02x12 - The Hope Devourer

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Legend of Vox Machina". Aired: January 25, 2022 –; present.
A band of eight unlikely heroes, find themselves on a quest to save the realm of Exandria from dark magical forces.
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02x12 - The Hope Devourer

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[Scanlan] "And though
it was mainly the brave

Scanlan Shorthalt who slayed
the dreaded dragon Umbrasyl

and freed the city of Westruun
from its tyranny,

the rest of Vox Machina
also contributed

in minor yet unspecific ways.

The end."

Ooh, read it again,

Can you, please?

The dragon part was so scary.

So scary.

Oh, I-I don't know.

It's, it's almost time for bed.

What does your mother say?

[Kaylie] Well, all right.

Maybe one more story.

[kids] Yay!

Then off to bed with ye.

[chuckles] All right.
Gather round, kids.

You're about to hear
how I single-handedly

led Vox Machina
through the ancient mines

of Kraghammer.

Uh, wait. What?

"Wake up"? I, uh...

[Vax's voice] Scanlan, come on,
man. Open your eyes.

[Vax's voice] Come on,
Shorthalt, please!


[Vax's voice] You have
to wake up!

[Vax] Aw, f*ck it.

[cries out]

Vax! What in the hell?
I was having the best dream.

Well, welcome back
to your worst nightmare.

Huh? Oh.

Oh, shit.



♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

[Grog shouting]

[Pike] That was their plan?

Go up its ass?

Well, we are talking
about Scanlan.

This is disastrous.

We'd need a sky ship
to catch them.

Or maybe we don't.

Ready, Kiki?

Let's fly.


Damn it, that thing can move.

- [Percy] Steady, Keyleth.
- [Pike] sh**t it now.

[Percy] I don't have
a clean sh*t.

Faster, Keyleth.
We're losing them.

[Percy] Hang on, Grog.


[shouts, grunts]

It'll take more than that
to shake me.

That's right, f*ck.
What else you got?


[pained grunting]

Oh, shit.



[Grog screams]


What do we do, go back
through its ass?

Too much acid.

The blade wound.

But there's no way
we'll squeeze through that.

Then we'll just have
to make a bigger hole.



Give me back my friends!



Die! [roars]


Oh, no. Hang on, buddies.

[Vex] He's too far.
We'll never make it.


Come on, Grog,
do something smart.

Think, think, think!

Ooh. Oh, yeah.


Buddies, I'm coming!


[Grog groaning]

Hang on, Grog.
Hang on.


Ah, damn it,
this will take forever.

[whimpers] Oh, why does it
always have to be f*cking acid?!



Long way down.
Can you, uh...

Yep. Got it.

Nice fisting back there.

- Years of practice.
- Huh?

- [Umbrasyl] Insects.
- [Vax] Oh, no.


[grunts] Scanlan!


I need you.

Your champion needs you.

I'm in your hands.

And I am no longer afraid.




W... wings?

Oh, man, I am so in love
with you right now.

[Pike and Grog grunting]

[Pike] I can't finish.

I'm sorry, buddies.

Oh, it's okay, Pikey.

[straining] I'm feeling
way better.

- [bone cracks]
- [high-pitched wailing]

- Easy, easy.
- [groaning]

- [wings beating]
- [gasps]

Wow, Vax.

Y-You're so beautiful.

I have a broom,
and you get f*cking wings.

- How?
- Leap of faith.

Uh, I saw...

Holy shit. Grog.


- Hey, I-I-I got...
- You got me?

[sighs] Thanks, Scanlan.


- Did we k*ll the dragon?
- [Percy] Afraid not.

He's headed into that mountain.

We need to hurry.

Hurry? Are you kidding?

Grog's a mess, Pike's done,

and it's got Mythcarver.

He's got a point.

The odds aren't good.

We did chase it out of Westruun.
Maybe that's enough.

We tore through its stomach
and didn't even slow it down.

That was your idea.

And it failed.

Why push our luck?

- There's no such thing as luck.
- What?

