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Infinity Pool (2023)

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[electricity crackling]

[Telefilm Canada
introductory music]

introductory music]

[opening theme music playing]

[Em] Did you just say
you can't feed yourself

with white-sand brain death?

[James whispers] What?

[Em] You said
you can't feed yourself

with white-sand brain death.

[James] What does that mean?
I didn't say that.

[Em] You did.
Maybe you were still asleep.

[James] You know what, I asked
if you wanted breakfast.

If we should get up
and get some breakfast.

[Em] But I heard you...

[whispers] Why are we here?

It isn't helping.
You're so frozen these days

I can't even tell
if you're sleeping or awake.

[James] Hey, come here.

[Em] No. Let's get breakfast.

[James] No, forget breakfast.

[Em] No, no, I don't want
to miss the buffet.


[James groans]


[Em] Come on. Maybe we can
catch the omelet chef.

[drum beating]

[intense music playing]

[Ketch] Ladies and gentlemen,
ladies and gentlemen.

May I have your attention
for a moment, please?

As some of you may know,

we are approaching
the rainy season

here in Li Tolqa.

For the locals, this period
before the storms come

is known as "Umbramaq,"
or "The Summoning."

It is celebrated
with traditional music,

and feasting, and of course,
good company.

So, this morning,
I would like to welcome you all

to Umbramaq and to anoint you
with the "fet yegga" pigment

in the colors of the coast,
because it signifies

that we are all bound
by friendship

and we are closing out
the season together.

Oh, and if any of you would like
to purchase "ekki" masks,

they are still available
at the gift shop.

Thank you! Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.
-[all clapping]

[Li Tolqa traditional
folk song played by band]

Where are we?

This was your idea, remember?

Feeling inspired yet?

Oh, thank you.
You didn't say you were hungry.

There's a boat tour

of the Tra-kla Island formations
this afternoon.

I was thinking
we could go on that,

and make reservations
in town for dinner.

We could try the Chinese place.

[James] I don't think I'd
survive another dinner in town.

Even the idea of it.

Does anyone think
it's a real town?

Why would they have
a Chinese place?

[Em] Is it okay if I go?
I'll meet you on the beach.

Yeah, sure.

-[Em] Okay.
-[chair slides]

[motor revving loudly]

[crowd clamoring]

Oh, shit.

What's going on?

[Gabi] Someone's
making a statement.

One of the locals, I'd guess.

What do you think
he's trying to say?

[Gabi] He's saying that
he wants to put a long knife

right through here.

And after you die,
he'll hang your body

at the airport to scare off
the other tourists.

Seems a bit extreme.

The Li Tolqans
are a melodramatic people.

I loved your book.


You're James Foster.
I loved your book.

Sorry, is that gauche?

I don't mean to
put you on the spot.

[James] Oh, no.

No... Thank you. Thank you.

It's just, um, not a lot
of people read my book.

I'm Gabi Bauer.

[James chuckles]
Um, I'm James Foster.

James Foster.


This is James Foster.

Hi, nice to meet you.
Alban Bauer.

Alban. Pleasure.

He wrote a book that I love.

The Variable Sheath.

Oh. Oh, yeah, I remember.

I thought it was brilliant.

[Alban] Yes.

[Gabi] James, do you think
I could convince you

to join us for dinner
this evening?

I've been seeing you
around the resort

for a few days now and I would
love to get to know you.

We have a reservation
tonight at Yangs.

[lively chattering]

Yeah, it was a good, kind of...

learning experience,
I would say.

All right.

Is there anything else
I can get you?

Um, that's all, I think.

[Ketch] All right, everyone,
please have a great meal.

-[Alban] Thank you.
-[Ketch] And let me know anytime

if I can make your experience
even more enjoyable.

Interesting guy.

[Alban] Yes.

This is what is labeled
in the resort guide

as a multicultural
dining experience.

Well, it certainly
is an experience.

So, Alban, what is it
you do for a living?

Oh, architecture,
but I've mostly retired.

Now I run a journal out of
Los Angeles called Glass Pane.

You're French?

Mm, oh, no.
Swiss first, from Geneva.

Then Paris, then LA.

I'm from London first,
then Paris.

-We met there.
-That's how we met.

[James] Oh.

But I couldn't get work there,
so I made Alban move with me.

