16x10 - d*ad End

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16x10 - d*ad End

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Previously on
"Criminal Minds: Evolution"...

Hello. I'm David Rossi with the FBI.

May I ask you a few questions?

Who's at our house?

What did you do?

We're in trouble.

- So we need to go, okay?
- Okay.

Elias Voit, V-O-I-T.

I need everything we can get on him.

He works in high-end cryptography.

That's how he's been
able to stay ahead of us

this entire time.

He knows we're getting close,

- and he'll try to slip away again.

Drop it!

- Tyler?!
- [g*n]


- This is where you and I end.

Good luck.

- He's live streaming.
- We see it.

- Dave.
- Help!


Krystall. Thank you

for your love, for your patience.

And I promise this is
the last time we will ever

celebrate our wedding
anniversary in my office.

- ♪ Look at me ♪

- ♪ I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree ♪
- I don't know.

It sounds like your
mouth is writing a check

that your ass can't cash. [LAUGHS]

Unit Chief Rossi.

Who told you?

- Does it matter?
- No.

Okay, look.

Prentiss is accepting a
promotion to be Section Chief.

And she was going to tap
on JJ to be her replacement,

but JJ decided she wants to head up

the New Orleans Field
Office, so it's like this job

just fell into my lap.

- Now, what does that mean? Money?
- No.

It's the world's tiniest violin,

and it's playing just for you.

Okay, alright, look, alright,
but look, honestly, I...

David, I have lost track
of the times that you have

thr*at to retire.

But then I witnessed
firsthand exactly what you do.

And I realized how few
people in this world

know how to do it.

How to stop real monsters.

I'm sorry. I should've told you.

But it doesn't matter now
because I'm going to tell you

the same thing.

Your first, best destiny
is to lead the BAU.

I know who I married.

And I would never want you to feel like

you need to pretend to
be anybody else for me.

So if you want to promise me something,

promise me that.

I promise.

I love you.

I love you too.

♪ On my own ♪

♪ Would I wander through
this wonderland alone? ♪

Our fugitive is Elias Jasper Voit.

He's armed and extremely dangerous.

He's on the run right now
with his immediate family.

His wife, Sydney,

and their two daughters,
Harlow and Holly.

Now, based on our profile,
they do not pose a thr*at.

However, Voit's ability
to manipulate them

could very well put you in danger.

That being said, we
need to take Voit alive

because right now, he's holding

BAU Unit Chief David Rossi
hostage in an unknown location.

Alright, good luck, stay safe.

Penelope's still working
on trying to locate

that IP address for
the link that Voit sent.

GARCIA: Oh! Damn it, damn it, damn it!

These elite cryptography
guys are the worst.

Now, I'm not even sure if I'm tracking

the original link or he's
totally hijacked my trace.

Look, Voit would've
expected us to try that.

WILL: Well, what wouldn't
he expect us to do?

LEWIS: Hey, look, I know it was dark,

and we only caught a glimpse in there,

but does anything stand out to
anybody about this container?

Not really. I was focused on Rossi.

Yeah, me too.

Look, there's no doubt Voit's going to

keep teasing glimpses of Rossi in there.

Penelope, is it possible to
record the feed next time?

Yes, absolutely.

Section Chief Prentiss,
I'm not going to negotiate

with a serial k*ller.

And as much as I want
to see him at the top of

the FBI's "Most Wanted
List," I want to see photos of

his wife and children

in the national media immediately.

Madam Attorney General,
with all due respect,

that course of action will lead to

the highest degree of collateral damage.

If Voit knows he has nothing to lose,

he will k*ll his family
along with David Rossi.

We need to make him believe
that we are willing to negotiate.

But negotiate what exactly?

The one and only thing
that still matters to Voit

is his family, so there is a chance

that he would be willing to entertain

the possibility of releasing them.

His freedom for their freedom?

That's a non-starter.

PRENTISS: I understand.

The thing is, we're not going
to follow through with that.

The act of negotiating
will buy the BAU team

the time it needs to locate
and rescue David Rossi.

I have a suggestion.

For the time being, why
don't we limit the scope

of our "All Points Bulletin" to

local law enforcement and border patrol?

