12x04 - Episode 4

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Death in Paradise". Aired: 25 October 2011 –; present.
A British detective joins the police force on the Caribbean island of Saint Marie to solve m*rder.
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12x04 - Episode 4

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♪ We are going to get married

♪ we are going to get married

♪ we are going to get married

♪ lt's good for you and me

♪ l can hear the preacher saying... ♪

Sorry. Am I late?

Right on time, as always.

No nerves, Monique.

That boy is crazy with a capital C
about you!

And, oof, is he handsome?

My, my, if you don't want him. . .?

I think Dad might have something
to say about that.

OK, everybody is seated.

Naomi sorted everyone.

I'll see you both inside.

You ready, babe?




Not yet, Ty!



No way.


I thought she wasn't coming.

I wouldn't miss my daughter's wedding.

Not for the world.

No, but seriously, raising
my beautiful daughter...

...has been the honour of my life.

And I 'm so proud to see her marrying...

...the love of HER life.

So if you'll join me in toasting Monique.

ALL: Monique.


All right, lovelies...

And, gents, it's time for the first dance.


I can't believe you had the nerve
to turn up, Odette.

No trouble, do you hear me?


♪ Who's that girl?

♪ She's taking on the whole wide world...♪

Thank you.

Working up a thirst on that dance floor.

Hey, you OK?

Mascara in degree heat...

Bad combo.

I just need a refresh.

Saint Marie's number-one
hot-sh*t detective.

Are you running the station yet?

No, l 'm just focusing
on supporting my DI .

Good to see you haven't
changed, Mimi.

Right, time for cake.

Thank you. Hey!

All right, people.

I hope you brought your appetites.

There's no knife.



Mr... Mr Hays.

Odette did this to me.

She said meet her at Orchid Point...

And then she s*ab me,
she s*ab me.

Mr Hays?


Mr Hays?


I didn't do it.

We need to get her out of here.
You're coming with me.

I swear, Monique!

This is m*rder, Sammy.

We need a DI over here.

I'll make the call.

You know, the sarge speaks
about Saint Barnabas so much.

I've been meaning to come
and visit for ages.

It's a bit of a shame it took
somebody being m*rder

to make it happen, though. Marlon...

Sorry, sorry.

you reckon there's more to eat
than just lobster, right?

Sergeant Sammy Debraun,
this is DI Neville Parker,

Trainee Officer Curtis and Officer Pryce.

Thank you all again for coming.

Well, l 'm sorry it's not
under better circumstances,

but it's good to meet you,
Sergeant Debraun.

Naomi always talked very fondly
about the island.

That's good to hear.

Pleased to meet you, too, Inspector.

Hope you've been looking
after this one for us.

More like she looks after me.

Used to be a real dream team,
the two of us.

Now it's only me keeping
everyone in line.

We've gathered the wedding guests
by the church,

you can take witness statements.

Sir, Sammy and I thought we'd talk
you through the crime scene.


Rex Hays, .

Father of the bride.

He runs a successful lobster business.

Brought a lot of money
to the island.

He was...

...beloved around here.

Where did this happen?

Orchid Point, he told me.

It's just over there, through the trees.

Got a guest who said they saw Rex
heading there around : .

The bride and groom were about to
cut the cake when he reappeared.

There's no knife. Odette did this.

What time was that?

: exactly.

So there was a five-minute window
between the victim leaving

the wedding reception and his return?

What do we know about the alleged
k*ller, Odette Hays?

The victim's estranged wife...


...that left Saint Barnabas years ago.

She had addiction problems,
alcohol, drugs.

It spiralled badly.

Was better for all concerned
when she upped and left.

No-one had heard from her since.

I believe she's been living
on Saint Marie the last few years.

So it's Odette's Hays's first time
back on the island in years...

...and within hours of her return,
she commits m*rder?

Sergeant Debraun, you can release
the body now.

Naomi, do you want to show me
the secondary crime scene?

Blood spots on the grass there...


