02x06 - Episode 6

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Under the Vines". Aired: December 6, 2021 - present.
Two city people manage to inherit a failing vineyard in New Zealand, but neither of them know a thing about hard work and they despise each other.
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02x06 - Episode 6

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I don't want you to

take this the wrong way

when I say you're not the

right fit for my father.

Sorry, what?

Perhaps it's best if you finish this.

I just got offered the lead

in this massive series filming in LA!

Pack your bags, Hot Tractor Guy!

I have to think about it.


Philippe said it's not

as good as the Stanley,

so I re-blended the lot.

- What?

- What?

He has been undermining her

confidence this whole time.

You made me believe that

my vintage was second-rate.

You're a bad person, Philippe.

I am finished!

I still think you're the

best man I've ever known.


How are you feeling?

Oh, like I could sleep for a year.


Ah, well, not quite that bad.


So, we should, ah

We should talk about last night.

Oh. Ah yes.

Yeah, we should.

So obviously you've

you've remembered now?


Um Would you like to go first?

Ah Mm. Well, actually, no.

I'd I'd probably rather get your

perspective on the night.

So clearly, you haven't

remembered anything at all.

Ah, no. No, I haven't. Oh, God.

So something did happen, didn't it?

- Um

- Did we get physical?

Well, did our lips touch?

- Ah, what?

- You need to tell me, Louis.

All right. All right.

If you really want to know, we, um

Well, no. We We

We We fell on each other.

- We what?

- Well, I fell on you

because you you made me fall.

- Oh!

- And then, um

- Oh.

- Well, things were were said.

- Oh, God!

- Look, I didn't take advantage

of the situation, if that's

what you're wondering.

Oh. So So you could

have taken advantage

of the situation?

Daisy, it was actually

quite lovely.

Do you know what?

Whatever I said or did,

please just just

forget it ever happened.

Ah, and and I think

I've already stuffed

things up with David.

I mean, he sent me a text and

my phone says that we

spoke for fifteen minutes.

But I've got no idea

what we talked about.

Anyway, I'm never drinking ever again.

And cut!

Take Six Alpha, take two, A camera only.

- A mark

- Great. Great.

Thank you, Katie.

You're hating this, aren't you?

I'm not of course I'm not hating it.

I get to hang out with you.

No. You're as bored as batshit.

I can see just you're

not you're not happy.

I'm not unhappy. I'm just

Look, maybe I'm not

happy with a capital H,

or a capital U,

depending on if we're talking

about happy or unhappy.

But you know, if you don't

know what you're talking about,

then you're just kind of in the middle.

- It's not like a bad thing.

- Oh, babe.

I want you to be happy with a capital H.

Hey, this is important,

especially if we're

going to LA together.

You know, what? Hey, what if, um

Oh, what if I could get you

doing a job on whatever job

I'm doing? You know?

And that way you've got

something to do, and, um

we get to see each other all the time

That's Yeah, that's

I'm gonna talk to Steven right now.

Okay? Just hold that thought.

That's my magazine.

Ah, sorry?

$8. Or we can fight for it?

Car park?

Ah, I just picked it up off the pile.

David once told me

you have to fight for what you want.

I'm not sure this is what he meant.

It'll be good for you and

me to finally get this feud

between us out in the open.




- Hey.

- Hello.

Did you enjoy Queenstown?

Ah, yes!

Lovely, ah, mountains.

Yes. There are.

Mm. So, it was, um,

it was great to chat on on Saturday.

Yes, it was.

And I'm glad you told me.

Right. It's just that I

was a little bit tipsy.

- So I don't really remember

- Mm.

You mentioned that you

and Sienna had had a chat.

Oh. Oh, God. I wasn't

gonna tell you about that.

No. I'm glad you did. You were right.

Sienna can be a little protective,

but I will have a talk with her.

No! No, no, no. No, no. I don't

want to cause any friction.

Oh, you won't.

Listen, Daisy,

you are absolutely

100% the woman I want

in my life right now.

Oh, same.

Man in my life, that is.

Well, that's good.

Because Louis got quite the mention.

- Oh.

- Yeah. You kept saying that

you and him were really close friends.

Ah, well, you know,

we're not that close.

I mean, we're friends.

We're We're we're

definitely friends.

Yeah, but the best part was

that you were out and

about, doing your thing,

with your friends,

and you thought of me.

- Mm.

- Except maybe next time,

a little more volume control.

