A Christmas Gift (2022)

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A Christmas Gift (2022)

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Here we are again

In this special time of year

Celebrating Christmas time

Good times

Playing in the snow

Just like Eskimos

Family and friends

sharing gifts

With the ones you love

And we're so thankful to see

Another year another year

And if I had it my way

I would stay

forever and a day

You're in my heart always

Christmas in you

Christmas in you

It's the time of year

It's the time

of year to share

They are not gonna

make that deadline.

What is that?

Hey, what the hell is that?

Are you crazy?

- Uh...

- Gimme that!

You know you ain't

supposed to be up there.

I know.

Oh my God.

I promised the church

a few dozen cookies

for the community event.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

Really, Roz?


Does that look

like cookies, huh?

Well I may have

had a slight craving.

Oh my God, what is that?


It's a surprise.

Is that peanut butter?


You know that's not

good for the baby.

I know.

You are tripping.

Upstairs, let's go.

I just need you to

get off of that laptop.

Do you plan on working

through the entire weekend?


Actually, I'm

officially wrapped.

Your boo-thing is here

all day, every day,

to be your man servant.

- You promise?

- Mm-hmm.


Okay, baby.

Well, good, because

I could use some help.

- Well, good.

- Guess I can.

- You got it?

- Mm-hm.

I'm here, baby.

Which one?

The cheetah one.


You're looking like a

little sexy, pregnant,

jungle cat.

Yeah, growl your

butt up into bed.

Just tell me what you

need, baby, I'm here.

Ooh, what I don't

need is the question.

Let's see, I have to

go grocery shopping

for Christmas dinner.

I have to prep the

house for family.

I have to prep the baby's room.

The doula sent over a last

minute list for the home birth,

and that comes with a side of

pushing out a whole human being!

Pssh, well, that's a-

- Ooh!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,

whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What was that?

You good?


Just a little gas.

Baby, did you just poot on me?

Nah, I pooted on my side.


Nasty on my side.

But I still think that you're

stressing yourself

out a little too much.


No, don't you Dalton me,

'cause you already know

what the doctor said.

You gotta watch your

cortisol levels,

and this is the last stretch so,

you're supposed to

be relaxing, right?

Yeah, but how am I

supposed to do that?

There's so much to do,

and who's gonna do it?


You and Esta?

Yeah, duh!

The last time I had

you two make cookies,

they were so hard

Pete chipped his tooth

and he never forgot about that.

Pssh, don't nobody

care about no Pete.

And whoa, whoa,

whoa, whoa, whoa.

My cookies are way

better than that nasty

grilled, charbroiled cheese

mess that you had down there!

I'm gonna make another one.

You almost b*rned

the house down!

You're so dramatic.

And now you see.

Now you see, I told

you it was the oven.

It wasn't me,

I didn't mess up the cookies.

Oh, it was the oven?

It was the oven.

No, no, no, no,

it was the game.

Was the game in the oven?

You were paying

attention to the game

more than you were

paying attention

to the oven.

Okay, the game.

Yeah, so?

Now, if we put the game

in the oven, maybe the cookies

would've turned out softer.

Put the game in the oven?

So yeah I watched the game, so?

- Okay.

- Forget that.

Are you trying to say

that I can't cook?

No, you can't!

Are you saying

that I can't cook?

You cannot.

And now I'm known as the woman

who makes concrete cookies.

Aw, baby!

I love your cookies.

I know you do.

That's how we got here.

But I still think

you're stressing

yourself too much.

You know, you be doing too much.


I have people depending on me.

I'm not worried about people.

You're the only person

I'm worried about,

and my son getting here

safely and healthy.

'Cause if my boy come out

with 20 toes, I'm telling you,

I am gonna rough you up, girl.

Your baby's not gonna come

out with 20 toes, Dalton.

So what do you suggest?

This weekend, anything

that doesn't involve you

or this baby, we

need to scrap it.

Wait, are you saying

we cancel Christmas?


- No.

- You said it.

Dalton, no, no, no.

No, you said it, not me.

No, my mom and sister are

looking forward to coming here,

and as annoying as your

brothers are, they are too.


Girl, do I look

like Santa Claus?

And do you look like Mrs. Claus?


So their Christmas does

not revolve around us.

- Dalton, stop.

- Uh-uh.

- Give me the phone!

- Watch this.



Boom, just like that.

Christmas at the McKenzie

house is canceled, baby.

Ho, ho, ho.

You really did that?

Yeah, now you can relax.


- See?

- I'm going to sleep.


And you are banned

for my dreams tonight!

Give me the covers.

Wow, really?

That's what we doing?

Mhhmm, yes.

Cold-blooded people don't

need blankets anyway.


Wait wait, I thought you

was gonna give me some-

- Ah, no.

No jungle love?

Don't touch me.

No jungle love.


Okay, that's what we doing?


That's how you gonna...

All right, what what...

All right, well goodnight.



Okay, fine, it's settled.

We both like mint

chocolate chip ice cream,

and you have to promise me

you'll buy me some one time.


Who were you talking to?

What do you mean?

What do you mean?

I'm talking about

on the phone, Esta.


Oh, yeah, nobody.

I got my eye on you.

So have you thought

about what we talked about?

Yeah, I have.


Well, I'm still

thinking about it.

But truthfully it's

probably gonna be a hard no.



What do you mean?

First it was basketball,

then it was gymnastics.

Now you're telling me

you wanna play golf?

What's gonna be next?

I mean, isn't the

whole point of childhood

trying to figure out new things

and see what you're good at?

That's all I'm trying to do.

Yeah, I mean, I

love that about you.

But it seems that you're more

addicted to the opportunities

and allergic to the work.

I mean that, baby.

You keep taking up

all these new hobbies,

and as soon as it gets

a little rough for you,

you drop it and go

to the next thing.

How will you ever know what

you're actually good at

if you don't stick at it

for longer than two months?

Come on.

Look, I know it's expensive.

But I did the research,

and I really think

I'll be good at it.

Baby, of course you're

going to be good at it.

You're a McKenzie.


So then you'll pay

for the lessons?

No, I won't.

Come on, Esta, you're

all over the place.

What's up with you?

Come on, dad.

Oh my God, all right.

Let's make a deal, all right?

How about you take a break

so you can regroup and recenter?

As soon as you're ready,

I want you to write me a essay

about how bad you want

to take up golf, yeah,

and all this new research

that you done came up with.

And after I read it, then

I'll make my decision.

Geez, a whole essay?


And as a matter of fact,

I wanna hear about who your

favorite golfer is too.

You're wild, Dad.

But okay, deal.

Okay, good, that's my girl.

So, since we're at the

bargaining table here,

you think you

might lower the age

I'm allowed to start dating?


Man, wait, what?


No, no, no, no!

Boys, I told you.

Books before boys!

Okay, always.


Dad my butt, girl!

If you don't go downstairs

and get some breakfast.

Matter of fact, breakfast

before boys in this house.

Come on, let's go.

Not funny.

No, it's funny all right.

Talking about some boys.



My baby's growing up too fast.


You eating tarts for breakfast?

You know the deal.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Did you oversleep?

Not really.

