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Son, The (2022)

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Hey Jessica,
could you send me the Jackson file?

Doesn't seem to be in my emails.

I just need to look at it this evening.

Okay, good. Thanks. See you tomorrow.

-What are you doing here?
-We need to talk.

You can't just show up here
with no warning.

I tried you. I don't know how many times.
You don't pick up your phone.

What's the problem?

-It's Nicholas.
-Did something happen?


Well, tell me.

This afternoon,
they called me in, the school. Just now.

To speak to the principal, so he could
explain to me what's going on.

And that's when I found out, Nicholas

hasn't been to school in almost a month.


I'm telling you, for weeks now
he's just been pretending every morning.

-What are you talking about?
-I'm explaining it.

He hasn't been to school in almost a month
and you never noticed anything?

He was heading out with his bag
and everything he needed for the day.

Like nothing was wrong,
except he just wasn't going there.

And the school, they just...

They said they sent me a bunch of emails
which I never got.

What was he doing the whole day.
Where did he go?

I don't know. I have no idea.

And he barely answers
my questions anymore.

Beth. Sorry, Kate's just here
to talk to me about Nicholas.

We've just found he hasn't
been gone to school for almost a month.

It's not only that, Peter.

He's not well.

You need to speak to him.
I don't know what to do anymore.

He needs you, Peter.
You can't just abandon him.

I'm not abandoning him,
why do you keep saying these things?


The other day...

I asked him to...

I don't even remember what.
To take his plate out or something.

He just looked at me...


so much hatred.

I thought he was gonna.


He scares me, okay?

All right, I'll...

I'll go see him tomorrow.

I'll swing by the end of the day.


We've looked into
their sustainability policies,

and we think that acquiring this company
will be in line with our green strategy.

They have great environmental,
social and governance factors

that will give us great kudos.

And we think a merger with them

will be good for their reputation
as well as ours.

Great. I think I have
all the information I need.

For now I'll call Jeffrey,
see if we can get them to move.

-Thank you.


I'll get back to you
as soon as this one's done. All right?

-Thank you.



-What are you doing here?
-Is it all right? Am I disturbing you?

-How are you?

I came by because I wanted to

I wanted to talk to you.
You have a couple of minutes?


Your mother told me
you hadn't been gone to school.

What's going on?


Listen, I know you're having
a hard time in the moment,

and I know you're mad at me.

But that's not a reason for us
not to talk to each other.

-Why have you stopped going to school?
-I don't know.

You don't know?

You can't decide to suddenly stop
going to school. It's not an option.

Are you having problems?

Why are you sighing?

- No reason.
-There must be a reason.

Tell me.

I don't wanna talk about it.

Nicholas, I can't help you
if you won't tell me anything.

What were you doing all those days?
Where'd you go?

I walked.

You walked? On your own?


But why, Nicholas?

Do you think that's acceptable?
And with your SATs coming up as well?

You realize the school
is talking about expelling you.

Your mother's at the end
of her rope, you know that?

She wants to send you
to a boarding school.

-Is that what you want?

So you have to do something.
You can't just let things go on like this.

I can't deal with any of it.

What makes you say this?
Has something happened at school?


Or outside of school?

Come on, we can talk to one another.

It's not that.



I don't know how to describe it.

Just tell me in your own words.

It's life.

It's weighing me down.

What is it about life
that isn't working for you?

I don't know.

I want something to change
but I don't know what.

That's why sometimes I tell myself
that maybe...

Tell me.

I'd like to live with you.

-With me?
-Me and Mom...

We're not getting along.

She can't put up with me anymore.
I know she can't.

And when I'm here...

I get too many dark ideas.

And I wanna live with my little brother.


If you send me to a boarding school
I'll go crazy.

-Of course you won't.
-Yes, I will. I'm telling you.

I feel like my head's exploding.

Come here.

Sometimes it just feels
that I'm going crazy, dad.

-What are you talking about?
-I'm telling you.

I don't know what's happening to me.

Don't worry, sweetheart.
We'll work it out.

Trust me.

Hey, you reached Kate.
Leave a message.

Hey, it's me.
I've just spoken to him.

You call me back when you get
this message? Thanks.

Why are you taking it like this?

-Taking it like what?
-He can stay in the room in the back.

And what about school?

We'll figure something out.

There must be a school that'll take him
mid-semester, don't you think?

Yeah, I'm sure. Sure there is.

You've only known him for two years.

And I can see that--

I know you have
a negative impression of him

after everything that happened.
But he hasn't always been like that.

When he was younger,
he was so...

When I went to see him just now, he had...

I don't know, marks.

-Marks? As in like--
-Scars. On his arm.

It upset me so much. It just...

He's my little boy.


It's true. You're right.

I feel guilty.

I can't pretend I'm not responsible
for the situation.

I left, Beth. I left.

I know. But it's not your fault
if he's not well.

He's going through a difficult time.

Anyway, I don't think I have a choice.

I can't just give up on him.

Okay. I understand.

Don't worry. I get that.

And you should talk to a doctor
about the scars.

I know.


-You're ready?

-Wouldn't you--
-No thanks.


And don't forget, you know,
you can always--

-I know. Thanks, Mom.

-But don't think it's because of--
-I know.

I know what you mean.
Don't worry.

All right.


Call me.

Oh, wait.

-Almost forgot.

Banana bread.

Thanks, Mom.

Love you.

-Hey, got everything you need?
-Yeah, I do.

You found the towel
Beth left out for you?


All right. Good. I'll leave you.

I'm heading to bed.

I'm so happy you're here.
I missed spending time with you.

How about Beth, is she really okay
with me moving in here?

Obviously, Nicholas. We're very pleased
to have you. Both of us.

This is your home as well, you know?

Okay? Come on.
You should get to bed, it's late.

Good night.

Good night, Dad.

Dr. Collins, it's Peter Miller.
Sorry to call you on your cell.

I wanted to talk to you
about my son, Nicholas.

I think he needs
to see a therapist.