...and over there.

Also, sir, we found this lying
right there.

It has $ , in cash inside.

We assume it belongs to the victim,
but we'll dust for prints to check.

What was he doing here
with that kind of money on him?

And when you spoke to the victim,
when he said it was

Odette Hays who s*ab him...

...any inkling as to why she did it?

I mean, I was a child
when Odette left Saint Barnabas.

Based on what I was told, based
on what I heard, she was...

...damaged, trouble.

That's what Sammy always said.

And, er...

How are you?


Well, these are your friends,
people you grew up with.

It must be tough.

It is, but, erm...

...it's our duty to be strong, right?

As police officers?

So... That's what I 'm doing.

Being strong for this island.

$ says we're case closed and back
on Saint Marie by this evening.

Why, what you got?

Three separate witnesses saw Odette
arguing with Rex

just minutes before he was k*lled.

We need to talk.

you want to talk, you...?!

Also another guest witnessed her
putting the knife

that k*lled Rex into her handbag.

Add to that, the victim identified
Odette Hays as his k*ller.

So that ten bucks - anyone fancy it?


I can see what youtre all thinking,
right now, but...

. .you got this wrong.

S you're saying you didn't s*ab
Rex Hays?

I had no reason to.

I didn't come here bearing
any grudge with him.

Except you were heard arguing
with him only minutes

before his body was found.

You were pretty worked up,
from what we heard.

You want to talk, you...?!

We exchanged a few words, I admit.

What about?

Rex assumed I was drinking.

Said I was going to spoil
Moniquets big day.

I told him that I was sober now,
been dealing with it in therapy.

He refused to believe me.

What about the fact you were
witnessed taking the knife

used to k*ll Rex and putting it in your bag?

How do you explain that?

I ...

I can't.

S you don't deny it, then?

Add to that the fact that the victim
himseff identified you

as his k*ller.

Odette did this to me.

I don't know why he said that.

I'm sorry to interrupt, but I've got
Barbara Carter on the phone.

She wants to speak with you,
Sergeant Debraun.

She says it's urgent.

Yes, Barbara, everything all right?

Inspector, meet Barbara Carter,
the victim's partner.

And I'm the sister of the accused.

Wait, so you were his...?

And you're her...?


So what is it you wanted
to show us, Barbara?

It was a few minutes before six.

They carried the cake out,
just started serving the champagne,

and I wanted to get it all on camera-

Now, this, I am not going to miss.

But there's something else I caught
when I was recording.

Time code says : .

Yeah, that's about the same time
Rex left the wedding

to go to Orchid Point.

It's Odette!

And she's there the whole time.

Moniquets right, she never once
leaves that spot.

But you see what this means, right?

Odette is on the footage the whole time.

She can't have s*ab my father.

Just to be clear, Mrs Hays,
we've taken your passport

and you're supposed to remain
on the island

for the duration of the investigation.


I used to put plasters
on your scraped knees.

You and Monique used to tear around
our back yard

like a couple of wild cats.

I know I lost my way for a long time.

But I was never the monster
they said I was.

You'll see, I reckon this island has
a few secrets it's ready to share.

It really is very kind of you
to put us up, Sammy.

Glad of the company.

And any excuse to light his barbecue, right?


I'm normally a modest man,
Inspector, but when it comes

to flame-grilled lobster,
mine's the best on the island.


My favourite...


That's, erm...

...potent, sir.

I take it with me everywhere l go.

I can find it hard to get to sleep
in a new place.

Oof, what is that smell?

Oh, sorry, sir.

This is a bit awkward.

I know you've already unpacked
and everything,

but this is my room.

No, Sammy said the last one
down the hall.

Me too, but...
BOTH: The one on the left.

No, no, I really can't.

Sir, I need my own space to revise...

My Sergeant's exam is next month,
and it's really important

I revise, sir.

Plus, no offence, but you seem
like a kicker.

