03x24 - Judgment Day

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Batman: The Animated Series". Aired: September 5, 1992 – September 15, 1995.
Based on the DC comics, The Dark Knight battles crime in Gotham City with occasional help from Robin and Batgirl.
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03x24 - Judgment Day

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My dear fellow,
I contacted all my usual sources

but I'm afraid
it's just not a seller's market.

What's that supposed to mean?

Fifty thousand dollars
for the diamond.

- Not a penny more.
- That's robbery!

That rock's worth times that much!

Don't forget, as a legitimate
businessman, I have my expenses too.

Taxes, overhead, labor.

And they call me two-faced.

Harvey, you're early.

I was able to procure
a slightly better price on your items.

I see you do have half a brain.

Enough not to low-ball me.

- Naturally.
- So, what am I, a sap?

You're free to take
your business elsewhere.

But of course, who else can guarantee
my level of confidentiality?


As always, gentlemen,
it was a pleasure doing business.

See that they find their way out.

Come back again anytime.
The door's always open.

Now, Harvey, if you ever knew
what I really cleared.

Is there no honor among thieves,
Mr. Cobblepot?

And you're worse than a thief,
tr*ffick in stolen goods.

I don't know who you are, sir,

but I assure you,
my transactions were all legitimate.

You see, I had no actual knowledge
that the items were stolen.

Given that, I don't see
how the law can touch me.

I am the law.

- And I find you guilty!


Raven! Lark!





ANCHORWOMAN: Cobblepot remains
in critical condition this morning,

after suffering a brutal att*ck
at his design studio last night.


Two of his employees say
that a masked vigilante,

dressed as a judge was responsible.

An associate of yours, Master Bruce?

- Perhaps not.
- The police had no official comment,

but Councilman J. Carroll Corcoran
had this to say.

Everyone knows Penguin
was still in the rackets,

yet no one would lift a finger
to prosecute.

If you ask me,
this Judge knows what he's doing.

Let justice be served.


Another day, another toll pickup.

Wish I had a nickel for every car
that's been through these gates.

I wish I had a nickel for every time
I heard you say that.


(g*n COCKS)





Ha! Never knew what hit 'em.

Court is now in session.



You may approach the bench.


You are accused of m*rder...




How do you plead?

You're nuts.

You can't escape justice.

Watch me.



Court is adjourned.



These police files
weren't easy to come by

but I believe they'll be invaluable
to your crusade.

You understand, of course,
I can't be connected to them.

Then why are you doing this?

The people like you, Judge.

My polls have sh*t up points
since endorsing you.

I figure if Gordon can have his hero,
why can't I have mine?

You knock a few heads,
I go home with my hands clean.

Everybody's happy.

It was judgment day again
for another Rogues Gallery criminal

and our cameras caught it all.

It began this morning when The Riddler
held up Gotham's Golden Quill brunch.

Hey, diddle, diddle,
time for a riddle.




It's about time someone
threw the book at you.


Councilman Corcoran said the att*ck
came as no surprise to him.

- Mr. Corcoran, you care to comment?
- Mr. Corcoran--

That's right.
The Judge told me personally

that The Riddler
was next on the docket.


- Who's gonna be next?
- What is he talking about?

I'm not calling the shots, mind you

but I'd imagine Two-Face
might consider a relocation.

Hey, what's the big i--


TWO-FACE: "Relocation," eh?

I'd like to dislocate 'em both.





Easy, Harvey. It's the good cop.

I thought I better find you
before The Judge did.

(GROANS) Don't do me any favors.

Hear ye, hear ye.

I've overridden your security,

Court is now in session.
Your punishment is long overdue.

I choose death by asphyxiation.

May heaven have mercy on your souls,
Two-Face. Both of them.


Knowing you, there's a secret way out.


What? Blocked?

Nobody knew about this.


- Hey!
- Stay down.


What are you gonna do?


Remind me to thank you later.

Yes, yes, I can understand
your frustration.

It's the second time
Batman has interfered.

- I'm going to have to deal with him.
- Well, let's not get too rambunctious.

I got a primary next week.

The last thing I need
is the good guys in a slap fight.


Ah! Speak of the devil.

Where's The Judge?

Ah, darn. You just missed him.

And he keeps forgetting
to leave his number.

- I'm bringing him in, Corcoran.
- What's the matter, Batman?

Feeling thr*at?

He's going to k*ll someone.

Who? Two-Face? k*ller Croc?
You think anyone cares?

I'll tell you what people care about.

The revolving door at Arkham that
keeps sending these freaks

back on the street.

Not that I'm criticizing your work,
mind you.

You've done a heck of a job.

Really great.
But these days, people want results.

They want closure. They want...

I think he got my point.

In closing, let me just say that,
as your councilman

I am always at your service,
to solve your problems.

TWO-FACE: That's good to hear.


TWO-FACE: Where's The Judge?

I don't know!


You shouldn't yell
at your constituents.

I'll give you one more chance.

(PANTING) I'm telling the truth.
I don't know where to find The Judge.

He comes to me. He calls me.
That's the way it works, honest!

What do you think?

- I believe him.
- Yeah.


The jury has spoken.

But even if you can't find him,

you can still help me send him
a message.

You know what to do, boys.


Hey. What are you doing?


Where are you taking me? Stop!

Two-Face, please! I got money. Cash!

I can pay you!

Don't tell me choirboy's
got a slush fund.

Kickbacks from the GothCorp project.

One hundred grand.
I can have it here in an hour.

Should've said something earlier.
We could've flipped on it.


No. Two-Face!

I wasn't aware that the police
evidence room had a lending policy.

I'm hoping it can provide a clue
to The Judge's identity.

Surely the police have already
tested it for fibers and fingerprints.

Yes, but take a closer look.

See these holes?
Something was attached here.

- A plaque?
- Exactly.

Then it's some kind of trophy.

BATMAN: There.

The Marshall Award, presented
every year by the Bar Association

to a judge or attorney
for distinguished service.

Here's a list of winners.
Recognize any names?

Good Lord.

Please. In the name of humanity.

Sorry. The boss has to show your pal
he won't be pushed around.

I'll give you the money.
There's even more. Just let me go.

- And two-time Two-Face?
- Right.




Prepare for your judgment.




What are you waiting for?
They were going to m*rder me!

Who are you to judge?

You pose as a defender of the law

while secretly stealing from
the very people you swore to protect.

No, you got it wrong.

And then you lie to The Judge.



Good thing I came back
to see you, Corcoran.

I have some news about your hero.


Batman, I hold you in contempt.



We haven't adjourned yet.




MAN: It came from down here!
This way!

You gotta help me on this, Batman.
This could be bad for me.

Worse than you think.

Here's your Judge, Corcoran.


- Batman!
- Someone reported g*n.

- Hey, it's The Judge.
- No, it's Two-Face.

Mr. Corcoran, what do you think
about this "Judge" business?


So let me understand this.
In reaction to Two-Face,

Harvey Dent created
a third personality,

one that would fight crime.

A personality so separate,

he even tried to k*ll himself
without knowing it.

That's how The Judge knew
about the escape hatch

in Two-Face's apartment.

He knew everything about Two-Face,
except that he was Two-Face.

Poor devil.
What will ever become of him now?


THE JUDGE: Order in the court.

In the matter of
People v. Harvey Dent,

how does the prisoner plead?




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