06x08 - Separación

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Elite". Aired: 5 October 2018 –; present.
Series is set in Las Encinas, a fictional elite high school and revolves around the relationships between three working-class students enrolled at the school through a scholarship program and their wealthy classmates.
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06x08 - Separación

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Where are you? I was scared to death.

I have no idea.

Wait, what does that mean?

But are you sure you're okay?

I can't remember anything.

What's the matter?

Just calm down.

- Ari

- Look, I'll come get you.

Just tell me where you are.

Iván was hit by a car.


Somewhere near the party. I

don't know. It was a hit-and-run.

Mencía, what's wrong?

Calm down. Calm down.

Ari! Ari! Help me! Please help me!

Help you with what?


Ari, it was me who did it!


I was the one who ran Iván over.

What are you saying?

Where's Patrick?

I left him at the hospital. I

told him you weren't feeling well.

I need you to tell me everything, okay?

But I can't remember anything.

I was at the party, and

and all of a sudden,

I started passing out.

And they told me that you had

sped off super drunk in your car.

So I went after you.

And I don't know.

I guess I must've passed out

at the wheel or something.


I'm so destructive.

Everything I touch goes wrong.

Mencía, not right now.

But it's true.

What are you thinking?

Stay there.

- Keep an eye on the car.

- Where you going?

Not a word about this to Patrick.

Not about his car or

what you did. Nothing.

Where the f*ck were you

this whole time? Huh?

- I was, uh

- Always doing your own thing.

While you're doing your

own thing, we could die!

I was very drunk, and

I passed out, and

they had to wake me up.

I'm sorry, Patrick. Really.


Um, are you the family

of Iván Carvalho?


He's out of the OR, but he

has to stay sedated for now.

You can see him for a few minutes.

- Let's go.

- Yeah.

It's okay.

Come on.



You have to leave.


Can't I stay with him?

I'm his family.

Not in this unit. I'm sorry.

I'm not leaving.

I'm not leaving Iván.

I don't know, I

I'll try to convince the doctor

to let me have five minutes here

and five minutes there with him.

Patrick, you won't do any good here.

Don't you think it'll be better

to go home and get some rest?

You stay here.

We'll bring clean clothes and whatever.

But, Ari

Don't you know him, Mencía? At

home, he'll just get very nervous.

It's better for him to stay here and

be near Iván as much as possible.

You could stay with him

tonight if you want to.


I would stay, but I have to get

up early tomorrow to go see Dad.

Since I'm the only one who does.

Mencía, don't leave his

side. Not for a minute.

Don't go anywhere

unless I tell you, okay?

You're gonna stay the night with him,

and you'll give him

affection and strength.

And above all keep him under control.


You remind me so much of Dad right now.

Try to get some sleep.

I love you.

Take care of him.

I got rid of the car.

If they find it and come

to inform us or whatever,

I'll say we weren't sure

whether it had been stolen,

so we didn't report it.

And Mencía, how is she?

As you can imagine.

We need to free you so you

can take us far away from here.

Where we can feel safe.

You have the contacts and

the influence to do it.

We need to find a new

place where we can try

and be a family again.

We came here to fix it all,

and we just made everything

a million times worse.

What's that about?

Sounds like you finally understand

what it's like to be a parent.

Believe me, I've met some parents lately

that are nothing like our family at all.

Every family is a world.

But a parent does whatever it takes,

whatever it takes for their

kids, according to their needs.

That's what I've done, and it's

what you're doing for us now.


if all three of you testify in my favor,

as soon as I get out of here, I promise

I'll take you somewhere

we can start over.

For your sister and for everyone.

I can convince Mencía.

It'll be more complicated with Patrick.


Can I sit with you?

- How is Iván?

- s*ab.

They still have to keep him

sedated, but he's s*ab.

And you?

Me, what?


I'm fine.

I have an appointment at the

clinic, so it's a done deal.

So you have no doubts then?

Well, just let me know

if you need anything.

It's Iván's.

Iván. Iván?

The one in the ICU.

My brother's boyfriend.

Well, his ex or whatever.

Oh shit.

Well, this is a major f*ck.

And are you having doubts

because it's his kid?

I'm sorry. I'm asking

you a lot of questions.

Iván as the dad complicates it.

Because his father was m*rder.

And maybe Iván will die too.

This might be the last

part of him that exists.

And I don't know what my brother

will do if suddenly Iván

Hey, no, listen to me.