We'll just have to top-and-tail.

you don't mind if l play
some whale sounds on my phone

before bed, do you?

Oh, this is a good one.

What are the three core benefits
of community policing?

It's, er... Oh, getting to know the
community so they don't hate us.

It's not entirely wrong.

It's fostering good interaction,
developing community relationships,

and acting as a deterrent.

I hate that you know all of this
off by heart.

It's cool, I've got ages.

A whole month. How hard can it be?

You know, when Naomi first
pitched up at my station...

. .she was ten.

Said she wanted to be a police officer.

I gave her an old police textbook.

Thought that would be the end of it.

And she came back every day
for a year with these.

You did not keep them?!

The Case of The Missing Trike.

By Superintendent Thomas,
age ten and three quarters.

Ten years old, and following
the police textbook like the Bible.

And that never changed.

She's an examinerts dream.

Oh, I'll do the dishes and then
run you home, all right, Mimi?

I'll give you a hand with that, actually.

Marlon, I thought you said
your exam was next month.

Yeah, the th.

That's not what it says
on the Police Board website.

According to that,
it's Monday of next week.


I don't believe it.

Why don't I give Sergeant Debraun
a hand with the washing up,

and you do some revision?

Naomi, l 've been thinking
about this case.

I think l should follow your lead.

But you're the senior officer, sir.

Yeah, but this is a small community,
you know these people.

It's your instincts we should be
following, not mine.

Thank you, sir.





Morning, Commissioner.

Morning, Inspector.

I appear to have woken you.

Well, it lS . in the morning, sir.

I'm a busy man, Inspector.

Especially now I'm looking after
the police station

in your absence.

Fair point.

How are...

...how are you and your team
getting on over at Saint Barnabas?

Yeah, we're doing OK.


Morning, Commissioner, you good?

Right, I 'm going to jump in the shower.

I can explain that, sir.

I got your message.

You said you required some
assistance in solving the case.

Oh, yeah.

We were wondering if you could maybe
track down a lead for us?

A therapist on Saint Marie.

Send over the details of the therapist.

I'll get back to you.

OK, thanks, Commissioner.

OK, let's start with those closest
to the victim.

Mr Hays's partner, Barbara Carter...

...his daughter Monique Hays...

...and his son-in-law, Ty Edgars.

Ah, Mimi, you seriously think
one of them did it?

After Odette left the island,
her sister, Barbara, stepped in

to help Rex raise Monique.

She basically became a mother
and wife overnight.

The pair of them fell in love
with each other.

So then there's Rex's only daughter,

She's years old,
does part-time work at the salon.

But Monique was never really
interested in having a career.

She always wanted to start a family.

Which brings us to Ty Edgars,
Rex's son-in-law.

Ty has pretty much taken up
the reins at the Lobster King.

According to Monique,
Mr Hays was over the moon to know

that there is someone
to carry on the family business.

It's been a real journey for Ty.

In what way?

He floated around the surrounding
islands growing up, got

in with a bad crowd for a while
over on Guadeloupe,

came back to Saint Barnabas
on a rehabilitation scheme,

totally turned his life around.

So, a close and loving family with
no real skeletons in the closet?

Apart from this one.


Hey, Marlon, got something?

You found that in Rex's safe?


Any b*ll*ts with it?


I find it hard to believe that Mr Hays

was in possession of a g*n.

That's just not who he was.

Also, there are some thin scratches
to the paint

on the frame of the safe.

Recent, as if someone tried
to force it open, maybe.

OK, thank you.

Is it registered?

Yes, but it was stolen a month ago.

Ballistics show that it was used
by a g*ng in a sh**ting

in Guadeloupe last week.

Suspects were arrested,
but the firearm was never found.

Well, Rex has definitely had
no connections

to any Guadeloupe gangs.

No, but we know someone who does.


I owed someone.

One last favour.

They called a few days ago.

Said they needed me to hide a g*n
until things cooled down.

We had closed the office
the weekend of the wedding and Rex

hardly ever checks in anyway
these days, so...

