12x08 - Episode 8

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Death in Paradise". Aired: 25 October 2011 –; present.
A British detective joins the police force on the Caribbean island of Saint Marie to solve m*rder.
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12x08 - Episode 8

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♪ Bright as a flower

♪ I can see you in my mind

♪ Was all our love just an illusion?

♪ Birds high above me

♪ Throw their shadows on the shore

♪ Oh, won't you fly my pain away?

♪ When all my thoughts
are screaming for a way

♪ A pebble on the sea...♪

Afternoon, Clifford.


Hey, Cliffy.

You're nearly finished, you know?

I'll be on a later set.

Hmm, got delayed, with the latest edition.

I got that interview with Calypso Rose.

You want a drink?

Tap water's fine.

That all?

Maybe some akras...

But just a small plate, mind.

One small plate of akras and
a glass of tap water, coming up.

You good, man?
I'm good.

Hey, welcome to Babette's.

Got the best music and vibes on the island.

Oh, thank you.

Thanks so much, everyone.
I'll be back on again at : .

Thank you.

Kenton, get me a drink.

Just beautiful.

I hope I did you proud?

Hey, love... The crowd seemed to like you.

Want a drink?

I'm good, thanks.

Is that the -year-old?

Bet it's pretty tasty, eh?

Make sure he pay for them akras,
though, yeah?

When have I ever not paid my tab?

So many times, Cliffy, me lost count.

Much appreciated.

Catch you all later.


Oh, thanks.

What can I get you?

Just a small rum, please.

You're serious?

Elijah hasn't given you
any of the takings so far?

Not yet. I didn't like to
press him on it, you know?

Well, I will do more than
press him on it. Come on.

This business would have
folded years ago

if we'd left it all to him.


Why haven't you paid the artists,
like You're supposed to?


Is he breathing?


We need an ambulance.

Babette's Bar.

He's d*ad.

OK, thanks, that'll be all for now.

Afternoon, sir.


So l've locked down the crime scene
as best as I could.

Paramedics have examined the body,
and I've asked all the staff

and customers not to leave the premises.

It's this way.

Darlene, perhaps you could
take everyone's details

before we release them.

Marlon, you'll need to set up
a cordon around the bar.

The bar?

Secondary crime scene.

I think we're dealing with
a possible poisoning.

Only thing the victim consumed
was there.

I'll get right on to that, sir.

So, where's the body?

His name's Elijah St john.
He co-owned the bar with his wife.

Paramedics noticed bluish tinges
to his fingers and lips.

Consistent with an opiate overdose.

Mm-hm. He seemed perfectly fine
when he arrived.

Was given a sh*t of rum in that glass there.

Was found d*ad a minute or so later.


Take a look at the dregs
in the bottom of the glass.

Traces of a white powder.

And we're discounting su1c1de?

There was no note, nothing
to indicate he was thinking

about taking his own life.

Seemed in good spirits to me.

We need to get Marlon to bag that
glass and get it over to the lab.


...when do you think that opiate
was added to his drink?

And by who?

Well, that's where it gets interesting.

So, l was sitting right there.

You were here on your own, sir?

I heard the music was good here, so...

So along you came?


Nothing keeps me from my long
standing love of Calypso music.

No way, jose.


As l was saying, l had eyes
on everything that took place

after the victim arrived.


The barman, Kenton Sealy,
poured the drink.

Is that the -year-old?

The glass came from the dishwasher,
just finished a wash,

so there's no way the poison could
have been in the glass beforehand.

The bottle of rum came from
this cupboard down here.

It's a special bottle of vintage rum
kept separate for the victim.

The poison couldn't have been
in the bottle either,

because one of the other customers
was poured a sh*t from it.

Unlike the victim, he lived to tell the tale.

Clifford Brown, he's a regular here.

Paramedics have examined him
and said there's no sign

he ingested any poison.

And there's no other bottle
that looks like this one.

Well, l've looked all over,

but l cant find any other bottle
like that one anywhere.

So the poison must have been
added to the glass

after the drink was poured in it?

An entirely logical thought process.


I was sitting there the whole time.

I saw Kenton pour the drink,
I saw him give it to Elijah.

I'm absolutely convinced that no-one
else went anywhere near that glass

after the drink was poured.

