03x10 - Revolution

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Motherland: Fort Salem". Aired: March 18, 2020 - August 23, 2022.
Set in an alternate America where witches ended their persecution over 300 years ago by cutting.
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03x10 - Revolution

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Previously on Motherland.

Long ago, six sisters

embarked on a mission

to bring the Power of Speech to men.

The Mother brought me back

to find the pieces of the first song

whose music will heal the world.

I'm a steward of one of those

pieces and so was Alder.

A piece of the song

still remains to be found.

The Abyssinian Line

has been lost entirely.

- Where are you heading?

- Africa,

tracking the Abyssinian Line.

I saw a vision of Raelle

destroying the world with the b*mb.

Witches call this thing their Mother.

Our scholars believe it

to be the source of their power.

I'll be personally overseeing

the administration of the poison.

I will break the binds

of the Salem Accord

and I will lead these United States

towards a better world,

free from the witches.

Silver is Camarilla.

He tried to k*ll President Wade.

So much of our history

was stolen from us.

Who knows what we were capable of?

I hope you're feeling rested.

We have a lot to accomplish,

Mr. President.

Hello, Mother.

Fort Salem has fallen.


Whoa. I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm fine.

- I'm fine.

- No, you're not.

Wade's en route to the Cession.

Washington's not safe.

Still crawling with Camarilla.

What's happening on the base?

Electronics are blocking

most channels and far speech,

but we have reached General Clary

and here's what we know.

Half are active duty personnel.

They're still in the Cession still.

They picked the right time to do this.

They have all the entrances

and exits to the base.

Their focus is clearly

the Mycelial Chamber

and the Necro Facility.

They may already be close.

That's not all. We see

significant movement of troops.

Real numbers.

We're in the air in five.

We're staying here. We can do this.

When Adler was sick, it helped

her to be close to the Mycelium.

- I have to come.

- Are you sure?

Yes. I can fight.

And, no, I'm not gonna

blow up the world, Tally.

Fort Salem is our home.

Let's defend it.

One more then?

- One last hurrah.

- Let's finish this.

For goddess and country.

What are you doing with her?

Admiring your Work.

We have a lot more in common

than you think.

Hi, Pene.

Remember me?

How's Basic?

You taking a semester off?

Have it stored

in our facility off sight.

Penny and I have

a lot of catching up to do.


- Hey

- No.

So, tell me about the Mother

and this is all over.

Do you think she'll pop or shrivel?

There's only one thing you need to know.


She's gonna k*ll you all.

Give her more.

It's gonna be a wild night.

General Adler returned from the d*ad.

We heard reports about your reemergence

but we have to see it for ourselves.

- I mean no harm here.

- State your business

in the free Republic of Ghana.

My business is my own.

Your presence here represents

nothing less than a military incursion.

There is no storm of mine out there.

Not yet.

Here you are.

Am I?

What is this?

Get to the Necro Facility.

You're gonna have to fight

your way through.

You know their tech.

They're adapting on a fly.

- We gotta do the same.

- We need scourges.

There's a bunch in the training room.

You're gonna have to be quick about it.


I just wanna say how proud I am

to know all three of you.

The moment we met,

I knew there was something else.

This odd, beautiful,

precisely perfect

combination of your talents.

Everybody saw it. Everybody knew.

Never doubt that, all right?

Never doubt what you've built.

And look out for that one.

All right. All right.


Greg said there were more

scourges over here.

- Greg, huh? We're Greg now.

- Wow. You don't mess around.

Nice little charge up

with the wedding there, Tal?

Always good before a battle.


He was so good.

- Hey, you weren't the only one.

- Not by a long sh*t.

You too? Wait, when did you have time?

Wives make time for such things.

Every entrance to the lab

is heavily guarded.

The best way is the hallway

next to the lecture halls.

There's a stairway that takes us

very close to Izadora office.

Let's go.

I have to get back

to Petra and Anacostia.

The ground troops on the move.

I'll see you later.



When we're not fighting for our lives

we need to talk honeymoon.

- Europe?

- Lot of churches.

Damn, I'm gonna need a beach after this.

I've never been to the ocean?

Beach it is.

Let's go.

- How are they?

- Fine. Armed.

- What's happening here?

- They're waiting for orders.

We don't have any time.

We have to get

as many as we can at once.

Yeah. Fast too.

And whatever we do,

we can't let them hear us.

Rings of Saturn.

That wind-up is fast.

We can tune subsonically.

They won't know what's coming.

Look, there are a lot

of trucks down there.

If we work this right,

they won't have time to react.

We have one chance.

Let's do this.



