04x12 - Episode 12

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Fauda". Aired: February 15, 2015 –; present.
After retiring from the Israel Defense Force, Doron is working on a vineyard only to get roped back into active duty.
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04x12 - Episode 12

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The biggest surprise in this round

is Hamas' staunch demand

that it is behind the rocket att*ck.

What this means is that the Gaza movement

is not interested in escalation

of v*olence against Israel,

and is distancing itself

from this unusual phenomenon

of rockets launched

from the West Bank.

I will remind you that until now

the Islamic Jihad

has not taken responsibility

for these att*cks,

which means this is indeed

a Palestinian organization sh**ting them

- Maya Benjamin?

- Who is this?

Hi, I'm Chen, from the Office of the

Coordinator of Government Activities

in the Territories.

Maya, I'm calling about Omar's body.

After discussions tonight, it was

decided to hand over the body

○and allow you to bury him in Jenin.

Maya, I'll send a confirmation

to your email.

The actual confirmation

will arrive tomorrow.

- Maya, are you with me?

- Okay.

But wait, did something happen

that forced this decision?

Maya, I'm only reporting

the committee's decision.

We know that your family's

been through a lot,

and your father was part

of the institution after all,

so we decided to allow it.

And Maya, I suggest you do it

as quickly as possible, alright?

Before someone changes their mind.

Good night.

Who was that?


- They're letting us bury Omar.

- No.

We have to return him to Jenin.

But they're f*ring m*ssile from Jenin.

- The IDF is about to start a w*r there.

- No, Mom, Jenin is quiet for now.

We could bury him in your family's plot.

He'll finally return home, Mom.

Let's do this for him.

Oh, Mom.


IDs, please.

Here you go.

From what we know,

Adel is holed up

in the outskirts of the camp

in the al-Fajr neighborhood.

Entering is gonna be very complicated

but the assumption is that he's not

gonna let anyone

take ownership of his cousin.

He'll prefer to come out of his hole

and come to the funeral.

The decision is

to launch a surgical att*ck.

I assure you, no one wants

Defensive Shield 2.

I'd like to remind you that this operation

is of top priority.

We need to capture Adel alive.

We want to know

how much intel he got from Gabi

and to whom and where it went.

The procession will leave tomorrow,

from the mosque,

after the prayers.

We'll be waiting there.

- Doron, yes?

- Haven't we f*cked her over enough?

This man's a b*mb

just about to detonate

Her brother's funeral.

I'll have you know there was a long

and deep discussion about this operation.

with the head of Shin Bet,

the head of IDF Command and the

Mossad and this is what was decided.

Besides, it's also based

on Gabi's opinion,

so I think it's feasible

Gabi's opinion? You can't be serious.

Gabi's opinion?

The man can't even shower himself.

It's not ideal, it's hard, you're right,

but this is our best and fastest

way to get to Adel right now.

I'm glad you're with us, Doron.


It's the best way. She's right.


That woman is the police officer.

My darling brother.

May God have mercy on you, Omar.

Let us recite the Al-Fatihah

for the ascension of his soul.

"In the name of God, the infinitely

Compassionate and Merciful.

Praise be to God,

Lord of all the worlds.

The Compassionate, the Merciful.

Ruler on the Day of Reckoning.

You alone do we worship.

Guide us on the straight path,

the path of those

who have received your grace,

not the path of those

who have brought down wrath,

nor of those who wander astray."

- Was it your idea?

- What's the matter with you?

- Everything's fine.

- Gali, give us a moment.

- Was it your idea?

- Hold on a sec.

Give us a minute.

At her brother's funeral?

You know what will happen to her, right?

I've already ruined her life.

We almost k*lled her in Lebanon.

What can we do, buddy?

You always fall for them,

Shirin, Maya, thanks to your big heart.

Why does that matter?

It's not for her. It's for me.

Do not k*ll her.

- You didn't understand.

- And what was that?

Adel is not just another t*rror1st

with some rockets to launch.

That is not the issue.

The issue is, if we don't

take him out now he'll get bigger.

With everything that he knows,

no one will be able to stop him.

So what does he know?

Everything, Doron.

So what happens next?

Tomorrow he'll be taken to the mosque

and after the prayer

is the funeral procession.

Do you think this is

what he would've wanted?

I hope so, Mom.

I hope he forgives me.

When Boaz died,

I said, "Be strong."

And then Avihai.

And then Yaara.

Gali, I can't take it anymore.

Of course.

Oh, baby.

You'll go and finish this

then you'll come back to us. Okay?


So you'll wait?



Why are these Hamas men here?

- What are you doing?

- Please move away.

Omar Tawalbe is a Hamas martyr.