And I thought you might know
somebody good, so...

If you could call me back. Thanks.

-Am I disturbing you?
-No, come in.

Tell me.

Am I right, you're thinking
of going to D.C. soon?

News travels fast.

They say he's running
in the Primaries, is that true?

What exactly is he offering you?

To be part of the campaign team?

He hasn't said anything specific, but...

All right. I'll let you do your work.

But you get back to me
when you know more.

Of course. Of course.

-Everything okay at home?

That's great.

Thanks, Andrew.

Here we are.

Hi, I'm just interrupting you
for a minute to introduce Nicholas

who's joining us here today.

I know you'll all give him a warm welcome.

Hello, Nicholas. I am Mr. Yama,
I'll be teaching you history.


Find a seat, and come see me
when the class is over,

so I can bring you up to date
to where we at now. Okay?

Great. I'll leave you to it.

So, as I was saying,
this would be good to note down.

The sharing of power

between the National
and State governments.

Now, in , when the
Declaration of Independence was signed

the newly independent states
acted more like quarreling siblings.

Each of them wanting sovereignty.
Does anyone know what sovereignty is?

Absolute power.

Is that the original plan?

-Hey, man. How is it going?
-Hey, fine. And you?

Oh, you know. You are meeting the boss?

-You're in luck, he's in a good mood today.

-You still in New York?
-Still in New York, yeah.

All right. How is your Dad?

I heard he had a little health problem?

Oh, yeah. Not really.
Everything's fine. Thanks.

Good. We just haven't seen him
in a long time.

-Say hi to him for me, will ya?

-See you.
-See you.

We're ready for you.

This way.

-Thank you.
-Peter, how are you?

Good you had the time.
Let me introduce you two of our new--

Nicholas, hi, it's me.

Just wanted to know
how it went for you today?

Call me. Love you.


Nicholas, are you ready?

It's time to go now.

Nicholas, I made you a coffee.
You got enough time to drink it. Okay?

Nicholas, you're gonna be late.

Nicholas, I must've called you
at least ten times.

We cannot do this every single morning,
do you hear me?


-Why didn't you answer me?
-I do answer you.

-It's time. You have to go.
-I know.

-Theo didn't wake you up last night?

You're just so lucky.

The same is your Dad.
Nothing wakes him up.

That expression 'sleeping like a baby'

really should be 'sleeping like a man.'

Where is he?

He already left.
Really early meeting this morning.

Your coffee.
You've got about five minutes.

-What's the matter?

You are in pain?

It's not that.

Are you unhappy?

-Why are you unhappy?
-I don't know.

You don't know.

Does this happen a lot?

You just start crying like this
for no reason?

I'm not crying.

Anyway, I have to go.

Can I ask you a question?

Yeah, of course.

When you met my Dad
did you know he was married?

Did you?


-But he told me right away that--
-That what?

Maybe it's better
if you talk to him about this.

You know...

When he left,
my Mom took it really hard.

She really suffered.

She never stopped saying
terrible things about him.

And the whole time I still worshiped him.

It was like I was being chopped in half.

I understand.

This is not an easy situation.

And that didn't stop you.


When you met him, the fact you knew
he was married

and had a son, it didn't stop you?

What do you want me to say, Nicholas?

Nothing. You're right I don't know
why I'm asking you, it's stupid--

-No, it's not stupid.
-Anyways, I have to go. See you later.

I'll see you later.

Hey, Nicholas. It's me.

Just wanted to give you a hug.

I hope everything's all right with you.

I was hoping we could
get together one day.

Have some time.

Call me back. I miss you. Bye.

If we can prove to them

that they should never have made
the first move

it starts to look possible.

It's all about to matter
of the balance of power.

-Excuse me.

Is this what you were looking for?

Did you find this in the archive?

Great job.

-Anything else you need?
-Thanks very much.

This is going to be very useful.

-Who's that?

The new intern. He's French.
Very smart.

-No reason.

Okay, see you tomorrow.


Peter, it's me.

Look, I don't mean to bother you...

but I haven't heard back
from Nicholas at all.

And I just keep leaving him messages,
and he's not calling me back.


Could we talk?


-Nice jacket.


So everything's going well
at your new school?

It's okay.

You said you don't feel very close
to people your age?


-Why is that?
-I just think they are stupid.

All they care about is having parties
and having fun.

I'm not interested in any of that.

So, what are you interested in?

-No, nothing.

Anyway. Things are better now.

You don't like being this age?

That's not what I...

-Hey, there.
-Hi, sir.

Hi, there she is. Thank you.

-Sorry I'm late.
-No problem.

I know how busy you are.
Especially right now I hear.

-It's exciting.

-What would you like?
-I don't know. How about you?

Sparkling water, please.

I'll have a Martini.

-In this case, two Martinis.
-Two Martinis coming up.

-So how's it going?
-Things going well.

He started his new school.
And says he likes it.

-That's great.

I had to lean on him a little
at the beginning, but...

I think he's feeling better now.
And honestly I think he's on his way.

Has he been able to tell you
what happened at the old school?

No, he doesn't say much.

I don't understand
where this sadness comes from?

He's a teenager.

Ever seen a teenager
radiating happiness?

It's not just that.

He is different from the others.

What makes you say that?

If you ask me,
he's been disappointment in love.

-It's possible. He's so romantic.

Guess where he gets that from.

Here we are.

-Thank you.
-Great, thank you.


And what about...

-Yeah, how is she taking it?

You can talk to me.


-To start with she was a little--
-Hostile, I imagine?

No, not really. Maybe a little unsettled.

You know, with the baby.
And she's already quite tired.

She hadn't been expecting to be living
with a teenager right off the bat.

I can understand that.

But all in all, things are going well.

He's not making things
too difficult for her?

No, he's behaving himself.
He's making an effort.

He likes living with his little brother.


Yeah, I think that's how the things
are just gonna work.

Kate, what's the matter? Hey.

Nothing. Sorry.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.

I know.

