Jadzia (1936)

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Jadzia (1936)

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This copy of the film was made
from four different sources,

found after the w*r in America, the Lódz
Film School and a private collection.

Missing credits were filled in
on the basis of pre-w*r documents.

The film was lengthened by 13 minutes
and is now 90min 50s long.

Unfortunately it's still not complete.

The work was done
as part of the project

"Maintenance and Digitalization of Pre-w*r
Cinema in the National Film Archive".

The project was co-funded from the
European funds for regional development.

Film Studio "BLOK"





Lyrics and dialogue

Production supervisor

Set design
Assistant director

The interior design of the sport shops
and the sport equipment

were supplied by the firm

Don't stare like that, Mr. Królik.

This match will decide the destiny
of our company,

and you stare at her
like an enamored whale.

Madame Director, it's you I'm watching
so as to catch you with my eyes.

You're so charming today.

You are handsome too, Mr. Królik.

Morawska is losing!

We should have given our racket
to Jedruszewska,

and not to some Morawska.

Jedruszewska didn't want to play
with our racket.

That's the thing!

Jedruszewska will surely win,
our racket will be number one!


We are winning!

It's hard to lose with
the racket of our company.

Miss Kundzia,
see how my racket hits.


Look! It bounces like a spring
under a mattress.

A mattress?

Furniture is so cheap today
that it's a pity to be unmarried.

I talk mine, and you talk yours.

I'm talking sports
and you talk about furniture.


It's a win for Jedruszewska!

And for the Malicz company!

We lost this set.
Congratulations, Mr. Królik.

Nice. Miss Jadzia,
you played like a champion.

I'm sure you will win.

If I win, it'll be
thanks to your company.

This racket is superb!

- Boss, this is a great racket!
- What? What bracket?

I'm saying that
Jedruszewska wins!

- What?
- Wins!

Yeah, I'd like some chicken wings.

I'll bring you wings!

Who? Who wins?

"Wins" was what I said!
Now I said "wings"!

All right. Don't scream.

I can hear you very well.
Jedruszewska wins.


The director blames me for everything.
Now I'm angry.

- Do you have a cigarette?
- But sir, you never buy cigarettes.

I agree but you can't imagine
how angry I am.


Take them.

Could you not spoil our meal?

I'm not spoiling, just giving advice.

Why do you eat so much green?
Are you a rabbit?

What arrogance!

Not arrogance, just vegetables.

Please come with me.

Miss, can't you see I'm busy?

Very well, I just wanted to say
that I have a steak for you.

A steak? Well, in that case...

When my son returns from abroad,
everything will change.

- When will that be?
- Soon.

You'll see then what is
a strong-arm man.

I stashed this steak specially for you.

In the bank.

- Mm-mm.
- Do you like it?

Yeah, but there's too little of it.

I have a fried leg here.

I would take care of you.

- It's not enough.
- I have a plum cake too.

No, I mean I'm earning too little
to think about marriage.

- Mr. Felus, come, it has started!
- I'm coming, I'm coming!



- How can I help you?
- We want tennis rackets.

Here, this one's the best,
no competition.

Okay, but this is not
the brand we wanted.

Zosia, with which racket did
Jedruszewska win yesterday?

- A Malicz racket.
- Oh, yes yes.

Can we buy a Malicz racket here?

But... but Oksza rackets
are the best.

Oksza? Morawska lost the match
with that racket yesterday.

Our trainer advised us to buy
a Malicz racket.

Unfortunately we don't
have that brand.

We're sorry, goodbye.

Yesterday's match
totally discredited us.

Nobody wants to play
with our rackets.

Why did we spend
thousands on marketing?

We spent tens of thousands
on building racket factories.

Now we have
three thousand rackets in stock.

Two thousand nine hundred
ninety nine.

- How's that?
- One racket cracked.

Mr. Królik...

You have to be gentle
to my nerves.

I do respect you.

I'd give you my heart and soul.

I don't want that.

It's a great shame for us.

It's a scandal that this
little store and this Malicz,

which has ads on the last page,

is becoming our competitor!

"All the champions play with
Malicz rackets"?

I'll pack this together.
What do you need?

- I need tennis balls.
- Jurek, give us tennis balls.

Miss Jadzia!
How much does it cost?

4 zlotys!

Miss, I'm in a hurry.

Just a minute.

Miss, could you ship a package
to my address?

Of course, it'll be done today.


Your daughter is doing well
in the store.

She's doing business very nice!

Whose mice?

She's doing it.

Proving it?


Doing as in does.

Who's Buzz?

Jesus and Almighty God...

Not Buzz, doing, does.


D, D, D!

I'm done with this.

Why are you yelling?

I hear you clearly - dough.

You always hear well
when talking money.

Yes, we need money.

To extend the workshop,

to make new shopwindows.

To pay me more...

What? Who's in the store?

More. More money for me.

When we speak about money
you always hear.

Today I'm not
hearing that well.

Here you are.

Thank you, goodbye.

Until next time. Goodbye.

Please, come in.

Thank you.

Good day to you, sir!
How can I help you?

I want to buy a toy
for my grandson.

For example a ball.

But it has to be firm
so he won't immediately break it.

Here. We have splendid balls
made of Indian rubber.

It's very elastic, isn't it?

Yes, I'll buy it.

Can I help with something else?

- No, thank you.
- Maybe something for you?