And yet, somehow, someone managed
to get poison in it.

Since those are the only four people
with the access to it,

they're our four suspects.

There's the keys.

You know when we'll be let back in?

Not until the investigation is completed.

We'll let you know when.

I'll go check to make sure
the place is secure.


I really don't think you should be driving.

Let me take you home.

You know, she used to be
a famous face on the island.

Babette Francois?

She was a calypso singer herself,
had a few hits

when she was in her s,
all over the Caribbean.

I'm a big-time calypso fan myself.

Does she still perform?

Hasn't for a long time now.
Must be close to years.

Any idea why?

Well, therein lies the mystery.

No-one knows why.

Just stopped recording, performing.

And then she opened up this place.

And she has not sung a single note since.

Oh, thanks, Darlene.

It's all secure, sir.
We're good to go.

OK... Oh, actually...

Could you drop me off at
the Commissioner's office?

Sure, you want to update him on the case?

Yeah, something like that.


Commissioner, l was hoping
I might catch you

before you left this evening.

I can spare a few minutes.

I hear you've been thrown back in
at the deep end,

with a case?

How are you feeling about that?

I guess l was always going to have
to get my feet wet again

at some point.

That's actually why l came to see you.

I wanted to say...

...how much l appreciate being given
some time to myseff

over these last couple of weeks.

It's really helped to try and come
to terms with what happened

a little bit and...start to think
about how to move on from here.

I see.

And l think maybe it's time
to call it a day.

You want to leave Saint Marie?

There are just so many reminders...

...everywhere, of what happened.

Maybe getting away from it all...

...might help to put it to bed.

I can understand how you feel...

...but please give it some more thought

before you make a final decision.

Perhaps a return to work...

...brings a sense of normality...

...being with your colleagues again...

...your friends.

I'll give it till the end of the case.

But after that...

...l think my mind's made up.

I'm sorry.

Thank you, sir.

Your usual, sir.

Would you miss me if l left, Harry?


That's a no, then, is it?

Oh, Catherine, I am so pleased for you.

Yeah, congratulations.

Inspector, Sarge...

...Catherine has just had the best news.


Cammy just phoned, and...

..I'm going to be a grandmother.

Oh, my goodness, that's
amazing, Catherine!

Yes, it's great news.

She and her partner Leo moved in
together a few months back.

And it was unexpected,
but they're over the moon.

Yeah, l'm really pleased for them.

So it's good to see you
back at work, Neville.

Yeah, you know, duty calls and all that.

On which note, l should
probably get on the case.

Great news.

He looks tired.


He looked on pretty good form to me.

No, he didn't, Marlon.

He didn't?

They're right, Marlon,
he doesn't look himseff.

I really didn't pick up on that vibe.

Well, women notice these things, Marlon.

It's like you all have some
secret superpower or something.

Kind of.

Oh, Inspector?

I thought you might like to borrow these.

It's a couple of my
Babette Francois records.

Oh, thanks, Darlene.
That's really thoughtful.

It might be a good idea for me
to immerse myself in the world

of the victim and suspect.

Even though you already have a long
standing love of calypso music?

Yeah, well...

You know, Babette Francois
seems to be a singer

that somehow passed me by.

Anyway, moving on...

The postmortem and lab results
arrived this morning,

and they show that Elijah St john's
death was caused

by an opioid overdose.

The traces of powder that were found
in the glass that he drank from

seem to have come from some sort of
prescription opioid painkiller.

But there were no traces of it
in the actual bottle itself.

So the poison was definitely added
after the rum was poured.

Exactly, except l have no idea how
or when anyone could have done that,


...l'm sure l would have noticed.

So for now, let's focus on
any reason these four

might have done it.

We've been doing some background,
and apart from Romy Christophe,

the other three go back a long way
with the victim,

starting with Babette Francois.

She was born and raised
on Saint Marie by her mum.

She and Elijah met when she was
performing at a local bar

back in .

He became her manager and then
later her husband.

OK, well, perhaps when we're done
here, you two can go and check out

the home Babette shared with the victim.

What about the barman?

Kenton Sealy is an old friend
of Elijah's from school.

He used to be a musician himself
back in the day,

but he didn't make much money
from it.

Elijah's always been loyal and
kept him in employment somewhere.

