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Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023)

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]Kang; What is this place?

( narrating)
Scott Lang: My life doesn't really make sense.

I used to ask myself a lot
of questions about that.

Scott, you're a divorced ex-con.
How are you an Avenger?

Why are you time-travelling
with Captain America?

That doesn't make sense.

A lot has changed about my life

but everywhere I go, people
ask me the same thing...

Can you take a
picture with my dog?

Scott: Scott, what about now? What's next?
Where does the ride take you?

If I knew that, it wouldn't be a ride.

It's been a crazy few
years for everyone.

Ruben: Everything is ready for you.

Scott: You're too much.
Ruben: No, no, no, no...

Your money's no good here.

Scott: Are we still talking about that?
Ruben: Yes, of course!

Scott; Ruben, you are the best.

Ruben: Thank you, Spider-Man!

( narrating)
Scott; So let's make time for
the stuff that really matters.

Like friends.

Friends you didn't even know you had.

Remember the people who got you here.

You couldn't have
done it without them.

Hey, I'm just a guy who got
fired from Baskin Robbins.

Sometimes you just get lucky.

I'm lucky I met Hope Van Dyne.

I think you know who she is.

She's taken back her dad's company.

Now she's using the Pym
Particle for global change.

A lot of people say they
want to save the world,

but Hope? She
saves it every day.

Thank you

Thank you so much.

Scott: Reforestation, affordable
housing, Food production...

She's not wasting a second.

I still can't believe it.

None of this should've happened.

But it did.

It's a pretty good world.

I'm glad we saved it.

Do I miss the action?

Will I be there when the
Avengers need me? Absolutely.

I'd never turn my back on them.

But right now, the only
job I want is being a dad.

I love you, Cassie.

Thanks for being my hero.

And I'm sorry I missed some birthdays.

And for the rest of you kids
out there, word of advice...

Look out for the little guy.

Make mistakes.

Take chances.

Because if there's one
thing life's taught me...

There's always room to grow.

Sorry, that's me.

Why is jail calling?

Policeman: Lang! Lang!

Cassie lang: I'm here.
Policeman: All right, come on, let's go.

Come on.

Scott: Hey. Is she ok? Have you heard anything?
Hope: Not yet, no. Um...

Cassie: Hi, Hope.
Hey, Dad.

Scott: Cassie. What happened?
- Sign here.

Cassie: Oh, you know, just, jail stuff.

Policeman; Give it back. I know it was you.

Cassie: Are you sure?

I mean, it was kind of hard to see
through all that tear gas you fired

into the park full
of peaceful protesters.

Policeman:Where is it?
Cassie: I'm sorry, this must be really embarrassing for you.

Oh, I did find this though.

Scott: You shrank a cop car?
What were you thinking?

Cassie: What was I supposed to do?
Look the other way?

They were clearing out a homeless
camp in the middle of the night.

Scott: No, I'm not saying...
Cassie: Where do they expect them to go?

It's not their fault that they
lost their homes in the Blip.

Scott: I know that.

Cassie: No one can even afford rent right now
unless you're some trust fund assh*le.

Scott: I'm not telling you what
to do. I'm just saying ---

Hope: Telling her what to do.
Cassie: Telling me exactly what to do.

Scott: No, you do what you want... I'm
suggesting another way to do it.


Scott: You know, I promised your mom
that you would only use this stuff

when one of us was around.

It's really dangerous tech.

Cassie: I know. It's dangerous.

Scott: What if the cops took it from you?
Huh? What if you lost it?

Cassie: I didn't lose the suit.

Scott:,You have a suit... wait.
You have a suit?

Cassie; I know how to take care of myself, okay?
Trust me. I'm pretty good at it by now.

Scott: Ouch.

Cassie: Look, I didn't mean it like that. I'm sorry.
Scott: I know. That's okay.

It's alright. I get it.

I just think you should
get to have a normal life.

Cassie: Dad, a guy dressed like a bee tried
to k*ll me in my room when I was six.

I've never had a normal life.

Scott; How about some music?

And in that moment, all I could think, was
how did the Hulk turn me into a baby?

Will I be a baby forever?

Am I the Hulk's baby?

Cassie: Dad, are you listening
to your own book?

Scott: But I was ready for anything.
- Hmm?

No, that's... this is the radio.
- ...Steve and I...

Cassie: Dad, turn it off.

Scott: It's so weird. Something's wrong
with this switch. It won't turn off.

Cassie: I said turn it off.

Scott: What's that? Turn it up? Alright.

A little after that, a raccoon
from space showed up.

I don't think he knew my name.

I was just happy to meet
a raccoon who could talk.

Hank pym: Excuse me.
Janet van dyne: Thank you.

All right.

Your Nobel Prize is in the mail.

Hank: It better be.
I just saved $ .

Janet; God, I admire you.
Hank: Thank you.

Janet; I missed this.

Hope: No pizza in the quantum realm?

Janet: No. No anything.

Hope: You know, mom, you can
talk about it. If you want.

Janet: Sweetheart, I spent thirty
years down there.

I want to live right now.


Hank: So Cassie, did you make any new
friends in the slammer this time?

Cassie: Grandpa...

Scott: This time? Was there a last time?

Cassie: I mean, last time barely counts.

Scott: I didn't know that. Why
didn't you call me?

Cassie: Because I knew
you'd be like this.

Hank: I would've just broken
you out with ants.

Scott: All right. You know
what? Family meeting.

Can we have a family meeting?

Hank: Isn't that what we're doing?

Scott: Yeah. I mean, about this. About
everybody being so fine with this.

Look, you want to help. I get it.
I do, Cassie. I really do.

But I don't want
you wasting your life.

