02x01 - Someone Like Me

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Always a Witch". Aired: February 1, 2019 - February 28, 2020.
Revolves around Carmen, a witch and sl*ve from 1646, and is set both in the 17th-century and present-day Cartagena, Colombia.
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02x01 - Someone Like Me

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-According to the pendulum, we're lost.
-How so, Carmen?

Are we lost or is it not working?
I don't get this map,

-It all looks the same--
-It works. But we did something wrong.

First lesson.

Magic isn't an exact science.

To help it work,
we have to be mentally relaxed.

That's a great idea, Carmen.

-I'm tired, my feet hurt. I've had enough.

Second lesson. A witch must be patient.

You already skipped several steps
by jumping through time.

That took me years.

We have to harmonize ourselves with
the pendulum. We need to ask one thing,

-which is where to find--
-Sorry to interrupt you Carmen,

can't you teach me how to materialize
some food?

Lesson three.

A witch or witch apprentice
that travels through time

cannot interfere with the timeline.
We came for Jhony Ki and that's it.

[Carmen] I hope it's not too late.

[hip-hop music playing]

♪ Uh ♪

♪ Jho, Jho, Jhony Ki ♪

♪ I come from the future but I'm closer
Daily they call me the camouflaged ♪

♪ I love the shore, I like fish
From the blue ocean, golden necklaces ♪

♪ I have a difficult mask
If you knew me you'd think I'm bad ♪

♪ But in reality I'm just a shy guy
And he came to start the party ♪

♪ I'm the camouflaged one
I'm also the loving one ♪

♪ I'm here having a good time
I come from afar and I'm ready for fun ♪

♪ I'm the camouflaged one
I'm also the loving one ♪

♪ Me, like in a movie, I come
From far away and I'm trapped here ♪

♪ I'm the camouflaged one
I'm also the loving one ♪

♪ I'm here having a good time
I come from afar and I'm ready for fun ♪

♪ I'm the camouflaged one
I'm also the loving one ♪

♪ Me, like in a movie, I come
From far away and I'm trapped here ♪

♪ I'm the camouflaged one
I'm also the loving one ♪

♪ Me, like in a movie ♪

Everyone, stay still!

[man 1 and 2] Quickly.

-[man 1] Let's go!
-[man 2] No one move!

-[man 3] Leave him! Leave him!
-[inhales sharply]


Cooperate and nothing bad
will happen to you.

Put all your belongings inside the bag.

[man 2] Look at this. Yes.

[men] Quickly! On the ground!

-Jhony Ki?

[man 1] Everyone, everyone, hurry!

-Hurry, to the port!
-[ringing bell]

-[Jhony] I can't go now!
-[Carmen] What?


Come on, let's go!

[all grunting]

[Carmen hollers]

Let's go!

[grunting continues]

Carmen! Where are--


[man] Don't move.

Mr. Pirate, please don't rob me,
I beg you.

I said don't hurt women!

-[man 1] Don't move!
-[man 2] You dog!


[grunting, chattering]

Hey, no!

Stop that girl!

[Carmen] Hurry, run, run!

Jhony Ki, you're not coming back with us?

-[Jhony] I can't.
-[Carmen] We made this trip to rescue you!

You want to stay as a pirate?

No way, it's a rough life.
Months at sea, fighting all the time.

And no women on board. In fact,

they get a cut and end up
with an amputated arm.

Why are you staying then?

Because I have a plan.

So we came here for no reason?

-Two days.

Give me two days and I'll head back.

Trust me.

I'll leave your phone charged,
if I call you, answer.

-[man in distance] Quickly! Back there!
-They're coming!

Leave now, they can't see you.


-Jhony Ki, you have two days.
-Two days. I promise.

[theme music playing]

[pop music playing]

-[all] Cheers!
-[man] Cheers, for Jhony Ki!


I won't say this again,
but I'm really missing that runt.

If he's not back in two days,
I'll force him to come back.

Perfect, I'm ready for my next trip.
I'm so ready, Carmen.

