02x06 - Into Rimecleft

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Legend of Vox Machina". Aired: January 25, 2022 –; present.
A band of eight unlikely heroes, find themselves on a quest to save the realm of Exandria from dark magical forces.
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02x06 - Into Rimecleft

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- [shouts]
- [laughs]



[crowd cheering]


[crowd chanting] Grog! Grog!
Grog! Grog!

Grog! Grog!

- [laughs]
- Grog! Grog!

Grog! Grog!

- Grog! Grog! Grog!
- [gasps]



[Craven Edge laughs]


[Craven Edge laughing]


[Kevdak] Yes.

You've made
the herd proud, Grog.

Please... no.




- [snoring]
- [gasps]

[Craven Edge] More.


[Craven Edge] More.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

[Vex] Ah, what a lovely morning
to find a Sphinx.

[yawns] f*ck.

Didn't get enough sleep?

Huh? [stammers] Of course I did.

[chuckling] Lots of sleep

with really nice dreams
where no one died.

- [Craven Edge] I hunger.
- [shrieks]

[stammers] Quiet, you.

I got nothing for you
to eat right now.

[Craven Edge] You will feed me.

Ugh. Okay, okay.

Who you, uh,
talking to, big guy?

Uh, no... the-the-the trees.

Yeah, Keyleth taught me.

Um... good luck with
the termites, tree. [chuckles]

[clears throat]


- Hey, Scanlan.
- Hmm?

Uh, you notice Grog
acting strange?

I mean, he's real dumb.
It's kind of hard to tell.

Well, it's just... [sighs]

- He's so focused on that sword.
- [Grog muttering]

Come on, Pike.
You can't fault a guy for...

Playing with his sword
now and then

[groans] Why can't you ever
just be sincere?


Your armor, you, um...

getting more used to it?

Hard to get used to a relic
of the Goddess of Death.

Still, you have her vestige now.

Maybe you could
ask her for help.

Ask the Matron of Ravens?

Somehow, I doubt she'd listen.

You could try.



[Scanlan] Oh, man.

[panting] There it is.


The place I saw in that vision.

The entire range
is eternally cold.

Well, except for Pyrah.

There's a myth
about it, actually.

- A thousand...
- Uh, m-maybe we just

save the myth?
My balls are ice cubes.

Hard to believe
we're gonna find a Sphinx

in this forsaken place.

[shudders] I'm as cold
as a corpse,

and I'd rather not repeat
that experience.

Oh, no, Percy, I didn't mean...

No, please take it. I'm fine.



[Keyleth] Here, let me help.

- Oh, hey. Neat trick.
- Yeah, not bad.

[Scanlan] That kind of
brings me back to Sylas.

Remember when you, uh,
melted his face off?

[sighs, shudders]

I like cold. [laughs]
Makes my niffles tingly.

So, uh... how you
feeling, buddy?

'Cause, you know, lately
you've been real fixated...

[Grog] Oh, yeah,
just a sec, Pike.

- [shudders]
- [Grog] Come here.

- Whoa. Grog, what are you...?
- Don't you worry, Scanlan.

- Uncle Groggy's gonna keep you warm.
- Hey, hey, no, I...



Huh, this is actually
kind of cozy.

But, Grog, that sword
seems to...

- Oh, you want a bouncy? Come on.
- [Scanlan] Whoa...

[Grog] A bounce, a bounce,
a bounce we go.



[Keyleth] Uh, guys?

[Vex] What's this now?

[Keyleth] Ancient runes?

What do they mean?

I believe I can read some of it.

Of course you can.

"Seekers," I think,

or "fools"?

"This land..." Ah.
"Flee this land,

for dangers come from...

from paradise"?

Cryptic warning. How Sphinx-y.


That could mean
"heavens," right?

Like up in the sky.





I'm never gonna
get bored of this.



More pillars.

Maybe if I...

[Vex gasps]

There you are.

This is where I saw
the entrance.

Uh, that don't look
like no door.

I think that's the point.

You all coming or what?


[Grog] Uh, anybody home?

[echoing] Anybody home?

What is this place?

A temple, an old one.