Cassie: At least I'm still trying to
do something with mine.

Scott: I literally saved the world.

Cassie: Oh, did you? You never
mentioned that before.

Hank: Everybody, Scott saved the world.

Hope: How was that for you, Scott?
Janet; You should write a book about it.

Haha. Hilarious. Yeah you're
welcome for all not being dust.

Cassie: And what do you do now?

Sign books?

Aren't you the guy who
broke into Vista Corp?

Aren't you the guy who flew all the way to Germany
just to fight Captain America at the airport?

Scott: Fight with Captain America at the airport.

I wouldn't fight Captain America.
I'm not insane.

Cassie: People still need help, Dad.

At least we're trying to do
something that matters.

Scott: Who's "we"?

What are you three up to?

Hank; Science.

With ants.

Ant science.

Hank; I don't believe you.

Cassie: Let's just show him.

Scott; Woah, what are they building?

Are you doing this?

Hank: Actually no. They built their own tech.

Pretty smart ants.

Cassie: Okay, so when you were all like, gone
those five years, I had a lot of time.

And I started reading
Grandpa Hank's old journals.

And I got really into
the quantum realm, and...

Janet: The quantum realm?

Cassie: I know we all have a history there,
and I didn't want to freak anyone out,

but we were talking about it.

Hank; She had some questions, okay? I
can't help if people are inspired by me.

Janet: So you've been studying
the quantum realm?

Why didn't you ask me about it?

Hope: I tried, Mom.

A lot. You never wanted
to talk about it.

Cassie's just been curious, and
we gave her some pointers.

Janet: This isn't exactly ant
science, is it, Henry?

You know how dangerous
the quantum realm is.

Hope: We all do, mom. Nobody's
going to the quantum realm.

Cassie: That's why we made this.

It's like a satellite for
deep space or the ocean.


... Quantum.

We just need a map.

And then we can study and
explore the entire quantum realm.

We'd never even have to go.

Hope; Your daughter built a subatomic
Hubble telescope in a basement.

Cassie; You know, if I had something like
this when you were gone, then...

I could've found you.

Scott: It's amazing.

I'm blown away.

How does it work?

Cassie: It's kinda like that two-way
radio we used to have?

You send a signal down from here and
then it collects the data and it sends it back.

Janet: Wait, wait a minute.

You're sending a signal?
Down to the quantum realm?

Cassie: Yeah.

Hope: Shut it down, now.

Hank: Janet...
- Why would we shut it...

Hope: What's wrong?

Janet: You have to turn it off!

Hope: You got to tell us what's wrong.

Hank: Janet.

Janet: There is something I
should have told you.

Hope: Dad!



Cassie: Dad!


Scott: Cassie?

Cassie: Dad!

Dad, come on.

Scott: Are you okay?

Cassie; Yeah, I'm okay.

Scott: Where are we?

Hope; Mom!


Hank; Hope, over here.

Hope: Are you okay?

Hank: We should be d*ad.

Hope: Where are we?

Hank: I don't know.

Hope: Are we where I think we are?

Hank: I would say yes, but...

It wasn't like this. Janet!

Hope: Mom!

Hank: Janet!

Hope: Mom!

Janet: Do not move.

We need to find Scott and Cassie.

Right now.

Scott: Hope?


Hank, can you hear me?

Can anyone hear me?

Cassie: Oh, my God.

Scott: It's okay.
Cassie: What are we gonna do?

Scott: It's okay. It's okay.

We're okay. We're okay.

- It's gonna be okay.
Cassie: You're saying okay too much.

Scott: Okay, alright. Okay.

Well, it's 'cause we are.

We are okay.

We are fine, okay?

We're gonna find them,
and we're gonna go home

I mean take a look around.

It's beautiful.

All right? We're outside.

It's like we're camping.

We love camping.

Cassie; We've never been camping.

Scott; But we've always talked about it.

Cassie: Is that sun moving?

Scott: Get back!

I don't think this is the sun.

It's fine.

Cassie: Dad!
Scott: It's okay!

Still okay.

Cassie: Dad!
Scott; Oh, my God!

That was weird.


Cassie: There's quantum people
in the quantum realm?

Scott; Yeah...

I didn't know that either.

Hope: What was that back there, mom?

Hank; What was that ship looking for?

Janet: Keep your voice down.

Hope: You said there was
nothing down here.

Why didn't you tell us about all of this?
Janet: Hope I will explain everything,

but right now, I just
need you to trust me.

Hope: Then make me trust you.

Hank: Let's just calm down, all right?

We can talk about...

Janet: We don't have time to talk, Henry.

Hope: No, you need to tell us what...

Janet; And why didn't you listen?

I told you to stay away from here.

Hank: Janet, I'm so sorry.

I should have told you
what we were doing.

I had no idea...

I know. It's...

Janet: We'll talk later.

Right now, we stick together,

we find Scott and Cassie...

And we go home, okay?

- Okay?
Hope: Okay.

Janet: Okay, stay close.

Hank; This is incredible.

I studied the quantum realm for years.

Why didn't I see any of this?

Janet: You weren't able to look deep enough.

Not through the Void
and Subatomica.

There are worlds here.

Worlds with worlds.

It's a place outside
time and... space.

It's a secret universe...

beneath ours.

Scott: Get your hands off me!


Where is my daughter?

Where is she?


Where is my daughter?


Cassie: Dad!

Scott: Cassie.

Cassie; Drink the ooze.

Scott: What?

Janet; I'll handle this.

Hope: Mom?

Hank: Was that a good s*ab?

Janet: I got us a ride.

He's friendly.

Hank; Quite a ride.

Janet: Says the man who invented
flying on the back of an ant.