So if you put the g*n in the safe,
why not just unlock it

when you took it back last night?
Why use a crowbar?

Because Rex took my keys from me.


The evening of the wedding,
at the reception.

Rex said hetd been to the offices
and he needed

to get something from the safe.

Maybe that's when he got
that $ , we found?

And he found the g*n there?

He was furious.

Said that I put his daughterts life
in danger

and it was all a fantasy
that I could ever really change.

Ty, if Rex told the police
you were harbouring a g*n,

you'd go to jail.
So what are you suggesting?

That I k*lled Rex to keep him quiet?

Is that really what you think
of me, Naomi?

That I'm capable of that?

You know, Monique always worried
you'd change...

. . leaving Saint Barnabas...

. .that you'd come back a different person.

I 'm just trying to solve
your father-in-law's m*rder, Ty.

And you not only lied to the police,
you lied to your wife...

My best friend as well.


He didn't get to you back in there,
did he?

Of course not.

When you police a small island
where everyone knows everyone,

you get used to getting up
people's noses.



Therets something you should know.

I was not the only one
who had an issue with Rex.

What do you mean?

The night before the wedding,
I stayed over

at Rex and Barbarats.

Next morning, I come downstairs
and find Barbara in tears.

She was looking for Moniquets
birth certificate for the registrar,

when she come across some papers
in Rex's study.

Turned out Rex bought a house
out on the bay...

. . but only in his name.

He was leaving her.

The morning of the wedding, he said
that he never really loved me.

It was just convenient, he said,
having me around,

looking after him and Monique.

That's harsh, after being together
for so long.

It's brutal, is what it is.

You know, for those first few years
me and Rex got together,

I always felt this guilt...

...that I was betraying Odette.

She was still my sister.

I still loved her...

...despite what she did.

What did she do?

She drank too much one night,
fell asleep on the sofa

and left a cigarette unattended.

The whole house caught f*re.

Poor Monique was trapped upstairs.

She was only ten.

Rang Sammy for help,
but by the time he got there,

she was badly b*rned.

Got them both out just in time.

So that's why Odette went away,
and why everyone

was relieved to see her go?

And that's when you stepped in
to pick up the pieces.

It was her auntie, I felt a duty.

Then all these years later,
Rex turns around

and throws it back in your face.

That's maybe how it looks, but...

None of it mattered to me...

The house, the money.

Rex could keep it all
as far as I was concerned.

That sweet girl is all I care about.

Monique was a blessing,
and he can never take that away.

I appreciate that, Marietta,
but this is a process.

You have to trust us.

We'll talk, then.

Everything all right, Sammy?

Phone's not stopped.

People are asking why, Mimi,
you are running around accusing

innocent bystanders
of committing m*rder.

Because there's significant evidence
Odette didn't k*ll Rex Hays.

A community meeting
has been organised.

I tll have to show my face.

We will show everybody
this is just due process.

Well, do you want me
to come with you?

Maybe hearing from me might help
as well.

You're the last person
they want to see right now.

Let's just get back at it, sir.

Oh, you're just in time, we've got
Commissioner Patterson on the line.

Sir. Good afternoon, Inspector.

Good to see you dressed
a touch more respectably.

I'm sorry, sir?

You're not half-naked.

Oh, well, as l said, sir, it was very...

I managed to meet... OK.
..with Odette Hays's therapist,

and she confirmed
that she had been treating Miss Hays

for just over three years
for addiction issues.

I've forwarded the therapist's notes.

She said recently they'd made
some real progress in understanding

Odette's reasons for leaving
Saint Barnabas years ago.

OK, sir, we'll work on these overnight.

Thank you, Commissioner.


Right, well, it's about time
to call it a day, anyway.

I'll take these back to Sammy's
and work on them there.

Sir, I'm going to stay back here a bit.

Go through what we've already got.


Anything else, sir?

Huh? Oh, no.

Er, yes, alibis, good.