I feel like a complete failure.

What are you talking about?
Kate, you're not a failure in any way.


It's just, I never imagined
he'd leave home.

Him too.

-To go live with you.
-Me neither.

He's the one who asked me.

-Yes, but the problem started with me.
-Of course it didn't.

Yes. He doesn't want to live
with me anymore.

I'm calling. He doesn't even pick up.

Come on. You just have to give it
some time.


-I am so sorry.
-It's all right.

A few days ago...

I found this photo of him.

It's from where we took
that trip to Corsica, remember?


When I look at that photo...

I'm devastated.

We rented that little boat, remember?

Yes, of course.

That was the summer
you were teaching him to swim.

His face...

it's so open.

Like a little sun beam.

My little sun beam.

When you think about it...

there was so much joy
in our family back then.

I don't know what happened.

Come on.

I loved him so much.

And you.

I loved you so much, Peter.

If you knew how much I loved you.

Come on, don't be so upset.

You are a wonderful mother.

It's not your fault
if he's going through a rough patch.

Soon everything will go back to normal.

Yes, it will. It will.
Believe me, Kate.

Everything will be fine.

You think so?


-It's all right?
-Yeah, finally.

He's taking his time.

I know, God, I practically fell asleep
myself in there.

-Thank you. It's so nice.

You had a good day?

Yeah, it was nothing special.

Went to the pediatrician.

Other than that we just stayed at home.

What about you?


Why are you looking so smug?

What is that?

-Is this your way of saying sorry?
-It's to thank you.

-For what?
-You know very well.

They are very pretty.

I am well aware...

I'm just really grateful
for how you've handled all of this.

It's what I said.
It's your way of saying sorry.

What I mean is, I'm lucky you're here.

Yes, because you are not here much.

You are at work all of the time.

Not all of the time.

-Dad, can I talk to you for a minute?
-Yes, of course.

-I'm disturbing you, aren't I.
-No. Tell me.

It's nothing urgent. I just wanted
to ask your advice on something.

It can wait.

Will you come see me afterwards?



He looks better, don't you think?

He told me he got an A today at math.

-He did?
-Yeah, I'm really pleased.

I think he's starting to regain
his confidence.

And he tells me
he's been invited to a party.

-It's great.

Worries me, he's on his own all the time.

-Anyway, it went well.

The pediatrician, with Theo.

-Oh, yeah. What'd she say?
-Just the same as you.

It's a passing phase,
soon he'll be sleeping through.

Anyway, as long as that phase is going on

I'm gonna go cook dinner before
I fall asleep right here on this couch.

No it's okay. I'll go.

Hey, Theo. Come here.

It's okay.


-I dunno.
-It suits you.

-It's nice of you, but...

I'm not really sure
people my age wear jackets.

Are you kidding me,
everyone's wearing them now, right?

-Yeah, it really suits you.

It's French.

Look at you.
You should wear that to the party.

When is it, next Saturday, isn't it?

You know, I'm not even sure if I'm going.

What? You have to go. Come on.
It's important to see people.

I don't know how to dance.

So that the problem?


We're home.

Hey, Beth.

-He's asleep.
-Oh, sorry.

-Where have you guys been?
-You have to teach him to dance.

-She's the best dancer I know.
-That is very funny.

Given the way you dance,
you have the nerve to criticize me?

Isn't he a good dancer?

I would say he has his own style.

It's my unique style.

Did you know we met at a wedding?
That was the first time I saw your Dad.

He was on the dance floor,
he was doing his famous hip sway.

His what?

-You don't know his famous hip sway?

Beth, better you just teach him to dance,
he's going to a party.

Watch this.

What are you doing?

-Come on.
-Here we are.

-Come on.
-No, no.

Oh, come on.

Is this really a good idea?

You not gonna show us?

-I'm afraid to wake Theo.
-Come on, Dad.

All right.

At your own risk. You asked for it.

It's the face.

You see why I instantly
fell in love with him?

Who wouldn't.

I'm irresistible.

When he starts,
everyone else stops in the room.

He just can't help
drawing attention to himself.

How do you do it?

I have no idea.

-Come on, I'll show you.
-No, no. Peter, no.

Look. Like this, see? Ready?

Fingers, knees. Fingers, knees.

Yes, that does it.
That's what you need at your party.

God, not another one.

There's two.

You are going to make a mess.

Look at him move. Yeah, that's my son.

Right, I'm coming in.

It was under his mattress.

Sorry. Thought I'd better tell you.

Do you think he still, you know...

I don't understand.

He seems to be doing well, doesn't he?

He's going to school.
He's smiling. He's better.

-So why is he doing this?

The simplest thing would be
to talk to him about it, don't you think?

Maybe to his therapist?


-You going out?
-Yeah, to get some sun with a little guy.

Don't worry.
He's probably still a bit fragile.

But he knows you're here for him.

I'm sure you're gonna figure it out.

You think so?

-Where have you been?

-Is there a problem?

Why have you hidden a knife
under your mattress?


There was a knife under your mattress.
You know about this?

What was it doing there?

-What do you mean nothing?

It's just there in case...

In case of what?
What are you talking about?

I don't know.
If there was a break-in or...

Show me your arm.

-Show me your arm.


Leave me alone.


Why do you do this?

I don't want you to hurt yourself.
Do you understand me?

I don't hurt myself.

Look at those scars.
That's what I call hurting yourself.

-It's the opposite.
-What you mean the opposite?

-No, explain it to me.

Explain in to me, Nicholas.

It relieves me.

Relieves you of what?

It relieves you of what, Nicholas?

When I'm in pain...

it's a way to...

A way to channel the pain.

But what pain?

Nicholas, a way to channel what pain?

I don't want you to do this anymore.

I forbid you to do this, is that clear?

-Is that clear?

There are some things in life
you just don't do.

-Was it Beth who found it?
-Doesn't matter.

What was she doing
searching through my stuff?

She's not searching through your stuff.
She was king enough to make your bed

since you never make it yourself.