Hank; I like ants.

Janet: And I love that you love them.

These will help us blend in.

Hank: Where exactly are
we going in this?

Janet: We're not too far from
an old friend of mine.

If anyone's heard where
Scott and Cassie are,

It'll be him.

After you.

Saddle up, Ant-Man.

Scott: Let me go! Let me go!

I don't know what you're saying!

Drink the ooze!

Drink the ooze!

Drink the ooze!


- Hello!
Veb: Hi. Hi.

Did you drink the ooze?

Scott: Why can I understand you?

Veb: Oh, great, that's the ooze.

Hey everybody, it worked.

Ooze worked.

Hi, I am Veb. You just drank me.

Scott: I did what?

Veb: Oh, do you need
some more ooze?

Here, I could pour some
ooze in your hole...

Scott: No, I'm okay. I'm okay.

Veb: Oh, wow.

What a big hole.

How many holes do you have?

I'm sorry, is that a
personal question?

I don't have any holes.

Quaz: His name is Scott Lang...

And he has seven holes.

Scott: Yeah, that's right.

How did you know that?

Veb: He's Quaz. He's a telepath.

Scott: You can read minds?

Quaz: Yeah, and I really wish I couldn't.

Everyone is disgusting.

Could you please stop thinking that?

Scott: Sorry.

Quaz: Please, stop.

Scott: Thinking?
Quaz: Thinking that.

Scott: I'm trying.

Quaz: No, not very hard.
And I think you look weird, too.

Scott: I don't think you look weird.
I think you look really cool.

I wish my head glowed.

Quaz: No, no. You don't.

Scott: I know I don't. I just,
I'm nervous, okay?

That just came out.

Quaz: What are you doing here?

Are you a spy?

Scott: What? No.
No, no, no.

Xolum: We should t*rture him.

Cassie; Guys, no. It's okay.

We're not... we're not spies.

He's my dad.

Scott: Thank you.
- Welcome.

Quaz: Then, who is San Francisco?

Scott; It's where we're from.
Cassie: It's a place.

Quaz: And what's Earth?

Scott: It's also where we're from.

Zelon: We should t*rture them.

Quaz: Why are you always
trying to t*rture people?

We have other options.

Veb; Do things come out of your holes?
Like milk, juice...

Quaz: Veb, stop asking
him about his hole,

some of us have holes.

What are you doing here?

Where are you from?


Cassie, Scott: Up there, up there. The Earth.
- Somewhere above this...

- It's a different universe.
- Big Earth.

- Well, this is Earth. But it's very smaller...
- It's the same universe, but it's bigger...

- I get big, I shrink...
- Yeah. Yeah.

You know, but I wrote a
book about it, actually.

This is the quantum realm, you have to
shrink to enter the quantum realm.

So we shrunk. And right now we're
really small. So we're smaller now.

Quaz: Okay.
They're telling the truth.

Jemtorra: It doesn't matter.

You come from above,

like him.

So he is hunting you.

He will burn the
world to find you.

Scott: Who?

Jemtorra: The Conqueror.

Hank: There are beings down
here. Intelligent beings.

I always theorized it was
possible. But to be here...

A subatomic universe.

This changes everything
we know about life.

Evolution, our place in the galaxy...

Holy shit!

That guy looks like broccoli.

Janet: Keep your head down.

Follow me.

Drink those.

I will be right back.

I'm here for Krylar.

Oh, it's... It's you.

Janet: Let's keep that between us.

And Krylar.

Hank: Hello.

I don't know your
ways or customs,

but I assume you have a beverage
that can get me drunk?

Absolutely, sir.

Broccoli man: So what's your story then?

Hope: God.

Janet: Move.

It's time. Follow me.

Right this way.

Hank; How exactly do you know this guy?

Janet: An old freedom
fighter. Friend of mine.

Hank: Sorry, you were a
freedom fighter?

Janet; Or t*rror1st, depends
on who you ask.


Trust me, he can help.

Krylar: Janet Van Dyne?

I thought you were d*ad.

Janet: It's been a long time, Krylar.

Krylar: Officially...

Lord Krylar now.

I fought like hell to get us that.

But it sounds so elitist.

You have got to be Hank.

I've heard so much about
you and your ants.

What are ants anyway?
Do we have them down here?

Hank: I don't think so. No.

Krylar: Oh, that's too bad.


You have to be Hope.

She talked about you every day.

Hope: That's strange. She never
said anything about you.

Krylar: Well, I don't think I would've
told my kid either.

Wild stuff.

Hank: How wild?

Krylar: Very wild, Henry.

Janet: Krylar...

We need your help.

Krylar: Janet, after all we've
been through? Together?

Just ask me. Tell me
how can I help?


Is anyone starving? I'm starving.



Quaz: They don't know anything...

about anything.

Jemtorra: Then get them out of here.

Scott: Excuse me.

Look, he's right.

I don't know what's going on.

We're just trying to
find our family.

Do you have a map?

All we want to
do is go... woah.

Veb: Wait, wait, wait!
Don't sh**t.

They're with us.

Scott: Is that building alive?

Veb: Yours are d*ad?

Scott: Look, excuse me.

We just want to go home

Jemtorra: At least you still have a home.

Scott: What happened here?

Jemtorra: The Conqueror b*rned our homes.

Our stories.

He built his citadel on the
bones of our people.

Some of us escaped.

Found others on the run.

We gathered who
we could to fight.

It was never enough.

Scott; I'm sorry.

Cassie: We can help.

Scott: Uh, Cassie...

Cassie: Dad, you're an Avenger.

- They need help.
Scott: No...

What I need to do
is get you home.

Cassie; Why don't you
want to help?