Then there is Romy Christophe,
in her mid- s,

a full-time singer and songwriter.

She travels the Caribbean a lot, performing.

Started her residency here at
Babette's a week ago.

And Clifford Brown?

He is the island's very own Mr Calypso.

He eats, sleeps, breathes it.

He's been publishing his Calypso
fanzine for the past years,

called The Lost Watch.

It's an old-school calypso song.

Oh, yeah, yeah.


Mr Brown lived near
Babette and her mum

when she was growing up,
acted as a mentor

as she was coming up into
the Calypso scene.

Still helps her find and book
acts for the bar.

Yeah. Erm...

I checked the line here
at the station.

I remember there was an incident
I was called to a few weeks back,

up at the auction house in Port Royal.

There was a disturbance reported
between Mr Brown and our victim.

Do we know what it was about?

Clifford was pretty worked up
about being outbid by Elijah

for some old Calypso memorabilia.

By the time I got there,
they'd gone their separate ways.

But the woman that called it in
said Mr Brown was not happy.

He was saying that wasn't the last of it.

Yeah, but no-one's going to
commit m*rder over a load of old

music memorabilia, are they?

Clifford could be pretty fanatical
about things like that, you know.

He has no wife, no kids.

It's an obsession for him.

It's his life.

Wow! The place is like a museum.

I tried to get the Heritage
Committee to recognise it

as a place of cultural significance,
but they didn't buy it.

This is where my days get eaten up.

On your magazine?

years I've been proprietor, editor,

writer, distributor.

Never missed an issue.

Oh, is this you and Babette?

My most prized possession.

The day she signed her first record deal.

Proudest moment of my life.

But I'm guessing you're not here
to soak up the nostalgia?

No, we heard that you and Elijah
had a bit of a falling out

a few weeks back.

The local recording studio here,
Parrot Fish Records.

They found a stash of old
master tapes and suchlike

that had been archived
and forgotten about.

Is that what was being sold
at the auction?

boxes of some real
Calypso rarities,

unreleased recordings.

But Elijah b*at you to it?

That's what made me so g*dd*mn
angry about it.

He's not a collector...

...not like me.

Never has been.

He did it to spite me.

Had you give him any cause to do that?

The man could be stubborn, you know?

Didn't like things not going
the way he wanted.

You hadn't spoken to each other
about it since?

I couldn't bring myself to raise it.

It still rankled, you know?

So you've been feeling bitter
about it since it happened?

Yes, I have.

Very bitter.

But I'll tell you what I haven't
been feeling,

and that is like I want to k*ll the man.

So you can get that idea
out of your heads right now.

I'm curious to know what was
in those boxes

Elijah was so keen to get his hands on.


Say, I need you to tell me
what Elijah did

with those boxes he bought.

How I should know?
Oh, come on, Clifford.

I know you too well, man!

And there's no way you'd let them
get out of your sight.

So tell me, where are they?

So we asked for Babette
about Elijah bidding

for a bunch of old Calypso tapes,
and she knew nothing about it.

Also, there was no sign of the boxes
when we searched the home.

Find anything else out?
Just this -

an opioid-based painkiller
our victim was prescribed

after a recent operation.


Babette said that he could be
pretty forgetful.

Lost the last bottle of pills he had,

was always leaving them lying around.

So Elijah's k*ller potentially
used his own medication

to poison him?

Yeah, but we still have no idea
how they managed

to get it into the glass.



Inspector, I wonder if you'd
let me buy you a rum?


Thank you.

Oh, Dante's Point finest?

That's the same vintage rum
the victim was served.

Not trying to poison me,
are you, Commissioner?

If I was, you think
I'd tell you first, Inspector?

The rum is not poison, Neville,
I can promise you.

Now you listen to what Selwyn has to say.

I take it she knows, then,
about me wanting to go home?

I may have mentioned it.

Is that why we're here, sir?

Inspector, if you truly believe
that going home

is the right thing for you to do,
then I will not

get in the way of that.

You will be missed by
the team, Catherine...

...and dare I say it, in a small way...

...by me.

There are other detectives, sir.

So l'm sure you'll find a replacement.

Do you remember how you were
when you first came to Saint Marie?

Yeah, l hated it.

I was allergic to everything.

It took courage to stay.

I guess l have been on quite a journey.

