04x65 - Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Dragon Ball GT". Aired: February 7, 1996 — November 19, 1997.
Taking place 10 years after the final Dragonball Z story, Pilaf finally manages to get all 7 dragonballs and makes a wish.
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04x65 - Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy

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Heya! I'm Goku!

This is a special story about
Grandma Pan in the future.

And even if grandson looks
exactly like Grandpa,

this story is about
a hopeless crybaby.

Dragon Ball GT, one hour special:

"Goku's Side Story!
Si Xing Qiu is a Testament to Courage"

Be sure to watch it!

Dragon Ball GT:
One Hour Special Goku's Side Story!

Si Xing Qiu is a Testament to Courage

Little by little, I'm being charmed

By your dazzling, smiling face

Let us spring out from
this endless darkness

When I first came across you

I recalled a place that,
when I was a child, I held dear

Won't you dance with me

on the Winding Road of light and shadow?

Even now, are you lost in thought over him?

There are times when I get so that I
want to look back just a little bit

but holding on to love and
courage and pride, I fight on!

Little by little, I'm being charmed

This planet's last remnant of hope

Surely anyone would want
to take eternity in hand

Even though I act like I don't care at all

Look at me, I'm in love with you!

Let us spring out from
this endless darkness






burning with vengeance toward the Saiyans,

and scheming to take over the
universe, disappeared

into the sun,
thanks to the actions of Goku.

Peace had again returned to the earth,
and everyone celebrated loudly that day.

One hundred years have passed since then.

There was no longer
anyone still around from

that time,
with the exception of one person.

Wait up!

Honorable ancestor... honorable ancestor...

Now then...

it's time for your training, Goku.

Okay, Grandma Pan!

Goku's Side Story!
Si Xing Qiu is a Testament to Courage

Okay, Goku, jump as hard as you can.


Balance is important here.
Watch carefully, now.

Goku, you try it next.


Ready? Here goes!


You can't even play catch, huh?

It curved on me,
and slipped out of my hand.

Listen, your ancestor,
Grandpa Goku, was good at it.

No one could match Grandpa.
He was the greatest.

And you're a descendant of that same Goku.

You should have incredible power.

Grandma Pan?

What is it?

I'm hungry.

Let's go home, let's go home!

Okay, okay.

You do take after Grandpa
Goku in that area.

Grandma Pan, I love your hamburgers!

"And so,
the young boy and the young girl

clattered on into the city
to sell the donkey..."

You, there! See here! Be quiet!

"Their needy circumstances were-"

Okay, that's all for today.

What did you do that for?!


You've got something nice, here, huh?


Give it to me.

Okay, sure.

What, you're not going to get angry?

We know that you're getting
special drills from Grandma Pan.

T-They aren't special drills.
She just calls it training.

I don't care if she calls it
training or chairman-of-the-boarding.

You're thinking you can get stronger
and show us what for, aren't you?

That's not it.

I'll take you on anytime.

But then, beating a wimp like
you is nothing to brag about.

I'm taking this.

Does that upset you?


And so,
you just came home without saying anything?

Why did you just roll over for them?

Why can't you ever say
"give me back my pen" to them?

I can't, I can't! Those guys are strong!

If I go against them, they'll b*at me up!

It's three against one, and all.

It's okay if you get beaten up!
It's okay if you lose the fight!

Listen to me. Goku, true strength is-

Grandma, what's wrong? Grandma Pan!

Hey! Wake up!

Hey! Grandma! Grandma!

Grandma, hang in there!
I won't make you worry anymore.

I'll be sure to train, too.

Okay? I'll make sure I get strong,
and b*at Puck and the others easily!

So get better, Grandma Pan!

It's not like that, Goku.

True strength isn't just
having strong power...

It's courage to face things
with everything you've got,

not worrying about what the outcome
will be, when you think you're right.

That's what you're lacking.


Listen... you're a special child.

And not just because you're
a descendant of Grandpa Goku.

You're just like Grandpa Goku,
in every way.

W-What are you talking about, Grandma?

I could tell from the day you were born.

That's why I gave you your name.

"Son Goku."

Stop it. I'm not strong.

I'm no good without you at my side,
Grandma Pan!

Listen to me.

Have the courage that you
can't be beaten by anyone else.

Grandma... Grandma!

This is bad. Prepare an oxygen inhaler.


Come on, sonny, let's go outside, okay?

But my grandma...

Is Grandma Pan going to die?

She'll recover, right?


Tell me she'll recover! Promise me!

No! No!

No! Somebody... somebody help her!

Grandma... I don't want you to die!

Dragon... Ball?

Yes, they're mysterious balls
that can grant any wish.

They're pretty.