You have no responsibility to

anyone other than yourself, okay?

Look, let me ask you something. But

I want the answer to come from you.

Ari's feelings.

You wanna have the baby?

Look, tell me when you're

going to the clinic.

I'll hold your hand and won't let go.

Wait, you mean you'll

you'll come along?



- I have to go.

- Okay.

Ari, what's wrong?

- Are those tears?

- No.

- You can't talk to me anymore?

- I can't right now.

You can't talk to me,

but you can talk to Sonia?

You're not the center of my universe.

And yeah, I have stuff

to talk about with her.

You've avoided me

since we slept together.

Go ahead, say it. You don't like

me. I'm not the kind of man

That's enough now, Nico. Just stop.

Let me repeat it. You're not

the center of my universe.

You should stay away from me right now.

I'm sorry to be so blunt.

I think it's better if you forget me.

Poor Iván.


Why does everything

always happen to him?

When he's the kindest

person in the whole world.

He's always making sure

everyone else is fine and happy.

Everything that's happened

to him is so unfair.


- You're upset about him too?

- Yes.

Of course you are.

I spoke to Sonia. She

said Iván is s*ab.

Yeah, I called the

hospital to check up on him.

He's sedated, but he's s*ab.

For real? Isn't that good news?

Yes. That is good.

Excuse me.


Well, here's the adult

conversation you ordered.

So our families are kinda in

the same field. I told you this.

Yours in Ibiza, and

mine in the Middle East.

And they must've hit each

other head-on in Madrid.

Because my family has

hopes of expanding here.

- Tell your family to go back because

- I'm not gonna tell my family anything.

First, because I

don't f*ck with them.

Second, 'cause, honestly, I don't care

who wants to interfere

with whose business.

I do care if they

interfere with me and you.

Me and you?


Since when Since when

is there a me and you?

We both know there is.

Yeah, listen, Dídac

I am so completely fed up with lies,

with being passed over by literally

everyone, even my own family.

And above all, fed up with men

that try and earn my trust but

eventually just make a mess of it.

I'm pretty sure I've shown you

by now that you can trust me.

And I'm on your side here.

You're friends with Javier.

Even if you've cut him off.

You're part of a family

in conflict with mine,

even if you've distanced yourself.

I mean, I just feel like

everything should be way easier.

So, I would prefer to

save us from all this

so you don't have

to distance yourself from it later.



Can I come near you?

I did what you asked me to.

I still don't trust you like I once did.

That's fair.

Little by little.

I mean, it's my fault

you don't trust me.

But the fact that

Isadora doesn't trust you

is a monumental mistake on her part.

No, she's right though.

'Cause no matter how hard I try,

I can't cut myself off

from my friends or family.

Despite the shit you all get me into.

Does "friends" include me though?

You dumbass.


Got my hopes up for a second.

Look, if I had actually

been a better person,

instead of washing my hands of it

and waiting for you to make a move,

I would've walked down to the

station and reported you myself

for raping Isadora.

Even though the recording I made

of you couldn't be used as evidence,

and I would've never been

able to get you to confess.

At least I would feel as

though I had done what I could.

But no.

I didn't do it.

I didn't.

Hey things are kinda d*ad down there.

Let me do it.

- Nothing?

- Wait a second.

- Leave it. It doesn't matter.

- I said no.

I'm guessing this has

never happened before.

- It's the first time

- Shut up, all right?

- It's all good. Let's leave it.

- I said no.

Get off me. I'm not into it now.

Take it ♪

Show me how you move, girl ♪

Back it up ♪

All night ♪

Until we're done ♪

All night, keep movin' ♪

All night, we work it ♪

I'll take you out ♪

Crazy bitch.

Maybe you can't get it up

'cause the whole Isadora thing

is stressing you out?

I'm not stressed out, okay?

Yeah, sure.

I guess I'm not turned on

by just doin' the same thing.

What're you saying? You're

not into chicks anymore?

No. It's not that, obviously.

But just sticking it in

there for no real reason

What's the point?

Do you have any idea

when was the last time

I was hard as a rock?


When do you think?

Wait. No f*cking way. Ibiza?


Don't look at me like that. You

were just as into it as I was.

I think about that.

All of us.


Horny as hell.


Hey, guys.

What's he doing here?

He kept messaging me, wanting

all three of us to meet up.

Okay? So I told him to come.

