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Snow White and the Fairytale Fun Force (2023)

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(bright upbeat music)

- [Narrator] Space,

the infinite loop.

These are the first adventures

of the Starship Fairy Dust.

It's on a five-minute

mission to quickly explore

the super weird universe,

to make sure

everything's in order,

to try and usually fail

to stay out of trouble,

and to boldly get

home before bedtime.

- [Snow White]

Captain's travel log,

star date 62-37-27, hike.

It's been at least two

and one half minutes

since we left our base.

Everything seems quiet.

A little too quiet.

However, it seems as if

things are about to go

from okay to bad.

Very bad.

- Captain Snow White, we are

getting really strange readings

and reports coming in from

all over the universe.

- Strange readings and reports?

That sounds right up our alley.

What's cookin'?

- It sounds like

Blunderboar the Giant

and is naughty hound

Jack are on a rampage!

- What kind of a rampage?

Like a bad one?

- Is there such a thing as

a good rampage? (laughing)

- Don't gimme no lip, Arthur.

I'm the captain of this ship.

Now do as I say!

Just gimme the facts.

- Apparently Cupid

has just called in

to Fairytale Fun Force HQ,

saying that Blunderboar

has stolen his magic bow!

- What in the galaxy

would Blunderboar

need with Cupid's magic bow?

I mean, it's like way

too small for him.

- Maybe Blunderboar

needs the bow

to tap into its magic.

- That makes sense.

But why?

- I don't know, but it sounds

like this is gonna turn into

more than our usual

five-minute mission.

- We will capture Blunderboar

and he will say hello

to my little crown.

- Your crown is even littler

to Blunderboar. (laughing)

- That's right.

And he will respect my

authority as captain

of the Starship Fairy Dust.

Besides, I throw a

super mean drop kick.

- Whoa, we're getting some

more strange readings,

Captain Snow.

- What else?

- Robin Hood, are

you seeing this?

- Yes.

According to my dials,

there's some weird shenanigans

happening in Wonderland.

- Wonderland? Oh no!

I hope my cousin Alice is okay.

- Arthur, do you have a

reading on what's happening

in Wonderland?

- Let me check my scanners.


- What's peculiar?

- There's not one, but

two separate disturbances

in Wonderland!

- Mirrors and apples!

- I-I'm getting

the same reading,

but those readings

didn't register

until Cupid's bow went missing.

- I'd recommend that where

we start our investigation,

so that-

(phone ringing)

- It sounds like we

have a call coming in.

- Put it on speaker, Robin.

- This is the

Starship Fairy Dust.

Robin Hood speaking.

How can we help you?

- [Alice] Hey, y'all!

We need some help down

here in Wonderland.

- Are you okay, cous?

- Hush, Hood. I ask the

questions around here.

- Yes, Captain.

- Are you okay, Alice?

- [Alice] I'm fine, but like

things are going haywire!

- What's happenin', Alice?

- Hey, I said I

ask the questions!


What's happenin', Alice?

- Hatter's gone mad!

Someone took his tea set.

And from what I understand,

Cheshire's body has

gone missing, too.

- Hasn't Cheshire's body

always been missing?

- Shh! Ahem!

Hasn't Cheshire's body

always been missing?

- Good question.

- That's why I'm the captain.

- [Alice] I have no idea.

Either way, we

really need the help

of the Fairytale Fun Force.

- On our way, Alice.

First we have to make

a couple of stops

in order to best assist you.

Hold on to one Hatter's hats.

We'll be there as

soon as possible.

- [Alice] Thanks!

- Red Riding Hood.

- Full speed ahead.

Engines set to warp.

Fairytale Fun Force, go!

- [Narrator] Before

heading out to Wonderland,

Captain Snow decided

that this investigation

should start at the beginning

of these wacky events.

Snow White and the

Fairytale Fun Force

hightail it to the Love Galaxy,

home to the one and

only Cupid the Cherub.

The Starship Fairy Dust

touches down at Cupid's home,

the Love Planet.

And Captain Snow White

heads out to find

the galaxy's most

famous pantsless wonder.

- This like totally stinks!

- Hey, Cupid!

- Captain Snow White.

Thank the cherubs you're here.

I like totally have a diorama.

- Do you mean a dilemma?

- Yeah, I think I have one

of them too and whatnot.

- Tell me what happened.

- So like you know, I got

up to play some video games,

and I was like man, dude,

I'm like hungry and whatnot.

I headed to the kitchen

and started lining up

pizza rolls on my cookie

sheet to put in the oven,

and like, uh-

- Can you skip ahead to

when the problem started?

- Oh, like yeah. For sure.

Sorry. Sometimes I get

like super distracted

by the thought of tasty,

hot pizza rolls, uh,

the way the cheese

gets all stretchy and-

- Cupid!

- Sorry.

So yeah, when I was done eating

my tasty, hot pizza rolls,

I looked up in my mantle and

noticed my magic bow was gone.

- Are you sure that you

didn't just misplace it?

- Dude, I'm a cherub.

We may have misplaced our

desires to wear pants again,

but when it comes

to our magic bows,

we know where that thing is.

But here's the weirdest thing.

- Mirrors and apples,

it gets weirder?

- Totally.

Every cherub has the BowJack

tracking system on our bows.

I should've been able

to track where it was

by checking on my fPhone

in the Find My app.

But there's no signal.

It's like the bow ever existed.

- How do you know that

it was Blunderboar

who stole the bow?

- 'Cause there were

giant-sized footprints

in front of my mantle.

Nobody in the galaxy

has stompers that big.

Not even Little Foot.

- Noted.

Okay, I have one more question.

Who makes these magical items

like your bow, et cetera?

- Santa's elves, of course.

They make everything

that has a magic base.

They're the ones who installed

the BowJack system, too.

- Okay, then that's my

next stop. The North Pole.

Sit tight, Cupid.

And since your pantsless, try

not to sit on a white couch.

- Roger, Captain

Snow. And thanks!

- Snow White to

Starship Fairy Dust.

Come in, Fairy Dust.

- [Robin Hood] Yes, Captain.

- Zap me back, Robin Hood,

and set our travel dials

to the North Pole.

- [Narrator] Robin Hood

sets a course to visit Santa

on the North Pole planet.

As quick as a flash

the Starship Fairy Dust

continues its latest

mysterious adventure.

As the Fairy Dust touches

down at the North Pole,

Captain Snow White finds

the one and only Mr. C.

comfy and cozy

inside of his house.

(chimes ringing)

- Ho-ho! Howdy, Snow.

- Santa! Good to see ya.

I wish I was here for funsies,

but I am once again on

serious and official

Fairytale Fun Force business.

- Oh?

Is there another disturbance

in the Fun Force?

- Yeah, there's something

super strange brewing.

- Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!

Oh, you mean like

carbonated eggnog?