Nicholas, you took a knife
out of the kitchen.

No, at first I just wanted to have
something to defend myself with.

Defend yourself from what?
What are you talking about?

You realize this makes no sense at all?

-Well, you have a g*n.

In the laundry room,
behind the washing machine.

No, no. That's different. That was a gift.

Who gave you a g*n?

My father. A long time ago.

He loves hunting. It's a hunting r*fle.

See, it's not there
so I can defend myself.

Why did he give you a hunting r*fle?

I don't know.
Maybe he thought I'd like it.

Or that it was something
that we could do together.

I've never even used it. I hate hunting
and everything that goes along with it.

So, why do you keep it?

Nicholas, this is not
what we are talking about.

I don't understand
why you are doing this kind of thing.

I know.

What happened at your last school?

It's might be the time to tell me
about it, don't you think?

Because something must have happened,


Okay, if you don't wanna
talk to me about it.

I hope you'll talk to your therapist.

Please, this is important.

It's okay.

-I'll go get some disinfectant.
-No, it's just scratches.

When you hurt yourself...

It's as if you are doing it to me.

And when you hurt Mom,
you were doing it to me.

Hi, everybody. Sit down.

Thanks, everybody, for being here.

We have the pick of the bunch
with us today.

-Steven, can you get me a coffee?
-Yes, sir.

Good. We have a lot to get through.

So, let's review the items
we've discussed so far.

The first item on the agenda
is health care.

And as you know that is the subject...

Dad, are there whales around here?


No, I do not think so.

-And dolphins?
-Dolphins, yeah. You see them sometimes.

-Have you seen one?

Dad, quick.

My hat.

su,b. T

Thank you. Have a good day.

You are early.

-Hello, Dad.
-Hello, come in.


-Would you like a drink?
-Yeah, why not.



No, okay.

No ice cubes.

So, to what do I owe the honor
of this spontaneous visit?

No particular reason,
I was just passing through D.C.

and wanted to see how you were doing.

Don't listen to the rumors
about my health.

There's nothing wrong with me.
Just minor complaint.

-I've never been fitter.

Maria has prepared a little something,
a little lunch for us.

-Duck. How does that sound?

-Good. Cheers.


The problem these days is
people are scared of everything.

Just look around you.
Bunch of sniffling cowards.

Nobody ever wants to take
any kind of a risk anymore.

That's why the West
is not going to last much longer.

I've been saying it for years
and the facts are beginning to bear me out.

And if you're looking for energy,
courage, enterprise.

I'm sorry to say this,
but you have to go to Asia.

The coming decades
it won't be in Washington

it will be in China, Beijing.

-No, thank you, Maria. It was delicious.
-My pleasure.

No, thanks.


What about you? Tell me.
I thought you hated this city.

What are you doing this neck of the woods?

I had a meeting with Brian Hammer.

-Yeah, He's gonna stand in the Primaries.
-Yes, I know.

And he wants me to help him
with his campaign.

-He's offered to take you on his team?

But I haven't decided
if I'm going to accept.

Why not?

Problem is that it will take up
too much of my time.


So it's complicated.

-What's complicated about it?
-It's not a really good time.

Nicholas is going through
a difficult spell. He's .

He's come to live with me,
and he's improving,

but I think he's still a little fragile.

I just wouldn't want
to be away when he's...


Is it why you came to see me?
Tell me what a good Dad you are?

-Obviously, it is.

You came to show me
your irrefutable proof of your

moral superiority, is that's it?

You came to demonstrate me

that you can give up your ambitions
to look after your son

as opposed to me, right?

Not at all.

So you're still at it, huh? Really?

Blaming me for what happened...

forty years ago?

Still trying to show me
what a model Dad you are, wow.

So, what do you want? Applause? Bravo.

It's funny you should say that because...

Just the other day I was thinking again
about the time when I was Nicholas's age.


When mom was ill.

I went to see her in the hospital
every day after school,

and slept with her, and...

you never showed up.

-You were traveling all the time.
-I was working.

But the week before she died
I ran into Tom,

and he told me that he'd had
dinner with you the night before.

I did not even know you were in town.

You didn't think it was worth
telling us or coming to see her?

I can easily take on
the role of monster

and bow to your perfection.

Yes, you have suffered so much and...

Your Daddy was not nice to you,
not to your Mama, fine.

So what?

Don't you think it's time
you started growing up?

Because believe me, it is pathetic.

Watching a man of
chained to the teenager he once was.

If you want my advice, Peter...

Just f*cking get over it, for God's sake.

Just f*cking get over it, please.

Excuse me.

Hello, Harry.

The meeting is at four o'clock.

That's right, : , not : .

You all right?


-Is it a drag going out?
-No, on the contrary.

-Are you eating cereal?

Don't you have to do something
more exciting? It's Saturday night.


You don't want to see a movie
or meet your friends?

I don't have any friends.

-Why say that?
-Because it's the truth.

You still have Michael.
You used to see him a lot.

-What about that party you told me about?
-It's all right, Dad.

-Can you stop now?

-Can I?

I haven't had these for ages.



I'm not ready.

That's terrible, they're sticky.

Ready? Go.

-Did you get it?

You guys haven't seen
my earrings, have you?

I literally had them in my hand just now.
And I just...

-Have you looked in the bathroom?
-Yes, I have. I've checked everywhere.

I don't understand it.
I think I must be just losing it...

Hello? Yes.

Oh, hey. Yep.

-You haven't seen them, have you?

My earrings, the red ones,
the ones your Dad got me.

I had literally had them
in my hand a second ago.


I just keep losing things.

You changed your dress?

-That one looks good on you.
-Thank you. That's really sweet of you.

No, it's true. You look beautiful.

Where are you going?

Nowhere special, just dinner with friends.

-Frank, you know Frank?

I say nowhere special,
but in fact it is pretty special.

It's literally the first time
I've gone out since Theo was born.

Little word of advice, if you wanna go
and have a life do not have a kid.