And what do you do?

Well, I'm an actress,
of course.

-[James] Oh, really?
-She's great.

-For commercials.
-[James] Okay.

I have a contract
with an LA company.

They've been grooming me.

I specialize
in failing naturally.

What does that mean?
"Failing naturally"?

Finding a natural-seeming way
to fail at any given task.

In each of the commercials
that I'm in,

I'm the one who simply can't
go on without the product.

It's ridiculous for me
to not have the product.

Okay. [laughs]

-Show them.

-No, you should.
-[James chuckles] Yeah.


You wanna...?
Do you wanna see it?

I wanna see.
I wanna see.


[James clears throat]

[Alban] She's amazing.

[Gabi breathes deeply]

[James laughs]

[Gabi strains]

I just... I...

I can't.

How-- how can I--
It's impossible.

No one can cut bread
with a knife.

-[Alban] No one.
-[James] No.

No one. I need the BunChop.

[Alban] Yeah.

James, don't you need
the BunChop?

[Alban] Yeah, you need it.


And see, each act of failure

is a sort of mental
and physical puzzle.

You know, I've been waiting
six years for your second book.

[Alban] That's true.

Is it coming out soon?

We'll-- We'll see. [chuckles]

Did I say something wrong?

Oh, no, no. It's just he--
He hasn't been writing.

No, no.

No. I'm-- I'm working on it.

[Alban] Hm, writer's block?

Well, I'm starting to think
it might be the lack of talent.

-[Alban] No. No.
-[Gabi] No.

Don't say that. Please.

I actually came here
looking for inspiration.

To a-- To a resort.
It's quite pathetic.

So, what do you do
for money then?

Do you teach, or?

-He married rich.

That's a good one.

Well, it's good for an artist
to have a patron, isn't it?

-[James] Yes... Yeah.
-[Em] Oh, sure.

I'm in danger of becoming
a charitable organization

at this point. [laughs]

[unsettling music playing]

[James] What's wrong?

[Em] No, I just...

I don't understand
why we're doing this.

We barely know these people.

We spent last night with them.

[Em] You know what I mean.

We're not supposed
to leave the resort strip.

It's a poor country.
I know it's not their fault,

but they have a high crime rate,

and the guide says
they target foreigners.

Well, maybe
a little therapeutic mugging

could fix my back.

Come on.

I'm sure it's safe
if the Bauers are going.

They come here every year.

You're just happy
you found your fan club.

Well, Em, you knew
it had to be somewhere.

All right? It's one day.

Let's mix things up a bit.
It'll be fun.

[seagulls squawking]

[Gabi] And then now you have
to be especially careful...



-[Em] Hi.
-[James] Hi.

You made it.

-[Em] Yeah.
-How are you?

-[Em] Good.
-[James] Good. Good.

Are you well?
You slept well?

-[James] Yeah.
-[Gabi] Nice to see you.

This is Mr. Thresh.

He's been kind enough
to rent us his car for the day.

[gate rattling]

[car revving]

[tense music playing]

[Gabi talking indistinctly]
...down there.

[insects chirping]

[Alban] Can I help you?

-[James] Oh, thank you.
-[Alban] Yeah.

[car doors closing]

[Gabi] Isn't it beautiful?

[Em chuckles] Yes. f*ck off.
It's very, very beautiful.

Baby, you need your umbrella?

Thanks, darling.

-[Gabi] Come on.
-[Alban] Take the wine.

-[James] Take this?
-[Alban] Yeah, yeah. Sure.

Thank you.

[buffalo sausage sizzling]

[Alban] James...

do you want a buffalo sausage?

No, if I ate another sausage,
I would vomit.

Can you vomit first
and then eat one?

They're coming out perfectly.

[James chuckles]
Are you trying to k*ll me?

I'm just fattening you
for dinner.

You will be our final course.

Once the oil starts
coming out of your eyes,

I'll fry you with rosemary,

and Em can eat your balls
like a real marriage.

How do you know
I haven't already?

[Alban] Look at him,
he's too disobedient.

-[Gabi] Hm?

[Alban] Do you want
a buffalo sausage, baby?


[Alban] Also disobedient,

and she doesn't even
have balls for us.

So why this guy,
if you don't mind?

He has no money. Why him?

I don't know.

