05x03 - Alien X-Tinction

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Ben 10". Aired: October 1, 2016 – September 18, 2020.
Building on the highly successful franchise about kid hero Ben Tennyson, Ben 10 introduces a re-imagined Ben, his cousin Gwen, and Grandpa Max, as they travel the country during summer vacation.
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05x03 - Alien X-Tinction

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[ Birds chirping ]

[ Insects buzzing ]

[ f*re crackling ]

[ Sizzling ]

Now, remember, Benjamin, the key
to a properly toasted s'more

is constant rotation.

Like so.

[ Sizzling ]

Yes, Grandpa.

I understand.



Oh, mmm!
[ Smacking lips ]

[ Mouth pops ]

Ahh! Talk about
a perfect summer night.

Your cousin Gwen
sure is missing out.

Honestly, who picks
summer school over a road trip?

[ Insects buzzing ]

Oh, well, nothing wrong
with a guys' outing!

[ Buzzing continues ]

Uh, Ben,
your s'more's burning!

[ Blowing rapidly ]

Thanks, Grandpa.

Wasn't paying attention.

Hey, no worries.

[ Whoosh ]

It's been quite an adventure
with you

and that watch of yours.

Grandpa! Look out!

Aah! Go!

Hot pot of coffee!

[ Distorted ]
Stand aside, old man!

Hey, who you
calling old?!

You![ Grunting ]


Hey, you big, freaky
space thing!

What are ya,
some sort of Omnitrix salesman?

Well, guess what!

I've already got one!

[ Beeping ]

And I definitely know
how to use it!

[ Warbling ]

Oh! Uh-oh.

As do I.

[ Glass shatters ][ Grunting ]

will only beget pain.

Ugh, fancy words...

...only make me madder!

[ Warbling ]

[ Gasping ]



You always try
to interrupt.

It's all so very tired,

If only you know
that you never succeed.

H-How do you know
who I am?

Ugh! Ohh!

[ Groans ] Grandpa?

Ah, you're gonna --

[ Grunts ]

Ha-ha! Missed me!

[ Zap ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Zap ]

Who -- Who are you?

I am your fate.

Wait! Wait! No!

[ Crash ][ Birds squawking ]

[ Electricity crackling ]

Ben! [ Shouting ]

[ Zap ]


I leave you with your life.

Consider it a gift.

[ Whooshing, crackling ]

Oh, no...not again!

Who are you?

Not exactly.

Let's see
what's goin' on here.

He took the Omnitrix.

He really did a number
on your arm.

Stay still.
This is gonna tingle.

[ Zapping ]

There, good as new.

No way!

You'd be surprised how often
a molecular regenerator

comes in...


Believe it or not, this isn't
the worst I've seen done to you.

I mean, you know, "me."

[ Zapping ]


[ Both grunt ]

Well, uh,
this is a little weird.

I'm so glad you're alright!


You two will be fine now.

Except there might be...

I'm suddenly hungry for
anchovy caramel crunch chips.

Yeah, there might be some,
uh, weird cravings.

What was that thing?!

I want my Omnitrix back!

I'm sorry, Ben.

I'm afraid
your Omnitrix is gone.




[ Whooshing, crackling ]


[ Hissing, clinking ]

Captain's log.
[ Sighs ]

Maximillian Tennyson.

Interdimensional coordinates

one two zero four one
point five.


Another Dimensional Ben
was attacked today.

[ Computer beeps, whirs ]

Lost another Omnitrix
to the entity Alien X.

But at least
this Ben survived.

You'd think I'd be used to
it all by now, but...



Anyway, this isn't
about revenge anymore.

Not while there are still Bens
to save and Omnitrixes at stake.

[ Beep ]As for Alien X...

[ Static ]

Have to figure out why
I'm always one step behind him.

[ Beep ]

[ Whooshing ]

[ Beeping ]

Find a dimension
he hasn't hit yet.

Get there before he does
and wait for him.


ID coordinates two seven
nine nine eight point three.

[ Alarm sounding ]Huh?!

Phase parasites!

[ Clank, splat ]

[ Metal straining ]

Ah, I guess this is
a dimensional no-parking zone.