That way, when Voit does
reach out again, it will,

at the very least, provide
the BAU with some wiggle room.

Hmm. Alright.

- Alright.
- Thank you, ma'am.

Ms. Wilson, please stay behind.


- I'm going to go get my backpack.
- Go ahead.

Come on, come on.

- SYDNEY: Holly!

Seriously? [GASPS]

What did I tell you
about using your phone?

Dad, it's really important.

Holly, you have to listen to me.

I know, but this paper is
due today, and if I'm late...

Just... none of that matters, okay?

I'll explain to your teacher
when the time is right.

- Dad!
- It's just a phone.

I'll get you another one, but right now,

I need you to help me
keep this family safe.

Do you understand?

What's going on?

It's complicated.

But if we're smart,
we'll get through it.

Just go inside and help your
mom and sister get settled.




Hey, the link's live.

I know what you're doing, Lee.

You're using me as a
bargaining chip, but it's not...

ELIAS: Hello.

I need to speak to the Deputy Director,

Douglas Bailey.

- I'm Emily Prentiss, Section Chief.
- No.

I talk to the Deputy Director
in the next five minutes,

or you can tell him
that he can just throw

another press conference
to explain why he let

one of his agents die when
he could've saved his life.



ROSSI: "Man cannot
possess anything as long

as he fears death.

But to him who does not
fear it, everything belongs."

Leo Tolstoy.

BAILEY: It doesn't make sense. Why me?

Why not the Director himself?

Voit picked you because
you made yourself the face

of the Sicarius investigation
and you screwed up.

I didn't screw up.

You didn't set the record
straight that Benjamin Reeves

was not Sicarius, and
now Voit wants to exploit

that to his own advantage.

Clarifying that Reeves
was not Sicarius...

Look, I am just telling
you the cold, hard truth.

Voit is a profiler, and
he has been studying you.

Well, if it makes you feel any better,

there's not much he can get
out of trying to manipulate me.

I'm not authorized to
give him a damn thing.

Voit knows that.

So there must be some other
angle he wants to play.

With Rossi's life
hanging in the balance.

PRENTISS: Are you ready?

He's opened up a communications link.

All you have to do is unmute.

If you can't do this, just tell us.

- [BEEP]
- This is Deputy Director Bailey.

Hey, Doug, you ready to make a deal?

Let me cut to the chase.

As you and I speak,

there's a nationwide BOLO
issued to local police

and border control.

That's correct.

Rescind it.

But how about this?

Only for hours.

After that, you'll never hear
from me or my family again.

And what about Agent Rossi?

- Then he'll be all yours again.
- [BEEP]

Ask for his family.

- What?
- Sydney and the girls.

He has to release them, too.

He agrees to that, then
you rescind the BOLO.

I can't rescind the BOLO.

- You tell him that.
- [BEEP]

What about your family?

What about my family?

- [BEEP]
- He will k*ll his family

before he lets them
learn the truth about him.

Okay, and?

And so you need to make
him see that there's

a way to keep them
safe... by letting them go.


Elias, it's my
responsibility to make sure

no one else gets hurt here.

Then do what I say, and no one will.

Listen to me. You can
survive on your own.

Leave your family.

You and I both know
it is only going to be

a matter of time before
Sydney and the girls

learn the truth about
you, and when that happens,

you will have no
choice but to k*ll them.

Shut up! Listen to me now.

I know you're not the man in charge,

but you're definitely the
one who likes the gold star.

You hear me?

So if I don't see that BOLO
lifted in the next hours,

- David Rossi's a d*ad man.

Did I just get Rossi k*lled?

No, no, I don't think so.

But you got under Voit's skin.

That's a good thing.

And hopefully not too
much of a bad thing.

- I know what you're doing, Lee.

ELIAS: Hello. I need to
speak to the Deputy Director,

- Douglas Bailey.
- It's not gonna work.

Okay, we got to shut this bozo up.

So, I have two audio channels.

Can we hear what Rossi's saying?

- Yeah, we should be able to.

You're using me as a bargaining chip,

but it's not going to work.

There is no negotiation.

Can you pause it?

- If Rossi is anticipating

Voit showing him off down there...