Well, spoiler alert.

It's pretty gross.

What's the trouble and

how can I, ho-ho-ho, help?

- There's all sorts of

goofy stuff happening.

The Hatter is

missing his tea set,

and apparently Cheshire's

body is missing.

- Cheshire had a body?

- I know, right?

Anyway, this all started

once Cupid's magic bow

went missing, and not

even BowJack is working

for us to track it.

There's gotta be some form

of trace magic left behind

from it somewhere, right?

- Mmm, let me check

in with my elves.

Stay here while I

ask my best helper,

Bellyflop the Penguin.

- Okey dokey.

(chimes ringing)

- Santa! Santa!

I was just coming to see you.

Something screwy is going on.

- I know all about it

already, Bellyflop.

- You know about the missing

tea set and Cheshire's body?

- Yes, though I have to say

Cheshire having a body

is the biggest surprise of all.

This all started when Cupid's

magic bow went missing.

- That shouldn't be a

problem. It was BowJack.

- Yes, but according to Cupid,

BowJack isn't working.

Is there another way

the bow can be traced?

- Let me go speak

with the elves.

I'll call you as soon

as I know anything.

- Oh, thanks, Bellyflop.

(chimes ringing)

- What's the verdict, Mr C.?

- I have the elves looking

into everything for you.

If Cupid's bow can

be traced at all,

they'll find a way to do it.

- That's great

news! Thanks, Santa!

- Oh, you are very

welcome, Snow.

- I'm actually a little

worried about this

because this is a

lot of strange stuff

to be happening in such

a short span of time.

- Do you not have

any other leads?

- Well, Cupid says that

Blunderboar is the one

who took the magic bow.

He says there were

giant-sized footprints

in front of the mantle

where he kept his bow.

- What in the world

could Blunderboar

want with Cupid's magic bow?

And what could this

possibly have to do

with what's going

on in Wonderland?

- I haven't any idea.

It's all so goofy.

- What do a magical bow,

a sentient cat head's body,

and a tea set have in common?


- Could they be the ingredients

of some form of magic spell?

- Oh you know, mmm, I bet

you're onto something.


- Thanks, Mr. C. (laughing)

That's why I'm the captain.

- If you can fix this,

I promise you'll be very high

on my nice list.

- Don't worry

Santa, we got this.

The Fairytale Fun Force

are on the case! (laughing)

- Well, good luck to you.


- Thanks for the

assistance, Santa.

- No worries, Snow.

Let me know if there's anything

else that I can do to help.

- Right-o.

Snow to Fairy Dust.

Zap me back, Robin.

(chimes ringing)

- I bet you one of the

transporters would make

my yearly rounds

go a lot quicker.


(chimes ringing)

- Okay crew, listen up.

Santa and his elves are trying

to see if Cupid's magic bow

can be tracked somehow.

However, we still have a

Wonderland-size problem.

- What's that, Captain?

- The Wonderland

calamity may or may not

be tied to Cupid's

missing magic bow.

Arthur, you've spent a lot

of time down on Wonderland.

I think you should

speed on down there

and see what you could dig up.

- Great Merlin's beard!

Another adventure in Wonderland!

Tally ho!

- In the meantime, the

crew and I will stay aboard

and wait for either your

return or Santa's phone call,

whichever comes first.

- Sounds like a plan.

- Can we order a

pizza, Captain Snow?

I was listening in on the

conversation with Cupid

and eh, it got me hungry.

- Please save a slice for me,

your resident knight

of the round table.

- I can make no promises.

I usually save all the

extra slices for Grandma.

- I'll make sure you get

one, Arthur. No worries.

- Buy the power of my

faithful Excalibur!

Let's do this.

- [Narrator] Captain

Snow White stays aboard

the Starship Fairy Dust while

Science Officer King Arthur

goes out to investigate

the missing body

of one of the most colorful

characters in all of Wonderland.

The infamous Cheshire Cat.

- Hello?

Anybody out here?


I need to speak with you.



- Arthur, you here again?

You should just

move to Wonderland.

- Hello, old friend.

This is no mere social call.

I am here on official

Fairytale Fun Force business.

- I thought your Fairytale

Fun Force missions

only lasted five

minutes per journey.

- That's only when

things are okay,

and right now they are

clearly not all right.

- Oh, what's cooking?

- Well, firstly we've

received reports

that your body has gone missing.

- Um, Arthur, my body has been

missing since I was a kitten.

This is so nothing new.

- Maybe so, but now

it's missing missing.

- You mean like gone gone?

- Aren't missing missing

and gone gone the same thing?

- I have no idea. (chuckling)

However, I can tell you where

I think that my body was last.

If you wanna know that,

you're once again gonna have

to pay the informations.

- Doesn't that mean

I'm gonna have to

catch you or something?

- That's correct.

- I knew I should've brought

that butterfly catching net!

Hey! Where'd ya go?

- I'm right here.

- Where?

- Here!

- Cheshire, I really don't

have time for this right now!

Things are getting crazy

here in Wonderland.

Cupid's magic bow is missing,

and who knows what

kind of trouble Hatter

is gonna get himself

into without his tea set.

- Whoa!

Did you just say that

Hatter's tea set was missing?

Oh, now that is

serious business.

I'm not sure if knowing that

location of where I think

my body was last will

be enough to help.

- Well, it couldn't hurt either.

- Oh, okay. I'm gonna try

something I rarely do.

- Uh-oh. Should I stand

back or something?

- No, it's not

dangerous or anything.

Sometimes if I

concentrate really hard

I can almost feel

where my body is.

I just need to concentrate

and do some chanting.

- Chanting?

- Shhh.

Where you is or where

you went, my body.

Body, body, won't

you tell me now?

Body do zay zot zet tee.

Body do zay zot zet tee.

Body do zay zot zet tee.

Body do zay zot zet tee.

Body do zay zot zet tee.

Body do zay zot zet tee.

Body do zay zot zet tee.

Body do zay zot zet tee.

- That's kinda catchy.

- Shh. I'm getting something.

- Can I chant with you?

- Sure.

- [Both] Body do

zay zot zet tee.

Body do zay zot zet tee.

Body do zay zot zet tee.

Body do zay zot zet tee.

Body do zay zot zet tee.

Body do zay zot zet tee.

Body do zay zot zet tee.

- I've got it!

I feel it! I know it!

- Great Merlin's beard!

I feel it, too!

- You feel my body?

Can you scratch my belly?

I'd really like a good,

old-fashioned belly scratch.

- Later!

Where was your body last?

- Easterland!

- Are you sure?

- I would state my reputation

as an inter-dimensional,


kitty cat on it!

- Amazing!

- Yes, yes I am.

- You've been a

huge help, Cheshire.

Do you want me to bring

your body back to you?

- No way.

