01x06 - The Great Wizard's Visit"

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Worst Witch". Aired: 11 January 2017 – 20 April 2020.
Mildred Hubble, a normal girl from a world outside of magic, finds herself at Miss Cackle's Academy for witches.
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01x06 - The Great Wizard's Visit"

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[theme music plays]

[Maud] Millie, wake up!

[cat mews]

Millie, you have to wake up!
The Great Wizard's coming.

-The Great Wizard!

-The Great Wizard as in the Great Wizard!
-Yay, wow, amazing!

Who's the Great Wizard again?

And he gave no reason at all
of the purpose of his visit?

The Great Wizard has always been
a man of mystery.

I remember on one occasion, he turned
himself into a chameleon for six weeks

to win a simple game of hide-and-seek.


He's like a cross between the Queen
and the Prime Minister,

but of course he's magic,
and he wears a hat instead of a crown.


I hope the Great Wizard has a good reason
for getting us up at this hour.

But surely his arrival is reason enough.
He is the Great Wizard.

He's basically the most important wizard
in the whole wide world.

You're wearing that?

Why not?

You look... great.

[sighs] Come on.

The actual Great Wizard
is about to descend upon us

and we have yet to organize
a greeting ceremony.

Oh, there's no need for all that.

Meeting the first-years
will be quite sufficient.

The Great Wizard is an old family friend.
I'm sure he's just popped in to say hello.

[Maud] So you have to bow
and call him Your Greatness,

and you're not allowed to speak to him
unless he speaks to you.

And don't shake his hand
unless it's a full moon.

Got it.

-So, are you ready?
-Nice hat, Mildred!

Where did you get it, a jumble sale?

I'm surprised you found a hat
big enough to fit your head.

Don't worry about him, he's just
the Great Wizard. It's no big deal.

He's the most important wizard
in the country.

[Enid] Yeah, maybe.

My dad once made his trousers disappear
for a bet.

[bell tolls]

He's here!

[gate creaking]

A black cab with no broom?

-He's here! He's here!
-Perhaps he didn't fancy flying today.

[door closes]

-[Miss Cackle] A taxi, Your Greatness?
-[Great Wizard] I deplore a fuss.

[cabbie] Where am I?

You? You're back in that lay-by
recovering from a nice long nap.

[whispers] Bow! Bow!

So, let us proceed straight
to the greeting ceremony.

Don't worry, we're not going to make you
go through all the formalities.

-Well, they are traditional.
-I know.

And you're such a modern great wizard,

I knew you wouldn't want any
of that old-fashioned nonsense.

So there will be no special spells,
no songs in your honor,

no expensive gifts.

Quite. Substance over style.
You know me, Miss Cackle.

Oh, I do. Shall we meet the girls?

-[Miss Hardbroom] This is Maud Spellbody.
-Well met, Your Greatness.

Enid Nightshade.

[Great Wizard] Oh! A Nightshade.
Yes, I believe I know your father.

-[Enid] Yes. He remembers you well.

[Miss Hardbroom] This is Mildred Hubble.

[Mildred] Uh...

W-Well met, uh, Your Highness.

Uh, Mr. Wizard, sir?

Thank you. I'm sorry.

[Great Wizard]
Magic is a serious business...

and self-control is essential
for any witch.

Remember that, Mildred Hubble.

Yes... um... uh... Your Grandness.

[Miss Hardbroom]
Shall we move on? Ethel Hallow.

Well met, Your Greatness.
It's such a delight to see you again.

[Miss Cackle chuckles] Shall we tour
the school now, Your Greatness?

Yes, but first, a word, please.
In private.

[Miss Cackle]
Pupils being turned into pigs?

Witches being turned into frogs?

Someone wrote you an anonymous letter?

Surely you're not taking this seriously?

That depends.
Are these claims true or aren't they?

There may be some truth in it, but all
these incidents are the work of one pupil.

[Great Wizard]
Miss Hubble, according to this letter,

you have a list of misdemeanors
longer than a serpent's tail.

-Who wrote this?
-Leaving aside the question of authorship,

are these allegations true?

[Miss Cackle] Mildred Hubble
is a slow learner, Your Greatness,

but with our help,

-I'm sure she will catch up.

[Great Wizard] It's not just a question
of ability, it's a question of discipline.

And the safety of the other girls.

