02x08 - Impossible

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Always a Witch". Aired: February 1, 2019 - February 28, 2020.
Revolves around Carmen, a witch and sl*ve from 1646, and is set both in the 17th-century and present-day Cartagena, Colombia.
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02x08 - Impossible

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[bell tolling]

Tell him where the bag is! He'll k*ll you!

The bag was here last night with my money.

-Tell me where you hid it!
-Let him go!

-Kobo! Look at me, Kobo!

-I don't know what you're talking about!
-Look at me!

-Look at me and let him go!
-[Carmen] Let him go!

It's not fair!


Which side are you on, Alicia?

Yours. I'm obviously on your side.

That treasure is ours. I don't know.
Do something to find that thief.

I don't know, a spell.


You should help your friends.
Before you lose your powers, Carmen.

-I told you I wouldn't say anything.

What do you mean,
you'll lose your powers?

Look. She's losing the stars.

How come?

I opened the secret chapter.

And if I don't pass the test,
I'll lose all my powers.

But the test is not only for me.

It's also for you.


Hi, guys.


I'm glad you came.

I'll leave you alone.

Yes, Carmen... [clears throat]

Carmen told me to come,
that it was important.

-Did something happen?

she needs us.

I don't know how,
but we have to help her.

You can count on me for anything.

I owe her.


Hey, and on a different topic...

Is it true that you're
dropping out of the university?

[sighs] I got a really good job
at the dock, and...

I want to take some time
to figure out what I'll do now.

León, but leaving the university
is a mistake.

I went to school because it was our dream.

Now that we're not together...

it doesn't make sense anymore.

I don't understand anything
about the secret chapter,

why would she lose her powers?

Carmen's losing her powers?

What are you doing here?

I was invited.

Thanks for coming.

Come in.

There's blank paper
and a pen in front of you.

I want you to think carefully
about what I'm going to ask.

Carmen, why don't you tell us
how we can help you?

-I assure you we'll all help you.

That's what I'm doing.

I want you to write down the following.

If I had the possibility
of granting you a wish,

the most important wish,

the wish that could change your lives,

what would it be?

Any wish? I don't know.

I wish Mr. Hyde hadn't been closed down.

-No, not any wish.

An important one.

-One that seems impossible.
-It's a challenge, right?

[Amanda] Yes, but it's only for us.

You're my friends,
and I want you to realize

-how important you are to me.
-Come on!

Amanda, you're saying weird things.
Are you going to die, or what?

Just the opposite.

Come on, write.

And now?

How much do you think
what you wrote here is worth?

For me, everything.

-For me too.
-Yes, a lot.

These are the wishes
that I could grant you

if I wasn't about to lose everything.


That's really your dream?


I want my parents to be together again.

Is that a problem?

No, no problem.

I'm sorry, it's just that...

I didn't know that you were so romantic.

I dream of the same thing as you.

I just want Andy to live.

That's not my dream.

-It's not that I don't care about Andy,

but he sealed his own fate.

However, I can still change mine.

That's why I dream about a body.

A body that never ages.

About the impossibility
of being of flesh and bone forever,

and to never, ever be sent to limbo.

-That's your dream?

[Tatiana] Well, here
I have my wish written down.

I want to be a Hollywood actress,

be a star,

-and win an Oscar.

[laughs] Really?


I want...

Juanjo to come back.

[scoffs] I can't believe it.

I understand that perfectly well,
because I want Mayte to come back to me.


I applied for a job at Greenworld.

To leave next month.

You applied to go?


Okay. Okay. [chuckles]


you can drop out of the semester,
and it's not a problem.

But you tell me that if I drop out,

-that would be terrible.
-No, it's not the same.

I'm doing it to advance my career.

Of course! Why didn't I realize that?

-So my dream is worthless?
-[Alicia] Okay, enough!

This is not the time
to air your differences.

[Daniel] Yes, guys, eh...

we came here for Carmen, to help her.

-[Alicia] Yes.
-[Johnny Ki] We're sorry. Go ahead.

Go on.

Well, and what is yours?

I dream about continuing to be myself.