Just had to thaw

out a little bit.

It's a cold world.

Hm, who are you telling?

What are you doing,

what you got going on?

Oh, just organizing

some of my thoughts.

Which reminds me,

can you put the baby's

crib together today?

And run some of the errands

we talked about last night?

Turning me into your

little sl*ve, ain't you?

What, I'm just playing.

You know I will do

whatever you want me to.

I appreciate you.

I appreciate you.

Mm little baby mama.

And on that note, I'm

taking my breakfast upstairs.

Oh, you don't like that?

I thought that's what

you said you wanted, huh?


What did I miss?

Trust me boo, you

do not wanna know.

But, I'm gonna take this time

to apologize to you for

all that from last night.

Oh, did you have

a change of heart?

No, I didn't.

But, this ain't a dictatorship,

it's a relationship.

You're my partner, right?

So your opinion matters.

Plus I responded like a jerk.

And I'm not a jerk,

so this is me

apologizing, right?

Yeah, about that.

I need to tell you something.


Who the hell is that?

You expecting somebody?


Knocking on my door

like the police.

Who is it?

Merry Christmas!

Here you are honey.

And how are you?

Look at you,

Oh my goodness.

So cold outside.


Oh my God, look at this tree.

Oh my God look at this.


Oh we made it,

we made it Mama.

Yes we did.

Look, she looks like

she's about to pop.

What the hell are

y'all doing here?

Dalton, let the

kid stop playing.

Yeah, I told them

about the mistake,

that it was a mistake.

- Oh, a mistake.

- Oh, what?

Anyway, this place looks


It looks great,

it looks amazing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Thank you, Dalton.

Oh gosh, you're so

sweet, honey.

Oh my goodness!

- Oh gosh, yeah, yeah.

- Come on baby,

come on, get your sister.

Oh, my goodness,

looks good in here.


Who is it?



What's up, Big D.

Yeah, my man.

What's going on, big bro?

How you doing in here?

What the hell is

y'all doing here, man?

Damn, we got your text.

Yeah, you got the text, right?

You got the text?


You can't make up your mind,

is it Christmas or

it's not Christmas?

All right, yeah man.

Merry Christmas.

You know what I'm saying-

- Since you ain't

come empty handed.

- Yeah bro.

- Damn.

Did you cook?

Yeah, I hope you

least got some snacks.

- Yeah, take this-

- Come on bro,

I'm gonna take this in there.

I'm gonna take my coat off man.

Good to see you baby bro.


Hey, what it do?

You know what it is.

I had some sweet

tea on the drive-

- Yeah.

You gotta drop him off?


Do I?

Where is it at, is it upstairs?

I'll go upstairs.

To the right.


Anybody else outs...

I can't believe this, man.


Shit bro.

What's going on?

It's about time you joined us.


Had to finish being somebody's

little concierge/personal


Mh-hmm, I see you still

got your sense of humor.

How you doing, brother-in-law?

I'm good, Lisa, Lisa.

What's up with you?

Bro has told me you got

that new hair salon,

how's that going for you?

Well, it's going real good.

Oh good.

Just don't be one

of those salons

that expect you to come

with your hair half done,

before you sit in the chair.

Aren't those the worst?

- Yes.

- They expect you

to come de-tangled,

washed, dried,

that's why I just went natural.

And they want you to

bring the products?

Oh, I don't think so.

Y'all know that's not gonna

be in my salon, all right?

Every style comes with a shampoo

and a conditioner,

that's ridiculous.


That is fascinating.

You're still seeing

that loser boyfriend?

Why you stay in my business?

I only asked a question.

Okay, don't start you two.

You already know I ain't

paying him no attention.

Hey, everybody.

Hey, hi, honey.

Keep going girl, come on.

You kinda getting

a little big.

Esta, come here.

Oh, my goodness.

She's a grown woman now.

It's good to see you.

Get out of here, girl.

You're so big.

She's beautiful,

I bet the boys are lining

up to see you, honey.

I hope dad's gonna help me.

Hey, hey, hey, watch it.

Uh-uh, I know you're not

gonna be that way with your son,

double standard.

Double standards?

I know when my little brother

and he's probably gonna treat

him the same way he does

our dear Esta.


Get all this

double standard crap.

Since you two fools done

showed up at my house,

I got a crib upstairs

that I gotta build.

Y'all go help me build it.

No, no, no, no.

For real?

I'm a guest and

I'm eating breakfast.

You ain't no guest,

you're a crasher.

And if you gonna

be eating my food

and sleeping in my house,

you about to help

me build this crib.

So, get up, let's get it.

Uh-uh, I'm deadass

serious, come on.

Mh, let's go.

Y'all ready?

Bring it back with you

if you want, I don't care.

Oh, I see you, gonna talk

about the double standard?

Now there has come

a time to do it.

Yeah, don't worry about it,

we'll have cold beers for

y'all to keep you hydrated

while you.

Just grab some beers.

Oh, wait, wait, wait,

wait not you, young lady.

You're on cookie duty, you

have to help bake, remember?

I thought grandma and Auntie

Lisa were helping you now.

Girl, you thought wrong.

Not to make the cookies.

No getting out of here.

All right.

Yes, ma'am.


Good girl.

Now that we have that settled,

let me show you ladies

the rest of the house.

Okay, whatever.

- Be careful.

- Okay.

I can't wait.

Be careful.

Be careful.

I know mama.

Oh, please.

You look good, except

for that hat though.

Honey, this isn't

a hat, this is sable.

You know, and we

need to get you this-

- You're sister still

wearing that hat in the house.



Yeah, I can't come.

My mom needs me to do something.

I tried but I mean, what am

I supposed to do, sneak out?

I can't do that, I'll

get in so much trouble.

Okay, okay fine.

I'm coming.

I just, I can't be long.

Okay, bye.

See you in a bit.

Jingle bells

Jingle bells

Jingle all the way

How do you cut these things?

Why did I keep telling you?

You cut onions

under running water.

Mama, you now how

hardheaded Lisa, is.

You can tell her how to do

something a million times,

she's still gonna do

what she wants to do.


Um, I can, I can hear y'all.

We know.

Speaking of hardheaded,

are you still with Brandon?

Don't get started with me

guys, don't get started with me.

I'm just saying, Lisa,

you used to be smiling

and laughing all the time,

hanging out with your friends.

I don't want him to change you.

You're just so dramatic.

Nobody is changing

anybody, I'm fine.

You're fine?

Yes, I'm fine.


Yes, fine.

Does he have a new job

or is he still

asking you for money?

You know what?

How about we stop talking

about me and mine.

And we talk about you and yours.


Oh, what about us?

Mama, not you too.

Well, since your sister

brought it up, I'm curious too.

I mean, after all the last

time we saw you two together,

you were divorced and now

you're living in this big house

and you're expecting a baby.

Do you plan on

remarrying, I hope?

It's complicated.

Make it uncomplicated, honey.

Please simplify it for mother

because I hope

Dalton doesn't expect

to get the milk for free

without buying the cow.


Not that it's any

of your business.

Oh, wait a minute.

Oh, wait, mama, she said

get out of her business

is what the girl said,

get off frustrated

and get into a car,

mama, that's what she said.

