01x08 - Nothing Left to Lose

Episode transcripts for the TV show "1923". Aired: December 18, 2022 – present.
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Series is a prequel to Yellowstone and a sequel to 1883 that follows a generation of the Dutton family in 1923, during a time of various hardships including Western Expansion, Prohibition, and the Great Depression.
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01x08 - Nothing Left to Lose

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- ♪ MTV ♪

s*ab them both?

b*at and choked Sister Mary.

May I see the child's bedroom, please?


She took all her belongings?

They don't have any belongings.

Did another girl leave with her?

She was alone.

Where's that girl?

That girl passed.

Passed how?


Children die, Marshal.

These Indians are like wolves.

Few thrive in captivity.

How many die a year, would you say?

Enough to warrant a graveyard.

You sent men after her?

Three. A week ago.

- Which way?
- East.

They followed her tracks.

And they haven't returned?

This is no land to wander aimlessly.

You must travel water to water.

They are capable men.

If they were capable men
they would have returned.

I'll come back with deputies,
we will set off from here.

I trust you can ride?

You wish me with you?

I require it.

We don't know what she looks like.










JAKE: Pretty smart, huh?

Damn things is everywhere now.

Everyone sure is in
a hurry to change the world.

Hey! Where's the hitching rails?

Took 'em out for the parking spaces.



Hey, what are you doing?

They took away my parking spot.

I'm gonna make another one.

He got lawyered up pretty quick.

I don't recognize 'em, though.

Firm out of Helena. The Governor's firm.

Whitfield Mining's firm, too.

All rise.

Be seated.

JUDGE: Banner Creighton...

you have been charged with two
counts of m*rder, and...

four counts of attempted m*rder.

Do you wish to enter a plea?

Not guilty, your honor.

I will set a bail hearing for...

If council could approach, your honor.

Your Honor, the prosecutor is unaware

of the allegations against
Commissioner Dutton

that agents of his commission
hanged four men

without benefit of trial by jury,

one of whom was the defendant himself.

Our claim is self defense.

Mister Creighton is heavily invested

in business dealings in this community,

and poses no flight risk.

You have proof of these allegations?

I have rope burns around
the defendant's neck

and letters from deceased
mens' widows wondering

why money is no longer
sent back to Scotland.

My client being held without
bail for multiple m*rder charges

when no such charges exist
against Commissioner Dutton,

creates a contradiction
worthy of scrutiny.

I feel confident in asking
for a dismissal, your honor,

much less release with
no bail until trial.

What's your position?

Commissioner Dutton has
a reputation for being harsh,

but none have ever
questioned the man's word.

A conviction is warranted on that alone.

I ask he be held
without bail, your honor.

I have an arrest warrant
issued on the testimony

of numerous witnesses,
but no physical evidence,

This warrant was prematurely issued.

But I'll give your office
the opportunity to find evidence

to support the charge.

Your client is released without bail.


Don't look back. Don't speak. Let's go.

- Know what I'm looking at?
- LAWYER: Don't speak.

I know exactly what you're looking at.

I'm looking at a ghost.
You f*cking coward.

Tryin' to settle this in court?

- I'll show you coward.
- Hey!

I'm guessing the blonde didn't make it.

There will be no fighting
in this courtroom!

I will hold you all in contempt

and you can fight it out in a jail cell.

You keep sending boys
to do a men's work, Dutton.

I guess if was as old as
you, I'd send boys, too.

This don't end in a court.

It ends in a field in front
of your f*cking house.

If that's where you want to
die, I'm more than happy

to help you out.



Welcome aboard, ma'am.

ALEX: I dread seeing London.

SPENCER: You won't see it long.

I miss Africa. Do you miss it?

Got my favorite thing
about Africa right here.

My God.

ALEX: Any chance we can
take another ship?

There's five thousand
people on this boat.

If you don't wanna see
'em you don't have to.

That's not how life works.
They'll be around every corner.

We'll just hide in our
room for three weeks.

Plannin' on doing that anyway.