But I'll bring better shoes and something
to eat, because I almost starved to death.

And deodorant, those pirates smell awful.

They don't even know what a shower is.

Your apprentice turned out to be needy.

-I have my own needs.
-[Carmen] That's very clear.

Oh, yes. My priestess.

Read my palm.

Carmen hasn't taught me that yet.


No, but I've taught her other things.

[woman] Teach me.

Before we can read a palm,
we need to know its geography.

The zone of the ring finger and the Venus
Mount is known as the family ring.

When they're as defined as yours,
it means you love your family a lot,

and that in the future,
you'd want to have your own.


Look, I'm obviously not into
being in love.

I'm always going to be single
and independent.

-Yes, I think I'm getting married first.
-But this says something else.

I think you're reading it wrong.

There's been a change in destiny.

As if two timelines had crossed.

That's impossible.

-How so?
-I must've read it wrong.

Let's look in the Book of Shadows.

I think that's enough. Enough.
Want a drink?


Hello! You read palms?


Could you read mine? Please. Come on.

-Come on.
-Do it!

-[Jhony] Cheers for our success!


That's right!

-[man] Yes!
-One more for good measure!

[men shout] Oh!

Yes, drink, go ahead. Drink.

-[man grunts]

That thief!

That woman, she saved my life first.

And then that bitch stole
my amulet of protection.

You see this?

This is a sign of bad luck.

[Jhony] I wouldn't see it that way.

Luck is relative. What matters
is talent and leadership.

You have so many people at your command.

What do you need an amulet for?

A pirate without his amulet is worthless.

Like an aimless ship.

We can go find another amulet though.


An African witch gave it to me.

She was the last of her lineage.
She told me it could never be done again.

Things like this never happened
to me before.

Not even a scratch.

You're absolutely right. I understand,

but take it easy, Kobo.
Cheers for our captain Kobo!

[all] Cheers!

-You saved the life of a pirate?

But I think I screwed up. Carmen said it
clearly, I couldn't change history.

But if she didn't tell you anything,
maybe it's not that serious.

She doesn't know what happened, Mayte.

And she didn't see me bring this back.

-What is it?
-A necklace.

I don't know, but what if it's serious?

I see you're going to be very successful.

You like fame,
and you'll have lots of admirers.

And that foreigner's love
you really wanted...

-He's coming back.
-How did you know about the foreigner?


That's amazing! Thank you so much!

Could we take a picture for Instagram?

How many followers do you have?

About five and a half million.

-Come on.

[camera clicks]

They're uploading photos. Is that okay?


Guys and girls, we just met a witch,
and what a witch!

She's amazing! I so recommend her,
come this way.

Smart. Rational.

You'll do great in any endeavor.

-Thank you!
-You should follow her, right now!

[pop music playing]

[woman's voice] Guys and girls,
we just met a witch, and what a witch!

Smart. Rational.

Carmen is a different person.

She's just having fun.

You need to be really brave to do that.

[man] Brave and have a water t*nk nearby.

Yes, but don't deny these videos
keep getting better.

I mean, it does make you cringe,

-but you also feel like being there.
-They're not a hit though.

-Hey, you!
-You scared me!

-What's up?
-There's a woman there reading palms.

I dare you to get a palm reading.

-No, I don't believe in that.
-Let's go.

They liked it.

-Watch out.
-Let me see.



[man] Good.

You love playing and you love danger.

Those adjectives would fit anyone.

An accidental life.

You carry blame.

You carry a heavy load.

That's enough. I won.

-Let's go.
-You have a particular mark.

-A tattoo.
-[all laugh]

May I see?

Your life and mine will cross paths again.

Oh, please. Did you hear that?
And why would that ever happen?

And you, stop believing in witches.
Let's go.

-Be careful.
-You be careful.

-Is everything okay, Carmen?
-Yes, it's okay.

I saw something.
I don't know what, though.

-That woman saw something.
-Calm down.

-No. She said I felt guilty.
-Guilty, you? That's strange.

Miguel, this isn't a joke.