Oh, come on.

Lisa, seriously Lisa?

All right, all right.

Lisa, why do you

always have to put

so much sauce everything.

Okay, respectfully, mama.

That's better.

A few months ago, Dalton

did ask me to remarry him.


Come on now.

I said, no.

You said what?

I said, no.

Honey, have you lost

your natural mind?



Okay, let's just start.

Honey, Dalton happens to be

my favorite, I'm sorry Lisa.

'Cause the Tony with the

double boot, is a no go.

It was Brandon's Miles.

Okay, Brandon, Tony, whatever,

he had a double boot on the car.


This is not a big

deal, but it was Brandon.

Honey, listen,

he's my favorite.

I could see how he loves you,

I could see it in

his eyes, honey.

A mother knows.

And it's hard to

find a good man.

And when you find one,

you've gotta hold on tight.

You gotta hold

on, you've gotta hold on.

Grip it.

Because otherwise you can

let him loose out there,

anybody gonna snatch him up?

Can't have these

good men out there.

But that is so old school,

Dalton and I are taking it slow.

I don't see the

slow in any of this.

The big house, the baby coming.

My grandchild-

Doesn't look slow to me,

you know, with those

glasses really?



Our lives, our business.

- Oh, oh.

- Oh, shit.

Well, it seems to me you

wouldn't know what came before us

if it stared you in the eye.

But I understand you

young girls today,

Lisa, the cookies are on.

Oh no, Esta's

doing the cookie.

Mama, don't take it out

on your own daughter.

She said out my business.

Imagine, imagine that.

Can I say, get out

my business.

She said-


It's not funny.

I'm sorry, she left us.

So, she said taking slow is

being nine months pregnant.

You know what man,

this is ridiculous, man.

You would think that after

you'd have been around

the block a few times,

putting together a crib,

be a piece of cake.

I'm telling you, bro, yeah.

I do not remember this

being that hard the

first time around.

Man, I think it's

adrenaline problem.

Why do they just want your

adrenaline to kick in, you know,

nothing seems hard when it's

new and exciting, you see?

Yeah bro, you got a point.

Yeah man, I'm trying

to tell you bro.

Jobs, kids,

relationships, everything.

Everything seems

easy when it's new.

You speaking facts today.

Yes sir.

Big bro, let me see that

other screwdriver order, man.

There you go.

Swap me up.


Hey man, just wanna say,

I really like what you y'all

are building right here.

You know, this house is

beautiful and your family is too.

We've got an imposter,

where's the real Dalton.


Don't take unless you're

getting soft on us now, bro?

What's up?

I mean, maybe.

Dalton, look, I see

what you and Roz have.

And Pete, what you and Claire

had, and God rest her soul.

I don't know, I'm feeling like

I want that for myself now.


Yeah, really.

That's how you are feeling.

That's right.

Go check that window, I guarantee

it's a blizzard outside.

The most selling dad.

He'll just freeze over.

Okay, yeah.

Look, I know it

sounds crazy, right?

I'm just thinking

about things right now.

I'm out there right

now and the streets

are like, they got

nothing for you.

It's just time.


All right.

New and improved, damn.

So, seeing somebody or what?

Yeah, nobody serious.

I see.

It's time for

me to get focused.

Hey look, the game

out there is crazy.

It's all about swipes and DMS

and taking more

pictures of your food

than actually eating it.

Surveillance video, Snapgram,

y'all been on that one.

Snap the gram?

Bro, that's two

different apps,

you just put 'em together

like crazy dudes.


No, wait, well hold on.

Whoa, you said surveillance,

who are you dating bro?

A damn undercover cop?

I might as well be.

Look, you can't go to brunch

without them recording

your every single move.

It's like the only reason

they're on the date

is to log on and compete

with other people

who are also on dates.

It's crazy.

It's like, here we

are, here we are.

Come on.


I mean, are you

actually interested in me?

Am I just there basically

to help you make content

for your page.

Just tell me.

Facts though.

I mean, I get it,

you make sense.

I just want some

real conversation.

Talk to me, ask me about my day.

Ask me about my

thoughts on our people

and how we're striving

and thriving in America.

Stop asking me, what

kind of job you got?

Is your bed up against the wall?

What kind of

headboard do you have?

A headboard?

Who are you dating?

Yeah, who are you dating bro?

But now I-

You getting

to my point?

No, I get your point, man.

Look, I would prefer to

have brains and beauty.

So, yeah, I get.


Look, I've had it all.

And the stuff that used to

excite me just doesn't anymore.

I mean, I'm at a place

now where I don't know,

not looking for sex,

looking for thoughtful.

It's just not as easy

to find as it seems.

Get the ham and the both.

Thick and thoughtful.

Thick and thoughtful.


Cakes matter.

Look man, when

I first met Clara.

Yeah, I don't think I was

100% ready to be honest.

It was something about

her, she had this quality

that I knew I just

did not wanna lose.

Decided to marry her, best

thing I could ever done.


And look, she was a great

woman, man, and that's for sure.


Thanks man.

Yeah, it was...

Together what, 20 years.


If I had to do that

all over again,

the exact same way I would.

I miss seeing

y'all together, man.

To hell with cancer.

No, man.

The hell with cancer my man.

You know, she fought

that good fight though.

It's a good thing that we

didn't leave anything I'd say.

I'm grateful for that,

my soul's is in peace.

It's all done.


Now lets talk about

you, Mr. Dalton.



How about you, Mr. Dalton?

You and Roz have gotten

back together for a reason.

You're gonna work out,

everything's gonna be fine,

but let me give you a

little word of advice.

Don't let it go.

Don't compromise, no

matter what, hold onto it.

You hear me?

I'm listening.

Hold on.

If it was up to me bro,

we wouldn't have broken up

in the first place.

I hear you.

She probably left you

'cause you got a

flathead screwdrivers.

Can I get a fill up

something here, bro?

Who gets drunk

with a flat head.

It's not the screwdriver man.

We'll need the pliers

to hold the both down.

I gotta get to the garage.

Well, okay.

I'll be back.

Yeah, of course.

Let me go get it.

You got us doing the

work, this ain't my crib.

I ain't got no babies,

we put a crib together

in like 20 years, man.

Tag on instructions bro, I

don't know what this thing is.

If the baby fall,

I'm blaming you.

That's what I just

saw on YouTube.

Where did I put that thing?


Yeah, what are you doing?

Uh-uh, and you better

not lie to me little girl.

I can explain.

Well, get to explain it 'cause

you ain't said nothing yet.

Uh-uh, what you hiding

behind your back?

Where did you get

that gift from?

Well, this guy wanted

me to meet him somewhere.


Who is him, Esta?

Well, my boyfriend.

Your boyfriend.

I thought we already agreed.

No boyfriends, Esta.

You're too young.

But dad, I'm about to be

a junior in a few months.

I can handle this and school,

I'm not a little baby anymore.

Oh you can handle it, huh?

Ever since you've been talking

about this little boyfriend,

you've been less than honest

and you've sure done lost focus,

and now you sneaking

around in my house.

I don't like that, I didn't

raise you like this, Esta.