Well, I got nothin' to

say. You're d*ad to me.

Dude, can't we all make an

effort to go back to how it was?

So Dídac dumped you too. Is that it?

Now you're a loner.

Well, that's what you deserve.

Come on, man. Let's have a drink

and just vibe, the three of us

Like we used to do, okay?


I'm gonna find some chicks.

All night, we move it ♪

Hey, bro. Wait up.

We work it ♪

I hooked up with Nico to

heal the hurt from Samuel.

And I've ended up really hurting him.

So why don't you explain

it to him like that?

Because I can't. It

doesn't matter what I say.

Nico always thinks I'm

rejecting him for who he is.

And if I tell him I used

him to forget Samuel


Yeah, it might even make it worse.


- Yes?

- You can come in.


It's okay.

Thank you.

We're going to the bar. Want anything?

Javi, get the drinks for everyone.

I can't carry them all on my own.

Then get drinks for you and Álex.

I'm fine.

Álex, you coming?

You go. We'll wait for you here.

So what?

Let's introduce ourselves.

Bro she's drunk out of her skull.

She isn't.

Shall we?

Where are you going?

Where are the drinks?

Um, the bar was full, so

Where are you going?

We're going, uh to have

a drink with that girl.

But good vibes only.

With that girl over there?

Yeah. That girl there. So what?

Look at her. She can't stand upright.

She's having a great f*cking time.

I'm getting a suite,

and she's coming with us.

We're gonna make this

a more intimate party.

And by the way, you can't come along.

Let's go.


What are you gonna do

with her in that suite?

Just hang out.

Haven't we learned anything?

The results were good.

There's a pharmacy

right across the street.

Ibuprofen or paracetamol if

the pain is mild. No aspirin.

If you feel bad or the pain is

intense, you need to come back.

- And get some wipes to clean up, okay?

- Okay.

- Take care of yourself.

- Thank you.

All good? How do you feel?


Are you sure?


Come on, let me buy you dinner.



Keep going.


It says, "Do not disturb"!

Ignore them.

What part don't you get?

f*ck. Go on.

f*ck this.


Hugo Múler and Alejandro Díaz?


Let's go.

I had the Ibiza video too.

I hope you can finally

get on with your life.

And that you can trust people again.

Trust men again.

Especially Dídac.

He's the best friend

I've ever had, and

I hope to get him back someday.

Be happy, Isa.

I'm so sorry.

- Congratulations.

- Thank you.

Thank you.

Justice was finally served,

Isa. I'm happy for you.

Thank you, sweetheart.

I'm happy too, Isa.

Congratulations, gorgeous.


Isa, do you have a minute?


It's about the money. The 20,000.

I'd prefer you to pay for

my operation if that's okay.

- Okay.

- I'm gonna go ask them about it.

Okay. Sure.

Fine with me.

Are you sure you wanna do this?

Because as far as I'm aware,

it's a pretty pretty big deal.

And if you don't want to, it's okay.

I can just give you the money,

so we can travel the

world, just having fun.

Yeah, yeah. I wanna do it.

Okay. I'll do whatever you say then.


You're not doing it for yourself.

Why are you here?

To stop you.

Why though?

Because when we were hooking up,

you were happy with who you are.

I'm gonna do it because I want to.

Are you sure?

Where are the clean clothes

I brought him yesterday?

I don't know.

It's like he's out of it and

won't even change his clothes.

Are you okay?

You also look out of it.

Just tired, y'know?

Visiting prison, Iván, you guys

Too much.


I've been thinking, and I think

going to another country

with Dad would be

It's a bit over the top.

Come with me.

Listen to me.

You got into a car that wasn't yours,

without a license, and you

were high on drugs and drunk.

And ran over Iván,

who might not make it.

But they said he's s*ab.

Mencía, that's not a guarantee.

That could change any second.

Iván could still die.

And besides, you need to understand

that we're doing this to protect you.

Because the problem

is, when the police

identifies as Patrick's

what's left of the car,

it will be too late.

Staying in Madrid makes no sense.

We have nothing left.


But Patrick has Iván.

Darling, you need some sleep.

I'll sleep when Iván wakes up.

So, I've talked to Dad about it.

He insists we should

testify in his favor.

We've already talked about

this a thousand times.

- Mencía and I won't say a g*dd*mn thing.

- Well, Mencía

She's gonna testify in his favor.

What came over her?

I think it was the

possibility to start again.