I'm joking.

All right, bad news. Sarah stood us up.

-She just called.

-Just now, the last minute?
-Yeah, she has a fever.

-Who is Sarah?
-The sitter.

-Shall I call Jenny?
-I already did. She's not free.

Oh, my God. Great.
The one time we can go out.

What should I do?
Call Frank, cancel?

-You want me to look after him?

-I don't know you think you can handle it?
- Yeah, if it would help.

God, that's so kind of you.

-Why not?
-That's really sweet of you.

-But I think it's better--
-You sure?

Yes, I'm sure, just cancel.
Just call Frank. We better cancel.

Okay, whatever.


-Why are you looking at me like that?
-Why do you think?

He made a kind suggestion.
I don't know why you refused.

You don't?

No, this is his little brother.
He can look after him.

-I'm just not sure. He's a baby and--
-And what?

You always see things
in such a dark light.

It's better to see something
in a dark light than to not see it at all.

-What do you mean?

-Tell me, what am I not seeing?

You really believe Nicholas
is not capable of looking after

his little brother when he's asleep?

Oh, God, you know very well.
He's been depressed. He's still unstable.

He's even...

I'm sorry this shocks you
but I'm not gonna leave my son with--

With what?

Go on, say it.
You're not gonna leave you son--

Say it.

He's weird. Don't say he isn't.
In fact, he's extremely weird.

The look in his eyes is disturbing.

When are you gonna face up to the fact
that he's not right in the head.

Nicholas. Hey, you...
Sorry, we were just...

We're just disappointed
we couldn't go out tonight.

It has nothing to do with you.


They were in the hallway.

Nicholas, please...

Nicholas, what are you...
Are you all right?

Your Dad told me you're happy
at your new school.

Aren't you?

He told me everything's okay for you
at his place.

I was hoping that...

But in the end there's no room for me.

They find me disturbing
more than anything else.

-And he puts so much pressure on me.
-Your Dad?

He doesn't realize it's been...

He never stops talking about school work.

As if that's all there was to life.

That's normal. He worries about you.

No, he doesn't give a shit about me.

I mean about who I really am.
He just wants me to succeed, like him.

The way he has.

But I have no desire
to become a law student or a lawyer.

It just doesn't interest me.

You used to dream about being a writer.

You still writing?

I don't think I'll ever gonna measure up.

What are you talking about?

Nicholas, your father wants
what's best for you.

He loves you. He believes in you.

You are just two very different people.

And he's under a lot of pressure
right now.

All this business with the Primaries.
Don't you think?

And that's important to him.

It's a dream he's had for a lot of years.


It's not just that.

I'm not well, Mom.

Your Dad told me
you've broken up with a girl.

Yes, that's what I told him.

He didn't understand what was wrong.

He needed a rational explanation.
You know what he's like.

So I told him
what he wanted to hear, but...

I never even went out
with that girl, it's just...

It's just, I'm not made like other people.

Sometimes I feel like
I'm not made for this life.

And I can't deal with any of it.

Even though I try every day
with all my strength.

But I just can't deal with any of it,

Because I'm in pain.

All the time.

And I'm tired.

I'm tired of being in pain.

Oh, Nicholas.

I'm right here.

I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere.

And I will help you get through this.
I promise.

Don't cry, my little sun beam.

It's okay.

It's okay.


Today? Are you sure it was him?


You come here for a couple of minutes?
I'd like to talk to you.

-What is it?
-Sit down.

-We need to talk.
-What about?

About your school.

What's going on?

-Nothing special, why?
-Nothing special?

-Today you had your Practice Test, right?

-How'd that go?
-Well, I think.


You see, this afternoon Beth went
to the park and she saw you.

I don't know what you were doing,
but in any case you weren't at school.

So I'm gonna ask you one last time
and this time I want an answer.

What's going on?

You started to skip classes again,
is that it?


Then why weren't you in school today?

-Why did she tell you that?
-That's not the problem.

Yes, it is the problem, she wants
to turn us against one another.

No, the problem is
you're f*cking lying to me.

Why weren't you at school today?

I'm listening.

I wasn't feeling well.

I couldn't bring myself to go.

I'm under too much pressure
from this test. I'm sorry.

You're sorry.

I called the school. I called them.
Do you know what they told me?

They told me you'd never been back there.

They told me you were there
on the first day, last month,

and afterwards you never came back.

Never. Not once.

And seems they've got an email from me

saying that we've decided
to send you back to your old school.

You've nothing to say?

So you've become a world-class hacker,
am I right?

When I think you had the balls
to tell me you were getting As,

being invited to parties.

And the whole time you were lying to me.

What did you do all these days?
Just go for walks?

Is that it?

We give you a chance
to climb back up and what do you do?

You do the exact same thing.

You lie to everybody.

Explain it to me.

What's going on?

Are you on drugs?

Then explain it to me.

I don't know what else
to do with you, Nicholas.

I'm telling you straight.
I just don't know.

I've tried to listen to you.
I've tried to be there for you.

I've tried to give you strength
and confidence,

but obviously none of that's in use.

You really think
you can just live your life like that,

doing whatever the hell you feel like,
getting out of school,

never taking any responsibility,
refusing to grow up?

What are you gonna do
with your life?

If you're not doing anything,
what's gonna become of you?

Naturally, you have no answer.

Stop staring at me like that.

What's the idea,
are you trying to intimidate me?

That's not gonna work.
I can tell you that right away.

Not with me.

All right.

I'm gonna explain to you
how it's gonna be.

Starting tomorrow,
whether you like it or not

you're going back to school,
is that clear?


I'm saying no.
I will not go back to school.

What are you doing, Nicholas?
What do you want?

When I was your age, my mother was sick.

I wasn't seeing my father anymore.
I had money problems.

But I fought on. I fought on.
And believe me, most days it was no joke.

And what has happened to you?
What is there in your life

that is so dramatic you're not able
to go to school like everybody else?

Answer me.

-Answer me.
-I can't deal with it.

