02x13 - Important Person

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "From Me To You". Aired: August 1, 2007 – December 25, 2015.
A misunderstood girl's life changes when she is befriended by the nicest boy in school.
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02x13 - Important Person

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Op - {song exact starting time}

kyou mo omoide ga hitotsu fueteku

tameiki tamerai sae itoshii kurai

kimi wo matteitte zutto

kimi ni todoke

kimi ni todoke

kono omoi koi demo ii

kizu tsuitemo ii

nando demo tsutaetai

kimi ni todoke

Kokoro: Kokoro

masshiro PAGE mekuru

I walk through the white pages of my storybook

PhonIncoming Text

PhonIncoming Text

tobidasu irodoru hajikeru

just waiting to be painted

mangekyou no fuukei

with a kaleidoscope of my experiences.





kizukeba STORY wa mada

This story has only

kizukeba STORY wa mada

This story has only

gikochinaku hajimatta bakkari

just barely g*n

gikochinaku hajimatta bakkari

just barely g*n

gikochinaku hajimatta bakkari

just barely g*n

shinkokyuu wo mou ikkai

I take a deep breath

shinkokyuu wo mou ikkai

I take a deep breath

aa yawarakakute atatakai kimi no te

Your hand is so warm held within mine;

nigiri shimete sono kokoro no oku made todoku you ni

it reaches all the way to my heart.

hohoenmi de kureta nara nigirikaeshite kuretara

I can't see a brighter future

boku wa tada mae wo miteru

than you smiling and taking my hand as well

An Important Person

Clean: School Festival Clean Up

Kazehaya: Are you okay?

Kazehaya: They were all saying such weird things...

Kazehaya: Let me take it.

Kazehaya: It's my right as your boyfriend!

Sawako: Boyfriend!

Kazehaya: Got it!

Sawako: No! It should be the other way around! You've always been helping me—

Kazehaya: It's a privilege.

Kazehaya: It's my special privilege to be the one to help you.

Kazehaya: So, hand it over.

Sawako: I-I can carry this one.

Sawako: That way, we can go throw them away together. {uwahhh!!!}

Kazehaya: I'm sorry that had to happen in front of everyone.

Kazehaya: I didn't want to hide it, and I wanted to make it clear before any sort of rumors started.

Kazehaya: That I like you, and that I'm dating you.

Kazehaya: I don't want any more misunderstandings or confusion about it.

Kazehaya: Oh man, and I confessed in front of everyone too, didn't I?

Kazehaya: I didn't mean to do that one...

Kazehaya: I'm sorry. That was embarrassing, wasn't it?

Sawako: No, it's okay. Thank you.

Sawako: I'm really happy.

Sawako: You were trying to tell me how you felt.

Sawako: You wanted to tell me, and everyone around me.

Kazehaya: Thank goodness.

Pin: I can't believe you two! All lovey-dovey on your way to the trash?

Pin: What is this sparkly aura? Go, disappear! {that's the bubbles and shurikens feelin bro}

Pin: You! Come with me!

Pin: You're gonna clean instead of Miura!

Sawako: Kazehaya!

Pin: You stay away! It's pointless if you come.

Pin: Listen, you. If good fortune exists in the world, there has to be the same amount of misfortune! {fortune v. misfortune actually}

Kazehaya: I'm sorry, Kuronuma!

Girl: No way. Were they just together?

Girl: I guess it is true.

Girl: What a surprise.

Girl: I can't believe it.

Girl: Kazehaya just wanted a girlfriend, that's all. I'm sure they'll break up soon.

Sawako: How things are now...

Sawako: And my feelings...

Ayane: They're officially recognized now.

Chizu: I feel kind of lonely now.

Ayane: I'm really glad no one's attacked Sawako about it.

Chizu: Yeah, like those girls from last time. There was none of that.

Ayane: Yeah.

Ayane: There might be one girl crying in secret.

Chizu: Yeah. I understand how she feels.

Ayane: Ah, no, don't worry!

Chizu: We're not saying you should do anything or anything like that!

Sawako: No, I should.

Sawako: It's been like a dream come true.

Sawako: I can't stop smiling,

Sawako: or thinking about him.

Sawako: But when I do, I can't help but think of Kurumi as well.

Sawako: Not just Kurumi, but everyone who was shocked by this.

Sawako: Because until just a little while ago, they could still dream.

Sawako: But now, I'm standing on those dreams.

Kurumi: I might've been rejected, but I clearly told him how I felt!

Sawako: If it weren't for those words,

Sawako: if it weren't for Kurumi...

Kurumi: We're rivals.

Chizu: Sawa...

Sawako: I'll be right back.

Chizu: Where are you going?

Ayane: Let her go.

Ayane: I'm sure she's going to find Kurumi.

Chizu: Sawako! I'm only saying this because I understand how she feels.

Chizu: There's really nothing you can do about this.

Chizu: It's not your fault.

Chizu: Don't forget that!

Chizu: It's important that she knows that, isn't it?

Ayane: Chizu's favorite point.

Girl: Does he really have a girlfriend?