Mm, I suppose
it has to be daddy issues.

[Alban] Daddy issues?

[Em chuckles]
Well, my father hates him.

[Alban] Oh, come on, be serious.

She is serious.

[Em] My-- My father runs
a publishing house,

and the one thing
that he told me

was to never marry a writer.

[Alban] Of course.

But my father
was also a monster,

so I married
the first broke writer

to spill coffee on me.

-[Alban] Really?
-[Em] Yeah.

[both laugh]

[James pissing]

Almost done.

[James moaning]

[breathing heavily]

[foreboding music playing]

[Gabi] I'm sleeping
in the back with Em.

[trunk closes]

f*ck, I'm still drunk.

[James] I can drive.

[Alban] You sure?

Yeah, I'm good.

All right, thank you.

[keys jingle]

[Alban] Okay.

[car engine starts, revving]

[suspenseful music playing]

Come on.

[shouts] No!
-[car window shatters]

-[car tires screech]
-[body thudding]

What the f*ck was that?


Stay in the car.

[tense music playing]

[Alban] What did you do?

Oh, my God!

[Alban] f*ck, James. f*ck!

[breathes heavily]
I didn't see him. [stammers]

-I couldn't see!
-We have to call someone.

[Alban] Call who?

Call the resort,
they'll call our consulate.

[Alban] Nobody will find us.

How do you call the police?

[Gabi] No police.
Get back in the car.

We're not calling the police.

W-- Wait.

Do you know anything
about jail in Li Tolqa?

This isn't a civilized country.
It's brutal and it's filthy.

We're not getting
picked up for this.

Get back in the car now!

It was an accident.

She's right.
It's very dangerous for us now.

[Em] Oh, my God.
James, we can't.

[Gabi] What do you think's
gonna happen to you?

You'll be r*ped
by police tonight

and tomorrow
they'll find your body.

That's how it works
with these animals.

I'm not doing that.

You get back in the car,
we drive, you go to bed.

Alban and I will deal
with Mr. Thresh

directly in the morning. Now!

[Gabi shouts loudly]
Now! Alban, drive!

[car engine starts]

[thunder rumbling]

[dramatic music playing]

[Gabi] Hello?

-[guard] Hey.
-[Gabi] Hi, there.

Guys, we seem to be locked out.

[guard] And who are you?

Well, we're guests
at the Pa Qlqa.

We're staying here
but we got lost.

[guard] How did you
get through the gate?

[Alban] Excuse me, sir.

But we were just coming back
from the disco,

and we seem to have found
ourselves outside somehow.

We-- We must have gone around.
Here, look. My key card.

I'm sorry, I'm not sure
what happened.

Maybe the fence
is drunk tonight.

James, you have your key card?

[guard] Guests are not allowed

beyond the border
of the compound.

[Alban] Yeah, we know.

[Gabi] We're extremely sorry.
It won't happen again.

[gate opening]

[Alban] Thank you.

[crickets chirping]

[James puking, retching]

[Alban] You're okay, yeah?
You're gonna be okay.

We'll see you at breakfast.

[unsettling music playing]

[knocking on door]

[James groans]

[knocking on door continues]

Yeah. I'm coming.

[knocking on door continues]

I'm coming!

Mr. James Foster?

[James] Yeah?

You'll have to come with us.

[suspenseful music playing]

[Em hyperventilating]

Excuse me. Excuse me,
where are we going?

[suspenseful music continues]

No, no, no!

[Em] James!

[James] We're together.
We're together!


I'll go--
I'll go with her.

Em, I'll find you!
I'll find you!

[suspenseful music swells]

[music fades]


[echoes] Hello?

[banging on door]

Hello? Can you let me
out of here, please?


[door unlocking,
opens and closes]

Sorry to keep you waiting.

[James] Where's my wife?

Mrs. Foster is fine.

I was speaking with her
in the other room,

just down the hall from here.

A lovely woman.

You must feel very lucky.


No, thank you.

My name
is Detective Iral Thresh.

That surname will sound

as you met my uncle Dro Thresh,

who works at the Pa Qlqa
Pearl Princess resort.

I'm told he rented you his car
yesterday morning.

James, I'm going to ask
if that's true,

but before you answer,
I should explain that my uncle

will be in a great deal
of trouble

if he rented you the car,
so, for his benefits,

would you agree to answer
that he did not rent it to you?

