01x07 - The Future of the Sport

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Poker Face". Aired: January 26, 2023 - present.
A mystery-of-the-week series following Charlie Cale, who has an extraordinary ability to determine when someone is lying.
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01x07 - The Future of the Sport

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♪ ♪





Welcome, everyone,

to Peach Tree Speedway,

where today's race is
crucial in determining

this year's Late Model champion.

Will it be the brash
newcomer and points leader

Davis McDowell?


Or the veteran Keith
Owens, in his final season,

just five points back in second place?


The youngster McDowell
has been giving Owens

more than he can handle.

There is certainly no love lost

between these two drivers.

Owens has got a lot to live up to.

His father and his grandfather
were both racing legends.

He has got to be feeling
the weight of that legacy

on his shoulders right now.

Drivers, start your engines.


and steady, partner,

just like we talked about.

Don't worry about that little shit.

Just race your race.




ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,

the field is stacking
up behind the leader.

They're heading for the start line.

The green flag is out.

And they're off!


Owens finds a gap and
goes for the front.

McDowell follows on the inside.

Okay, Keith, show that kid who's boss.

ANNOUNCER: Owens takes an early lead.

That was your fastest lap of the day.

Just hold her straight.

ANNOUNCER: The white flag is out.

It's the final lap.

Owens leads, but McDowell
is in hot pursuit.


McDowell makes his move
and switches to the outside

as they head down turn three.


They're heading into the final quarter.

It's anyone's race.


Oh no, they've h*t!

McDowell with a bump on the back side.

Owens in a spin, trying
to come out of it.

And he's not going to be able to.

Owens' race is over.


And Davis McDowell will
take the checkered flag.

- Yes!
- ANNOUNCER: What a finish!


I can imagine Owens will be
pretty heated after that move.

But for the moment,

it looks like McDowell secures the win

and extends his lead
in the championship.


♪ ♪

McDowell's a hothead and an idiot.

These kids, the way
they're racing today,

it's ruining the sport.

REPORTER: So are you
happy to be walking away?

I'm not walking away.

REPORTER : Wait, you're not?

Because rumors of your retirement...

That's all just speculation.

I'm not retiring.

Owenses never quit. Y'all know that.

- You know about this?
- Nope.

- Any other questions?
- DAVIS: Hey!

You're the one ruining
the sport, old timer.

How about you want to get
the f*ck out of the way? Hmm?

How's it feel to be the third
best Keith in the family?

Bet Daddy wishes he
named you something else.

I shouldn't have called him an idiot.

The kid is worse than an idiot.

There's something dark in
there. Gave me the shivers.

Just makes me seem like a sore loser.

You got punched,

and now you're icing your face.

You are literally a sore loser.

Katy, that is not called for.

That's all just speculation.
I'm not retiring.

Owenses never quit. Y'all know that.

Hey. Hey!

Neither of you comes in this house

until you work this shit out.

We had an agreement.

You said you were going to
retire at the end of the season,

and then it's my turn.

Things change.

That's bullshit. You promised.

If I win this last race,

I can still take the championship.

I know you're anxious
to get out there...

KATY: Dad, I have
been waiting to do this

since the day I was born.

You know, Davis was right.

You need to learn to get
out of the f*ck' way.




♪ ♪

You could have given us a heads-up.

I know.

You promised her.

And I feel terrible about that.

But an Owens can't retire a loser.

How's that gonna help Katy?

Don't act like this is about Katy.

I lost my flow, Donna.


I can't get out of my own head.

I hear, "Drivers, start your engines,"

and all I can think is
there's somebody out there

that's better than me.

I've lost the damn race

before they even drop the green flag.


DAVIS: Hey, guys, Davis here.

I know the race is over,

but I felt like making one last pitstop.

- Baby...
- To Keith Owens' front yard.

KEITH: ... do me a favor
and go and fetch my g*n.

Hey, no need, ma'am. I'm going.


I just planted those f*ck.

Keith, you f*ck this flow nonsense.

You get out there and you
b*at that evil little shit.

♪ ♪



- Hey there.

Uh, can I get a tow truck on
Deep Springs Road by the bend?

WOMAN: You break down or somethin'?

Yeah. Car won't start.

♪ ♪



All right. Smooth and steady.

Just practice. No need to take chances.

Got it.



