03x13 - See You Again Soon

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Fruits Basket". Aired: 5 July 2001 – 27 December 2001.
Tohru Honda is 16 year old orphaned girl who gets invited to live in the house of her classmate, the handsome boy Sohma Yuki, and his cousins, 16 year old Kyo and 27 year old Shigure.
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03x13 - See You Again Soon

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Kyo, quick!

Look over here.
It's a mini Isuzu!

Found a pony, huh? It's tiny.

Tiny and cute!

Okay, so, which animal
should we go and visit next?

Depends--what do you
wanna see most?

That's how we're doing it?

All right, then,
elephants, for sure.

Why are there no giraffes?

Nobody asked you,
wheels three and four.

What could possibly
be more important

than elephants, you loser?

I wanted giraffes.

You should've picked a
better spot for your first date,

like an amusement park.

Someplace more
exciting and-- Ah!

Okay, that's enough.
Stop shouting, will you?

I know what the problem is.

You think heights
are scary, don't ya?

- shriveling and

Are you crazy?!

You can't go around yelling
stuff like that in public!


Hey, look at that.

The sign says we can pet cats.
That sounds like fun.

Yeah, elephants are cool,
but cats aren't bad.

You do risk showing your panties
when you bend down to pet them,

but they're worth it,
aren't they?

I hate them.

Um, you guys,
Kyo didn't pick this.

I'm actually the one
who asked him

if we could come to the zoo.

Oh. We're not being serious.

Just can't pass up the
opportunity to tease him.

I'm all about the zoo.

It's nice and relaxed. Maybe
we can get ice cream later.

Giraffe-less places
are perfectly acceptable, too.

Aww, cats!

Damn, but you're adorable.

They're all so precious.


Hey, Kyon.


Look at that.

A black cat. Of course.

It's like her familiar.


That day, I watched silently

as Tohru picked up the beads
of the bracelet I'd ripped off.

I don't know why she did that.

Maybe picking them up was
her way of protecting me,

both my current
and future selves.

What I do know, is that
loving someone isn't simple.

It means embracing their
yesterdays and tomorrows, too.

Not just loving the person
they are today.

Whoa, you serious?

You really applied to
a college that far away?


They've got a
program there I like.

I'll be living on my own.

Are you sure you're ready?

I don't wanna come for a visit

only to find your
decaying corpse.


Doing is the best way to learn.

Oh, hey, does Machi
know about this yet?

She knows. Don't worry.

My, my, my.
Welcome to adulthood.

Is it everything you
hoped for and more?

If you say that to Machi,
she will definitely punch you.

So, what did you decide
about college? Will you go?

Yeah, I'm college bound.

I wasn't super into
the idea, honestly,

but then everyone got
on my case about it,

and I figured
"Okay, might as well."

Y'know what I mean?

Oh, good.

I was starting to worry
you wouldn't come.

You were on the fence,
weren't you?

"Yes, because I would rather
have you all to myself."

No, jerk! I wanted to avoid
you saying stuff like that.

Welcome to adulthood.
Is it everything you hoped for?

I did warn you.

We did some serious walking.

It was quite enjoyable, though.

Yeah, I had a great time!

If you guys don't mind,

I'm gonna stop by the
restroom before we leave.

You okay on your own?

Uh-huh. I'll be right back.

Man, I'm b*at.
What's her secret?

She always dresses like that,

but I've never seen her
so much as break a sweat.

How is that even possible?

Through sheer force of will.

I told you no reading
my mind, goth girl!

Hm? What's up?

You're going to take
her away--away from us.

Yes. I thought as much.

I knew this day would come
sooner or later, and here it is.

But still...

...it's selfish.

Uh. Sorr-- It's just
that, I need--

Tell ya what.

I'll forgive you as soon as
you start calling me "Mama."

So, over my d*ad body, I guess?

Hey, we've had our fun.

Why don't we cut the
poor guy some slack?

Oh, drat.

"Drat"? Really?

Hey, Kyon.

We do actually like you,
believe it or not.

Sure, you're dumb,

but you're also a good
guy and hard to hate.

Still dumb, though.

Yep. Totally dumb.


Tohru is our people.
Our friend. Our family.

So, all joking aside,

we're counting on you
to take care of her.

Graduation day
was bright and beautiful.

Everything we
could've asked for.

The sun shining.

The breeze gently
tugging at the clouds.

The world seemed almost to
be giving us its blessing

as we took the next step,
as we left school,

and prepared to leave home.

All done.

I think my room is about
as clean as it can be now.

It's kinda crazy how
empty it looks in here.

I know, right?

There's nothing left
in your room, either.

Well, not like I have
much to leave behind.

Plus, we're staying at
Master's tonight, so...

So much has happened,

but I can't help remembering the
first time I entered this room.

Yuki and Shigure were so kind,
but I was still nervous.

I had no idea what to expect.

And then, you crashed
through the roof!