We've all had our moments
where we want to walk away,

but this can't be one of them.

Look, I know we're hurt,

but so is Umbrasyl.

- Right now is our best chance.
- [grunts]



[Scanlan] Yup.

We're d*ad.

- Umbrasyl.
- Thordak.

You have what I need
for the emergence.

Where is my gold?

Apologies, my king.

Umbrasyl, what happened?

- An ambush.
- And the other vestiges?

Are on their way to us.

The fools are bringing them
here willingly.

But how will you defeat them?
We should flee.

You're injured.

Am I?



Once they're d*ad,

we'll have all
the vestiges we need.

[Vex] Another ominous
mountain lair.

[Keyleth] Why are dragons
like this?

If only we had eyes
on the inside.

I'll go. I'm fast as hell
in this armor.

Alone? Are you sure, brother?

Now is not the time
for cowardice.


I'll be back in a flash.

Vax, wait.


Remember, the safe word
is "chenga."


Hey, you all right, Scanlan?

She called me a coward, too.

She said I ran away
from everything.

I just...

I don't want to let her down
anymore, you know?

Let who down?

- My daughter.
- Kaylie?

If you don't want
to let her down anymore,

then don't.

Sounds easy.

It's not,
but nothing worth it ever is.

[acid sizzles]


Where are you,
you sneaky bastard?

Ah, you've come
to deliver a vestige.

How generous.

Actually, I was just leaving.

[Umbrasyl] Not fast enough.



[Umbrasyl laughs]

Pathetic hatchling.

I'll peel that armor off
your mangled corpse.



Yep, still broken.

I don't like it.
Something's happened.

You'd feel it
if Vax were in trouble, right?

I would, but I don't feel...


[Pike] Then get in there.

I'll stay with Grog.

We're splitting the party?

[exhales sharply]

[Scanlan] Wait up!

[pained groans]

[Umbrasyl growls]

Your armor is mine now,
little raven.



Drop him.

Another vestige
for my collection.

- He's gone.
- [gasps]

Shit. Not again.

[low growling]

- Eyes up!
- [Umbrasyl roars]

[crying out]




- [Percy] I've got you, Vax.
- [snarling]

[cries out]

[Vex] Percy!



[Percy] Vex!


I've got you.



[Keyleth shrieks]

Thanks for the lift.

Get us the f*ck out of here now.

Down here.
There's a way out.

[Vex] It's gonna be close.


[all crying out]




It's okay.
You're safe now.

[Umbrasyl's roar echoes]

[violent thud]

- Sort of.
- Okay, we got Vax,

now let's slip out
the back door.

We're not running.

How many times
do I have to say this?

We can't win.

He makes an excellent point.

[Keyleth] Okay, what if we leave
and come back with help?

[Vax] No, damn it,
we'd never return in time.

[Umbrasyl] There you are.

Don't you people see?

If the Matron has
shown me anything,

it's that fate is real.

Keyleth's people,
Grog's herd, our father.

You think that was all chance?

We're supposed to be here.

You are supposed to be here.

Screw your Matron!

She doesn't control
my destiny.

No, Scanlan, you do.

And you can run from it,
or you can rise to meet it.

[Kaylie] What do you care?

For all the wrong
you've done in your life,

you'd have to do
a hell of a lot right.

Vax, I...

[Umbrasyl roars]

Your relics led me
right to you.

[crying out]


[Vex] Percy!


f*ck' hell!

[pained groan]

[Vex] Fenthras.

Let us end this charade,
shall we?


[chuckles] Look at you.

Hardly a snack.

Why don't you chew on me,
f*ck bucket?


Aw, what a dick.

[Umbrasyl] Those knuckles
will be mine.

[Keyleth] Grog!


[Keyleth] Little help?

One thing I learned
in this life:

no one comes back
to save you.

So what are you
prepared to do?

Okay, come on, Scan,

you gotta gnome up
for the team,

for Kaylie,
for your imaginary grandkids.

[cries out]



Nope, screw that.