I don't understand what that means.
Can't deal with what?

Living. I can't deal
with living and it's your fault.


-If I'm like this. It's your fault.
-What have I done? What's my fault?

-You disgust me.
-What did you say?

You give all these big speeches
about like and work

and then you abandon us
as if we were pieces of shit.


You think you always do
the right thing,

but right from the beginning
you've basically been an assh*le.

Take back what you just said, Nicholas.

Do you hear me?
You take back what you just said, now.


An assh*le? Me? Haven't I always
done everything for you?

I stayed with your mother for years
for yours sake.

So why are you saying this, why?
Why? Tell me why?

Is it because I fell in love
with another woman?

Is that my crime?

How is it any of your business?
I had the right to reinvent my life.

f*ck, it's my life.
Do you hear me? It's my life!

I'm sorry, Nicholas.
I don't know what just happened.

-I need a psychiatric ward.
-Down to the left.

How long have you been here?

Half an hour. They told me
that they'll see us soon.

What happened?

I wasn't there. I was working.

It was...

It was Beth who found him
in the bathroom.

We were lucky.
The ambulance arrived very quickly.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.
I wanted so much to help him.

And then in the end...

-Hi, yes. Good afternoon.

I am Dr. Leiner.
I'm looking after your son.

-Where's Nicholas?
-Don't worry, he's resting.

He's no longer in danger, I assure you.


Your son was treated very quickly
and the cut wasn't too deep.

So, it should heal well.

-Are you absolutely sure?
- Yes, trust me.

But we do need to make some decisions.

-I just talked to him.
-What'd he say?

He seems frustrated to have woken up here,
which is very common in this sort of case.

Has he said anything about
what caused him to...

We are very used to these situations.

And I think it could be important
for Nicholas

to spend some time under observation.

You mean--

I just checked and we do have a vacancy
in our facility.

You just said he was out of danger.

What we want is for him
to become aware of what he's done.

His tendency at the moment is to minimize
it somewhat, which seems to me dangerous.

We wouldn't want him to try it again.

And how would he need to stay?

What's important is for us
to be able to monitor and treat him.

And then there'll be regular visits
with the inpatient psychiatrist and Nicholas.

-So we can all assess his progress.
-I want to see my son.

Just a second please.

Please excuse me, I'm needed upstairs.

But a social worker will be in
to help you with the paper work

for Nicholas to be admitted, okay?

She'll be able to help you with any
other questions at this point, all right?

Please don't worry.
He's in very good hands now.

-What about that one?
-That? That's a constellation.

-Do you see those stars?
-It's rare?

-Pretty rare.
-And that one?

That? It's a Saturn.

It's got rings around it.


Mommy's getting a little impatient.

-Should we go back?
-Wait, Daddy.

-It's split.
-What are we gonna do?

You're gonna have to swim.

-I can't.
-I'm only six and a half.

That's right.
It's just the right time to learn.

You can do it.

Come on.

I'll be with you.


Come on, shrimp.

Come on.

So, what did you decided?

Should I move the meeting
to Monday morning?

It depends on what time
you're expecting to leave for D.C.

Next Monday? No I can't.
I'm gonna have to...

I'm gonna have to stay in New York.

So, I'll cancel Washington?




Hey. Peter, it's me.
Can you talk?

Sure, everything all right?


I just got a call from Dr. Harris...

I just wanted to discuss it with you.

Is there a problem?

He thinks that it might be better

if we don't go see Nicholas
for a few days.


I know.

But it seems that Nicholas is having
some trouble accepting treatment.

And they've been having
long conversations

trying to understand why he...

It seems he's been talking a lot
about the divorce.

And your new life and all
the tensions that's between you and I.

Dr. Harris thinks that maybe it's best
to just let them have a few days.

Give everyone a bit of perspective.

Take the pressure off.

He can't stop us seeing Nicholas.

He's just asking. Not demanding.

We still have Monday.

We have our appointment
to see where everything stands.

I don't know. In the meantime...

I know this is so difficult.

It is for me too...

But maybe we should trust them, huh?

You think?


-You ready?

-What time is the plane?
-Got a cab, it's in about minutes.

-I'll help you down with your suitcase.
-No, no. Don't worry.


Sorry about last night.

I had too much to drink.

I just don't understand
why we have to fight like that.

I know. It's my fault. I'm sorry.

And you can't come with us?

Sorry, Beth. I can't.

I don't feel like going to the cape
knowing he's in there.

Just for two days.

You look terrible and it's not like
you can do anything for him.

I can't.

When is he out?

-I don't know. We'll know more on Monday.
-And then?

I hope I can be a better father to Theo.

Stop it, Peter.
You are a really good father.

And what makes me saddest
is that I have to play a part

that I hate with everything in me.

In these past few weeks
I just keep catching myself

saying things exactly the same things

my father used to say to me
when I was young.

Things which made me genuinely hate him.

And now it's my turn. It's just...

Makes me think I'll wind up
being just like him.

What kind of things?

"What are you gonna do with your life?"

"When I was your age,
I did this, I did that."

"What are we gonna do with you?"

If you knew how ashamed
it makes me feel...

I'm sorry.

We have to go.

Before you do please tell me
you forgive me for yesterday.

I would just really like us
to stop fighting like that.

Me too.

-The last few weeks has just been...
-I know.

No, you don't know.
Because you're not here.

You are at work all of the time.

-And I am here and I am on my own.
-No, no.

Yes, I am. I'm lonely. I'm just...

I'm so tired.

There's Theo, and your other son.
He needs you as well.

Beth, please, let's...

Let's not start again, okay?


Okay. Okay.

I'll call you when we get there.

Come here, little man.

Give me a hug.

I'm not gonna see you for a week.
I'm gonna miss you.

You're gonna discover the sea.

You'll see how big and beautiful it is.

Say hello for me to Granny, will you?

Sorry I can't be with you.

I really have to stay here,
you understand?

You tell me all about it, okay?