And it would be a shame if it was
brought to an end prematurely.

Don't you think?

Sir, the truth is, this has really knocked me.

I was living with a criminal
and I didn't realise.

What if my instincts let me down again...

...on a case, on this case?

I don't even know if l can
trust myseff any more.

You need to find the kind of courage
you had

when you first came to Saint Marie.

Something tells me it's still in there.

Good evening, Inspector.

Good evening, sir.

What's this?

You can see what it is -
chicken and chips.

Yeah, but l didn't order any dinner.

You've not looked well lately, Neville.

You could do with a proper meal.

Now, eat up.

When I come back, I want to see
a clean plate.

It's what my mum always used to say.


So, eat.

Morning, sir.

Morning. Right this way.

How did you come across this?

Well, Darlene and I went over
the victim's bank statements

first thing, and we saw he started
renting a lock up

a few weeks ago, so we thought
we'd check it out.

Although it looks like someone's
already beaten us to it.


Any witnesses to this?

Not so far, but we've put the word out.

Finally, the missing boxes.

We've had a quick look and
they're all still full of stuff,

so we have no idea
if anything's been taken.

Yeah, but we have to assume whoever
broke in was looking for something.

Why don't we get down to
the auction house up in Port Royal,

see if they have a list of
what's meant to be inside

so we can work out
what's been removed?

Yeah, good idea.

I'll call them right now.


You really think this needs
both me and Darlene?

I mean, I'm sure I have it covered
on my own-

l don't know, it's quite a big job, Marlon,

going through all those boxes.

What's up?

Well, it turns out Darlene
is a big-time Calypso fan.

And it's just...

She won't stop singing, sir.

Yesterday during the search,
it was nonstop Calypso songs,

one after the other after the other.


I'm not sure how much more
I can take, sir.

Sorry, Marlon, but needs must, eh?

Once more unto the breach, and all that.


Hey, Naomi. What have you got?

I've been going through the victim's
laptop and came across a chain

of emails from a few months back.

Anonymous .

Doesn't sound suspicious at all, does it?

Whoever it is came in contact
with the victim,

claiming that they believed
they're Elijah and Babette's child,

given up to the orphanage
in Guadeloupe in .

Was there a birth registered?

Not here or in Guadeloupe,
but in the email, they're insistent,

suggest doing a DNA test to prove it.

What did Elijah say back?

Well, he neither confirms nor denies it,

but he was not happy about
the person getting in contact.

Tells them to stop emailing
and to stay away.

I could contact the service
provider, see if they have

any details for Anonymous ?

While you do that, l'm going to get
Babette down here

and see what she has to say about this.

I don't understand.
Who sent this?

Well, we're still working on that,

but it's the first you've heard of this?

Elijah never mentioned it?

He never said a thing.

He was probably just trying to protect us,

stop me getting hurt,
dragging up the past.

So it's true you had a baby?

A long time ago now.

Close onto years.

Can you tell me what happened?

We never talked about having kids.
I just assumed we would,

that that was what we both wanted.

When we found out I was pregnant,
he just shut it down.

Said that there was no way
we were going to keep it, end of.

He forced you to give up the baby?

Always wanted things done his way.

And I was young,

crazy stupid in love with him.

I convinced myself that he was right -

that it was too soon for us to be parents,

that we could try again
in a few years, but...

...it never really happened after that.

The person who sent these emails
says that they were given over

to an orphanage in Guadeloupe.

He made us move there for six months...

...hide away from the world
so that no-one would find out.

He convinced me that it would
damage my reputation as an artist

if people knew.

That night that I had to
give up my little girl...

... I've never hurt so much in my life.

Is that why you stopped singing?

I just lost the heart for it.

Babette, l'm sorry to have to ask this,

but are you sure you didn't know
about these emails?

Why? What do you mean?

If Elijah was preventing you
from having contact

with your daughter now, having made
you give her up all those years ago,

maybe that was a step too far.

I can see what you are
insinuating, Inspector,

but I did not know, not about any of this.

You understand me?

Good day to you, DI Parker.

Er, sir, there's something
I think you should see.

The email provider gave me the
contact number for anonymous .

It's Romy Christophe's mobile.

So it was her that sent the emails?

I checked, and Ms Christophe
was raised at the orphanage

over in Guadalupe.