Swimming suit, for example.
You see?

But miss, in my age?

I'm too old for that.

You? Too old?

Don't be silly!

You're in the flower of youth!

You have to enjoy life.

Exercise, sun, sport,
water, boating!

You need to move more.

You need to stand straight.

A healthy mind in a healthy body!

You need to be happy.

- Are you always as happy as that?
- Always!

Never sad?

Never, what for?

Even when something bad
comes your way?

My way?

When fate throws me a curve ball,

I say simply: "Change of pace!"

I just wait and then I serve ball

And always keep a smiling face

My philosophy of life is

Practiced by me every day

No matter if I'm sad or happy,

I keep a gloomy face away

And, as you see, sir

Anything can come my way

Nothing upsets me

I laugh all my cares away!

Some cry their eyes out,

Won't keep their tears at bay

But as for my eyes,

They just laugh my cares away!

I've the kind of soul that's happy

Which is why I don't get sappy

I have simply such a temper

That I cannot whine or whimper

And, as you see, sir

Anything can come my way

Nothing upsets me

I just laugh my cares away!

Please don't laugh.

We have to do something.
You're getting old, Mr. Królik.

Your late husband
wasn't older than me.

But he died and you live.

I can die too
if that makes you happy.

And even after death
I'll do everything for you.

Not for me, not for me,
for the company.

Bathing suit, earplugs, a coat,

excursion cooker, a backpack, oars.
The kayak we'll send to you.

And the tennis ball?

It will be a free present
for your grandson.

- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.

Jadzia, dearest, light, soft mouth...

Jadzia, open the lost paradise for me...

Mr. Wypych, you have a good eye.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- How can I help you?
- I want to talk with Mr. Malicz.

I'm his daughter
and you can talk with me.

Nice to meet you.

I'm here for the rackets.

Rackets, of course.

You'll be delighted. Hand-made,
first class materials, price 75 zlotys.

Yes, but I want...

Better class?
Why, of course!

This one is 100 zlotys,
it comes with casing.

Please look at it.
What tension, what lightness.

- I don't...
- You don't have money? No big deal.

We'll send the receipt
to your home.

Oh, my respect to you.

What a sight for an eyesore!
It's Mr. Colic.


- Where?
- What?

- Where do you see a cowlick?
- Not cowlick, Królik!

- Mr. Królik!
- What, crew-lick?

- Isn't a cow's lick enough?
- Mr. Wypych...

I'm sorry for the incident, miss.

I still didn't tell you
why I came here.

Let me introduce myself.
I'm Królik,

director of the Oksza company,
which wants to contact Mr. Malicz.

The company's owner, Miss Oksza,
wants to invite Mr. Malicz to a meeting.

Oksza? Invites father?

Excuse me,
I'm off to tell him right now.

Father, Miss Kundzia, Jurek
- listen! Big news!

- What does she say?
- She says to listen.

Goddammit! I'm listening all the time
and don't hear anything.

Dad, the Oksza company
wants to meet you.

They want to do
business with you.

- Oksza?
- Yes, yes.

Oksza wants to do
business with me?

The biggest sport company
in Warsaw?

- Did I hear you well?
- Yes you did, daddy.

Now get dressed, quickly!

I'm just a playman...layman,
but if we're to be business partners,

we directors should make
peace with each other.

Directors? If I'm not wrong,
you are part of the staff.

What did you say?
I'm as important as you are.

Keep your hands off, staff.

Please let me introduce you
to my father.

I'm Królik.

- Uhm... come again, please.
- Królik!

- Why are you laughing?
- It's a good joke.

I thought you said
your name was Cowlick!

Father has difficulties hearing,
that's why I'm with him.

We better go, the head of the firm
must be worried.

Yes, let's go.

Now we're getting down to business!

And Mr. Felus will surely
become the director.

How else?

Then I won't be
part of the boss anymore.

What do you mean?

- His right hand.
- Ah, yes, yes.

There will be a salary increase.
And then...

I just hope they won't swindle him.

Don't worry.
That's why I sent Jadzia along.

In any case, Oksza is
an important company.

Please, come in.

- How nice it is here.
- What gear?

Please, come in.

Please, have a seat here.

Madame will come in a...
Oh, here she is.

Uhm... this is Mr. Malicz
and his daughter.

Mr. Malicz is on the left and...

Glad to meet you. I've wanted
to get in touch for a long time.

I'm assisting my father.

So, if you will
listen, father will hear.

Very well. Let us sit down.

Let's get to business right away.

These rackets of yours are very
popular among tennis champions,

so I would like to ask you if you'd
like to cooperate with us

as a leader of
the production department.

That way we could sell our rackets
under the Malicz-Oksza brand.

I hope our rackets would
be a huge success.

There is just the question of salary.
Why don't you sit down?

Thank you but I have
just been sitting.

Maybe you'd like to tell
your father what I have said.

I know, I know.
I understood everything.

I have always dreamt
of a modern workshop.

Thanks you.
About a nice, spacious shop.

Your offer, dear madame,
suits me very well.

- The rackets that we'll produce...
- No, the rackets are already here.

- Two thousand nine hundred ninety nine.
- What?

- Because one...
- We're interested in the Malicz brand.

As for the salary...

So for our brand name
we would get your trash to sell.

What? Trash?
I must be hearing wrong.

- Here.
- What?

I'm sorry but I
said it clearly: trash.