♪ ♪




MAN: Keith!

- He all right?
- GREG: No, no, no. No.

CHARLIE: Ah, geez.


Hey, Randy, so some kid
went full Linda Blair

on the number seven car.

Shit, that ain't nothin'.
I found a whole dook once.

Oh wow. Something to look forward to.


Hey Jean,

you got to wear these around
your neck or something.

I mean, this is the second
time I found them this week.

ANNOUNCER: ... and around as
they head down the straightaway.

You don't want to go watch
this on the big screen?

I know. I'm just so nervous.

That's my boy out there. I can't watch.

Wait, that's your kid racing?

JEAN: Mm-hmm.

- No shit!
- Yeah, shit.

crosses the line first

and wins the Peach Tree Speedway!

- Oh! He did it!
- Hey!

Okay. Now I can watch.

ANNOUNCER: An amazing
victory for the young...

- CHARLIE: Jean!

Davis did it again, Jean.


- Are they going to interview him?
- Yeah, I guess.

Owenses never quit. Y'all know that.

RANDY: Looks like
they're doing Owens first.

Why are they interviewing
the loser first?

Yeah, it's kind of messed up.

I bet Davis is not too happy about that.

Bet Daddy wishes he
named you something else.

Come on! Come on!

RANDY: Yep. Not too happy at all.

Shit. Boom goes the dynamite.

Yeesh. So that's your kid, huh?

Real Manny Pacquiao up there.



- Hey, no running!
- BOY: I'm not!

Oh, can I have your autograph?

Sure, man.

- Y'all want some peaches?
- Thanks.

- Help yourselves.
- I've seen every race this season, Mr. McDowell.

DAVIS: Come on, now.
Y'all call me Davis.

You smoked Keith Owens and
punched him in the face.

f*ck that guy, man. It was baller.

No need for that now. I lost my cool.

And the truth is, Owens ain't a bad guy.

Now, who wants to see my lucky charm?

KIDS: Me, me, me, me.

This is what it takes to win.

Every race, I've got my grandpa
Big Ed with me in the car.

He taught me what it takes to be
a racecar driver and a good man.

So who wants to sit
in the driver's seat?

- BOY : Me, me, me, me.
- BOY : Come on.

I'm first. I got cancer.


- What did you just say?
- You don't have cancer.

- You don't have cancer, you f*cking liar.
- Nice try, dipshit.

CHARLIE: Hey. No need for all that.

You know, if that kid did have cancer,

that could have gotten
real awkward real quick.

Nah, I got this thing.

I'm like the, the dog
that can smell, uh...


Uh, sure. Uh, yes.

Uh, I'm like that but with bullshit.

You know, I hear it, I know it.

- Could have been wrong.
- Well, stunning accuracy.

Step right up.

Here, let me...

Oh. Oh no. You don't have to, uh...


Hey. Figure I'll help out around here

until a tow call comes in.

So what, so you drive
a, a tow truck, huh?

So racing isn't paying the big bucks.

You know what I won today?

Gas money and a
ceremonial bowl of peaches.

This sport's rigged against
the little guys like me.

You know, it takes at least $ ,

to keep a car on the racetrack, minimum.

Keith Owens probably spends

ten times that much on his
car, and I still b*at him.

Good thing he can't punch
his way out of a paper bag.

- It barely hurts.
- Well, bullshit.

- Uh, 'cause of your thing, right?
- Yeah, because of that.

DAVIS: And now his daughter's
gonna waltz into the sport.

She hasn't even raced
a late model. Not once.

And sponsors are going to be
falling all over themselves,

trying to get their name on her car.

Gosh, you really got a
lot of road rage bubbling

under those bright
eyes of yours, huh, kid?

Yeah, I guess so.

So, uh, let me ask you something.

This whole, uh, racing thing,

I think I kind of don't get it.

Aren't you the one
with the ' Barracuda

in the parking lot?

An all-American muscle classic?

Yes, but you see, that,
that gets me places,

which is technically what a car is for.

You are just going in circles.

I mean, you're basically just
turning left a bunch of times.

That's what you think?


Okay. So just h*t the gas and turn left.

How hard could it be?

Well. Gotta say, this
is very, uh, intense

with the haptics and whatnot.

Uh-huh. Now accelerate.

Geez, why am I so afraid of crashing?

I mean, it's just an arcade game.