Well, dad, I didn't

mean to sneak around.

I just knew that if I'd asked

you for him to come here,

you wouldn't allow him to come.

So, why did you do it, huh?

Why did you do it then?

Well, I'm sorry dad.

Well, I'm sorry too, okay.

No, look at me.

Look, I want you

to feel comfortable

that you can come to me

about anything, all right?

Whether I agree with you or not.


I'm sorry dad.

And I won't ever do

this again, I promise.

Yeah, you better not.

Look, I can't even

believe I'm about to say this,

but I will entertain

the little thought

of you having a boyfriend.

You will?

Only if I approve of him.

So, before you meet

up with him again,

you need to introduce him to me.

Okay, the right way.

How about on Christmas?

Yeah, that's for sure.

I will meet your

little punk boyfriend

on Christmas Day, okay?

All right, cool.

Thank you dad.

- Girl, I swear-

- There you are.

Where have you been?

I've been looking for

you for over an hour?

You know-

- She was upstairs with us,

helping with the crib

and the baby room.

Well I need you downstairs,

not upstairs on crib duty.

You're gonna be up all night

if you don't get

started soon, come on.

- Yes.

- Yes, mom,

I will get started right away.

Listen to your mama.

And Dalton, the store.

It's Christmas Eve, it may

close early, I need you to go.

Oh, yeah, yeah, I forgot.

You said you was gonna

give me the list.

I'll text you, you

think you can manage?

Girl, I done went to

the store for you before,

you taught me better than that.

I did, didn't I?


Okay, get to it.


Y'all still in here

struggling, ain't y'all?

Look, wife said I gotta go

to the store for a minute.

So, I brought the tools.

Can y'all please finish

the crib for me, man?

Isn't that convenient?

- Yeah, I'm saying-

- Please?

Do that for your brother, man.

I'll be right back.

And he walks out.


Just like his dad.

That's your brother.

Hi honey.

Mind if I come in?

You don't even

have to ask, come on.

Oh my goodness.

Oh, my feet could use

some TLC right about now.

You can use it next.

No, you need it

more than me, baby.

So, are you ready?

More than you know?

Oh, I know.


How you holding up?

Well, now that I'm face to

face with you, I'm just fine.


I told you

not to worry about me.

You tried doing

that, I'm your mother.

You know, I have to say it,

but last year it was such

a challenging year for you,

with the divorce,

and I hated that-

- Oh, mama.

- I couldn't be here,

for what?

I was fine.

I needed the alone time.

It worked out well though.

Oh it did.

You know, you and

Dalton remind me so much

of me and your father.


How so?

Well, let's see

where do I start.

When I was your age,

I was very ambitious.

Oh, when I was headstrong

and your father hated

it most of the time,

because my decisions

were not always right.

Yeah, but you stuck

around though, right?

Because I'm an excellent cook.

You are.

But seriously, I don't

know if I ever told you this,

but daddy thr*at to

leave a number of times.

And then one day

he actually did.


Dad left?


He packed up his old leather bag

and he got himself a hotel room.

And you know, I just thought

I was gonna just wait it out,

but no, in those few weeks

that your father was gone,

I learned that life wasn't

worth living without him.

Just wasn't worth it,

it wasn't worth being

right all the time.

What are you

trying to tell me?

Honey, I'm not

telling you anything

you don't already know.

I'm just sharing a story

about how I almost lost

what mattered most.

And I didn't need

to be in control.


Listen, I'm gonna get

some rest before this dinner

and we're gonna have to

deal with the crazy Pete.

And his mouth and

Esta's ears, my goodness.

I'm glad you came up.

Me too, I want what's

best for you, honey.

I love you.

I love you.

And that grandbaby

growing every day.

Isn't he?




Yeah, you know, I want to man,

but I can't because of

the baby and all that.

Look, trust me, I know

I said that last year,

but look, this year we gonna

make it happen, all right?

The whole family.

Hold on, man.

I gotta call you back bro.

Hey, let me help

you with this.

No, no, no, no.

It's all good.


You ain't gotta do that.

No, no, trust me.

The struggle is real.

Yes it is, yes it is.

Let me guess your wife

sent you on a store.

Is it that obvious?

Yeah, just a little.


But I get it though,

we've all been there.

That's why you here too?

Actually I lost my

wife some time ago.

Oh, I'm sorry man,

I didn't know.

No, no, no reason

to feel sorry,

she's in a better place now.

But so every Christmas,

I try to remake her

corn, Casaro.

Doesn't always turn

out as good as hers,

but it always reminds

me of the good times.

Yeah, that's good.


I bet it does.

No, nowadays families are

so distant with each other,

it's not always my choice.

See, life goes on, we

create our own families,

or as people pass away, we

just fellowship less and less.

It's like for that life to get

in the way of a connection.

That's right.

No, it's funny

that you say that,

I literally was just talking

to my cousin on the phone.

You know, family hadn't

been together a long time.

Everybody's all spread out.

Time is never just right.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

Trust me, I know.

And you just can't

please everyone.

Facts, facts.

Finally somebody who gets it.

But I'd like to say that,

if you are blessed

to have family

that still have

air in their lungs,

love on them,

fellowship with them,

no matter what

life throws at you,

always make time for your own.

'Cause there will be a day

and there's no time left.

So, you have to create

those memories now.

Yes, sir.

Sorry man, I gotta get

back to the wife man.

- Oh, yeah.

- So I'll keep going.

Thank you for that word.

Yeah, you're welcome.

You have a Merry

Christmas, man.

You too.

I'll go on.

Take care, Dalton.

Man, I must be sleep

deprived, I'm tripping.

Fill me up, give me some more.

Mama did her thing.

Did she?

Listen, for the last time,

you do not put sugar

in grits, period.

No, hold up.

You don't know what

you're missing.

Oh, I know exactly

what I'm missing

and I'm fine with that.

Miss me all the way.

Everybody, butter, salt

and pepper, that's it.

You probably think

spaghetti is an entree too?

Yes, spaghetti's a

full and delicious meal.

Hey, well hold on.

I'm coming to my

brother defense now.

- What.

- Thank you.

Depends on where you travel,

some places consider

spaghetti a side.

Yes, Pam was on

f*re, fish baby.

Well then, depending

on where you go,

macaroni and cheese

is also an entree,

that don't make it right.

But how did this

even become a topic?

You Roz, when you

thr*at to poison us

with your sugar regrets.

Oh no.


- Poisons?

- Okay.

Oh no, he didn't.

No, he didn't.

I remember when your big mama

used to wake the house

up with her grits,

the eggs, the bacons.

Yeah, the bacon and pork,

man, you gotta add fried now.

Lord, I wish I could

wake up to some bacon now.


Only thing I'm

waking up to is vegan,

frosted flakes and

some damn almond milk.

Okay, Dalton, whatever.

It's good for you.

I'm not a vegan.

It's healthier for you.

A little plant based vibes

never k*lled anybody.


Actually that's not true

because cardboard

is also plant based.

Help me, please help me.

You are so chaotic tonight.

I cook, okay?

I just threw down in the

kitchen the other day,

all by myself.

She almost burnt the house.