No need to repeat.

- What do we have to do?
- Nothing. Unfortunately nothing.

Only to give our brand.

Who makes the decisions?
Who's actually Mr. Malicz?

This man or this woman?

- The one on the left, madame.
- Oh, shut up.

- What? What does the lady say?
- A lot of nonsense.

She asks if I am Mr. Malicz!

My daughter doesn't deserve
to be treated this way!

Your daughter owes me apology.

Ah, if you want to offer us
an apology, that changes everything.

Can't you hear that
these people make fun of me?

And you don't react.
You don't want to defend me.

Why do you sit like a mummy?
Stand up!

Thank you, I was standing
a minute ago.

Just a second. I will, now.

If only my son would
come back from abroad.

He would clear up the mess here.

What a cute kid.

I won't talk to them anymore.

Ask Mr. Malicz if he
accepts my proposition.

do I have to start all over again?

Do it. Then I'll know
what I'm paying you for.

They'll pay, a lot.

We'll get the business going,
and I'll buy myself a racing car.

I will call it Golden Arrow.

I'll start it and...

I just hope they won't
start anything extravagant.

I'm just a playman...layman,

but those Okszas are clever.

- They could pull one over on us.
- Yes.

It's a pity
I didn't go there myself.

But it seems to me everything
will be fine.

You'll see.
I'll have a racing car.

- What?
- You too.

And Miss g*n will
have a small Fiat.

Ah, a little Fiat.

I want it to be called Felus.

Like a dream!


That's how your first love starts,
la la la

Very well.

You said it well to them,
that's right.

Work together?
Sure, why not.

But the way
they suggested - never!

Malicz won't produce trash.

Of course not. Come on.


What impudence!

Give me a glass of water, please.

Here you are.

But I have to admit
that those Malicz rackets....

I'm sick of those rackets.

Me too.

- What's this?
- Water.

A Malicz racket!

No, it's mine.

So my director buys
a Malicz racket!

It was a mistake. They made me do it.
I had to buy it.

You idiot. You only know
how to buy but not how to sell.

Madame, we have 3000 rackets
in the magazine again.

You'll see, Miss g*n,
that I'll break the record.

I would never brake anything.

From this day on, the surname Oksza
will not be pronounced in my house!

From this day on the surname Malicz
will not be pronounced in my house!

Madame, we'll try something else.

We have to persuade

to play the Polish championship
with our racket.

Sure, we need to persuade her.

But who will do it?

A young girl can be persuaded
only by a real man.

A real don Juan,
a love lion.

I'll be that lion.

Me, Królik.

For you, for you, director.

For the company, the company,
Mr. Królik.

Miss Jadzia, Miss Jadzia.
He left already.

You really gave him a lesson.
I heard everything.

They first wanted to fool my father,
and now you.

You can be calm about that.
They won't succeed, no way.

Jadzia, please, could you
tighten up the racket?

Send it to the tennis court.

But be sure to do it.

But of course. I'll bring it personally.

Jadzia, what are you doing on Sunday?
We could go somewhere together.

Unfortunately I can't.
I promised Jurek we'd go sailing.

How lovely are the memories
of those days

When all our hearts were young

Old melodies bring back
from beneath a haze

The time when they were sung

They come to us when
we feel blue

And our eyes fill with tears

And with them we drift back
just one more time

To those bright, golden years

Look over there!

They come to us when
we feel blue

Good day. You made me young.

Thank you!

And with them we drift back
just one more time


To those bright, golden years

Twenty more portions
of butter, please.

Did you understand?
Hurry up!

How lovely are the memories
of those days

When all our hearts were young

Old melodies bring back
from beneath a haze

The time when they were sung

They come to us when
we feel blue

And our eyes fill with tears

And with them we drift back
just one more time

To those bright, golden years

This little Visla of ours
is so beautiful.

I'm reminded of our school days.

But you're not
Stas the ugly duckling anymore,

but Mr. Stanislaw Tarski,
the sculptor.

And you've returned from abroad,
not from playing hookey.

- But there you also did nothing.
- Hey, wait a minute.

I had an internship
at a business college.

I know those studies of yours,
with skirts.

Nope, you haven't changed.

Jurek, be careful!

Look out, look out!

Jurek, what are you doing?

What's going on there?

A chump like you would do better
to sit at home than sail on the Visla.

Did you see those idiots?

They know nothing about
rowing and come to Visla.

It must have been the fault
of the boy who tilted the boat.

Both of them are to blame.
I'll change my clothes.

Excuse me. Have you seen the man
who pulled my brother from water?

- I'd like to have a word with him.
- I'll bring him here.

It's my friend.

- She's a peach of a girl!
- Who?

The one from the boat.
She came to thank you.

No reason to thank me.

It would be better if
you learned to steer a boat.

And be more careful.

Thank you? It's not about that.

I came to tell the truth.

- I know how to steer a boat.
- And I swim better than you.

We would have managed
without you.

- You suddenly appeared in the water...
- Uninvited.

- You meddled in our affairs.
- You called my sister a chump.

Jurek, stay away from this.

You are an intruder and a thug.

What a temper she has.

- And she's pretty.
- Pretty?

She's ravishing.
What a head!

What a model for my sculpture
she would be.

You only have clay mud
in your head.

- But look what a form she has.
- Form?

Curves, rather.

You really had a good contact
with Jedruszewska.