Honey, calm down. I'll ask her
to read my palm if you want.

Don't you dare!

[Jhony] Boys, no, wait.

I... I didn't know you were here,
I came to...

I came to say goodbye.
That's why I...

I didn't... Kobo, tell them to lower
their w*apon. Their swords, tell them.

Where are you going, Jhony?

To a nearby island. A friend of mine
is there. We were talking.

We said we'd meet.
So I'm going for a few days.

That's why I didn't say goodbye.
Because I'm coming back.

I thought you were robbing us
and running away.

Robbing you? I'd never do that.

-You know I would never--
-And what's in your bag?

In here?

I mean, it's just a cup,
to wash my mouth,

toothpaste, a toothbrush,
and other personal items.

For cleaning.

It's not...

It's not what it seems.

Kobo, I have a really good explanation.

Thank you for coming.

Are you still mad?

I just want our life to be
like it was before.

-We were always together.
-Because I had no other option, Cristobal.


I didn't mean it that way.
But you need to understand,

this world is full of opportunities.

[cell phone ringing]

But the only opportunity I want
is to be with you.

Alicia? I'm here.


Bye, honey.

[hip-hop music playing]

Professor Castro.

Hold on a minute.

[hip-hop music continues]

Hey, is it true you can read palms
and see the future? Can you tell me mine?

Who told you?

So it's true?

[woman's voice]
We just met a witch, and what a witch!

I highly recommend her.

Smart. Rational.

Don't you know the power of social media?

That's why I did it.

I refuse to believe I'm the last
of my lineage of witches during this era.

There has to be another one like me.
And I want to find her.

There's no one like you in this world.

With luck, you could find
a warlock like me.

With knowledge and skills.
Although I think that's very difficult.

I've been studying.

I found out the Book of Shadows
has a secret chapter.

It can only be opened
by two witches of lineage.

If you open it and pass the challenge
it asks you to do,

it'll make the impossible possible.
And I want my mom back.

-It may just be a myth.
-Maybe, but why not try?

Esteban, I'm happy now,
with you, and all my friends.

But I'd also want my mother
to be a part of my life.

For her to live free, in this world.

It's not fair that the Inquisition
took her away from me. What do you think?

Thank you for trusting me.

We hadn't spoken like this
since Cristobal came here.

We hadn't spoken like this.

See you later.

This is unacceptable.

I fell asleep, I was late for work
and lost the promotion.

I told you I couldn't stay up that night!

And now that I'm about to start a new life
with Mayte. I'm going to lose my job,

and then fail the semester.

We need to help him, Carmen.
I was looking for an enchantment,

-but you haven't taught me--
-Alicia, please!

What can Carmen do about it?

I think it's best if I...

Tell Mayte we can't afford the apartment.

-No, are you crazy?
-No. That's not an option.

Maybe I can do something for you, Leon.

But I promise no miracles.

Ginseng helps to stimulate the mind
and memory.

It's ideal when you need
to make an effort.

Spirulina accelerates recovery
and improves defenses.

And guarana seeds...

Are a stronger stimulant than caffeine.


Why so little?

-That's enough for a lifetime.
-Thank you.

I'll take it during exams,
get my grades up, and that's it.


-No more than three days in a row.
-No more than three days in a row.

[crowd clamoring]

Are they all here looking for you?

-Guys, wait a minute.
-[woman] Silence!

-Are you all here to see me?
-[all] Yes!

I'll help you, but don't expect miracles.

I'll have to improvise.

Six at a time. Six at a time.

[hip-hop music playing]

Let's see. Three. Hold on.

That's the room and this is the study.
It's going to be great.

The other room has a bathroom too.

My sofa is going to go right here.
Remember I bought it online--


Alicia! Can you leave your phone
and pay attention to me?

It's great, May.

What's wrong, Alicia?

Are you okay?

I made a mistake, May.
It's a big one. I don't know what to do.

Let me see.

Kobo was one of the most evil
pirates during his time.

He tortured his prisoners
in terrible ways.