Scott: We don't know anything
about this place.

I mean, not even how
time works down here.

Have we been gone for seconds,
or have we been out for years?

Think about your mom
right now. Can you imagine?

Cassie: Don't use mom as an excuse.

- You just don't care.
Scott: No, I do care.

I know you want
to help. I do.

But this is not our fight.

Cassie; Just because it's
not happening to you,

doesn't mean
it's not happening.

Scott; Hey.

Would you look at me?

Quaz; She's disappointed in you.

Scott: I got that. Yeah. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Scott; We'll talk about it later. Right
now, let's just find the others.

No one knows this
place better than Janet.

Jemtorra: What did you say?

Scott: What?

Jemtorra: That name.

Scott: Janet... Van Dyne?
Jemtorra: Where is she?

Scott: That's what we're
trying to find out.

Do you know her?

Jemtorra: I know her.

She shouldn't be here.

Krylar; Hey, bring a round
of the chasers, please.

Yes, thank you.

If you haven't had this, don't try it.

Unless you want
to change your life.

Janet; Krylar, we're looking
for friends of ours.

Two of them.

Human, like us.

Krylar; Human.

That's the word. Totally forgot
what you call yourselves up there.


Hank; Are you not human?

Krylar; Not technically, but yes.

In the ways that matter.


Let us talk.

So, what is it that
brings you to us, Janet?

If I remember correctly, you left.

You left...

all of us, with him.

Hank: Janet, what is he talking about?

Krylar; You didn't tell them about him.

Did you say anything
about what you did here?

How many people died
because of you?

Does your family even
know who you are?

Your mommy, is
full of secrets.

Hope: You're lying.
Krylar: I lie

a lot.

Not about this.

Janet: Let them go.

He just wants me.

Krylar; But you want them,
so, they're coming too.

Along with those
other friends of yours.

I heard about them,
but he did too. And...

He sent a hunter.

Hope: What kind of hunter?

Krylar: Not a man, not a machine.

A mechanized organism
designed only for k*lling...

Where are they?

Krylar: No clue.


Probably. d*ad.

Oh, this is so sad,

when all of this could
have been avoided, Janet.

Just give him
what he wants.

Janet: What's happened to you?

We fought against him.

Krylar: He can be very persuasive.

Let's pay him a visit.

I think we're done here.

Janet: Can that ship get
us out of here?

Cover me?

Hank: Always.

Janet: Henry, take the helm.

I'm going to hotwire this thing.

Hank: Where are the controls?

Janet:Those are the controls.

Hank: What the hell?

Janet: You'll do great. It's
like flying a bike.

Hank: Is the bike alive?

Janet: Hands all the way in.

Like stuffing a turkey.

Hank: Really? Him?
Janet: He used to be charming.

Hank: With that guy?

Janet: I was down here
for thirty years, Henry.

- I had needs.
Hope: Oh, my God.

Hank; Look, I get it. I've got needs, too.
Hope; Oh, my God!

Hank: I had dinner with
someone a few times.

Her name was Linda.

They didn't work out.

Janet; What went wrong?

Hank: She wasn't you, baby.

Jemtorra: Get everyone on the ships.
We're leaving.

All right.

And Xolum.

Right here.

Take them as far away
from here as you can.

- What?
Scott: Why?

Jemtorra: If you're looking for Janet,
He's looking for you.

You led them straight to us!

Come on. Come on!

Take as many as you can.

We'll hold them off.


- Come on!
- Hurry!

We have got to go.

Get on, get on, now.

Let's go, now! Now!

Scott: Cassie, let's go.

Jemtorra:,Get to the sanctuary.

Wait for my message.

Veb, we're leaving.

- Move!
- But my friends!

Give up the travelers. The
Conqueror will show you mercy.

Jemtorra: I know his mercy.

Stay here...

Scott: Cassie?

Oh, no.

Cassie: Okay, I have a suit.

Scott: Yeah, I noticed.

You okay?
Cassie: Yes.

Scott: Look, momentum, right?

Jump, tap, right?
One move, jump, tap.

Cassie: I know how
to do it, dad.

Scott: Oh, do you? Really?
Cassie: Yes!

Scott: Cause it didn't look like it from my end.
Cassie: I messed up on the timing.

Scott: Jump...

Like that.

You see what I did?
You see what I did?

Cassie: No, you were like this small!

Scott: I jumped and tapped.

Jentorra, we have to go.

Get to the ship!

Modok: Welcome back to the
quantum realm, Scott.

I've been waiting
a long time for this.

Scott: What?

Is someone in there?

Modok: Oh, yes.

A destiny you cannot escape.

Our fates have always
been forged together.

Ever since that day we met.

Scott Lang.

Scott: Get away from us!

Modok; And then you broke me.

- Banished me down here.
Scott: Wait...


Modok: Surprised to see me?

Scott: Yeah.

Cassie: It's that bee guy.

It's the bee guy.

Modok: Cassie?

I almost didn't recognize you.

Scott: How are you not d*ad?

Modok: I became the ultimate w*apon.

Scott: That's what this is?

Look, Darren...

Modok: Darren is d*ad!

There is only..


And there's no place
you can run, Scott.

Not from me,

and not from him.

He is the future.

He's the best.

And now all he needs is you.

Hope: Mom, what's after Scott and Cassie?

We have to find them.

Janet: There's something I have to do first.

Hope: He could be d*ad.

Janet: Hope, please.

Hope: And you're still
hiding things from us.

Janet: I am trying to protect you.

Hope: From what?

Who are you so afraid of?

Scott: Third time in jail.


Modok: And here we are again.

Face to face.

Scott: That's a face. That's, uh...

That's a big face.

