02x27 - For My Loved One

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Fushigi Yugi". Aired: April 6, 1995 – March 28, 1996.
Miaka Yūki, an average middle school student caught up in studying for exams, is sucked into an ancient Chinese novel titled "The Universe of Four Gods"
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02x27 - For My Loved One

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Units and ,
maintain current approach.

We’re sending out radar unit
ahead of you on run way B.

Helicopter to base.
Helicopter to base.

We’ve gotten the civilian
news copters out of the area.

Impossible to use
the JR Shinjuku station.

One rail line from Yoyogi
is still operational.

Metro highway out bound lines
and from the city area are secure.

Troops from Nerima should
be on site in minutes.

All inbound
highways are closed…

…but we can still move emergency
vehicles in on the outbound lanes…

…of the Toumei from Yokohama
and the Touhoku from Iwaki.

We have to evacuate the civilians
to outside of the number ring line.

Just keep the power supply on!
Keeping the subways going comes first!

It was the endless battle of
blue sorrow versus red heartbreak…


There’s still a lot of things
I have left to do in my life.

So I turned around
and came back here!

Everyone, protect Miaka!
This guy…

…I get to k*ll!

Don’t be so annoyingly
enthusiastic, boy.

I hope you don’t simply
assume victory…

…just because you’ve
managed to summon Suzaku.

Let me show you.

Why they call Seiryu
the god of battle!


Everyone! Help him! We have to
give our life force to Tamahome!

Miaka, grab on to this.

Send our life force
to Tamahome!

You have to be the
one to send it to him!



Nuriko, I can feel it.

Your strength… You saved me.

And His Highness’s gentleness.
And this…? Chichiri…

Right. I understand.
Don’t let myself get lost.

Chiriko’s wisdom. Tasuki’s courage.

Mitsukake… Thank you.

I won’t lose.

Not as long as I have
your souls with me.

And you, Miaka…

As long as I have
your love with me!


I wondered how
powerful it would be.

But, in the end, this is all
your “friendship” is capable of.

It’s no use.
He’s too powerful!


Can’t you seal Seiryu away?

That’d be tough, you know?
Unlike when Yui warded Suzaku…

…Seiryu’s already
appeared, you know?

The scroll I got from Taiitsukun…
It contains holy power.

If we can seal Seiryu
into this, then…

Forget it, you idiot!
If we let her do that now…!

I know. I’ve healed
the wounds on her body…

…but I can’t do anything
about Suzaku inside of her.

With Suzaku still inside of me,
if I ask for another wish…

…I’ll be completely devoured.

Chiriko, give it to me!


I won’t lose! I swear
I won’t lose to you!

Seal Seiryu away!


— Look! They’re Hin tribesmen.
— Stay away from them!

Why, Mother?
Why do they hate us?

We’ve never done
anything to them…

No! No!

Nakago! Nakago!

Hurry! Hurry, run!



One of the Seiryu Seven?
This child?

Yes, Highness!

He blasted five soldiers and his
own mother to ashes in an instant.

He isn’t dangerous, is he?

We’re safe, Highness.
Ever since then, he’s been like this.

Even with all the power he has…

He almost looks like a girl.
Such a pretty face he has.

I like him.
Leave him with me.

Oh, how sweet.

His Highness has a lovely
new toy now, hasn’t he?

What are you talking about?

He’s one of the seven Celestial Warriors
who will protect the Priestess of Seiryu.

Until then, we must take
very good care of him.

By the time the priestess
appears… By that time…

…I will have complete
mastery of my powers.

And then, some day,
I will change everything.

Upon the heavens, which have
given me only hell…

…I shall have my revenge!


Damn you… Don’t go sneaking
peeks into the hearts of others.

Why didn’t you dodge me?

Won’t you please stop?

Don’t waste your
childish feelings on me.

Seiryu is sealed away.

The power of Suzaku
you have is stronger.

And the strong win.

That’s all.

How bitter this is…

My ambitions, ended by
a naive fool like you…

Mother! MOTHER!!!

I’m not crying for you.
Don’t take this the wrong way.

I’m glad I did it.


I didn’t lose. I didn’t lose.

I wasn’t devoured
by the god beast.



It’s all over… Guys!

What’s going on here?

Yeah, really.
How did you all do this?

It was me!


Still not used to my face?

Uh, no problem!


Exactly. I had the others
use the Nyan-Nyans’ bodies—

Taiitsukun’s really smart!

Taiitsukun’s the lord of
the stars who controls death!

Uh, would you—

Miaka, you really, really wanted
the Seven Stars back with you!

And the souls of the
Seven Stars answered you!

Uh-huh! They answered really,
REALLY strongly, so they came!

Darn it, would you let me TALK?!

They never change…

Well done, Miaka.
You managed to summon Suzaku.


The Kutou Empire,
source of so much evil,…

…has collapsed with
the loss of its leaders.

But fear not, for from
this beginning…

…it shall be rebuilt
as a new nation.