Oh, yeah. No. I'm never drinking again.

Oh. Did I mention that

you own a vineyard?

Oh, that's just a minor detail.



Oh, bloody hell.


Daisy! Daisy!

Daisy, come with me to the barrel room.

- Right now.

- What have you done?

I couldn't wait any

longer. Just taste it.

- And you tasted it?

- Yes, I have.

- But don't hate me. No

- Oh, no. Louis!

How do you think Tippy is going

to feel when she finds out?

- That's just so typical of you.

- Do not get on your high horse.

This is serious.

Oh, God. Is it awful?


We have to tell Tippy.

We do.

Detective Goff.

Y'all step back, please.



When we're rolling, you need

to look either at the body,

or the detective, okay?

Don't look at the camera.

Sorry. I just I was

just a bit confused,

because I was trying to

figure out whether or not

that was real blood or tomato sauce.

It's fake blood.

Oh. Cool. Does it Does

it taste like tomato sauce?

Going for another take, please.

Stand by.


No. I mean, how could

she not have a phone?

How does anyone do anything

in life without a phone?

Have you tried her room?

Oh, God, she's run away.

I'll call Gus.

Call Forensics.

I think the name of the

man that we're looking for

is John

- Oh. Hi, Daisy!

- Cut!

Hi, Gus. Gus, have you seen Tippy?

Ah. Sorry, I didn't catch that.

Have you seen Tippy, Gus?

- Excuse Sorry. I

- Gus, can you hear me?

Hey, Daisy! I can't hear

you, because someone

No! No! No!



Man, that was a bit rude.


Now what?


God, we're never gonna find her.

Why did she leave

without saying goodbye?

What if she doesn't come back?

What if she has a car accident?

What if she's m*rder

while she's hitchhiking?

What if what if

she ends up in the boot

- of some maniac's car?

- Oh, all right. Calm down.

Calm down. No, we're

we're smart people.

We will find her.

Ah, good morning, Hilary.

Sorry to call so early.

- I've no idea where Tippy is.

- Um

How do you know that's why we're here?

Nothing more to say.


Oh, come on. This is ridiculous.

You two need to patch things up.

Louis, just apologize to Hilary.

And, Hilary, you you need

to tell us where Tippy is,

because clearly you know something.

And, Louis, you need to

then you need to, um

you need to Ah!

I've I've lost my train of thought.

Mm. Mm.


- Ooh.

- What? What is it?



I'm not in the habit of

discussing lady business

in front of men.


I bear news.

Massive transformation is upon you.

A great awakening, if you will.

Ha! Awakening? I'm barely

sleeping these days.

- Menopause!

- Oh. Shh! Yes.

I'm well aware of that, thanks, Hilary.

Oh, good. Oh, well. Yep. Mm.

At least you know, huh?

If I was Tippy, where would I go?


I'd take the road less traveled.

She always has, so why stop now?

- Is that it?

- You lost her.

Now you have to find her.

Well could you

Do you know, that bloody

woman, she's perpetually stoned.

Now, this is your fault, you know.

- Oh!

- No, no, no, no, no.

If you hadn't decided to go

all Sherlock Holmes on Philippe,

then then Tippy

would never have known

that you were worried, and

she might not have taken off!

- You were just as involved.

- Only because you made me.

God, do you know what?

You are simply infuri

You've really got to learn when to

when to open your mouth and

when when when not to.

Oh, and you need to learn

not to be so highly strung.

Well, I'll thank you not to

patronize me, please, Daisy.

Oh, patronize?

Louis, I'll have you know

that the act of patronizing

is actually a patriarchal construct.

And being a woman, I'm

incapable of patronizing you.

In fact, what you're doing

right now is patronizing me!

- So stop.

- Yeah.

- It's actually patriarchal.

- No, stop.

- No. Stop! Stop! Stop!

- Oh.

What do you mean, you quit?

I have a new job now.

Tippy, what can we do

to make things better?

- We'll do anything.

- Anything.

Except, I'm afraid, raise your salary.

Well, yes. But we'll do that eventually.

- Um, yep.

- Oh, Tippy, please.

Don't do this. Just come back to Oakley.

And And whatever the problem

is, we'll sort it all out.

I have work to do.

Tippy, I tasted the Broken Barrel.

- What?

- It is

- incredible.

- It is.

Tippy, it it's it's

it's intergalactic.

It It's It's international even!