Why are you just a floating head?

Maybe you can walk
us through this, Darren.

Modok: You left Darren to die
in the quantum realm.

But the Conqueror found me.

Rebuilt me.

Made me the ultimate w*apon.

A mechanized organism
designed only for k*lling.

Scott: Oh, M.O.D.O.K!

Oh, a mo... Oh, I get it.
It's an acronym.

It's an acronym.

Mechanized Organism
Designed Only for k*lling.

Actually, that's MODOFK.

Modok: I bet you thought you'd
seen the last of me.

Scott: Just now noticing the baby legs.

Modok; They're not baby legs.
Scott: Little bit like a bjorn.

Modok: You think you're so smart.

Scott Lang.

The man who took
everything from me.

Who stole my whole life.

But I did it.

I got you here.

I found your signal, Cassie.

Thanks for that, by the way.

Couldn't have done it without you.

You're looking at
a man set free.

I've created so much more here
than you could possibly imagine.

All for him.

Janet: I wasn't the only one stranded
in the quantum realm.

Kang: What is this place?

He said he was a traveler.

A scientist who crashed off-course.

He had a ship beyond
anything I had ever seen.

A ship that could
travel the multiverse.

Hank: The multiverse?

Janet: As in alternate dimensions,
parallel realities?

I didn't believe it at first.

But it's real.

Just like we theorized.

Janet: Can this take us home?

Kang: It can take you anywhere.

Janet: I've never met anyone like him.

He felt so lost.

I guess we both were.

But we had a way out.

We tried everything to recharge
his ship's energy core.

Nothing worked.

But after so many years alone,
it was nice to have a friend.

Janet ( speaking) I lied to Hope.

I told her I was coming home.

I can see her by the door

waiting for me.

That's the last thing I did.

It was lie to her.

I just thought I'd had more time.

Kang; I can give that to you.


It's not what you think it is.

It's a cage.

It does everything
it can to break you.

It's not until you free yourself
from it that you see...

Just how small it always was.

We are going to
get out of here.

She's going to open the door.

And you'll be there.

I promise.

Let's get to work.

Janet: It took ages, but we did it.

We brought it back to life.

Let's go home.

His ship was neurokinetic,

connected to his thoughts.

When I touched it, I saw his mind.

I felt what he had done.

Entire worlds...

Entire timelines...


like they never even existed.

Kang; Janet.

We can leave.

Right now.

Janet: Who is Kang?

Kang: Who I need to be.

Janet: He didn't crash here.

He was exiled here.

Outside space and time.

The only place that
could hold him.

Hank: Exiled by who?

Janet: I don't know.

But they sabotaged his
ship, and trapped him here

And because of me,
he was getting out.

Kang: Janet...

Janet: Stay away.

Kang: You saved my life.

I made a promise.

Just let me take you home.

Janet: And then?

What are you going to do?

Kang: Win.

I told you. Time isn't
what you think.

I can make it so
you never left her.

Hope is going to
open the door...

And you'll be there.

Janet: And how many worlds will die?

If you get out.

Kang: Not yours.

She'll never know.

Don't you want to see
your daughter again?

Janet: I can't let you leave.

Kang: Why do you think
you can stop me?

Give it to me, Janet.

Give it to me!

Janet: I couldn't b*at him,
he was too powerful.

What did you do?

Janet: I'm sorry, Hope.

Kang: No!

Janet; I blew up his core, cut
him off from time.

And trapped us both
down here forever.

But I gave him back enough.

Now that he had his suit back,

He became what he always was...

a Conqueror.

He's got w*apon and technology

centuries beyond anything
we can dream of.

He took his prison
and made it his empire.

I spent years fighting him,
running from him, hiding from him.

And then you saved me.

You brought me home.

But I didn't deserve it.

I unleashed a monster on
this place and ran away.

Hank; Janet, you couldn't have known.

Janet; I'm sorry I never told you.

I just wanted to forget.

I just wanted to be
your mom again.

Hope: I'm so sorry you had to
go through all of that alone.

But you are not alone now.

We'll stop him together.

Janet; He's after the core.

But he needs Pym Particles to reach it.

And if he's got Scott and Cassie,
he's got Pym Particles.

- And a headstart.
Janet; Exactly.

We got to get out of here.


He cannot get out.

Kang: You're an interesting man...

Scott Lang.

Scott; Um, I don't know who you are,
but you've made a big mistake.


I'm an Avenger.

I've called the other Avengers.

Kang: You're an Avenger?

Have I k*lled you before?

Scott: What?

Kang: They all bleed together after a while.

You're not the one
with the hammer?

Scott; That's Thor.

We get confused a lot.
Similar body types ---

who are you?

Kang: Just a man...

who's lost a lot of time, like you.

But we can help
each other with that.

M.O.D.O.K tells me
you're a good thief.

Modok: Yeah, he stole
something from me.

Kang: Do not speak when
I'm in the room.

Got to say, Janet was
a lot more helpful.

Scott; You know Janet too?

Does everyone down
here know Janet?

Kang; She didn't tell you about me?

I guess that's not a surprise.

Janet stole something from me.

My ticket out of here.

And you are the only
one who can steal it back.

Scott: And why would I do that?

Kang; Because you want
to get out of here.

And I need to
get out of here.

Because I know how it ends.

Scott: How what ends?

Kang; All of it.

I don't live in a straight line.

And with time...

It's hard, not to skip to the end.

So, if you want to stop
what's coming,

and trust me, you do...

I am the only sh*t you have.

Cassie: What's coming?

Kang: Me.

A lot of me.

They exiled me down here.

They're afraid of me.

But I'm the man who
can get you home.

So, do we have a deal?

