01x13 - I Would Gift You the Sky

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Horimiya". Aired: Jan 10, 2021 to Apr 4, 2021.
When the popular Hori and the gloomy Miyamura meet, they reveal another side of themselves as they begin to fall in love.
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01x13 - I Would Gift You the Sky

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The graduation ceremony
is around the corner.

That's right.

Yuki, you…

You forgot
to take your stuff home, didn't you?

All right. I'll help you.
Hand me the things that you are keeping.

Throw away
all the handouts you stashed away.

Hori is acting like Yoshikawa's mom.

Ishikawa, you have
way too much stuff with you.

You're no better than me.

You guys are so untidy.

You should have brought
some of them home beforehand.

Hori, do you have a free hand?

Hori, can you take some of my stuff?

-Mine too.

You guys…

But you're so strong.


You have that much stuff left?

These aren't mine. They're theirs.


Iura, you're not carrying much.

That's right. I've been taking
some of it home every day.


Stop it, Hori.

Stop with those eyes.

Oh, I have that CD too.

I probably forgot to return it to you.

I'm sorry.

Seriously? I'll take it home then.

I'm sorry.

That's right,
I borrowed a DVD from you too.

-I'll return it to you now too.

Goodbye to the Iura
who was empty-handed a moment ago.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Even after that,
you still have a lot, Yuki.

Why not let someone strong
help carry yours to the entrance?

Ishikawa, myself, and…



You're very dependable, Hori.

I'm sure that's what Iura meant.

Remi, did you gather the trash…


You're distracted again.

-What's that? A pamphlet?

A zoo?

do you want to see lots of giraffes?

I do.

Sengoku and Yanagi want
to go to the zoo too, right?


The one we went to before?

Somewhere else.

That's really far.

We'd probably need
to spend the night if we go.

We'd need a car.

And find a place to stay.

So we can go as long
as we have a car and a place to stay?

Please don't spoil her.

Don't let her have unrealistic daydreams.


Speaking of which, driving sounds nice.

We could go somewhere further.

I'd like to get a license quickly too.

If we have a car,
we can go anywhere including Remi's zoo.

Yes, that's true.


Could it be
that it's not about going to the zoo?

What do you mean?

I'm getting some juice.

Wait a minute, Remi.

What is it?

Let us know if something is troubling you.

It's nothing.

How will we know if you don't say it?

Sengoku, grab hold of Remi.

It's really nothing.

Just tell us.


If you don't tell us,

I'll pinch your cheeks so hard
that Yanagi will see your ugly expression.


Just do it! I'm not scared!


What is this?
Is this what you three normally do?

You don't have to force her.

Her cheeks…

Kono, Remi can't speak.

Sengoku, please stop her.

Just sit back and enjoy.

This doesn't happen often.


Are you okay?

It's okay. It actually felt good.

It felt good?


I'm not worried about anything.

I was just thinking

it'd be nice if we could hang out more
while we're still in high school.

But when Yanagi
talked about getting a driver's license,

it dawned on me that you might go
far away when you get your license.

I'd just use it in my daily life.

Is that so?


So it doesn't have to be the zoo.

Don't worry. We'll always be friends.


You won't act
like we're strangers after we graduate?

I won't.

That'd be even harder to pull off.

A road trip…


After I get my license,
shall we go on a road trip?

Sounds great. Where should we go?

I'd like to go to the beach.

Kono, you like the beach?

I want to go too!

I want to swim!

I'm not going to swim.
I just want to look at the scenery.

So we have now decided
on a trip after graduation.

Don't forget about the zoo, Yanagi.

are you not getting a driver's license?

I only ride in the passenger seat.

That's not fair, Remi!




She's fast asleep.

She still ended up
helping carry some stuff, after all.


I'm coming.

So she only wanted a pillow.

She frowns while she sleeps.

She often makes this face.


You shouldn't frown all the time.

She eats well,
sleeps well, and is always lively.

Hori is amusing.

I hope these days will remain the same.

Even after we graduate…


those small encounters had never happened…


If there was such a world…

Are the graduation yearbooks
being distributed during the ceremony?

I almost forgot about it.

It's been a while
since we took the group photos.

What face did I make in the photo?

I was standing by a guy
who I've never spoken to before.

-Ishikawa! Let's go home.
-It was so awkward.


But you're in the same class.

-It's fine.

Do you want to go karaoke tonight?

How was your sister's exam?

She failed.

Well, that's a pity.



The student council room…

Is it clean?

Yes, I've cleaned up the room.

All right.

-Sakura, let's go.

She looked better with long hair.

What a cold person.

-Let's go already.
-Wait, Remi. Stop rushing me.

Right, Sakura,
the shop that you mentioned…


Do you know him?

What? No, I don't.

Taking my stuff home is so much trouble.

Gosh, it's such a pain taking these home.

If only I had taken
some of it home earlier.

I should've taken some stuff home earlier.

There will be a faculty meeting today.

-Let's go, Kyoko.
-Please leave the school promptly.



is still a week away.

I hope it's warmer
during the graduation ceremony.



Did you see that guy?

He was so cool!

No way. What? A third-year?

I didn't see him.

Oh, there's still someone
in the classroom.

My phone…

I found it.


This thing.