- Why not?

- I haven't had to use

a litter box in years.

I have no desire to

start now. (laughing)

- (laughing) Okay, gotcha.

- See ya around, Sir Kingy.

I got places to go

and people to spook!

- Arthur to Fairy Dust!

- [Red Riding Hood]

Fairy Dust here.

What can I do for you, KA?

- Zap me back onto the ship.

I have another lead!

Roses are red and so is my cape.

We can do this, make no mistake!

(transporter zapping)

- [Snow White]

Captain's trave log,

star date 72-27-06, hike!

Science Officer King Arthur

has returned to the ship

with news about the whereabouts

of Cheshire cat's body.

Will this lead to another clue?

- According to Cheshire,

his body was last seen

frolicking about in Easterland.

- Cheshire frolics?

- I know.

Once you realize that,

it sort burns its way

into your memory,

doesn't it? (laughing)

- No joke.

I can picture him scampering

and prancing, too.

Like egh!

- Too much information!

- Before we go to Easterland,

shouldn't we check

in on the Hatter?

- I think it would be

more productive to follow

one lead at a time.

We can always come back here.

Besides, the Hatter

can be a bit of a,

what's the right word?

Chore? (laughing)

- you can say that

again. (laughing)

So Easterland it is.

Do you want me to take

point again, Arthur?

- If it's all the same with you,

I'd rather stay aboard

the ship and eat my pizza.

My tummy is growling and

the inside of this ship

smells extra yummy.

You did save me a slice, right?

- Yep.

Y'all find it in your quarters

on your favorite round table.

- Hizah, I say!

Mega hizah!

- Okay, so we need a

volunteer to head down

to Easterland to do

some investing thing.

Any volunteers?

- I'll go. I dig Easterland.

I relate to the wicker

Easter baskets in that area.

They tell me things since

I'm wooden and stuff.

- Mirrors and apples!

Pinocchio, you're officially

running point on this one.

- Good. I'll just tell a

few lies and follow my nose.

- [Narrator] The action

continues on the home world

of all that is Easter.

The world's most famous

little wooden toy, Pinocchio,

heads out into the

wilds of Easterland

to see if he can nail down

when was the last time

anyone has seen the

Cheshire Cat's body.

- Man! What a beautiful day!

But why do I feel like there's

something weird going on?

Oh, maybe it's

just me. Who knows.

(chimes ringing)

- Ciao. I'm little

Pinocchio, the wooden toy.

- I know who you are, silly.

- What can I say? That's

my favorite greeting.

- Whatcha doing all

your way out here

in Easterland,

Pinocchio? (laughing)

- There's some really weird

things going on, Bert.

- I knew it. I could

feel it in the air.

- Yep. My nose is

long and never wrong.

- Hey, that's sort

of like my ears.

I use them like antenna.

You know, to pick

up vibes and stuff.

- Is that why rabbits

have long ears?

I thought they were

like, you know,

handles to make it

easier for magicians

to pull you out of hats.

- Very funny.

You really wanna know why

rabbits have long ears?

- Yeah, I love learning

new stuff, so sure.

- One of the main things

that long rabbit ears do

is to help bunnies maintain

their correct body temperature.

- How?

- Ooh, bunny ears

usually have thinner fur

along with a network

of small blood vessels.

- Uh-oh, are things

gonna get sciencey?

I'm-I'm not good

with sciencey stuff.

- Not too sciencey. (laughing)

The thin fur and blood

vessels allow bunnies

able to easily

tell how much heat.

- Wait, are you telling me

that bunnies have long ears

to make sure they can

be comfy and cozy?

- (laughing) Eh, sorta. Yeah.

The blood vessels

inflate like a balloon

on hot days to give off heat,

and then they shrink on

cold days to maintain

their body temperatures.

- Whoa!

And here I was thinking

that the long ears

were just so that you fuzzy

folks could hear better.

- Oh, they work for that, too.

Bunny ears are also designed

for excellent hearing.

- So do bunnies have

better hearing than humans?

- Mmm, kind of.

You see, when it comes

to low vibration counts,

a bunny's hearing ability is

about the same as a human,

but when it comes to

high vibration counts,

bunnies can hear those

from up to two miles away.

- You have like super ears!

- For the most part,

but only because those

high vibration counts,

also known as frequencies,

would be totally quiet

to the human ear.

- What about my

ears? They're wooden.

Can you hear better than me?

- Um. (gurgling)

- Holy nostrils, Bert.

I'm just kidding.

- Phew!

I wasn't really sure how

to answer that. (laughing)

So tell me, what's going on?

- Ah, man.

It's more like what

isn't going on.

First, Cupid's magic

bow went missing.

Then, Cheshire's

body disappeared.

- Cheshire had a body? Really?

- Yuppers, and

believe it or not,

that's exactly why I'm here.

According to Mr. Floating



Kitty Cat Head,

his body was last seen

here in Easterland.

- I haven't seen it.

I think I'd remember

a headless kitty body

tooling around

the Easter Garden.

- Wow, what a sight

that would be.

- Hmm, you know who

you may wanna talk to?

- Who?

My right paw, MVP,

Goldie the Golden Goose.

- Do you think

Goldie would know?

- She knows

everything. (laughing)

Way more than I do.

If it's happening

somewhere on this planet,

Goldie is aware of it.

- That's a great

idea. Where is she?

- She's over in the Egg Forest.

Just phase on over.

Tell her I sent ya.

- Thanks, Bert.

- No worries.

And good luck, amigo.

(chimes ringing)

- Hey, hey, Goldie girl.

- Why, Pinocchio!

What brings you all the way

out here to the Egg Forest?

- I have a question for you.

- You do? How exciting.

Tell me, what do you wanna know?

- By any chance have you

seen the headless body

of the Cheshire Cat around here?

- Holy moly! How did you know?

Are you a psychic or something?

- No, but I guess

you have seen it?

- I sure have.

- Holy nostrils!

Please, tell me what happened.

- So Cheshire's body finds

its way here sometimes

because it can't see

where it's going.

- Why does it come here?

- Because it sometimes

mistakes are Easter baskets

as litter boxes.

- Um. Ew?

- You're telling

me. Ew. (laughing)

Anyway, it started

happening so often

that we started leaving specific

baskets in specific places.

Cats are creatures

of habit, you know?

- Oh, those poor

defenseless wicker baskets,

just sitting there,

waiting to be pooped in.

It breaks my heart.

- You can communicate

with wicker?

- Yes ma'am.

I am made out of wood, you know?

- Hmm.

Good point.

- Anyway.

- Anyway. (chuckling)

Cheshire's body was

here scratching around

that basket over there.

I turned my back

for just a second.

Then I heard this

strange whooshing sound.

I turned around and

his body was gone.

Vanished into thin air.

- Hmm. (sniffing)

I smell something funny.