Scott: No, I don't think we do.

Cassie: Dad!

Kang: Let me make this easy for you.

You bring me what I need, or I will
k*ll your daughter in front of you.

Then, make you
relive that moment,

Over and over again,
in time, endlessly,

until you beg me to k*ll you.

Do you understand?

Scott; Don't do this.

Kang; I'm a man who likes
to be understood.

Cassie: Dad!

Don't listen to him.

Scott: No! No! Look,

we can talk about this.

Cassie: Don't do it!

Kang; You really should do it.

Scott: Please.

That's my
daughter! Please...

Kang; Do you want her to live or
do you want her to die?

Scott: Please!

Kang: Do you think I'm lying?

Do I look like
a liar to you?

Scott: Stop!

Cassie: Dad!
Scott; I'll do it! I'll do it.

I'll do it, just let her go!
Let her go! Let her go!

Kang: You're out of your league...


Just be glad I need you.

Scott: Don't touch her again.

Kang: Then give me what I need.

Scott; Where is it?

What is that?

Kang:,It was a multiversal engine core.

A power source that could take
you anywhere in space and time.

Then Janet blew it up.

Scott: It's in that?
Kang: It is that.

And we have to
get to the center.

That's good to know.

Modok: You'll have to shrink down and
pass through the eye of the storm.

Once you're inside, find the
core and size it back down.

Scott: What does it look like?

When I steal something, I
usually know what I'm stealing.

Kang: You'll know it when you see it.

Modok: Get in and out as
fast as you can.

The longer you're in there, the
more your mind will come undone.

Better hurry.

Cassie: I'm sorry.

This is all my fault.

Scott: No.

Cassie:,I messed up.

Scott: Cassie, my whole life happened
because I messed up.

The only thing I didn't
mess up, is you.


It's okay. It's okay.

I love you, Peanut.

Cassie: I love you, too.

Scott: Okay. I'm in.

Darren, can you hear me?



M.O.D.O.K, can you hear me?

Modok: What?

I'm in.

Modok; Okay.
Scott: Okay, so...

What do I do?
What's the plan?

Modok: Don't die?

Scott: Thanks. Big help, M.O.D.O.K.

Modok: Do you see it?

Scott: Yeah, I see it.

I'm heading in.

Scott: What the hell?

Other Scott: What the hell?

Scott; What the hell?

Modok: I told you Scott, getting in
was just the beginning.

Scott; You never said that.

Why am I looking at another me?

Other Scott; I'm not another me.
You're another me.

Scott; You just came out...

Why am I looking at another me?

Modok: You're looking at the
possibility of another you.

You're in a probability storm.

Scott: What does any of that mean?

Other Scott: You don't know?
Scott: Why would I know?

Other Scott: Because you got me in here!

Scott: Oh, so I am the
real one, huh?

No, I didn't say that.

- What the hell?
- What the hell?!

What is this place?

Modok: It's a probability storm.

Every choice you could
make, existing all at once.

What is he saying?
What is he saying?

Modok: You're inside Schrödinger's box,
and you're the cat.

Scott: That doesn't make sense.
Oh, I get it.

Nobody move!

Alright? Nobody move.

Why should we listen to you?

You're not even the real one.

- Wait, I'm not?
- Who's the real one?

I am the real one!

I'm the real one!

Guys, hey, relax.

Take it easy.


We'll figure this out.


Who are you?

Why are you dressed like that?

Because I work at
Baskin Robbins.

This is my uniform.

These are normal clothes.

Why are you
dressed like that?


Let's do this!

Oh, we're all gonna die.


Wait, no, no!

Hope: I've got a read on Scott.

Get out of the way!

Hope: Mom, what is this?
- What are you doing?

Janet: Don't look at them.

They're just possibilities.

They're not you.

Hope: Scott, where are you?

Scott: Why am I here?

Do it! It'll work this time.

What are you... Wait,
wait, no, no, no!

I got this.

You got this, Scott!

- I got it.
- No, I got it.

Scott, where are you?


Where are you, Scott?

Ow, my neck...

- We're d*ad.
- We're gonna die.

Cassie: Dad.

Come back.


If you can hear me, come back.

Just come back.

Don't give up.

Dad, just come
back one more time.


Come back.

Scott: What is he doing?
- Get him up!

- Get him up.
- Grab him, grab him.

Come on.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Come on, lift him.


I've got you.

Come on.

Come on guys, everyone!

Modok: What are you doing?

How are you
able to do that?

Scott; I'll tell you how.

We all want the same thing.

Come on, work together!

And I'm coming, Cassie.

C'mon, we're
doing it for Cassie!

Go get her, pal.

Go, go!

Everyone, let's go!

Come on!



What happened?
Did it work?

Sorry, buddy!

Hope, are you real?

Hope; I'm real.

Scott; Then let's do this.

Hope: Are you ready?

Scott; Ready.

Hope: Come on, we got to get
that thing out of here.

Scott; No, no, no. Wait.
He's got Cassie.

Hope: What?

Janet: Scott.

Scott: Janet.
Janet: Give that to me. We have to go now.

Scott; No, he's got Cassie.

Janet: We will save her, I promise
you we will save her.

But, you cannot
give that to him.

Kang: I wouldn't trust her.

Janet has a way of..

changing her mind.




What's it gonna be, Scott?

Modok: Well, well...
if it isn't

my old mentor.

Hi, Hank.

Hank; Darren?

Modok: Didn't expect to see your
protegé again after all this time?

Hank; Holy shit, Darren.

What happened to you?

Modok; I am the ultimate w*apon!

Kang; Do I need to take it?

Scott: Where is my daughter?

Janet; Scott.


Scott; We had a deal.

