01x24 - Light

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Witchblade". Aired: April 16, 2006 – September 20, 2006.
Anime series loosely based on the American comic book of the same name with a different setting & characters.
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01x24 - Light

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Just before the sh*t,
my chest feels like it's gonna tear open

I shout out countless times, break out

It's not over,
rush through the endless night

Hot blood flows through my body

The moment it ultimately rots away

it's all over,
fragments of an empty dream come to mind

I can never go back,
I can't remember a thing

I've been reduced to struggling,
and my voice won't carry

Uncontrollable impulses

Give me your XTC,
let me feel it one more time

This body heats up, and I shout out
your name in the darkness

Give me your XTC, I don't need false love

I will accept it, sin and punishment

Slash through the destiny
I've been set up with, Blade


Look, ladies and gentlemen!
The l-w*apon! It's the l-w*apon!

Hordes of l-w*apon are landing
in Tokyo one after another!

Hordes of l-w*apon are landing
in Tokyo one after another!

There is plenty of room! Please let
the elderly and children go first!

Line up, quickly!

Please refrain from evacuating by car!
You'll block the thoroughfare!

Is there really any need to evacuate?

There's no one left now.
We have to hurry...


Hey, you! What're you doing?!
The l-w*apon are heading this-

Tozawa! What're you just
standin' around for?!

There are reports of
an X-Con in this area.

Best be careful.

Damn. It's l-w*apon this,
X-Cons that...

Tokyo's filled with monsters!

You're wrong.

She ain't a monster.


She ain't no monster!


What're you talking about?

Whatever, just get going!

- I have somewhere to go now.
- Eh?

Take care of Rihoko.


Dammit! I can't let this end with
her being treated like a monster!

It's overflowing...

Something incredible inside me!

It's close!

The Witchblade...


So they're the ones after us?

It seems so.

I can't allow these petty things...

to get in my way!

Neither can we!

So hot-blooded...


Where did she-

Chief Nishida?!

Chief! Maria took Aoi and Asagi
to fight the l-w*apon!

I see. I guess they do draw
toward each other.

Get the car!
And get the equipment ready!


This is something you rarely get to see!

Flames are rising up all over the place!
Can you see this?!

Berserk l-w*apon are
clashing with an X-Con.

Neither shows any signs of stopping!

Oh! This is the X-Con! Please-


- rd place, two weeks in a row!
- Ooh! Cute girl in glasses!

Hey! What're you doing, old man?!

Oh, I'm a fan of hers, you see...

You dumbass! Turn it back!

Another expl*si*n! Giant flames
are rising from the street!

Flames sh**t up one after the other!

How long will the l-w*apon
and X-Con continue to run berserk?!


It's burning up...

My body...

It's burning up!

We need to go after it! Quickly!


Yeah, okay, but what're you
gonna do when you do get it?

What am I going to do?

Power's a means, not an end.
What is it you really want, Maria-san?

Asagi-san! You're being rude!

All I did was ask.
Well, let's go. I like fighting...

What is it you really want?

"Sumitomo Publishing"

"Sumitomo Publishing"
Anyways, just find out
what happened there!

Anyways, just find out
what happened there!

We're not a newspaper, so you
don't need to report in real-time!

Stick close to Douji! Got that?!

Oh, what's up?

I have a good scoop for you.

Sorry. I don't need any
non-X-Con stories right now.

- It's a huge story.
- Eh?

I guarantee its content.
But I want your help. Please!

The X-Con is on the move!
But even as it changes location, the-

Huh? Where's Rihoko?

Didn't she go to the restroom with you?

- Not with me...
- Eh?!

She's probably headed for Masamune-chan!

Hold on! Where are you going?!

- A kid's gone missing!
- Have you seen her?!

- A kid?!
- Yes!

Understood! We'll search for her,
so please return to-

- Screw leaving it to you guys!
- Rihoko-chan!

- Wait, you can't!
- L-let go!

- Hey! You're obstructing police duties!
- Then let us go!

Our Masane-san?!

Are you okay with this? You've been
saving this story for so long...