What would that change
for me?

Nothing. It's just something
I would appreciate,

given the situation.


Thank you.

Mr. Foster, did a resort
worker named Dro Thresh

rent you his car
yesterday morning

at the Pa Qlqa Pearl Princess?



The Bauer couple,
Gabi and Alban,

have already explained
that after stealing a car

from a man named Dro Thresh
at the Pa Qlqa Pearl Princess,

you went on a joyride
with your wife up the coast.

There you became intoxicated
and hit a farmer

named Myro Myron,
k*lling him instantly.

You fled the accident
without contacting the police,

and Mr. Myron's body
was found by his family

yesterday morning.

Your wife has confirmed
this account.

Em-- Em did?


She was quite forthcoming.

Under our federal law
in Li Tolqa,

if you are responsible
for the death of a man,

including in the case
of an avoidable accident,

his eldest son should k*ll you
to preserve the family's honor.

We do it here in the station,
on Level B.

Wha...? [chuckles]

What... What'd you say?

In the case
that there is no son,

the state will take on
that role.

But luckily,
Mr. Myron has two sons,

ages nine and .

But-- But-- But--
But it's not... I'm sorry.

Please. Please. It-- it--

James, it is unlikely
that we will k*ll you.

Are you aware of the Revised
Process of Doubles Act

for International Visitors
and Diplomats?

Physical doubles.

This is the deal
my government offers

to foreign visitors
in your situation

as part of our longstanding
tourism initiative.

For a significant sum,
the state will build a double

to stand in for your execution.

Importantly, and this is key
to our diplomatic agreement,

it will also maintain
your memories,

and so will believe itself
to be guilty of your crimes

at the time of death.

Do you, James William Foster,
consent to be doubled,

and to the associated fee,

for the purposes of satisfying
our legal proceedings?

I'm sorry. I-- I--
I don't quite understand.

Would you prefer
to be executed?

Please sign.

[James sniffles]


[folder closes sharply]

[footsteps receding]

[door opens, closes]

[breathes deeply]


[ATM machine whirring]

[ATM machine beeping]

[tense music playing]

No, no, no.

[nurse] Gown, please.

[door opens]


This, please.

[door closes, locks]

[whirring, rhythmic thudding

[electricity crackles]

[distorted sound playing]

[Em] Are you all right?

Em? Where am I?

We're still at the station.
You're recovering.

Does it hurt?

My head is k*lling me.

They told me the double
turned out correctly.

It's already finished.

The double?

The surrogate.

They're waiting for us


Often, it takes a few attempts.

Even the smallest imperfection

is unacceptable
to the language of the law.

But this one...

has turned out the first time.

But how...?

It's horrible.

It looks just like me.

You will both be present
for the execution.

Oh, no.
I don't want to see it.

This is non-negotiable.



Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

[suspenseful music playing]

[footsteps approaching]

Please... James.

No. No, no, no.

Please. Don't. I-- I...

Please don't. I didn't...

Em, please. Em, please!

Em! Em!

Em, help me! Em!

Please help! Em!

Help me! Help, Em! Help!

No! Em, please!

-[blood splattering]


[blood splattering]

[tragic music playing]

This is the ashes
for you to take.

Consider this a souvenir.

A car is waiting to bring you
back to the resort.


[Em] Can you f*cking help?

All right, there's a shuttle
to the airport in minutes.

James? James!

Yeah? Yeah.

[Em] What the f*ck.

[James] Where the...?

[Em] What?

My passport.
I can't find my passport.

[Em] What do you mean?

I don't know. I always
put it in my carry-on.

It's not here.

What do you mean
you can't find it?

I... I don't know
where it is.

-It-- It's all--
-[Em] James, we have to leave.

Well, I know,
I'm looking but it's not,

-I can't-- I don't know--
-We have to leave!

We have to leave!
We have to leave!

-[suitcase thuds]

If you want to go without me,
I'll understand.

I'll come home as soon
as I can get on a flight.


It's really so disgusting.


It's really so disgusting
that you could just...

sit there

and watch it happen.

Like a robot.

What's wrong with you?

I'm gonna go down
to the front desk,

see if they can help.


I'll be right back.

Yes, I understand.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you for your patience,
Mr. Foster.