Where do we go?

Not sure.

Thinking south.

How far south?

I know some Comanche
on the Washita River.

It'd be easy to disappear there.

Thank you.

Hey. None of that.

No goo-goo eyes, no holding hands.

No falling in love.

If they find us, they will k*ll us.

Hang us from a tree and
bury our bodies face down.

All your focus should be on surviving.

Fall in love later.

They've been trying to
k*ll me since they took me.

I don't believe in later.

I believe in right now.




Is he gonna b*at me up?

Maybe. [SNIFFS]

What are you going to do?

You gonna let go?

I've had my fair share of beatings.

What's one more?

We leave before the sun wakes.





CREIGHTON: I want him f*cking d*ad!

I want his f*cking wife d*ad,
that smug f*cking boy...

the whole f*cking clan.

Is this really what you want?

You bet your f*cking ass
it's what I want.

Wouldn't you rather be rich?

I'm already rich.

You have some money.

That doesn't make you rich.

The Yellowstone will make you rich.

True wealth is generational.

I could never spend all
the money I've made.

What I do now ensures

that my great-grandchildren
can't either.

If you think about it,
generational wealth

is the closest thing a man
can have to immortality.

When a building has your name on it,

that's immortality.

And you don't achieve that from prison.

If you wrangle some posse
to descend upon his home,

prison is where they'll send you.

Vengeance will never make you money.

You must set a goal, then
formulate a plan to achieve it.

Then you execute it without mercy.

Emotion fuels every
decision Dutton makes.

He loves his land.

He loves it.

And we will take it from him.

You won't need a g*n, Banner.

We can k*ll him with this.


She's awake.

Oh, splendid.

Feel like some sport?

My wife came to town.

Well, no fun for you then.

I've procured some
new toys for you, Lindy.

I'm sure you'll like them.







No more...



Come here, sit down.

You think I take pleasure
from her pain, don't you?

Her pain means nothing to me.

I don't care if it hurts.

I don't get my pleasure from her.

I get it from you.

From me?


And it could be pleasurable
for both of us.

But you can't focus on the pain,

just the pleasure it gives you.


See the pleasure in it.

The pleasure's in the power.

Try it again...

and think of the power you have.

Mmm? Mm?






Yes, Lindy.

You see what I mean?

Christy, stand up.

It's your turn.


Lay down.

Lay down.

Let me have the belt.

Now remember, not a sound.

I bet I don't have to tell you twice.




JAKE: Spread it out more.

They're gonna trample
more then they eat.

Snow came early this year.

Winter ain't here to stay yet.

Better not be...

We don't have enough hay to
start feeding in November.

ZANE: We ain't got enough hay
no matter when it snows.

What do we do when it runs out?


Hey, Jake, how long you gonna be?

Only thing that happens fast at a bank

is deposits and robberies.

Thinking about slipping over
and seeing the family.

Always time for that.

Meet you back here in a few hours?

Yeah, we can pitch hay to cattle
without you for a little bit.

Spend some time with the family.

Ain't the cattle I'm worried about, sir.

But I'll take the night
if you're alright with it.

I'm alright with that, Zane.

See you boys tomorrow.



I can't do another loan on the cattle

because there's no way
to lock in a value.

If you had easy access to
the rail with them, then maybe,

but you won't until April,

and who's to say what
they're worth in April.

Well, they're worth more than
the loan, I can tell you that.

All I need is enough hay
to get to spring.

And when is that, Jake?

April, June?

We don't know.

Where you going to get the hay from,

and how are you going to transport it?

Your road is snowed in
till spring as well.

We'll haul it in wagons.

We have gotten k*lled on
these cattle loans, Jake.

We're at a twenty percent default rate.

Not by me.

I paid off my loan.

When others walked away,
I paid mine off.

It's a bad investment for us,
and a big risk for you.

With no upside.

You're losing money this year
whether you buy feed or not.

Let me propose something that
makes more sense for both of us.

Take out a mortgage.

Interest rates are below six percent,

you have thirty years to pay it back.