Then he's going to try
to talk to you guys, too.

Exactly. In coded language.

- JENNIFER: Wait, he hears something.


Is this what's supposed to happen?

I die in a flash flood down here?

Flash flood.

I realize that Voit could
have these containers

buried all over the
place, but let's just say,

for the moment, that this one is

conveniently located
for both the abduction

Ramona Havener in Indio, California,

as well as for Rossi, who's
in Yakima County, Washington.

Okay, and if we assume
that it's a full t*nk of gas

away from both locations,
then that would put

the search area roughly
beginning where those two

travel radiuses come together.

And we can get a bit more
specific than that because

it is raining there right
now at this very moment.

It's raining from Arcata to Redding.

It's a big search
area, but it's a start.

Alright, look, why don't
Penelope and I coordinate from

here and you guys go ahead...

Wheels up.

- Everything that you know?
- Yes.

- Well?
- He knows about Gold Star.

How is that possible?

I don't know.

God damn it!

So, Ms. Wilson, what are my legal

and extralegal options here?

Legally speaking, you let him go.

It'll be the safest way to
keep this matter contained.

Extralegally speaking?

There is an implied order of

"terminate with extreme prejudice."

And Agent Rossi and Voit's family?

Their deaths would be
chalked up to acceptable,

if not necessary, losses.

Yes, unavoidable collateral damage.

They would see through it.

The BAU.

And if they were to end
up losing David Rossi,

they would never stop
searching for the reason why.

And that's the part
they're pretty damn good at,

the why part.

But, Madam Attorney General,
if I'm being reassigned

to Sacramento, why would
you bring me in here

as an adviser unless you think...

I think implied orders
need to come from somewhere.

So, of course, your
current status positions you

to be the one who may find
herself falling on my sword

if we choose to go the extralegal route.

But fortunately, I do
believe we need to stay within

the four corners of the law here.

So this is what we're
going to tell the BAU.



Yes, this is she. [GASPS]

Y... Yes. Um...

I appreciate that.

Uh-huh. Thank you.

Okay, goodbye.

What was that about?

Tyler's going into surgery. Now.

Luke, I don't... I
don't think that I can...

I can't keep going.


- It's going to be all right.
- No, no.

I have never... W...
What's happening with David

and then Tyler, they
just called and said

that he might not...

And I can't shake this feeling.

Oh, my God, what if they both die?


I don't know. Just...

Maybe if we lean on each other,

we'll have the strength to
get through this together.

Yeah. We can do that.

I want to do that.

I want to do that because they need us.

They do. Okay?


Me and you.

- Me and you.
- Okay.

- Okay. We can do this.
- Have some... Have some tea.

- I will.
- It's hot.


What is all this?

This is our witness protection program.

Claire Lennox? This looks real.

For all intents and purposes, it is.

How did you get these?

- I made them.
- How?

It's not as hard as you think.

I got involved with some bad people

that have connections to the government.

I'm talking to a lawyer
to get us out of it,

but it's going to take some time.

- Are you sure we're safe here?
- Yeah.

Wasn't it your old
boss who suggested that

- we vacation in this place?
- No. No.

Iwas going to suggest it to him.

Remember? Th... That's what I
told you, 'cause I know the owner.

He knew my mother really well. [SIGHS]

We're going to be okay.

You just have to trust me.


I know this is very confusing.

- I'm scared, Mommy.
- I know.

Why won't you tell us everything?

There's only so much I know.

But your dad knows how to keep us safe.

- Does he?
- Holly.

I mean, he has been acting really weird.

He is. And I don't get it.

You totally kicked him out of the house

to get his shit together.

But now you're cool.

Even if he's involved with
like a cartel or something?

Okay, your father and
I have been through

a lot recently, mostly
because he hasn't been

totally honest with me or you.

But his heart is in the right place.

And right now, he needs our support.

We're going to get through this.

I promise.

Now, go unpack the kitchen for me.



Lee, you just can't help it now?

You're getting sloppy.

I know you think I'm an old dog,

but I've learned a lot of new tricks.

- What was that?
- What a hero.

I think Dave figured out how
to mess with Voit's system.

- Were you recording it?
- You bet I was.

