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Lov3 (2022)

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At his house.

In the restroom at Izakaya.

In the CEASA parking lot.


-Don't be ridiculous.
-It's not.

Answer me.

Never here.

Why not?

What's wrong with here?

He didn't want to.

So that's it.

That's the honesty I need.

Great. Are you done?

-I'm late.
-Was it good?

-What do you wanna know?
-I don't know.

Whatever you want to tell me.

Were you thinking of me
when he f*cked you?


Only after.

Did you come every time?

Yes. And laughed every time too.
I was relaxed. It was different.


I didn't feel judged.

You have no right to talk to me like that.

Do you love him?

I love you.

You're the most amazing person
I've ever met.

It's too bad you're not yourself...

very often.

We can fit one more,

but not in bed.

Spread some duvets around, in a circle.

It'll be like a cult.

I can knock this down with one hit.

Make us a closet, please?

Out of a wardrobe?

Me and the girls,
since we change every day,

we need more space.



What do you say? The wall?

The wall?

Painting it?

Why not?

A lighter pink?

Pink like a p*ssy?

Pussies come in all colors, Joaquim.

Let me see.

Think before you speak, baby.

I'm getting in the shower.

Wait, I'm coming with you.

You like plants, right?

I'll give you one.

A beautiful one.

Made out of plastic,

so you don't have to worry.

I don't feel like sex right now.

We don't have sex anymore.


Now we make love.


Sit here.

I've already explained.

There are things I have to do, for myself

without anybody.

Let's not blame anyone

if it didn't work out.


you showed me that I could be happy.


Being yourself.


By your side.

No, listen to me.

It's great that you took
the reins of your life.

But what we had won't happen again.

Beto. Please.

I know that.

I'm not a child.

What we have now is much more serious.


Are you gonna keep cleaning up his mess?
Get rid of him.

He cheated on his wife with me.

He'll cheat on me too,
then I can pass it on.

No. It's your life and my house.

Talk to his wife.

She might suffer from Stockholm syndrome
and take him back.

Listen to this.

Beto, honey, Pituca here.
I don't want to argue.

-It gets worse.

You're still a boy.

A Math teacher with a bright future.

Run away from this plague.

Friendly advice.

He's always been terrible in bed,

he comes too fast, you already know that.

Now, there's Junior's child support.

You'll work like an old horse dragging
his d*ad weight around.

A babysitter for a grown man?

I was an idiot but you're not.

If I were you, I'd run.

You're handsome, generous...
It must be raining men who like you.

Just look around.

She didn't lie.

How so?

About him being a good-for-nothing.


Why? What did you think
I was talking about?

I lost my job to the crisis.

You said you haven't worked for a year.

Now I'm moving on with my life.

I can help out around our house.

Our house?

My cousin...

He sells stuff he brings in from abroad,

I can set up a little depot here.
Low profile.

We'll be arrested.

Come on!

No, that's enough.

Find him another place. Today.


Gays are so dramatic!

Shut your damn mouth.

Pack your bags.

They'd get so drunk.

Hey, Ana.

Are you getting in on Barba's pool?

We're betting on who passes out first.


I've got things to do.
I'm not sure I can stay for work.


f*ck. You too, Pescoço?

Ana, get the duck ready.

-Here it comes.

How much longer will you be
playing the sad girl?

Am I?

This has been the easiest part of my life.

So it's wrong.

You didn't show up for two days.

You didn't even call...

Ana, is this your dream for real?

Make it your priority.

Make up your mind.

-Relax a little bit.

There you go.

Relax a little bit.

Come on.

I think we found a nice balance.

But don't let go of me!

I'm talking about the four of us.

You know it's very important for me,
don't you?


That's family.

The ones tied to you.

And nothing and nobody can break it.


The first bruise.

-Are you okay?
-Yes, just lost balance.

Let me see it.

-No. It's nothing. I feel fine.
-Are you okay?

I'm okay.

-It was nothing.

Does it hurt?

-No, I'm fine.
-Are you?

I'm hungry. Who's up for a bite?

I'm going with you.

Are you okay?

I'm fine!