[ Beeping ]

Aah! [ Grunting ]

Here goes nothin'![ Beep ]

Self-destruct sequence


[ Whooshing, crackling ]


Alright, that's it,

Goin' Shock Rock!

Hey, how about
you untie me first?

[ Beeping ]

[ Grunting ]

Didn't I tell you

to stay inside
the Rustbucket?!

Always tryin' to butt in
on the fun!

What's fun about this?

An evil clown
hypnotized Grandpa...

tied me up with cheap
party store balloons...

I paid good money for that!

...and now he's trying
to hijack the Rustbucket!


Yeah, why are you
doin' that?!

Don't you have, like,
a clown car or something?

Those aren't as spacious
as you think!

Plus, my roommate Randy keeps
his gym bag in there, and...

You know what?!
I'm not gonna get into it!

Point is, I'm looking
for an upgrade!

[ Grunting ]

Hah! Ugh!

Ha! Didn't your parents
ever teach you

not to touch live wires?

[ Shouts ]

Wait, what?

Ah, I'm sorry,
what was that?

[ Shouting ]

Oh! Didn't your parents
ever teach you

that rubber doesn't
conduct electricity?

Well, they just look like cheap
party store gloves to me.

Why is everyone making fun
of the store I shop at?

They aren't cheap!

Just look at their
business card!

The sturdiness
of the paper alone --


[ Chomps ]

Don't get distracted,

We're in the middle
of a great fight here!


[ Both shouting ]

Grandpa!Don't worry about me,

I'm not hypnotized.

I'm doing
juuuust fiiiine.

[ Tires squealing ]

That was a close one!

[ Both shout ]

Alright, Zombozo,
you asked for it!

[ Grunting ]

snap out of it!

[ Smash ]

Oh, hey, Gwen.

I spaced out there for a sec.

Was daydreaming about
Zombozo hypnotizing me

and then hijacking
the Rustbucket again.

[ Chuckles ]
Boy, that would be so dumb.

That's exactly what's happening,
isn't it?

Let's see you dodge this!

[ Tires screeching ]

Whoa! Ugh!

Hey! What gives?!

The high-speed driving
was giving such

an awesome vibe
to this fight!

I will say,
I have to agree with that!


[ Honk! ]

[ Grunts ]

Aw, what,
it's over?!

That's right, and it's all
thanks to our great teamwork!

Now we just wait
for the police to arrive!

Go Team Tennyson!

-Ugh! This is so lame.

[ Siren chirps ]

Oh, yeah, handcuffs work
much better than balloon ties.

Maybe that party store
was cheap after all.

Alright, kids,
we're back on the road!

No more interruptions!
Where to next?

Ooh! We still haven't seen
the world's largest corn cob.

feet tall!

Or Duluth's largest bowl
of egg salad!

What about you, Ben?

Any sights you wanna see
before summer's over?

Yeah, a new Sumo Slammers
high score on my tablet.

Come on. Don't glue your nose
to a screen.

[ Music playing on tablet ]

What about
the pretzel hall of fame?

[ Music continues ]

Come on, Ben!

You know
you love pretzels!

Eh, I think I'm over 'em.

Okay, what's buggin' you?

[ Descending tones on tablet ][ Sighs ]

Maybe I just need a break.

We're already on break --
summer break.

Well, maybe I need a break
from my break!

Ha-ha! Between sightseeing
and savin' the world,

I'm pretty tuckered out
myself! [ Laughs ]

I'm not tired, Grandpa.
I'm just...

Don't say you're bored.
Not again!

Okay, I won't.

But maybe I'm just ready to do
my own thing, ya know?

We've been
"doing your own thing"

ever since you found
the watch!

I know 'cause we've been right
beside you the whole time!

So, what?

You don't want to be
a hero anymore?

Or you don't want
to do it with us?


Don't take it
the wrong way, cuz.

It's just that my aliens
are awesome

and I never get to show off
their true potential

because someone
is always helping me.

And what's wrong
with that?

There's no shame
in asking for help.

That's just it!
I didn't ask for help!

I can take on
whatever comes my way!

What in blazes?!

[ Tires screech ]

[ Glass shattering,
metal crunching ]


[ Grunting ]

[ Thud ]Aah!

Well, that's gonna
leave a mark.