Check them.

♪ Ah, ha - ha, I tve got to run. . . ♪

Evening, Selwyn.

I 'd heard you were playing caretaker.

It's not ideal, but at the same
time, I do find the sun shines

a little brighter on Saint Marie

when Inspector Fusspot is away.

Ah, Selwyn!

So, is it mayoral or police business
you're here on?

Neither, actually.

I, erm...

I had a booking come in...

...in the name of Andrina Harper.

So you already know she's coming
in four weeks' time.

She wrote me another letter.
It arrived a few days ago.

She feels, whether I decide
to meet with her or not,

she wants to come to the island.

She has roots here...

...and she wants to learn more
about them.

Will you see her?

She's travelling over , miles
to come here -

I can hardly say no, can I?

Erm, excuse me.


Oh, thank you.

You not going to toast the skyline with me?

I can see why the tourists love it, it's...

...so romantic.

A bit too much glare for my taste...

Couldn't read my notes.

It's good to see Marlon
finally knuckling down, huh?

He's going to have to work hard
if he wants to be

match-fit for Monday.


Can I let you in on a little secret?

His exam's not for another month.

You said...
I lied.

That was the exam date
for my evening...

...salsa class.

You see, and I don't know whether
you agree with me here, Inspector,

but sometimes I feel with Marlon,
what he needs most

is a very loving but hard kick
up the backside.

I know exactly what you mean.

So, when are you going to tell him?

When we get back to Saint Marie.

I wouldn't want to interrupt his flow.

Not now that he's got one.


Can l ask you a question?

Sure thing, but why are you whispering?

I don't know.

I don't know.

So, what's the problem?


l got a text off Sophie
this afternoon, and I, erm...

...l 'm just not really sure
what to make of it.

" I miss you."

Whoa. Yeah.

She misses you, sir. Yeah.

I mean, l wasn't really expecting that.

I just don't know if l should say
anything back?

Well, do you miss her?

Kind of.

Well, there you go.

Say you miss her, too.


Yeah, you don't think that's a bit forward?

OK, fair enough.

I ...miss...you.

And, sent.

There you go, good one.

Right, I 'll see you in the morning.

All right, night, Marlon.

Night, sir.

Oh, and Marlon?

Mm- hm.



Oh, you look how I feel.

How many hours of sleep did you get?

And did you make any progress?

Thank you.

And all you've done is
tire yourself out, Mimi.

I dug up the case file
on the Hays' house f*re.

Yes. It's pretty sparse, Sammy.

Only two pages?

Well, it's open and shut.

Nothing more to put in the report.

So, did the alibis check out?

I've got two witnesses that
confirm Ty Edgars was out

the back of the wedding venue,

having a crafty cigarette
at the time Rex was m*rder.

And we know Barbara Carter
couldn't have done it

because she was at the reception,
recording it on her phone.

An old guy called Mr Sims
confirmed she was there.

Now, THIS I am not going to miss!

She even gave the old man a hand
filming it on his phone too.

So both Ty and Barbara have alibis.
None of them can be our k*ller.

I 've just finished going through
the therapist's notes on Odette.

Seems she recently recovered
a memory from the night

of the house f*re.

It was a beautiful home.

We spoke to your therapist.

There's something you remembered
about the night of the f*re?

We're listening, Odette.

It was just a flash.

But I saw it,

clear as day.

I remembered.

The night it happened,
I was drunk, and Monique,

she was so angry with me, poor thing.

She poured my booze down the sink,
tore my cigarettes up,

threw them in the trash.

After that, I passed out.

Next thing I know,
I come round and the f*re started.

So you think you didn't
accidentally start the f*re?

How could I have started the f*re
with a burning cigarette,

when I didn't have any to smoke?

Someone else planted it
while I was asleep.


Rex! I know it was.

He wanted rid of me for so long.

I was an embarrassment for him.

He'd thr*at me before,

said he'd do whatever it takes
to keep me away from Monique.

