07x204 - Full Effort Hospitality!

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Fairy Tale". Aired: September 30, 2011 - September 29, 2019.
Lucy runs away from home to become a magician in the magical land of Fairy Tail; on her way there she meets all sorts of curious companions like a dragon and a flying blue cat.
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07x204 - Full Effort Hospitality!

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This feels great.

Is this the Hill of Stars?

That's right. It's beautiful at night.

We're here, Happy.

I-I'm b*at. I can't walk anymore.

I thought I'd walk, since I'm on a diet,

but now I wish I'd flown.

You're that concerned about it?

The other day, Carla told me my stomach's been sticking out lately.

Huh. Hasn't it always stuck out?

Hey! That's rude!

You guys are too slow!

Jeez, talk about lazy...

Are you ready?

Whenever you are.

Okay, here I go!

Gate of the Ram, I open thee!


I'm sorry!

Is there something I can do for you?

I'm sorry to be lumpy even in the afternoon.

Today, instead of a request, I have an invitation for you, Aries.

Lives on the Line for the Reception!

Invitation? I'm sorry.

The other day, all of you Celestial Spirits did a great job.

Yeah! I heard you guys were a huge help.

All of you together closed the Eclipse Portal.

You're welcome. I'm sorry.

And so, with deep gratitude, today on this Hill of Stars,

I'm going to treat everyone!

Th-Thank you...

Everyone wants something, right?

Go ahead. Tell us your wish, and we'll grant it.

I... I want to get a suntan!

I-I'm sorry!


I'm always fluffy, so once in a while, I'd like to have a tan.

Oh! You wanna get browned, leave it to me!

Roar of the f*re Dragon!

This is it! Lovely! I'm sorry!

Th-This is what you wanted. You're kidding, right?

That's a Celestial Spirit for you!

All's well that ends well, right?

I'm so happy! I'm sorry!

A-All right, then. Well, see you again.

Thank you. I look forward to seeing you again.

I'm sorry!

Ah, well... Okay, next!

Somehow I have a bad feeling about this, but...


Huh? Who's next?

Gate of the Bull, I open thee!



I hear we're all in for a treat?

Seeing your nice body always moooves me, Lucy-san!

Not that. I thought if you had some wish I could grant...

Mooo! I can't hold it in!

What is it?

A nice body other than Lucy-san's, lean and toned! Moovelous!

Mooo! Talk about eye candy!

I-I'm not...

This is an awesome treat indeed!

You wanted that ?!

He was satisfied with an eyeful, then went home.

What's wrong with that?

I'm already exhausted with this.

You have a lot more of them to receive.

Hey, Lucy...


Can we go home? There's nothing for us to do here.

I know, right? And I'm starvin'.

You promised to help me, remember?

I know, but the way it's going...

Happy? How are you tryin' to get home?

That was mean, Virgo.

Say, Virgo, I didn't summon you yet...

To k*ll time, I've been writing "Virgo's Punishment Diary."

I wrote about the rumor I heard of you receiving us one at a time, Princess.

Is it for punishment, Princess?

It's already a rumor over there...

If you have a wish...

Of course, punishment.

At the max level, where I say I can't take any more, Princess.

I can't do that...

Here's your whip, Lucy.

Don't get involved!

I'm looking forward to receiving your punishment.


What was that?!

How is that anywhere near max level?!

Why don't I have a crack at her?

No thanks.

Hey, Virgo... Why not choose something else...

I knew you could do it, Princess.

Hell's flick, unlike any other in this world...

Acute pain sh*t from my forehead through the rest of my body.

It was that powerful?

Hey! That's ridiculous!

Thank you for that blissful moment.

I'm sure the next time we meet,

I'll be able to dig holes all throughout Magnolia.

I wouldn't ask you to do that!

Well, excuse me, Princess.

I think I'll avoid arguing with you from now on, Lucy.

And that's why you're here, Cancer.

I see-ebi.

That's wonderful-ebi!


Ebi! Ebi! Ebi! Ebi!


Bliss... ebi!

Take a look if you'd like.

What is this?!

That was a minor wish!

I hate this!

Looks good to me! I'm startin' to get a kick outta this reception thing!

Thank you for your hospitality, Lucy-san. I appreciate the gesture.

Well, I'll take you up on your kind offer...

"As the land depends on the heavens, so do the heavens depend on the land.

Behold the sky full of stars from beyond. Their beautiful dazzle..."

W-What are you doing?

I'm reading a poem.

I've always wanted the opportunity to read you a poem like this, Lucy-sama.

A poem?

"The flow of time has stretched on since God's generation

and shall continue 'til the end of the Earth..."

Is that by a famous poet?

No. I am the author. Why?

J-Just curious.


W-Wait a second! Sagittarius! What is this?!

This is my wish, as it were-moshimoshi!

Hold on!

That's so mean, Lucy!

It was worth comin' here to help out!

What?! You're not even doing anything, Natsu!

This is no time for you to sit and watch!

All or nothing-moshimoshi!

Here it comes!


Take a look if you'd like.

This is even worse...


Gemini, anything you'd like!

Something you want me to do or something you'd like to try...

Any ideas?

Sure do!




What's that?!

W-What the heck is that?

So Gemini has always wanted to do that...

Do what?

It's too complicated for me to explain.


Don't look! Don't look!

You're satisfied, right?! Then go home!