[ Grunts ]
-[ Moaning ]


Thanks, Grandpa.

Who's that sparkly
jerk face?!

No clue, but he sure did
a number on the Rustbucket.

Oh, yeah?

Then I've got
a number for him!

Ben, wait!


[ Footsteps echoing ]

[ Grunting ]

What's your deal, Sparkles?

Are those Omnitrixes?!

[ Distorted ] Indeed.

And yours will be
the next addition!

officially creeped out!

And the antidote for that

is a little thing
I call Hero Time!

Woah! Hey!

What're you doing?!
[ Shouts ]


Not good.

Ugh. Time out?
Not good.

[ Beeping ]Time in?!

But I'll take it!


Comin' in hot!
[ Grunting ]

Teleportation, too?!


Oh, you think
you're fast, huh?!

[ Shouting ]

Not fast enough!

Hm? Again?!

What are you?

Timed in again?

I'll show you fast!


Or, uh...not XLR .

But Humungousaur will do
just fine!

[ Shouts ]


[ Grunting ]

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
you got fancy-pants powers.

Should I care?!
You should.

We are infinite.

Infinitely blasted!

[ Shouts ]

[ Grunts ]

Now it is our turn.

"Our"? W-Whoa!

Aah! Oof!

Whether he likes it or not,
Ben needs our help!

I hope we have some
to offer!

[ Vehicle approaching ]Grandpa, look!

Oh, a truck!
I have an idea!

C'mon, Gwen!

[ Gasps ] Time out!

Because [chuckles]
I timed out!

And I can tell this is gonna be
a mega-epic battle,

and I wanna give you
the smackdown you deserve!

So, you know, take five!

Do some stretches...

Or how about a long
backstory monologue?

I'll get you started!

It was a typical Monday
in the sewers, where you live!

And a big truck dumped
chemicals all up in there!

I remember joking.

[ Dink! ]

Pick on someone
your own size, why don'tcha?

Alien X:
You will regret that.


We're in the middle
of mega-epic battle!

They don't even have powers!
[ Groans ]

Psst! Ben!
C'mon! Let's go!


We're leaving, now!

[ Vehicle approaching ]

[ Tires squealing ]

[ Slo-mo ]
What in tarnation?

[ Screams ]

[ Crash ]

Oh, that deer came
outta nowheres.

That ain't no deer.
[ Gulps ]

Space Moose?

Oh boy, oh boy...

So, who's our new friend?[ Breathing heavily ]

Well, whoever it was,
a -ton truck

is only gonna
slow them down.

Ugh! I was gonna ace him
'til you guys got in my way!

You threw everything you had
at it, and it didn't blink!

We saved you!You?! Saved me?!

I had him right where
I wanted him!

Throwing you into the side
of the Rustbucket?

That alien looks
more powerful

than anyone we've faced,
even Vilgax!

Then I'll even more powerfully
crush this baddie!

Alright, alright!

Gwen has a point, Ben.
We have to think this through.

It's got copies of your watch.
This can't be a random att*ck.

And didn't you guys
feel like

there's something
familiar about it?

[ Sarcastically ]
Yeah, he's a bad guy!

That's been a pretty
common thing this summer!

We need more information before
we go storming into battle!

[ Both gasp ]Hold that thought,


[ Groans ] Well,
that's gonna leave a mark!

What the whaaaaaat!

Another Grandpa?!

Sort of!

Name's Maximillian,
but you can call me Maximus!

Nice to meetcha,

You look familiar!

The name's Max Tennyson,
but you can just call me


Yeah, I won't be
doing that.

Uh, hello?!

This is all too weird,
even for us!True!

But clearly, he's got rugged
good looks, cool gear,

and natural charisma!

He looks like some sort of a --
-Future Max!

Alternate dimension.
But close enough!

You were always
the smart one!


Ugh! I don't have time
for this!

[ Shing! ]

Make time, kid.

The future of the Omniverse
is at stake!


It's like all the existing
universes rolled into one.

And Alien X is storming
his way across 'em.

Alien X?
As in X like mystery?

Or X like the Roman numeral
for ?

I know things!

He's a mystery, alright!

Scouring the dimensions
with one purpose --

to collect every Omnitrix
he can get his grubby hands on.