But director,
she's a very nervous person.

Please don't interrupt me.

Where would we be if only you
were taking care of our business.

Luckily my son has
returned from abroad.

He will lead things now,
with his iron fist.

If only! If only!

For the time being his iron fist
has only spent money.

There was barely enough of it.

And it's my work that funded it.

Ah my little Jan!
You finally arrived.

Hello, dear momma.


Ah, I heard, I heard.

You don't have
a high opinion about me.

No. Why me? No, no.

What kind of toy is this?

I don't play, I work.

I have to try out our latest product.

I see you're sweating from this work.

And the director is still
not satisfied with me.

She was yearning
for you to come back,

so you could put us
back into business.

Because I...

Mr. Królik, why are you
holding that spring?

I don't hold it. It holds me,
Madame Director.

Please, let me.
I will release you from it.

- Thank you.
- Here you go.

Thank you so much.

I haven't smoked for a couple of days
so it piled up a bit.

So, momma, I'm listening.
What's going on?

Our racket department,
led by Mr. Królik, is dwindling down.

Rackets are dying from longing after
a client.

We have to find that client.

You won't find anyone by force,
Madame Director.

No, not by force, Mr. Królik.

But with intelligence, good wits.

You'll see how my son does it.

No tennis champion had ever played
with our racket.

If Jedruszewska would agree to play
Polish league with our racket,

it would be a great
advertisement for us.

You have to persuade her.

A piece of cake, mommy.
I'll do it with pleasure.

And who is this Jedruszewska?

You haven't been here for a long time.
She's our tennis champion.

- Is she young? Pretty?
- Yes, but also nervous.

I'll fix that.
What's her phone number?

Phone number?
I wrote it down somewhere.

38/39. Oh, I'm sorry.
That's the size of a collar.

Dear Lord...


Soon you'll hear how one should
talk to a young woman, Mr. Królik.


Is that Miss Jedruszewska?

Jan Oksza speaking,
co-owner of the Oksza company.

I would like...

Hello? What? Yes...

Seems that someone
ended the call.

Maybe I should try again.

It's not necessary.
I'll meet her in person.

- On which courts does she play?
- Lawn Tennis Club, it's nearby.

I have a feeling
you'll be back soon.

- Bye, mommy.
- Bye.

- I'll be back in one hour.
- Goodbye, sir.

Good day to you, Miss Jadzia.

Jadzia, can I play with them a little?


- Hello.
- Hello.

Is Miss Jedruszewska here?

I don't know, I haven't seen her.
She's probably in the dressing room.

Who are you looking for?

- Miss Jedruszewska.
- She's here, in the dressing room.

Thank you.

Jadwiga Jedruszewska, Warsaw.

What are you doing here?

I came to see you.

Me? And how did you find me?

It wasn't that hard.

That's right.
You're not a chump.

I wanted to apologize
for my inappropriate behaviour.

I'm a little impatient.

You almost became a little patient
by jumping into cold water.

That's why I'm
all the more patient...

...that is, impatient
to apologize right now.

Very well.
Apology accepted.

You always have a racket by your side.
Can I ask which brand it is?

It's Malicz, they are the best.

Oh yeah? I've heard that Oksza
is the best.

Oksza? Please, it's garbage.

Why? After all, Oksza...

Stop with that Oksza.

Don't mention that name
in my presence.

- Oh, is that so?
- Yeah.

But what do you care?

Who are you, anyway?

My name is... Tarski!

Stanislaw Tarski. Sculptor.

Oh, that's right. I remember.

Yesterday I saw your masterpiece
made out of butter.

My...? Ah yes, that one.
Of course.

In fact, I came to ask if
I could make a sculpture of you.

- In butter?
- Oh, no...

I'll do yours in silver,
gold and diamonds.

- I thought only notables are sculpted.
- That's right.

Especially when
they're so charming.

Jurek, throw the ball.

One more time!

What's going on here?

Be careful not to smear my car.

- Nice car.
- Who does it belong to?

- To Mr. Oksza.
- From the sport shop?

- Yes.
- But a woman is a boss there.

This is her son's car.

Mr. Jan Oksza's.

I would like to say
something nice to you,

but you've probably heard
so many compliments already.

- Why do you think that?
- It's self-evident.

You're such a sport legend.

- Don't exaggerate.
- Oh my God.

- Your modesty is disarming.
- Let's talk about something else.

It's not easy to talk about
something else in your presence.

About what?

Maybe about the future?

- Do you want to predict?
- Yes.

I can see your future
in the palm of your hand.

You have a very nice
evening ahead of you.

Tonight at 8 on the terrace
of the Ziemianska café you'll meet...

I won't because I won't come.

But it says so here.

A young man will wait for you,
with dark hair, rather like me.

And you're counting
on me to come?

No, but I'll wait
and dream about you.

And if you'd come in the last moment,
I'd be the happiest...

- Excuse me, but I have to go.
- I'll be there at 8.

- I won't come.
- I know. But be punctual.

- Miss Jadzia.
- Good day.

I left the racket in
your dressing room.

Please come in.

Goodbye, miss.

- Jadzia, I have crazy news.
- I know.

You've probably met our friend
from Visla.

- He's a sculptor, Stanislaw Tarski.
- Who told you that?

- He told me.
- What a scoundrel!

Don't speak like that of
someone who was so polite.

And who's putting you on.
He's Oksza!