I dream about not losing my powers,

so that I can use them to fulfill
an impossible dream.

I want to stop my mom
from being burnt at the stake.

I want to bring her back with me
to this time.

Here and now,

where she could live freely.

But for that to happen...

it would cost you.

Ah... Sorry, guys,
but I-- I don't understand, Carmen.

-I don't either.
-What do you mean, Carmen?


In order to not lose my stars and be able
to fulfill my impossible dream,

you have to sign in the Book of Shadows
agreeing to give up...

these dreams.


All of us?

All of you, without exception.

And forever?

Look at it as an act of friendship,

of loyalty.

-[scoffs] Loyalty?

I love you very much, Amanda, but...


Now you understand
why I didn't want to tell you anything?

Because now my destiny depends on you.

Can't we find another way,
do something else?

I agree. We could ask Professor Esteban,
or Antares.

-[Johnny Ki] Yes, of course!
-Or maybe it's a trap

-and we don't have to give up anything.

Guys, magic is like this.
Everything has a price.

It gives you something...

but it takes something away.


I'm a witch, like Carmen.

I can't explain to you
what happened, but...

it's just in my blood.

What are you saying, Amanda?


[speaking mystical language]
Me tuto una tuto...



I only have one star and I'm learning.

The problem is
that Carmen could lose everything.

And so could I, if you...

don't sign here.

The Book of Shadows.

So what? Amanda, there's nothing here.

Only lineage witches can read it.

Look, I know
that you will give up your dreams.

But I'll be such a powerful witch,

that I'll be able to grant you
all your wishes.

[Tatiana chuckles]
That sounds good, right?

I-- I don't know.

I feel like I'm selling my soul
to the devil.

I'm sorry, Amanda, but he's right.
All this is very weird.

What's your intention?

[Amanda] What if I pay you?


I'll give up my dream.

Mayte doesn't want to be with me anyway.

There! He'll make the sacrifice
for the group, that's it.

León, thank you.

But I want you
to think about it carefully.

Because this decision
could change your lives.


Amanda, what's that?

Wow! [laughs]

-Oh, ho, ho!

-Where did you get all this money, Amanda?
-It doesn't matter.

-What matters is that I'm willing

to pay you lots of money

-if you give up your dreams and sign here.
-[Tatiana laughing]

I'll sign,

but if you promise me...

that even if I give up Hollywood,

you'll turn me into a singer
and I'll win a Grammy.

[all laugh]




I think that even if it is hard,
we have to help Carmen.

Look, she'll lose her powers.

You want me to give up being a singer.

I mean, I adore Carmen,
but music is my life.

Yes, Johnny Ki, but you asked
to get your money back.

That has nothing to do
with your dream of being a singer.

A bar singer?

And live forever
with that broken dream? Yes.


-I give up mine.
-Well done! What a great effort!

You won't leave on that little boat,
but your life is set.

-It's easy.
-Excuse me?

-What do you know?
-Okay. That's not the problem.

We have two.

Daniel, you should give up yours too.

-I mean, giving Juanjo up isn't so hard.

He's far away.

I can't believe you're so selfish, really.

It's no big deal! In two years,
you'll fall in love with another guy.

It is a big deal!
Juanjo is the love of my life.

-So now he's the love of your life?
-[Daniel] Yes.

Isn't Kobo yours?

Oh, of course. [chuckles]

Of course. [laughs]

I can't even dream
of a soulmate, but you can.


I'm sure that your dreams
are very important.

But mine is a life.

It's Kobo's life.

Hey... you know
that I love Kobo very dearly,

but if we think about it,
he just showed up.

[sighs] Carmen is family.

-So you'll sign?
-I haven't said that. I haven't said that.

That's exactly the point.

We're talking about Carmen.

-Your teacher, Alicia.
-I know.

Exactly. If we don't do this for her,
she'll cease to be a witch.

Well, it's not so bad
that she's not a witch.

None of us are, and our lives are...

happy, right?

But it's not the same.

For her to not be a witch anymore,
it's as if we took her soul.

I don't know,
as if something very important

was k*lled inside of her.