So that's why you came back,
for revenge?


But I needed to know if I was right
first. So I confronted him.

I know what you did. The f*re -
you planted the cigarette.

He denied it, of course, but I could
always tell when he was lying.

He has this tell.

Hmm! Pulls his ear, all nervous.

No, no, no, I did no such thing.

And what happened next?

Offered me $ ,
to leave the family alone.

That's why he took the cash
from the safe.

As if money could ever make
a difference!

He'd stolen years of my life.

Sold my daughter lies.

Destroyed our family.

So what did you do?

I told him to meet me
at Orchid Point with the money.

Then I went and took the knife.

When the time came,
I saw Rex head off.

And I was all ready to go.

But I looked in the bag...

...and it had gone.
The knife had gone!

Somebody had taken it.
I don't know who, but somebody.

They knew what I was up to.

How could they have known?

Because there was something else
missing from my bag.

A letter...

...to Monique.

Explaining the truth about the f*re,

who started it.

So you think whoever knifed Rex
took the letter as well?

Next thing, Rex appears,
and he's already been s*ab.

If Odette's telling the truth,
then someone must have found out

what she was up to
and piggybacked onto her plan.

But if that lS what happened,

why was Rex convinced
it was Odette that did it?


Er, sorry, sir. Um...
I'll meet you back at the station.

I need to check something.

I think you should read this, sir.

I wrote it the night of the f*re at Rex

and Odette Hays's house years ago.

And, Sergeant Debraun,
YOU might want to listen.

"Case . Date - rd f February.
Crime - speeding.

"Details - Mr Hays came to pick up
Monique after school.

"I told him Monique had a sore tummy
and had already gone home.

"His face went funny.

"He said a bad word, ran to his car
and drove away too fast."

So, when Rex went to pick up Monique
from your house,

he was distraught to discover
that Monique was already back home?

Because? Because Rex had
already started the f*re.

He must have thought Odette
was home alone.

Didn't realise Monique was there too.

A woman blamed herself for years
for something she didn't do.

Did you know?

No, I ...

I didn't know. Of course not.

Then, tell me you
investigated it properly.

That's why there are only
a couple of pages in this case file,

isn't it? Look, Mimi...

Don't call me that.

My instincts said
that Odette was responsible.

Your instincts?!

Rex was my friend!
We grew up together!

His whole life had just fallen apart.

Monique was...was...
was in intensive care.

The whole community was in shock!

There was pressure on me to...to...
to get the report done - quickly.

And...that's what I did.

It's hard when your heroes mess up,
isn't it?

Do you know why I came
to Saint Marie?

to experience a wider range
of crimes, wasn't it?

Challenge yourseff.

That's a part of it - a big part.

But also I came to get away from Sammy.

He's helped me so much
in my life, Inspector.

I wouldn't be here doing this without him.

But at the same time,
he always undermines me,

makes me feel like I 'm not up to
the job, not in the way he is.

Yeah, l have seen a bit f that.

He used to say to me,
" I 've got a brain for procedure,

"but policing is about trusting
your heart, what's in here."

And I don't have that.

you know that's complete
nonsense, right?

I wouldn't have asked you
to take the lead on this case

if l didn't % know
you were up to it.

I came to Saint Marie
to get Sammy out of my head,

but he stayed there, needling away.

I won't live like that. Not any more.

All she ever wanted was to have
her mother around.

You took away that chance.

You think I don't know that?

I don't need a lecture from you.


I was the only officer on this
island. I never wanted to stay.

I wanted to go out into the world
and make a real difference...

...but the people here,
they hold on to you so tightly,

they never want to let you go.

So I stayed.

I thought I'd made my peace with it.

And then you showed up.

Bright-eyed, full of potential

and, what's more, you were
determined to leave the island.

You were going to make it.

I ... I 'm so, so sorry, Naomi.

You... You deserve better than me.

There was something else missing
from my bag.

A letter. To Monique.

Thought I 'd find you here.