Holy Toledo! That was very close.

Did you see that? That was very close.

Now, when you get to the
end of the front stretch,

point the car into the turn.

- Towards the bottom of the racetrack.
- Mm-hmm.


All right.

Is your foot even on the gas?

Don't distract me.

DAVIS: Okay, for this next turn,

we need to do a fishhook,

but you got to trust the car.

Do you trust the car?

- Well, it's an arcade game.
- No, it isn't.

You're on a dirt track,
engine screaming in your ears,

crowd's roaring, time's slowing down.

Trust the car.

I don't trust the car.


DAVIS: You gotta trust the car.

Okay. Okay. f*ck it. It's fake anyway.

Good. Good, good.

Faster. Faster.

When I say, slam on the gas
hard and turn hard. Ready?

- I am not.
- Now!


Ooh. Ahh.

Little b*tch.

- Terrible.
- Yes.

- Bad.
- Bad.

- F minus.
- Ah yeah.

- Yeah.
- Geez.

Okay. Okay. Okay. You
win. You win. You win.

You know what, fake racing is, uh,

it's harder than it looks.

Oh, no, no, no, man. Come on.

Listen, kid, it's
just an arcade romance.

It's, it's dumb. It's, it's messy.

It's self-defeating.

No, you don't want this in your life.

- Worth a sh*t.
- Yes. I respect it.

KATY: Hey, tow truck!

I know you're in here.

I saw your shitkicker outside.

What's up, daddy's girl?
Shouldn't you be, like,

painting your toenails or some shit?

KATY: What do you say we settle
this shit right now on the track?

On the little track, you mean?

'Cause we know Daddy won't
let you get in a big boy car.

I can smoke your ass on any track.

- Come on then.
- BOY: Come on, guys.

Now you get to see the real thing.


BOY: Let's go!

Go, go, go!



- Whoa!






♪ ♪


Get used to it, Tow Truck.

You're going to be losing to my
family for the rest of your life.

Ooh. Hey, Jean. You need a ride home?

Geez, what the f*ck happened?

He had that "about to do
something stupid" look.

DAVIS: (ON PHONE) Hey, guys, Davis here.

I know the race is over, but I
felt like making one last pitstop.

- Really?
- I'm done.

I'm done taking that family's shit.

You think about your own family.

What would Big Ed say about this?

He'd say, "Hell yeah, boy.

Take those f*ck out."

Ah, ah, ah. On the track.

Big Ed had that same devil inside him,

but he put it all behind the wheel.

And that is what kept him
on the track and out of jail.

Do it all but on the track.





Did you break down or somethin'?

All right. Give me .

That was a tow call.

- I'm on it. I got it.
- Oh no, no.

You ain't going anywhere.

You need to cool off and sober up.

And first thing tomorrow,
you're going to fix

the Owens' mailbox and apologize.

Now where are my g*dd*mn keys.


Oh shit.



♪ ♪

GREG: Smooth and steady. Just practice.

No need to take chances.

There she is. America's sweetheart.


You're not talking to me?

Okay. I'm sorry for
jacking your mailbox.

I was pissed, even though
it was just go-karts.

I don't care if it's f*cking big wheels.

When it comes to racing, I'll
kick your ass anytime, anywhere.

You ain't kicking shit
until Daddy hands over

the keys to the money wagon.

- f*ck off.
- DAVIS: Look,

we can sit here and
talk shit all day long,

or we can settle this once and for all.

Last week, I went around
here in . seconds.

You think you could b*at it?

Be my guest.

Come on. Just a practice lap.

Better hurry and suit up
before I change my mind.


JEAN: What's happening, Randy?

He's out there on the
track, taking her easy.

And Owens is really trying to goad him.

All right. They're coming
into the first straightaway.


REPORTER: We have just
witnessed Davis McDowell's car

smash into the wall at turn one.

He doesn't appear to be moving.

This is not looking good.

JEAN: Davis!

GREG: Kate!

- He all right?
- GREG: No, no, no.


Katy was in the car.

♪ ♪

JEAN: Honey! Oh, thank God.

- Oh, my God. Okay.
- I'm all right, Mom. I'm all right.

♪ ♪



many of you already know,

-year-old Katy Owens is in a coma

at Glencoe Memorial Hospital
after a horrible crash

during practice yesterday
at Peach Tree Speedway.