So Romy Christophe could be
Babette and Elijah's daughter.


We'd like to ask you some questions
about an email account

we believe you set up.

I wrote those emails to Elijah.

Because you think he and Babette
might be your parents?

I think they might be.

So how did you make that connection?

The birth was never officially registered.

When I decided to try
and find my birth family,

I went back to the orphanage and
asked if anyone there could help.

And what did they say?

I was put in touch with one of
the carers who used to work there

and she admitted she saw the man
who left me there that night.

She swore blind it was Elijah

leaving a little baby behind
on their doorstep.

There had been rumours
Babette Francois was staying

on Guadeloupe at the time.
They were both well-known faces.

It made so much sense to me.
In what way?

I've got music in my blood like she has.

It felt right,

like there was a bond between us
without me ever even meeting her.

So, then, how did you feel
when Elijah told you to stay away,

that he and Babette wanted
nothing to do with you?

That must have hurt.
Of course it did.

So is that why you came
to Saint Marie?

Looking for some sort of revenge?


Maybe I wanted to hit out at them,
make them hurt, too.

Then, when I met Babette,

all I saw was this warm-hearted,
caring person,

and I thought...

..if she just knew for definite
who I was...

..there was a chance
she might want me back.

How do you mean, for definite?

I sent a DNA test off.

Being around the bar last week,

it wasn't hard to get a sample
without them noticing.

I admit I hated Elijah
for telling me to stay away...

..but after all these years...

..I want my parents back in my life,
not out of it.

MUSIC: Underneath The Mango Tree

I never knew Babette
made a cover of this song.

This is such a classic.

It is such a pleasure sifting
through all this memorabilia.

That's great, Darlene, really.

But can we maybe just keep things quiet?

♪ Underneath the mango tree

♪ My honey and me

♪ Can watch for the moon

♪ Underneath the mango tree

♪ My honey and me

♪ Can make boolooloop soon

♪ Underneath the moonlit... ♪

Please, no more.

♪ My honey and I can... ♪

How are we getting on in here?


Sorry, Inspector.

We just couldn't help ourselves
having a little sing along,

could we, Marlon?


But we've not been slacking.

We've gone through all the boxes
as you've asked.

And there is one item missing

from the list the auction house gave us.
Which one is it?

A vinyl record from ,
a demo recording of Let You Go.

That's probably Babette's
most famous song.

Why would someone steal it?
Was it particularly valuable?

No more or less than any
of the other items here.

OK, well, let's knock it
on the head for today,

but good work, both of you.

It was a genuine pleasure,
wasn't it, Marlon?

It really was.

Don't worry, Marlon, it's over now.

I'm definitely getting a beer tonight, sir.

♪ Underneath the mango tree... ♪

You doing OK?

I should have left him, Cliff, years ago-

I should have left that man.

He has destroyed so much in my life.

I don't know if there's any way
back from it.

The poison was only in one glass,
so the victim's drink

must have been spiked
after it was poured.

Then surely l would have seen it
happening, wouldn't I?

NAOMl : Sir?

You in? Oh, hey.


I was just passing and thought
I'd pop in to see

if you fancied joining us
at Catherine's Bar for a beer.

Oh, erm... You know what?
I'm going to stay for a while,

see if l can make some ground
on the case.

Well, do you want me to stay and help?

No. You guys deserve a break.

And you don't?

I've had the last two weeks off, Naomi.

Perhaps that's why I'm not
on top of my game.

I hadn't noticed that, sir. Really.

That's very good of you to say,
but the truth of the matter is,

l was there when it happened.

A m*rder took place right under my
nose and I didn't notice anything.

But there's no way you could have
known what was going on. You...

Are you OK?

Yeah, l'm all right.

Just got a lot of things
on my mind, you know?

You go have a beer.


♪ Walk in the sunshine

♪ But my empty heart still breaks

♪ I hear your laughter
in the blue waves

♪ And all my... ♪

There are just so many reminders
here of what happened, everywhere.

I hate you, Neville Parker.

What if my instincts let me down again?

You need to find the courage you had
when you first came to Saint Marie.

♪ The last boat home

♪ Oh, I should have never

♪ Let you go

♪ So why did I ever

♪ Let you go? ♪


I wasn't expecting this.

Yeah, well, neither was l .