- You do? (sniffing)


I don't.

- That's because you're not

in tune with the wicker.

I am.

And that basket

you're talking about

that Cheshire's body was in

has a very distinct smell.

- It doesn't.

What does it smell like?

- Tea.

- Tea?

You mean like the drink tea?

- Yep. Bingo.

That's very interesting.

- How come?

- Because the Hatter's

tea set is missing, too.

- So three things are missing?

- Yep. Cupid's bow,

the Hatter's tea set,

and Cheshire's body.

- What in the world do those

three things have in common?

- I'm thinking

Blunderboar the Giant,

who we know took Cupid's bow,

is using them as some

sort of magic spell.

We just don't know why.

- What are you gonna do next?

- To be honest, I'm not sure.

- I wish I could have

been more helpful.

- Are you kidding?

You've been great.

I'm gonna head back to

the Starship Fairy Dust,

report in to Captain Snow

White, and have her decide.

- Now that sounds

like a good idea.

- Thanks, Goldie.

- Anytime, Pinocchio. Good luck.

- [Snow White]

Captain's travel log,

star date 78-69-14, hike!

Pinocchio has returned

to the ship to share

what he's learned.

It's not much, but at least

it sounds as if the dots

are slowly being connected.

- So the litter basket on

Easterland smelled like tea?

- Maybe Cheshire's

body was drinking tea

and had to go potty.

- The body doesn't

even have a head.

How could it go potty?

- Nature will find

a way! (chuckling)

Seriously though, being that

the basket smelled like tea,

I'm nearly positive

this has something to do

with Hatter's missing tea set.

- And that, Pinocchio, is

why you're my first mate.

- Aye, aye, Captain.

What's our next move?

- Well, we have been to

Cupid's and tracked down

the last seen whereabouts

of Cheshire's body.

That leaves one more

place to investigate.

- We're heading

back to Wonderland?

- Hush.

I am the captain.


We're heading back

to Wonderland.

- Um, good idea?

- That's why I'm the captain.

Robin, set a course

for Wonderland.

It's time to talk with Hatter.

- Fairy Tale Fun

Force to the rescue.

(warp speed warbling)

- [Narrator] And

quick as a flash,

the Fairy Tale Fun

Force speeds back

to the Wonderland galaxy

to interview one of

the craziest characters

in the entire universe.

The Hatter.

Some say that the Hatter's tea

set is one of the only things

to keep him

connected to reality.

Will he be even

crazier without it?

Let's find out.

- Hey!


Captain Snow White here.

Official Fairytale

Fun Force business.


Where is everyone?

(chimes ringing)

- Humans have been performing

dentistry since 7,000 BC,

which makes dentists one

of the oldest professions.

- Um.


- Apples, peaches and

raspberries are all members

of the rose family.

- Hatter, are you okay?

- Oh, thank heavens

help is here.

Yeah, he's been

like this all day.

- Canada eats more

macaroni and cheese

than any other

nation in the world.

- Been like what?

What's he talking about?

- Ever since his tea set went

missing, he's short-circuited.

He's just been running round

spoutin' strange facts.

- Are the facts, though?

- An animal's yawn is based

on how large their brain is.

The bigger the brain, the

longer they will yawn.

- I mean, I think that they are.

- Dinosaurs would swallow

large rocks which stayed

in their stomach to help

churn and digest food.

- So weird.

Anyway, I'm glad to

see that you're still

of this world, Dormouse.

- I am, but I have no

idea how much longer

I can put up with Hatter's

barrage of strange factoids!

- Surgeons who play video

games at least three hours

a week performed 27% faster

and make 37% fewer errors.

- What can you tell

me about the time

when the tea set went missing?

- Well, everyone was

just sitting down to tea.

Even the white

rabbit was on time.

Had to turn around

to get some biscuits,

and we heard this

strange whooshing sound.

- A strawberry is

not an actual berry,

but a banana is.

- What kind of a

whooshing sound?

- Like an arrow flying

through the air.

- In Israel it is illegal

to bring bears to the beach.

- Apples and mirrors!

That makes sense!

- What does?

That it's against the law

to bring bears to the beach?

- Well yeah, but that's not

what I meant. (laughing)

You see, Blunderboar the

Giant stole Cupid's magic bow.

Maybe that bow was used

to sh**t Hatter's tea set

so it could be hijacked.

Then the Cheshire Cat's

body disappeared over

in Easterland, leaving

behind the smell of tea.

- Okay, so the award for the

most absurd heist goes to.

(Dormouse laughing)

- It snowed in the Sahara

Desert for 30 minutes

on February 18, 1979.

- This is proof positive

that all of these things

are somehow related and

not isolated incidents.

- Related and completely weird.

- March 3rd is known as

What If Cats and Dogs

Had Opposable Thumbs Day?

- Snow, you have to

find Hatter's tea set.

I don't know how

much more of this

my fuzzy little head can handle.

- A snail can sleep

for three years.

- Don't worry, Dormouse.

The Fairytale Fun

Force is on it.

- The fear of vegetables

is called lachanophobia.

(chimes ringing)

There is an island

called Just Enough Room,

where there's just enough

room for a tree and a house.

- I knew I should

have bought those

noise-canceling headphones.

- [Hatter] "She Sells Sea

Shells By the Seashore"

was written about a female

paleontologist from the 1800s.

She actually sold dinosaur

bones and fossilized shells.

- Captain's travel log,

star date 99-98-97, hike!

As expected, all three of

these mysterious disturbances

seem to connect in

some mysterious way.

The most leaves ever found

on a clover is 56.

Ugh, now Hatter has me doing it!

And so, yes, I, captain

of this starship

and your fearless leader

have determined that yes,

all three of these strange

incidents are related.

- But how?

- Which one of you suggested

that maybe these three objects

are the ingredients for

some kind of magic spell?

- That would be you, Captain!

- Oh.

Well yeah, of course it was me.

That's why I'm the captain.

Maybe we should go and visit

Geppetto the Toy Maker.

He brought Pinocchio to life.

Maybe he knows more than a few

things about magical spells.

- Hush, I'm trying to think.

Oh, mirror, mirror,

what do we do?

Wait, I've got it.

Maybe we should go and visit

Geppetto the Toy Maker.

He brought Pinocchio to life.

Maybe he knows more than a few

things about magical spells.

- Great idea.

- Don't worry, King Arthur.

One day you'll be as

quick thinking as I am.

- I can't wait!

- Okay, so we need a volunteer

to head down to Toyland

to do the investigating thing.

Any volunteers?

- Not me.

Every time I go and visit Pop,

he thinks I want something.

- Don't you usually

want something?

- Well yeah, but

that's not the point.

- Okay, I'll go again.

The mystery of the magic

Easter egg continues

in every boy and girl's favorite

place, the Land of Toys.