They're saying her seat belt failed.

Oh. What do you mean? Like,
her seatbelt didn't work?

- It failed.
- What does that even mean?

It gave way. That's, that's
why the injury was so severe.

In the meantime, we wish
Katy a speedy recovery,

and we're keeping the Owens family

in our thoughts and prayers.


What the hell was Davis thinking

letting her drive that car?

Hey, Mom.

I just spent the last two hours

getting the third degree
about Katy's crash.

And now they're talking
about suspending me.

- JEAN: What?
- The poor girl, yeah, but Jesus.

She crashed because of
her own incompetence.

And now I'm going to get b*rned.

Well, bullshit.

Oh, I... Sorry. Sorry.
It's, uh, instinct.

I just...

That wasn't even a lie technically,

so just never mind. Sorry.

No, what? Tell me.

It's just when you said that she crashed

because of her own incompetence,
you didn't believe that,

so I just...

It's instinctual.
Cancer dog. Sorry. Sorry.

You're percent right.

I don't believe it.

Something about all of
this doesn't sit right.

Sit right how?

DAVIS: You record all
the practices, right?

- You know it.
- Yesterday's too?

DAVIS: Look at the line she takes.

What the hell is that?

What? So, so she made a mistake.

She's too good of a driver
to make that mistake.

- That turn.
- Way too deep.

Way too hard, straight into
the wall. It's almost like...

- RANDY: It's totally like.
- You think?

- I do
- CHARLIE: You want to cut me in

on this grease-monkey mind meld.

Seems like there is...

BOTH: Something wrong with the car.

Don't they inspect it or something?

Night before practice, went over it

with a fine-toothed comb.

My man can tooth a race car.

Okay, so maybe something broke.

Well, they towed it back to my garage.

Maybe it's worth a look, right?

What are we looking for?

Anything that looks funny.

- What the hell?
- RANDY: What's that?

Does that look funny?

Do you have a fishhook in your engine?

No, but I did have a family of
mice living there once, so...

Well, they weren't
supposed to be there either.

Somebody put that there.

Okay. How could a, a fishhook

make a car crash?

Well, if the car was going full speed,

which it appeared to be,

carburetor would be wide open.

Oh shit.

If the hook was attached to a gear tie,

it would catch.

RANDY: Well, the tie could
have melted off, but damn.

Even if you took your foot off the gas,

there ain't no way to decelerate.

- Oh, my God.
- I don't get it.

That's why Katy went
into turn one so hard.

She couldn't slow down.


That was supposed to be for me.

Somebody sabotaged my car.

Huh? What?

No. No, no, no. Come on. Come on.

Man, that, that's insane,
okay. Who would do that?

Uh, no. No, no, no, no, no.

He knew he couldn't b*at
me, so he sabotaged my car.

- Oh no.
- I have no doubt.

- Am I lying?
- No, you're not lying.

But, you know, just take a breath.

You checked your car the night before,

and you were with it the
whole time at the track.

- So...
- Truth.

We would have seen
someone messing with it.


A tow call came in last
night before practice,

but it ended up being a prank.

I bet it was Owens who made the call

to get me out of the house
so he can sabotage my car.

That conniving little b*tch.

He f*cking tried to k*ll me!

I'm going to put Keith Owens
in a f*cking wheelchair.

- Randall.
- Let's roll, baby.

Okay. Nobody's rolling.

Nobody's putting
anybody in a wheelchair.

- Try and stop me.
- CHARLIE: Listen to me.

You can't go after Keith right now.

The man's daughter is in a coma.

All right? Remember last
night's candlelight prayer vigil.

And there's going to be
another one tomorrow for Keith.

Get the candles ready.

CHARLIE: No, guys, stop being stupid.

All right? Really?

I'll go talk to him.

You can cancer dog him.

Well, I'm regretting
settling on that metaphor,

but, yes, I can cancer dog him.

Uh, if he's lying, I'll know it.

Then you two can go full
"Deliverance" on him. Okay?

Nothing, huh? Great movie.



Oh, uh, I'm, uh,

I'm Charlie Cale.

I, uh...

I work at the, uh, the go-kart track.


Uh, Jean wanted me to bring these by.

She said, uh, she just wants you to know

that she's thinking
about you and your family.


Tell her I said thanks.