Do you remember that time
we decided to race

the entire length of the island?

It was insane.

When we got back here, our feet were
blistered and bleeding.

But you didn't cry.

You never cry.

Not when Richard Samuels
pulled your hair in the sixth grade,

not with all with your surgeries,
not even on Mother's Day.



...imagine my surprise when I
saw you upset at the wedding.

Hey, you OK?

I told you. lt was the heat.
My make-up.


I don't think it was.

That evening, you found out that Rex
had framed Odette for the f*re.

I ... l don't know
what you're talking about.

It was you that took that letter
from Odette's bag, wasn't it?

At the wedding,

l kept trying to get close to her,
to talk to her, just us.

When l finally got a chance
to go over, she wasn't there,

but l saw her bag.

I should have just left it, but l
wanted to know what she had to say.

It was like a b*mb had gone off...

...finding out that Mum thought Dad
had nearly k*lled me in that f*re.

I was so confused by it.

Did you believe what
Odette had written?

In the letter, she sounded so hurt.

Like she'd suddenly made sense
of everything.

When you had been upset at the
wedding, where had you just been?

I needed some space.
I walked to the woods to calm down.

All l could think about was Dad -
what he'd done to me, to all of us.

I hated him.

I hate to have to ask you this, Mon,

...did you s*ab your father?

Monique says she was in the woods
at the back of the venue

at the time of the m*rder,
catching her breath.

She didn't k*ll her father.

Anyone able to confirm that?

There was a couple at the wedding
who had snuck off for a, um...

...for a...

A canoodle? A canoodle.

They say there's no way
she could have got to the beach

and back in time.

She's not our k*ller.

So all of our suspects have alibis.

This would have been easier if Rex
had never seen who k*lled him.

Wait, what did you just say?

Er, I said it would have been easier
if Rex had never seen...

Who k*lled him.

Because if the victim hadn't seen
it, and if he didn't know it,

then, how could he say that he knew
what it was that he didn't know?

The victim himseff identified you
as his k*ller.

Odette did this to me!

She was still my sister.
I still loved her.

She even gave the old man a hand
filming it on his phone too.

So that's why you came back, for revenge?

Of course!

It's all there! lf only we'd have
known what we were looking for.

Naomi, there's someone
we need to talk to.

Marlon, Darlene, can you
gather the suspects?

We're on it, sir.

Ten bucks says we're off the island
by nightfall.

Not on your Nelly, Officer Pryce.

What happened? Did he...
Did he solve it?

That's just how we roll on Saint Marie.

When people ask me where I'm from,

I say the name Saint Barnabas with pride.

We're a tight community.

We're good people.

We look out for each other.

And yet, four days ago,
a man who seemingly everyone loved

was m*rder.

Died in my arms on that very spot.

"Come for the lobster.
Stay for the sunset."

That's what the sign says.

And l have to admit, the sunsets
you get here are

particularly dazzling.

Now, we know that Rex Hays was
m*rder somewhere

between five minutes to six
and six o'clock.

Or to put it another way - sunset.

And that explains why he was
convinced that it was Odette Hays

who did it.

After all, it was Odette he'd
arranged to meet with

at Orchid Point at six, to pay her
$ , to leave the island.

And so, when he saw the silhouette
of a woman approaching,

that's who he assumed it was. With
the setting sun shining behind,

wearing a similar dress
and a hairstyle,

it would be very easy to confuse
one sister for the other.

Because in fact, Barbara,

it was you.

And it was you that k*lled him.

We already know that
you were reeling

from discovering earlier that day

that Rex was planning to abandon
you after years together.

We also know that Odette
had confronted Rex.

You overheard them arguing,

and Odette accusing Rex of starting
the f*re years ago.

I know what you did.

The f*re.
You planted the cigarette.

No, I did no such thing.

When you heard Rex deny it,

you, like Odette, knew him well
enough to know that he was lying.

you'd already been hurt
by his words earlier that day.