- Mm.

- Why did you do that, Louis?

Especially because I asked you not to.

Why did you go after Philippe?

You're always interfering.

All right!

Look, Philippe is a

d*ck. But he was right.

The Broken Barrel was commercial.

This whole thing has made me realize

I can't rely on anyone

including you, Louis.

Tippy, I'm

- I'm really sorry.

Oh, Tippy.

Louis didn't mean to upset you.

He's your biggest supporter.

We should all be so lucky

to have someone like Louis

on our side,

someone who's genuine and loyal and

and a good, good human.

And he only wants the best for you.


Isn't that what's really important?

I can't be a vintner anymore.

I can't even trust my own palate.

I'm not tough enough for this business.

I just want to make wine, you know?

I don't want to be part

of all the other crap.

Well, you know what? You

don't have to be a vintner.

Come home to Oakley.

Just taste your wine and

then we can decide what to do.

It's so good, Tippy.



Switch to go.

Thank you for saying

those nice things about me.

Even if you didn't mean them.

Well, of course I meant them.

It was all true.

Daisy, we've got to fix this.

Ah, the the Tippy thing.

Oh. Ha!

Okay, ah, what can I do?

Ah. It's all right.

I think I've got it.

But that is terrible.

Nobody wants Tippy

to leave the business.

She shows such great promise.

Philippe, you must apologize.

May I offer our sincere

thoughts and prayers.

Thank you.

But, ah, no one has d*ed, Marissa.

Yes. Quite right.

No, but it is terrible,

because despite your

manipulations, the wine she has made

is magnificent.

I am heartbroken that,

ah, Tippy believes I was her enemy.

It is wonderful, no,

that she has triumphed.

But, ah, well, she is

young and inexperienced.

It is not possible that

she could have made a wine

better than the previous.

Well, she has.

So perhaps you better

taste it for yourself.

We'll be waiting for you.

As will we.

Is Gus here?

Ah, no.

Well, why do we have four glasses?




Oh, Tippy, please.

No. Not on your freaking

life. I'm not talking to him.

Tippy, we need to show him

that he can't get away

with this behavior

that you have won, despite him.

Tippy, I want you to ask

yourself this question.

I never really knew what

I wanted out of life.

I mean, sure, fun, money,

a wardrobe full of Chanel accessories.

Oh, doesn't matter.

And then I landed here at Oakley, and

suddenly everything made sense.

So ask yourself, what

makes sense to you?

And if you listen really hard

to that small voice inside of you,

I know you'll hear the answer.

You want me to listen

to an invisible voice?

Tippy, would you would

you just get inside, please?

It's, um


Possibly the best thing I

have ever put in my mouth.

Not bad. Needs another week.


You know, I I feel like celebrating.

I probably shouldn't.


Okay, Louis.

You have to tell me what

happened in Queenstown.

I need to know.

Did we cross a line?

I'm ready. You can tell me.

Daisy, you told me that I was

the best man that you know.


Oh. What? That's it?

Well, I thought that

was quite a big thing.

Well Gosh.

- Oh, I was drunk.

- Right.

No. I mean, normally I'd I'd

I'd, um

Louis, you are the best man I know.

Guess it's just timing, isn't it?


I don't have the answers right now.

All I know is we've got

to get to that cabin

before it's too late.

Come on.

- Oh!

- Cut!

- Come on!

- Come on!

We're going again, everyone. Resetting.

- This is not your thing.

- This is not my thing.

This is not your thing.

Look, it's your first day, right?

I mean, they don't need to

f*re you on your first day.

I could

Oh, what if I talked to

someone in construction?

You know, on the construction


This isn't my world you know?

I belong at Oakley, and it's

probably time I went home.

Gus, I I-I don't care if you

you can't be a background

artiste or whatever,

I just want you to come to LA with me.

Got a minute?

Yeah. Of course.

I'm not really good

at this kind of stuff.


I'm sorry.

You know, for what I said about you.

Don't worry, Tippy. I

probably deserved it.


Daisy is right in what

she said about you.

I know you have our backs.

Thanks, Tippy.

And Philippe was right

about one thing too.

The blend is everything.

The first Broken Barrel

was nice.

It would have worked,

people would have liked it,


it's not the best combination.

This blend, it's more complex

not that easy

and it's the right one.

And it happened at

just the right moment.

You know what I mean?


Yep. I think I know

exactly what you mean.