Girl: Yeah.

Girl: You heard the rumors, didn't you?

Girl: If I knew this was going to happen, I would've hurt her worse earlier!

Girl: We can still go now!

Girl: What's so funny, Kurumi?

Kurumi: That's why Kazehaya will never like you girls.

Girl: What the heck? Are you trying to start a fight?

Girl: Actually, you were the one who told us about Sadako back then.

Girl: Were you trying to use us?

Kurumi: Yeah.

Kurumi: I mean, it was perfect.

Kurumi: You girls were just as underhanded as I was.

Kurumi: You weren't able to confess to him, but you were able to harass Sawako.

Girl: What the hell.

Girl: And how are you any different?!

Kurumi: I'm not.

Kurumi: Besides Sawako, we're all the same.

Sawako: Kurumi...

Girl: Sadako!

Girl: Is it true about you and Kazehaya?

Girl: How did that happen?

Girl: I can't believe it!

Girl: You're blackmailing him somehow, aren't you?

Girl: I bet Yoshida and Yano are—

Kurumi: Shut up.

Kurumi: Stop it.

Kurumi: Don't you think you're pitiful, going on like that?

Kurumi: This is something that Kazehaya decided for himself.

Girl: What are you sounding so stuck up for?

Girl: Like you have any right to say that! You're the one who spread rumors about her!

Girl: What do you think would happen if we told Kazehaya about that?

Kurumi: Go ahead.

Kurumi: If you don't care what Kazehaya will think about you afterwards, go ahead.

Kurumi: I'm sure he'll think, "why is she bringing this up now?"

Kurumi: And then, he'll realize your hidden intentions.

Kurumi: Kazehaya hates people who tattle on others just to get ahead themselves.

Kurumi: And I'm sure if you did something to Sawako, he'd never forgive you.

Kurumi: I'm sure he'd never forgive you.

Girl: Wait!

Girl: I'm not done talking to—

Sawako: I'm Kurumi's rival.

Girl: What? You think you're so great now that you're going out with him?!

Chizu: Hey.

Girl: Y-Yoshida.

Chizu: You're still after Kazehaya?

Girl: I am! Got a problem?

Ayane: Do you all like him?

Girl: I can't believe he's taken!

Girl: And by someone like Sadako!

Girl: Wait, really?

Girl: Why didn't you say so?

Girl: We felt bad telling you.

Ayane: You didn't know?

Chizu: So what is it? You would've given up if it were Kurumi?

Chizu: You would've been happy if it were someone in your circle?

Chizu: No way.

Chizu: There's nothing wrong with still having feelings for him.

Chizu: There's nothing wrong with it, but there's nothing noble about an unrequited love either.

Chizu: If you don't do anything, it'll just keep dragging on.

Chizu: If you're not the one to bring things to an end,

Chizu: won't your regrets be because you didn't act soon enough?

Chizu: Isn't it wrong to blame Sawako for your own shortcomings?

Chizu: Besides Kazehaya is just a—

Ayane: None of you had any problems with Sawako before this, did you?

Ayane: You just liked Kazehaya.

Ayane: You weren't thinking about reputations or worrying about rumors.

Ayane: I'm sure it was the same for Kazehaya.

Ayane: He's not the type of guy who would choose to date someone because of reputation.

Ayane: And that's why you fell for him, isn't it?

Ayane: You know all of this, don't you?

Ayane: It hurts, but you want him to be happy. It's complicated.

Ayane: Why act so tough about it? What's wrong with feeling sad?

Ayane: Not for him, but for yourselves.

The Lair of Pin: Gym Teacher's Office

Ryu: I'm glad it all worked out, Shota.

Kazehaya: Thanks, Ryu.

Ryu: I didn't do anything.

Kazehaya: You listened to Me—

Pin: What about me?

Pin: What about me?

Pin: No matter how you look at it, I'm definitely the MVP of this whole thing.

Pin: Right, let's hear it! Thank you very much!

Kazehaya: Thank you very much.

Kazehaya: Despite whatever else, there were times when your words made me rethink things.

Kazehaya: Thank you.

Pin: Exactly!

Pin: I even gave Kuronuma advice when you weren't looking.

Kazehaya: What did you do?!

Kazehaya: Stop telling her things!

Kazehaya: This is really important to me. I want to make it work.

Pin: So glad you were able to make such a wimpy little confession.

Kazehaya: Are you even listening to me?

Pin: Kiddo, in love, only the first to confess gets to fight to become a girl's true love.

Pin: The second, third, and on don't even have the right to compete.

Pin: So fight your hardest if Kuronuma's true love ever appears.

Kazehaya: What do you mean by that?!

Ryu: Do your best, Shota.

Kurumi: What is it?

Sawako: I confessed to Kazehaya.

Sawako: We're dating now.

Kurumi: What, did you come to brag?

Sawako: I'm sure if our positions were switched, you would have come to tell me.

Kurumi: I told you, didn't I?

Kurumi: That I wouldn't congratulate you or anything.

Sawako: I'm sure you would have.