What is it?


It fell on the floor.

Is this earring yours?

I don't know.


What on earth?

Such a weirdo.

It'd be… How do I put it?

It'd be…

an insignificant…

high school life.

I'm just assuming things.

These thoughts are pointless.


it's different for you, right?



I'm sorry.

I was spacing out.

Are you okay?

What were you thinking about?

I was just thinking…

how today is made up
of a series of coincidences.

Without one of them,
it'd be a whole different world.

If that's the case,

it could be fate that we are together.

I see.

Though that world is not impossible,

I still have you

and everyone else by my side.

And that's the present I'm in.

Even without that thing you called fate,

I think the world
would still move forward little by little

on the path that I desire.


Next will be a speech
by a graduating class representative,

Kakeru Sengoku.

Yes, ma'am.



Now I've done it.

Congratulations, graduates.

-That idiot!
-Spring has arrived.

The day of the rd graduation ceremony
has arrived.

Graduates should return
to their classroom…

Miyamura, you!

I'm sorry! It wasn't on purpose!

-Nice timing!

How was it nice?

The president is terrifying.

I'm sorry, Ishikawa.

Darn it, I lost him.

Hey, the graduate representative
shouldn't run in the hallway.

Your speech was great.

Why were you running after Miyamura?

It's because of the speech!

I'll have to apologize to him later.

The skies are clear.

You look happy.

You even cut your hair.

They even saw my piercings

and my tattoos.

I met a lot of friends,

and got myself a girlfriend.

You're finally facing me head-on.

I'm sorry.

I won't pretend
that I don't see you anymore.

I'm going away.

Congratulations on your graduation.

Found you.


The class is taking group photos.

We should hurry and get back.

Is something wrong?

It's nothing.

I was just thinking
the wind is blowing strongly.

Class 's students still aren't here yet.

Mr. Yasuda, let's take a photo together.

Me too.

-There's no helping it then.
-I'll go first.

Aren't you here
to take group photos, Yasuda?

What's the point
of taking photos for guys?

Let's just say
the shutter clicks whenever I blink.

Are you kidding me?

Take the photos properly
today at the very least! Please!


I'll be so lonely without you.

What's wrong?

You can come
and hang out with me sometimes.


Just sometimes.

Since it's our last day.

There's nothing we can do then.

The last day…

Hey, I'm looking for Remi.

Oh, Ayasaki?

I haven't seen her.

Is that so?


Well… How do I put this?



Thank you.

It was fun.

I mean it.

I really had a good time.

I think it's because of you.

I like you,

and I like Yoshikawa too.

I won't forget it.

I won't forget it too.


I'm glad.

Thank you.

Thank you.



See you.

See you!

Should these feelings
be left behind at school too?



Congratulations on your graduation!

Wait, you're graduating as well.

Thank you.

Oh, right.

I wanted to tell you something.

What is it?

I would like to invite everyone
to go on a trip after graduation.


After talking to Sengoku
and the others, it got me thinking.

After getting my license,

I would like to hang out with friends.

-So I'm thinking,

I'll ask Miyamura…

-Hori, Kono…
-It'll be the same as always.

-Sure. Sounds fun!
-I'm glad you agreed.

-We'll leave the license to you then.

Everything will be
the same after graduation,

but I don't mind if it changes.

That's how it will be from now on.

My son, I'm so proud of you!

Mr. Kyosuke.

So he's Miyamura's father?

-He looks so young.
-They look similar.

Which part is similar?

These girls want a photo
with me and my child.

Okay. I'll go and get Hori.

What are you doing here, Dad?

Tell me!

I'm enjoying this as a father.

Then try not to be seen!
Your outfit looks awful!

Miyamura! Where's your mother and father?

They were here, but they left
because something came up.

Don't get all worked up.

Shut it! Get lost already!


I took it.

Iura, are you for real?

Of course.


Moto, you came.

What? She is your sister, Iura?


Did you come to get your brother?

Mom said
to come home earlier today, right?

So I came to get you
and take a look at the school.

I see!

Well, the graduation ceremony
took a long time.

Okay. Let's go home, Moto.

See you guys!

Iura stayed lively until the end.

That's reassuring.


Yes, Motoko?

You're my brother, right?

I am your brother.


We're going out for sushi today.
Are you coming?


All right. Let's go!

Kyosuke is going to be so happy
that he won't stop talking.


Our distance is closer now.

It's my first time being
this close to someone.

Closing the distance between people

used to intimidate me.

I was really scared, Hori.

The truth is…

the fact that I have these different faces

was something that I didn't know.

I don't think you did either.

The fear and anxiety
of showing myself to others…

You took them all away.

Have I been able to do anything for you?

Did I manage to make you smile?

You are stronger than I thought.

You are more delicate than I thought.

You have a tender heart,

and you're fragile.

Because of you,

my life became colorful.

I was ignorant about the people around me.

I didn't know there was such a world.

Thank you
for bringing me out of my old life.

Thank you for wanting a future with me.

I wonder…

What can I do for you?

Come on,


I have never seen
such a clear blue sky in spring.

I hope to at least gift you the sky.

That's what I thought.


Instead of the sky,

you would definitely prefer

a cake with a whole lot of fresh cream.
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