01x05 - An to neko no satô kashiten

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Sugar Apple Fairy Tale". Aired: January 6, 2023 - present.
Anne Halford is a candy crafter determined to follow in her mother's footsteps.
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01x05 - An to neko no satô kashiten

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Anne: That's Lewiston for you!

Anne: Since there are so many silver sugar masters here, every shop is lovely!

Anne: And now...

Mithril: You're going somewhere else?

Challe: Will going to lots of different shops cause your scarecrow brain to improve?

Anne: How rude.

Anne: Since we've come all the way to Lewiston...

Anne: just one more shop!

Anne: What?

old man: What?

Anne: He moved?!

old man: That's right.

Anne: Oh, but I really wanted to see Alph Hingley's shop.

Mithril: Alph Hingley?

Anne: He's someone I really admire.

Anne: People say that his skill rivals that of the Silver Sugar Viscount.

Mithril: Really...

Anne: Westol is north of here. I wonder if it will be even colder.

Mithril: If you don't like it, then don't go!

Anne: I can't do that.

Anne: Since I'm just a sugar artisan and not a silver sugar master,

Anne: no one here will take any notice of me.

Anne: But... in Westol, even I might have a chance.

Anne: Oh.

Anne: Is this a sugar confectionary, too?

Mithril: It doesn't have the look of one.

Anne: Right?

Anne: Say, can we stop inside?

Mithril: What?!

Challe: It seems her scarecrow brain is going to improve yet again.

I don't know how far I can go, but…

It's all right

Even alone, I'll be fine, but…

You know, the truth is that no one is alone

Things like happiness, loneliness, and even anxiety…

We are born to savor all those things

A single spoonful of sparkles

Transforms everything into smiles

That could be what I secretly wished for…

That miracle

We're each searching for our most precious treasures

That's what our journey is for

I don't know how far I can go, but...

Each moment that passes before me shall be spun from hope

Anne: This is incredible.

Anne: I wonder who made it.

Mithril: Hup!

Mithril: Hey, you. Wake up!

Benjamin: Huh? Who are you?

Mithril: I am the great Mithril Lid Pod!

Benjamin: Huh? The great Surusuru? Who's that?

Mithril: You're very easy-going, aren't you?

Anne: Now, now. Mithril, you silly.

Anne: Huh?

Anne: Huh?

Anne: What?

Anne: Thief!

Mithril: What?!

Kat: What's all that noise?

Anne: Oh dear...

Kat: What have you done...

Kat: you pipsqueak!

Anne: What?

Anne: Wait, you mean me?!

Kat: You have the nerve to play dumb?

Mithril: Hey, you! Who are you anyway?

Benjamin: Oh, Kat...

Mithril: You can't just pop out of nowhere like that!

Anne: Kat?

Mithril: The man who just left did this!

Kat: Is that true, Benjamin?

Benjamin: Um...

Mithril: What? He was here! A man in dark clothing!

Challe: What is all the commotion?

Challe: An argument?

Benjamin: Oh, right. There was.

Benjamin: Someone all in black like him.

Mithril: What?!

Benjamin: So this fairy fellow is the perpetrator?

Challe: What are you speaking of?

Anne: No, he isn't!

Anne: He's our travel companion, and he's only just come into the shop.

Kat: You...

Kat: Are you that girl who was invited before the king at the exhibition?

Anne: Oh, um, yes.

Kat: Hmm.

Anne: Hmm?

Kat: All right. Then, work.

Anne: What?

Kat: Compensate me through labor.

Anne: What?! But it wasn't me!

Challe: Then, there is no need to work here.

Challe: We're leaving.

Kat: I'm not letting her go until she compensates me.

Challe: If you persist, I will cut you down.

Kat: Sure, go ahead and try.

Challe: I will.

Anne: Wait, Challe!

Anne: Please, don't do anything dangerous!

Anne: Very well. I will work here.