- CHARLIE: Yeah.
- You can leave 'em out front.


You know, I haven't been here long,

but I, I know that
Katy's a great driver.

I know it's just go-karts,
but I saw her myself and, uh,

she is special.

She has the gift.

Like her grandfather.

My father.

I never had it.

Oh, uh, are you a big fishing guy?

Like I said, you can
leave those out front.

I only ask because, uh,

so when Davis got his car back,

he said that there was a,

like a fishhook in the engine, uh.

That's a funny thing, right? I, I...

Anyway, hot-headed kid that he is.

So he was saying he thinks that

maybe somebody put it there,

like tampered with the engine.

I mean, that's crazy, right?

I don't know who the hell you are

or what this is about,

but I didn't touch that kid's car.

So are we done?

I'll put those out front.

Oh, uh...

I'm, uh, so sorry.

What was that?



Hey, guys.

- DAVIS: What happened?
- So, uh, you were right.

- He did it.
- I f*cking knew it.

Thank you. Thank you.

- Shit. What happened?
- Keith did it.

- No shit.
- CHARLIE: Mm-hmm.

- Yeah. That's really illegal.
- CHARLIE: Yeah.

So, uh, look, we know he did it, right,

but, uh, if you really
want to nail Keith,

we're gonna need hard
evidence, cop evidence.

We need, like, a CSI for cars.

First thing we need to do is take
that fishhook, put it in a Ziploc.

Yeah, we check the garage
for prints, tracks, traces...

My Uncle Raymond's got a black light.

That ain't what he uses
it for, but it should work.

Well, this is about to
get comedic, isn't it?

Hey. Hey. No running.

No running!

What the hell?

KEITH: (ON TV) The night before practice

- at Peachtree Speedway...
- Excuse me.

KEITH: ... I snuck into
Davis McDowell's garage,

and I tampered with his race car.


I wanted Davis to crash, but...

I never meant for anyone to get hurt.

Especially not Katy.

That it was Katy

behind the wheel of that car

was a horrible twist of fate.

And something that I
will have to live with

for the rest of my days.

- Thank you.


I have to take this.

REPORTER: A shattering
confession from Keith Owens,

who, according to authorities,

sabotaged a competitor's car

with a fishing hook and gear tie.

Well, I guess that's that.


Karma's like some kind of consequence.

I agree.

Karma is like a consequence.

Yes, sir. Yes, I'll be there in .

Thank you, sir.

Cops. They need to see the car.

Lots of stuff. CSI car stuff, I guess.

Yeah, well, shit, huh?

I can't believe it. Keith did it.

And now he's never going to race again,

which means I f*ck'
won the championship.

That means his sponsors and...

My mom won't have to work anymore.

Hey, I know this is a
complicated situation,

but congratulations.

You didn't do anything wrong,

and it's all right for a part of you

to feel good right now.


- Sorry.
- Yeah, no.

Do your thing. I'll catch
you later. All right?


Hey, Curt.

What happened? You okay?

- I'm scared to race.
- What? Why?

Seatbelts don't work.

Your seatbelt's fine, buddy.

CURT: Katy's seatbelt didn't work.

That's why she's in the hospital.

DAVIS: No, hey, listen to me.

Your seatbelt is safe.

Randy makes sure of that.
He checks it all the time.

Hey, look at me.

What happened to Katy was a fluke.

Her seatbelt malfunction
was a freak accident.


Hey, uh, Randy.

So what happened to
Katy's seatbelt again?

I mean, why'd it break?

Uh, it was old probably.
Just wear and tear.


And do they get checked or
inspected before each race?

RANDY: Uh, no, ma'am.

Seatbelt's not like a chassis
adjustment or, or tire pressure,

something you can adjust on the fly.

Belts are complicated
as hell. Even these.

Any time I gotta fix one,
kart goes to the garage.

- Oh.
- Same thing as a late model car.


Oh, hey, Jean, uh, you seen Davis?

You all right?

He broke into my garage.

The cold-bloodedness of that.

Gee, I... I didn't think about that.

You were there when that happened.

That's intense. I'm sorry.

I, I wasn't home.

- What?
- Oh, I was out on a tow call.

- With Davis?
- Oh God, no.

After what he did, I
sent that boy to bed.

I can't sit here all night.

I got to go restock the fidget spinners.