He's from the Oksza company,
the son of that hag of a director.

Who told you that?

His driver.

This must be a trick
from our competitors.

A trick from our competitors?

What impudence!

Do you know he even dared
to invite me on a date?

And you'd go?

Me? You don't know me.

Not in my life.

- You came, thank you.
- How couldn't I?

Your offer was so attractive.

Offer? Mine?

You said you'd like
to do my sculpture.

Sculpture? Yeah, I'd like.

Sculpturing is my weak spot.

- Weak spot?
- No, strong spot!

I... I love sculpturing.

You could even say I adore it!

Clay is everything for me.
It's my life...

And what are you sculpting
at the moment?

Well, everything you can.

People, birds, insects, landscapes.


I wanted to say les paysages.

Rustical as always.

Do you have your own workshop?

Yes, I do...

It would be hard to work
in the streets.

Cars... Trams...
They are annoying.

- I've never seen such a workshop.
- Neither have I.

I mean... Uhm, so...

You haven't seen one?

Never. But I'd like
to see yours very much.

You'll let me?

Well... Of course.

Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.
Maybe after a week?

Oh no, I'd like to see it today.


Oh no, no, miss.

It's not possible

There's a huge mess there.

All over the place I have
clay, clay and clay.

As in clayman's place.

And a woman doesn't look good
in the back of a clayman.

Of clay, I meant to say.

I'm sorry.

I don't care.
I like artistic chaos very much.

Let's go, okay?

Nice gypsum...

What did you say?

Yes, well...

I have to buy gypsum.

It's the simplest thing.

I'll ask them to send it by mail.
Excuse me.

There, we can go.

I'll pay.


Thank you.


Maybe some other day?

No, miss.

No, I'll... Just a moment.
The keys.

Excuse me, I'll go in first.

I have to check if everthing's OK.

- It won't take long.
- Please do.

Welcome to my humble home.

Please, come in.

It's really nice here.

Nothing special...

Some water here and there...

A house, a little bridge, some rocks.

Excuse me.

What's that?

Oh, that... that's...

- Pierrot in love.
- I see.

And that?

That, uhm...is a water tower.

No, I meant to say
wailing tower.

What a pity. A really nice carafe.

Just a fumble on my part.

Pity for the liqueur, most of all.

But maybe it isn't that bad?

Broken glass is a good sign for us.

For us?
You broke it yourself.

Yes, but I was thinking
of you and me.

- Shall we drink?
- No, thank you.

We better start working.

- Working on what?
- What do you mean? Sculpting.

But of course. Sculpting.

But maybe we should do it
some other day.

- The mood is so nice right now.
- As you wish.

In that case I'll come when
you are in the mood to work.

No, please wait.
We'll start right away.

Right away, yes...

I'm going to the other room
to get some brushes.

- What?
- What am I saying...not brushes.

But, those...

- What?
- You know what.

- No, I don't.
- Neither do I.

I always forget what it's called,
just a moment.

It's a disaster.
She insists that I sculpt her.

Let me do it, please.

- You're crazy, I have to do it.
- Then do it.

But I don't know how.

It's not hard, you choose the clay,
then hollow out what you don't need.

- And?
- And the sculpture is ready.

- I think you can do it.
- You beast!

Won't be long now,
won't be long...

Let's just check everything is ready.

A table... yes.

A spatula... it's here.

The clay is here
and you are here.

And the sculptor is also here.

So, let's get started.

Will it take long?

Ah, not too long, miss.

If you'll just be calm
and won't move too much,

not even for a single moment,
I think we will be finished...

...in three days.

- What? Are you kidding?
- Oh no, miss.

In that case, let's just
get it started with today.

Oh no. I don't like to leave
any work unfinished.

Well, so be it.

So, let's take off your hat.

Yes, and the bag as well.



...like this? I'm sorry.

Like that.

Turn your head towards me a bit.

Oh, yes.

The nose is fine,
where it should be.

Of course.

The mouth... My God,
what a mouth you have.

Or maybe this way.

Oh no, this pose would
be too uncomfortable.

- Uncomfortable?
- Yes.

Uncomfortable, uncomfortable...

Why do you need the curtain?

These days all sculptors
work behind a curtain.

It's the latest trend in art,

Besides, I can't work when
the model stares at my hands

while I'm staring at
the eyes and lips of the model.

So this curtain separates us.

Very well, then begin.

- But what, miss?
- To sculpt.

Ah, yes.

How strange it feels like,
miss, believe me,

With all the names
that can be found,

When suddenly
one of them seizes you,

Freezes your mind

Don't sing, sculpt.

And from this moment,
miss, believe me,

I hear that name in every sound

And where I go,
there it chases me

And over there I find

That dear name...


Nothing but Jadzia
but how does it sound!



In her bright eyes
a bright sky can be found

And her smile shines
like golden May

For all the sun beams' worth

And she has eyes,
as well as lips,

Like no one on earth


Oh, there's no other girl
like her around

There's someone, I'm sure.

No one!

There never was one
and there won't be


He will live
in an enchanted dream

To whom you'll choose
to give your heart

Now the clay
needs to dry up a bit.

The first session is over.
Thank you.

I want to see it now.

No, no. No way.
You can't see it until it's finished.

- It'll bring bad luck.
- Are you superstitious?

As far as sculpting go,
I believe in everything.

You'll see it finished
in a couple of days.