(chimes ringing)

I'm the beautiful Snow White.

Nice to meet you.

- Hello, my little bambina.

I know who you are.

- You do?

(Geppetto laughing)

- You're the Capitan Snow White

of the Starship Fairy Dust.

You're my bambino

Pinocchio's, eh, how you say?

Eh, the boss.

- (laughing) That's right.

- Tell me, how's

my bambino doing?

He give you the trouble?

- Nope. No trouble at all.

He's my first mate,

my right hand toy.

- A-really?

That-a make me the happy.

Tell Geppetto, what-a

can I do for you?

- I'm here on official

Fairytale Fun Force business.

There's wacky things happening.

- I know.

I can, uh, how you say,

sense such a-things.

- Really?

- I know that there's

a-three things wrong.

I just don't know what they are.

- How do you know that

there's three things wrong?

- These are things, they

always come in threes.

Now, parla me.

- Salami?

- Ha ha! You crazy in the head.

No salami. Parla me.

That's Italiano for

a-talk to me, eh?

- Oh, okay.

So Blunderboar the Giant

stole Cupid's magic bow.

- You mean the little

fella without-a the pants?

- Yeah, him.

After his bow went missing,

other things started


like the Hatter's tea set,

and then the

Cheshire Cat's body.

- Mama mia! The Cheshire Cat?

He had-a the body?

- That's what everyone

says! (laughing)

- Hmm.

That sound-a like the

Blunderboar is a-makin'

the magic spell.

- Yeah, but what kind of spell?

- Let me see.

Magic bow, the tea set,

and the Cheshire Cat's corpo.


- (laughing) Corpo?

I'm guessing that's

Italiano for body?

- Si! I think that I have it.

- You know what

Blunderboar is doing?

- Si.

I think he's a-making

the prison a-spell.

- The prison spell?

- Si.

He was to keep

a-somebody locked up.

He need-a the bow to soak

the magic arrow in the tea.

And then he needed

the cat corpo to make

the arrow sh**t even faster.

- So, the arrow dipped in

tea wouldn't be quick enough

to sh**t whomever

Blunderboar wants to lock up

into their prison? (laughing)

- Si.

The magic arrow would've

needed to be, uh,

how you say, quicker

than the cat.

That's a-why he needed

the tea and the cat corpo.

- (laughing) But who

would Blunderboar want

locked up and why?

- Hey, oh-ho-ho!

One a-mystery at a time,

bambina de capitan. (laughing)

- (giggling) Maybe all that

would be enough information

for Santa to tell his elves

so that they can track down

the whereabouts of Cupid's bow.

- Si.

The bow lead a-you

to the tea set.

The tea set a-lead

you to the cat corpo,

and all three will

a-lead you to the person

that Blunderboar wants

to lock away. (laughing)

- Thanks, Geppetto.

You've been a huge help!

- Oh, you are welcome.

Anytime, bambina de capitan.

- Sweet.

Hey, before I go I have

one other question.

- Ah, go on. (laughing)

- Can you make us some pizza?

I know we already ate,

but you can never have

too much pizza. (laughing)

- Of a-course.

Gotta make a-sure

my boy, he eats.

The last time I seen

a-him, he was as thin

as a matchstick. (laughing)

- You really are

the best, Geppetto.

I love ya!

- Aw, thank you, Snow.

I love a-you, too.

Tell a-my son and

the crew I say hello.

- [Snow White]

Captain's travel log,

star date 44-70-88, hike.

I brought back a large

pie from the Land of Toys

and I'm hoping that

everyone will be thinking

super clear on an

extra full tummy.

A new mystery has

presented itself,

and before we tackle that,

we need to transmit our

info to Santa Claus.

- Great Merlin's beard,

that was tasty pizza.

- Tell me about it.

Did you send that email to

Santa about the missing items

being needed for an

imprisonment spell?

- I sure did.

- Did you clean off the

keyboard when you were finished?

I hate when there's tomato

sauce on the keyboard.

- Why, of course I did.

Making mental note to clean

off the keyboard ASAP.

- What?

- Nothing.

Was just singing a song

at the round table.

You know, tally-ho

and all that jazz.

- Oh, incoming call from

the North Pole, Captain!

It's Santa!

- What?

It is? Put him on speaker.

Hi, Santa. Did you

get our message?

- [Santa] I did, and I don't

think that you're going

to like this next

part of your journey.

- Why? Is it dangerous?

- [Santa] Only to

your mental state.

Well, I'm afraid you're

going to have to take

a trip to Sherwood Forest

to talk to Mr. Fox.

- I'm so angry! (screaming)

- New!

- Ugh.

- My, what great,

big problems we have.

- Once again, new!

- Great Marlin's beard!

Anything but that.

- [Santa] I'm sorry, children.

Apparently Blunderboar

was last seen

talking to Mr. Fox

in Sherwood Forest.

No one knows where that

mean old giant is right now

because my elves are still

trying to trace the magic bow.

But I'm thinking that Old

Foxy may have something

to do with this whole mess.

- Roger that, Mr. C.

Please let us know if you

get a hit on the BowJack.

- [Santa] Will do. Good luck.

- Red Riding Hood, set travel

dials to Sherwood Forest.

- Roses are red

and so is my cape.

We can do this, make no mistake.

- Okay, guys gotta

go. I'll see you.

- Don't you dare.

Sherwood is your place and you

know it better than anyone.

That means this part of the

mission is up to you, Robin.

- Great.

Time with Mr. Fox talking

about himself, ugh.

Fairytale Fun Force, go.

- Come on. You can be more

enthusiastic than that.

Put some spunk into it!

- Fairytale Fun Force, go.

- [Narrator] The Starship

Fairy Dust is ready to float

its way toward the

Sherwood Forest,

which lies in the

center of Magic Kingdom.

That's where everyone's favorite

chatterbox Mr. Fox lives.

Will Robin Hood be able to get

him to talk about something

or someone other than himself?

Let's find out.

(chimes ringing)

- One fine day, Robin.

I'll do the yawn of touring

the Starship Fairy Dust.

There are many changes

I would make to it.

Oh, for the best.

- But I never asked.

- Tut-tut. You

don't have to ask.

I can tell just by

the look in your eyes

that you've been

working up the courage

to ask me to bless the

Starship with my presence.

Friends don't have

to ask, Robin.

I remember the little people.

- I didn't even get a

chance to say hello.

How could you have time

to look in my eyes and-

- I only need one

momentary glance.

Do you know why?

- Oh, sweet, sugary snow bells.

Don't ask him why, dude.

- I wasn't gonna.

- I'm glad you asked, sir.

One word, three

syllables, acumen.

- Well, I always found

cumin to be a little spicy.

- I see what you did

there. (chuckling)

Not cumen. Acumen.