- Aren't they all?
- Not this old.

Built before the Divergence,

before the calamity
between men and gods.

[creature growls]

How do you know all this?

I just... know.

[Kamaljiori] Very smart,
and yet not smart enough

to heed my warnings.

Oh, not this again.




We were sent by Osysa.


My mate sent you?

It's been centuries.


Oh, but, hey, she wasn't, like,

with anybody else,
if you're worried.


- [Vax sighs]
- [Scanlan chuckles]

[Kamaljiori] I am Kamaljiori.

Keeper of a knowledge you seek.

But before I reveal it,

you must prove your worth
in a challenge.

Yes, we sort of assumed.

What did you have in mind?

[Kamaljiori] Mm.

How confident.

Then I shall let you choose.

Conquer the Death Gorgons,

survive the Endless Labyrinth

of Misery,

or wound me.

Sorry, back up.

Did you say wound you?

In my eons of life,
I have never felt pain.

Your challenge
is to inflict an injury.

Any wound will do.

Uh, give us just a sec.

Guys, Death Gorgons

sound cool as f*ck.
Let's do that one.

No. Wound the Sphinx.

That dude is as old as time,
and he's never felt pain?

Never stubbed his toe,
poked his eye,

never had an ingrown hair
on his peen?

You want to fight that?

We don't have to defeat him,
just hurt him.

Ugh, any one of us should be
able to land a single hit,

for f*ck's sake.

Okay, Your Sphinx-ness?

We choose to wound you.

A shame.

The Gorgons have been itching
for a battle.

Very well, then.

- Where are we?
- [others gasp]

[Keyleth] We're in
another dimension.

[overlapping chatter]

Each of you will have
the chance to wound me

in a one-on-one battle.

Who dares go first?

Oh, uh, how about Vex?

Really, dude?


[Vax] I'll go.

I'm not letting anything
happen to you again.

You won't be able
to overpower him.

[scoffs] Brawn's not really
my thing.

- [Craven Edge] Let my hunger...
- [gasps]


[Vax] All right, I'll go first.

[grunts] No. Not now, Cravie.

We are in the middle
of something.

[Craven Edge] Feed me,

or I will feed myself.



All right, okay.
I'll get you blood.

[Vax] Right.
Let's do this, Sphinx.

The Deathwalker's Ward.

You've been touched
by the Matron of Ravens.

What do you know about that?

A heavy burden,
being the Matron's champion.

Fortunately for you...


...you won't live long enough

to feel its weight.


[Keyleth] Vax!

- [gasps]
- [Percy] Oh, shit.

What did you do to him?

[Kamaljiori] Your brother lives,

but he will fall
in the void forever

unless one of you can succeed.

So, who is next?

f*ck you.

Aw, poor girl.

You have no family left
who actually cares for you.



- [all gasp]
- Vex'ahlia!


[Kamaljiori] Quite formidable,

but you clearly know not
where your strength comes from.

Wait, what'd you just say?

- [screams]
- [Pike] Grog!

All right, f*ck his rules.

We all hit him together
before he can react.



There's got to be another way.



[Kamaljiori] Oh, three at once.

- How inspiring.
- [screams]

- [Kamaljiori] And futile.
- [screams]


- [gasps]
- [Kamaljiori] Too easy.


[stammers] Maybe he'll
forget about me.




[Kamaljiori] And you.
All jokes and no heart.

I wonder how you convinced Osysa
to put her faith

in your lot.

Osysa... [gasps] Osysa.

Before you vanquish me,
O mighty Sphinx,

allow me a moment of utter...


[music playing]

It's cold outside

And you're not all right

Wish you could see her

Wish you could hear her

As the days go by

Without you by my side

Just want to be near you

All these tears
I cry for you

You're in my cold

And hopeless heart tonight

But will we ever
get to fly away?

I never felt so lonely

When we're worlds apart

With no end in sight

Will we always have to live
in the past?

Staring at the hourglass

And longing for a life

With you

With you

With you



You have done what no other
has before.

Because of you, I feel pain.

For you have wounded my heart.

You got to be sh1tting me.
That worked?

I never thought
a mortal could possess

the wisdom to understand.