We need to keep moving. Come on.

- Wake up.

- There will be time to grieve.

- There's nothing we can do.

- Wake up.

Get to the lab. Get to my daughter.


She's gone, Sterling.

We have a w*r to win.

Wake up.

Come on. Come on.

They're coming right behind me.

Some new kind of troops they have.

Is she okay?

- No.

- The new armor,

it can k*ll all sound.

And not just work but everything.

But it's glitchy though.

They keep adjusting it.

Go, go, go.

We've received new cargo from Ghana,

including an uncanny

one called Orageuse,

female of 19 years,

with a vengeful look

that chills the blood.

Luckily, she's already been sold

on to a planter in Virginia,

just outside Roanoke, in the

foothills of Smith Mountain.

Good riddance. She is

said to be some kind of witch.

Ma'am, we found another book

from your list.

Where are they taking Penelope?

Carry it to Izadora.

She'll know what to do.

Sterling, I know

you loved Anacostia deeply.

I do too.

We fight for her.

What is happening?

- What's happening?

- Get back.

Raelle. Raelle.

Well, that's an excellent trick, huh?

We finally found our voices too.

Now, you have to listen to me.

You've interrupted

our important work here,

but that's okay.

We found a better way

to deliver our medicine.

You don't look too good.

Fungal infection?


Well, I didn't see that coming.

But here's to happy accidents.


Where's Gregorio?

Where is Alder?

What happened to Raelle

could have happened to her.

What if she doesn't find

the last steward?

Well, then Raelle ends the world.

Then Adil dies.

Everyone dies.

None of this makes sense.

Maybe we just can't see it

from down here.

- The Necro?

- No.

I mean, like a human scale.

- This is bigger than us.

- Tally.

We lost you.

They pushed me back in the hallway.

I have to get out of a tight spot.

A couple actually.

Wade sent me.

Nice work, Batan.

Where's the rest?

Back there, in bad shape.

And we're trapped here too.

We'll see about that.

I don't like being trapped.

Hey, guys, in here!

- Is that Raelle?

- I think so.

Tally, you should see this.

Raelle opened another door.

All right. Come on!

Go. Take care of your friends.

- He and I can hold them off.

- See you on the other side.

This is what I saw, guys.

When I ended of the world?


Scylla. Scylla.

- Scylla.

- What's happening?

I don't know. I can help them.

I can help them.

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay. Stay with me. I got you.

Ask and it shall be given you.

Knock and it shall be answered.

Why isn't it working?

What now? What now?

- Please.

- Tally.

Tally, help.

- No, I don't know. I

- She's gonna die.


Alder, if you can hear me,

now would be a really good moment.

Tally, please.


Are you sure this is gonna work?


And when is Kara gonna get here?

She's not.

She sends her regrets.

She really wanted to be here.

The airwaves are yours, Blant.

In five, four, three, two

Our country has been shaken

to its foundation,

and it is my duty

as the rightful president

of the United States of America

to set it right again.

And I ask of you, no.

I beg of you, as Americans,

to ask yourselves one simple question.

It's me, Sterling.

How can a witch ever be trusted

- Penelope is down there.

- when trickery, duplicity,

and deceit are their very nature?

- They can change their faces.

- Make them pay.

That woman who was pretending to be Wade

is a witch impostor.

I put Wade in the ground myself.

That woman was an American hero

who served her country for decades.

You need to break the Link.

I've got you, husband.

I won't pull you under.

Let me go when it's time.

We're gonna get you to the ocean,

and then, we're gonna have

a great life, okay?

So I really need you to stay alive.

That's how this is gonna go.

We should have stayed at the lighthouse.

This is isn't so bad.

Can I ask you something?


Why me?

What do you mean?

Everything that's happening,

what's to come, why me?

- That's easy.

- Yeah?

You're the only one

strong enough to bear all this.


Okay. Got it.

I figured it out.

Everyone has always said

that we have this big destiny.

Anacostia said tonight.

Well, this is it.

- I want another one.

- No.

You want this one.

It just doesn't seem like it right now.

Tally, I thought you couldn't

see the future anymore.

I don't need to.

I finally got it.

This is about us.

The three of us.

It was never about the first song

or preventing the b*mb.

All of it is gonna happen.

All of it.

It's about how we change it.

Trust me.

No, it's good, Tally.

The Mother wouldn't bring us this far

Would she?

Her name is not

Orageuse as they called her.

Her name is Jem and

she has mighty Work in her.

More than me. More than I've ever seen.

I have papers for her manumission

with the attorney in Richmond.