- [Vex cries out]
- [Vax] Sister!

[Kaylie] From all I've heard,
it figures you'd run.


[Umbrasyl] That was a mistake.




[crying out]

- [laughing]
- Grog!

[crying out]

We can't b*at him.

This mountain will be your tomb.


[grunts] If it's our fate,
so be it.

I owe you my thanks,

for you have given me
three Vestiges of Divergence.

[Scanlan] Two!


This one's mine.

No! [growls]


[roaring in pain]

[musical shout]

Wait, where's Scanlan?

[Pike] Oh, no.

[Grog] Vax, give me a hand.


[Pike] Come on. Come on!

Oh, God. No...

Pike, can't you...


You did it.

You might not have known
what you could do,

but I always did.

[quietly] Your daughter
would have been proud.

[Scanlan] [imitating Pike] And
I'm in love

with you, too, Scanlan.

Wait, you're alive,

Heh-heh. Oops.

- Oh, you're okay.
- [others babble in relief]

[Keyleth] Don't do that again.


[Scanlan] Uh, what's that glow?

- [Pike] Whoa.
- [Grog] Whoa.

[Vex] f*cking finally,
an actual hoard.

[Pike] We can use this,
no question.

Oh! Mine.

The hell?
You got the vestige,

now you get the magic key?

I k*lled the dragon,
didn't I?

I should get all
the f*ck' magic keys.

[Keyleth] Wait, what?
Wait a second.

Grog and I helped out a lot.

[Grog] Yeah, that's right.
We all precipitated.

[all talking at once]

♪ ♪

[Keyleth] Well, where to now?

We have to let the people know

that hope is not lost.

The Chroma Conclave
isn't invincible.

- [Grog groans]
- [Vex] Easy now.

[Pike] Yeah, take it slow.

Fate, huh?

I thought you'd run
back there.

I almost did.
But then I realized

even if I don't believe
in that Matron stuff...

you do.

And I believe in you.

[Cassandra] Destiny,
she can surprise you.

Lift you up,
highlight your strength.

Or she can ruin
your confidence,

reveal your faults,

make you question your purpose.

Destiny is a bit of
an assh*le, really.

But some of us, a lucky few,

can seize control of Destiny,

and bend it toward the good,

the fair, the just.

Those like my brother
and our friends.

So to honor their sacrifice,

and g*dd*mn stubbornness,

I raise a glass
to Vox Machina.

- Yeah! [laughs]
- [Percy] Cheers.

- Cheers.
- [Keyleth] Whoo-hoo!


One down, three to go.

Yeah, the three
toughest dragons.

Thordak alone couldn't
even be contained

by an entire dimension.

Even the Cinder King has
his weaknesses.

You know of this dragon,
Keeper Yennen?

I do.

Before I continue,
hear my words.

[echoing] Think before you act.

Understand that not all

is as it seems.

She's taken Yennen's form.
She's a dra...

- [Vax] Shit. Shaun!
- [Vex] Allura!

- [Percy] Cass? - Allura?
- [Pike] No!

More than a mere dragon,
I think.

A member of the Chroma Conclave.


What have you done to them?

I had to get your attention,
and a private conversation

is so hard to come by
these days.

- [knife clangs]
- Ugh.

Mind your manners.

You needn't worry
about your sleeping friends.

They needed the rest.

I come to you as an ally.

To stop Thordak, you'll need
more than those vestiges.

You'll need help.

And why should we listen
to you?

You can't even sense me,

I could have slain you all
the moment you entered

this chamber.

Believe me when I say

I hate Thordak
as much as you.

Go on.

Thordak is becoming irrational,

He is intent on stripping
Tal'Dorei of its gold,

but not to satisfy his greed.

For another purpose.

What purpose?

Vorugal, what news do you bring?

Umbrasyl has been felled
by the vestige bearers,

my king.

It won't be long before
they come for us.


Let them.
A new army awaits.

An army that will soon
inherit this world

and bring glory
to the Chroma Conclave.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

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