I haven't got thirty years
for anything, Kyle.

I'm seventy-eight years old.

I'm not going to give my family debt.

You're giving them debt either way:

you can't sell the calves
for what the hay costs.

Money is my business.

A mortgage is smart,
it's safe, and it gives you

or your family the luxury of time.

Only a banker would consider
a mortgage a luxury.

We used to do this with a handshake.

Sadly, enough handshakes
weren't worth the grip, Jake.

Now none of them are.



Either you made a deposit
or you robbed them.

Saying no don't take much time, either.





What are you doing barefoot
in the snow? Come here.

I didn't know I needed shoes

'cause I didn't know
I was going outside.

- Well, you're outside now.
- 'Cause I heard you outside.

How 'bout we go inside
and we solve this problem?

Hello, anybody home?

Montana State's building
a radio station.

- A radio station?
- Mm-hmm.

I don't know what they're gonna
do with it when it's built,

but they're building it.

You can hear the news instead
of reading it, I guess.

I don't care to read it

and I sure don't need someone
to read it to me.

They could play music through it.

Music would be nice.

What's a radio?

Well, a radio...

See it's a big box that...

How do I explain this?

It lets you listen to people
from other parts of the world.

- Yeah.
- Like a phone?


With a phone you talk back,
with a radio you just listen.

How do they work?


I don't have the foggiest
idea how they work.

Radio waves.

What's a radio wave?

Well, you're asking the wrong
side of the family

the hard questions, son.
Go ahead and ask your mother.




Why are you out of bed?

Can't sleep.

Why can't you sleep?

There's a monster.

Ah... Where's the monster?

Outside my window.

He's gone now but
I thought you should know.

Thank you.

Daddy's not in your room.

He's in the shower with me, baby.

Why's he in the shower with you?

We're saving water.


Go back to bed.





It's worse in here.

We need to go you up on the deck

and get your eyes on the horizon.


Of all the ships, they
have to choose this one.

After what we've been through,

running into your ex is
the least of your concerns.

- Let's go.
- Okay.

Come on.

He can turn into it now,
it'll smooth out.

North Atlantic wasn't this rough.

It's just a swell.

It'll be over soon.


Thank the Heavens.

JENNIFER: Alexandra.

You're mad, absolutely mad.

Completely understandable,
but mad nonetheless.

How angry are my parents?

Angry enough to leave that day.

- For London?
- And all your bridesmaids.

All but one.

I didn't see how me missing safari

would help Arthur's broken heart.

His heart isn't broken, only his pride.

I'd say all of him is broken.

Didn't leave camp once.

Barely left his tent.

May we have a moment alone, sir?

The boy is destroyed.
His family is furious.

I don't love him.

That's love.

That's lust.

He's a hunter, Alexandra.

And when the chase is done,

he will find something else to hunt.

The chase is done.

Oh, Alexandra...

You must think of your family
and their standing.

The only family I'm thinking
of is the one I'm starting.

All of London will turn
its back to you, Alexandra.

They won't get the chance.

Anything else?

I hold no judgment, Alexandra.

My only wish for you is happiness.

Your wish came true.

Then I'm happy for you.

Me too.

Tonight we dine in the grand hall.

You sure?

That's asking for it.

I'm done hiding.

You need a suit.

I ain't wasting money on a suit.

This liner is in the British fleet.

We don't need money. We have credit.

The things you do for love.

I need some help with this.


- I need some help.
- Mm-hmm.

If you think about it,
we never had a reception.

Sure, we did.

That wasn't a reception,
that was a consummation.

One could argue we've consummated enough

that the English-speaking world
is now relieved of the burden.

That a fact?

It is.


To be safe, we should probably
consummate again after dinner.

Or we could just skip dinner altogether.

Approve of the dress, I see.

It's going to look great
draped over that chair.


Most people long their
whole lives for this.

And never feel it.


What a tragedy.



The audacity to bring him here.

She is entitled to dine, son.

That is not dining. That is parading.

That is celebrating at my expense.