Ah, shit.

They took it to the CSI car lab.

Shit. Shit.


What am I looking for?

Well, seatbelt tools,

seatbelt fragments, I don't know.

Great. Things I don't
know what they look like.

What the f*ck am I doing?

Oh, geez.


Hey, Big Ed. You got any advice for me?

- Huh?

Oh shit.

All right...

They're in here, Mom. You
left them in the garage!


What are you doing here?

Did you mess with Katy's seatbelt?

Did I what?

Well, geez.


Well, you told Curt that
Katy's seatbelt failing

was a freak accident,

but that was a lie.

What are you talkin' about?

Also, uh, I realized that,

well, when you showed
me and Randy the engine,

there was a fishhook in it, and,

and you said that if it
was attached to a gear tie,

it would keep the carburetor open.

Yeah. And that's what Keith did.

Right. But couldn't it have been

a piece of wire or dental floss.

Hell, why not a fishing line?

He could have used fishing line, right?

I mean, it could have been anything.

But you said gear tie.

And, and then when Keith confessed,

what do you know, I...

that's exactly what he used.

- So?
- So...

you knew it was there.

Because you saw Keith do it.

You were home when he did it.

And then you messed with the seatbelts,

with the seatbelt wrenches.

Do you even... What's a seatbelt wrench?

Tell me anything I said isn't true.

Go on, say it out loud.

Keith confessed!

It's over.

You tried to k*ll a person, you psycho.

And for what?

You know, driving a
car around in a circle.


It's over, Charlie.

And, yeah...

I'd k*ll someone for
what I get on that track.

And so would Keith.

I guess you really
don't understand that.


JEAN: Davis?

Honey, you've got my keys?

- Oh. Hey, Charlie.
- CHARLIE: Hey, Jean.

You wanna stay for dinner?

You know what?

I really, I'd love to,

but I got to go.

All right.



Oh shit.


All right, trust the car.

- Trust the car, trust the car, Charlie.

I'm gonna trust you, you piece of shit.






All right, baby.

ANNOUNCER: And introducing Lucas
Oil's new ambassador Davis McDowell.


I want to thank my
new sponsor, Lucas Oil,

and dedicate today's race to Katy Owens.

I hope she gets better soon.

- Thank you. Congratulations.

You did it!

It's everything you always wanted.

Thanks, Mom.



What the hell are you doing
here? You can't be here.

Yeah, I know. But as I was,
uh, leaving town last night,

well, I remembered that I,
I had something of yours.

You see, uh, when I saw

Big Ed's smiling face on the workbench,

well, I knew you never had any intention

of gettin' in your car that day.

Big Ed wasn't on the dash

because you knew your
car was going to crash

and you didn't want the
photo to get damaged.

Well, that's some evil shit.

You, my friend, are a f*ck' monster.

You should leave. It's
not safe for you here.

Yeah, I realized that last night.

So today, I, uh,

well, I quit the track,
I said goodbye to Jean,

and then I, uh,

I stopped by the hospital.

I had a, a good talk with Donna.

So she was telling me all this
interesting stuff about Keith,

about his flow,

about what happens when
you, uh, when you lose it.

Look at old Keith.

So he stepped up in the end,

did the right thing, confessed.

Yeah, he's just the man she knew he was.

Gee. That's really nice.


Oh, and then I had a,

a good talk with Katy.

Oh yeah. She's totally lucid.

Sort of a miracle thing.

That doctor's saying she's
gonna bounce back fast.

I tell you,

the way this girl talks about racing,

I finally got it.

A month, a year.

I don't know what it's going to take,

but she'll be racing again soon.

And she's comin' for you.

It's just a matter of time.

Ain't no one better than Davis McDowell.

I'm the future of the g*dd*mn sport.


Well, we both know that's bullshit.

Buckle up, kid.

♪ ♪

ANNOUNCER: Drivers, start your engines!



♪ Drivin' on ♪

♪ You could be a shadow ♪

♪ Beneath the streetlight ♪

♪ Behind my home ♪

♪ Drivin' on ♪

♪ I sure miss you ♪

♪ Pass a motel ♪

♪ Looking in the blinds ♪

♪ Drivin' on ♪

♪ Looking for the ♪

♪ Maybe I passed it ♪

♪ Go another mile ♪

♪ Drivin' on ♪
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