You were great.


Balance is not my strong suit.

What do you want to eat?

Junk food.

Come here.

I called you.

I turned it off.

I quit my job.

What's happening?

I'm leaving you.

I want to help you.

I want to be alone.

You don't know what you want.


But I don't want this.

Out of the way, bitch!

Sofia? Be quiet.


Don't touch anything.

Don't put on sports on the TV.


Who's this?

Sofia's not here.

-Did she say anything?
-I don't know.

I'll call Sofia. You stay here.

Interact as little as possible.

Crashed the car?


Ripped it off?

Anxiety att*ck?

I had that.

I've got into fights.


bisexual. Active.

A depressed son.

A wife...

Ex-wife, who hates me.

And irritable bowels.

You can get the picture.

-Nice to meet you.

I'm Beto's boyfriend.

You're not my boyfriend!

It's over.

The end of an era.

Goodbye, Lola's Coxinha.

What a horrendous demise.

What is that face?

I don't know. Normal.


Your energy is different.


being hung up on what others think.


You play the tough girl,

but you're sweet.


Let's buy something,
the boys must be hungry.

Isn't it weird? Just the two of us?


It's weird that you'd say that.
If you'd rather be with them...


I learned at the health center

when my arm was tingling.

Things are simpler than we think.

Beto made me see that...

it's all in our head.

Literally. They put it in our minds
with cell phone radiation.

I don't believe in those...

There's nothing to believe.

It's all on the Internet.

They won't say it on TV.

They keep it secret.

Are you thirsty? I can get some water.

Read the forums.

It's all there. They lie about everything.

Even the Earth.

What about the Earth?

Well, for starters, it's not round.

Beto, can we talk?


It matches your hand.



Were you lost?

Running from us?

No, it's not that.

-All the shops were closed...
-Tell us then.

Stop complaining.

You're mad. Why don't you say it?

Nothing's happening.

We're talking to Isa.

It's not about you.
Don't talk to her like that.

You promised this would work.

You're not being honest.

What do you want?
This is my family, it's all I have.

Stop being dramatic, Joaquim.

And you, Matheus?

I know you're fed up.

I'm not. You're not being honest.

-Guys. My siblings are here.

Did another dog die?

I slept with a flat-earther!

Even worse...

I have to take care of him.
He left his family!

I'm responsible for a 40-year-old man.

I don't even have a job.


get out of it. It's not your problem.

Wow. You sound just like mom.

Sorry, my bad.


You're right.

I need to be alone.

You can say, I mean...

Away from them.

You brought that coaching guy?

Yes, I'll leave with him too, relax.

No, he'll go away by himself.
Not your problem.

What are you doing here?

What about you?

Giving up on us?

Can I ask you something?

Are you the man?

The one who...

Eats ass?

Everyone eats ass here.

Even me.

And you? You look like a little bitch.

A very passive one.

I'm not a f*g.

Excuse me?

Is there a problem?

Not at all, but I'm bisexual. Active.

Got it.

I can't deal with any questions,
pressure or judging.

No problem. Stay as long as you want.
You can sleep in my room.

You too, if you need.

Are you okay?

-I'm f*cked up.
-Just you?

I just f*ck up everything I touch.
Even when I try not to.

What happened?

I love Isa.

Isn't that good?

Only her.

Something is wrong with me.

With us.

Real quick, I just came to see my kids.

Beto, Sofia, Ana!

Wait, Joaquim.

She didn't even say hi.

I don't mean to intrude.

She's a cougar.


I can see it's...

a full house.

They can wait in the kitchen.

-Excuse us, please.

I don't know when

I'll be in town again

so I had to stop by.

I didn't think I'd be so lucky
as to find the three of you together.

Put this lasagna in the oven.

-You cooked?
-As shocking as it seems, Sofia.

-Dad. What are you...

Hi, Fausto.

She only said she was coming now.


My mom made lasagna.

We're vegans.

Don't look at me.

I can't cook or wash the dishes.

You should know.

I have no idea what's inside.

Put out the trash.

Go back to your house.

I can't go back.

I understand.