Grandma went out into space and had
great adventures to search for them.

Though they were a different variety than
this one, in order to save the earth.

This was a long time ago now, Goku-

The Dragon Ball...

That's it!

With the Dragon Ball's power,
Grandma Pan might be saved!

As I remember, she said it was in
Grandpa Goku's house at Mount Paozu.

I'll make sure to find it,
and heal Grandma Pan's illness!

So don't die before I do it!

Yo, Goku! What's with that getup?
Are you going somewhere?

Mount Paozu.

Mount Paozu?! What are you, stupid?

Mount Paozu is famous for having an
ugly monster that lives there, you know!

There's no way a wimp like you would be
going to a place like that, is there?

He's right, he's right!
What are you thinking?

Hey, move aside!

W-What was that just now?

It sure is a long way, huh?

What are you doing there, kid?

I was resting.

Where are you going?

Mount Paozu.

Mount Paozu?

Say, Mister, let me ride with you!

Comfortable! Comfortable!

So, Mount Paozu, huh?

Kid, you've got strange tastes.

Want some of this?

That's okay. I have plenty of my own.

You know what, kid?
You should go use the bathroom.

There's a long way ahead of us.

Okay, I'll be right back.

Hey, you forgot this. Here.


Thanks for the food.

H-Hold on!

He took my belongings...

What happened to put such a
pathetic look on your face?

I had my belongings taken
from me by a nice man.

For crying out loud,
this is why you're such a fool!

The more kind a person is,
the less you can trust them!

Doesn't help to tell me now...

By the way, Puck, what are you doing here?

What am I doing here?

Going to school is
boring, so I thought going

to Mount Paozu together
with you might be fun.

Together with me?

Yeah... I thought I'd watch the
monster of Mount Paozu eat you.

So, now what are you going to do?
Are you going back?

I have to go to Mount Paozu,
no matter what.

But you had your food and
clothing taken from you, right?

I wonder what Puck is up to.

Hold it, kid!

Sorry about this, Mister!

All righty!

How do you like my secret w*apon?

Yeah, that was great!


Ah, that's dirty!

Watch out!

Hang on, now! Haha! That's nasty! Wash up!

Hang on, now! That's dirty!
Watch out! I'm going to get it on you!

What was that for?!

Puck, over there!


Mount Paozu!

Come to think of it, I never asked what
your purpose was in coming on this trip.

Do you know what a Dragon Ball is?

Huh? What's that?

A Dragon Ball. It's a mysterious
ball that can grant any wish.

Ha! Nonsense. And it's at Mount Paozu?

I want to save Grandma Pan with my wish.

Is Grandma Pan that badly off?

Come on!

How about you come at me?!

Take this!

Hitting someone with a
w*apon is fighting dirty.

If you're going to fight, do it barehanded!

Grandma Pan is a good person, huh?

A little bit scary, though.

Unless I do something, she's going to die!

Don't cry! Eat your frankfurter
quickly or it's going to go bad!

And another thing... here's this.

I don't want something like this.

After looking it over, it's too plain.


Goku, run!

Hurry up!

Help... somebody...


You miserable man-eating wolves!

Son, you almost got eaten, huh?

It's okay now.



Help me!

W-What am I doing up here?!

I can't get down! I'm too scared!
I can't get down!

To think that you would feed us like this,
on top of saving us!

There's a lot more,
so there's no need for you to hold back.

if this isn't an extra special treat...

And there are two of them!

it's not nice to keep them all to yourself.

That's right! Let me eat them, too!

Sheesh! I'm getting tired of
your sharp sense of smell.

Puck, are you asleep?

No, I'm awake.

That lady is unusually nice, huh?

Now, then...
which one of you kids will we eat first?


This one's gone, too!

Nice going, seeing through her!

Well, Puck, you're the one who said not
to trust nice strangers, aren't you?

So that's it.

Here you are!

Hold it!


How nice of you to come all
this way to be cooked up!

I'll cut you to pieces with this knife
and simmer you inside that big pot!

Just thinking about it
makes my mouth water!

D-Don't make that angry look.
It spoils how beautiful your face is.

Beautiful face?

Oh, my! You really think so?
What a good boy you are!

You expect me to fall for that trick?!

I'm not letting you get away, kid!


You just wait a moment!
You're next, after this kid!

Now, prepare yourself!

Take this!

Goku! Are you all right?
We're getting out of here!

Why, you guys!
I'll eat you, no matter what!

Was that lady the monster of Mount Paozu?

How deplorable! Come on, let's go!
Don't dawdle around!

Go? You mean, we're crossing this bridge?

We've got no choice, do we?

If we don't hurry,
she's going to chase after us!