We want him to have a hero's funeral.

I ask that you all move aside.

- Leave my son alone, I beg you!

- Um Omar

- For God's sake!

- Um Omar,

we're having a funeral for your son

to honor him and your family.

We'll lead the procession

and you'll follow behind us.

Now, move aside. Go ahead.


Those Hamas bastards!

Where are they taking him?

They arrived in a van,

entered with r*fles,

wrapped him in their flag and said

he's the Palestinian people's martyr.

They put him in the van

and are now leading the funeral.

Let's go.

Abu Kareem, you're not going anywhere.

Those Hamas bastards aren't worth it.

Omar Tawalbe didn't give up his life

for Hamas' corrupt politicians.

Omar Tawalbe

died for the Palestinian people.

I'm willing to die so that nobody

forgets that, is that clear?

Go get ready.

Go, hurry up!

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

I don't know how much

longer we can pull this off.

I hear what you're saying,

but just please continue.

I'll try, but have the IDF ready.

They're in position, don't worry.

Proceed towards the cemetery.

Kaspit Commander,

this is Barak. Get ready.

This is Kaspit. Confirmed.

Cheetah Commander,

this is Barak. Get ready.

This is Cheetah. We copy.

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

Dana, there

are two cars approaching the procession.

They are coming from the camp.

Eli, in three minutes

they'll be with you. Be ready.

It might be Adel.

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

Who do these

Hamas bastards think they are?

- Omar was never part of them.

- Enough, my son.

I'm gonna f*ck them up.

- I can easily get a w*apon.

- Muhammad, calm down.

Don't turn our brother's funeral

into a blood bath.

Maya, Muhammad is right.

Hamas has nothing to do with us.

I'll go talk to them. Settle down.

- Maya, don't.

- I'll be right back.

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

Eli, two minutes to contact.

Excuse me.

Please respect our family's grief

and our situation, and leave us alone.

- You have no business being here.

- Go join your family.

Eli, 30 seconds to contact.

He had nothing to do

with you or your politics.

Come here.

Take your mom and leave.

Have you no shame at all?


Leave me alone!

Maya, it's gonna be chaos, leave!

I'm begging you.

Let go of me.

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

- Eli, they're with you.

- It's him. Two jeeps.

- Praise!

- Allahu Akbar!

I see him.

Run, run!

Get out of here right now!

- Special Forces!

- Special Forces!

They're Jews, not Hamas! They're Jews!

- Return to the cars!

- Don't sh**t! Too many civilians!

Sky Command,

can you hit the vehicles?


There are too many bystanders.

- Return to the hideout!

- They're getting away!

Eli, disengage

and leave the camp, right now!

To the car, Amir!

Take him! Grab the stretcher.

Kaspit Commander, go, go, go!

Cheetah, go, go, go!

Barak, this is Kaspit

we're on our way to the camp. Over.

Barak, this is Cheetah,

we're coming to the camp from the south.

Cheetah Commander, this is Barak

the target is en route to you

in two black cars.

This is Cheetah.

I need instructions.

Roger, proceed

on the current vehicle.

We can see you.

Eli, we're on him, get out of there.

The teams are on the way.

Abort then go back

to the starting point.

Go, Steve!

Copy that, Dana, we're on our way out.

Cheetah from Barak. Two vehicles entering

the junction right in front of you.

Do you have visual?


we have visuals behind them.

Kaspit Commander, this is Barak.

Cheetah is proceeding

to the target from south.

They're following two suspect vehicles.

This is Kaspit. Copy that.

I'm on my way to him, will join him.

Eli, your location?

Dana, do you copy?

We're on our way out of the camp.

Barak this is Cheetah Commander,

one of the suspicious vehicles has

gone off the main road.

Cheetah 2, keep following.

This is Cheetah 2, I'm following.

The Jews are coming,

assume your positions!

Barak, this is Cheetah Commander

the target has stopped near a building

in al-Fajr south for unloading.

Cheetah 2,

what about our second car?

This is Cheetah 2.

We've lost visuals.

We're rejoining Cheetah 1.

Barak, this is Cheetah Commander.

Under f*re. Under f*re.

We've been ambushed!

Repeat, we've been ambushed!

I'm being fired at from every direction!

Cheetah 2,

we need you here! Where are you?

This is Cheetah 2.

I'll be with you in a few seconds.

Barak, this is Cheetah. We've been hit!

Cheetah 2 hit an IED!

I We've got They've blocked

the entrance of the back yard!

Heavy g*n coming from the

upper stories! I can't abort or retreat!

Barak, I have injuries!

I need evacuation, now!

They're k*lling us

Cheetah Commander, hold tight.