Let's patch in Tara and Emily.

I know you think time
is running out for me,

but it's running out for you.

Because, Lee, you
thought you could bury me

in the same place you
k*lled your old self.

But bodies often find
a way to the surface.

So when my team hunts you down,
I want you to know why you will

never outrun Lee Duval, even
though that's why you k*lled

your Uncle Cyrus and why you're
going to k*ll your family.

You are what you are, always will be.

So, whether I live or die...

... you remember what I said.


Well, Marine Sergeant Major
Rossi, this better work.


Penelope Garcia has been monitoring

the video link that Voit sent us.

She now believes that Rossi has disabled

Voit's communications with
the shipping container.

Why would he do that?

Knowing Dave, I suspect he's
figured out his own escape plan.

But even if he were to
get out of the container,

he'll probably find himself
in the middle of nowhere.

No question we still need to find him,

but the best way to do that
is by tracking down Voit.

Based on your profile,
the Attorney General

doesn't want any blood on

the administration's hands, so...

So now we are prepared to
let him and his family go.

- Let him go?
- It's the safest course of action.

And we're confident
both Canada and Mexico

can and will extradite
him when the time comes.

Wait, wait, wait.

There's something going on here.

What am I missing?

- Politics.
- Ms. Wilson.

That's what's going on.

Let's be real.

We're at a - split in this country.

Any mistake by the
Department of Justice can

and will be w*apon
by one side or the other.

We cannot afford another Ruby Ridge.

Certainly not on our watch.

- So we do nothing?
- No.

When Voit makes contact
again, we will tell him...

Iwill tell him that the
BOLO has been rescinded.

Once he and his family are safe,
he'll tell us where Rossi is.

What makes you think
Voit will keep his word?

Well, it's like you
said. He's profiled me.

Which means giving me Rossi's location

is going to be the easy part.

Because it's seeing me
struggle with getting

Rossi out of that container
alive that's going to be

the f*ck-you part for him.

So I do hope you're right

about Rossi getting
himself out of there.

Listen, I've been replaying
this recording of Rossi

over and over again,
and I keep thinking that

I'm missing something
he's trying to tell us.

Yes, my spidey sense
says the same thing.

I know that Rossi is trying
to get under Voit's skin,

but I'm starting to
think that calling him

Lee is for us as much as it is for him.

How's that?

You think he's trying
to say that maybe Voit

isn't Voit anymore,
that he's reverting back

to the patterns and
behaviors of his past?

His past as Lee Duval.

Which might mean that Rossi suspects

he'd unconsciously
seek out a hiding place,

a safe house where Lee Duval
would've been as comfortable

then as Voit and his
family would be now.

Okay, I... Here's the thing.

I have done background
searches on Elias Voit

and Lee Duval all over
the Pacific Northwest,

and I've come up with
a huge amount of zilch.

Have you... Have you tried
any surviving relatives

on his mother or his father's side?

- I'll give that a sh*t.



God damn it!

WOMAN: So you really
gonna give this jag-off

the satisfaction, huh?

- Krystall.
- David.

I've missed you so much.

I missed you, too.

I'm sorry. I... I... I wasn't able

to be there when they
lowered you into the ground.

I know, I know.

It wasn't fair.

We were just getting started.

Yes, we were.

I've tried to carry on without you,

but it's not the same.

It'll never be the same. Ever.

But the truth is, I'm
not afraid anymore.

I'm ready to join you.

Part of why I love you,
Dave, is because you can be

a stubborn jackass sometimes.

But I have never, ever seen you quit.

It's just never been in your nature.

Until now.

What are you talking about?

Join me?

You're giving up.

Giving up? I'm buried alive.

I... I... I'm running
out of air, I don't have

the physical strength to
dig myself out of here,

so it's not about how
I feel about myself.

It's a fact.

I'm going to die down here. Alone.

And all I can hope is
that I didn't die in vain.

I think I found something.

So, Lee Duval's
mother's name was Teresa.

It turns out she's Cyrus' half-sister,

so her maiden name is Lennox.

Now, stay with me.