What good is sitting on it now gonna do?

Good point.

How many l-w*apon do we have?!

... Now .

The next wave of l-w*apon
is about to make landfall.

Approximately .

We can't do anything with units...

Sir! It's no use now! Let's pull back!

No. Ota, have the remaining
l-w*apon rush into the enemy!

Crush as many as we can!

Yes, sir!

I've finally found it...

I'll take the Witchblade now.

I'm busy right now.

But taking you
on sounds like fun...

Stop the car!

Doctor! It's dangerous here!

Don't you dare drive!

There's no second chance
for something like this!

But this is-!


Oh, yeah!

, , ...

, ...

, ...

, ...

, ...

, ...

All units have self-destructed.

% damage to the opposing l-w*apon!

As before, they're proceeding

Approximately of them...

So this is it...

"Amaha Masane"

Hey! What are you-


I'm sorry for calling you.

Umm... Do you know where Mom is?!


Where she's fighting...

Where is she-

Don't tell me you plan to go to her?!


Don't do anything foolish!
Do you know how dangerous it is?!

You absolutely can't go!

Where are you?!
Who are you with?!

Are you already outside?!
No! Go back!


Rihoko! Rihoko! Ri-!

Be safe, Takayama-san.

Please be alive!

Where did all that vigor go?

I'm just getting started!

What? You're already
starting to break down.

But it feels incredible!

Well? How was that?


Damn you! Damn you!
Damn you!

Damn you! Damn you-!


Couldn't hold herself together...


It's all right, Maria-sama!

Please obtain it without hesitation!

You're worthiest
to have the Witchblade...

What exactly are you planning
to use this for?

You acted all high and mighty,
but I see you're empty, too...

No! There is something I seek!


This girl is just like the
Witchblade and the l-w*apon!

I can't leave her with Riko...

I'll take her with me!


That's a good place.

Damn it!


What is this?!
This is more than incredible!

It's enough to blow up
all of Tokyo if-

That's right! Over here!
Don't get sidetracked!


Using your power for
something like this...

It's incomprehensible.

Yeah. I bet it might be, for you...

I have no need to comprehend.
The Witchblade is all I want.

No! I refuse to hand it over!


Can you see this,
ladies and gentlemen?!

Throngs of l-w*apon have
crowded around the Tokyo Tower!

Meanwhile, the person reported
to be an X-Con...

...appears to be fighting atop the tower!

The other person
is a so-called "Neo-Gene",

created by the world-famous
welfare group NSWF!

But, ladies and gentlemen,
none of these are monsters or machines!

They're people just like us!
They are all human!

Also, people known as "Sisters"...

...were created by
the NSWF's Mr. Furumizu...

...through bio-technology
and inbreeding!

We've also learned that the
l-w*apon are in fact w*apon...

...constructed by Douji Industries
using the bodies of the deceased.

Detailed investigations into
these matters are expected.

Catch, row! Catch, row!
That's it! Good job, Takayama!

This monster that was previously
thought to be an X-Con-


She's not a monster!

She's a regular person!

A mother!

You're all b*at-up now!

Just hand over the Witchblade!
It belongs to me!

Once I have it, I'll...

You'll... what?!


I see. So that's what you wanted...

Hey, Mommy... Do you love m-

Mom, huh...

Could it be that you all also-


That might be for the best, too.



I'll always be by your side...

So this isn't where you belong.

It's right there...


Thank goodness...

Takayama-san! Mom is-


Hand in hand, in silence

Two heartbeats pulse at the same rhythm

They dashed out of the city and arrived

A tiny room, with only
a single flower on the wall

I don't want to lose the only
precious thing I want to keep safe

There's no need to make sure

If only we could've been as one

I embrace our unwavering bond
in past, present, and future

Hold me closer, get closer

Erase this loneliness

Hold me closer, get closer

I want you to believe me

Hold me closer, get closer

Even if you wander astray

Hold me closer, get closer.
You are me, and I am you

Oh darling, stand by me...

Hold me closer

Get closer

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