Then She said, look,

smoke everything.

Wait, wait, wait.

Don't tell me you are

over here like a cave man,

and you just want your

woman barefoot and pregnant

and waiting on you

here, the f*ck bro.

No, come on now,

bro, come on now.

Whoa, slow down sis,

don't do me like that.

You know how I feel about my-

- Hey, look D, I'm with you man.

That's how it is,

the 50/50 always.

No in my house,

ain't no 50/50, bro.

Everybody holds their

own weight 100%.

100%, boo-yah.

A hundred on Roz.

Honey, I know I've asked

you this 1,000 times,

but I know you're excited

about the baby coming

around the corner.

So, tell me again,

when's the due date?

Next week and it

can't come fast enough.

I feel like there's an

alien invasion in my body.

I want it out.

I like you pregnant.

It will all come

back together,

but when's the doula coming?

Oh, well, what's

the heck is a doula.

She helps the midwife fool.

What's a midwife?

Don't worry about it, just...

- I actually-

- I don't know you.

The doula helps keep

me calm and relaxed.

It's the midwife who

will help me give birth

right here at home.

And don't worry mama,

she'll keep me safe

through the entire process.

All right.

She's out of town this

weekend for Christmas,

but she'll be back in time

for me to go into labor.

Well, look, my hats

off to all the ladies,

because that sounds way

too complicated for me.

Yes, bringing a baby into

the world is such a blessing,

it's of no understanding.

And then you feel that

baby going inside of you,

and then it takes

its first breath.

It's so surreal.

And that's how

me and Claire felt,

went on our first child.

I don't know if I remember, I

was like on sensory overload.

I thought I was gonna

pass the hell out, man.

I was there.

We still got that on tape, man.

You know, it's crazy.

Remember that?

First one, we'll do it.

Yeah, the first one.

Yeah, so, for the

life of you me then,

why are you having the

baby here at the house?

When you can have the

baby at the hospital

like everybody else?

I don't wanna have it in the

hospital during the holidays,

like everybody else.

Mama I wanna be sleeping

right here on my own bed.

Well, what if the baby stand?

But what if the baby

comes pretty early,

like at the dinner table.

We are blessed and

covered up in this house.

Yeah, thank you.

And plus mama's a

doctor, she can...

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I am retired.

I have delivered enough

babies to last me a lifetime.

I have no intention of

delivering another baby,

even if it is my

grandson, I'm sorry.

Well, mama, you won't have to.

Esta came out late

and this little guy

will probably be the same way.

Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Don't be trying

to text me up man

That no wood.

Wait, be careful man,

knocking at wood, man.

You don't know what

kind of spirits

you gonna conjure up doing that.


Get outta here with

that superstitious crap,

I don't believe in that

voodoo mumbo jumbo man.

Okay, man.

Your house, your ghost.

So, now we gotta go.


Here it goes.

So, tell me is your boy

toy feeling lonely again?

You know I, I swear that

just must be some type

of condition for you to just

not be able to mind

your own business.

You know, you should seek help.

And maybe you should

stop trolling rap concerts,

looking for love.

Get you a real man,

you know one that doesn't

bank on the Cash App.

Oh my, uh-oh...

A real man?

- Yeah.

- Like you?

A washed up athlete,

still living vicariously

through his Michigan days

falsely believing that

40 is the new 30.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Guess what?

It's not.

Bro, you're gonna let

her talk to you like that?

Roz is having a baby,

insults are out of the way.

How about some dessert?


You know what?

I'll take some pie,

just pass that along.

We need some

sweetness going on at.

40 is the new 30.

That's what I'm saying.

You still got it.

I never lost it bruh.

You're not listening.

Home made, mama?

Why am I not surprised

you would be down here

hauling up all the good snacks.

Why am I not surprised

your hound senses

could sniff them out.


Care to play?

Ladies thirst.

But hey, hey...

Let me show you what it is-


so they didn't teach

you how to share

in grade school either.

Maybe, maybe not.

Let me show you what

to do, and watch it.

Aim for the middle.

Shut up.

Come out of my way.

I hate this game.

Yeah, I hate you too.

Shut up.

Let me ask you a question?


What do you think

about our siblings

getting back together

again after you know?


No, lie to me.

Okay, you still got it Lisa.

One point for Lisa.

Yeah, a point for Lisa.

Look, so you wanna disrespect

me in front of the family,

and now you want my opinion?

I'm sorry.

Well, here it is.

I don't think about it.

Roz is a great woman and

my brother's a decent guy.

That's it.

I mean, but is that

good enough reason

for them to get

back together again

after they separated though?

They didn't separate

Lisa, they got divorced.

Same thing, you

know what I mean,


They're not married anymore.


Look, I get you,

but I don't get you.

Listen, from what I know,

they didn't split up over

some disrespect or craziness.


They just went on the

same page, that's it?

You know, sometimes

things have to fall apart

to get put back together the

way they should have been,

it's life.

I guess you're right.

Everybody loves a

good comeback story.

Yeah, especially me.

Speaking of which.

Ooh, trash, trash,

I'm watching trash.

Why is it so windy out here?

I just, wow.

Move, move, move.

Just so you know, the

circle in the middle

is where you wanna be.

Shut up.

I need quiet, I need quiet.

Quick, so.

I'm so sick of you right now.

I mean that counts, but

only if you're in Canada.

Here we go, watch this bullseye.

It hit the bullseye.

- It's fine, it's fine.

- It totally hit the bullseye.

And then it bounced off.

Can I say something?

I'm sorry.

I beg your pardon.

Don't tell nobody.

I couldn't hear you over

the slow.


I said, I'm sorry.

I was a little extra at dinner.

A little bit.

But you be on my neck though,

you be right here on my neck.

Okay, I was a little forward.

A little, a little?


Walked out through the door,

as soon as we walked

through the door,

you were like, yo, what

you doing with your man?

What it is?

You got your attitude.

Okay, like, you sometimes

just, you know, bring it out.

Well, I'm sorry.

You just pushed my

buttons just a little bit,

but I shouldn't have

did that at dinner.

I'm sorry, I was out of line.

You know the funny thing,

kind of pushed mine too.

So, call it even?

Now, that's out of

the way, watch this.


I say the blue,

definitely the blue.

You think so?


And you know

what else I think?


I think that this would

go perfect with that.


You're right.


I can wear this tomorrow?

You can do more than

wear it, you can have it.


Yes, really.

Thank you.

Now, hold on.

This isn't in the place

of my Christmas gift.

Is it?

Oh girl, and if it was?

You just playing, right?

I don't know

baby, I don't know.

So, what's going on with you?

Something is

different about you.

What do you mean?

I know that look

from anywhere,

you more particular

about your clothes,

you sneaking off at all hours.

Who told you that?

Look, you can't slick

a can of all young lady.

Remember I used to

be your age once.

Now, who is he?

Is it that obvious?

Yes, actually it

is now dish, tell me.

Okay, okay.

My boyfriend, his name is Brian.

Oh, okay, Brian.

And how long you've

been seeing Brian?

Long enough.


And how does Brian treat you?

Like a princess.

And do princesses sneak off

in the middle of the moon?