Would you like us
to extend your room booking?

Mr. Foster?

Sorry. Um, is our room
still available?

[receptionist] Yes, Mr. Foster.

Your room is still available

until we close down
at the end of the month.

We have a number
of free rooms now

with the rainy season coming up.

Okay. Well, let's say extend it
by another week, to start with.

[receptionist] Uh, will this
still be under Em Foster?


[receptionist] Wonderful.

Is there anything else
I can help you with today?

[James] No. Thank you.

Are you leaving us?

As soon as I can.

[Gabi] That's a shame.

James, I'm sorry.

Come have a drink with me
and let me explain.


The first year we came,
Alban was working as

a consultant on the construction
of a new resort.

The Bot Vre .
Do you know it?


It's just a few compounds
over from here,

north up the beach.

They were installing
an infinity pool,

one of Alban's designs.

A little pervy,
with a glass bottom

that you could look up into
from the bar.

But the plate split
and fell off the crane,

and two workers were k*lled.

The owner of the Bot Vre
put the blame on Alban

and so we were arrested.
Penalty of death.

And we made a discovery then
that you have now discovered.

A discovery.

Are you upset?
Maybe think of it as a gift.

You said you were
looking for inspiration.

There's something
to the experience, isn't there?

You come out of it feeling...

it's hard to explain
but I can see it in your eyes,

if you know what I mean.

Will you come
to our villa tonight?

There are a few others
we've encountered over the years

who share our little secret.

[thunder rumbles]

[distant music playing]

[Alban] Oh, James.

James, you made it.

You're completely transformed.
You look so beautiful now.

I can see the beauty
just pouring right out of you.

Here, quickly.

-[man] Yes.
-[Alban] Quickly.

Yes, that's correct.

A little bit more.
Here. Here. Come.

-[James] Thank you.
-[Alban] Come, come, come, come.

Everyone, everyone.

This is the new friend
I was telling you about.

James, this is Charles,
Jennifer, Dr. Modan,

and the beautiful Bex.

[Bex giggles]

Nice to meet you.

[Alban] Do you know that Bex's
father is a film producer?


[Alban] Maybe he'll turn
your book into a movie.

So, you're a writer?

[James] Sort of.

[Jennifer] Sort of?

[others laugh]

What does that mean?

[Gabi] James wrote a very
brilliant book that I love.

[Alban] Mm.

[Jennifer] Okay.

So then,
what is this book about?

[Charles] Don't harass the man.
He's just had a very bad day.


It's quite all right.

[Jennifer] I'm just curious
about our new zombie.

You don't have to be afraid,

We are all zombies here.


[Bex] Well, you're certainly
a flesh-eater.

-[Jennifer] Oh, please.
-[Charles] Ladies.

[Alban] Everyone here
is a brother, James.

You don't understand
Li Tolqa yet,

but they are very generous
with discipline,

especially if they know
you can pay.


Very conservative
outside the resorts.

Very religious.

They will k*ll you
for drugs, blasphemy, sodomy.

[Bex] Can you guess
which one of us was sodomy?


[Dr. Modan] Honestly,
it's amazing that anyone

is still alive in this country.

You know, James, I'm glad
you could come tonight.

It's a great time
to have you with us.

Dr. Modan is writing a paper

on the Li Tolqan
doubling tradition.

[Dr. Modan] It's Bob, please.

I was wondering
if I could ask you a question

while you're still fresh,
as they say.


[Dr. Modan] Do you worry
they got the wrong man?

[Jennifer] Oh, God.

[Dr. Modan] Do-- Do you think,
I mean, looking back on it,

that they k*lled the real James?

That was my biggest fear
after my own experience.

Because you wake up
in that little room,

and for all you know, they
could've just swapped you out.

Hard to say what happened
while you were asleep.

So, what does it matter?

You have to let it go.
I've let it go.

[Dr. Modan] How can I?

I'll never know
if I'm really myself,

for as long as I live.

Exactly, so who cares?

What do you think, James?

Do you fear you may have just
witnessed your own demise?

I can only hope.

[others laugh]

[water running]

[phone vibrating]

Are you feeling all right?

Ah, yeah, yeah.

Just, um...

Maybe I had
too much to drink.

I don't think that's it.

The first day
is always difficult.

It's like a new skin
working itself into place.

