05x24 - Jailbreak...

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure". Aired: October 6, 2012 - present.
JoJo, becomes involved in a battle against his stepbrother, Dio Brando, who is intent on taking control of the Joestar fortune.
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05x24 - Jailbreak...

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North latitude, degrees minutes,

west longitude, degrees minutes.

Wait for the next new moon.

Heaven will appear then.

I have no use for this place now.

The birthed creature now belongs to me.

Jailhouse Lock.

You can only remember three new pieces of information.

What do I need to do?

What's important to me?

What shouldn't I forget?

I have things I need to tell Jolyne!

What am I doing here?

Something's off.

What? Why is this man going inside the house?

I have no idea what's going on.


Stop rewinding it so much!

No shit, now I'm lost too!

Get this bitch out of here!

Fine, I'll leave.

Greenie, that's the head honcho of all the other spiders in this cell.

Hello sir, great to meet you.

I'm Pit Viper Ron.

Yes, good to meet you.

And this spider right here's about to croak.

Oh, hey.

The hell?

What's funny about it?

I don't get this comic at all.

Oh, why did I come to this recreation room?


That's right… I'm in a predicament.

I came here to find a way out of this situation.

The medical wing is beyond this corridor.

The stairs on the way lead to Emporio's room.

It's usually not a hassle,

but the area is heavily guarded today.

How can I reach Emporio?



She has a Stand!

It looks familiar too.

I have to chase it. She's my enemy!

She's the Stand User!


Where… am I?

And who was I trying to chase just now?

There she is.

-Target found at the corner of D--. -Hands in the air!

I was wrong, I'm the one being chased!

She's right there! Hey, don't move!

What the…

Was there just one guard coming from this way?

No, that doesn't matter right now.

Where is this?

Where the hell am I?

Why am I being chased?

Where is she? I swear she ran this way!

Keep looking. We have to find her!

There's no way we lost her.

She must be hiding somewhere close!

She may have ran towards the stairs.

That's not possible.

She would have to walk right past us.


"Go see Emporio…"

That's right, that flight of stairs leads to Emporio's room.

What's going on?

That's right, I spilled some water.


I have to tell Jolyne.

I have to print something.

We'll end up forgetting it,

so I have to show her the guard's face.

Or else, I can't tell her.


Jolyne Cujoh.

You can't retain more than three new pieces of information.

Even if you saw four guards,

you can't remember more than three of them.

Even though the fourth guard is in your line of sight,

your brain rejects it since that's too much to remember.

You wanted to go see Emporio, so I let you guide me here.

So I see.

I didn't know there was a room here.



-How long have you been here? -I got here just now.

Your poor hands. What happened to them?

The writings on your arms…

You can only remember three new things.

You're in the same boat as I am!

Ever since that time in the confinement cell!

That's right, I was hoping to see you.

I have to tell you something, Jolyne!

What's this? What was I doing just now?

What? Jolyne?

When did you get here?

-And why did you come? -Right, why am I here?

-Why? -Why?

Oh, that's right. I'm here to see you.

I don't know what for,

but there was a really serious reason for me to come see you.

Print it out.

I have to print something out.

If I don't, it'll be forgotten forever.

Printing is the only way to remember it.

Print what out, Emporio?

What are you talking about?

Huh? But how would I do that?

What was I trying to print out?

"Mew Mew, Lead Guard."

It makes sense now.

So he was with you when my Stand activated.

He had seen my face and heard me say my name.

Emporio was hiding in the walls of the confinement cell.

Usually, I'd let him be.

My Jailhouse Lock's job is to keep Stand Users behind bars.

But if he's trying to leave a record of me,

then that changes everything.

I now deem you an escapee.

Her Stand, Stone Ocean. b*ll*ts won't give her a scratch.

But her memory would have been impaired had I fired four shots.

Her brain wouldn't even register the fourth sh*t,

let alone the smoke from it!



I don't know why there's a room in a place like this,

and what a little boy is doing here.

But Pale Snake had told me

that Jolyne Cujoh has allies from the inside who have been helping her

-using walkie-talkies and the like. -Emporio!

So this little boy was her ally.

And now, any record he had about me is gone.

I won't forgive you!

Wow, how caring.

But even that anger you feel right now

will be completely forgotten with the next three pieces of information.

That's my Stand Jailhouse Lock's ability.

Take this. Meet your end, Jolyne Cujoh!

You won't be able to see more than three of the shots.