You look tired. You okay?

I figured this would only make me physically tired...

But I'm all right.


Please take a break. I'll handle the next one.

Yeah. You were going to treat your Spirits, too...

Okay, I guess I will rest a bit.

All right, then...

Gate of the Scales, I open thee! Libra!

I take it everyone in the Celestial Spirit World already knows about this,

but if there's anything I can do for you, tell me.


Th-That's a heavy wish!

Th-There goes my break...

W-We're indulging them, so...

A-Are you satisfied?

Very much so.

Then, next...

Gate of the Fish, I open thee! Pisces!



Pisces! No, don't!

I'm a cat!

It's supposed to be the opposite, fish! Don't eat me!


That was terrible. I'm not food!

I'm sorry. I had no idea he wanted to do that.

It's okay, but I'm a cat...

Don't let gettin' eaten by a fish break your spirit!

It's no big deal!

You don't know how embarrassing it is, Natsu!

But so far, they're all going home happy,

so I think we're doing a good job.

Yes, you're right.


Okay, next...

Hi, Lucy.

That was fast!

That Zodiac was really something else.

Hey, Loke!

Hi, Natsu. That battle with the dragons was touch and go, huh?

What? Those things were no big deal.


When I heard that I'd be received by two beautiful ladies,

I couldn't wait to get here.

Just as much a flirt as ever...

So, is there anything I can do for you...

I've thought about you for quite some time.

Even among the Celestial Spirits, the sparkle in your eyes knows no rival.


When night falls, they are as brilliant as the twinkling stars.

In fact, I don't think the stars hold a candle to your illumination.

What do you think? Would you show me that sparkle tonight?


Loke! That's not why you're here!

Loke, I haven't seen you at the guild recently.

That's because I'm really Leo the Lion.

To me, you're Loke of Fairy Tail. So hang out sometimes...

Regulus Impact!

So, how about tonight?


Loke, if there's anything else I can do for you...

Loke, you bastard! Now I'm pissed!

Natsu! Don't...

Roar of the f*re...

Regulus Impact!


Let's go home already!

Enough! I've spent enough time trying to make you happy!

Is that right? Call me anytime.

You always show up without being called!

Anyway, the sparkle in your eyes...


Where'd Loke go?!

He was causing trouble, so she sent him home.

Dammit! I'll get my revenge on him next time!

I made up my mind to show them my appreciation, so I have to stick it out. Next...

Gate of the...

Is something wrong?

Will I be able to handle it in my exhausted condition?

Gotta do it! Gate of the Water Bearer, I open thee!


Why did you summon me from up here?

You wanted me to climb all the way up to the summit?

S-Sorry! I didn't do it on purpose...

Um, so, anyway...

Listen to me well, little girl!

I'm in no mood for a treat from you!

Is there trouble again between you and Scorpio?

Lucy, I think that's a taboo subject these days...

What'd you just say?

No, um...

You say Scorpio is cheating on me...

...with other women?!

That's what you just said, isn't it?! C'mere!

I didn't say that!

She's the one who said it, right?


Anyway, I'm in a lousy mood!

But you realized that as soon as you summoned me, didn't you?

Yes! So what can I...

Make me laugh!

Th-That's impossible...

Do a skit for me or something!

A skit?

A skit!

I-I'll do it!

Yukino, help me...


Oh, Sleeping Beauty!

Please wake up!

What should I do?!

I've got it!

No, wait! This method is too violent!

I can't take the chance that it would hurt the princess!

Natsu, this is really lame...

I know! I can do it this way! This will...

...wake you up right away, Princess!

This will definitely work. It's the perfect method.

I'm positive the princess will wake from her slumber this way...

This is terrible...

This isn't working either? Princess!

I've got it! This is it! Why didn't I think of it before?!

As long as the princess is sleeping, I'll take a nap with her.

That's hilarious!

Is that the punch line? Lame...

That wasn't funny at all!

You're not the least bit entertaining!

W-Wait a second! I didn't mean to enrage you...

Little girl!

I already told you I was in a bad mood!

What the...?!

This is why I said I wanted to go home!

What are you, laundry?!

Sheesh. That's why you'll never have a boyfriend!

You shouldn't summon us one after the other. You wore yourself out.

Well, she is fun to have as a master...

Come on! Splash me, Aquarius!

Don't summon me every time you take a bath, little girl!

I'm sorry!

How many times do I have to tell you?!

Default,, , , ,, Don't summon me from the goldfish bowl!

That's for the goldfish!

Default,, , , ,,It's got a tail!

You've got a tail too, Aquarius!

You summon me from a goldfish bowl and then quibble on top of it?!

What's "quibble"?

Jeez. Play with human kids once in a while!

There aren't any here.

That's why I'm lonely.

I'm happy when you come here, even when you're angry at me.

I'm sorry.

You're not lonely anymore, right?


I really do appreciate it.

Being able to meet all of you...

You will come again, won't you?

Happy, don't you think the weather's been actin' weird lately?

True. I heard there was even snow in the desert.

That's messed up!

I know why. It's because you generously gave me a fish yesterday.

Why would that cause it?

You know, for something really rare, they say it'll be a "snowy day in hell"!

I see! Wait, like that would cause it!

Next time: Beacon of Rebellion!

Dammit! I shouldn't have given it to you!

I'm kidding, Natsu! Thank you for the fish yesterday!
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