But it's become kind of unavoidable.

For me, at least.

I don't know if this is what
you want to hear, but...

...l am sorry for what happened
to you and your sister.

Sometimes in this world...

...some families are portioned out
more tragedy than others.

It's not right.

It's not fair.

But it does happen.

And l'm sorry for the hand
that you and Grace were dealt.

Is that it? There is something else.

Did l get it all completely wrong?

We seemed so...


And close.

Was it real...

...between us? Or was it all just lies?

Was any of it real?

I never had feelings for you.

Not once.


..I did start to like who I was
when I was with you.

You made me forget myself...

..forget who I was.

So to answer your question...

..you didn't get it all wrong.

Sometimes when I was lost
in the lie of it all...

..you did make me feel happy.

Bye, Neville.

Morning, sir.


Sorry, Naomi. Morning.

How did your evening go?

Did you manage to make sense of things?

I think maybe l did.


So do you reckon we are going to
crack this case wide open today?

You know what, Naomi?

I reckon we should at least give it
a sh*t. What have you got?


...I just had an interesting conversation
with Romy Christophe.

She's just had the DNA results
back from the lab.


And while Babette was confirmed
as Romy's mother,

Elijah St John was not her father.


Could that be why he wanted
to give the baby up?

Because he knew it wasn't his?
Could be.

Sir. Sarge. Wetve got a bit
of something for you.

I always love a bit of something.
We put the word out at the harbour

about the break in at Elijah's lock-up.

Did someone come forward?
You know "Hungry" Steve, the guy

that owns the bait and tackle shop?
Never heard of him.

Why is he called "Hungry"...
Do you know what?

I don't need to know.
What about him?

Well, Steve was off-loading
some stuff from his van two days ago

when he saw a man acting suspicious
heading towards his car

with a record in his hand.

Description matches Kenton Sealy exactly.

Mr Sealy...

...Honore Police.
We'd like a word with you.

Mr Sealy, we have a warrant
to search this house.

You don't need no warrant.

I know what youtve come here
looking for.

The demo of Babette's song.

Except it isn't her singing because
it wasn't her that wrote that song.

Yes, it was. It says so on her album,

She Won't Let You Go.

No, she didn't.

I did.

I gave it to her as a gift
all those years ago.

And this is the same demo I gave her.

Kenton here, th of May, ,

Parrot Fish Studios.

I've got a little song I wrote for you...

..just to say...

This is for you.

I, er... I still love you...

..and still miss you.


♪ Bright as a flower

♪ I can see you in my mind

♪ Was all our love just an illusion? ♪

The song is about her.
It's about your love for her.

That's why I took the record -
to protect Babette.

She'd just lost her husband.

Last thing she needs is people finding out

what happened between me and her.


She'd have been married by then.

So this was behind Elijah's back?

For a few months.

Babette and me, we were always...

..like-minded, you know?

About music, songwriting.

There was this...connection.

But Babette ended things?

She told me she couldn't
keep lying to Elijah.

But I realise now...

..it was cos she knew she was pregnant.

You know about that?

About a week ago, I was in the bar.

It was quiet, just Cliffy and me

scheduling next monthts performances.

I needed to go and check on an email
we'd had from an agent.

The email was on Elijahts laptop.

When I found the ones about him
and Babette giving up a baby,

it took me a moment to realise
that it was probably mine.

Why did you think that?

Because I knew Elijah couldn't have kids.

He never told Babette,
but he'd had some tests done

when he was younger, and...

..that was definitely not his child.

Is that why he insisted
Babette give the baby away?

He told you that?

Elijah found me looking at those emails...

..so I ask him about it all.

Didn't want to talk at first.

Got angry.

But, eventually, he opened up.

It was for the best.

Said the minute Babette told him
she was pregnant,

he knew it wasn't his.

Said he waited for her to admit it,
but she never did...

..so he told her they weren't keeping it.

Do you think he knew the baby
was yours?

Lately, I started to wonder if he did.

I think that's why he bid for the boxes -

to get hold of that record
and stop people finding out.

It must have made you angry,
discovering what he did,

depriving you from knowing
your only daughter.

I have never felt
such loathing and hatred

for one person in my life.

So much so that you'd k*ll them?