Yes, like our dreams.



But I won't sell out like this.

-I won't sign that.
-You'll turn your back on me?

Miguel, she's your girlfriend.

-You should support her.
-Why are you such a meddler?


Amanda, I know you very well,
and this is all very strange.

Why don't you want
to fix the past anymore?

The past should stay in the past.

-Tell us where this money came from.
-I'm telling you I'm a powerful witch.

I can materialize whatever I want.
So stop hesitating and sign!

-I won't sign anything. I'm sorry.
-[Tatiana] Sign!

-Miguel, where are you going?

-I won't sign anything. I won't!
-Miguel! Miguel!

[Tatiana] Miguel. Is he crazy?

Look at all this money.

-I need three signatures.

You will help me.

-We will?
-How can we get those signatures?

We can do a challenge.


-I'll pay double.
[Tatiana laughs]

That's what I wanted to hear.

I'm in.

Let's do it!

Hi, Dani.

Hi, Carmen.

I came to give Juanjo up.

I'll sign.

I want to do it.

[sighs shakily]

My only request...

is that you help me see him.


[seabirds calling]

[Daniel] Why did you never call me

or respond to my messages?


I was ashamed.

I hurt everyone I really care about.

-You are brave, Juanjo.

And life is waiting for you out there.

I am also waiting for you.

Despite everything?

Despite everything.

Juanjo loves me.

-He wants us to be together.


Where do I have to sign?

You're a great friend, Dani.

Thank you.


am I forgiven?

[laughs] Yes.

Even if you don't sign.

I already told you that I'll sign.

[dance music playing]

[Johnny Ki singing ballad]

I don't see anyone who was at the party.

People don't respect me
in this world, Alicia.

Everyone here thinks
that they can steal my money,

that it's okay,
that they'll get away with it,

but they have no clue.

I'll find the people who stole it,
and they'll pay for it.


What did you do as a pirate

when you were in a tough situation,

when you felt you were between
a rock and a hard place?

I always choose what's best for me.

And I never give up.

That is also important.

But you didn't mind stepping on others?

Are we talking about you or me?

Carmen told me
that she could grant me a wish.

And my dream is obviously to change
that tragic past that you and I have.

So, what is there to think about, baby?

Tell her you accept,
and thank her from both of us.


In order for Carmen to grant me that wish,

she has to lose her powers.

Let her lose them!

It was a joke.

Listen, I'm not
the right person to help you.

I know that the witch is your friend,
that you care about her.

But whatever you choose will be fine.

You will choose me.


-Thank you very much!

Keep having a good time.

[Johnny Ki] Excuse me.

[Mayte] Great!

Very good. It was great.

Thank you.

-I'm glad you liked my show on...

the only stage where I'll ever sing.

And with the only audience
that will ever hear me sing.

You're so pessimistic.

Mmm... No, Mayte, I'm not pessimistic,

I thought about it,
and I made up my mind.

I'll sign the book, that's it.

I mean, Carmen deserves it,
and if I'm not famous,

at least I'll have my witch friend.

Very well. That makes two of us,
well, three with León.

And I'm not saying
that it isn't hard, but...

I know.

You know what motivates me,
what I want, what's important to me.

Music, that's it. But...

That's why I'm telling you.
You'll give up your career.

Yes, but a career
that is very hard and competitive.

I mean, few people have achieved
the dream.

Listen to me. You know it's true. Few.

-Very few.
-You can count them with your fingers.

-With just one...
-Hi, how are you? Okay? How are you?

Ooh! [exclaims]

-It's Reykon!
-The Leader, yes!

Reykon, yes! What are you doing here?

I was sitting there watching you sing.

You were awesome.
Cool. Congratulations, man.

-Congratulations. Well done.
-Thank you.

Write down my number.
We'll do great things together.

-Yeah, your number.
-Your cell phone.

Yes, your number-- your number. I'm sorry.



There you go, man.

-Okay? Call me.
-Thank you.

-Sure. We'll do business, man. It's good.
-Thank you.

-Bye, honey. Take care.
-Bye. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Man! Reykon?