I got a question to ask you, all right?

And please feel free to say no.

- Okay.

- Now, I absolutely will not

do this if you don't want me to.


Do you mind if I launch

the rocket without you?

Well, is it for Daisy?

Ah, no, no, no.

It's It's It's It's No. No.

Then, yes. I mind.

I wouldn't mind if it were for her.

Fine. Then, yes.

It's for Daisy.

When I said I was

never drinking again

I'm a bad influence on you, aren't I?


Okay. Listen, David.

I wanted to talk to you about something.

- I mean, it's not a big deal.

- Oh, me too.

I mean, I think we're

talking about the same thing.

I had the talk with Sienna.

Oh, you did?


I told my darling daughter

that you are the perfect woman for me.

And that that was the

end of the conversation.


So I basically told her that you

were the best woman that I know.

And you're the

most gorgeous man I know.

So are you feeling better?

- Sorry?

- About Sienna.

Isn't that what you

wanted to talk about?



Yes and yes.

You're amazing, you know that?

Back at ya.

Have you or your comrades

invested in an illegal satellite system?


Are you currently engaged in domestic

or international espionage?

No! This is ridiculous.

Ah, ah.

Can you prove, beyond

a shadow of a doubt,

that you're not a t*rror1st?

Ah, no. Of course I How can anybody?

All I want is permission

to launch a bloody rocket.

Sorry, that was really funny.

So do I get the permit or not?

Yes. You're good to go.

But not at Oakley.

You need an open space clear

of domiciles or buildings,

- like a park.

- Right, okay.

Oh, Louis. You're finally

launching your rocket!

Yeah. Later on today.

Fantastic! Can we come?

Ah, no, no, no. It's

just a trial launch.

Ah, there won't be anything to see.

Most likely be a bit of

a be a bit of a fizzer.

Oh. No, no. We don't mind.

I mean, Vic and I were just

saying that after our

exciting incident recently,

everything seems a bit boring.

Yes. The incident

Oh, my God. How do you know?

Everyone knows.

- Really?

- Mm-hmm.


We're famous.


And he wants me to go with him.

- Long term.

- Oh. Well, that's a stupid idea.

- Tip

- Well, no.

What, he's treats you

mean, keeps you keen,

and now he wants to take you

away from everything you love?

Nah. You can stop talking

about it right now.

- You're not going.

- Tip

I love him too.

You know, it's not forever.

You'll hate LA.

There's lots of cars there

and people.

You're not going.


- What are you after?

- Oh, Jesus!

Animal, vegetable, or mineral?

I've got a second-hand

toilet going cheap.

Oh, have you. Um, no thanks, ah, Rowan.

Um, I-I need some, um

paper love hearts.

- Who's the lucky girl, Willie?

- Never you mind.

And don't call me that!

They come in a pack of a thousand.

10 cents a heart.

But that's $100!

I only need a handful.

Take it or leave it.

Oakley's vintage

Is it magnificent, as Louis says?

It is okay.

Needs another week.

And when you say okay, what, ah ?

It is exceptional.


So, ha.

You deliberately try to

destroy Tippy's vintage,

and instead she takes your advice

and makes a better one?

Seems to me we hired the wrong Bidois.

You will never understand true talent,

and you will never

make a truly great wine,

because you lack the

capacity for greatness.

You are shallow and you have no vision.

And you no longer have a great vintner!

Because I quit.

And your soil is nothing like Oakley's.

Theirs is full of schist.

I think he's full of schist.

Hey. I got your text, but I'm confused.

Ah, what do I have to do this

afternoon, and what's happening?

Nothing. All will be revealed.

As long as you're free to meet

me at Stone House Park later on.

Ooh, that's very

mysterious. Yes, of course.



Sorry, mate.

Oh. Ooh, I know that look.

Have you got some news?

I got the call.

- You got the call?

- I got the call.

- What?

- Huge series. LA based.

Streamers. Everything.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I'm so excited.

Oh, Hollywood won't

know What? What? What?

Except, I I don't

think I'm going to take it.

What do you mean?

Well, Gus belongs here, and

I belong with Gus.

Oh, hang on. No, hang on.

This is everything you've ever wanted.

Gus will wait for you, won't you, Gus?

Um, I'm I'm not waiting for Griff.


I'm gonna go with him.

- Wait. What?

- What?

Yeah. I'm going to LA.


- What?

- Oh, ho, ho.