I admit I wanted nothing more
than Elijah gone from my life,

but full of rage as I was,

I'm telling you, I never acted on it.

And remember,
you saw every move I made.

If I was the one who put poison
in Elijahts drink,

tell me when I did it.

Kenton's right, isn't he?

We've no idea how he
or any of our suspects

managed to put poison
into the victim's glass of rum.

Sir, are you sure you didn't
look away at any point

and that's when the k*ller did it?

Or maybe you blinked or sneezed.

You know, with your allergies
and whatnot,

you are prone to a little
sneezy-wheezy every now and again.

Every time l 've gone over it
in my head...

...as far as l can remember,

l didn't look away, l didn't blink,

l didn't do a little sneezy-wheezy.

So, then, what happened?

How did the k*ller get a lethal dose
of crushed up opiates in that rum?

I don't know, Darlene.

I don't know.

I just spoke to Romy.

I told her that Kenton
might possibly be her father.

She's decided to speak
to both him and Babette

and tell them the truth about who she is.

So, er...

...what are we doing now?


We're going to go back to the crime scene.

We're going to solve this case
once and for all.

OK, let's go through it one more time.

Elijah St john entered the bar
and asked Kenton Sealy for a drink.


Get me a drink.

Kenton removed a clean glass
from the dishwasher

and dried it with a cloth,
which means the poison

wasn't already in the glass.

He then poured a sh*t of rum into
the glass and gave it to Elijah.

We know the poison wasn't in the bottle

because Clifford Brown was also
poured a drink and had no reaction.

Plus, our own laboratory tested
both the bottle and Clifford's glass

for traces of poison and found none.

Which means the poison must have
been added to the victim's glass

after the drink was poured.

But l remain convinced that
no-one went near the glass

after it was in Elijah's hand,

so how did the k*ller do it?

There must be something we've missed.

Welcome to Babette's.

Hold on.

The salt shaker.
It was the salt shaker.

It's been right in front of us.

You want a drink?

Tap water is fine.

I was sitting right there.

The bottle of rum came from
this cupboard down here.

years I've been proprietor, editor...

Elijah found me looking at those emails.

Babette Francois, she was born and
raised on Saint Marie by her mum.

Always wanted things done his way.

Do you think you've solved it, sir?

You know, l think
I might have, Naomi.

Marlon, let's gather our suspects.

I need to search the bin behind the bar.

While l'm doing that, Darlene,

could you get that glass tested
at the lab?

But that was your glass, sir.
Yes, it was.

Why do you want us to test a glass
that you drank from?

Because that's the one with the poison in.

You would think having
a police detective witness a m*rder

actually being carried out
would make it an easy case to solve.

Turns out, in fact, that wasn't true.

Quite the opposite.

From start to finish, this investigation

has been nothing short of maddening,

which l guess is testament to how
clever you were in your endeavour...


You think it was me k*lled Elijah?

But how could I?
Why would I do that?

Well, we'll get to the why shortly.

But first let's discuss the how.

We believe you acquired the opioids
you needed to commit the m*rder

from the victim himself.

Babette said Elijah was
always careless with them -

would just leave them lying around.

Babette said that he could be
pretty forgetful.

And you're very much a regular here
at Babette's Bar, so it wouldn't

have been hard for you to help
yourself to Elijah's medication.

Once you had them, all you
had to do was crush them up

and find a way for Elijah
to ingest them

without there being any evidence
that you'd been the one

to administer the poison.

So, how did you do it?

First of all, you had to acquire
the same bottle of vintage rum

that Elijah enjoyed
and then put the poison in it.

Then, on the day of the m*rder,
you snuck into the bar

and you put the poisoned bottle
into the cupboard

where Elijah's rum was kept,
making sure that Elijah's bottle

was hidden well out of sight
so that when he arrived

and he ordered himseff a drink,

Kenton would unwittingly pour it
from the poison bottle.

But I also poured Clifford a rum
from that same bottle.

How come he didn't die?


...is where the salt shaker comes in.

There is a reason Clifford ordered
himself not only a plate of akras

that evening, but also
a glass of tap water.

One small plate of akras
and a glass of tap water coming up.

Because the salt wasn't just there
to season his food,

it was so he could mix himself
a home-made emetic.

A what?
An emetic.

It's something used to induce vomiting,

and salt water is one of
the simplest examples there is.