I tried everything to keep my
Benjamin safe, but I failed him.

Your Benjamin?What happened?

We need to warp!
He's too powerful!

Quit worrying, Max!
I got this!

[ Grunting ]


Huh?! Aaaaah!


Aah! Aah!


I won't fail again.
I can't.

So, you're hunting Alien X?

Give me some tips
and I'll go --

I'm hunting you,

As long as you're wearing
that Omnitrix,

Alien X will target you!

And when he finds you again,
I'm gonna be there to stop him.


Wow, Grandpa, he's like
the kick-butt version of you.

Aw, I'm the kick-butt
version of me.

And I'm nobody's bait!

I'm the hero this dimension
needs to stop Alien X!

I don't want anyone slowin' me
down or getting' in my way!

-[ Gasps ]
-Take that back, kid!

You don't know
how lucky you are!

Who're you calling lucky,
Fake-pa Max?

Now, h-hold on,
you two --

[ Grunting ]

I've seen
too many Bens fail.

I won't lose another!

I just want to help you![ Scoffs ]

You expect me
to believe th--
He's here!

We've got one chance to run,
but we have to move now!

I'd listen to me, Ben!
Charisma don't lie!

The Grandpas are right!

We need more time to think!

I! Said!

I! Got! This!

No! Not again!

Oh. Uh...

[ Thwap! ]

Second floor!
Let's go!

[ Grunting ]



[ Distorted ] This will all be
over soon enough.

Darn tootin' it will!

Run, Ben! Run!

[ Screams ]

[ All shouting ]

[ Groans ]

[ Growls ]

[ Panting ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Shouts ]

Aw, come on!

[ Distorted ] There is
no escape for you!

[ Beeping ]Oh, yeah?!

You're the one
who should be running away!


[ Roars ]

[ Growls, grunts ]

[ Zapping ]

Aah! [ Sputters ]

Alright! Round two!

The Wrath of Rath!

[ Shouting ]

'Sup, Alien "Echhs"?

Rath got your tongue?

My victory is inevitable!

That better mean "forever,"

'cause Rath has nine lives!

Yah! Huh?!


[ Grunting ]

[ Rath yowls ]

[ Crickets chirping ]

[ Grunting ]




[ Shouting ]

[ Shouting ]

Okay, maybe eight lives.


Your heroics are mildly
more impressive than others,

Ben Tennyson,
but ultimately futile.

As they will always be.

Grandpa Max:
Not on my watch, monster!

Yeah! What I said!

You're too late, Max --


[ Beeping ]


Wait -- what?!
This can't be happening!

It has already happened.



-Did he hurt you?

My watch!

It's gone! How?!

A fail-safe release.

Not every dimension's
Omnitrix has one.

I've seen it before.

Be grateful you're still here
to miss it.

I lost everything!

You gotta help me
get it back!

No, I don't.

Thanks to your hard head,

Alien X is one step closer
to his ultimate goal.

There has to be something
we can do.

What about a dimension
where Ben hasn't found

the watch yet?

You could get there first
and bring it back!

It's not that simple!
And even if it was,

I'm stuck here now.

Unlike Alien X, I can't
just jump around

the Omniverse
without help.

I lost my ship, and my
portal generator with it.

Well, th-there's no one
you can call?

Y'know, hitch a ride
with Future Phil or someone?

Not future. Alternate.

And, no, there's no
Omniversal roadside service

that drops outta thin air.

[ Crackling ]






Another Diamondhead!

State your business,

[ Distorted ]
Call me Chromastone!

And I mean you no harm, Max --

er, um...Maxes.

How do you know who I --
who we are?

Bet you've never been
this alien before, huh?

Don't worry.
You'll grow into him.


Are you...me?

No way!

Obviously, way!

Now let him -- I mean, me,
I mean, him -- speak!

So, how long have you had your
Omnitrix, other dimension me?

Guess I'm too late.

He's been here already.

You know Alien X?

That's not
what we call him.


The Plumbers? Hello?!

Really? No one?

The Plumbers are
an intergalactic

law enforcement agency.

And I'm one of 'em.

Why plumbers?

Yeah, do you also
fix toilets? [ Laughs ]

Shouldn't you be called,

Alien Force
or something?