It means the ability

to make good judgements

and quick decisions, typically

in a particular domain.

I don't expect a simpleton

such as yourself to know that,

but that's why I'm here.

To teach, to share

knowledge, to enlighten.

- I have no idea what he's

going on about. Like none.

Figuring out would be a

real feather in my cap.

- Yeah, good luck

with that. (laughing)

- Uh, Mr. Fox, as much

as I'd like to discuss

the ins and outs of the

Starship Fairy Dust with you,

I'm actually here on

official Fairytale Fun Force-

- Business. Yes, I know.

I went to the finest

business school in the world.

I'm well versed in

every type of business.

- How about noneya?

- Noneya?

- None ya business!

Ha! (laughing)

- Mr. Fox, when was

the last time you spoke

with Blunderboar the Giant?

- Blunderboar, that's

such a large fellow.

A dear friend.

A misunderstood fellow.

I did him a real

favor yesterday.

- Favor?

Go on.

- Yesiree.

You see, I overheard that

Dorothy from the Land of Oz

was thinking of putting

on a flying monkey show.

- Of course you did.

What's so interesting

about that?

- Dear sir, have you

no social skills?

Everyone knows that

a giant's worst enemy

is a flying monkey.

- Say what?

- Oh, ye of little

acumen. (laughing)

Flying monkeys are

the only creatures

who can successfully

remove the wax

from the giant's ears.

In fact, they really

eat the wax up.

- Um, first, ew.

Second, that sounds

like a win-win.

The flying monkeys

get fed and the giants

get their ears cleaned out.

- You're forgetting

one vital detail.

- Why am I still here?

I mean, like, I could

be anywhere else.

- I exude animal magnetism.

I'm irresistible.

Go ahead. Try.

I dare ya.

See? You can't.

It's the tail. So fluffy.


- Mr. Fox, what is the

detail I'm missing?

- Yes, thank you, good sir.

Where was I?

- The vital detail.

- Ugh, I'm getting a

headache. (chuckling)

- Ah, yes, yes, of course.

You see, giants

need their ear wax.

It's the only thing

that prevents their ears

from popping at high altitudes,

and giant's heads are

always at high altitudes

because they're so tall.

- Woo-hoo!

I think that may have just

been the info that I needed.

- Of course it was.

The world needs to hear

every single word I say,

every syllable.

I can solve any problem,

climb any mountain.

- That's it. I'm

outta here. (laughing)

- And take me with you!

Please take me with you.

- Captain's travel log,

star date 50-40-30, hike!

First mate Robin Hood

has returned to the ship

with a vital bit of information.

We now know what

Blunderboar's motive is.

But is it too late?

Has he imprisoned Dorothy in Oz,

never to return

to the real world?

Um, flying monkeys eat

giant ear wax deposits?

I'm gonna totally barf.

- I've had to barf ever since

Mr. Fox started talking.

Please tell me we have

an ice pack on board.

- What should we

do now, Captain?

I have an idea!

Why don't we speak

with Doodley Digs?

He knows how to

deal with every kind

of otherworldly

creature, even giants!

- Shhh!

I'm trying to

think here, Arthur,

and I can't do it with

your constant chatter.

I have an idea.

Why don't we speak

with Doodley Digs?

He knows how to

deal with every kind

of otherworldly

creature, even giants.

- You are an idea machine, Snow.

- But I-

- That's why I am

the captain, Robin.

- Setting travel

dials to Game World.

- Set travel dials

to Game World galaxy!

- Yes, ma'am.

Faster than we can

take from the greedy

and give to the needy.

- Mirrors and apples, let's go!

- Aye, aye.

- Full speed ahead!

- Do you really

think that Doodley

will be able to help?

I mean, he doesn't even realize

that he's a video

game character.

- He may be kind of strange

and his methods are,

shall we say, unique?

But Doodley always

saves the day.

- We have officially

reached warp factor five.

Fairytale Fun Force, go!

- Hold onto your

hats! (laughing)

- [Narrator] The adventure

continues in one of the most

action-packed universes

ever, the Game World galaxy!

Can the universe's greatest

hero, Doodley Digs,

help the Fairytale

Fun Force undo all of

Blunderboar's misdeeds?

(game beeping)

- Wow! Snow White!

You're back again!

What's shakin', bacon?

- Oh, Doodley!

We have another huge problem,

and you're the only

one who can help.

- Holy one up mushrooms.

Is it another Jabberwock?

- Nope.

We have a giant rampaging

through the universe!

- A giant? Holy cow!

I may need my bouncing boots.


Maybe a grappling hook

will do the trick.

Thank the game gods

I don't need quarters

to play anymore.

Giants are tough.

Beating them can cost a fortune.

- So you have beaten

a giant before?

- If you can think of

it, I've beaten it off.

- You really are a hero.

- Two questions.

One, what is this giant doing?

And two, is it Blunderboar?

Please say it isn't.

- Unfortunately,

it is Blunderboar.

Is that extra bad?

- Well, yeah, but only

because Blunderboar

is the most stubborn

giant in the universe.

That and he tries to

eat anyone or anything

smaller than he is.

- Oh, my!

- What's older

Blunderboar up to now?

- Be warned, this is

a pretty weird story.

- Snow, you're talkin' to

someone who's faced off

against mushroom soldiers,

ridden in high-octane

hovercrafts through

floating cities,

and helped some dude in

a cheesy leisure suit

find the love of his life.

There's nothing too

weird or strange for me.

- Okay, you asked

for it. (laughing)

- I did.

- So, my cousin

Dorothy splits her time

between her home

in Kansas and Oz.

- I know Dorothy.

She totally let me

borrow her ruby slippers

one day so I could walk on lava.

- You can walk on lava

with ruby slippers?

- With hers you can.

They're enchanted.

- Ah!

Okay, so according to Mr. Fox.

- Ugh, him. (chuckling)

- No kidding! (laughing)

Old Foxy told Blunderpants

that Dorothy was

gonna put on a

flying monkey show.

That got Blunderboar's

pants in a bunch.

- Why does he have something

against flying monkeys?

- Apparently flying monkeys

love to eat giant earwax.

It's like a delicacy

or something.

- Um.


- Totally. Ew.

Giants need their earwax

so that their ears

don't pop when they're

at high altitudes,

but being that they're so tall,

giants are always

at high altitudes.

Without their earwax,

their heads would be

non-stop popping.

- And because of this,

Blunderboar decided

to stop Dorothy from putting

on the flying monkey show.

- Correct.

- I'm almost afraid to ask,

but how did he go about

stopping the show?

Did you ask him to stop?

- Mirrors and apples, we tried.