I mean, hello,

Romeo and Juliet.

And we see how

that turned out.

Look, my only advice to you

is just don't lose sight

of who your parents raised

you to be and you'll be okay.

I like that, auntie.

I really do.


Good, I'm pooped.

A hot shower and warm cups

as I call in my name, Lisa.

Now, don't stay up too

late now, all right?

I won't.


And another thing,

have y'all kissed?

Ew, no, no

Well, good, keep it that way.


Nah, it just sounded like

the right thing to say.

Good night, girlie.

Good night.

I love you.

I love you too.

What are you still doing up?

Can't sleep.

Plus there's gifts that

still need wrapping soon.

Today was good, huh?


You know, it went a lot

smoother than I thought.

I mean, we had a few

bumps along the way,

but it wasn't nothing major.

Tim and Lisa.

- Yeah.

- What are we gonna do

with those two?

They've been at each other's

throats since they met.

If I didn't know any

better, I'd think...


No, I can't.

I don't even want that

vision in my head.


What about her situation though?

You think she's

gonna be all right.

If I were a betting woman,

I'd say she'll figure

it out in her own time.

No better than me.

So, how was the catching

up with your mom today?

It's great, actually.

She's still applying

the pressure

for us to get married again.

That's crazy, right?

What's so crazy about that?

Dalton, come on.

What do you mean, come on?

We talked about this.

No, we didn't.

If I recall, I asked

you to marry me again

and you turned me down.

That doesn't really sound much

like a discussion does it?

That's not fair, I

just said not right now.

Okay, then when?

Dalton, can we not

do this right now?

Do what?


All right, what is it, Roz?

Are you scared of me?

Or are you scared of us?


It's everything.

Look, the first time I thought

we'd be together forever,

and look how that turned out.

Dalton, that was painful.

I don't wanna go

through that again.

Hold on.

If I recall, you left me Roz,

you do remember that, right?

Yeah, but you

didn't fight for me.

You just walked away, like

that's what you wanted all along.

No, it wasn't

like that, come on.

Even if that's true,

which is debatable,

say we do get

married again, right?

And we get Esta's hopes

up, and my hopes up,

and you wake up one morning,

just resenting me and realizing

this isn't what

you really wanted.

I mean, you're

pregnant with my son,

you're the mother of my child.

What about this,

could I not want?

You act like we planned this.

This wasn't planned,

we're two people

who went too far one

night over some tequila

and here we are.



Dalton, I didn't

mean it like that.

Just drop it, okay?

For the last time

I'm with my family,

I'm not out here

partying and carrying on,

it's not that type of truth.

Look, if I didn't answer the

phone, it's because I'm busy.

All right, I'm not

your answer machine

that's available for you 24/7.

I not trying to get smart.

Like, I'm here now,

what do you need?

How much, Brandon?

Brandon, I just gave

you near that amount

a couple of weeks ago

and I never got it back.

Hell, what do I look

like ATM to you?


I get the crypto, maybe

the next best thing,

and I am all for

you investing in it

with your own damn money.

No, I didn't...




No, he didn't.

Ooh, you got it?


Girl, Esta did her

job on these cookies,

I don't even know what this is.

Is it Macadamian nuts and

chocolate chips or what is that?

I love it when she put

those chunks in it,

those chunks and girl last

she's gotten so much

better than last year.

'Cause last year, girl,

the chips were so hard.

Are you okay?



Yeah, why?

Oh no, you just seem,

you just seem different.

Are we making a mistake?

You picked a fine time

to ask that question,

when the baby about to pop out.

Look, I'm sorry.

I just don't understand What

scares you so much about this?

You wouldn't understand.

Oh, because I'm not married,

I don't have any common sense.

Girl, a blind man can see

that Dalton is a good man.

You know, do you need

your vision checked?

No, Lisa, I didn't

mean it like that.

I know Dalton is a good man, I

don't need my vision checked.

He just feels...

What, it feels

too good to be true?


You left him, remember?

Hell, he never would've left,

if you hadn't pushed him away.

Not you too.

You are lucky to have a

man that cares about you.

Not everybody has that.

You wouldn't-

- Girl, don't mention his name.

Why do you put

up with that, Lisa?

I guess the same reason

that Dalton could tell you.

The same reason

daddy put up with mama?


Girl, love makes you

do some crazy things.

Let's get these

cookies up in here.

Dry your eyes.

Okay, we're gonna be

going up in this church.

You cry in the

street, mascara down.

Look, on snap gram,

you just choose whichever

one, you know what I'm saying?

Look up.

Hey, look at mama

has got her present.

You can tell this game,

you can tell they got

his name all over.

You see what I'm saying?

That's why we stopped

doing secret Santa

because of his cheating,

but do you see that-

- Hey, look, that

is a piece of art,

and it's sad that you came

all the way here for that.

Anyway, it's Christmas,

so can we just move on?

Leave me alone.

Show me snap the gram.

Oh, look here, hold on.

Hey dad.

Hey baby.

So, I wrote my essay on

why I wanted to play golf.

Your essay, right?

Let us hear it, go

ahead, give us a summary.

Dad, just a summary?

I wrote this whole thing.

Baby, I just wanted

you to write it

so you would see it

through, you know.

Remember that work ethic thing

I told you about, all right?

But we listening, lay it on us.


Okay, so, when my

friends let me tag

on the course for a scrabble,

I was amazed the

amount of people I met

and bonded with over the way.

I met a member of the commerce,

an executive from

the top company

that offered and

gave me a letter

of reference if

I ever needed it.


I'm there.


And so, that's it,

that's my reason.

Golf is where the

deals are made, Dad.

You hear that?

Yeah, wow.

My little baby, a

boss in the making.

I sure am.

And not to mention

it's literally so fun,

and it gives me access

to people I wouldn't,

haven't already able to reach,

not to mention it's fun.

Dad, I really wanna do it.

Yeah, I do.

Okay, look at me.

Tell me about your

favorite player.

Clemmie Perry,

she literally started

playing it as a hobby

and then noticed the entire

sport can use some diversity.

She bridged a lot of gaps

dad, for girls like me.

Girls like you.

How about that?

I don't know,

still on the fence

about that golf thing, man.

We'll think about it.

Pass me that gift.

Here, I forgot to give you this.

I had to take your mind

off that golf stuff.

Can I open it?

Yeah, open it now.

Does this mean...


You're gonna be the

best golfer ever.

Thank you dad.

And you know, I will,

'cause I'm McKenzie.

Hey, that's what

I'm talking about,

just like your uncle Tim, right?

Put that McKenzie stink on it.

I sure will.

Yeah, a little tiger,

a little, lady tiger.

That's right.

Lady Tiger Woods.

That's my girl.

Who is that?

I'll get it.

Boy, did you invite

one of your little snap

the gram girls over here?

This the snap gram bro.

Pete, get on this.

Yo, snap the gram.

I'm trying to tell you,

they think it's done for.

Uh, extra cake.

Hey, everybody.

This is Brian, my boyfriend.

Your what?


What did you say, boyfriend?


We rolling up on this joint.

You, you are the boyfriend?

Talking about your boyfriend,

I'll be judge of that.