So much so, he ripped the heart
of one of them with his own hands.

Then, he bit it in front of everyone,
to scare them.

I saved the life of a k*ller.

-What are we going to do?
-Tell Carmen.


I can't tell Carmen, if I do,
I'll stop being her apprentice.

-Mayte, help me, please. Help me.

But you and I can't undo what you did.

And I hope Jhony Ki is okay.


[Jhony] Kobo, please! Kobo, stop!

Please, have some compassion!
I know I went too far,

but I wasn't going to steal
that gold, I was just borrowing it!

Kobo, I was going to bring it back!
In a few years, but I would!

[Kobo] Why is he still alive?

We should throw him in the ocean.

He's not worth the trouble
of torturing him.

[Jhony] Kobo!

-Kobo, please, calm down!
-[Kobo] You know what's good about this?

Kobo, no!

-It's enough already!
-Everyone will be able to see your corpse.

-No one will ever try to scam me again.

-Kobo, I suffered enough.

Kobo, calm down, please,
I already suffered enough.

Please, Kobo.

-Throw him.
-Kobo, no, no! Stop!

[cell phone beeping]

That's my cell phone! Look in my things.

Look in my things! Right there. There.

Yes, right there. But careful.

Careful, don't scratch the screen.

[beeping loudly]

-[Kobo] What's that?
-My cell--

-What is it?
-A w*apon.

A w*apon from the future.
Touch the screen, but carefully.

Touch the screen. But be careful.

[Kobo] Touch it.

That w*apon is worth more than your loot.

And I'm the only one
that knows how to use it.

Let me go and I'll show you how to use it.

But let me go. Please.


Let me go. Okay?

[Carmen] Next.

Hi, Carmen.

-I came because I need your help.

What do you need?

Lately, I've been getting very anxious.
I don't understand things.

My palms get sweaty.

I can't sleep well.

I feel like I can't breathe.

I get anxious even when
I have to cross a street.

Are you reading from there?

Yes. Okay.

Three drops. On each wrist.

When you feel things are getting hard.

Or when you have to deal
with something that scares you.

What happened?
Did I say something wrong?

No. Thank you.


[Carmen] Bye.

-How did it go?
-I don't know about her. But I got it.

An oil? That's it?

I think that woman does have power.

She was reading a book
that had no letters in it.

I think Amanda is right.
She's a charlatan.

-Don't tell her I came.

If Amanda finds out, I'll k*ll you.

I'm not a snitch.

I hope so.

What, are you scared?

Look, Tom, you need
to understand something.

What we're going to do tomorrow
isn't something simple.

But that's what it's all about, right?
To reach our limits.

Don't be afraid.

Why not?

-Jhony, you said that was a w*apon.
-Yes, but not the kind that kills people.

-But I can capture your--
-Don't move!

I said it can't hurt you! Look.


This is how I captured all the souls
of people that wanted to hurt me.

Everyone that tried to hurt me.
All of my enemies.

Look. There are more people here.
And more.

-It's her!
-Yes, but I can find someone that could--

She stole my amulet,
why do you have her there?

Because she's my friend.

More like an acquaintance.

I barely know her.

-Where is she?
-Far away.

-Why? You won't believe me!

-In the future.

[Kobo laughing]

-Stop making fun of me.
-I'm not. Why do you think I have that?

Or my way of singing? My hair?
I'm from the future. Believe me.

[Kobo sighs]

Take me to her or I'll k*ll you.


I definitely don't understand chemistry.

-Leon, let's take a break.
-Come on, we're almost done.

But we've been here three hours,
weren't you fed up with this?

I was. Until Carmen gave me
the elixir of eternal energy.

Eternal energy?

What's that?

Do you drink it? Dab it?
Take a shower? What?

-No way.
-Give me a little!

-It's only fair!

Let me try, to be at your level at least.

No, she warned me,
it's only for emergencies.

But I need to go out tonight,
so I can find someone and not die alone.

Don't you think that's an emergency?
You should share.