The Lennox family owned
property in Burney, California,

which has been in trust for many years,

but what woke me up is
that the original trustee

is a lawyer named Jasper
Voit, who, according to

local records, was
k*lled in a car accident

along with his son
Elias in June of .

That's the last year we have any records

for Lee Duval anywhere.

And the first year of any
record of an Elias Voit

in the Seattle area.

Who's the trustee now?

Someone named David Lennox,

but I'm having a hard time finding him.

Sounds to me like
another alias for Voit.

ALVES: But, you know, JJ
and Will are only an hour

from that property in Burney.

- They can check out.
- Hold on.

If you're correct about that location,

I'll need to be there.

- To negotiate Voit's surrender.
- His surrender?

I thought you were
considering letting him go.

W... We're not letting him
go. If he's there, we take him.

Look, there's not enough
time for you to get out there.

Just authorize JJ to negotiate
on the Bureau's behalf.

No. I've already conferred

with the Attorney
General and the Director.

Nothing happens until I get there.

- Is that clear?
- Crystal.


ELIAS: Hey, morning. How'd you sleep?

Not great.

Girls, breakfast!

Uh, I have to ask you about something.

Yeah. First, you got to try these eggs.

I'm not hungry.

Harlow, Holly, breakfast!

Um, girls, can you give
me and your dad a minute?


I was unpacking and
I saw some dog collar

from a dog named Moose.


Moose. Yes, yes, that was my boss' dog.

He died a few weeks ago.

Why do you have his collar?

Why does it matter?

- It matters because I don't trust you.
- What?

That agent said you're a "psychopath."

That doesn't make any sense to me,

but I need to know exactly
why we are on the run

like we're criminals.

Sydney, calm down.

I'm... Just tell me the truth!

No, I will tell you what
I tell you when I want to

f*cking tell you and then
you will do what I tell you!

Do you understand that?!



Daddy, no!

Oh, damn it, Sydney. What did you do?

Alright, get in the bedroom.

- What?
- The bedroom. Go.

Go. Just stay in here.

Bingo. Family vehicle out front.

I'll head up there.

Deputy Director, you
can't just walk up there

and knock on the door.

We need to set a perimeter
and surveil the house.

We've had firsthand
experience with Voit's skill

at making improvised expl*sives.

There's no telling
what he might've rigged

around this property.

I appreciate your tactical concerns,

but what you don't
realize is I'm his way out.

This is no time for being a hero.

Establish your tactical positions.

I'll take care of Voit.

Who did you call?

I didn't call anybody.

Then who's outside?

- Is it the police?
- I don't know.

Yeah, I hope so, baby.

- ELIAS: Well played, Deputy Director.

I see you called in the cavalry.

Do I need to remind you
that Agent Rossi's fate

is still in my hands?

We know you've lost
contact with the container,

and I imagine by now
Agent Rossi has escaped.

Oh, but the Deputy
Director would like to

- talk to you in person.



Gold star indeed.

Aren't you going to invite me in?

PRENTISS: Luke, what's your status?

Voit just lowered his g*n
and let Bailey walk right in.

And Bailey's radio is off.

Are we sure Bailey and this cat Voit

don't have some history together?

I mean, certainly none that I can find.

I don't think this is about
them knowing each other so much

as it may be about a
secret they both share.

Wait, a secret between
the second highest official

in the FBI and a serial k*ller?

I know, it's
inconceivable, but I did see

Bailey discussing some kind of strategy

with the Attorney General and Rebecca.

- Rebecca?
- Yes.

That is when I learned
they were prepared to let

Voit flee the country with his family.

But what about Dave?

Bailey was confident
he could convince Voit

to tell us where he is.

ALVEZ: I don't think so.

If Bailey thinks that
this is bigger than Voit,

do we really think he's
going to sacrifice Rossi

for national security?

I say we at least try
to get the wife and kids

- out of there.
- Copy that.

- I'm not wearing a wire.
- I know.

- You know why I'm here, personally.
- I do.

How do we fix this?

That depends.

Okay. We're going to go out the window.

Harlow, you're going to go first, okay?

I have eyes on Sydney Voit.

Back room, double window.

I'll cover you.

She's got the girls with her.

We can get them out through the window.

Okay, come on.