She raised my cousin's

place from the dirt

and I cannot say I blame her

after the way she has been treated.

I have seen no witch

sing two elements at once,

but Jem does so as easily as breathing.

Earth and Sky arrange themselves

according to her songs.

And in that, we have

barely scratched the surface.

There is one song she barely remembers.

One she is afraid to sing in full voice.

A song from long ago, grandmother

passed through the women in her line.

A song held unsung by generations,

waiting for some precise

predetermined moment.

A song that Jem says

has the power to break

the world or make it,

depending entirely on how it's sung.

That was masterful.

Talk more about Wade

when we get back on the air.

How you knew Kelly personally

and how that thing they trotted

out in court was not,

in fact, Wade or human at all.

Back in 30.

And get into the Ghana situation.

Alder starts World w*r III.

Oh, Blanton.

It's all before us now,

that dawn we've been

talking about for so long.

You know what, Alban, why don't

you eat a big pile of shit.

This isn't exactly going

as planned, is it?

Bumps were to be expected.

What about the mines?

Are they working?

What the hell is taking so long?

Doubt will come for you

in your greatest moment.

Do not be seduced.

Whatever you say, Alban.

I'll shut up now.

Do what you do.

Be glorious.

How's the coffee?

It's a little bitter.

In five, four, three, two

I met Kelly Wade at a softball

game many years ago.

She is one of my dearest friends.

Kelly taught me everything

that I needed to know

about leadership,

which is why I know

that that was not Wade

that they brought into the courtroom.

Should we



Was it worth it?

Answer her.

They told me that they weren't

That they weren't gonna harm you.

But you watched them inject me.

They made me.

You have no idea how powerful they are.

How about how powerful I am?

Pene, I'm sorry. I am.

I am so sorry.

Me too, Daddy.

I love you so much.

You too.

- What took you so long?

- Let me explain.

There's no time to waste.

You have to trust me now.

I understand what's happening.

Where's the last steward?



We all know Jem Bellweather was

one of the most powerful witches

this army has ever seen,

but it turns out

this was just the beginning.

Is that what all the Earth

and Sky stuff was about?

The history of your family's

stewardship was taken from you,

like so many histories.

But the song, it remains in you.

How will I know how to sing it?

It's yours.

You'll know how.

Raelle, can you hear me?

I'm sorry.

No, no, it's okay.

Everything I saw

has happened but it's okay.

You're just gonna see what comes next.

What comes next?

You will see.

Just remember when we sing,

send the sound everywhere.


The whole world.

Okay, Tally, it's time.

Everything is gonna be okay.

I said it's time.

- Okay.

- Get back.


You got to stop blowing up, shitbird.

We did something, Rae.

You certainly did.



You guys are gonna make it.

We lost Anacostia.


The woman was a hero.

I am here because of her.

She was loved by many.

My daughter.

She's fearless.

Feared by those who crossed her.

She saw the good in everyone.

To Anacostia Quartermain.

To Anacostia Quartermain.

For those who dwell on the Earth.

Anacostia Quartermain, hell of a witch.

We need to talk.

You think?

Uh, let's get back to Wade.

Yes, ma'am.

What did you do?

We're not exactly sure but

I'm fairly certain

we changed everything.

Do you mind?

Anything for you, Sarah.

I'm sorry for what I did.

I see what it did to you

and you did not deserve that.

I'm sorry I wasted so much time

hating you instead of enjoying life.

I'm actually an incredibly fun person.

Have you met yourself?

I heard you're working with Wade.

For a while, mostly.

Making amends?

Like you're trying to do with me.

Fun, you said?

Guys, my sight is back.

I can see so much more.

You guys, it's happening


It's beautiful.


For the rest of us

who don't have our sight,

she wants us to see.

You're gonna wanna listen carefully.

The Mother wants a word.

Long ago I merged with six women.

I changed their voices

and the way they hear.

As my gifts traveled down the lines,

descendants of the six

came to be known as witches

and they came to be feared

for their gifts.

And now my gift is freely given.

Thanks to you three.

They are weak, all of

them, singing one song.

And the Camarilla?

They are witches too,

like everyone else.

You saw my plan.

You saw how all the pieces

work together,

the parts were all played.

It won't be enough.

That it's up to you.

The world will need new stewards.

They will need your vision,

your care, and your fury.

Well done.

They will call you goddesses.

Did you get all that?

Does it mean what I think it means?

We're ancient.

Like an old friend once said,

"Witch is just a word they call us."

She has spoken.

In fact

she has just told me my work is done.

Thank you for changing

the world, my daughters.

When they call you goddesses,

make sure you live up to it.
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