Anne: So, please let go, the both of you.

Challe: What did you say?

Kat: All right!

Kat: You can't take that back now!

Challe: What are you trying to do?

Anne: One sugar confection won't take very long.

Anne: And besides...

Anne: I want to see how this person works!

Anne: How did he make a sugar confection like this?

Challe: So, you will make amends for something you didn't do?

Anne: Yes. It's a good opportunity, and I want to learn!

Kat: Right, then! You're going to work hard for me, you little brat!

Kat: Don't go breaking your promise now!

Kat: Hurry up, kid.

Kat: This sugar confection is needed in two days.

Anne: I'm Anne, not "kid," Mister Kat.

Kat: Kid is good enough.

Kat: And you're the one making fun of me.

Anne: I'm not making fun of you.

Kat: You're calling me "Mister Cat." How is that not making fun of me?

Kat: I hate that nickname, and you're using it with a "mister"? It's infuriating.

Anne: What? Kat is a nickname?

Kat: My parents aren't so irresponsible that they'd name their son "Kat."

Kat: Some idiot gave me that name, and now more people know it than my real name.

Challe: Hey, Mister Kat.

Kat: You have quite the pleasant personality, don't you?

Challe: You don't have a single sugar confection on display in your shop.

Challe: Have you any intention of running a business?

Challe: Does that sugar confection truly have a buyer?

Kat: Things are fine as they are. I manage to make enough to eat on my own.

Kat: And the buyer for this is using it for a wedding.

Anne: I see. How much is it?

Kat: Fifty bayn.

Anne: Fifty bayn?!

Anne: But why? It should fetch a higher price!

Kat: I only make things for people I want to make them for.

Kat: But...

Kat: not all of them can pay a high price.

Kat: The person buying this sugar confection is a cobbler's daughter.

Kat: Even at fifty bayn, it will be a difficult purchase for her.

Challe: The likelihood that a sugar artisan will be an idiot seems quite high.

Anne: The silver sugar...

Kat: ...is all gone, huh?

Kat: Because of a certain someone, I ended up using more than necessary.

Anne: The batch I'm refining will be ready by tomorrow morning, but...

Kat: Then we have no choice but to wait for it.

Anne: Will this be enough?

Kat: Yeah, that'll be fine.

Kat: Right, then we're done for today.

Kat: I'll be counting on you again tomorrow.

Anne: The silver sugar...

Anne: Will that amount really be enough?

Anne: It's so cold.

Anne: Oh!

Challe: What are you doing?

Challe: It's the middle of the night.

Anne: Don't startle me like that!

Anne: Honestly.

Challe: What are you doing?

Anne: Did I wake you?

Anne: I'm sorry.

Challe: You hadn't come back, so I came to see why.

Anne: I was thinking of refining another barrel.

Anne: Thank you.

Challe: Did Kat order you to do this?

Anne: No, but I felt like we only have barely enough.

Anne: It would be disastrous if we ran out, wouldn't it?

Anne: That's why...

Challe: Do you always...

Challe: think only of sugar confections?

Anne: There's no need to poke fun at me.

Challe: Are you cold?

Anne: Yes.

Anne: Challe, you and the others don't feel the cold, is that right?

Challe: Yes. I don't understand what it is.

Anne: What about warmth?

Challe: I feel it a little.

Challe: It has a similar feel to touching something fluffy.

Anne: Something fluffy?

Anne: I wonder what that feels like to you.

Anne: Ch-Challe... What are you doing?

Challe: Doing this makes you feel warmer, doesn't it?

Anne: Yes, but...

Anne: Thank you, Challe!

Anne: I'm all right now.

Challe: Are you? Then...

Kat: What happened here?

Anne: I prepared it, just in case.

Anne: The portion that I set out to dry yesterday can be milled now,

Anne: so we can get to work right away.

Kat: Hey.

Kat: Did you eat breakfast?

Anne: No.