In Konan as well,
the people are united…

…and it is already recovering.

Hokkan and Sairou
are also unharmed.

In summoning Suzaku,
you have saved the world.

You have fulfilled your duty as
Priestess of Suzaku in every way.

Thank goodness…

So, all that’s left is to use your
last wish so you can stay together!

That’s right.
There’s still one wish left.

I wonder how she
should word the wish.

It didn’t work when Byakko
was asked, you know?

We’ll never know
unless she tries.

We’ll say we’ll kick his ass unless
he lets Tamahome live in this world!

How do we thr*at Suzaku?

I’d prefer if Miaka and
I could live in this world.

What are you talking about?!

She could bring
Shoka back to life…

She could fix
Taiitsukun’s face!

Maybe she could move time back
to before she opened the book.

What would that accomplish?


Suzaku! Return this
world to normal!

What the hell…?

That’s so selfless…

Not just that…
Pretty stupid, too.

But what about
you and Tamahome?

Are you sure about this, Miaka?

You both…

Everyone… Thank you.

For worrying about us.
But… But I…

I don’t think that’s something
I should ask Suzaku to do.

All of you taught me that.

Taught me just what
I was capable of doing.

I always thought of myself as
being helpless and insignificant.

With my family and
school and my exams…

I was pulled in every direction
and blamed them for it.

I was wrong. Now it’s different.

Because, even with my entrance
exams, I’ll take them for ME…

…not because I’m being
made to take them!

Believing in myself.
Thinking of others.

Knowing that there
are people who love me…

You taught me that.
All of you.

Nyan-Nyan, can I borrow
your body one more time?

Because, just once more…
I want to hold her in my arms.


Exactly right.

It is not the gods who
make wishes come true.

It is human feelings which do.

The… The book…!


I’ll be praying for you.


I wish you happiness.


It’ll be all right, you know?

You two will manage
some sort of a miracle.

Chichiri… Tama…

Miaka, you really think
studying is boring?

Chiriko… No, because
I’ll just imagine…

…that all my textbooks from
now on were written by you.

Miaka… A soul needs
a good body to live in.

Take care of yourself.

Yeah, I’ll be careful.

What?! Sorry, but I don’t got
any farewell speech for you!


Oh, yeah, Miaka.

From now on, I won’t say
that I don’t like girls.

I’ll just not like
people I don’t like!

Thank you.

Thank you.

Everyone, thank you.


Tamahome… Don’t let go.
Hold onto me tight!

I will. I’ll never let
you go. No matter what…!

Hold me tighter! Tamahome…!


Big Brother…

This book wasn’t a spell book and
it wasn’t a dangerous book, either.

Of all the books I’ve ever read,
this was the greatest one.

Yeah… I guess you’re right.

I’m done!

All right, time to Go for Jonan!


What’s gotten into you?
You shouldn’t push yourself too hard.

I’m all right, Mom.

I’ll do what I can do and
see what goes from there.

Don’t worry about her, Mom.

They say a day comes when a young
girl suddenly has her eyes opened.

Miaka… By the time
you read this letter…

…you and I won’t
be together anymore.

But even if we are separated
for now, I still believe.

That someday, surely,
I will meet you again.

No, that I will
find you again.

I promise you. No matter how
my appearance may change…

…and it takes thousands or
tens of thousands of years…

No matter which world you’re in,
I will come to you again.

Somehow, I know I’ll reach you.

And when I do, I will
once again say to you…

…Wo Ai Ni.

Tamahome… Everyone… Look.

I did it…
I passed the exam.



What are you doing
standing around in a daze?

And after you cleared the
Yotsubadai High entrance exam!

Yui, I can’t believe you
failed the Jonan entrance exam.

Hey, even geniuses
mess up occasionally.

We’re not in the
same class, though.

I’m in the class right next door.
And we even have phys-ed together.

Yui, isn’t that…?

Yeah. It’s Nakago’s…

It’s strange, but this
didn’t vanish with him.

Even now, I still can’t hate him.

He and I were so much alike.

He existed inside of me.

That’s why I never want
to forget his mistakes.

You’re right. I think he
existed inside of me, also.

And all the others, too.

They live inside our hearts.

Yes. They will all live on
in the young girls’ hearts…

…as well as in the heart
of this young romantic hero.

Why are you suddenly popping
up to play narrator?

Tetsuya’s waiting for me up ahead.
I’ll buy you lunch. Come on.

Man, this has really
made me think.

About how there’s still
hope for this world.

You see, this spring we had a strange
new guy transfer into our school.

The interesting thing is,
this guy’s had…

…memories of a past life ever
since he was a little kid.

In this past life, he was charged
by destiny to protect a girl.

He was one of seven people
charged with the task…

…and he made a promise to her
before he was reincarnated.

That, no matter how his
appearance may change…

…and it took thousands or tens
of thousands of years to do it…

…that he would find you again.

At last…

At long last… I’ve found you.
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