The Attorney General has
granted me full authority

- in this matter.
- Of course, because by my math,

there's only two people
who know about it.

- Only you and me.
- [g*n]



- Go!
- [g*n]


Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm good.
- Are you hit?

- Yeah, I'm all right, though.
- [g*n]

Cease f*re! Cease f*re!

[g*n CLICKS]

Drop the g*n!

- Drop the g*n.
- [g*n CLATTERS]

I have the right to remain silent.

Anything I say can and
will be used against me

in a court of law.

I have the right to an attorney.


- Rebecca.
- I'm sorry, I can't talk right now.

Douglas Bailey is d*ad.

- What?
- Voit sh*t him.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Uh, listen.

Emily told me what
happened with the A.G.

And now we got Voit in custody.

He's refusing to speak to
anyone but the A.G. herself.

And we're starting to think
that Rossi may not have

made it out of that container,
so you need to tell me

what the hell is going on here.

Because if you don't,
I'm pretty sure we have

no chance of saving him.

I feel for you.

I honestly do, but they're going...

What the hell is Gold Star?

When Voit first spoke to
Bailey, he threw away some line

about Bailey being the
kind of guy who liked

to get the gold star.

Bailey reacted to it like
it was coded language.

What does it mean?

All I can say is there are issues within

the D.O.J. that I cannot and
will not talk to you about.

Even to save Rossi's life?

Don't you dare put that on me.

I didn't ask for any of this.

This guy kills the Deputy Director

in cold blood, and he
thinks he can just speak

to the Attorney General?

Whether he thinks he
can talk to her or not,

he's invoked, so he's not talking to us.

What about his burner phone?

[SIGHS] I... I ran that burner's O.S.

through decryption software.

It detected my intrusion and...

It took everything I had
to keep that encrypted data

from not self-deleting.

It... It's gonna take
me weeks to retrieve it.

Does anyone have any idea how long Dave

can survive down there?

Hopefully long enough
for us to find him.

There may be one person who
can talk to Voit right now.

The same person

who could persuade him
to tell us where Rossi is.

When they were bringing me in here,

I passed one of those boards.

July , .

That was two days
before Harlow was born.

Two days before our daughter
was born, and he was...

- Sydney.
- I feel so stupid.

And I can see from your face you can't

believe I didn't see the signs.

- None of this is your fault.
- Isn't it?

All the late nights and...
and the traveling and the...

[SIGHS] The distance
and him shutting down.

I thought it was just Elias being Elias.

I had no idea he was capable of...

We are prepared to put
you and your daughters

in witness protection.

We also intend on
prosecuting all the crimes

under his birth name,
Lee Duval, not Elias Voit.

Which should give you and your girls

a chance at a real life.

But, Sydney, we need your help.

David Rossi is still being
held hostage somewhere,

and we don't have much time left.

You are the only person
Elias might talk to.

Just the thought of
seeing him makes me sick.

I... I know.


I'm sorry I hurt you.


This is what you want to talk about?

No. It's not.

I know you want a "why."

And I wish I had one.

I need you to know that
I did everything possible

to protect you and the girls.

I never wanted the three people
I loved to see this part of me.

So you would rather k*ll us than have us

learn that you were a serial k*ller.

The FBI tell you about
witness protection,

about how they're
going to prosecute me as

Lee Duval instead of Elias Voit?

About how that will
give you and the girls

a chance at a normal life?

That's bullshit, Sydney.

No matter what, everyone's going to know

that you were married to me.

Everyone's going to know
that you bore my children.

And somehow you had no
idea what I was doing.

So this next part...

This next part's going
to be a living hell.

I'm sorry.

I came here to ask you,
where is Agent Rossi?

He tried to save our family.

He doesn't matter.

Does years matter?

Two children matter?

All those days and nights together?

How do you expect me
to believe one moment

of that was real, that
you had genuine love

for me, for Holly, for Harlow?


Show me that you're
capable of real feeling.

Show me that you're
not just some sociopath

who can mimic human emotions,
that our marriage was more

than just some elaborate alibi.

Tell me, where is David Rossi?



Take my hand.

- Dance with me.

They're playing our song.

From when we first met.

Do you believe there's
a plan for each of us?