The others will leave a hole in your body!

An image reflected on water is the one whole truth.

You might be able to sh**t many shots at once,

but I can see their reflections all at once.

I hope you haven't forgotten about this one.


That bitch…

But I managed to destroy the computer.

Now, I just have to escape.

Jolyne will forget about me soon anyway.

She will never be able to remember who I am!

Emporio, hang in there for just a bit longer.

I will go after her.

Don't, Jolyne.

You'll forget everything the moment you step out of this room.

You'll even forget about defeating her.

So, please…

Emporio, I understand why you are so careful.

It was a skill you needed to develop to survive inside these prison walls.

But there comes a time when we have to move forward,

even if that means facing danger.

And for me,

that time is now!

Is this her string?


Why am I injured?

But there comes a time when we have to move forward,

even if that means facing danger.

I don't know why…

but I feel like there's something I have to do…

What was it?

That's right, print it out.

I have to tell Jolyne.

I have to print something out…

but what was I trying to print?

My room doesn't even have a printer.


She's strong!

She is the enemy I'm after.

I can't let her get away.

I need you back here!

I'm at the D stairwell!

Look, she's over there!

Lead Guard Mew Mew is being as*ault!

The gate!

Open the gate!

This place…

Why am I here?

Hurry! Capture her!

Am I…

being chased?

The three guards are here now.

Now, you will never recall that I exist!

Now, try to run away just a little bit.

Then, the guards will sh**t you to death.

Before you go, those hands of yours…

I almost forgot that they can block g*n.

My duty is strictly to keep Stand Users confined in this facility.

But I feel great right now.

It feels great to watch you get sh*t to death.

Because you brought this upon yourself.

You wanted to walk out of your line, so this is what you get.

There she is.

And I love that you can't see more than three guards!

-I've found her! -There she is!

No one can escape my Jailhouse Lock!


How long have you been here?

Emporio, it's you!

I have to tell you…

I have to print this out for you.

If I don't, you won't be able to remember her.

Print it out?


These are binaries made up of ones and zeroes.

I must have computed this.

You can print it correctly.

We are going to imprint it into your memory!

Stone Ocean!

They're binary numbers.

The binary system can express anything.

Draw zeroes and ones using your thread.

You can use Stone Ocean

as a printer that can express images!

Can I consider you my enemy?

Are you an enemy?


She's talking nonsense.

She can't even see me.

Now, be gone.

Thanks. So I guess you are an enemy after all.

What's happening?

She has Mew Mew hostage!


Her Jailhouse Lock is no longer active.

Yes. I'm okay now.

Great. I'm leaving now.

Like I told you before, I'm leaving this prison.

What are you going to do?

If you plan on staying here, then you should go back to your room.

Jolyne, my time to leave is now.


I want to see the outside world!

Look, a child.

Why is there a child in prison?

Either way, keep your guard up!

Come, Emporio. Let's go.

Excuse me.

Sorry, coming through.

Sorry, excuse me.

What? Who was I trying to g*n down?

-What am I doing here? -Why am I here?

Great job, Mew Mew.

I'm glad you understand.

First, we are going to the medical wing to treat Emporio's wound.

I'm counting on you to keep us safe, Jailhouse Lock.

An undefeated ability that restricts the enemy's memory.

Where… am I?

Do you have my father's disc?

Yes. I've had it with me the entire time.

Hey, Jolyne!

It's Jolyne.

Emporio, you too.


I heard a commotion. I knew it had to be you guys.

Who is she?

She is this prison's lead guard.


Does that mean you're…

Yes. We are breaking out. We're about to leave this place.

You're going after that priest.

That's right, Ermes.

I have to seal what he took. I'm ready for anything.

Things even worse than what we faced in this prison.

Take me with you then.

Father, thank you.

I don't mean to be rude, but are you feeling okay?

Yes, I'm just a little tired.

Are you… sure?

Excuse me.

What is this?

What's wrong with these eggs?

A Stand…

Pale Snake is no longer my Stand ability.

Something else is inside me… but what?

I feel terrible…

Something is running loose inside me.

This power, it's beyond my control.

But this power carries hope.

I can at least feel hope within this power.

Dio's memo inside Jotaro's memory…

It seems this power needs the things in that memory.

Time and place.

North latitude, degrees minutes.

West longitude, degrees minutes.

That's where heaven will be.

This location is Cape Canaveral.

Kennedy Space Center.

It will be during the new moon.

Six more days.
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