Heh-heh! Yeah.
This is all very interesting,

but, uh, maybe we should
save it for another --

I didn't come up
with the name, okay?

The Plumbers go back
hundreds of years.

Started on Earth --
my Earth --

as a way to deal
with alien thr*at.

My Grandpa Max was a member.

[ Whistling ]
Does that mean
our Grandpa Max is --

[ Chuckles ]
Who, me?

Do I look
like a plumber?

I mean...

But more like
an actual plumber.

When we found out somebody
was stealing Omnitrixes,

I was sent to find out
who and why.

Any luck,
beyond the obvious?

This 'Alien X' teleports faster
than anyone I've ever seen.

By the time I clear a portal,
he's already done

and in another dimension.

You can move through
the Omniverse?

That's amazing!

No, it's impossible!

Not with this.

Let me come with you.
I can help.

Thanks, but no thanks.

This is my gig.

I lost my Ben and Gwen
to that monster.

I can't just sit here
and let it run free!

What if it comes back?Why would he?

Your Ben doesn't have
an Omnitrix to steal.

But he does!

You wanna use me
as bait?

I don't like being bait!

Now I know you're me!

Kind of.

Man, this is confusing.

Neither of you can catch
Alien X on your own,

so why not stick together
and let him come to us?

The waiting game
worked once,

and it would've worked again
if younger you listened!

Why is everyone
picking on me?!

I was fighting great
until I lost my watch!

He didn't mean it
like that, Ben!

Like he's
a stubborn brat?

That's exactly
how I meant it.

I'm sensing less
'rugged charisma' and more

'insensitive jerk' now!

[ Both growl ]

Everybody listen!

Together: Huh?

Huh! Didn't think
that would work!

But we have another me
who can still go alien

to protect us
in case X-ie comes back!

You can borrow
his portal thingy

and find another Omnitrix
for me, like Gwen said!

We'll keep Alien X busy
'til you get back!

Then it'll be two of us
against one of him!

No going it alone
this time!

Twice the aliens!
Twice the firepower!

Twice the "goodbye,
Alien X creep!"

I'm gettin' that
Team Tennyson tingle!

never say "tingle."

It's risky.

But as my Grandpa Max
always says,

"No risk, no reward."

In every dimension, at any age,
you're a hard-headed kid.

Bens: Thanks!

I'm in,
but no promises.


So, what now, chief?

We cook up a plan!Yes, Ben!

Together: Which one?Oh!

Right! Sorry.

The younger,
more obnoxious one.Hey!

What's a place you know better
than anyone in the world?


[ Giggles ]

[ Carnival music plays ]


It's awesome!

Please tell me you have them
in your dimension!


What a terrible,
terrible world.

Closed for the season.

So, no bystanders to get caught
up in the interstellar chaos.

Interdimensional, Grandpa.

And lots of places
to take cover.

Good thinking, Ben!

I know stuff.

There, all set!



[ Crash ]

And done!

It's so weird...
me knowing you...

not knowing you.

Think about me!
Super weird!

At least we know you won't be
a total nightmare as a teenager.

Bigger Ben,
what am I like when I'm older?

I'm not really sure I should --


Tell her she grows fangs!

And that she's --


You've got a thing
for magic books.

Oh! And you've totally got
a thing for Kevin.

For Kevin?! Ew!

I'll stay in my own dimension,
thank you!

Like I said,
super weird!

Whatever dimension we're in,
one thing I know is true --

We make a great team.


Let's get my watch back,

then I'll be all,
"Yay, team."

Go, Team Tennyson.

[ Crackling ]

Alien Force Ben:
Hey there, space case!

[ Distorted ] You're in
the wrong dimension, Plumber.

Is that why
my keys don't work?!

Thanks for the tip, X-ie!

Too quick to joke, too slow
to save those you care about.

Or yourself.


Big Chill!

Come and get it, Sparkles!

[ Gate rattling ]

Whatever game you're playing,
it's not too late to surrender

and give back
what isn't yours.

There is no back!

Only forward!

Aww, looks like
he's scared!

Uhh...where'd he go?

[ Gulps ]

[ Gasps ]
Now, you guys!

Phase one!

You got it!

Stay down, stay down,
stay down...