That's so beautiful.

- It's okay, Daisy.

- Oh, my God.

Ah, you are the boy to

procure all the things.

- Maybe. What do you need?

- A lift?

Aren't you that French dude who

made Tippy change her vintage?

Not cool, Frenchy.

Not cool.

I hate Peak View!

When I was in Queenstown last weekend,

I ended up sharing a bed with Louis.

But he said that nothing happened,

and I totally believe him.

But I've just been feeling

really funny about it and

you're so wonderful, that I

Okay. Daisy

- I think we should break up.

- What?

What do you think he's going to say?

- Oh.

- I mean, Daisy, please.

Don't say any of those things to him.

- But I But I

- Do you want it to be over?

- No!

- Daise.

No, I don't. But I don't want to

keep the truth from him either.

I mean, what if he finds out somehow?

I mean, it's gonna end up

being a much bigger deal

- than it actually was.

- Okay, okay.

So on the betrayal

scale, where are we at?

- Well, from what I can gather

- Mm-hmm.

Louis and I fell on top

of each other, and then

- That's a 2.

- I told him that he was

the best man that I know, and

then I tried to come onto him,

- and ended up in bed together.

- And that's more like a 3.

But that was because of the grape man.

And then Louis said nothing happened

Wait, wait. Stop. Whoa. Who's

the who's the grape man?

Gee, it sounds much worse than

it actually was, doesn't it?

Okay. Daise, I have to say,

if you're so happy with David,

then what the hell are you

doing hooking up with Louis?

Ah Because I was drunk.

I mean, I was like New

Years Eve 2011 drunk.

Okay, that's Yeah,

that's really drunk.

But you you know

what they say, right?

- "In vino veritas"?

- What?

I think maybe your drunk gorgeous ass

was trying to tell you something.


Let's go.


Hilary, I-I-I'm really

I'm really sorry.

We We've really got to go now.

Just a minute.

I'm here to see Daisy.

I have something that might help

ease her journey into the

waning of her full moon

and the and the divine

femininity she's awakening to.

Right. Um What?


just an excuse.

I came to apologize.

On this soul plane that we call earth,

we are privileged to bump

up against other souls

who rocket us up the scale

towards enlightenment,

and I get now

that you have been that soul for me.

Hilary, that's

that's that's lovely.

I'm so happy, ah, to

be that person for you,

but I've really got to go now.

I've decided to see a doctor in Dunedin.

Doctors are healers too.

Who am I to reject their magic?

Also, I can't keep getting

stoned all the time.

Apology accepted.

- And let me apologize

- Oh, off you trot.

Go and launch your rocket!


How does she know about the rocket?

- Bye!

- Yep. Bye! Yeah, bye!





Oh, God.

Gidday, boys.

What's the rush?

Oh, we've just, ah

got a bit of a rocket in the back, eh?

Well, no.

The The rocket is in fact a, ah, a

a romantic gesture.

Ah, which is probably

completely misguided,

but, ah, I need to get it set up soon.

Otherwise, it'll be a mess

and the whole thing will be

a a complete failure. So, um

Well, we can't have you

being a failure now, can we?


I'll escort you to the launch location.

Look, this isn't exactly how

I wanted this thing to go.

I mean, Gus, what am I doing?

Daisy, she's she's with somebody.

And I-I'm I'm I'm I'm what?

You're giving her a choice.

Okay? And to have a choice

means you have to have

something to choose between.

Otherwise it's just one thing.

And you don't know

about that other thing,

so then it's not a choice, is it?


No. So it's it's it's

a choice, and and I

I'm telling her how I feel.


And And And And then she, ah

ah, she knows.



Great. Thanks, Gus.


- Choice.

- It's a good thing.

How does she know where to go?

Twice in 24 hours.

It's my lucky day.

We need to talk.


Come in.

What in the bloody hell is this?

Aw. Look at all the people

who turned out to support you.

Suppo I don't want

their bloody support.

This is supposed to be

a private picnic for two,

not the entire bloody South Island!


Vic put it on the Peak

View community page.

This whole thing is a, ah, a bad idea.

I've got to call it off.

Louis. Louis.

If you know how you feel right now,

do you really want to wait any longer?

You know, my grandfather used to

tell me time is of the essence.

And the essence is now.

All right. All right.

They can stay and

watch the rocket launch,

but I'm taking Daisy for a

private walk right afterwards.


Come on. Let's do this.