But that's not my problem.

You're my little bitch, remember?

What? I'm not yours.

-Wait, Beto.

You better go.

It's embarrassing.

The back door's on the right.

Sit, Beto.

I have news.

I have great news.

To celebrate I did something special.

I brought you gifts.

For what?


A gift is a gift.

Can you relax a little?

That's cool.

It's not a celebration without a treat.

I can't remember last time I did that.

Open it, Beto.

For your job.

I got fired.

A consolation, then.

He doesn't wear Polo shirts.

For you, Sofia,

I tried to find you something,
but you're so...


And you already got a lot from the house.

Don't be jealous.

You're right, mom. I did get a lot.

And for you, Ana,

something very special.

I can only imagine.

It's an important day,

that's all.

Excuse me if I'm emotional,

but I wanted you to have
something of mine.

What do you want?

Dad, stop her.

Baby, this is my room.

Damn it.

Fausto, get rid of this junk.

Say what you're looking for, I'll help.

I don't know where I put it,
but I'll find it.


There it is.

Where is it?

-It's not here.
-What, exactly?

Did you take my box, Sofia?

-What box?
-Someone took it.

I saw the people you brought here.

The flat-earther's on me.

At least now we know the gift

is a box.

No, it's what's inside.

A family memory.

I don't know of any memory.

'Cause you didn't find it. I hid it.

I'm careful.

Enough. What do you want?

Your gift, Ana. That's all.

Thanks for caring,
but we both know I don't.

You three against me.

You all made mistakes.

But when you needed a second chance,
you had it.

What about me?

Why am I condemned to a life sentence
and left behind forever?

Last time I was here

I asked for space.

But what none of you really saw
was that...

it was really a cry for help.

No, you did want you wanted to do.

I left on f*re. In flames.

And what did you do?

Instead of worrying
and trying to help me, no,

you all moved on as if I never existed.


All right.

It's okay.

I'm here to thank you.

You gave me the clarity

that in life,

you cannot count on anybody.

We're born naked and then die alone.

There is no box.

Are you saying I'm crazy?

I'm making this up? Are you?

You took it.

Mom, look...

I would never do that.

Beto always told me
when things disappeared here

you sold them to fund your partying.

Tell her, Beto.

It was Sofia, by the way

who called to tell me
you left your house, Ana.

I love you.

-But I don't get why you do this.
-I love you.

But did you forget what they did to you?

When Fausto and I left they told us
to take you with us.

It's not our fault.

I bet she sold it to buy drugs.

You know what,

I tried MDMA

it's not that good.

-Get out of my house.

-Your house?

She's paying rent.

Not anymore.

See, Sofia? You don't have to pay anymore.

I sold the house.

You sold the house?

Yes, Fausto,
I did and don't give me that face.

It's over.

That's the good news.

But you ruined this moment for me.

This isn't how I wanted to tell you.


it is what it is.

We're all gonna be okay.

No problem.

It happens.

We'll help each other.

We can't stay here.

We can't, Isa.

Are you with us?

Well, if that's all right,

I want this house empty
as soon as possible.

I raised you for the world

not for me.

You're ready, apparently.

I was left behind.

How can you treat your mother like that?

I won't allow it!



She gave you everything, she raised you,

gave up on her dream, her career,

her youth,

Look at her.


In return, you became

a bottomless pit of selfishness.

A pit.



Get the box.


the box isn't real.

It is.

I know it is.

-It's not about that.
-I know!

I know.

Don't talk to me like I'm stupid. I'm not.

I'm not.

Just absent.

When you have three children

and a marriage of 35 years,

then you can raise your voice to me.

We were good parents.

Baby, my love,

let's go home.


You don't need to do this.

Some things

never change.

It's not easy, an empty nest.

Baby, my love,

you're a better driver than me.

That's good.

Stop. It's okay.

You can pull out.


I'm sorry.

Baby had a box she kept away from us.

And I hid it.

What's in it?

I didn't have the key.

Open it.

No f*cking way. Beto.


It was your gift, remember?




It's Baby.

But who's this guy?

I don't know, but it's not dad.
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