[ Gasps ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Groans ]

Hey! Little me!

Phase two!
Go, go, go!

On it!

[ Grunts ]

[ Clacking ]

Hope this works.

Nailed him!

Comin' through!
Phase three!

Together: Seriously?

Huh? Wha--?
No, no, no!


I do not fear you,
childish one.

Hey! Let him go!
You've already got his watch!

Take mine!

But in light of your
inconvenient little coalition,

I must rethink
my prior mercy.

[ Grunting ]

Let me go!

Not a chance!

You heard little me!
Let him go!


You okay, me?

You're the same as this Ben!

Not the same.

Different watch.

Nice one!

Play your cards right,
and you'll get it soon enough.


I hear somebody's got a beef
with Bens!

Get the kid to his family.

You're the last line of defense
if Alien X gets past us.

Show me what you got, "me"!

at your service!


Two Omnitrixes
for the price of one!

Your generosity will
not go unappreciated.

Or unpunished!

[ Zapping ]

[ Panting ]

Follow my lead!


Is every me this awesome?!

Some are better.

Others turn their backs
on their families, and are not.

Then let's not make
that mistake, kiddo!

Get down!

You okay, kids?


Family rocks!

If only we had
a bigger one.

You're a genius!

Never repeat that.

We do have a bigger one!

Hey, other Grandpa!

How many other mes
have still got watches?

A few! Why?

We're gonna need 'em all!

You know how difficult it was
to convince one of you to come?

I can guess, but "difficult"
is my middle name!

Your middle name
is Kirby.

Figure of speech.

What in the world?!

If there's one person
Ben always listens to...

it's Ben!Be right back!

Don't worry, Grandpa, Ben will
be okay since you're with him.

Yeah, you're technically right.
I am!

[ Rumbling ]

[ Crash ]Run, run, run!

[ Screaming ]

[ Zapping ]

[ Crash ]

[ All groaning ]

Never did like Ferris wheels.

[ Gasps ]

Playtime is over!

Ben is finished
in this dimension,

as he will be
in all others!

Ben: Let them go.

Then we'll see
who's finished!

[ Panting ]
Are you guys okay?

Better now that
you're back, cuz!

Good, 'cause I couldn't
make it without --

Oof![ Gasps ] Get! Out!

Is one of those Bens
a Gwen?!

Yes, I am, and yes,
we're better!

Cutting it a bit close,
future me?

Look at all these mes!
The ultimate team-up!

Uh, hey, little Ben?
Less talk, more strategy!

Alien X will stop at nothing
to get our watches, so --

[ Distorted ]
Foolish Tennyson!Hey!

Who you callin'

Seriously, which one?
'Cause there's a bunch
of Tennyson's right now.

Every last one of you!

You made it easier
to retrieve the Omnitrixes!

Unwise, traveling
to the same dimension!

We came here
to stop you!

Once and for all!

Prepare for
Alien X-tinction!

I'm pleased you met
before you perished!

[ Rumbling ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Zap ]

-Big Chill: He's mine!
-Ripjaws: Yours?!

Imma end this creep

[ Chomps ]

[ Zapping ]Uh-oh!

Got you!

[ Grunting ]

Let's do this!

[ Beeping ]


Yah! Ha!


There's too many of 'em!

Not good, not good!

[ Grumbling ]I gotcha covered, kid!

Who are you calling "kid,"


Ow, ow, ow, ow!

How cool is that?!

Ooh, I want that alien
in my rotation!

[ Ice crackling ]

[ Groans ]

[ Grunts ][ Ice shatters ]



You almost had him!

Almost doesn't count.
We're in trouble here.

[ All gasp ]

Great guacamole!

Lucky Girl, we could use one
of your spells right about now!

Lucky Girl?
But I'm not...

Your Gwen can cast real spells?!

No time! Run!

All that effort and we
didn't even make a scratch!

No fair!
This creep is too powerful!

You think
that's not fair?

I still need
my Omnitrix!

Good luck getting it
from that guy!

If there's one thing I learned
from when I was ,

it's that there's always
a new strategy to try.

[ Mockingly ] "One thing I
learned from when I was ..."

Oh, brother,
what a bunch of --

[ Ding! ]

Guys! And Gwen!
I got it!