- I do.
- So what happened to me

is part of that plan, don't you think?

- I hope so.
- Hope?

I... I still feel like
I missed something.

Like I could've or should've
done something sooner.

That might've saved you.

Saved me from my destiny?

Saved you from myself.

Given me a little more time with you.

I feel like when we try
to impose our own will,

our own selfish will on things
that are out of our control,

we can get into trouble.

Don't you think your
giving up at this time

is you just trying to
impose your own selfish will?


You never dealt honestly
with your grief over my death,

and now you're surrendering to it.

What are you talking about?

You've lost faith in your team.

- That's not true.
- Prove it.

You're their leader.

Never stop fighting.

♪ Only one for me ♪

♪ And if you think you could ♪

♪ Well, chances are your
chances are awfully good ♪

- But it's my time.
- Yes, David.

- It's your time to live.

Dave! Dave!

I'm here! I'm alive!

- Is this heaven?

No. Heaven doesn't have plastic

or hospital gowns, or hospitals.

No offense to the healers
in this wonderful place.

That's a bummer.

I was hoping if I died,
then maybe there'd be

some kind of loophole
where I could somehow

be with you and... [INHALES DEEPLY]

... without the never-ending
guilt for the dumb thing I did.


Let's try dangerous and
boundary-breaking and...

You... tore my trust asunder, sir.


I'm sorry.

I really am.

I know. I know you are.

And I know why you did it.

And I know that there
is a parallel reality

somewhere where this
is just a bump and...

and we live deliciously ever
after. But, um...

Then there's this world.

♪ Growing distant ♪

Where we keep hurting each other.

♪ Could you listen? ♪

Or... where I keep hurting you.


And I can't let that happen.

I... I like you too much.

too much to participate in that.

I've done a lot of work
on myself to make sure

I'm not that person anymore.

♪ But please don't get it twisted ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm over and out ♪

♪ You stay on my mind for too long ♪

♪ And I'm over and out ♪

I hope you have just...

the most wonderful rest of your life.

♪ I won't let it hurt me anyway ♪

♪ But please don't get it twisted ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm over and out ♪

♪ You stay on my mind for too long ♪

♪ And I'm over and out ♪


- Come here, you.

- Thank God.


It was a gorgeous service.

Emily, your eulogy was beautiful.

Thank you.

I honestly don't know
how you found the words.

Yeah, I saw Bailey's dad
go up to you afterwards.

How'd that go?


Despite whatever he thinks
about the government,

he just needed to know his
oldest child gave his life

for something good.

I know I was tough on the guy.

But at the end of the day,
he was a comrade-in-arms

and died in the line of duty.

To Doug Bailey. Godspeed.

- How you doing?
- Mm.

I'm... mad, and I'm sad and I... Oh.

I fell into patterns
that I promised myself

I wouldn't fall back into, but I did.

I guess, if people didn't,

- we might all be out of a job, right?
- Yeah.

But I... I did catch myself,
and I did course-correct.

[SIGHS] What's that thing... Oh.

What's that thing that
Emily Dickinson says?

"The heart wants what it
wants, or else it doesn't care."

You know Emily Dickinson?

[STAMMERS] I know that quote.


- I have a confession to make.
- Yeah? What's that?

I liked it a lot better
when I didn't have to see you

- in the line of f*re.
- Really?

I thought we were a
pretty good team out there.

Yeah. Well, next time, don't get sh*t.

Next time?

What did the A.G. have to say?

You mean besides insinuating
that my criticisms of the way

Bailey handled the
Sicarius investigation

were what really pressured
him into taking matters

into his own hands?

- You're kidding me.
- Oh, I wish I was.

Wow, talk about deflection.

Yeah, that's what I said to her.

Then she kicked me out of her office.

Ladies, I don't mean to intrude,

but you guys look like
you're still on the clock.

No. Sorry, it's... We're
just trying to understand

what happened out there with Bailey.

Well, from what I read in
the After-Action Report,

I'd say, unfortunately,
his ego got the best of him.

Yeah, I mean, that's
definitely part of it.

Okay, what was not in the report?

Gold Star.


It's clear.


- Floor is clear.

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