You've just avoided marrying a woman

who obviously does not love you.

I'd say that's cause for
celebration as well. Hm?


We could dance.

Would you care to dance?

I would not.

The girl is lost, son.

Don't lose your dignity with her. Hm?

I'd be honored.

You waltz?

My aunt was determined for us
to have a little bit of culture.

Taught us in the living room.

Didn't think it would ever come
in handy, but here we are.

I'm sure you danced your
share of star-struck maidens

in the ballroom at the Norfolk.

I'm suddenly wild with jealousy.

Wild with it, huh?

Mad. Livid, actually.

You're a cad.

A libertine is what you are, sir.

I don't know what that means.

Well, I can assure you
it's quite the insult.

Mind yourself, sir.

It means watch where you're going.

It's my fault, apologies.

It is certainly your fault.

You will not turn your back to me, sir.

You've got about thirty
seconds of bullshittin' me.

Then I'm gonna mop
the f*cking floor with you.

We should go.

I will not allow him to shape
the course of our evening.

What happened to hiding
in our room for three weeks?

That was the girl in me.

This is the woman.

Oh... I'm dealing with the woman now.

You certainly are.

♪ Now I got the crazy blues ♪

♪ Since my baby went away ♪

♪ I ain't got no time to lose ♪

♪ I must find him today ♪

♪ Now the doctor's gonna
do all that he can ♪

♪ But what you're gonna need is ♪

♪ An undertaker man ♪

♪ I ain't got nothing but bad news ♪

♪ Now I got the crazy blues ♪

♪ Now I can read his letters ♪

♪ I just can't read his mind ♪

♪ I thought he's loving me ♪

♪ He's leavin' all the time ♪



I challenge you...

Arthur, enough.

This is not the place for it!

You have no wits about you?

He knew of my engagement.

He has defiled my honor.

You are challenged, sir.

Choose your w*apon.

This your son?

He is.

I k*ll for a living.

You do not want him to fight me.

No, I do not.

Then control him.


You defile my honor and
then you abandon yours?

You are no gentleman, sir.

You are no gentleman!

Go, go run away with your whore.

Run away with your f*cking whore!

Please don't...


Challenge accepted.

Choose your w*apon.

You choose.

I couldn't care less.

To the deck.

Arthur. Arthur, no.



Now, what a lovely mess
you've made of my family.

And what an embarrassment
you've become to yours.


There's a duel on the bow.

Between who?

Some American and... the Earl of Sussex.

Notify the first mate.

Have you experience with a sword?

Never held one.

Arthur is an expert swordsman.

Spencer, his words mean nothing.

There is no dishonor
in refusing to fight.

If he's doing this shit on day one.

How do you think he's
going to be on day fifteen?

Might as well get it over with.




Enough, son!

I did not yield.

I do not yield to you!

I do not yield, you Yankee scum.

- Arthur!

- Arthur!
- Man overboard!

- Arthur!
- Come about!

Arthur! Arthur!

Take this man to the brig.

- To duel is illegal, sir.
- I didn't choose it.

ALEX: Arthur pulled a p*stol.

They saw. They all saw.

Who will speak on his behalf?

To the brig with you, sir.

- SAILOR: Let's go.

- ALEX: No, no...

My husband threw down his sword.

Arthur pulled a p*stol
on an unarmed man.

Says you.

Yes, says me.

On my honor, I say it.


You dare to speak that
word in front of me?

What honor do you have...

Where is the honor in your actions?

Captain, I demand this woman be remanded

to her quarters until the ship
reaches port in London.


You say you are my friend, prove it now.

Tell them the truth.

[WHISPERING] Tell them what you saw.

Please, please...

She speaks the truth.

Arthur refused to yield even
after Spencer had withdrawn.

Stop speaking, I will not hear it!

Remand her to her quarters, sir.

Or do you forget my title?

Take the lady to her quarters.


You okay?

Belly hurts.

Can I get you something?

Soda water maybe.



She feeling better?

Asked for some soda water.