But just like the magic

bow, he's hidden. (laughing)

First, he boosted

Cupid's magic bow

from the Love Planet

and then he used it

to sh**t a magic arrow

through the Hatter's tea set

in Wonderland, thereby soaking

said magic arrow in tea,

and then he used

that tea-soaked arrow

to bamboozle the body

of the Cheshire Cat,

who was the final

magic ingredient needed

to lock Dorothy in Oz.

- Holy one up

mushrooms! That's a lot!


Cheshire Cat has a body?

- (laughing) That's

what everyone says!

- Wow!

This all sounds pretty drastic

and thoroughly complicated.

I feel bad for whomever

had to think all that up.

- [Narrator] Hey, all.

Mind if I interrupt?

- Sure, Narrator. What's up?

- [Narrator] I just

checked on our writer.

He's currently

sitting in the corner,

slapping his tongue.

I think the effects

of Blunderboar's spell

are starting to affect him, too.

- Whoa!

If they don't finish writing,

this story will never end!

- Tell him we're on

the case, Narrator.

- [Narrator] Okay, he's

back at the keyboard.

Please continue.

- I have to say, Snow,

this is the craziest thing

I've dealt with since

my girlfriend Lara

was captured by power

mad druids and forced

to crawl up an ice mountain

covered in slippery oil, ah!

- Yikes!

- Ah, I hate to do this, but uh,

I think you may need,

um, a cheat code.

- A what?

- A cheat code.

It's what us heroes resort to

when there's no other choice.

- Do you really think that

one of those could help us?

- I think it may be the

only hope of ever freeing

Dorothy from the land of Oz.

- My cousin will not

spend the rest of her life

wandering a yellow brick

road with a tin can,

a straw dude, and a scaredy-cat.

A cheat code it is!

How does it work

and what will it do?

- I'm gonna send it

to your starship now.

Once you're back

and see the email,

tell Santa to run the

cheat code through

the elve's computer.

That should override

whatever spell is keeping

Blunderboar hidden.

- And once we know

where Blunderboar is,

we can start trying to

fix this mess! (laughing)

- Exactly! (laughing)

Okay, mental email sent.

Go back to your ship,

give it to Santa,

and good luck.

- Thanks, Doodley.

Be careful out there, and

watch out for raids gone wrong.

- Always!

- Captain's travel log,

star date 00-00-01, hike!

Doodley Dig supplied

us with a cheat code

that we can give to Santa

that will locate Blunderboar.

We are one step closer to

fixing this latest kerfuffle.

Arthur, zap me my email.

- I just sent it directly to

your mind so you don't have to

read it off of a screen.

You'll just remember

what it said.

- Isn't the future

awesome? (laughing)

- What next, Captain?

- Bring me up Santa

at the North Pole

and put him on speaker.

- What's the magic word?

- The magic word is I'm

the captain of this ship.

Now do as I say!

- That will work, too.

(buttons beeping)

- [Santa] Ho-ho. Hello?

- Hey, Mr. C. It's Snow.

- [Santa] Snow-ho-ho!

I was just thinking about you.

Have you made any

headway in fixing

this intergalactic mess?

My elves have come up empty.

- I have.

Doodley Digs gave me a

cheat code to give to you

to give to your elves

that will override

whatever cloaking spell

Blunderboar is using.

- [Santa] Ho-ho-ho! Excellent!

What's the code?

- Okay, ready?

Have your elves enter

this into their computer.

Down, down, up, up,

right, left, right, left,

A, B, enter.

- Whoa!

I think that's sort

of the same codes

I used to use in my Kong Mommy

games to get bonus lives!

- [Santa] Transmitting

them the cheat code now.

Stand by.

- Please let this work.

Please, oh, please, oh, please.

- The suspense is k*lling me!

- You can't see it, but

inside of my costume

I'm shaking like a leaf!

- Crossing fingers and toes.

Hey, Narrator, can you ask

the kids at home watching

to do the same?

- [Narrator] Of course.

Please, everyone, if

you're watching this,

cross all of your

fingers and toes.

Have your mommies and

daddies do it, too.

We need all of the

good vibes we can get.

- [Santa] Bingo-ho-ho-ho!

- (gasping) It worked?

- [Santa] It sure did.

According to the elves,

Blunderboar is, um, uh.

Well, isn't that a

kick in the tushy?

- What is? (laughing)

- [Santa] Blunderboar is

right where he should be,

the Land of Giants.

- Mirrors and apples!

How did we not think

of that? (laughing)

Thanks, Santa.

Thank the elves for us, too.

- [Santa] Well, good luck.

- Red, you know what to do.

- We'll huff and we'll

puff and we'll take

Blunderboar down!

- [Narrator] The next stop

on this incredible journey

where everyone thinks

big, the Land of Giants.

And before you know it,

the Starship Fairy Dust

makes touchdown in the

biggest place in the universe.

Snow White makes the

decision to send Robin Hood

out to deal with

Blunderboar because,

and I quote, she's too

cute to possibly get eaten.

- I think I need

my own starship.

Every time there's something

dangerous going on,

Captain Snow sends

either me or King Arthur.

It's usually me, though.

I mean, aren't I too

cute to be eaten, too?

- Ah! Someone say eat?

- Oh, um. Hi, Blunderboar.

How are you, big guy?

- Mmm, Blunderboar fine now.

Dodge b*llet.

- Someone sh*t at you?

- Blunderboar use expression.

No one sh**t at Blunderboar.

- Oh, good to hear.

Besides, they need something

to sh**t at you with.

Something like, I don't

know, Cupid's magic bow?

- Uh-oh.

Blunderboar thinks he blundered.

Must've been found out.

- That's right. The jig is up!

- Jig?

Oh, Blunderboar doesn't

dance like Irishmen.

- No, that's just

another expression,

like you used sh**t.

- Little man should save breath.

Blunderboar not sorry he

stopped earwax marauders

from giving Blunderboar

permanent headache.

- We know the whole

scheme, Blunderboar.

And we need to fix this

whole mess you've created.

- What mess?

Blunderboar just borrow stuff.

Blunderboar will

give back stuff.

Blunderboar can't take chance

flying monkey show go on road.

- Did you ask permission to

borrow Cupid's magic bow,

Hatter's tea set and

Cheshire Cat's body?

- Blunderboar still shocked

floaty cat head had body.

Who knew?

Besides, no harm done,

other than Dorothy

stay put with flying monkeys.

- No harm?

Cupid is beside himself,

Hatter is a mess,

and Cheshire is, well, Cheshire.

- Blunderboar cause trouble?

- Narrator, get the

Hatter on the phone

and put him on speaker.

- [Narrator] Calling the Hatter.

(phone ringing)

- [Hatter] If you

sneeze while traveling

at 60 miles per hour,

your eyes are closed

for an average of 50 feet.

- See? All he does is

quote strange facts!

- [Hatter] Your nose is

always visible to you.

Your mind ignores it

through a process called

unconscious selective attention.

