02x13 - Party Ewok/Malani the Warrior

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Ewoks". Aired: September 7, 1985 – December 13, 1986.
The adventures of Wicket W. Warwick and his friends on the forest moon of Endor.
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02x13 - Party Ewok/Malani the Warrior

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We're the Ewoks, raggedy Ewoks

Living in the tall trees
Living in the spiral

Dancing in the forest
On the moon of Endor

Ewoks all together
And we're having fun

Friends together
Friends forever


We're careless little Ewoks
We like adventure

Helping friends in danger
Out in the forest

Sharing in the magic
On the moon of Endor

Ewoks all together
And we're having fun

Friends together
Friends forever


We're the Ewoks, yeah!


Another one of Kneesaa's boring parties.

KNEESAA: Hang on to your hoods, guys!

Now we're going to look
at my acorn collection.


Oh, kvark.

Why can't I throw a fun party?

-Kneesaa, how's your party going?

For a slumber party.

Hmm. Maybe you aren't quite ready
for the special job I had in mind.

Special job?

Yes, I must go on
a short journey tomorrow.

And I'm expecting Prince Delby
to arrive before I return.


As a future chieftess,

I wanted you to greet the prince
with a welcoming party.


I don't know.

Don't worry, Chief Chirpa.

We... I mean, Kneesaa will throw

the best welcoming party
this village has ever seen.

(CHUCKLES) I know you'll do fine, Kneesaa.

-Good night.
-BOTH: Good night.

-Don't worry, Kneesaa. I'll help you.

Now, we've got lots to do.


You're in charge of party publicity.

Teebo, you're in charge of entertainment.


Okay, Latara.

And I'm going to turn you
into the perfect hostess.

There. Kneesaa, you're a new Ewok.

Yeah. But which one?



Can't I just show the prince
my acorn collection?


Now keep rehearsing. The party's tonight.

By the time we're through
with these posters,

everyone one on Endor
will know about the party.

Right, Baga?

BAGA: Mmm-hmm!




A party.

Huh? Party!

Party! Yeah!


Come on. We better hurry, Baga.

It looks like there's a party tonight
for some Prince Delby guy.


I bet there's gonna be
lots of babes and music there.

And lots of things for us Pugs to destroy.

Come on, let's tell the others.


Teebo, don't tell me
that's the entertainment.

-A Wokling band?
-TEEBO: Great, isn't it?

All right. Party!


Great party.


Latara, I feel ridiculous.

-Hey, Kneesaa, what happened to you?

She looks divine.

Doesn't she, Wicket?

Yeah, sure.

Gee, I just wish
Prince Delby would get here.

I wonder what he looks like.

Hey! Watch out!

What's going on here?

Oh, no, that can't be him.

Who else could it be?

-Look out!
-Watch out!

-What's going on here?
-What is this?

I guess he brought along his attendants.

Uh, welcome to our village, Your Highness.

Highness? (LAUGHING)

Hey, where's the food?

PUG: I want food. Come on.

Nice manners.

Food. More food.


Uh, Chief Chirpa was sorry
he couldn't be here.

-So are we.

Hey, let's dance.

Come on. Let's take a look around.

Come on.

Where's the music?

Okay, guys, this is for the Prince.

One, two, one, two.




Those guys don't look like royalty to me.

Yeah, I'm gonna check my father's hut.

Maybe he's got some more information
on Prince Delby.

Hey! You're not a prince.

You're just a dirty, no good common thief.

Who are you calling common?

Put me down!

Okay. We're going for a run.


Let's go!


Gee, the prince is leaving early.

Prince? Where?

Down there. I...

I mean, Kneesaa threw this great party
in the prince's honor.

Prince! (LAUGHS)

Those are the Pugs.

They're a vicious Vroom g*ng.

ALL: What?

CREATURE: The meanest in the forest.


Look! They got Kneesaa.

KNEESAA: Help! Help!

Quick. After 'em!

Take me home right now!

Your new home is with us,
chicky baby. (LAUGHS)

Come on, Baga. That's it, boy.

I think I see 'em up ahead.

WICKET: Dengar Ewoks!


LATARA: Excuse us, coming through.
Pardon us. Out of the way.

Here we come. Move over, fatso.
Coming through.

-Now hold it steady, Teebo.

Okay, Wicket.

Hey! Get lost, Ewok.

Jump now, Kneesaa.

No, you don't.


You're safe.

Thanks, guys,
but they're getting away with our stuff.


Hurry. That way.

Stop 'em. Stop.

Get 'em!

Hurry, Baga! Hurry.

ALL: To the right. To the left.

KNEESAA: Baga, look out.

ALL: Whoa!



Quick. They're still coming.

I'll handle them.

Hey, that's my party cape!


Everybody, hide.

Hey, look here.

Yeah! All right!

-Party! Party!
-Let's go!

KNEESAA: Hey, they're gone.

What did you write
on Latara's cape, Wicket?

"Big party at the Dulok Swamp, that way."


Come on, everyone.

We better get back.

KNEESAA: What a disaster.

The real Prince Delby
will be here any moment.

My father's gonna be so disappointed.

Well, the least you can do is change back

into the gorgeous party dress I made you.

No, Latara. I've been thinking.

Maybe it's not such a good idea
for me to change myself.