I assume your parents know
about your behavior?

Mum's impressed I got in at all.

Mildred is our first-ever student
from a non-witching family.

You mean this girl is not a witch?

I've always had the greatest respect
for you, Ada, but this will not do!

No wonder this school
is descending into chaos.

This girl has talent!

[Great Wizard] Talent is meaningless
unless it's used correctly!

Magic in the wrong hands
can be extremely dangerous.

You of all people should know that.
That's why you removed Agatha's powers

after that unpleasantness
on Selection Day!

Mildred and my sister are
very different people. Very different.

That is certainly true,
but I think His Greatness is urging us

to consider the greater good
of the school.

I am!

This school needs talented witches
no matter what their background!

I believe that Mildred has that talent.

I would stake my reputation on it!

Would you? Indeed.

So, who wrote the letter?

Never mind that. I've got to practice
for this magic display.

Magic display?

Oh, the Great Wizard said
I had to prove that I belong here.

You've got to do magic
in front of the Great Wizard?

-Oh, Millie!
-I know, but...

Miss Cackle believes in me.
I can't let her down.

This one's for outstanding aerobatics.

And that's the Goblet of Excellence
in the annual spelling bee.


Did you win all these?

Well, no, my sister did, but--

Oh, Esmerelda,
congratulations on all your success.

Um, well,
Ethel's been doing very well too,

-especially in her broomstick work.
-[Grand Wizard] I'm glad to hear it.

I must have spent half my school days
flying, sprinting long-distance.

Oh! Loved it all.

And, of course,
I was captain of the Display Team.

Me too.

Well, I will be.

Miss Drill says I'm the best flyer
in my year.

I'm also top in the class
in everything else.

-So you must be head of year.

Would be,
if it weren't for Mildred Hubble.

Ethie, His Greatness does not want
to hear about--

No, actually I do.

So... So, what can you tell me
about this Mildred Hubble?

[Ethel] Well, where do I start?

And she turned me into a pig.
I had a snout and a tail for days.

So would you say that most of the school's
problems are down to Mildred Hubble?

I would say all of them are.

[Great Wizard]
The girl should never have been admitted.

Mildred Hubble's not just incompetent,
she's a danger to all of us.


[Maud] I don't know, Millie.

Maybe you should do something
a bit more traditional.

But I'm not traditional, am I?

Miss Cackle said I should be creative.

Once the beakers are full,
point the baton. Then...

[beakers play musical notes]

-Like it?
-It's different.

The letter to Miss Cackle,
I know who wrote it.

-Ethel, of course.

I heard her talking to the Great Wizard.
She's trying to get you expelled.

I can't believe she actually wrote
to the Great Wizard.

Of course she did. She thinks she can get
away with anything because she's a Hallow.

Well, she's wrong.
I'm not going anywhere.

I may not have a magical family,
but Miss Cackle believes in me

so I know I can do this.

-So do I.
-Me too.

[Miss Bat humming indistinctly]

Where is she?

[sighs] About time.

I was waiting for you to call me.

And I forgot Ada had removed
all your powers.

I know what you meant, you fool.

[Miss Gullet] Sorry, Agatha.
Is the Great Wizard falling for it?


All those stories you gave me
went down a treat.

I can do this. I can do this.

I can do this, I can do...

I can't do this.

-[Enid] Of course you can.
-[Maud] We're right behind you, Mil.

[Agatha] And what do we have here?

This is a potions display,
Miss Cackle, with a twist.

I knew I was right to have faith in you.

Please, sit down, Your Greatness.

Witches and wizards...

...may I present to you Hubble's Bubbles.

-A beaker and bottle band.


Here we go.

[playing Bach's "Toccata and Fugue"]


-[Maud] Millie, I think you--
-Shh! I'm concentrating.

[bubbling grows more intense]



[all vocalizing Bach's
"Toccata and Fugue"]


[singing speeds up chaotically]

[singing stops abruptly]

[Miss Bat]
Are you all right, Your Greatness?

I asked for proof that Mildred is
a responsible student. This is what I get?

-It was a mistake.
-Which should never have happened.

You endanger us all
with this reckless misuse of magic.

-I'm so sorry, Your Greatness.
-It's not your fault, child.

It's yours. You allowed this display
to get out of control.

You're obviously unfit to run this school,

and I shall ensure that you are removed
as soon as possible.