Kang; She'll be fine without you.

Modok; So long, Hank!

Janet; Henry!

Kang: You left me right here to die.

Let's see how they do.

What did you see?

We didn't really get a chance
to talk about it last time.

But I always wondered...

When you touched my mind,

what did you see?

Janet: A monster,

who thinks he's a god.

Kang; When you can see time

the way I do, you don't
get to close your eyes.

Janet: And you're the
only one who sees?

Kang; I am the only
one that can see

it's broken.

Janet; And who broke it?

Kang: I did.

Every version of me.

My variants, throughout
the multiverse...

play with time like children.

But I saw how it ends.

I saw their chaos
spreading across realities.

Universes colliding.

Endless incursions.

I saw the multiverse...

that it was dying.

All because of them.

So I took control.

Janet: You mean you started a w*r.

And now you want to
wipe away any universe

that's a thr*at to you.

That's what monsters do.

Kang; That's what conquerors do.

They burn the broken world.

And they make a new one.

Janet; You don't care about
saving anything or anyone.

You only want revenge
because they b*at you.

Because you lost.

Kang; I have lost.

You have no idea what I've lost.

And I will burn
them out of time,

for what they've done to me.

Janet; You'll be wiping
out entire timelines,

m*rder trillions of people.

Kang; I wish that mattered, Janet.

Oh, God, what am I doing.


Scott; Hank.

Are these your ants?

From the ant farm?

Hank: Yes, Scott, they're my ants.

Scott: How did you find
them down here?

I've been picking up strange
signals ever since we crashed.

First I thought maybe
it was a malfunction,

some kind of interference?

What is that?

But it wasn't.

It was the ants.

They were reaching
out the whole time.

Apparently they passed through
some sort of time dilation.

They lived thousands
of years in a single day.

Expanding their knowledge, their science...

Becoming more advanced than
I could have ever thought.

I didn't find them.

They found me.

I told you they were smart.

They've already built
something of a technocratic,

class-two civilization.

I mean, I know socialism
is a charged word,

but we can learn
a lot from these...

Hope; Dad.

Hank: Yeah, they're my ants.

And ants don't give up.

Scott: I don't care who this guy is.

I don't care what he can
do, I'm getting Cassie.

So, how do we even
the odds against Kang?

Hank; We've got some ideas.

Scott: What are you thinking?

Hank: Well, as a great
writer once said...

There's always
room to grow.

Scott: You read my book?

Hank; Every g*dd*mn word.

Come on. Let's go to work.

Cassie: Hey! I'm sorry.

That was probably terrifying.

Jemtorra: What are you doing here?

Cassie: I'm rescuing you.

Jemtorra: How?

Cassie; That's a good question.

Does this thing have
like a key or a card?

Like a room key?

You know, like a...


Cassie: Jump and tap.

Jentorra, I'm sorry I
got your people hurt.

How can I help?

Jemtorra: Let's hurt them back.

Cassie: Damn, your cool.

Do you have a plan?

Cassie; Freeing you was
basically my plan.

Do you have a plan?

We need to get a message out
to anyone who can still fight.

Jemtorra; Then free our people from
the detention cells below

and launch a counteroffense from within.

Cassie; Yeah, you have a plan. So,
how do we get the message out?

- Follow me.
Cassie: Okay, great.

Kang; I built an empire
down here, Janet.

And I'm taking it with me.

You really should have let me
out when you had the chance.

History is not written.

It is forged.

Today, we are saved.

From this fortress, I will take my
revenge on those who banished me.

Today, we conquer eternity.

And the dynasty of Kang...

Cassie: Hello?

Is this working?

Scott; Cassie?

Cassie: I can't tell if it's working.

Okay, I think we're on.

Jemtorra; I'll hold them off.
Get the message out.

Cassie: I thought you were
getting the message out.

Jemtorra: Now!

Cassie: We're inside!

We've breached the tower.

I'm with Jentorra.

He's not invincible.

I know it might
feel like it's too late.

Like, all we do is just lose.

But the family I lost,

taught me to keep fighting.

And if they were
here, they would, too.

We need to look
out for the little guy.

My dad taught me that.

Because when people needed help,

he didn't look the other way.

And neither do we.

We need to move!

Come to the tower!

Fight back!

I know you've been waiting.

Now is the time to strike.

He knows he can't take all of us.

Come to the tow...

- Cassie.
Hank; I think I found the signal.

Hope: Mom's gotta be there, too.

Hank: Let's go!
- I'll drive.

Kang: Find Lang's daughter.

k*ll her.

Cassie: Let's go. Let's go.

If you want to
fight, follow me.

Modok: It's over, Cassie.

Cassie: Free the others.


He is gonna see us coming.

Scott; Yeah, I'll make sure of it.

Begin the launch.

Modok: Your dad's not here, Cassie.

But I guess that's
not a big surprise.

Scott: Kang!

We had a deal!

You took my daughter!

Modok; Holy shit. That's big.

You lied to me.

Our word is our bond .

Without that, we have nothing.

Kang; Bring him down.

Yes, sir.

Hope: Keep going. I've got them.

Yeah. Come on!

Scott: There's so many.

Hope; Scott, I can't hold them.

Cassie: They came.

Way to go, Cassie!


Come on, let's go!

Xolox: Revolution!

- Burn it all down!
- Fight!

Get down!

Jemtorra; What is the bridge code?

I'll die first.

Quax: - - - - .


Veb: You'll need this.


Jemtorra: This is our home!

Let's take it back!

Veb: I have holes.

I have holes!

Quax: I didn't know
he could do that.

Scott: Kang!

Where is she?

Kang:,Launch now!

What is that?

Janet; He's getting out.