You tell me, little man.


-I missed you so much.
-I missed you so much.

-Feel like I haven't seen you for months.
-We are here now. We're here.


I'm gonna leave you alone for five minutes

with your Mom and Dad,
like you asked me to.

And while it's happening
I'm gonna look for the doctor, okay?


Hey, how are you?


It's horrible.
You have to get me out of here.

You absolutely have to get me
out of here, promise me.

It's been terrible, Mom.
It's the worst week in my life. It's hell.

-You can't leave me in hell.
-We're gonna discuss it with the doctor--

He's an assh*le.
He doesn't understand anything.

He stuffs me full of medication.
He thinks I'm ill.

He says I have to stay here for weeks
and weeks. But I'm telling you I can't.

I won't be able to take it.

I feel much worse here
than I do at home. I need you.

You have to take me back home.
Please, Dad. Please, Mom. I'm begging.

Calm down, Nicholas.
We'll talk to the doctor.

We're here. We're here with you.

I'm so happy to see you.

Hi, good afternoon.


Okay, why don't we all sit down?

It's okay.

Sit by me, please, Nicholas.

I'm gonna ask Michael
who's been looking after Nicholas

to sit in with us if you don't mind.

-All right.

I guess Nicholas has told you
that he wants to leave the hospital.


Yes, he said that to me too.

I understand that these last few days
have been tough on him.

They really have. Why is that?

We often get this reaction
in the first week.

I don't wanna stay here.

I understand that you wanna go home,
Nicholas, I really do but...

it isn't something
that I'd be able to recommend.

-You see?
-Why not?

Nicholas is suffering
from acute depression.

I think it would be safer for him
to stay in the hospital.

I'm better. I just wanna come back home.
There isn't gonna be a problem. I promise.

I know that's what you believe,
Nicholas, but in my experience--

You see? He knows how I'm feeling
better than I do.

-Calm down, Nicholas.
-I am calm.

It's this moron
that doesn't understand anything.

Nicholas, please, honey.

Nicholas, please, sit down, baby.

-What do you suggest?
-Essentially, we just need some more time.

Suicidal impulses,
they are really difficult to identify

even for the patient.

But we can't pretend
that they don't exist.

Second attempts are very common.

I think Nicholas is still suffering
from a certain disconnect from reality

which is causing him
all kind of anxieties

which we can treat.

We just need to s*ab him first,

and then we can start thinking about
when to let him go.

-And when would that be?

I'm just asking.

You see, Nicholas, right now
you need looking after you.

You need the whole medical team:

the doctors, the therapists,
project supervisors--

Do you think you're gonna cure me
with pottery class?

It contributes to the process, yes--

-It's a bunch of crap!
-Calm down.

-Maybe it's for your own good.
-My own good?

How can I get better if I'm surrounded
by people who are much sicker than I am?

I've been thinking about this a lot.
About my life.

All these hours of doing nothing.

I understand things.
Things I won't do anymore.

Being here has been
like an electric shock.

And now I feel I'm ready
to return to normal life.

I feel I can go back to school. I feel it.

But you've got to trust me.

And you've have to got me
outta here, otherwise...

I'm going under.

I mean it. I can't take this.


You know me.

I know you do. You always have.

But here, they don't.

I'm begging you, Dad.
Please, don't abandon me.

Oh, sweetheart.

What would be the procedure
for taking him out?

As long as he's underaged
Nicholas is your responsibility.

And that would be your decision.

But please listen very seriously
to what I'm telling you.

Your son is not in a state
to leave here.

All you have to do is sign the papers
and he can go home.

But it's my professional opinion
you'd be taking a genuine risk.

What risk?

A risk that I would never take
with my own son.

-You can't force me to stay here.
-Well, you know, technically I could.

But I would have to get a judge to agree
and I really don't wanna have to do that.

I'd rather help your parents
make the right decision.

Believe me, I know that this isn't easy

especially here right now
in front of your son.

But Nicholas needs treatment,

and that's not part of your role
as parents.

-That's a job for a psychiatrist.
-Dad, I'm not ill.

If we make the right decision together

then Nicholas will be able to come back
to you sooner in much better health.

Live a normal life.

-Mom, I wanna go home.
-I know, sweetheart.

Don't leave me here.

-I'm begging you.
-Peter, say something.

You have to give me a second chance.

It was a cry for help.
And I'm sorry about it with all my heart.

I just needed you to understand my pain.

But I'll never do it again.
I swear to you.

I think your parents have heard
your arguments, Nicholas.

Now I'm gonna have to ask you
to make a decision.


Yes, Nicholas needs to understand
that you support the medical team.

Don't feel guilty.

This is not about how much you love
your son, it's about protecting him.

In this circumstances
love is not enough.

Love will not be enough.

Dad... Mom...

All right, Nicholas, it's lunch time,

Michael's gonna take you up
to the cafeteria.

But first it's important that your parents
make their decision in front of you.

It'll help you accept your treatment.

Mom, I wanna go home.

Dad, take me home.
I'm begging you. Dad.

Dad, take me home.


I'm sorry, Nicholas.

-You can't do this to me. Not you!
-Calm down.

What do I ever do to you?
Don't touch me!

Dad! Daddy! Mom!

All right?

I hope we made the right decision.

He said it was a cry for help.
We have to trust him.

Listen, if he doesn't improve in the next
few days we can always take him back.


I know he's better off here with us.

-All right.
-It'll be ready in a minute.


What are you seeing...

moving forward?

It seems a little optimistic to hope
he'll go back to school.

-It's May already.

Maybe he just needs
to get his strength back.


And start a next school year fresh.


What's he gonna do during the day?

We can't ever leave him on his own.

Maybe he could go back to live
with you if that's what he wants.

During the day, I can take him
to the office to work as an intern.

You think he'll be interested in that?

I don't know.

In any case he'll learn
a few new things and I'll be there...

Yeah, but don't you have
so much work going on?

I'm gonna turn down Brian's offer.