And in your case, I can see
something special happening.

I have this...

in my head...

[Gabi] It will pass.


Will you trust me tonight?

-[g*n fired]
-[screams, laughing]

He got it from
one of the cleaning staff.

It's fine. Come.

[laughing continues]

[man] That was a great sh*t.

James. James, why don't you
come over here for a moment.

I have a proposition for you.

Don't worry about this g*n.

I hear you have
a passport problem.

Is that right?

That can be a lot of trouble
in a place like this.

I tell you what,

I will talk to my connections
in immigration

and see if I can help

if you play a little game
with us tonight.

[all] Ooh.

[Alban] We just have
a little plan tonight, James.

Just a bit of fun.

[Gabi] Yes, tell him
about the mission.

-[Alban] The mission?
-[man] Yes.

[Dr. Modan] Early this week,
the owner of Bot Vre resort,

he was awarded a medal for
promoting Li Tolqan prosperity.

And there was a ceremony
on the beach.

[Alban] We found out the owner
lives in a house

just up the hill.

So, we decided tonight we will
go get the medal for ourselves.

Just a little game
to play, for fun.

[Gabi] It's actually
rather important to us, James.

I mean, after all,
he did have us executed.

At a certain point, if you don't
respond to an insult like that,

you're such a coward that you'll
just fall to the ground

and never get up again.

[Alban] What do you say?

[Charles] Or maybe
we just off you now

so you don't give us away.


[glass shatters]

[window shattering]

[intense music playing]

[ladies laughing]

[Bex laughs]
A perfect likeness.

[intense music playing]

[crickets chirping]

[James straining]

[door opens]


[woman screaming]

[woman] We found it!


[owner screaming]

[muffled screaming]

Have you ever
fired a g*n before?


It would be so easy.

Not everybody gets this chance.

[g*n cocks]

Hey, what are you kids
up to in here?

Just playing chicken.

Oh. Have you seen
what he has in this place?

James, you're going
to want a drink,

and you're going
to want a cigar.

You have beautiful taste, sir.

I'm really starting to like you.

-[rapid g*n]
-[all screaming]


[Indian music
playing on speaker]

[Alban grunting]

[Dr. Modan] We need to get him
inside, right now.

[Alban] Yes.

[James] My building
is just around the corner.

To the right.

[Alban grunting]

[indistinct chatter]

[James grunting]

[groaning in pain]

[Em screaming]

[indistinct chatter]

[James] It's okay, honey!

-[Dr. Modan] I need some towels.
-[Em] James, what's going on?

-[Alban groaning in pain]
-[Dr. Modan] No, no, no, no!

[cries out in pain]

[Jennifer] They really
should have water in here.

Charles, do you have
any water on you?

They took my bag, sweetheart.

Why don't you be a gentleman

and give Gabi your seat?

[Charles] Because I'm old.

I went for a colonoscopy
last month,

and it was like looking
at a painting by Jackson Polyp.

[Dr. Modan laughs]

[Dr. Modan] James, do you know
why the doubling tradition

is unique to Li Tolqa?

I'm starting to think
it's just their poetic flair.

We've spent years trying to
reproduce the process in the lab

but we're far too literal.

We just never taken
into account...

-[door rattling]
-[Jennifer] Uh, finally.

...the transcend connection--

-[door clicks open]
-[Jennifer] Hi.

We've been waiting
in here for hours.

[door slams shut]

Do you feel
you've been inconvenienced?

[Dr. Modan] Well... [chuckles]

Our country is not a playground
for foreign children.

It sometimes seems
we have forgotten this.

But maybe not today.

You've tested the limits
of our hospitality.

And today I'm feeling inspired
to make a statement.

What do you say?

Yes, please.


-Hey, hey, hey!

[all shouting]

I can walk.

[Dr. Modan] What's going on?

-[officer] Go now!
-[Gabi] Okay.

[Dr. Modan] Okay.

[Gabi] Okay.

[officer] Come on.

[suspenseful music playing]

[Charles] Where are we?

Detective, where are we going?

We're ready to pay now.

[clamoring, shouting]

[overlapping screams]

[Gabi] Alban!

[screams and arguments]



Leave her alone!



Get away from me!

-Get away from me!
-[Gabi] James!

[all shouting]

No! Go! Aah!