Esta, I think I forgot

some gifts upstairs.

Why don't we go

upstairs and get them.

Yes, ma'am.

Now, I'm gonna talk to

you later about this, Esta.

You see this boot on,

walked up in my house?

What's up man?

Walked over here like

you are mute, you talk?

Yes, sir.


Oh, you know what to say.

I bust you homie,

I'll roll up on you.

You're just gonna look

at us like you're stupid,

say something.

No, sir.

Well, what you gonna do?

Say, you're sorry sir.

Increase the pace of your voice.

I'm sorry, sir.

I'm sorry!

Man, welcome home, man.

So, Mr. Brian.

Your name has been popping up

a whole lot around here lately.


Good thing to finally

put a face with that name.


Where you from, son?

Originally from

North Carolina, sir.

But my family moved

here few years back.

Now, you a only child?

No, sir, I have

two older brothers.

Let me ask you this then.

Why are you hanging out with

my niece instead of them?


Excuse me, sir?

It's a question.

He's just messing

with you, man.

I ain't messing with him.

It's a fair question.

Answer the question.

Look, man, the

question is this bro.

How'd you meet my niece?

Where was it though, y'all

are one in class together?


And so what?

Something like that.

I met her at school, she was

studying and doing pep rally,

She was looking good.

So, I don't know.

Hey, watch your mouth,

you little thunder cat.

Respectfully, sir.

So, you play sports or

something, in your little school.

Football, safety.

Oh, well.

Look, football.

He is safe.

He want safety,

don't come across

the middle play.

This boy.

Well look, are you any good?


You take football serious?

That's what you

wanna do, long term?

Not really, it's

more of a pastime.

I actually enjoy tech,

and I plan on majoring

in the stem program.

I wanna work down in

Silicon Valley one day.

Throw that boy.

Silicon Valley?


Smart guy.

Big money.

A tech man.

Well, aren't we impressed.

That's all right man,

there is a lot of

money in tech, man.

So, what school you wanna go to?

I'm going to Norwell

Tech in the fall.

And tech.


So, what you going

down there for?

Camp or something?

No, sir.

To attend full scholarship.



Full Scholarship?

Wait, hold o.n, whoa,

whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What grade are you in, son?

I'm a senior, sir.

Wait, whoa, whoa.

Oh hell no, look at this.

Hold on, son.

Don't you know my baby

is barely 16-years-old,

and you damn near a grown man

and you don't come up at

my house disrespecting me

talking about you

a boyfriend, huh?

I know the optics look bad,

but technically we're

only a year apart.

You better explain it,

'cause we finna put

these paws on you son.

So, when I was in

elementary school,

they thought I was too advanced.

So they put me in AP classes.

I swear on everything.


So, why are you messing

with my daughter, Brian?

Why don't you get somebody

in your own grade, huh?

I mean, why not her?


Are you trying me, man?

- Wow.

- Huh?

No, sir.


That's just no ordinary girl.

She's smart, she's kind,

She's adventurous

and she's real.

She doesn't try to be

anyone else but herself,

and that's somebody I wanna

take home to my family.


Yeah, okay.

Man, I kind of feel that.

I guess you are smart.


And if it's all right

with you, or with you all,

I would like to get

your permission there.

I will approve of it for

now, but I'm watching you son.

We all are.


For sure, all right?

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

Dad, what's going on here?

Just getting acquainted with

your little boyfriend here.


Big time.

Sure about that?

What in the world

is going on here?

That's what I'd like to know.

And who is this?

Mh, I know who this is.

I'm gonna let your

daughter explain who this is.


Well, mom, I just.

Let's get outta here.

I was wondering if we

could talk for a second.

Oh, no, not right now.



I can help you.

Hey, hey, hey, can I talk

to you for a minute outside?

You got one minute.

That's what I

said, one minute.


- Okay, I'll take that.

- Trust.

Okay, it's fine.

All right.

What's up man?

You like to hit?

I mean I hope you

can take a hit.

Hey, gonna feel the

power of the Pete, boy.

What's my name?

Stand up when I'm

talking to you, man.

Look me in the eye.

Why would you salute, man.

We ain't in the army.

The hell are you doing?

What's my name, man.

Uncle Pete, uncle Pete.

Put some bass in your

voice, talk like Mike.

Uncle Pete.

So, you brought me out

here, what do you want?

Wow, I see you're

still miscongeniality.

- Look, I can leave-

- No, no, no, no.

Look, I'm sorry, I

really do come in peace.

You just can't help

yourself, can you?

Oh no, I can't, because

you make it so easy.

Look, I got your easy,

what do you want,

it's cold out here.

I noticed you're

not your normal self,

and I don't wanna overstep.

Which is exactly what people

say right before they do.

I overheard your

phone call last night.

Lisa, why do you fool

with that dude, come on.

Look, you are too smart

and too good of a woman

to allow any man to

talk to you that way.

Oh, you mean the

way you talk to me?

That's okay though, right?

Because we're family.

I gotta accept anything you

give, nobody else, right?

I'm sorry.

Look, I'll be the first to admit

I'm a little hard

on you sometimes.

A little.

But I see so much

potential in you,

and you're not gonna reach

it fooling with that dude.

Look, he's not worth your time,

and I think you

deserve much better.

Look, I know, it's just

crazy how you can lose yourself

in someone to the point where

you just trick your mind

into thinking you can do

better or survive without him.

Lisa, you are a beautiful,

intelligent, stubborn,

anD ambitious woman and any

man would be lucky to have you.

If I wasn't your

brother brother-in-law.

But you are, so, get

that outta your mind.

Of course, that's

what I'm saying,

but just imagine all of

the other men out there

who are just waiting in their

lives for a sh*t with you.

It's gonna happen in time,

but not until you

handle your business.

You know what you

gotta do, right?

Yeah, I know.

Thank you.

Really, thank you.

I have you

back, you know that, right?

Yeah, whatever.

Okay, no, it's cool.

Let's go, can we

go inside please?

You're gonna stop

telling me what to do.

When you loose, I'll be

your problem, come on now.

Thank you.

No problem.

So you did it,

you survived my dad.

And your uncles.

Oh yeah, them too.

I should have warned you.

Yeah, you let me into the

lion's den then with that one.

But I enjoyed it.

You did?


See, I knew it.

It was intense though.

I haven't felt that much

trust since the SATs.

But I get it, they're

just looking out for you.

Question is, did

I pass the test?

Well, I mean, you're still

walking on both your legs,

so, I'd say yeah, you did.


I guess you're right.

I'm hungry, let's go back

inside and get something.

Me too, I'm starving.

And my grandma's

apple pie is no joke.

For real?

For real, for real.

Look, so then he

says, he wants to be in tech.

Yep, that's good.

What's wrong with tech Tim,

what's wrong with being in tech.

What's wrong with that, Pete?

Look, I looked up his stats,

I mean, he's pretty good.

I think with a little

bit of development,

he could make the league.

That's the thing though.

Black men don't have to

aspire to play a sport

just because they're good at it.

Oh, he's right.

It's like people telling you,

do you play basketball

because you're tall?

And he's not tall at all.