But now, when you discovered
that he'd also betrayed your sister,

causing a -year-long rift between you,

a sister that you still loved,

well, l think that was just too much
to bear. Can't have been her.

She was recording on her phone
when it happened.

Indeed. We know that the footage
Barbara recorded proves

that she was nowhere near Orchid
Point at the time of the m*rder.

Except it doesn't.

Because it wasn't actually Barbara
who filmed it on her phone.

It was somebody else,
albeit unwittingly.

This identical phone belongs
to an elderly guest. Mr Sims.

Barbara Carter couldn't have done it

because she was at the reception,
recording it on her phone.

An old guy called Mr Sims
confirmed she was there.

Not the most technologically minded

Which is why Barbara helped him
when he wanted to film

the cake-cutting ceremony himseff.

But this phone, Mr Sims's phone,

actually contains no footage at all,

despite him believing he'd made
a recording.

We think the reason for that is
because when you helped him set up

his phone to record, you used
that opportunity to switch phones.

And so he was actually videoing
on YOUR phone.

With this done, all you had to do
was head to Orchid Point.

And once you s*ab Rex, you
returned to the wedding reception

and switched your phone back
once Mr Sims was finished filming.

I did it for you.

I am so sorry for choosing him
over you-

Barbara Carter, l 'm arresting you
for the m*rder of Rex Hays.


Well, l did enjoy the sunset.

The lobster l could take or leave,

Thank you, Sammy.
Thank YOU, Inspector.

So, um...

I formally apologised to Odette

and Monique. It's on record.

I've been thinking lately.

Maybe it's time for me to retire.


...maybe I will finally make
that trip to explore

the big, bad world.

I probably don't have the right
to say this any more,

but I'm proud of you.

The way you handled this case.

I really wish the best for you, Mimi.

DS Thomas.

They're lucky to have you on Saint Marie.

This is where I started, though.

With you.

Bye, Sammy.


Commissioner! We weren't expecting
to see you.

I heard you all did us proud
over on Saint Barnabas,

solving what sounds like a tough case.

So I thought I'd come and buy
you all a welcome-home drink.

Oh, Commissioner, you are a true

Who's the inspector on the phone to?

Been talking ages.

Oh, Sophie.


Is it back on?


She misses him and he misses her.

So the answer should be quite simple.

But if there's one guy we know

that will unnecessarily
complicate things,

it's to do with the lavender
sleep spray in his rucksack.


How long has Andrina booked
to stay here?

A week. C'est tout.

Don't make it difficult for her.

She will be nervous.

I hope you know me better than that.

All we can do, she and I, is take it
one day at a time.

So That's what we'll do.


Yeah, OK. OK. Bye.

Well, by the look on your face, sir,

I'm guessing you managed
to not mess up that phone call.

Quite the opposite, Marlon.

So what's the deal, then?

She's flying out in a few days
to see me.

Her boss says she can work remotely
for a month, just as a trial,

and then l guess we'll see
how we get on together.

Oh, I am so pleased for you, Inspector.
Thanks, Darlene.

That's really good news, sir.
Hey, you're welcome.



You know, I think it's really
important for a man to have a bit

of passion in his life.

I will toast to that!
Which man are we talking about?

The inspector.

Although, in my case, it's not
a very French sort of passion.

It's more a fish and chips
in the pouring rain kind of thing.

I would expect nothing less, Neville!

Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers.

Just maybe avoid the jet skis this time!
Yes, I second that!

Please, everybody, gather round.

Then the k*ller has to be someone

who was at Miracles' fundraiser

Help! lt's like a giant game of
"Guess Who?"

It's OK to be nervous, Selwyn.

She'll be nervous, too.

So what would you like to know?

I have my sergeant's exam.

You may start now.

you have a daughter.

Either you want to get to know her
or you don't.

It's not as simple as that.

Let me get this straight.

So there is no way that that knife
can be the m*rder w*apon.

So in many ways, we are right back
where we started.
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