-[blood splattering]


[suspenseful music swells,


[Alban] Bravo! Bravo!

Well done, James!

I didn't think
you had it in you!

[clapping continues]


-[doubles convulsing horribly]
-[blood splattering]

-[door opens]


What's wrong with you?

With me?

I'm leaving.

I don't have a passport.

Well then,
I guess you get to stay.

They told me I've already paid.

Is this a dream?

It would make more sense.

You've gone wrong
around the eyes,

like one of those crabs
at the dump.

Go on, then.

Run back to Daddy.

[suitcase wheels rolling]


[door closes]

[seagulls squawking]

[James] Em left today.

[Gabi] That may be for the best.

We've been together ten years.

It's none of my business

but I don't really think
she suits you.

Men are trained
by women like Em

to see themselves as weak.

It can take some work to undo.

It can take some blood.

I don't know about that.

[rain falling]

The rainy season is coming.

Will you walk with me?

[tense music playing]

[thunder rumbling]

[James] What's that?

It's called the ekki gate.

It's a traditional
Li Tolqan root drug.

I got it from one of the guards.

What does it do?

It's a hallucinogen.

Also an aphrodisiac.

Drug use is heavily restricted
in the modern state,

but this is considered
to be religious.

[match lit]

I want you to show me
how strong you are.


It's horrible.

You'll come to like it.

How long does it take
for it to work?

[rhythmic sensual music playing]

[birds chirping]


[spits cherry]

Come on.

[whispers] Pathetic.

[glass shattering]


[Jennifer] Not so loud.

[Charles] You know, James,


I spoke to my son-in-law
about your passport.

About what?

Your new--
Your new passport.

He said it's Thresh who is
the problem, the detective.

Thresh is holding you back
from leaving.

Probably hoping
to bring you in again

and fill up his pretty
police piggy bank.

[Gabi] The Li Tolqans
only understand one thing.

You need to show him that you're
the dominant in this conflict.

[Alban] Yeah.

They're like baboons.

[Alban] Like baboons,
but we think we know

just the thing to help.

[James] Oh, yeah?

Trigeminal neuralgia, James.

[Dr. Modan] It seems
the detective is due for

a glycerol injection tonight

at Li Tolqa Brain and Spine.

[Alban] Hey, James. James.

Why don't you stand down?

[Dr. Modan]
We're gonna be fast.

[door opens, closes]

[engine rumbling]

-[engine revving]
-[tires screeching]

[James breathing heavily]

[Dr. Modan] Any trouble?

There was a police van...

Almost ran me down.

[Alban] Oh. They just
sold out their boss.

Probably had to get drunk first.

[inhales deeply]

[woman] Oh.

Show him your strength, James.

[Bex giggles]

Yeah, I like that. I like that.

[Charles] Attaboy, James.

[Jennifer] Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.

[James speaking gibberish]

[James grunting]

-[all cheering]

-[all] Oh!


[cheering, laughing]

[all] Oh!

[James growling]

[cheering, laughing]





[door opens, closes]

[door lock clicks]

[James breathing heavily]


[faint singing]


[knocks on door]

[Gabi] James.

[knocks on door]

James, come on. You aren't
really upset, are you?

It's just a little joke.

We paid the detective
to make another double

just to have a little fun
with you.

[door rattles]

James, open up.

Maybe I'll bring the double here
and you can both f*ck me.

Have you ever tried that?

Don't be pathetic tonight,

It's so unattractive.

[intense music playing]

[car honking]

[mouths] Hi.

[car honking]

-[g*n fired]
-[bus window shattering]

[bus tires screech]

[Gabi] James!


Come out, James!

What are you doing in there,
James? Huh?

Where do you think
you're going, you little baby?


Members of the bus!

Give us the coward James Foster,

or I will come in sh**ting!

He is a spineless worm
and a bedwetter

and he'd sell his own mother
for horse meat to save himself!

Yeah. Jamesy!

Come on. Come on, little baby.

Come on, James. Come on. Come.

[car revving]

You're so pathetic, James.

A real sucky baby.

I can always pick out
a sucky baby for us.

What a joke.

This whole time,
we've been laughing at you.

You're just a bit of fun
for us on our vacation.

And such a terrible driver!

I can't believe
you ran that guy over, James.

Do you remember that?