I'm just saying, the height.

It's not about me in this

moment, I'm just saying.

Tim, come on.

Listen, Tim you're

so damn political.

- I'm tired of ball.

- In that case,

I can't stand you bro.

Yep, Brian, man.

Look, don't, don't worry

about that one there, okay?

You'll never win one

with that, that's real.

So, miss Marie.


I cannot wait to

taste your apple pie.

The wait is over.

That's why I love

me some of this.

Hey, Pete.

But you'd like

anybody to feed you.

That's true.

That's true, that's

very, very true.

Look, you gotta defend

yourself now, player.


Crazy dude.

Serious moment real quick guys.

I wanna make a toast.

All right.

Because we almost didn't

come together this week.

Um, because of who I wanted.

All right,

that's on me, that's my bad.

But honestly, I'm glad

that all of you made it,

because I love you,

you're my family,

and we're nothing

without family,

we're nothing without love.

So, raise your

glasses and let's pray

that we never have to wait

this long to be together again.

All right, family.


My man.

Church call.


I love y'all, man.

Oh, it's all

back to you brother.

Since we're all here together,

I would like to say family

is love and I love you guys,

but you never apologize

cracking my tooth last year.

Oh, come on man, you

are still talking about that.

Whoa, who, whoa, I already

told you that we're not,

it was the oven, bro.

Why did you change

your name to oven?


Really, really?


Ask her.

You're not gonna come

to your dad's for this?

Right, right.

Those cookies were hard.

Oh, wow.

That's why we needed a break.

Oh, God.

God, oh, wow.

You understand?


No, no, no, I think

my water just broke.

You could still stay.


But ma'am, you

water is right there.

No, young man.

My water just broke.



We got a baby.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what

do you want me to do?

Call an Uber?

No, no, it's

too early now, no.

Call an Uber.

How is she?

She did good.

And you did great.

Oh my God.

I'm just so glad that

you decided to come.

If you're glad?

I'm glad.

Look, I just took

her vitals, okay?

They're good.


Just get off the phone with

her doctor and guess what?

She'll be here first thing in

the morning for a house visit.

How are you even

able to pull that off?

She's my daughter.

Oh my God.

I love you, Dalton.

I love you, thank you.

I know.

You can now go in.

Hey, you okay?

I am so proud of

you, you did amazing.

Well, I couldn't have

done it without you.

This has literally been

the best Christmas ever.

I heard that my son

is here, safe and sound.

You're safe, the whole family

was here to be a part of it.

I'm just filled with joy.

You know, I am

truly, truly blessed.

We're blessed.

Yeah, we are.

We are blessed.

I've been thinking about

what you said last night.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Don't even worry

about that, all right?

Your feelings are valid, okay?

And I don't want you to feel

like I'm forcing

you to do anything.

I don't feel like

you're forcing me.


It's accepted, all right?

But I want you to

know something.

I'm not going anywhere, okay?

And you can do whatever

you want, all right?

As long as I'm here and I'm

with my family, I don't care,

it's the only thing I want.

You mean that?


You're okay with me

doing whatever I want?

Whatever you want.

Okay, then

Ask me.

Come on.

Ask me.

I've been in love with you

since the first time I met you,

and I still feel the

same way to this day.

I will never leave you again.

I love you, Roz.

Will you for a second

time, for the last time,

marry me again?


Yes, I will.

I'll tell you

when I washed up.

I stay good, you understand?

That's what I'm saying.

Hey, man.

That's what it is.

Come on man, can we not take

so much time in between visits?

Why we gotta have a

baby to see each other?

That's what I'm saying

man, it ain't gotta be that.

No way it's like that.

But no, honestly, man,

glad y'all decided to

come, we needed this.

We got your back,

you know that, man.


Here's my question.


What's up with that ring?

Yeah, we saw it.

We saw that ring.

What's up with that?

Got in this treasure hunt,

why he ain't just tell us?

We're your brothers, man.

No secrets amongst us.

What you thought I wasn't

gonna put a ring on it?

That ain't my baby mama,

man, that's my wife.

I get it.

It not that, but you gotta

let us know dawg, come on, man.

It just happened, and

I wasn't really trying

to make a big deal out of it.

It's a big deal,

that's what I'm saying.

So what, y'all

wanna have a big deal,

you want me to have a wedding?


Yeah, let's do it.

Y'all boys just want to

have another bachelor party.

I mean, I'm not saying no.

That's it, cool.

We can have another

wedding, a bachelor party,

whatever y'all wanna do.

Sound like a plan.

Let's do it, man.

Find a thick and

thoughtful girls.

Hey, bro.

She got it all.

Come on now, bring it in man.

I love y'all man.

My brothers, man.

Good seeing you

popping, let's get it.

Let's step, let's do this.

Tell wifey, hey.

She gonna be all right.

If you need anything, man?

Oh, when I call y'all to

babysit, you can come on.

- Well-

- Anything but that.

All right then

I just changed my number.

Call Pete, he's

a great babysitter.

So when I call you

to babysit, pick it up.

Yeah, all right, man.

I just changed my

number, I'm sorry.

Yeah, right.

Of all the places...

Oh, my baby brother.

Look at my grandson.

Popped him out, girl.

Didn't I?

You did good.

I couldn't have done it

without you all pulling

together for me.

Right by my side.



Thank you, love.

Wait, wait, wait a

minute, what is that?

Wait a minute.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Is that a baby fist?

- Yeah.

- Look at that are you...

- Honey, did you...

- Okay.

Oh, shh.


So, last night I was thinking

about my family and about us

and what you said

about dad and mom.

Hmm, honey.

And I thought, why not?

Why not?

Why not?

It's been the

best Christmas ever.

It has.

Family's finally back together

again for real, for real.

For real, for real.

For real.

I love you guys.

Because family is everything.


Oh, look at that baby girl.

You had that Christmas dinner

smelling like,.



What question?

Lisa being Lisa.

Okay, well.


It's been a few years

Since the last

I was with you

Just hanging out

And spending time with you

It's been so long this

day couldn't come too soon

I just wanna be with you

It's another holiday

Take my hand and celebrate

If you hear me

Then I'll say

I'm gonna love you forever

Let's take time

for each other

I knew that you

will always be there

'Cause you're my family

I knew your love

will always stay

Forever and ever and ever

I knew your love

was all I have

Until the end of time

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I knew that you'll

always be there

'Cause you're my family

I knew your love

will always stay

Forever and ever and ever

I knew your love

was all I have

Until the end of time

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Spreading love

on Christmas Day

Show a little

love on Christmas

Time for merry

Time for children

And the ones you love

Spreading love

on Christmas Day

Show a little

love on Christmas

Time for happiness

And be thankful

Only time for love

It's another holiday

Take my hand and celebrate

If you hear me

Then I'll say

I'm gonna love you forever

Let's take some

time for each other

I knew that you

will always be there

'Cause you're my family

I knew your love

will always stay

Forever and ever and ever

I knew your love

was all I have

Until the end of time

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I knew that you'll

always be there

'Cause you're my family

I knew your love

will always stay

Forever and ever and ever

I knew your love

was all I have

Until the end of time

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
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