[class gasps]

Happy now, Ethel?
You see what you've done?

I didn't mean...
I just wanted to get rid of Mildred, not--

-You shouldn't have written that letter.
-What letter?

She wrote to the Great Wizard.

Thanks to her,
Miss Cackle's going to lose her job.

-[pupil] How could you?
-No, I didn't.

But... I wouldn't.

[Miss Hardbroom] Please, Your Greatness,
you must reconsider.

The Cackles have served this academy well
for many generations.

Well, maybe it's time
for the next Cackle to take over.

I believe your younger sister
is next in line!

-Oh, no! That's impossible.
-Not Agatha.

[Mr. Rowan Webb] Come on, Egbert.

I have heard that she's at least three
Smarties short of a gingerbread house.

She'll have us closed down before you
could say "widdershins."

From what I've seen, she could hardly
do worse than the current headmistress!

I'm afraid Agatha's punishment
may have been unjust.

Perhaps it's time she had
her powers returned.

Your Greatness.

I have worked with Miss Cackle
for many years and I respect her judgment.

Even when her decisions appear unusual,
they have always proved to be justified.

She has trained some
of the greatest witches of our time.

Ada Cackle is a force for good...

not just for witchcraft,
but for the world.

-Is this the opinion of you all?
-Yes, Your Greatness.

Very well, I shall overlook
this morning's entertainment...

as long as you can persuade me
that your judgment is still sound.

I will, Your Greatness.

This afternoon, our first-years
will perform a broomstick display...

led by Mildred Hubble.

I can't fly lead. What if I mess up again?

Mildred, when you're down and out,
that's the time to rise from the ashes

and prove your doubters wrong.

[knocking at door]

Miss Cackle, there's... been a mistake
with the broomstick display team.

Mildred's been listed as lead.

That's right, and I want you
to lend her your broomstick.

[Ethel] My new broom?

Yes. We can't expect Mildred to fly
on some rickety old duster.

You don't mind, do you?

-No, Miss Cackle.
-[Miss Cackle] Good.

So, off you go. Get practicing.

Shine like the star you are.

[door opens and closes]

Please, Miss Cackle,
you can't let Mildred lead.

But it's very important that she does.

You see, I want the Great Wizard
to see what Mildred is really capable of.

The Great Wizard will realize that
all our problems come down to one witch

and then he will ask me to stay on
as headmistress.


I think you know what to do.

Yes, Miss Cackle. You can count on me.

Something's not right.
It doesn't make sense.

Millie, now is not the time to panic.
The whole school's counting on you.

Take care of this, Mildred.
Ethel's very kind to lend it to you.

Now, to practice.

I want you to see to the bat problem
in the west turret.

We don't want any of those pests
getting in the way of our flyers.

But I'll be late for the display.

I suspect you'll miss it entirely,
but fear not...

Miss Drill and I have it all in hand.

But, Ada--

Hecate, your impassioned speech was,
I'm sure, well-intentioned,

but only served to worry the Great Wizard.

Perhaps best if you stay away now.

-Yes, Headmistress.
-[bell tolls]

The magic display didn't go to plan.

-Miss Hardbroom talked him around.
-That interfering old crone.

[Agatha] But all is not lost.

I've asked Mildred Hubble
to lead a broomstick display.

It'll be carnage. You're a genius.

I know.

My sister will lose her job,
they'll need a new headmistress.

I'm the next in line.
They'll have to give me my powers back.

I will reinstate you
as spell science mistress.

I don't think anyone will miss
that froggy little fellow, do you?


Or you, do you, sister?

Still, I'm sure you'll enjoy
early retirement.

[cat mews]

[Miss Drill]
Remember, girls, if you get sky-sick,

just close your eyes and tough it out.

[all] Go, Cackles!

Um, Miss Cackle,
I think you should ask Ethel to fly lead.

[Agatha] The decision is made.

I chose you.

I know you're trying to help me,
but this is for your sake.

Do not presume to tell me
what is good for me and my school.

You will get on that broom
and you will fly in this display

or else there will be consequences.

Now, off you go.

Millie... is everything OK?

No, that's not Miss Cackle,
that's Agatha.

Uh, it can't be.

She just tried a transference spell
and nothing happened.

Are you sure?

She's been trying to make this school
look bad all day, and using me.