For now I've only done
one ear and half a nose.

But I still have to check what's
going on behind this curtain.

Please don't,
you're destroying my work.

One look and
all my effort will be in vain.


Do you like it, miss?

- I have to apologize.
- Why?

- I didn't think you were...
- What?

I didn't think you can
sculpt so well.

You see...

To my friend Stach Tarski

Janek Oksza

- What happened?
- I have to go.

But you will come
for the next session?


And I was so happy that I'd
sculpt a tennis champion's statue.


Well yes, everyone knows

that you'll win Polish
championship in the next match.

Who will?

You, miss!
Jadzia Jedruszewska.

Oh, yes...

When I came to see you,
they said you were invincible.

It's possible.
But now let me go.

And when will
we see each other?

I don't know...

Not too soon, I would guess.

I have to train for the match.

Maybe I could help somehow, miss?

Wait a minute...

You've been in a bad mood
ever since this morning.

This invoice hasn't been paid.
It needs to be encashed.

Very well.

Mr. Director!

You'll see how the staff
will collect.

We'll milk that cowlick dry.

- Hi there!
- Hi!

You know, Jadzia,
I couldn't focus at school.

I can't figure out why Oksza
is pretending to be a sculptor.

Maybe because he thinks
I'm Jedruszewska.

- Is that what he thinks?
- Yes!

His face must have been red
when he realized his mistake!

He hasn't realized it yet.
He still thinks I am.

We have to use this!

We'll make a fool out of him!

Yes? Hello?


Ah, Miss Jedruszewska.

How do you do?

Yes, yes.
Ah, you're leaving?

You only need the racket
the day after tomorrow?

Goodbye, miss.

- Jadzka, I have a great idea.
- What is it?

Jedruszewska here.

Yes, I'm listening.

Of course.

At 6 PM?

No, I don't understand...

Ah, yes...

Where we were then...

Oh, but of course I'll come.

Mr. Younger, where is Mr. Older?

Who are you talking about?

About Mister...

- Frolic.
- You mean Królik?

Frolic, Królik,
what's the difference?

What is it about?

I'm the director of
the Malicz company.

I'm here to collect
a little bill.

The aforementioned gentleman
bought a racket from us,

but he didn't pay the bill.

Here you are.

- Please wait.
- Very well.

Madame Director,
the match is near.

We agreed on everything
with Jedruszewska.

You're starting again, Mr. Królik.

No, um...

What did I want to say?
Ah, yes.

Something radical needs to be done,
so Malicz won't sell a single racket.

Yes, yes...

Mr. Director, the Malicz company
sent you a bill for a racket.

Racket? What racket?

The one you have
bought from them.

Excuse me.

Madame, do you buy rackets here?


Check this out, machine whisk
with feature of colander!

Who plays with such rackets
of illegitimate origin?

Even the director of Oksza
buys Malicz rackets.

What's happening here?

I'll get the police to remove you.

- Mr. Postiche, cut that out.
- It's not Postiche!

Every cowlick will
eventually be a postiche.

- And don't shout but pay.
- How much do I own?

- 100 zlotys.
- 100 zlotys? Here.

Now you have your 100 zlotys,
and now you're gone. Goodbye!

Sorry for the incident.

How can I help you?

Thank you. I'll buy a racket
where you buy it.

Where's Janek?

I don't look after him.

She called me.

- Who?
- Jedruszewska.


She wants to see me today at 6.

- She asked me to come...
- Where, where?

That's the thing...

Janeczek, where did
you always meet?

Uhm... By the...

By the Sobieski statue.

- By the Sobieski statue?
- Yes.

- Thank you so much!
- It's nothing.

I'm glad you've come.

I was worried, because
you left so quick and so angry.

I still don't understand why.

You will soon.

You are sometimes
in a strange mood.

Do you remember when I mentioned
the name of Oksza?

Yes, yes. I didn't like it.

- I don't like it now either.
- Why not?

Could you explain that?

It's because of
the co-owner of the company,

Oksza himself.

- How's that? Because of Jan Oksza?
- Why? Do you know him?

Yes... Well...

Not that well, just casually.

He's a terrible man, right?
Awful. A monster.

Please don't speak
of him like that.

You're defending a man
who was flirting with me?

- But that's not a bad thing.
- Not bad? He tricked me.

He misrepresented himself.
He acted as if he was in love.

- He didn't act. It's not true.
- You speak as if he told you that.

Yes. He told me.

He is very much
in love with you.

I know him well. He's a great guy.
Very kind.

And this man now stands before you
and wants to ask you one question.

What question?

Why are you so stubborn and
won't play with an Oksza racket?

Please stand up!

I'll play with that racket because
I see how much he wants it.

What? Really?
And you'd confirm that in writing?

- Why not?
- Great.

The text is already here.

"In my next match I'll play with
an Oksza racket because it's the best."

- You just sign. Here's a pencil.
- Very well.

- Jadzia. And where's the surname?
- I always sign like this.

- Everyone knows who Jadzia is.
- Of course. Thank you so much.

- You're welcome.
- My most heartfelt thanks.

- You're in a hurry, right?
- Yes, excuse me.

I have a meeting
at the company at 7pm.

They're waiting
for me...and for this.

- Can I take you home?
- No, thanks.

- I'll stay here.
- Very well, excuse me. Bye.

Mr. Królik? What are you doing?
What are you writing with?

- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Dear Lord...