My parties may not be that exciting,

-but at least I like them.

Oh, boy.

There you are.

Prince Delby,
this is my daughter, Kneesaa.

-Pleased to meet you.
-I ran into the prince on my way home.

I'm sorry I missed the party, Princess,

but I stopped to gather some new pieces
for my acorn collection.

Acorn collection!

ALL: Huh?

KNEESAA: l collect acorns
too, you know?

Well, there's no accounting for taste.

Would you like to see my collection?

I've got a very rare blue acorn. And I...

The Sunstar, Chirpa.

Let the Ewok Warrior Games begin.

A-ha! Here we are.

Where are we, Bothel?

At the Ewok village, you imbecile.

Now to gather Sunstar
and turn the forest into heaven.

-Mud. All mud. Mud everywhere. Yeah!

But how are we going
to get the Sunstar, Bothel?

Simple, Trud.

We'll steal it.

Yeah. Go, Weechee!

Come on, come on!



Yeah! Ee Chee Wa Wa!

-Great going, Chirita.
-Thanks, Wicket.

As wrestling champion, you've earned
another trophy for your belt of honor.

Yeah, well, see ya.


Somebody's got a crush on Chirita.

Who, me? No, I just think
she's a great warrior like me.


Wicket! Wicket! I picked these sunberries
especially for you.

Great, Malani.
I bet Chirita would love some.

So, Wicket likes warrior girls, huh?
Then I'll be a warrior girl, too.

BOTHEL: The coast is clear.

First, we sneak stealthily
into the village

-and steal the Sunstar.
-TRUD: Sneak, sneak, sneak.

MALANI: Make way for Malani the warrior!

-Warrior? Let's get out of here!
-Me first, please.

Teebo, are you ready?

This is humiliating.

If you don't help me,

I'll tell Mommy you wrecked her favorite
hood in your last wizard experiment.

You wouldn't dare.


All right. All right.

Little sisters.

-How's this?

Now, I'll save you, and Wicket will see
I'm a warrior girl.

So, Chirita, do you like canoe rides?

Help! Help! Oh, help.

That sounds like Teebo.


Don't worry, big brother. I'll save you.


Hey! I'm over here.



Help! Oh, help me!



Coming, Malani. Ow!


Malani's in trouble.


Oh, no!



BOTHEL: I must be going now.

-Are you okay, Malani?

Gee, Chirita, that was wonderful.

Did I ever tell you
about the time I rescued...


WICKET: Oh... Uh...

Well, how about the time
I saved the entire...

he doesn't know I'm alive!



That little Wokling is our key
to getting the Sunstar.


Who are you?

We are... We are good fairies.

Yes, that's it.

-Good fairies.

And we've come to answer your wish
and make you a warrior.

-Of course.

Now, if we were to steal something
from the village,

you could return it
and impress that boyfriend of yours.

-Oh! Yeah.
-But what should we steal?

It's got to be very important.

I know, the Sunstar.

Now, why didn't I think of that?

MALANI: The Sunstar!

Got it.


Well, I am doing this for Wicket.

Well, I'm off. Chirita and I are going
on a canoe ride tonight.

Only in your dreams, Wicket.

She thinks you're just a Wokling.

Hi, Malani.

Now, what's gotten into her?

I hope she's not gonna pull
another warrior stunt.

Come on.

Okay. Here it is.

-It's mine.
-It's mine.

When do I save it?

Oh. Well, there's been a change of plans.

We're going to steal it for real.

Stop! Whoa! Stop!

-Let go.
-Help! Help!

We gotta get out of here
before somebody hears her.


Wicket! Teebo!


ALL: Whoa!

-MALANI: They got the Sunstar.
-The Sunstar?

Come on, we gotta stop 'em.


My Wicket's gonna get you good.

Oh, yeah?

(SCOFFS) There's going to be
some changes around here.

Mud is great. Mud is good.
We'd eat mud, if we could.


What's Malani doing
trying to stop those lurdos?

Probably trying to impress you, Wicket!
She has a crush on you.

Yeah, but you ignore her.

Just like Chirita ignores you.
And Latara ignores me.

That's right. Teebo.

Gee. I didn't know.

TEEBO: Well, they obviously came this way.

Hold it! What's that?

Yech. Mud. Anything but that.

Watch it!

Look. There's Malani. And the Sunstar.

I've got a plan.

-Teebo, call over those Raichlings.


They say, "Hop on."

Now, we'll grab the Sunstar
while you two distract those thieves.



WICKET: Got it.

Hey! That's mine.

Thank you. (LAUGHING)


I'll take that.

-Teebo, catch.
-Now to get rid of this mud.


-What's that?

A mud pit. How thoughtful.

Yeah, but I am stuck.

Oh, so am I.

At least until the next rainstorm.
Good going, Teebo.

ALL: Bye-bye.

MALANI: Three whole moons
of gathering firewood.


Thanks for helping me
with my punishment, Teebo.

Yeah, well, I guess you'll never try
to steal the Sunstar again.

Yeah, and I will never, ever try
to change myself to please someone else.

Even if he is really, really cute.

Hi, Chirita. Ready for our canoe ride?

Oh, I'm sorry, Wicket.

I already have a date with Weechee.


I'm sure some other Wokling
will go with you.




Okay, Malani, a short ride.

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