01x12 - Ro's Reunion

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Zeta Project". Aired: January 27, 2001 – August 10, 2002.
A robot rebels against its creators, refusing to k*ll, and goes on the run.
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01x12 - Ro's Reunion

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ZETA: My name is Zeta.

I was built as a w*apon to destroy...

...but I will not destroy anymore.

RO: Come on, let's go!

ZETA: It's Bennet. Run!

This way.

RO: Quick, Zee. Change.

ZETA: Ro, look out!


RO: We'll get you your freedom, Zee.
I know it.

RO: Previously on The Zeta Project:

"Rosalie Rowan."

Says here you live at the girls' home
over on Gaines Street.

- You're a runaway?
RO: Somebody created me.

Doesn't look like they care
how I ended up.

RO: The Morgans, the folks I lived with...

...they're the earliest foster family
I remember.

I wasn't exactly their kind of people.

Stop, he's my friend.

He's steering it.

Sorry there was nothing useful
in your records.

That offer still stands
to find your family here.

I gotta keep looking.

When you first showed up,
I took something from you and hid it.

They said it was your brother.

My brother?

I mean, this whole thing's been freaky.

I didn't even remember I had a brother
until I got this.

I remembered you.
I even looked for you.

You were moving around so much,
no wonder I couldn't find you.

But you looked?

Of course. You're part of my life, Ro.

When someone you care about
gets taken away from you...

...imagine how much it must hurt.

Okay, that got way too sappy.
Switch back.

Didn't you like it?

At first. But any brother of mine
would be so much cooler than that.

Anyway, back to the real guy.

We should scan
the National Foster Care records...

...for any boys with your last name.

That way, we might be able to find--

A guy named Casey Rowan.

According to the Net...

...he was in a foster home
here in Twin Cities a few years ago.

I guess the system
stopped tracking him when he was 18...

...because that was the last info
we could get.

He'd be about 20 now.

And what about you?
You're obviously underage...

...and you're wandering around
on your own.

What will I find out
if I type your name in here?

Look, I know I took a risk coming here,
but I need your help.

I'm supposed to be living in a girls' home
in Maryland...

...but they weren't exactly nice people
and I really don't wanna go back.

I have a family out there.
My own family.

And the home
wasn't gonna help me find it.

I'm hoping you will.

Okay, I'll give it a sh*t.

If we can find your family...

...you'd be better off with them
than going back to the home, anyway.

But I wanna warn you...

...our computers were h*t hard
by a virus last fall.

A lot of our records were lost.


Yeah. I couldn't even tell you
what family he was with.

I'm sorry.

Knew it couldn't be that easy.

You know,
there's someone else who can help.

A vid studio?

Are you sure
this is the address Gwen gave us?

I'm sure. She said:

3880 Lexington Way.

Building 43. Ask for Harry Lux.

- [IN NORMAL VOICE] This is the place.
- Ask a robot a question.

Aah! Help!

Somebody! Aah!


Somebody, please, help me!

Aah! Get me out of here!

Please, get me out!

Get me out of here!


It's too hot. I can't get close.

- Bring him up.
- Pull up.

Zee, wait.

- Excuse me.
- Huh?

- Who's that?
FIREMAN: What is he doing?

ZETA: I've got you.
- Cut, cut. The sh*t's ruined.

What are you doing? Ugh!


Will somebody get that wannabe
off my set?

All right, people, back to one.

Reset effects.

- Sorry?
- Oh, sure.

It's just another take in this smoke.
I didn't need a complexion.

Ha, ha, yeah. Sorry about that.

He's-- He's new on this planet.

Okay, lesson 2 million.

This is a vid studio. Everything is fake.

It seemed real.

It's like I have to teach you everything.
Come on.

Building 43 should be right around here.

"Skyes the Limit"?

Rosalie? Harry Lux.

Talk about cutting it close.
You just made it. Come on.

Just made it for what?

We're right in here.

Gwen was right. Your look is perfect.

Evokes instant pity.

Thanks, I guess.

This is my friend, Zee.

Yeah, yeah, nice to meet you.
I was floored when I heard your story.

We are gonna do everything we can
to help.

And what exactly is that?

Don't you guys know Skye?

Uh, we're from out of town.

Well, she's got the biggest show
in Twin Cities.

And reunions are our hottest bits.

We've been reuniting loved ones
for two seasons now.

Wait up. A talk show?

- I can't do--
- Just watch.

The storm destroyed our whole town.

A lot of us were relocated to shelters
and whole families got separated.


I heard some people got head injuries
and forgot stuff.

I figured
that's what happened to my mom.

Yeah. And how old were you
when this happened?

- I was 6.
- Six years old.

Well, Macy, we did some research...

...and that's exactly what happened
to your mom.

Wow, that's amazing.

SKYE: She didn't remember a thing
for close to a year.

Not even her own name.

She's been searching for you ever since.

g*ng, we have a special treat
for Macy right now.

Let's bring her out.



It's me, baby.



We're gonna give these two
some time to get reacquainted.

So that's it for today.

Tune in next time...

...when we make the dream
of a family reunion come true for this girl:

- Rosalie Rowan.
- What?

So until then, remember the....

Skyes the limit.

And we're out.

What the heck was that?
I never agreed to be on the show.

Hey, chill.
Everyone wants to be on Skyes the Limit.

Not me.

My face can't be on the air.

Well, too late. It's a live feed.

Come on, what's the big deal?

We got a h*t.

Twin Cities, Minnesota.
The Skyes the Limit show.