Have you prepared the project
for the Jedruszewska match campaign?

Not yet. Mr. Janek told me to wait.

Supposedly some miracles will happen.

Taken care of! Jedruszewska
is playing with our racket.

- No!
- Here's the letter.

Janek, you really did it.

You see? This is a real man.

You could at least come up with
some campaign now.

Not necessary.
I already have it.

You'll see I have a head
on my shoulders.

- Nice head, isn't it?
- It's very alike.

What a profile!
You must give it to me for one day.

- Give?
- Give, borrow, whatever...

- Why?
- For an exhibition.

Which one?

- In Wikta or in Zacheta?
- No, for a larger one.

- For a huge, very huge one.
- Okay, okay, but where?

It's a secret for now.
I can't tell you.

- A secret?
- Oh yes...

Over here.

Put it here, please.

Carefully...over here.

Yes, yes. Here. Be careful.


What we see here
is a regular chest.

But when we open it,
there is an alive woman there.

Or an almost alive one.

And she represents our famous
tennis champion Jedruszewska!

You see, Mr. Królik?

We'll show her up
in our shop window with a sign:

"Jedruszewska will play her next game
with the Oksza racket."

It will be a true sensation
because of the remarkable likeness.

When people see
this nice little head,

this cute little nose,

these ravishing lips
and dreamy eyes...

There now,
you speak like you're in love!

You're right, mommy!

I won her for our company,
and she won my heart.

- No...
- If I may, I'll ask for her hand.

My dear, beautiful Miss Jadzia!

But Jan...
She's not a Muslim.

Uncover her head first.

Let me introduce you
to our champion,

Jadzia Jedruszewska!

What? That's Miss Malicz!

The daughter of our competitor!
A sworn enemy of our company!

Take her away from here.
I can't even look at that Gorgon.

A real champion!

She made a fool out of you.

She tricked me really hard.

You won't get away with this!

- Wait, where are you going?
- To her!

Calm down,
what are you going to do?

I don't know.

I'll probably sh**t her,

cut her into pieces,

and...and take her to court.

Something terrible, in any case.

Now I've got you.

You won't escape.

You won't get away with this!

Please come out.

You want to disappear
but you can't.

Come out right away.

I'll count to three.

One, two, three...

Of course.
You didn't leave.

- You're afraid of me.
- Afraid of you?

I'm not afraid.

- What do you want?
- You'll hear soon.

You'll hear something unpleasant.

I've already heard such things
from you many times.

But not this time.

Leave and don't bother me at work.

Now I'll count to three.
One, two, and...

- What, are you still here?
- I am and I won't leave.

Then you'll be kicked out.

You already kicked me down once.
And threw dirt in my eyes.

I'll leave when I choose.

I'll call for help.

Come on, do it.

This is a shop, where everyone has
the right to spend time and buy things.

Buy? Well, go ahead.
What do you want?

- I want...
- We don't sell g*n.

- Or brass knuckles, for that matter.
- A pity.

- Maybe a racket?
- No thanks, I'm not Królik.

I won't support your company.

I would like...
some chewing gum.

- Here you are.
- No, just one for 10 pennies.

- Which taste?
- Lies, deceit and falsehood!

- Dear tennis champion!
- You're the champion of lies.

- You pretended to be Jedruszewska.
- And who pretended to be a sculptor?

- That was a joke.
- On my part as well.

Oh, no.

You forged a document.

Maybe instead of gum
you would like to buy a mallet?

What for?

To hit yourself on the head.

You begged me on your knees
to play with your racket.

Indeed, I promised to do so.

And the document was signed "Jadzia",
because that is my name.

I see...
It was a clever stunt you pulled.

You shamed me in front
of my company.

I'll never forgive you that.

That's right, Miss Jadzia.

You should take a mallet and
crush that silly love in your head.

If you only knew how...

Miss Jadzia, who hurt you?

- What happened?
- Nothing!

Don't cry.
I can't look at those tears.

For God's sake, I feel so sorry
my heart is breaking.

Stop crying!
Otherwise I'll start crying too.

Smile, will you?

Just like me. That's right.

The way you do so well.

Miss Jadzia!
Give it a try!

Let's have just one smile
Whatever comes your way

But don't you see, sir?

I laugh all my cares away

Some cry their eyes out,

Won't keep their tears at bay

But as for my eyes,

They just laugh my cares away

I've the kind of soul that's happy

Which is why I don't get sappy

I have simply such a temper

That I cannot whine or whimper

And, as you see, sir

Anything can come my way

Nothing upsets me,

I just laugh my cares away!

Miss Jadzia, please don't cry,
my dearest.

Mr. Wypych...

Starting tomorrow
you'll have only spinach for lunch!

Do you remember me?
Dear Miss Jadzia!

You, you! My sorrowful soul.

Well, we'll see how long
you'll stay on top.


- Faster, please.
- Just a second.

Wait till you hear this!
You're standing at Oksza's.

- What are you saying?
- It's true.

They made a doll like you
and put it in the window.

You're holding their racket.

What did you just say?

This is going too far.
I'm going there.

Those Okszas have pulled
some kind of a crazy prank.

Where are the supervisors?

- Who do you want to see?
- Give me all of them!

You're here again?
What's the meaning of this?

So you're getting back at us
for those rackets.

Now listen to me.
Take that doll away

and do it right now!