It's too dangerous! Let's not do it, Puck!


It's okay! Hurry up and go!

Don't look down, Goku!

Goku! Look over here!

I'm not scared...
I'm not scared... I'm not...

Come on, you...

I'm scared! I'm scared!

Goku! Come on, quick!

No! I can't move!


Help! I'm going to fall!

Goku! I'm coming to help you right now!

Goku! Take hold of my hand!


Take my hand! Hurry!

I can't! If I let go, I'll fall!

You coward!
Weren't you going to help Grandma Pan?!


Goku! Come on, hurry!

Puck! You're alive-


If only I'd had the courage to let
go at the time, Puck would be...

Grandma Pan,
I really am a coward after all...

You can't get away from me!

Now sit still, so I can eat you.

I'm scared! I'm scared!

You can't run away.
You're not scared. Have courage!

You're mine!

Ah, it's you! The kid that Mamba
let get away! You look even tastier!

You think you're a match
for me with that stick?

I've come here looking for a
mysterious ball, called a Dragon Ball.

But I've been nothing but a
scaredy-cat, and the friend

who was with me fell to
the bottom of a gorge...

...as he was trying to help me...

Are you trying to cheer me up? Thanks.

Y-You're his mother, then...


B-By any chance, are you taking
me to where the Dragon Ball is?

Ah! There it is! That's it!

That must be Grandpa Goku's house,
just like Grandma Pan said!

I did it! I'm finally here!

You guys!

We finally found you, boy!

Hair is a woman's whole life!
And you dare cut mine off?

Brace yourself!

Heh, having it cut short is cute, too.

What are you doing?! He's getting away!

Why is this happening?!
After all it took to get here!

Hold it!

He vanished!
You mean he can use that kind of magic?!

Yeah, as it turns out,
he's no ordinary kid after all.


Over here! Over here!

That kid is toying with us!

You're kidding me!

Flying after us is cheating!

I am Yomao, Lord of Mount Paozu!

That's Yomao-sama?!

I've been looking on quietly as you've
been having trouble with this one kid.


We're terribly sorry!




B-Bear-san, are you here trying to help me?

Let go of me!

I'll trample you!

Take this!

You pest!


I'll gobble you up this time for sure!


You're annoying me!

I'm sorry, Bear-san!

Now to finish you...



I won't let you hurt anyone else!

I'm going to protect everyone!

T-That's impossible!

Where is that kid getting
that kind of power from?!

Why, you... Who... are you?

What in the world did I...

I get it!
You guys put him away, huh? Thanks!

The Dragon Ball has to be
somewhere in this house.

Not here... not here...

Here it is! No doubt about it!

Now I can heal Grandma Pan's illness!

God, please hear my wish.

Please spare my Grandma Pan,
who I love so, so much!

P-Please spare Puck, who fell into
the gorge while trying to save me.

How come? How come nothing is happening?!

Isn't a giant dragon named
Shen Long supposed to appear?!

God! Dragon Ball-sama!
Please, hear my wish!

Why? Why?!

Why won't you grant my wish?!


Why on earth have I come this far?!

You have to get all seven Dragon
Balls together, or it doesn't work.

Didn't Pan tell you?


Who are you?

Who am I? I'm your great-great...
how many is it again?

Anyhow, I'm your grandpa.

G-Grandpa... Goku?


You know, you sure are strong!

It's been a long time since
I've been as wound up as that.

Me? I'm always weak.

That just ain't so. You really are strong!

Was I... brave?

Of course you were!

You're the grandson of
my granddaughter's...

granddaughter's child's...

Well, anyhow, you're Son Goku, after all!

But, when my friend tried to help me...




Grandma Pan! You're better!

She recovered!

Who do you take me for?!
I'm not going to die that easily!

Everyone's okay!
The Dragon Ball granted my wish!

Grandpa Goku?

That ain't so! It wasn't the Dragon Ball.

It's all because of your courage.

Hang in there, Son Goku!


And so, the young boy's brief journey
to find the Dragon Ball came to an end.

I'm going to hang in there!

Just you watch, Grandpa Goku!

In his hand,
he firmly gripped the Si Xing Qiu.

it will become a memento of Grandpa Goku.

Just as in the past, when Goku was a child,
it was a memento of his grandpa.

These words should come out smoothly

like when I'm writing a letter to a friend

But I need a little more time

for us to get to know each other

To think that my family

are the only ones who won't betray me

It's just too lonely-Love
is asking to be loved

I know if I just gave up
believing it'd be easier, but...

Don't you see!

Even though I hope and pray

for the miracles and memories,
I still worry a little bit

Don't you see!

No matter how much of a hurry
everyone else in the world is

keep hanging on to me
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