Where is she?



Hello. This is for you!

- Oh.

- And this one's for Daisy.

We wanted to give you something

really, really special,

as our babies' heart parents.

So I made these.

Well, that's, ah it's lovely.

Put it on.

- Put it on now?

- Yeah.


Wow. Look at all the people here!

Well, it's lovely.

I don't usually have

this kind of turnout

for my posts.

Must be my new celebrity status.

- Yeah.

- Hello!

- Hello!

- Oh.

Oh, what's going on here? Oh.

We're here to watch

Louis launch his rocket,

- and give you this.

- Oh


- Oh, look.

- Yeah. Mm.

- Lovely.

- Mm.

I wonder whether maybe we've got the

I think this is probably

your your one

- No. No.

- Oh. It's

- Look, you both look wonderful.

- Perfect Perfectly sized.

Hey. Hey, look. We

should go sit over there.

- Why? Why?

- I don't know.

Oh. Ah, look, Louis.

I'm I'm sorry I'm late.

I But I've got some news.

Big news and, ah, you're my

you're my friend, and

my business partner,

and I want you to be the first to know.

That's great, Daisy.

I've I've also got, um

something to say.

But, ah

All these people have, ah, been waiting.

They've got stuff to do with their day.

They all need to bugger

off, quite frankly.


So come with me. Come with me.

- Oh.

- We need, ah

- Oh.

- Now, you're going to, ah

you're going to do the do the honors.

Oh. Okay.

All right, everyone!

- Countdown in 10

- 10!

nine, eight

- Oh.

- five, four

- I'm engaged.

- three, two, one!



Ah! Speech! Speech!

- Yeah!

- Speech!


Well, ah, thank you,

ah, very much, everybody,

for for coming along.

I-I'm glad you enjoyed the,

um, the rocket that I

that I built with my son

- Oh.

- Julian.

Now, you're probably wondering

about all these, um

all these, ah, paper hearts.

Um, they are a

ah, a a gift from,

ah, Daisy and myself,

um, to to Nic and Vic.

Because we are God

sorry, Heart Parents

to, um, to Nic and Vic's

to their they're

they're having twins.

So, ah, this is all about, ah

about Nic and Vic.

Ah, life is full of, ah, big occasions

and, ah, having a

baby babies is is

is right up there with

with the biggest of them.

So, um

Ah, here here's to

Nic and Vic!


- Hey.

- Oh

Good afternoon. I'm

looking for Oakley Wines.

Hoping you could point

me in the right direction.

Oakley? Oh, they're our neighbor.

- Ah.

- Don Silverton.

- Don.

- My wife, Marissa.

Marissa. Pleasure.

Oh. What What

brings you to Peak View?

Business or pleasure?

Well, I'd have to say both.

Well, perhaps perhaps

you'd like to come in.

Love to.



to new beginnings.


- And to love!

- Oh.

Congratulations, Daisy and David!

Thank you.

And, um, to wine.


thank you for early bottling

some of the new vintage.


here's to Broken Barrel.

- Mmm.

- Mmm.

You all right?


I'm a big boy, Tippy. I'll be fine.

Well, you took the chance.

That's what you wanted, right?

- Now you know.

- Mm-hmm.

Now I know.

You're a good guy, Louis.


Ahoy there!

Anyone home?

Did I Did I just hear

Oh. Ha!


You must be Daisy.

Ah, yes. This is, ah, Daisy,

that's Tippy, and I'm

I'm Louis.

Ah. Sorry, friends.

I'm William.

I'm an old friend of Stanley's.

I hear he's d*ad.

So it's five months, eh?

Silly old bugger.

- It's a damn shame.

- Mm.

I'm so sorry you weren't

told at the time, William.

You're more than welcome

to stay the night.

- Or Or even two nights.

- Absolutely.

Any friend of Stanley's

is a friend of ours.

He was a good friend.

He was a

lover of humans in general.

- I mean, he loved you.

- Oh.

And he spoke very fondly of you.

He was a man I'd trust with my life.

A great great man.

To Stanley.

- Yeah.

- To Stanley.

So the rumors are true.

Stanley finally came

through on his promise

to make a great wine.

Such a shame that he's not

here to drink it himself.

It's all he talked about when we played.




I suppose I should come clean.

Friends, I didn't come here to see Stan.

I came for Oakley.


What do you mean you've come for Oakley?

I own half of it.
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