We've known the strategy
all along!

We're just too hard-headed
to see it!

I like where this is going.

Even though there's
a bunch of us,

we're hitting him

We have to hit him
all at the same time!

-Synchronize our powers!

As a family.

If you guys
overwhelm him,

maybe I can get my watch back
and join the fun!

How's that
for a strategy?!

A little vague, but it's
the best we've got.

I'm in.

Catchphrase on three.

One, two, three!

It's Hero Time!

It's nice to have
a family again.

Alright, let's go,

Here, you're gonna need
some w*apon

if you wanna join
the fight.

-Give 'em a squeeze.
-[ Gasps ]

-How about you, Ben?

I just wanna get
my Omnitrix back.





Let it rip, family!

Yes. Come.


[ Zapping ]


[ All shouting ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Grunts ]


[ Screams ]

Get! Off!

Of me!

Missing something?

Know what time it is?

It's Hero Time!



You couldn't have
picked a different alien?

What can I say?

Heatblast is a classic!

Yeah, he is, isn't it?

Hero team-up?

Hero team-up!

[ Grunting ]



[ Groaning ]

How'd we do, kiddo?

Great, Grandpa.

You are his real strength,
and thus his biggest weakness.

To end this,
we must end you.


[ Grunts ]

Ben![ Panting ]


But I'm not your Ben.

You're all my Ben.

You're a real jerk,
you know that?

Victory is all I know!


Let's roast
this weenie!

We're trembling.

Team Tennyson!

[ Grunting ]


[ Shouting ]

Time to say goodbye,


This doesn't match your outfit,

[ Grunting ]

Aaaah! Ugh!

This watch is
more than enough!

Sure about that, Sunshine?

'Cause I bet my quadruple-decker
knuckle sandwich

beats your watch!

[ Shouting ]

You done?

So close.
I was so close.

You never stood a chance!

All those powers,
but you wanted to go it alone.

Whoa! You're...

a me?!

[ Gasps ] Mind blown!

[ Mimics expl*si*n ]

Did not expect that.

I knew he seemed familiar.

Not cool.


He's not your Ben...
is he?

I'm no one's Ben!

Unlike you fools.

I learned that going it alone
is the only way.

It was Vilgax.

It was always Vilgax.

I was takin' him down by myself
when they got in the way.


My Max. My Gwen.

I told them
I could handle Vilgax,

but they didn't believe me.


[ Zapping, glass shattering ]

[ Steam hissing ]And they paid the price.

So I proved to them
I needed no one!


And I would have proved it
to the entire Omniverse.

I decided that
if I lost everything,

so should every other Ben.

What happened to you
was awful,

and you can't change that,

You could build something
new...if you tried.

And had a willing partner.

A new family.


He has to pay
for his crimes,

but that doesn't mean
this Ben is beyond help.

If it was you, wouldn't those
who love you offer

a second chance?

[ Gasps ]Of course I would!

And now I know that.
[ Sniffles ]

And I know I look great
in leather, too!

And with a beard!

And--Both: Grandpa!

Too much?[ Laughter ]

I'd rather go back
to the Null Void!

Oh, you will, and after you pay
for your crimes,

we're going to spend
some quality

grandfather-evil grandson
time together.

An endless road trip
across the Omniverse.

Aw, man. Really?

Everyone needs family.

Thank you for reminding me,
Team Tennyson.

Congrats on saving
the Omniverse, young me.

Yeah, little dude!
Way to go!

Couldn't have done it
without you, man!

All of you!
-He's right!

You couldn't have done it
without me!

Oh, please!
[ Gasping ]

You doofuses wouldn't have
gotten anywhere without me.

See ya, other me!
-You were awesome!

Keep kicking butt!

Correction --
we're awesome!

And you know I will!Wah!

Guess I'll...
smell ya later!

"Smell ya later?"
That's gold!

I'm gonna steal that.

I'm gonna miss me...

I think we should give him
some space.

No, no!
Never leave me again!

Did you see what happened
to me without you guys?

So, you're not
sick of us?

I'd rather be cooped up
with you two all summer

than ride solo
for even like five minutes!

You know what that means,

Team Tennyson is
back in business!




Hot pot of coffee!
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