Yeah, I don't give a shit about politics.

I wanna concentrate on what really counts
and for me what really counts is be here

for Nicholas.

Here we go.

-Thank you.

Where is your cup?

No, I had a coffee.
I needed to wake up.


No, thanks, buddy.


Than you.

Thanks, baby.

How are you feeling?

-So happy to be here with you.
-So are we.

-I need to get the prescription...
-Oh, yeah.

And I was thinking,
do you wanna maybe see a movie?

Why not.


But I'd like to take a shower first.

The bathrooms in there were so dirty.

I've been dreaming about having a shower
for a whole week.

Yeah. Sure.


-Why are you laughing?
-Nothing. It's nothing.

-I smell bad, is that it?
-No, no.

I like seeing you together.

It's been a long time.

I mean, since the three of us
were together.

That's true.

Just like the good old days.

Right. I'll go take a shower.

I'll wait for you.

I just wanted to say...

I'm really sorry for everything.

And I know you don't deserve it.

I'd like to ask you to forgive me.

And I wanted to tell you that I love you.

-We love you too.

Go on. Off you go.
We'll be waiting for you.

-How about that?
-I know.

Why aren't you coming
to movies with us today?

I'm sure that'll make Nicholas so happy.

Yeah. I don't know.

What are you planning to see?

Remember when we...

used to go to the movies
in the middle of the afternoon?

Tell everybody we had
very important meetings.

and then we'd sneak up to meet**

Oh, yeah.

I loved doing that.
It was like playing hooky.

It was so long ago, huh?

Come on.

Come with us.

Come with us today.

You don't want to?

-Oh, God!
-Oh, my God!

What is this?

Oh, my God, Nicholas.
Nicholas, baby!

Baby! Keep your eyes open.

Peter, call on somebody!
Call on somebody!

Nicholas, look at Mommy.
Look at Mommy.

Keep your eyes open. Please.

That's it. Trust yourself.
And breathe. That's it.

Like a froggy. Come to me.
Come to me.

Okay, I'm gonna let you go.
You can do it. Come to me. That's it.

Keep going. Keep going. That's it.

-Daddy, I'm swimming.
-Yes. You're swimming.

-I'm swimming, Daddy.
-Yes, you are. You're swimming.

You did it.

-I'm swimming.
-Good boy. Good boy.

I'm so proud of you.
You're swimming. It's good, right?

Should we go for some more?
Come on. Let's swim.

That's it. All the way.

-You all right?

I'm just gonna go give Theo his bath.

-You want me to do it?
-No, I'll do it.

-You glad they're coming?
-Very, what about you?

Look what I found.

You haven't worn them in a long time.

I know.

Okay, I'll see you in a minute.

-Can I leave the rest to you?


Theo, it's bath time. You're ready?

-Hey, here already?
-Sorry, I'm a bit early.

Come in. Come in.
Are you on your own?

She's on her way.
She had to go see her mother first.

No problem.

Come here.

-How are you? You look good.
-Very good, thanks. How are you?

Good, so you got back this morning?

Yeah, it's been month

since I set foot in New York,
and I'm starting to miss it.

-And how's Toronto? All going well?
-Great, I love the city.

-You wanna drink or something?
-No, I'll wait for everyone else.

Okay, sit down.

I've decided to move in with Lena,
didn't Mom tell you?

-Oh, really?

We basically already spend
every evening in either her place or mine.

-Congratulation. It's good news.

I'm really looking forward
to introducing her to you.

I'm really looking forward
to meeting her.

After everything
you've been telling me about her.

You'll see. She's wonderful.

I'm crazy about her.

It's good.

-How's Theo, is he here?
-Yeah, he's just having his bath.

We got him a gift.

-But Lena wanted to give it to him.
-That's nice.

-I also have something for you.
-For me?

It's more of something
I wanted to tell you about.

You should see the look on your face.

Don't worry, I'm not here
to tell you I'm gonna be a father.

Never crossed my mind.

No, it's something more...

Something about me

that I wanted you to be the first to know.

Tell me.

You know how besides college
there was always something else I loved?


And recently I've spent some time...

Especially since I've been living
in Toronto.

Everything just seems easier
for me up there.

In short...

-Here it is.
-What's this?

It's my first novel.

You wrote this?

I didn't wanna tell anyone
out of superstition.

But now it actually exists.

And I wanted you
to be the first person to have it.

"Death can wait."


-When is it coming out?
-In two months.

And if you open it you'll see
it's dedicated to you.



Obviously, it talks a bit about
what you already know.

All those really tough years
for you and Mom.

But at least it ended well.

And I wanted you to be
the first person to have it

because I know
if it wasn't for you I couldn't--

I'm so proud of you.

My big boy.

I'm so proud of you.

Better wait to have read it.
You might not like it.

I know you.

I know it'll be beautiful.

And really...

What I wanted to tell you
is that I'm so proud of you.

-You're not gonna start crying, are you?
-No, no. Sorry.

-I want just to hope it'll be a success.
-Of course it'll be a success.

Right, you don't mind if I go give Theo
a hug, I've missed him a lot too.

Yes, yes. Of course.

He'll be glad to see you.

He's always talking about his big brother.


What are you doing?

What's the matter?

Were you thinking about Nicholas?

I should've paid more attention to him.

No, you did the best
you possible could at the time.

I was trying to think...

He was so talented.

And he was so intelligent.

And sensitive.


He could've done
so many beautiful things with his life.

And I should have...

I really could have...

It's all my fault.

-No, it's not--
-Oh, God, it's all my fault.

No, it's not. Come on.

Come on. Come on.

Calm down. I know it's hard.

I know, but life goes on, Peter. Okay?

There's Theo. And you got me.

And we need you.

Even if it's hard, even if it hurts,
life goes on, Peter.

-No, it doesn't go on. It can't go on.
-Yes, it does.

Yes, it does. Yes, it does.

Just think about your little boy.
Think about Theo.

He's gonna be four soon.

Think of him and everything will be fine.

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