Okay. Not exactly my
finest moment, I guess.

It was pretty surprising.

Then I tripped
and fell into you,

and all three of
you transformed,

which was even more surprising.

Surprising and strange,
but... also fun.

They've all been,
these last years.

I've enjoyed the days
I spent with all of you.

Never perfect,
but always precious.

Like jewels to treasure.

It's sad, you know?
Saying goodbye to them.

I'm sad.

And maybe I wouldn't have been

if I hadn't loved
it here so much.

I guess the greater the love,
the lonelier the goodbye.

You still don't get it, do you?

Here's the deal.
Are you listening?

Everyone loves you,
more than you realize.

It'll be okay, I promise.

This isn't the last
time you'll see them.

It's the beginning of
a new banquet. Right?


Oh my gosh! I'm sorry!

I don't know why that happened!

'Cause you're hungry?

You really get embarrassed
about the weirdest things.

Oh, hey, this is for you.

It's the key to my new place.

You can come and visit anytime.

I wouldn't want you to
think I'm cheating on you

just because I'm at college.

What? I wouldn't think that.
Honestly, don't be ridiculous.

'Kay, I lied!

Come on, isn't that better?
Us being honest?

You're the worst.
An absolutely terrible person.

Um, you're not leaving
right away though, are you?

We still have some time?

Yeah. We do.

The others leave
tomorrow, though.

Does it make you sad?


Mh-hm. Yeah, of course.

It makes me sad, too.

The idea of you leaving.

You'll be far away. I won't
get to see you very often.

Not like I do now.

So... I'll catch up.

I swear. I'll catch up to you.

I'll wait.

Oh, hey, Kagura-chan.


Did you hear that
Shigure decided

to quit being a novelist?

Weird, huh?

Really? He's retiring?
I didn't know.

You should've seen
Mitsuru when she told me.

She was ecstatic about it.

It's over!
The evil one has fallen!

That's wonderful!
I'm so happy for you!

She's finally free.

Big change. I wonder if he's
quitting to be with Akito.

Do you think that they'll
end up getting married?

Who knows?

Speaking of, will you and
Mitsuru tie the knot soon?

Wha--?! No! That's impossible!
I'm nowhere near worthy of her!

I mean, maybe someday I'll be
able to propose, but now?

No way, not happening!

Absolutely zero chance
she'd accept if I did!

Ugh, jeez, I was just
asking. Whatever.

I don't get why everyone's so
lovey-dovey lately, anyway.

So, tomorrow. It's the
big sendoff, you know.

You're coming right?

Of course I'm coming!
But not for stupid Tohru's sake.

I'll be there for
my darling Kyo.

They're taking a huge step,

and we all hope
they'll be happy.

Try again. Not hope.

They are going to be
happy. End of story.

With everyone moving out,
Shigure's house will be empty.

What do you think
will happen to it?

Is it going to be torn down?

No, not yet. It'll be
left as-is for now.

It will? Good, I'm glad.

We can't know for sure,

but hopefully it won't
be empty for too long.


Whoa, why are you crying?
What's wrong?

It-It's nothing,
really, I'm sorry.

I was just thinking,
Tohru leaves tomorrow.

Don't worry. I'll see
her off with a smile.

She deserves that.

No, Kisa.

Cry all you want tomorrow.
There's nothing wrong with that.

Because... you love her.

Sensei was laughing.

Apparently, the doc had told him

that someone was bound
to punch him in the face,

but he figures he won
because no one ever did.

Of course no one did.

Though that's only
because we're all

more grown-up than him now.

That's right. Very grown-up.

Listen, about Kyo.

If he wants to leave,
that's fine,

but how dare he take Tohru!

I bet he just wants
her all to himself.

I want to pinch him so
badly for that! Ugh! Jerk!

You could always
pinch him tomorrow.

I wish. I couldn't do
that in front of Tohru.

But, you know, thanks to him,
I have another dream.

Better than pinching.

One of these days, I'll get
my own fabulous sweetheart,

and we'll go visit them,
just to show off.

So Tohru has to stay happy, too.

If she doesn't,

if she loses her smile or her
spirit, I'll be disappointed.

I don't get it.

How can you act like
nothing's happened?

Akito hurt you. Both of you.

Physically, emotionally, she
left you battered and bruised.

Tohru, too.

She scarred us all.

And I'll...
I'll never forgive her.

I can't!

Am I wrong to feel that way?

The rest of you are
moving past it, but me?

No matter what I do, the mess
in my heart doesn't go away.

Haru, am I letting you down?

Whenever I say this stuff,
I worry you'll hate me.

You could never let me down.

And I'll never hate you.

They've been through so much.

They may be moving on, but
they're still scared and hurt,

some of them more than others.

Yes. It won't be easy,
but they'll overcome it.

It's almost here. The big day.

It is.

I'm sad, but not worried.
I think they'll be just fine.

I feel the same.