We thought we'd have
to get you into trouble,

turns out you're such an idiot
you did it yourself.


I never read your book.

Did you believe that?

I'm a good actress.

It was hard to look you up.

One shitty book six years ago
that nobody read.

Bad reviews.

You're so vain, James,

to actually believe
that we read it.

It's sort of funny,

but really more than anything,
it's depressing.


I do have a review with me,

Have you read this one?

[reading] "The Variable Sheath:
As Bad as Its Title.

Seeming to recognize
his own lack of talent,

newcomer James W. Foster
overcompensates with pretension,

failed posturing
that only serves to emphasize

how truly terrible
this debut really is.

Sheath is a book
that has nothing to say

and lacks the words to say it.

One can't help but wonder
whether its very existence

is owed to Foster's powerful

media mogul Edward Servek.

Maurice Tate
is an overwritten urologist

whose unconvincing marital
struggles therein--"

Ah. Oh, no.
Alban, my wine.

-[James yelling]
-[Gabi giggles]

-Oh, Jamesy!
Oh, no. Oh, no.

[Alban] James.
What are you doing?

[Gabi] James!


[James] No! No!

No! No! No!

[car honks]

[all laughing]


[Gabi] Oh, no! James!

[Alban] Come on.

[Gabi] Come on.

[Charles] James.


[rapid g*n]


[rapid g*n continues]

[grunting in pain]

-[blood splattering]
-[James sobbing]

[Gabi from a distance] James!

[car honking]


[James panting]

[dramatic music playing]


[breathing heavily]

No, don't--


[distorted sound plays]

[Em mocking] Help me, Em.

[laughs] Em, please help me.

[distorted sound playing]

[Em laughing]

[mocking laughter]

[car tires screeching]

[music fades]

[breathing hard]


[door opens]


[crickets chirping]

[suspenseful music playing]

[Gabi] He emerges!
Back from the d*ad!

[Alban] Hey. James, here.

Come. It's okay.

It's okay. Come forward.

[Gabi] Today we're going
to fix you, James.

I know it's been hard,
but believe me when I say

that we are
on a mission of mercy.

It's time for you to shed that
disgusting larval mind of yours

and find out what kind
of a creature you really are.

Bring the dog.

[Bex] Come on.

[inhales deeply]


The dog is here for you
to complete your transformation.

Only through blood
can you release your past.

Sacrifice the dog, James.


k*ll the dog.

f*ck you. f*ck all of you.

Pick up the knife, James.


It's for your own good.

You pick it up.

Go on.

Go fetch!

[screaming and grunting]


Come here. It's okay.


[dramatic music playing]




Well, I'll land at ten,

so I'll be home
around , : .

I'm so sorry, baby.

Really am.


I miss you.


Okay, but, I should
probably get going

so I don't miss the shuttle.

But I'll see you very soon.

All right?

I love you. Bye.

[driver talking indistinctly]

Thank you.


There you go.

Oh, Charles,
did you remind Stacy

I have a spare key
under the planter?

I spoke to her yesterday.

I swear it's in one ear

and out the other
with that girl.

Gabi, what are you two doing
when you go back to LA?

Oh, well, Alban is going
straight back to work,

aren't you?

Oh, yes, unfortunately.

The spring issue of the journal
is coming up fast,

and I'm behind.

Which means
I'll be eating alone

and rearranging the house again.

Please don't.

Whenever I'm bored,
I rearrange the house

and it drives Alban crazy.

You don't.

You and Bex must be related.

I like to repaint
the walls as well.

Don't give her any idea.

that actually reminds me

that we need to pay Jonas for
the work he did on the garage.

I paid him last month.

You did? He just sent me
an invoice before we left.

[woman over PA]
This is a pre-boarding call

for passengers traveling on
flight LT to Los Angeles.

Those passengers
requiring assistance boarding,

those with small children,
and passengers flying with us

in business class today,
please proceed to Gate C.

[Alban] That's us.

James, great to meet you.

Hopefully we'll see you
again next year.

Have a good flight.

You too.

[lively chattering]

[kids giggling]

[lively chattering swells,

[woman over PA]
This is the final boarding call

for flight LT to Melbourne.

All remaining passengers
proceed to Gate One.

I repeat, this is the final
boarding call

for flight LT .

[rain pattering]
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