Kat: Then go eat first.

Kat: An artisan's body is their greatest asset.

Anne: Y-Yes, sir!

Kat: Benjamin, if you would.

Benjamin: Will do!

Mithril: Hey, you old hag!

Benjamin: You can't go that way!

Lady Clay: It's fine. Now, let me through.

Mithril: Don't go in there!

Benjamin: It's a sacred workspace!

Kat: What brings you here, Viscountess Clay?

Lady Clay: I heard that you are making a sugar confection for a cobbler's daughter.

Lady Clay: I will pay you a hundred cress.

Lady Clay: So, just let me have—

Kat: I've told you that no matter how often you ask, I won't sell anything to you.

Lady Clay: What?

Lady Clay: You've made things for my servants.

Lady Clay: Why not for my daughter?

Kat: Try thinking back on how you and your daughter treat those servants.

Kat: Even if his majesty the king came and bowed his head to me,

Kat: I won't make anything for you.

Lady Clay: I can pay as much as you like.

Kat: Go away!

Lady Clay: The nerve of a mere artisan...

Lady Clay: My, what a beautiful fairy!

Lady Clay: Kat, is this your fairy?

Lady Clay: I'll pay three hundred cress! Give it to me!

Anne: He doesn't belong to anyone!

Lady Clay: And who is this girl?

Challe: You're an offense to the eyes, you old vixen.

Lady Clay: Old vixen?!

Anne: Please leave!

Lady Clay: Well, I never!

Mithril; Benjamin: Hooray!

Kat: Crap. Forcing her way all the way into the workshop...

Kat: We need to purify this place! Purify it!

Anne: Is that...

Anne: Say, Mithril Lid Pod!

Mithril: Huh?

Mithril: That scar...

Mithril: He's the one who smashed the sugar confection!

Benjamin: Wow. So, he really does exist.

Challe: They don't seem to know when to give up.

Anne: I don't ever want to let those two...

Anne: touch Kat's sugar confections again.

Kat: Somehow, we managed to make it in time.

Anne: It truly is beautiful.

Anne: I think whoever has this will receive the greatest of good luck. I just know it!

Kat: That would be nice.

Kat: The wedding ceremony is tomorrow. Deliver it in the morning.

Anne: What? Me?

Kat: Go and see the expression of the person receiving it.

Kat: It's a reward for your hard work, you little brat.

Anne: Yes, sir!

Kat: I'm counting on you!

Anne: Yes, sir!

Kat: Hey, Benjamin! Heat up the bath!

Benjamin: Will do!

Anne: Oh!

Anne: That's as far as you'll get!

Anne: I knew you would come.

Challe: You can't use this route.

Kat: Hey. What's all the commotion?

Kat: Y-You!

Man: Now that it's come to this...

Kat: Don't!

Mithril: Ow, ow, ow...

Kat: Why are you guys...

Benjamin: I'm so dizzy...

Kat: So...

Kat: Where is the sugar confection?

Man: Where is it?!

Kat: I see!

Kat: Since the night after we finished was the best chance for stealing it...

Anne: Yes.

Anne: I delivered the sugar confection before dinner.

Anne: Then I set up the fake and laid in wait.

Kat: Who was he?

Anne: One of Lady Clay's servants.

Anne: The lady probably ordered him to do it.

Kat: I see.

Kat: So you didn't smash the other one.

Kat: I'm sorry. I made you work for nothing.

Anne: It's fine!

Anne: I learned something incredibly important here.

Anne: The cobbler's daughter was so happy.

Anne: Working here was the tuition I paid to be able to see that smile!

Kat: Now that I think about it, you're heading to Westol after this, aren't you?

Anne: Yes.

Kat: I'm going to close this place up and move south.

Kat: I've gotten sick of Lewiston's winters.

Challe: Well, you are a cat. They don't tolerate the cold well.

Kat: Do you get some benefit out of saying mean things to me?