- Wow! Aye, is that true?

Does Blunderboar

always see nose?

- That doesn't matter.

What matters is that everyone

gets their stuff back

and Dorothy is free

to return from Oz.

- Mmm, let Blunderboar think.

Blunderboar much

faster thinker now.

Should only take 41

hours, two minutes,

and 31 seconds.

- Sorry, Blunderboar,

but we don't have

that kind of time.

Things need to go

back to normal.

Who knows what else will

come of you tinkering

with the natural flow of things.

- Blunderboar make decision!

- And? (chuckling)

- Blunderboar will

not give stuff back.

Dorothy must stay in

Oz with flying monkey.

Blunderboar's earwax demands it.

- Don't you realize what

will definitely happen

if Dorothy has to stay in Oz?

- Mmm, Blunderboar not know.

- Her earth family

will miss her,

and she will miss them.

That means that there will

be no more birthday parties

for them, and even worse,

no more Christmases.

There will be an empty chair

where Dorothy

would normally sit.

No hugs, no laughs, no kisses.

Only tears.

- Oh, Blunderboar

not think of that.

- You don't wanna

make everyone sad.

Do you, Blunderboar?

- No. (sobbing)

- There, there, big guy.

You have plenty of

time to fix this.

You just have to

give everything back

to their rightful owners,

and apologize for taking

their stuff without asking.

- Blunderboar do it.

Oh, Blunderboar no

want to be known

as big stinker.

- Can I take everything

back with me to my ship?

- Tiny man in silly green

clothes can have stuff back.

Blunderboar will

have Jack bring stuff

to tiny man's sky car, eh?

(dog barking)

- I didn't know you had a dog.

- Blunderboar get

puppy from Geppetto.

Blunderboar soon

teach Jack to talk.

- Thanks, Jack.

And thank you, Blunderboar.

- Welcome.

Now Blunderboar go

make sorry calls.

- Good.

And now it's time to exit

stage get me outta here.

- [Snow White]

Captain's travel log,

star date 68-69-70, hike.

Robin Hood brought back

all the missing items,

and we've successfully brought

them back to their owners.

Well, except for

the Cheshire's body.

It just kind of

scampered off somewhere.

Still can't believe he had one.

- Great captaining today,

Captain. (laughing)

- A captain's gotta captain.

- And good work staring down

that mean, ol'

giant, Robin Hood.

- Hush. Only I'm allowed to

give out accolades on this ship.

Good work staring down that

mean, ol' giant, Robin Hood.

- That's a feather in my cap.

- It's time to visit my

distant cousin Dorothy

in the Land of Oz.

I wanna check in on her

and make sure she's okay.

Besides, I want the skinny

on this flying monkey show.

- Setting travel dials now.

- Let's get cooking.

- Hold on tight.

Putting the pedal to the metal.

Extreme zoom in two seconds!

- [Narrator] The Starship

Fairy Dust speeds away

to the sometimes home of

one of the most famous

characters in the

whole wide world.

That's right, it's

time for Snow White

to chat up her

distant cousin Dorothy

in the wonderful world of Oz.

(chimes ringing)

- Hey, cousin. Are you okay?

- Oh, my.

Snow White, I owe

you like big time.

- Yes, you do.

Now then, lavish me with praise.

- You're startin' to sound

like Mr. Fox. (laughing)

- Hey!

- Just kiddin'.

You really pulled my tushy

out of the oven. (laughing)

I love Oz, but I

love my family, too.

- Yeah, Thanksgiving

wouldn't have been

the same without you.

So tell me about this

infamous flying monkey show.

- Ugh.

Speaking of that

no good Mr. Fox,

if he would just listen

instead of constantly

speaking sometimes, we'd all

have a lot less headaches.

He basically caused

this whole kerfuffle.

- I mean, yeah, but how so?

- The flying monkey show

was an Oz exclusive.

I told him I was organizing it.

But here's the kicker.

Monkeys can only fly in Oz.

Blunderboar's earwax was

always safe and sound

inside of his noggin.

- You're kidding?

- Nope. (laughing)

As long as giants

don't visit Oz,

they have nothin'

to worry about.

- Ugh, so silly.

- Yup.

I was almost locked her my

whole life over nothin'.

- Did you tell Blunderboar

what really happened?

Did he apologize?

- Yup. He really was sorry.

In fact, he was so sorry,

he sent over a dozen jars

of giant earwax for the

flying monkeys to feast on.

- I thought he needed the wax.

- Oh, he does.

He's just stayin' home

until more builds up

in his giant-size

noggin. (laughing)

- Wow! What a mess.

One day that Mr. Fox

is gonna get his.

- We can only hope.

- Alrighty, cous.

I'm glad you're safe and

things are back to normal.

- Me, too.

I felt really bad for Hatter,

but I'd be lyin' if

I said he wasn't like

super informative. (laughing)

- Right? (laughing)

- Did you know that

in September 2007,

a guy named Kevin Shelley

broke 46 wooden toilet seats

with his head in one minute

to set a world record?

- No, but I do now! (laughing)

- Alrighty, Snowball.

I know you need to

get back to your ship.

- Yeah, my crew is pretty

much lost without me.

- Can you do me one last

favor once you're back aboard?

- Sure.

- Say hello to that

dreamy King Arthur for me.

He's just adorable

in his suit of armor.

(Snow White laughing)

- Uh-oh, somebody's got a crush!

- Maybe just a little

one. (laughing)

- Will do. See ya soon!

Captain's travel log,

star date 12-31-72, hike!

Another adventure is

in the history books

because of me.

And yeah, I guess that

my crew had a tiny bit

to do with it, too.

Speaking of them, it's time

for me to tell King Arthur

about his secret

admirer. (laughing)

Once again the Fairytale

Fun Force has saved the day.

- By the power of my

faithful Excalibur!

Totally did.

- This was a true team

effort, led by me, of course.

- Yup, you did all the

work, as per usual.

- Indeed.

Hey, Arthur.

- Yes?

- Did you know that you

have a secret admirer?

- What?

- Yeah, Hatter told me when

he was spouting strange facts.

- Who is it?

- I don't know. I gave

him back his tea set

before he had time to tell me.

I guess we'll never know.

- Are you sure that we don't

need that tea set for anything?

You know, maybe we

can use it to save

a kingdom or something.

- Now, now, we don't

use any of the tools

at our disposal

for personal gain.

- But! (laughing)

- (laughing) But nothin'.

Red, take us home.

- Fairytale Fun Force, go!

- [Narrator] And one

thing's for sure.

With this zany crew and

this galaxy of weirdos,

the next adventure is

just around the corner.

It's also gonna be

more fun than anyone

ever could've guessed.

Until next time, excelsior!

(bright upbeat music)

(singers vocalizing)

(bright upbeat music)

(hands clapping)
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