08x14 - The Final Word

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "RWBY". Aired: July 18, 2013 – present.
Set in the fictional world of Remnant, where young people train to become warriors to protect their world from monsters called Grimm.
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08x14 - The Final Word

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(smooth music)

(upbeat music)

(suspenseful music)


(swords clanging)

- Winter do not blame me.




I've sacrificed everything.


- No, you have sacrificed everyone else.

You closed the borders.

You squeezed Mantle until it broke.


(swords clanging)

- I've only done what's best for Remnant.

And no one is grateful.


(dramatic music)
(both grunting)

- [Penny] Ahhh!

(indistinct chatters)

- [Jaune] Priority one.

- [Penny] Weiss, all she's ever
wanted is the maiden power.

I can buy you all time.

- But, Penny...
(both groan)


(intense music)

- [Penny] I'm right here.

I'm what you want.

- I want it all.

(dramatic music)

- [Blake] Gahhh!

- Get up!

(both grunting)

- You're making a mistake, Harriet.

What happened to Clover, I regret-

- Shut up already!

(dramatic intense music)

Get out of the way!


- Hare, please don't do this.

They're still evacuating in Mantle.

- Why can't you just let me do my job.

- Because you're our friend!

And we won't let you go through with this.

- No!

(metal creaking)

(all sigh)


(dramatic music)

(swords clanging)


- [Weiss] Leave her alone.


(Cinder grunts)

- Wait!

- Come on, we have to do this for Yang.



- [Ruby] No!


(both grunting)


- [Qrow] The autopilot's locked.

We've gotta go.

- There's no time to make
it out of the blast range.

I've k*lled us all.

[Harriet] I'm sorry.

(dramatic suspenseful music)


- [Elm] No.

You can't!

- I can, if it means saving all of my friends.

- No!

(Harriet crying)


(soft blasting)

(somber music)

- [Ruby] Whatever you wanted

I hope it was worth it.

(dramatic rock music)

- [Cinder] You should've never thr*at me.

And you...

should have never been born.

- [Penny] Ruby!
- [Blake] Ruby!


(intense music)

(both scream)

- No!


[Weiss] Get back!


- May, Joanna, any Huntsman
that went through that gate,

bring 'em here.

(Weiss panting)

- It figures that a Schnee

would be the last one standing.

Letting all her friends die first.


- You wouldn't know
anything about friends.

(Jaune roars)


- She's back.

(all screaming)

- Ahhhh!


(all grunting)

(Penny screams)

(suspenseful music)

(high pitched tone)

- [Jaune] Penny!

Hold on, my Semblance-

- No.

There's not enough time to heal me.

She can't get the staff and the power,

but there is something you can do.

- No, I- I don't know where the others are,

but Weiss will give us time.

- [Penny] Let me choose this one thing.

Trust me.

(somber music)

(Jaune crying)

(soft music)

- Salutations!

You made it.

- Where...

What is this.

- I thought of you and here we are.

- Oh, Penny.

- It seemed fitting that it should be you.

It was your power after all.

No, Penny, you were always
the real Maiden at heart.

I was just the machine.

Just following orders.

- You were my friend.

- Thank you for trusting me with this.

When you're gone...

- I won't be gone.

I'll be part of you.

- Good, I'm glad.

(somber music)

- So the destiny I chose
for you has arrived.

- You chose nothing.

This was a gift,.

(bright dramatic music)

(Ironwood screaming)

(Cinder grunts)

(both grunting)

- Where did it go?!


(dramatic music)


(Cinder screams)


(both grunt)

- No.

(loud bang)

(all screaming)

[Winter] Weiss!

(suspenseful music)

(Winter whimpering)


(dramatic suspenseful music)


- We need to go.


- You are going to pay for
everything you've done.

(dramatic intense music)

(Jaune shouts)

(Jaune groans)

(suspenseful music)

(Grimm squealing)

(dramatic music)

(air whooshing)

(Winter screams)


- I failed you again, master.

They used the staff to save thousands

before our allies fell,

k*lled Ruby.

And before Ruby and her teammates fell,

they use the lamp's final question.

I couldn't stop them.

I couldn't even stop
the Maiden from escaping

without putting the relics in jeopardy.


I'm sorry.

- [Salem] In pursuit of a new
world no cost is too great.

You've done well, Cinder.

Our work here is done.

You said they used the staff.

I assume you rid the
world of their creation.


What did you create in its stead?

- I merely added more flames
to the fires of Atlas.


And that's checkmate.

(somber music)

(dramatic music)

(waves crushing)

(ocean waves)

(nature sounds)
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