Far away, safe, and together.

Running away?

Why are you saying this?

Patrick, Dad needs to

start fresh somewhere new.

- And we have nothing left here.

- You might not.

I have everything I want here.

You do.

But Iván doesn't.

Patrick, didn't you leave

because you guys fought?

Didn't you fight 'cause he told

you that he didn't want you at all,

neither now nor in the future?

He was high though.

If you don't wanna see it, then don't.

But Iván was very clear.

He said he hoped you could

maybe be pals at some point.

But that's all.

- And when he wakes up

- Which will be any moment now.

Yes, it will be soon.

But when he does, even if you want to be

the first thing he

sees when he comes to

he won't want to get back with you.

Iván has the right to decide

who he wants to be with.

And he made that clear.

It isn't you.

He clearly asked you to leave him,

so that's exactly what you have to do.

I'm sorry to put it this way,

but the sooner you accept it, the

sooner your suffering will be over.

I can't accept that I

won't see him again, Ari.

I try to fully grasp the word

"never," but I swear, I can't.

- It

- Scares you.

I know. It feels like vertigo.

Patrick, I know what it's like to

lose forever the person you love.

I know.

There has to be a chance that

we'll go back to how we were before.

There has to be.

Maybe there is.

But I think that the only chance

of you two getting back together is

by disappearing from his life for good.

I mean, disappearing for real, Patrick.

Going far from here. Don't

have any contact with him.

And who knows?

With enough time and distance

between you, then maybe

Hey, handsome.

I've written a thousand

letters on my phone, and

thought up a thousand speeches in

my head to try and get you back.

But ultimately, this

message is to say goodbye.

I refuse to lose you forever.

Even if it is necessary.

Let me live with the hope that

one day we will meet again.

I'm not asking for something

that was never there.

I'm not asking for

something to be invented.

I just want to go back

to something we once had.

Something that was real.

But for my wish to be fulfilled,

my only option is to disappear.

Or that's what I'm told.

So, until we see each other again

I love you.

I love you so much, Iván.

I've always loved

you, and I always will.

What are you doing? Where are you going?

You all right?

Mencía, what's wrong?

Do you need to go to

the hospital or ?


What's wrong with Ari?

Ari is gone.

Well, call her later. You

need to go to the hospital.

You've had too much to

drink and clearly some drugs.

- Ari

- Let's go.

We're outta here.

Quickly. Come on.

f*ck, how does it work again?

Okay, that's the gas. The brake


It was more fun when

we did it with your car.

When you weren't high as shit.


Mencía, come on.

Mencía, what's the matter?

Wake up!

Right here!

- Sara?

- Raúl?

- What's wrong?

- I need you. Please come.


I'm here, okay? Relax now.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hey, nothing's gonna happen to you.

I won't let anything

happen to you. Ever.


Raúl, I'm starting to have doubts.

My love, we have to. Just trust me.

We can't do this to Mencía.

We're complete monsters.

Mencía's father is mega-powerful,

okay? Nothing's gonna happen to her.

But Mencía's father's in jail.

Sara Mencía's family has a

fortune and influence, all right?

Since Iván is also

her brother's boyfriend,

they will forgive each other.

And Cruz's son will have the

best lawyers in the world.

They'll make sure he's good.


You're making a lot of assumptions.

Yes, Sara, powerful

people are like that.

They protect each other.

But if they catch you,

they'll destroy your life.

Everything you've achieved,

everything you fought for,

all of your dreams will be screwed.

I'm serious, now.

Trust me.

Hey. It's me, okay?

It's Raúl.

Your Raúl.

I love you, babe.



There is no "us." No me and you.

Yeah, I got that.

For the time being.

Like, not at this moment.

I can't trust anyone.

In general.

Which means I'll I'll be distrusting

of everyone and everything all the time.


That's That's my baggage.

All right, consider me warned then.

Are you prepared?

Come on. Let's go.

See you later, gorgeous.

Am I prepared for what?

To put up with it.


If there's no me and you.

What? That's normal. Or not?

Normal. Totally normal.


Dídac! Hey, man. We have to go.

We'll talk later, okay?

What's going on?

- Nothing.

- Nothing?

- As far as I know.

- Sure, it's nothing.

What? Do you really not see

that I'm making an effort?

No, I didn't say you weren't

You didn't, but your eyes, they're

telling a whole 'nother story.

- I haven't said anything. No

- I can tell.
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