Tune in next time...

...when we make the dream
of a family reunion come true for this girl:

Rosalie Rowan.

According to the vid,
she'll be back on the show tomorrow.

Then we'll be there too.

Hold it. Don't leave so soon.

Wait up. While you're here,
let's get a promo sh*t.

I'm about to give you a promo sh*t.

Come on, Zee. Let's b*at it.

Is there a problem?

Not anymore. We are out of here.

- Harry?
- Turns out the kid's camera-shy.

Wait. I'm sorry.

I thought everything was already arranged,
that you knew why you were here.

We were told
you could help find Ro's brother.

And we can. We're experts at this.
We have researchers across the country.

- Right, Harry?
- You said it.

Look, I know it can be scary
putting yourself in front of all those people.

But think about what you have to gain.

Isn't it worth the risk?

I can't do it.

We should've bl*wn this town already.

If I show my face on that show tomorrow,
Bennet will be all over me.

That's no reason to stop.
I can hide until the coast is clear.

Don't you get it?
There is no "till the coast is clear."

Once Bennet gets his sights on me...

...he'll be watching me day and night
hoping I'll lead to you.

We'll never be able
to see each other again.

I would miss you,
but I can't stand in the way.

This is your chance
to find your family, Ro.

You wouldn't have to run anymore.

- But--
- You have to do this.



You suck, you know that?

- Suck?
- Forget it.

And remind me to talk to Harry
about our signals.

Putting Ro on the air like that
was a bad mistake.

Uh, we'll finish later.

You came back.

Figured I'll go for it.

I was sure you would.

And, Ro, I have great news.

I had Harry start the team looking

...and he told me this morning,
"We found him! We found Casey!"

- My brother?
- He'll be here for today's show.

I-- I can't believe it.

You guys are amazing.

I'm just glad we can help.

Come on. I'll take you to Makeup.

Goodbye, Ro.

You're a liar!

Now, now, settle down.

There's no need to get emotional.

That lady wasn't my mom.

She was just an actress.

Even her freckles were fake.

Best we could do on short notice.

But what's gonna happen to me now?

Oh, pipe down.
You got to spend a nice night at a hotel.

Not a bad break from the foster home.

Now, be grateful and get back in the car.

You'll cover the hotel, right?

You bet. Plus your usual fee, of course.

Should have seen the ratings.
Great segment.

Oh, good. I see the new girl came back.

Rosalie. She's all set for today's show.

You want her when we're done, right?

I spoke to that girl's home in Maryland
and they're coming for her.

I might even get a few creds
from the state.


Taking money from both sides.
A woman after my own heart.

I'll drop this one off
and then come back for Ro.


Do you ever find them?
The real families, I mean?

Oh, we stopped looking early on.
Wasn't worth the cost.


You're a liar. You lied to that girl
and you're lying to Ro now.

Ahh, hey, hands off.

Whatever you thought you heard,
you heard wrong.

We're doing a legitimate show here.


I'm getting Ro out of here.
You never even looked for her brother.

Okay, okay, but wait up.

You got me. Guilty as charged.

But you don't know the pressure
I am under.

The constant deadlines.

I don't care.
I won't let you hurt my friend.

You're right. Let me take you to her.

She'd be right over here,
in the Makeup trailer.

Are you sure this is the right--?

Hey! Let me out!

Take this lunk for a ride.

A long ride.
And convince him not to come back.





SKYE: From the sound of it,
you've been on the move a lot.

You don't know the half of it.

Must have been terrible
out in the world alone.

No one to share your joys
and sorrows with.

It was rough sometimes,
but I wasn't exactly alone.

- I made one really good friend.

Brought these
in case she puts up a fight.

Well, Rosalie Rowan,
your wandering has ended.

Let's bring out Ro's brother.



Just look at them, g*ng.

Ro and Casey haven't seen each other
since they were little kids.

But can't you instantly feel
the connection?

That's the girl.

Hold your position.
Wait for a positive ID on the synthoid.

- Casey?
- It's me, Rosalie.

Ha, can't believe it's you.

Casey, tell us where you were
when you got our call.

Honestly, I was still asleep.
It was really early.


Your hair used to be different.

Yeah, I dye it.
Heh, my girlfriend likes it blond.

Your whole face is different.

She has a photo?
No one told me she had a photo.



What must have gone through your head
when you heard we had Ro here?

After the coffee?


That I could finally be complete.
Nothing ever felt right without my kid sis.

Are you sure this guy's my brother?
I'm not getting the Rowan vibe off of him.


Whoa. You can't do that.

Ro, he's a fake.
The whole show is a fake.

They're planning to send you
to the girls' home.


CASEY: Wait, I don't understand.
You guys aren't actors too?

Harry, what's going on?

Move in. Now.


[g*n COCK]





Let go of me.

Stop. What are you doing?

This is federal business.
Stay out of the way.




Outside. After them. Move it.

This way.

All things considered,
that was a great show.

You're fired, Harry.


Do I still get paid?

I was shocked to learn what was going on.

I got into this business to help people.

Harry Lux and the social worker
he was working with...

...are both going to jail.

And I want every kid we wronged
to come back on the show...

...so we can make things right.


Well, at least some good came of all this.

I'm sorry you didn't
find your brother, Ro.

Know what, tin man?

For now, anyway,
you're all the family I need.

ZETA: This is what a telephone
looked like at the turn of the century.

I haven't been able to figure out
what the cord was for.

RO: Huh. Must have been
so they didn't lose it.

ZETA: You're probably right.
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