Challe: It improves my mood.

Kat: Your personality is incredibly twisted.

Kat: Hey, Benjamin!

Benjamin: Yeah?

Kat: You can have my winter clothes.

Anne: What? I couldn't possibly accept something so extravagant!

Kat: Moron.

Kat: You're a kid, so just be happy like a kid should be.

Anne: It's lovely.

Anne: But something so lovely won't suit me at all.

Benjamin: Anne, in another five years, you'll be able to wear it with style!

Anne: I can't imagine that.

Benjamin: It will happen!

Benjamin: Anne, you're going to get even cuter from here!

Mithril: What's this? You've got a good eye!

Benjamin: Oh.

Benjamin: We can't give you this.

Anne: Oh.

Anne: That pouch?

Benjamin: Yeah.

Benjamin: It's got my wing in it.

Anne: What? What do you mean?

Benjamin: Kat always puts my wing somewhere and forgets about it.

Benjamin: That's why I put it in here. So it wouldn't get lost.

Anne: So Kat doesn't keep your wing with him?

Benjamin: He forgets.

Benjamin: He's indifferent about everything but sugar confections.

Mithril: Huh? But then, can't you run away?

Benjamin: If I wanted to.

Benjamin: But...

Benjamin: I've seen lots of humans,

Benjamin: but watching Kat is fun, so I like it here.

Anne: Say...

Anne: You've lived a really long time, haven't you, Benjamin?

Benjamin: Well...

Benjamin: I counted up to years, but...

Anne: Thank you for everything!

Kat: Oh, right. Do you know the Silver Sugar Viscount?

Anne: What?

Kat: If you go to Westol, you may run into him.

Anne: What?

Anne: Kat, you know Hugh, too?

Kat: Yeah.

Kat: I trained with that guy at the Mercury Workshop.

Kat: After I became a silver sugar master, I got sick of it and left the school, though.

Anne: What?!

Anne: Kat, you've received the royal medal?!

Kat: Huh? Your head really is empty, isn't it?

Anne: But, I mean, there's no one named Kat among this town's silver sugar masters.

Kat: Honestly. I told you, Kat is a nickname!

Kat: And it was that dimwitted reprobate who gave it to me.

Kat: My name is Alph Hingley.

Anne: What?!

Anne: He moved?!

old man: That's right.

Anne: Oh, but I really wanted to see Alph Hingley's shop.

Mithril: Alph Hingley?

Anne: He's someone I really admire.

Anne: Kat is that Hingley?

Mithril: So, when he said you're moving, he meant in the future?

Kat: What is it?

Anne: I'm just thinking about the fact that someone I admire has been calling me a little brat.

Kat: Admire?

Kat: If you're an artisan, too, then don't look up to anyone else.

Kat: You are one of a kind. And second to absolutely no one.

Anne: I feel like Hugh said something similar to me, too.

Anne: He said I shouldn't ape anyone else.

Anne: Thank you, Kat.

Anne: Farewell!

Anne: I'll work hard in Westol, too!

Anne: Would you like a sugar confection?

Anne: I can create to your tastes!

Anne: Would you like a sugar confection?

Challe: Weren't your chances supposed to be better in Westol?

Mithril: Hey! Challe fenn Challe!

Mithril: Just because not a single piece has sold,

Mithril: doesn't mean you get to talk like Anne's completely misread things! Got it?

Anne: It's cold again today, isn't it?

text: Anne and the Cat's Sugar Confectionary

Is it just like the dreams we dream at night?

Do we give names to our other dreams because,

Just as our night dreams are forgotten upon waking,

If they aren't held dear, they will disappear?

No, it's because they aren't things that only special people can see

That day

I reached out again and again

I failed to catch that shining fruit, and yet

I'll reach out once more

If I make my wishes come true myself

I just know it will make you smile

That's why I'm able to say I'm not giving up

text: The Castle on the Sea
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