Yep, tomorrow. That's right.
I'll send your regards.

Well, yeah.

'Course I'm sad.
How could I not be?

But still... happy, too.

Excited for them, I guess.

Journeys, you know?

Hey, are the trees
blooming there?


All right.

Sounds like it's almost time
for my own journey, then.

You better be ready to feed me.

Tororo soba?

Aya! Aya!

Think we should
send this one, too?

It will look so lovely on Tohru!

Tres bien, Mine!
Add anything, everything!

It's all fair game for our
marvelous care package.

They must be glamorously
attired for their new life.

And who will see to that
if not the two of us?

Sir, yes, sir!

But you know,

it's not always easy when
a child leaves the nest.

There's a certain
loneliness to it.

Fear of what the
future will bring.

Indeed, there is!

Which is why we adults make
obnoxious care packages

stuffed with instant ramen,
socks, maid outfits,

everything they could need.

We send them on their way
with a box full of love!

So wherever they may go,

they will carry that
love with them.

Naturally, for dear Yuki,
we must craft something

even more exquisitely

to express the depth
of our devotion.

How about this?
It'll look so lovely on him!

Okinawa? On summer break?

I'm in. Let's do it!
Oh, wait, are you joking?

Not even a little bit.

I've never gone
on a real vacation.

There's so much I haven't seen.
Even just right here in Japan.

I figure I'll start
in the south--

I love this idea!

It's so amazingly,
wonderfully not you!

Hatori on a southern
island in short sleeves

and beaches and suntan lotion.

I'm glad you're
entertained, Mayu.

I'm sitting here trying to
imagine you in a bathing suit,

it's absolutely hilarious! Ha!

I'm sorry.

The idea of me in a bathing suit
is actually much worse.

Why's that?

Well, it's just... um...

My figure being what it is...

Come on, you know
I've got no boobs.

I'm like a... a pancake.

A tall pancake.

So glad we established that.
Can we let it go now?

And I know I laughed
before, but you can't!

All right then, let's get going.

We can check some
travel agencies.

So you're going to the
send-off tomorrow, right?


I hope it's a clear day.

Me, too.


We've finished all our errands.
Time to go relax now, right?

Nope, time to work.

You're no fun at all.

You're going to
the send-off tomorrow,

so today we need to get
as much done as we can.

And you really
aren't going to go?

No, I'm not.

It's okay. I mean...

When I feel like seeing her,
I can always go and visit.

Is that so?

And I suppose that I'll be
dragged along with you

on these visits?

Always so selfish.


How's the packing? Are you done?

Pretty much.

There's still food left in the
kitchen. Eat it if you want.


Miss Honda, I want to
talk to her in private.

Is that okay?

In there.


Do a good job, stupid Cat.

Mind your own
business, stupid Rat.


Oh, Yuki. Welcome home.

Thanks. So tomorrow's the day.


I won't get to hear you
say "welcome home" anymore then,

will I?

But... even so, I'm happy.

Happy for you,
and for myself, too.

The "me" I've become.

Before, I was weak.

I wanted to connect--
to be needed and loved.

I yearned for it so badly
and for so long,

but I didn't know
how to reach out.

Then one day, out of nowhere,
you came into my life.

You appeared and made
it all come true.

Granted my deepest wish,
asking nothing in return.

You gave me so much.

I'm here now, standing
strong, because of you.

You helped me grow.
Made me a real person.

Accepted my weakness and
turned it into strength.

You were there. Always.

Giving me love and shelter,
like a mother.

I did it.

I finally managed to
tell you how I feel.

Heh. It's kind of
embarrassing, I guess.

- -No--
- -Honestly, though,

I think it's the
same for the others.

Not just me.

You're someone special.

Bright and warm.
Selfless and kind.

And yeah, things are changing.
Our lives will be different.

We'll have new adventures
in new places.

But still, we'll think of you.

"Is she doing well?"
we'll wonder.

"I hope she's not
crying or hurt."

"Is she happy today?"

"Wherever she is, is there
a smile on her face?"

We'll carry you with us,
in our thoughts

and our hearts--always.

Everyone loves you,
more than you realize.

Thank you.

I'm glad we met. So glad.

Knowing you changed my life.

So thank you. Thank you.

Thank you... Tohru.

Thank you.
I'll see you again soon.

Not here.

Mama! Mama!


Where're Tohru and Kyo?

Hey, now!
Where are your manners?

Call them "Grandma"
and "Grandpa."


But Tohru said she doesn't mind.

It's not bad manners to
call them by their names

if they're okay with it, right?

If you're looking
for Grandma and Grandpa,

they went out for a walk.

Aww! They left me behind again!

No interrupting
them, understand?

This is their time alone
to be lovey-dovey.

Oh, lucky them.
They're always lovey-dovey!

Together, hand in hand.

Have lots of happy
times. And sad times.

And everything in between.

That's how I want
you to grow old.
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