail us out!

-[sighs] Not this time.

You're in here, too?

Hold on. That's all right.

I'm sure some unforeseen detail

that usually gets us off the hook
is gonna pop up right...


-Wattersons, you're free.

To remain silent.

Otherwise, no dinner tonight.

[sobs] Where's my happy ending?

This is the end, guys. Show's over.

-[Gumball] No.

I said no! It doesn't end like this,
not on my watch!

They say we've gone too far,
but I say we haven't gone far enough!

We're busting out of here.

Hey, punk, my dad said
that if his dog was as ugly as you,

he'd shave its butt
and teach it to walk backwards!


Oh, thank you. Thank you.

This is for breaking us out of here.

And this is for punching my husband.

OK. What now?

I think Gumball was on to something.

Up until now, every bad situation
has gotten worse and worse

until it somehow just fixed itself.

There's only one solution left.

What is it?

Everyone take a problem, part ways,
and produce a problem more problematic

than a problem of that proportion
should probably be.

[all] Huh?

Just do what you do best,
make things worse.

It says here that Mr. Small is suing us

for giving him claustrophobia that time
we got him stuck in a filing cabinet.

Oh, I'm sorry, but I don't see any kind
of surprise for me inside this--

Sorry. Sorry, Mr. Small.

Do you think we made things bad enough?

There. Now let's go and post him
to the smallest country in the world.

[gasps] Kenneth, the gross jar creature.

Are you sure this is a good idea?


Yep. This is exactly what we need.

[Hector] Hi, Mrs. Watterson.

Did you come to give us
the money you owe us?

Uh, no. I just need you to give your mom
a message.

Tell your mom that she's so short,
she needs shoes for her chin.


Also, tell your mom she's so fat

that her high school photo
was a double-page spread.


And finally, tell your mom
that she has so many warts

that her face spells "ugly" in Braille.

OK. The plan worked pretty well.

How are you guys doing?

-Is Kenneth in good spirits?
-Yep. It's pretty bad.


He's eaten everyone on the bus
and the bus.

-How do we get out of here?
-[Gumball whistling]

Quick, jump on!

Hey! Come back with my scooter before
I forget why I'm running after you!

Well, I think we've pretty much
ticked off the whole town.

They dropped our baby!

They blew up my head!

They ran me over!

What do we do now?

They kicked me down a manhole.

Mom, they're getting in!


Somebody think of something.

I can't hold them off forever.

No! This is it!

It's all over!

The end of the Wattersons!

The only thing that
can save us is reality being

completely reset by some kind of
magic device!

[theme music playing]
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