To channel such
emotional depths,

you must know true love
in your life.

Oh... yeah.

Yeah, guys, gals,
anyone in between.

So much love in... my life.

Uh, actually...

[sighs] I have no one.

And-and the thing is,
I really... I want it.

I just can't seem
to get it right.

[Kamaljiori] Perhaps you
need to stop looking

for love and let love find you.

[Scanlan] Huh.

Never thought about that.

[all groaning]

We're alive?

Who do we have
to thank for that?

What rhymes with
"Your eyes so lovely"?

How about,

- "Nice thighs, yo, touch me," eh?
- [Kamaljiori laughing]

What the f*ck?

Oh, you're back. Great.

Uh, come over.
It's totally cool, guys.

Me and Kam are tight.

In my millennia of existence,

this is the wisest sage
I've ever known.

[all] The f*ck?

I apologize for the
formalities earlier.

It is a pleasure to meet you,
Vox Machina.

And just in time.

He's gonna tell us where
all the other vestiges are.

[Kamaljiori] Not quite,
wise one.

You will reveal them yourselves.

With this.

The vestige
known as Mythcarver.

Connected to all myths

and legends,
including the other vestiges.


Aw, but, Kammi,
I didn't get you anything.


Mythcarver, show me

Something good


Guys, I'm somewhere else.

There's a weird sky,

pink mountains,

and a crazy forest
with upside down waterfalls.

Reminds me of a drug trip.

[Keyleth] That sounds
sort of like the Fey Realm.

[Scanlan] I see something
inside this gnarly tree.

Oh, Vex, it's some
badass-looking bow.

Isn't the Fey Realm
on another plane of existence?

That's inconvenient.

A shift spell could
get us there, but...

[stammers] it might not work.

Kiki, think you could try?


- I could.
- [Scanlan] Now I'm in a city.

It looks familiar.

I think it's Westruun,

and it's been inv*de.

There's a bunch of dudes
who look like Grog.

One's got a vestige,
big giant gauntlets.

They're glowing.

Uh, it's probably not important.

[scoffs] Okay.
What is going on with you?

[stammers, gasps]

[grunts] What was that?

We're not alone.
I'm afraid you've been followed.

[high-pitched noise]

Everyone get down!






The woman was right.

You have my thanks, gnome,

- for finding me a vestige.
- [gasps]


Come on, we got to jump in.

With Kam on our side, we can
actually b*at this f*ck.

Split up.

Hit him where the Sphinx
has drawn blood.

Aren't you
supposed to be extinct?

Not yet, defiler. [roars]

I've got the hang of this now.

Oi! Up here.

[Scanlan] Hey! Get off him.



[Vex] Got you.


[Percy] Does anyone have
eyes on him?

[Scanlan] Fly us out of here.

- Let's go, Kiki.
- [roars]


[all groaning]

Give me that jugular.



[Craven Edge] More! More!


[Umbrasyl] Enough!

Now my prize.




[Kamaljiori] No!


- Oh, shit.
- [grunting]

No, no, no, no.


Kammi, no.

Thank you...

for showing me...

Osysa once more.

[Umbrasyl growls, laughing]

The vestige is mine.

Nothing can stop
the Chroma Conclave,

least of all you.

[Craven Edge] I hunger...

[Grog] For blood.


[Vax] Hurry.

Bloody wonderful.

- Anyone see another way out?
- I'll try to make us one.

[Pike] Grog!

- Grog, come on.
- [screams]

Come, meat.


[Percy] Step it up, Keyleth.


[Keyleth] Everyone get close.

But he's...



- Grog, we got to go.
- [grunts]


- Grog!
- More.

What are you doing?
We got to leave.



- [shouting]
- Grog, stop!

[all gasp]

Uh... Wha...






[choking up]

[Scanlan] Come on, big guy.

- [Percy] Keyleth, spell!
- [Keyleth] I need a little more time.

We don't have it. Cast it now.


[all grunting]


[all grunt]

- [grunts]
- What happened to Pike?

- Where is she?
- I...

I don't know.

And where's Grog?

And Scanlan?

Where are we?

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

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