No, no, that won't help.

Peppermint tea. Yes.



She's s*ab now.
The bleeding has stopped.

She flushed the baby though.

I'm sorry.

I'll check on her in the evening.

How you feeling?

Like a failure.

It's just nature looking out for you.

Things weren't right
and nature took care of it.

It happens to horses.

It happens to cattle.

It happens to cattle, you sell them.

Well, you ain't getting sold,

if that's what you're worried about.

It's my one purpose on this planet.

If I can't do it, then what
the hell am I here for?

Well, my aunt never had children.

You saying she got no purpose?

She raised me.

Raised my father.

Nursed my uncle back to life.

You, too.

No telling how many lives

she nursed away from
death during the w*r.

I look at my aunt and
all I see is purpose.

Maybe that's your purpose, too.

Be a mother to those who ain't got one.

A teacher to those who need lessons.

We choose our purpose.

The word you're looking for is destiny.

And if you wanna give God a good laugh,

tell him what you think your destiny is.

And if I can't ever have children?

Then you can't have children.

Then you'll never be a father.

I guess it ain't my destiny.

You're my destiny.

You just said you can't choose destiny.

You chose me.

One look at you and
I had no choice at all.


And think of all the things
God had to give you

to make you choose me.

Like poor judgment, bad vision,
terrible taste in men.


We take what life gives us.

It's all we can do.



Can I help you?

Alice Chow?

That's right.

You're under arrest for violating

the Montana statute
against miscegenation.

Against what?

Don't play dumb.
You married a white man.

And these are his mongrel kids.

Ow, stop!


ALICE: No, no!



- Daddy!
- No!

ALICE: No! Stop it!


I ought to arrest you for
as*ault a peace officer,

but I don't want those filthy
f*cking kids in my squad car.


Help him!

No, no, no!


Whatcha got there?


There, beside ya.


It's a towel.


Whatcha doing with it?


I've noticed a pattern
in our fifty years together.

When you hide something from me,

it's because you fear the thing.

So what's got you scared now?

I can't feel my fingers.

I'm squeezing the towel thinking maybe

it'll make 'em stronger
and get some feeling back.

You're lucky I love you so much.

If I didn't I'd ride
into those mountains

with a bottle of whiskey,

and I'd sit under a tree
and I would not come down.

That's how much I hate getting old

and watching my body betray me.


It's the miner.


Who bought the Strafford Ranch.

Get up here on the porch.

You're going to let that
man up on our porch?

I'd prefer to sh**t down on him,

and I prefer you not to be in
the way when I do it.


What a structure.

Inspired by the lodge
in the park, I presume.

Other way around.

Is that a fact?

Same builder?

Don't know.

Put 'em down!


Put down your w*apon!


- Put 'em down!

You will stop!

JAKE: Cara!

There will be no v*olence here, sir.

This is our home! Our home!

Have you no decency whatsoever?

Well, I suppose that would
depend on what

you consider decent.

Well, we've shown all our toys, Stuart.

We can put them away now.

I trust you will offer
us the same courtesy.

Lower 'em, boys.

Your line of work appears
to focus your attention

on the season.

Calving in the spring,
branding in the summer,

selling in the fall, and then...

Surviving the winter.

The future receives all my focus.

Once a mine is producing,
I think no more of it...

I seek the next.

Back east, every home has electricity.

and running water.

One in ten Americans owns an automobile.

By the end of the decade
it will be one in four.

The world will be mobile.

You know, they expect , visitors

in the park this year. Can you imagine?

In thirty years cattle will not be

the largest industry in Montana.

Neither will mining.

Can you guess what it will be?

I don't care what it will be.

You should. It will have a
profound affect on your family.


More Americans live in cities
than the country

for the first time
in this nation's existence.

And they will come by
the millions to experience

this majestic place, and
they won't want to leave.

Texas has its oil boom.
Our boom will be land.

And as the two largest landowners

in the state, we stand
to benefit handsomely.

I was looking over the public records.

You're one of very few ranches
who owns his land with no loan.