Or else the only thing left here will be
racket holes and air inside the balls.

Get out of here, right now!

Throw this monkey out of here.
What is this supposed to be?

Get out of here this instant.
I'll throw you out!

Get out! What's that?
What are you doing?

What's going on? Are you mad?
Help me!

Help! Send some help at once!

Are you crazy? Help!

Stop throwing!

We'll see!


I see you've done talking.

Now I'll have a word with them.

How can I help you?

- How dare you!
- Please sit down.

- I didn't come to chit chat.
- Why then?

You're the one to ask!
It's a swindle.

Please don't make a scene.

Quiet down.

If you don't move that doll
in three minutes,

I'll call the police
and have you put in cuffs.

I'll get you thrown in jail!

- What are you looking for?
- A mallet.

So that you'd hit
yourself on the head.

Did you promise to play
with our rackets?


Did you sign the paper?

Did you agree on
any kind of marketing?

So what do you want?

The doll does say
that it's Malicz,

but everyone knows that
you are from that family.

The doll is in our window
and will stay there.

No it won't.
You'll see.

I warn you, if you try to remove
that doll by illegal means...

What then?

I'll have you put in cuffs

and then have you sent to jail.

This is disgraceful!
For shame!

It's fantastic, first-rate.

Even our competing company
uses it, as you can see.

Miss Malicz plays with this racket.

But the price is so high.

75 zlotys for this racket! No...

You acted ruthlessly.

You took a sculpture from me,
and made a mannequin out of it.

I'm an artist, not some
mannequin manufacturer!

I took it down, but don't think
I did it because of you.

I came to the conclusion
that the joke had gone too far.

- I'll say!
- Wait, don't go there.

The shop is closed.

We'll leave through the apartment.
I'll see you out.

Did you have a task for me?

Have you already moved the doll
from the window?

Workers will do it soon.

Madame Director
wants to talk with you.

- And where is mother?
- In the apartment.

Tell her I'll come in an hour.
And I'll talk to you later.

As if she was alive.

Too bad I have to remove it.

Will you look at that!

What a doll!

You crazy doll!

Beautiful doll...


Maybe I had one drink too many...

Look at that, Antos.

They ordered us to remove the doll,
but it isn't here.

They probably moved it
to the warehouse.

Let's check.

You see?
Here's the doll and the box.

No need to worry.

- Let's take it.
- Wait a second, we'll cover it first.


Cover the head as well.

A little on the belly and legs,
like this, and on the head too.

- Let's close it now.
- Yeah, let's.

Turn it on the side, slowly.

- Easy...
- Wait.

Under the knee, like this,
let's go.


Slowly, slowly...

Antos, stop.

The box is upside down,
we'll damage the doll.

Oh my, why didn't
you say it before?

Easy, easy.

Wait, Krzys.

Let's go, hey-ho!

What are we going to do now?

We'll put it in bed,
so that father won't see it.

Why should we worry him?

- Kundzia!
- Run!

Mr. Felus...
Are you sleeping already?

I brought you something to eat.

Well, say something!

Don't pretend!

Sodom and Gomorrah,
who would have thought!

Stand up, madame.

Oh my God,
she has already turned cold.

She poisoned herself
out of love for Mr. Wypych.

Dear Miss Jadzia...

Say something.

Take him if you want,
just say something

Turn it around. Just like that.

Now we have to check
if she's on the right side.

Maybe she's upside down again.

She's pretty.

Too bad she's not alive.

Get your hands off!

It'll get dirty.

No it won't, it's covered with lacquer.

Paper mache!

What do you know about it...

Her head just turned.

Because she was turned around,
the head became loose.

Or even got broken.

You fool, the head can't be broken,
it's fixed with a nail.

Then we can fix it.

Don't touch it with fingers,
use some paper.

Paper. Where from?

What are you doing?

What's with you?

What's going on here?

- We brought the doll, director.
- Very well, now go away.

Yes, yes, doll.

I'm looking at you for the last time.

Jadzia stayed at Oksza's.

The shop is closed,
she can't get out.

I won't have that!

Jadzia is at Oksza's?

Let's go there right now!
I'll show him.

"I take responsibility for my actions.
Please forgive me.

When you're reading this letter,
the doll is already destroyed."

Yes, yes, Jadzia.

I won't tell anyone what
I'm about to say to you now.

I love you.

I've loved you from
the first moment I saw you.

I'll always remember
your sweet, dear name.

That dear name...


Nothing but Jadzia,
but how does it sound


In your bright eyes
a bright sky can be found

And your smile shines
like golden May,

For all the sun beams' worth

And you have lips,
as well as eyes,

Like no one on earth


Oh, there's no other girl
like you around

No one

There never was one
and there won't be


He'll live in an
enchanted dream

To whom you'll choose

To give your heart



My beloved Jadzia.

Janek... What's going on here?

Listen, this man says
you imprisoned his daughter.

No, she has imprisoned me,
and for good!

How's that?

I'm marrying her.

What? What did you say?

They...they'll get married.

Mr. Królik!

Once again I get the blame.

So we'll form
a partnership after all!

Mr. Wypych, you'll get a raise.

Thank you, boss.

A raise?
Then we can get married.

Boss, thank you for the raise
but I won't take it.

What is it you fake?

I don't want money.

That's even better.

Why did I pass out?

It's the best way
to fix the situation.

The associated company
Malicz & Oksza.

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