Because that was all part of Clifford's plan.

He wanted to be seen to be drinking
the same rum that Elijah was,

so that anyone who was watching
would be convinced that the poison

couldn't have been in that bottle.

And then, almost immediately,
he used his home-made emetic,

forced himseff to bring it back up
again, so that when the paramedics

examined him later, they would find
no signs of an opioid overdose.

After that, all Clifford needed
to do is clear up the evidence.

While the bar had been left empty
after Elijah's body was found

and everyone's attention
was taken up with that,

you headed back behind the bar and
recovered the poison bottle of rum

and poured away the contents.

You then stuck a different label
on the bottle.

You are more than adept,
with your computer designing

and printing your magazine
every month,

so it wouldn't have been difficult
for you to reproduce a label

from a different brand of rum.

Once you did that, all you had to do
was switch your poisoned glass

with the glass Inspector Parker
was drinking from,

so that when it went to the lab,

there would be no traces
of the crushed opioids.

We've since tested that second glass -

the one we believed belongs
to Inspector Parker.

And the lab confirmed that
there were traces of an opioid.

Also, l had another look through
this bin behind the bar.

Now that l actually knew
what I was looking for...

...l think l may have found the one.

See, Clifford, after we've arrested you,

we're going to go and search your house,

and l feel pretty confident that
we're going to find evidence

on your computer of the fake label...

...that you printed off.

That just leaves us with
one question left to answer -

why k*ll Elijah St john?

I think you knew about the lie

Elijah had told to Babette
all those years ago.

You were here when Kenton
confronted Elijah about it.

They were arguing in the back office.

I find it hard to believe that
you didn't hear what was going on.

Tell me the truth, Elijah.
Fine! We gave the child to an orphanage.

It's for the best.

And it must have upset you,

hearing that Elijah made Babette
give the baby away.

I think you k*lled for love.

You've known Babette since she was a child.

She didn't have a father,
but you were there to care for her

when she started to sing.

Acted as a mentor as she was
coming up into the Calypso scene.

Proudest moment of my life.

She was like a daughter to you,
the daughter that you never had.

And that paternal love kicked in...

...when you found out
what Elijah had done.

He took everything from you.

Even your own daughter, your voice.

And there was no way you was
going to get any of that back

with him around.

But now you do.

You'll get your life back.

You'll get your daughter back.

You deserve to be happy.

Clifford Brown...

..I'm arresting you for the m*rder
of Elijah St John.


Please, wait.


Crazy thing to do.



Ladies and gentlemen, we've got
a very special guest appearance

for you tonight, someone you know
and love so well -

my mother.

Please give a warm Saint Marie welcome,

Babette Francois!


I can't believe we're going to
see her sing.

I never thought it would happen.

Ooh, it's been a while, eh?

So you will have to forgive me
if I'm a bit rusty.

You all know this song.

But tonight, know that
when I am singing it,

my heart is finally starting to mend.


♪ Bright as a flower

♪ I can see you in my mind

♪ Was all our love just an illusion? ♪

Where's Neville?
He said he'd be here by now.

♪ Birds high above me

♪ Throw their shadows on the shore

♪ Won't you fly my pain away?

♪ When all my thoughts escape

♪ And far away, a petal... ♪

Hey, Commissioner.


I'm very glad to hear it, Inspector.

Have a good evening.

And you, too, sir.

♪ Let you go

♪ So why did I ever

♪ Let you go?

♪ Walk in the sunshine... ♪

♪ But my empty heart still breaks... ♪


The woman hasn't sung a note in
years and You're going to hum along?

Fair point.


...would you tell Camille that
I'm really pleased for her

and l think you'll be
an amazing grandmother?

I'm sure it's going to be
a bumpy but exhilarating ride.

I can't wait.

And for Cammie to have what
I've had is beautiful.

it's a new chapter.

To new beginnings?

To new beginnings.

♪ Never let you go

♪ So why did I ever

♪ Let you go? ♪


It's good to have you back, sir.

It's good to be back, Naomi.

♪ A petal on the sea

♪ My life is open wide

♪ To any possibility

♪ Oh, I should have never

♪ Let you go

♪ Oh, I should have never

♪ Let you go

♪ So why did I ever

♪ Let you go? ♪
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