Impressive, especially with the collapse

of the market since the w*r ended.

I commend you, sir.

You were, however, behind
on your property taxes.

Were you aware?

The end of the year is not here yet.

The payments are biannual, as you know.

That's not a requirement,
that's an option.

We argue semantics.

And not much of an option for a rancher

who only gets paid in the fall.

The point is, that first
payment has not been made, so...

I took the liberty of making it for you.

Hefty penny you owed.

As I'm sure you're aware,

if I'm not repaid
by the end of the year,

the deed reverts to me.

We have done no harm to you.

Why would you do this to us?

Because I can. I'm a businessman.

The word "decent" doesn't apply to me.

He can do this?

Can he do this, Jacob?



This way.

We must bury him. Give Last Rites.

He was a child of God.

If he's a child of God and
there's such thing as Heaven,

then I'm sure God already let him in.

But if you're saying it
takes your prayers

and us digging a hole then
there ain't no f*cking Heaven.



You sure it's your girl?

I'm sure.

Only one of 'em?

Ain't just one anymore.

There's three sets of tracks
heading out the canyon.

Won't be any tracks
out on the plains, though.

Where would they go?

Can't go back to the rez.
Can't go to town.

Where would they go?


One would think.

It's a day's ride.

But your girl... She
thinks like a coyote.

She does the opposite
of what makes sense.

What would you do?

Don't know.

Tough it out in the mountains maybe.

Can't tough out winter.

No, they're gonna go somewhere
they can fit in.

Another reservation,
somewhere south with no law.

That Comanche reservation
is about as wild

- as anything there is.
- Yep.

That's gonna be a hell of a ride.

Well, we ain't gonna ride it.

We're gonna take the train.

When they get there, we'll be waiting.








Where's the man's things?

The man needs his things.



What are you doing?

Where are you taking him?

Let's go.


Captain's quarters. Turn around.



It seems your claim
of self defense has merit.

I didn't want to fight him.

I damn sure didn't want to k*ll him.

He gave me no other choice.

That's been made clear.

I'll not notify authorities
at your port of call

but this ship sails
under a British flag.

And the Prince in
succession has ordered you

removed from the vessel.

That's fine by me.

We will dinghy you to port.

I need my wife.

Your wife?

You mean the Countess of Sussex?

Yes, that's who you mean.

Do you have any proof of this marriage?

I have a ring and I have my word.

The Earl of Sussex
has called into question

the legality of the marriage.

We were married on a ship
in international waters.

By the ship's Captain.

Do you question your authority
to oversee marriages?

I do not.

But the limits of my authority are met

when a member of the
Royal family commands me

to remove a passenger
from one of the King's ships

and detain another.

I suggest you send for her in London.

I'm not leaving without her.

It's not your decision to make.

- If you'll excuse me.
- Of course.




- Alexandra.
- Jennifer?

I've convinced them to pursue
no charges against him.

But they are removing him from the ship.

- When?
- Now.

You must get me out of here.

A porter's coming. Hide yourself.

Sir, my husband locked the door.

Do you have a pass key?

But of course, miss.

- For your troubles, sir.
- Many thanks, miss.

The Earl said you must remain.

He questions the validity
of your marriage.

He can't keep me on
this ship if I want off.

He can. And he did.

We'll see about that at port.

We aren't going to port.

They're taking him by dinghy.





Alex... Alex!

I will come to you!

Where do I go?

You have to take me back.
That's my wife.

You have no right! You have no right!

- [CRYING] Where do I go?
- I love you, Alex!

- Why did you do this to me?

Why? Why?




Stay there!


I will meet you in Bozeman, Montana!

- I love you!
- I love you, Alex!

[DISTANT] I love you!

You may question the marriage, sir.

But difficult to
question their sincerity.


CARA: Spencer.

I fear everything your
parents fought so hard

to build is being ripped from us.

You are its only hope.

You are our only hope.

You must hurry, Spencer.

You must hurry.

Or there will be nothing
left to fight for.

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