Kaspit Commander

will be with you in a few minutes.

I don't have a few minutes!

- Eli, they're k*lling them.

- Dana, we are able to reach them.

Negative. Rescue is on its way.

Do not approach.

Kaspit, Cheetah is ambushed.

He needs you at the point

as soon as possible

This is Kaspit.

Roger. I'm on my way.

Barak, this is Kaspit.

We can't get through, the road is blocked.

I'm trying to take a detour.

They won't last until he gets there.

Saar's been hit!

I need evacuation, now! I have casualties!

Evacuation now, right now!

- I'm turning around.

- Dana, permission to engage!

Dana, we're going in!

Dana, we're inside the camp,

I have access to the location.

Permission to engage!


Eagle Squad, en route to location.

Permission to take off.

Communiqué with Barak.

There are five injured on site.

Cheetah 1, copy. A Special Force

is on its way from the east.

Do not open sh**t at them.

I repeat, do not sh**t at them.

This is Cheetah Commander, copy that.

Dana, we're on site.

Steve, Doron, Sagi, take a the right!

- Left, left, left.

- To the right.

I'm on the right, you take the left!

Cheetah Commander!

Cheetah Commander! Come here!

Talk to me.

They have at least three barrels

in the east building

and three to the west.

Dana, we need help from the Predator!

Take down the buildings

to the west and the east!

Eli, I don't have

clearance right now.

We expect there are

civilians in the compound.

- What about the chopper?

- Dana, we're closed in!

We're taking heavy f*re

from all directions!

Eli, the chopper's on the way

and Kaspit will be there with you

in a few minutes. Hang in there.

Help me!



they're sh**ting at us from the roof!

- Reloading.

- Keep going, keep going!

f*re! f*re!

Eli, Kaspit is on their way,

at six or seven minutes.

Alright, I want to send in the infantry

and combat engineers, now!

- Tell me your name?

- Omer.

Omer, we have to stall for time,

you understand? We have to stall for time.

f*re! f*re!

Dana, we've identified the vehicle

moving from the direction

of the olive grove.

Eli, do you read?

We've identified the vehicle

coming from the south.

Car from behind!

- Behind you.

- Car from behind!

We're exposed!

God damn it! Pull back!

Doron, we need to

evacuate the injured soldier

from the west building!

- I'll cover you!

- I'm going to him! You lead!

Evacuate to west building!

Evacuate to the building. Evacuate!

- Follow me.

- Will follow!

Checking to the rear!

Sagi, follow me!

- Sagi.

- Doron, on the roof!

Careful! Duck! Duck!

Eli, get a grenade from the soldier!

Steve, Shani, cover him!

Doron, go, go, go!


All clear! All clear!

Come on, Sagi! Come on!

Eli, wait inside the building.

We're sending paratroopers

and engineering with a D9.

The chopper will be

with you in a few minutes.

- Quick! Copy that, Dana.

- Go in! Go in! Put him behind me!

Sadir, sit. Sagi, go in!

- Sagi! Sagi!

- Sagi!

- Eli, cover me! Gonna check him out!

- Stay there! Don't move!

- There's a sn*per on the roof!

- Cover me!

Do not move!

- Steve!

- Steve!

- Steve, stop!

- Come back!


The bastard's in the building,

on second floor, Doron!

Eli, he's upstairs!

He's k*lling them!

Russo, get the launcher

from the soldier.

Give it to Eli!

Eli, cover me!

Go, go!

Don't be scared,

I'm with you, I'm with you, Sagi.




- Are you okay?

- Yes! Get him!

Get him! Get him!

Barak, this is Eagle 1.

I'm being hit by heavy g*n.

I can't land.

They're taking them.

They're taking them!

Those men are abducting them!

The g*n is too heavy,

we can't land and rescue.

I don't care if

the whole camp gets taken out!

I need you now

to get the damn chopper there!


Doron, they're taking them hostage!

They're taking them.


Sagi, Sagi.


Doron, stay with me!

Doron, don't you quit. You stay!

You're not leaving me now, Doron!

Stay with me!

"Hear, O Israel!

The Lord is our God, the Lord alone."

Barak this is Eagle 1.

I've located them, I'm a minute away.

"In the name of God,

the infinitely Compassionate and Merciful.

Praise be to God,

Lord of all the worlds.

The Compassionate, the Merciful.

Ruler on the Day of Reckoning."

"In the name of God, the infinitely

Compassionate and Merciful.

Ruler on the Day of Reckoning"

Barak, this is Eagle 1

I've identified the unit.

I'm starting to land.

"Hear, O Israel!

The Lord is our God, the Lord alone.

Blessed be the name of God's

glorious kingdom forever and ever."
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