[Johnny Ki] But why is this
happening to me now?

-I mean...
-[Mayte] I don't know.

[sighs] I had made up my mind
to sign the book, and now this happens.

-What do I do?

For now, keep on singing.


Hey, if you choose her, let me know.

So we can make the most of these days,

spend time together.


Okay. This will make you forget.

Don't worry.

I'll be right back.


[Alicia] Johnny Ki.

I need to speak to you.

Hi, Mayte.

-[Johnny Ki] Bye.
-[Mayte] Bye.

[Joel] Mayte!

-Hi! How are you?

-Fine, and you?


[Mayte] Cool!

-[Joel] Ah!
-[Mayte] What are you doing here?

-[Joel] Look! Look what I got.
-[Mayte] What is it?

-Tell me!
-[Joel] Look!


It can't be.

-It can't be.
-You're in! Not only that,

from applicants,
they chose five candidates.

Among those five, guess who was first?

You won't only be traveling to the Arctic
for six months with Greenworld,

you will also be coordinating
all the interns.

This can't be happening.

-I don't understand. Didn't you want this?
-Yes, exactly.

Then let's celebrate!

[Joel laughs]

We must celebrate.


It's okay. Let's go.

It's a lost cause.

If you came to bug me,
I'm not in the mood. Thanks.

What is it now?

University? Mayte? Work?

I think I overused the elixir.

I'm going crazy.

I haven't been able to sleep
for more than two hours for several days.

You'll have to ask Carmen
to help you, then,

-before she loses her gifts.
-No, not now.

Not now that I'm hesitating
over whether to sign or not.


-you were the first to say you'd sign.
-I know, I know, I know.

Well, it must be hard to see
the love of your life with someone else.

But Mayte said
that she'd also give up her wish,

that she would sign the book.

But she can change her mind.

Like me.

You're really considering not signing?

It's just that before,
everything was perfect with her.

I studied, worked, slept.

-But you gave your word.
-But it's Mayte.

Mr. Hyde is back with the most important,
but also the most difficult challenge.

That's why whoever completes it
will receive a great reward.

Do you remember Carmen Eguiluz,
the famous witch from Litoral University?


-What's wrong with you?

Don't touch me again!

"You'll be great at everything you do."

Well, the challenge is to bring her to me,

and for the winner...

this fortune.

[Amanda laughs]

My money!

[cicadas chirping]


-What are you doing here?
-Calm down.

Is it true that Amanda is a witch?


It's true.

That's why she's behaving
like a different person?

even the look in her eyes is different.

Amanda is going through
a very... hard process.

You gave her the money?

What money?

The money that she offered us
to sign your Book of Shadows.

My book.



[Miguel sighs] Carmen!

My book's not here.

Amanda took my book without my consent.

I knew something was wrong. I knew that...

asking for an immortal body
and not wanting to save Andy...

What do you mean, she asked for a body?

-Since when has she been acting weird?

Since... [sighs]

Since I saw her at the portal.
She was unconscious.

It's as if she was someone else.

I need to talk to Amanda.

I'll come.

-I have to do it on my own.
-I'll come!

-What's with this guy?
-Now what?

-We have to talk.
-I'm busy.

You need me, and I need you.

So let's negotiate.

-Why don't you go for a walk?
-Why don't you shut up?

I'll lend you your little witch later.

Carmen! And Ama--
Carmen! What about Amanda?

[knocking at door]

Here she is.

Where's my money?

[chuckles] A pirate.

A pirate.

But not just any pirate, eh?

So let's do this amicably,
and you give me my money now.



You're in no position to decide anything.

[Kobo] I think I am.

Look, I'll tell you a secret.

But you can't tell anyone.

[whispers] I am in that position.




We meet again.

I have what I needed from you.

-[whispering voices]
-I hope you enjoy your trip

to the place
where you won't come back from.

-Non tuto cara yay-yay.

[voices whispering]





[man] They say that witches don't cry.

But they are not all the same.

Some are more special than others.

I wonder which kind you are.



[scoffs] There is no Aldemar here.

Get ready, because we're going
to burn you at the stake.
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