[cell phone ringing]

Hello? Hi, honey.

Yes, with Daniel. Finishing the project.

Oh, I see.

Sure, honey. Thank you. Bye.

Let's do this.

Have fun, enjoy,
and I'll finish the project.

Why so generous?

It's my first night living with Mayte.
And today I'm very awake. So,

-Tell me if it's also an aphrodisiac.

-Send me pictures. Bye.


[Jhony] You should know traveling in time
is complicated.

I needed to go to 2016,
and look where I ended.

And if everything goes well,
2020 is a lot worse than it is today.

There's overpopulation, pollution,
there's over seven billion people.

-You can't even breathe--
-Shut up.

I was just telling you how it is.

All I want is to find that woman
and get my amulet back.

Sure, but remember, women over there
are not submissive at all,

-prepare yourself, they do what they want.
-I said shut up.

Okay. But I think you're doing too much
for a simple amulet, Kobo.

I told you, it's not a simple amulet.
Got it?

Yes, but I have a friend that's a witch.

She's from 1640,
a time closer to this one.

If we get her an amulet, she could--

[Kobo whistles]

[Jhony stammers]

We're close, it's this way.

[pop music playing]

Are you going to tell me what that is?

Just relax and enjoy.


Tell me, what is it? Come on.

Tomás, you need to try this!

[pop music continues]

It's here.

[Kobo whistles]

Move it!

-Are you sure? I could go alone--
-Shut up and do it, Jhony.

Jhony Ki, back in time. Please.

Please. Please.


[bell tolling]

Carmen, let's go back to our time.

Things were easier.

I was your sl*ve.

-I always wanted to protect you.
-And you bought me to do so.

It was for your own good. It's not fair
that now the past weighs heavy on us.

You found freedom here,
but I can't find a place in this world.

I love you.

You love the Carmen from the 1600s.

This one, not so much.

That's true.

I miss the Carmen that was just mine.

-That sounds so sexist.
-I know it's wrong.

I was too liberal for 1643,
but too conservative for 2020.

[pop music playing]

-[tires screeching]
-[man] Hey!

Hey, Kobo, don't!

-I told you not to do that!
-What's your problem?

If they call the police,
we're screwed! Sorry, sir!

-Who's that?

Soldiers. People that work
for whichever king we have now.

I'm sorry, sir. Get down, now!

-Let's go, now!

-Apologize at least.
-Yes, sorry.

Don't do that! No.

Where's that woman?

It'll take some time to get there.

We could get there a little faster.

Yes. I want to get there faster.

[pop music continues]

[pop music fades]

-[Jhony] Are you okay? Thanks.

-Where's your friend?
-Right here.

Alicia lives here.

I'll pay you tomorrow. You know I will.

[revving engine]

This way. Come.

-Jhony, get me that woman and tell her--

I told you not to do it!
Carmen said it was only for emergencies.

-I let some friends try it--
-You let people try it?

That's very irresponsible!
What if something happens?

Well, it did.

It did happen.

They were so happy, they loved it!

So much that they want more.
And they're willing to pay for it.

We can get the formula
from what you have,

sell it to my friends, and that's all.

-Carmen would k*ll me.
-Carmen won't find out!

These are cool guys, very relaxed.
We'll never tell them where it came from.

We make some money
during midterms, and...

You kind of need it.

What do you think?

[Carmen sobbing]


How are you?

I'm here, but don't get so sad.
I'm here.

Cristobal left.

Trying to be with him during this era...

It didn't work out.

Well, Carmen, I kind of knew it.

You're in a completely different world.
You're different.

That's right.

I don't need anyone reminding me
I used to be a sl*ve.

That's true.

I'm glad you're back.

I told you, I'm a man of my word.
I said two days, so here I am.

-Tell me the truth.

-Is everything okay?
-Yes, it's all fine.

You didn't steal anything, did you?

Steal? Me? Jhony Ki? No way.

I swear, I didn't do anything
that could have any major consequences.

[Kobo grunting]

[hip-hop music playing]
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