-Uh, Millie--
-Think about it.

We're about to do a flying display
in front of the country's greatest wizard

and she chose me to lead it.

Oh, my hat! It's Agatha.

We have to tell the Great Wizard.

But he's never going to believe us.
We have to find the real Miss Cackle.

Uh, Mildred Hubble?

Where do you think you're going?

I, um, just really have to go somewhere.

We're all counting on you, Mildred.

Don't let us down now.

Uh... No, she won't.

You see, Mildred was, um,
just helping me out.

You see, I'm having a bit of...
tummy trouble.

Well, why didn't you say, girls?
Maud, you're excused.

Enid, you're in.

Right, girls,
remember what I told you at practice.

Lots of height, break for the circle,

and, Mildred,
really push into that nosedive.

-Yes, Miss Drill.
-Off you go.

What's up? What's happened to Maud?

[Mildred] Oh, Miss Cackle's really Agatha.

-[Enid] Agatha?
-Shh! Act normal.

We have to get this display right

or the Great Wizard will get rid
of our Miss Cackle.

[whistle blows]

Mildred flying lead
in a broomstick display. Ambitious.

It'll come off.

My girls will make sure of it.

[whistle blows]

Are you sure this is a good idea?

It's what Miss Cackle wants.

The Great Wizard wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for Mildred.

It's time to get her out of the way
for good.

-[whistle blows]

[Miss Drill] Witches, at the ready.

-And go.
-[whistle blows]

[pupils] Whoo!

[Maud] Pendell?

-Pendell, what's wrong?
-[cat mews]

This is bad.

I sense a spell at work.
This is definitely bad.

I'm not ashamed to admit
when I'm wrong, Ada.

Those girls are doing you proud,
even Mildred Hubble.

You've got to be joking.

How do you know Miss Cackle's
really Agatha?

She's got no magic. Whoa!

[Enid] What's wrong?

The broomstick.
There's something wrong with it.

[Mildred shouts] Ethel!


Don't look down! Don't look down!

Come on, Maud, Mildred's counting on you.

[bat squeaking]


Come on, you stupid...


Oh! Miss Cackle, I'm so sorry.

Miss Cackle.


[stammers] Miss... Miss Cackle?

It's an entrancement spell.

[Mildred shrieks]

Mildred Hubble, what are you playing at?


How do I reverse an enchantment spell?

Come on, brain, it's a basic reversal.

Flash of light, crash of thunder,
wake this witch from her slumber.

Oh! I forgot to do the fingers.


Oh, dear.

Have I been asleep long?

[crowd murmuring]

Is she all right?

It seems Miss Hubble
has decided to show off.



[stops screaming]


Whoa! [screams]

-[Enid] Get ready to take my hand!
-[Mildred] Right!

[Enid] Now!

[both gasp]

We did it! [giggles]

Uh, we can still fly without the end bit,
can't we?


[both scream]

What on earth is going on? It's a debacle.

I couldn't agree more. Could you, Agatha?


Don't be absurd. I'm Ada.

-No, I'm Ada.
-Well, there's an easy way to settle this.

Agatha has no powers.

Whichever one of you is
the true headmistress, save those girls.

[both grunt]

I was just about to do that.

[both giggling]

[Miss Cackle] She visited me saying
she wanted to apologize.

Then, when things got nasty
and I tried an entrancement spell,

she bounced it back at me
with a pocket mirror.

-Quite clever, really.
-And she wrote the letter?

Hoping you'd have a disastrous visit,
close the school,

and she could take my place
as headteacher.

But at least now she is somewhere
she cannot do any harm.

[Agatha] You can't keep me
locked away forever, Ada. [snaps fingers]

Where are you, Miss Gullet?

[glass shatters]

Well, Mildred Hubble,
I obviously underestimated you.

You'll make a fine witch one day.
And you deserve your place here,

even though you're the worst flyer
I've ever seen.

That's not Mildred's fault.

-Ethel put a spell on the broomstick.
-She told me to.

I mean, Agatha told me to.

Indeed she did,

but it is worth pointing out
that you could have said no.

Well, I suggest we all adjourn
for tea and crumpets.

Perhaps you girls would like to join us?
You too, Ethel.

You obviously need help
with your behavior.

And I hope these three
will be a good influence.

[theme music plays]
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