Scott: Oh no, he's not!

Kang: Keep him away
from the rings.

Cassie: Dad!

Dad, I'm coming!


Modok; Nowhere left to run.

Cassie; Please let this work.

Modok: Hey, where do you think
you're going? Let's go!

You think this is over?

Come on! Let's go!

Cassie; Darren... stop,

trying to be whatever this is!

Modok: I don't know what to be.

Tell me what to be.

Cassie; I don't know, just
don't be a dick.

Modok: It's too late.

Look at me.

I'm such a dick.

Cassie: It's never too late
to stop being a dick.

We got to stop him.

I have an idea.

- Ready?
- Probably not.

One, two,
three... now!

Cassie; Dad!


Scott; Cassie!

You're huge!

Cassie; I'm huge!

Scott; I love you, Peanut.

Cassie: I love you, too.

Scott: I'm so proud of you.

I feel like I'm hugging Godzilla.

Cassie: I know. It feels so cool.

Scott: I know, right?

Cassie: I'm so hungry.

Scott: Yeah, that happens.

Cassie: I could eat everything.
Scott: Everything. I know.

Cassie: I really want like, a lime.

Scott: Right?

- Citrus, it's weird. I know.
Cassie: Citrus...

Take the tower!

Janet: It's over.

Kang: You still can't see it.

It's never over.

- Fall back!
- Fall back!

Hope; We have to go, right now.

I know, I know,
but we have to go.

Scott; You son of a...

Kang: You think this is new to me?

Do you know how many
rebellions I've put down?

: No, no, no, no, no...

Kang; How many worlds
I've conquered?

How many Avengers I've k*lled?

And you think you can b*at me?

I am Kang!

You, you talk to ants.

Modok; My name is Darren,
and I am not a dick!

Hank; Sorry I'm late.

Lot of ants.

Scott: Oh, was this you?

Modok: Maybe you were
right about me, Cassie.

Scott: Darren!

Are you okay?

Modok: Probably not.

Hope: Darren?

Modok; Hi, Hope. You changed your hair.

Hope: What the hell happened?

Scott:?Yeah, no, it's...
it's a whole thing.

I'll tell you later.

That was... I don't
know what to say.

Modok: Thanks, Scott.

You always were
a brother to me.

Scott: I was?

I was.

Modok; And at least I died, an Avenger.

Scott; Yeah.

- You did.
- Yeah. No, it's...

You're in.

A lot has happened today.

Janet: Henry.
Hank: Janet?

Hope: Mom, where are you?

Janet; I'm in the tower.

I think I can give
us one sh*t back.

But we don't have much time.
If we want to go home,

we have to go now.

Jemtorra: We'll finish it.

Scott; Thank you.

Thank you.

Come on, let's go!

All right, good luck.

Good luck. Come on.

Thanks, buddy.

You did it.

Let's go home.

Hank: Where is Scott?

Hope: He was right behind me.

Kang: You should have
looked the other way.

Scott: Yeah, well, never
been great at that.

And you're not getting out.

Kang; I want you to remember...

You could've gone home.

You could've seen your daughter again.

But you thought you could win.

Scott; I don't have to win.

We both just have to lose.

Cassie: Dad!

Scott: Oh, where, where is she?

Where is she?

Hope: She's okay.

She's okay.

Scott, she's okay.
They're all okay.

You did it.

- I'm sorry. I'm sorry, sorry...
Scott: No, no, no ---

Don't let go.

Don't let go.

Don't ever let go.

Hope: I got you.

Scott: You came back.

I love you, Hope.

Hope: I love you, Scott.

Let's go home.

Scott: Home's good.

( narrating)
Scott; My life doesn't make sense.

I used to ask myself a
lot of questions about that.

Scott, you just saved the quantum
realm with your family,

and drank a guy without holes.

Why does this kind of
stuff keep happening to you?

That doesn't make any sense.

Well, you know what?

Who said life has to make sense?

- Ruben.
Ruben; You are the bug!

I was wrong, yeah.

You are the other bug.

You're the bug-man.

You get big, and get
small, like a big bug.

Scott; You're right. That's me.

Just a coffee, please.

Ruben: Twelve dollar.

Scott: Twelve!

I used to wonder if this
chapter in my life was over.

But as Cassie reminded me, there
is always someone you can help.

Dale: Came out of cake-
making retirement for ya.

Scott: You made this yourself?

Dale: Yeah, I don't usually
make the cakes.

Scott: I know.

Dale: This is the first one
I made since 1997 .

Scott: You're a real artist.

It's been a pretty wild ride.

One day, you're fired
from Baskin Robbins,

The next, you're beating
a time-traveling Space King.

We did b*at him, right?

I mean, yeah, that's what happened.

He was getting out
and he didn't get out.

I think.

But he also said
something bad was coming.

And that everyone would
die if he didn't get out.

Wait, so did I just k*ll everyone?

Is everyone gonna
die because of me?

Oh, my God.

Oh, my... what did I do.

What did I do?

You know what?

It's probably fine.

Like I said, life doesn't
make any sense.

So maybe stop asking
so many questions, Scott.

Stop overthinking it.


Cassie: It's not my birthday.

Scott: I know. But I missed a few.

( narrating)
This is good.

We're all together.

We're fine.

Everything's... probably fine.

Kang's gone.

We did it.

Don't have to worry
about that guy anymore.


Happy fake birthday, Cassie.
Spoiler [+]

Pharaoh Rama Tut; The exiled one is d*ad?
You must be upset you’re not the one who k*lled him

Immortus; None of us k*lled him

How many did you call?
Immortus: All of us
They have touched the multiverse and if we don’t stop them they will k*ll everything we have built
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