Kurumi: Anything else?

Sawako: No.

Sawako: I just wanted to tell you.

Kurumi: Sawako.

Kurumi: I told you that I clearly told Kazehaya how I felt about him.

Kurumi: I was only able to do that because of you.

Kurumi: If you weren't there, there's no way I would've ever been able to tell him.

Kurumi: Even though I was rejected in the end.

Kurumi: I'm happy to have been rivals with you.

Kent: I overheard what you were saying earlier.

Kent: To Sadako, I mean.

Kurumi: And?

Kent: Nothing, just thought it was unexpected.

Kurumi: Yeah. She came to me expecting that I'd yell at her, and I was planning to. {not yelling...speaking ill to/at, but idk how to make that sound natural}

Kent: Oh.

Kurumi: But she didn't say anything.

Kurumi: If she had said "thank you" or "I'm sorry", I would've punched her.

Kent: Did you ever hope that maybe I would get with Sadako?

Kurumi: No, that's impossible.

Kent: That hurts.

Kurumi: It's impossible.

Kurumi: If Kazehaya was going to fall for me, he would've already done it long ago.

Kurumi: I tried my best, but it wasn't possible.

Kurumi: If I had looked more closely, I would've seen it.

Kurumi: Kazehaya's a different person when he's with her compared to how he is with other girls.

Kurumi: I've never seen him with that sort of expression before.

Kurumi: I've never knew that side of him.

Kurumi: Even if I hate it, I understand it now.

Kurumi: Kazehaya will never like me now.

Kurumi: I did something he hates more than anything else, after all.

Ayane: It's impossible for you to be with him.

Ayane: I bet you're thinking now, that it would have been better if you were a guy.

Ayane: And that even if he knew about what you did, it'd be okay.

Kurumi: I don't need to hear that from you.

Kurumi: When I think that this can finally end now,

Kurumi: I actually feel somewhat relieved.

Kent: So many unexpected things.

Kent: Kazehaya actually really likes Sadako,

Kent: and even Kurumi can't handle everything perfectly.

Kent: And Sadako is much cuter than I thought she'd be.

Kent: I guess I'm glad all of this happened before I started to like her.

Kent: I think the fact that I think that is the most unexpected of them all.

Ayane: Are you serious?

Kent: Serious.

Ayane: Stop hitting on her already!

Kent: I'm not!

Ayane: Oh, and you're nicer than I thought.

Sawako: I wasn't able to say anything.

Sawako: I felt that there was nothing I could say.

Chizu: If I were you, I think I would've done it the exact same way.

Chizu: There's nothing you could've sad.

Sawako: It was because Kurumi was there.

Sawako: If she weren't there...

Sawako: I'm so glad we were rivals.

Sawako: Both of those thoughts are true, but neither of them are things I can say to her.

Chizu: Ryu!

Chizu: See you, Sawa!

Ryu: What?

Chizu: Whatever!

Ryu: See you, Shota.

Kazehaya: Bye!

Ryu: Oh, I see.

Chizu: Yay!

Ryu: Oh right, Chizuru.

Chizu: Hm?

Ryu: I like you.

Chizu: What!

Chizu: Y-You surprised me!

Ryu: Just saying.

Chizu: I knew that already!

Sawako: Different people in different positions with different feelings...

Kazehaya: See you tomorrow!

Sawako: See you!

Sawako: Kazehaya!

Kazehaya: Hm?

Sawako: No, nothing.

Kurumi: I'm happy to have been rivals with you.

Sawako: I'll treasure him.

Sawako: I'll treasure this.

Sawako: I'll always

Sawako: treasure this.

I've gained another precious memory today.

Sawako: I made you wait again!

I've been waiting for you for so long

Sawako: I'm sorry!

Kazehaya: D-Don't worry, I just came early.

Kazehaya: I was so nervous that I woke up ahead of schedule.

Sawako: I did too!

that even your sighs and hesitation have become precious.

Kazehaya: How's right here?

Sawako: Wow, they recline!

I want to reach you.

Kazehaya: It's different from a movie theater, isn't it?

I want to reach you.

I don't mind if this emotion is what they call love,

and I don't care if I get hurt by it.

I just want to tell you, over and over again.

Sawako: This was your Christmas gift.

I want to reach you.

Sawako: And this was your Valentine's Day gift.

Sawako: I've wanted to give them to you, but I couldn't bring myself to do it until now.

Kazehaya: They're delicious.

Kazehaya: I'm so happy.

Sawako: I don't know the first thing about being a good girlfriend, but—

Kazehaya: Kuronuma, it's not a job.

Kazehaya: It's not a job.

Kazehaya: Just be yourself.

Sawako: I'm so happy, almost too happy, that sometimes I wish time would pass even faster.

Sawako: Faster, so that being with you would become something normal.

Kazehaya: Don't wish for something so wasteful.

Kazehaya: I'm sorry.

Kazehaya: I always thought that only I had feelings for you and not the other way around,

Kazehaya: and that I was the only one who felt such happiness.

Sawako: Kazehaya feels the exact same way I do.
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