01x17 - Payback

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Rookie: Feds". Aired: September 27, 2022 - current.
Special Agent Simone Clark, the oldest rookie in the FBI Academy, is assigned to support the Los Angeles field office.
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01x17 - Payback

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- Previously...
- GARZA: Abril Rodas.

She was La Fiera's
right-hand woman until La Fiera

ended up with a b*llet in her heart.

Unlike La Fiera,

I k*ll only when it's
strategically advantageous.

Her sicarios hit three competing gangs

at the same time she
cut down Elijah's crew.

MONICA: Elijah, he's expanding.

- We can help each other.
- I'm listening.

We know he teamed up
with Abril. What else?

DEA just intercepted a call
to Daylin Morales from Abril,

ordering her to come to Los Angeles.

Buenas noches.

Feds tracked her entering
the country two hours ago.

Pleasure doing business with you.

Police! Get on the ground!

Get on the ground! Do it now!

- the feds have Elijah's phone.

TIM: With Elijah in jail,

all the drug dealers
he had under his thumb

are gonna be climbing for his crown.

I got a veritable library over here.

What's your jam?

You got any revenge stories?




SIMONE: Oh, you messed up now, old man.


I am inviting your king
to a party at my house.

Even after all those years,
you still haven't learned

that chess is a game of tactics,

not t-t-talking.

Okay, you were not complaining

all those years I played you in prison.

Yeah, well, that's because
those visits, our games,

they got me through it.

But that doesn't mean that
I'm not going to whoop your butt

on the celebration of my homecoming day.

Bring it, old man.




years' worth of games

and we never missed an anniversary.

Always found a way.

You know, Benny Reynolds reached
out to me the other day.

He's in hospice now.

Good. Can't wait for him to die.

Oh, Simone, come on now...

No, no Simone, nothing.

Benny Reynolds was a crooked cop

who framed you,

had you incarcerated
for most of my childhood.

What does he want?

For you to absolve him
of his deathbed guilt?

Mm-hmm. And I am considering it.

You... I...


Good God, you look amazing.

I feel way overdressed.

I think I have a way to solve that.


We are going to spend
the entire day in bed.

Questions, comments, concerns?

- Uh...
- Didn't think so.


Whoa. What's wrong?

No, I just... Nothing. Nothing.

There's something.

I... It can wait.

Obviously, it can't.

Why... What's happening?

I don't want to make it a thing.

It's just, we said
we were gonna talk about this.

- Right.
- About us.

I mean, do we really have to define it?



One minute.


Oh, uh...

Morning, Matt.


Yeah, I'll be right there.


- You have to go in? Yeah.
- Yeah.

I'm so sorry.

You flew all the way here from D.C.


Are we okay?

- Yeah.
- You sure?

- Yeah.
- Okay.


Why you mean-mugging this fine brother?

He owe you money?

He's DEA. You know what that stands for?

"Don't Expect Anything."

They're reckless cowboys, not
serious investigators like us.

So don't go all Simone,
trying to make friends.

Remember what team you're on.

Got it.

about your day with Atlas.

That sucks. How's my boy doing, anyway?

So good.

Morning! Thank you all
for coming in so quickly.

Our task force has been given
a sh*t of adrenaline

from our friends at LAPD.

Last night, they arrested Elijah Stone.

Now, they recovered a burner
cell that he's been using

to coordinate his drug shipments
with his supplier in Guatemala,

Abril Rodas.

Now, as we all know, she's been
in hiding for months, but...

I'll take it from here, Matt.

OWEN: For you feds who are new
to this task force,

I'm SAC Owen Ripley.

This is Special Agent Xavier Lind.

Now, our operatives in Guatemala
captured drone footage

of Abril and her first
lieutenant, Daylin Morales.

They're holed up in a compound
outside the city of San Marcos.

Thanks to the DEA's relationship
with the Guatemalan government,

we've been given permission
to perform an extraction.

Shouldn't be too complicated.

This isn't a well-fortified location.

Honestly, we don't know
why Abril chose it.

According to FBI sources,
that was Abril's mother's home.

She died a week ago.
Abril was by her side.

And that matters why?

Well, it speaks to her state of mind.

It could potentially
make her vulnerable.

Know your target.
That's the best way to catch them.

Good, so we're putting together
a small team

to head to Guatemala for this mission.

Wheels up in .

Carter, Simone, you're
with me in Guatemala.

Laura, Brendon, I want you to
follow up with Elijah Stone.

With him in lockup,

there is a power vacuum
that needs to be filled.

Let's crush this drug operation

from both sides
of the border once and for all.

- Hey, boss.
- Yeah?

I know an excellent profiler
who happens to be in town.

Maybe he can help us analyze
Elijah and his crew.

- Who?
- Special Agent Mark Atlas.

No, no, no.
He's on vacation, not available.

To see you, but you're stuck here,

so why not have him be stuck with you?

So what do you think, boss?
Can Atlas come and play?

If it helps get the job done, fine.

- Yes.
- GARZA: With me.

- What are you doing?
- Saving your bae-cation.

- Oh, look. He texted back.

- "I'm in." Great.
- Oh...

So now you can spend
some time with your man

and solve a case.

You're welcome.

- You're wrong about this.
- Excuse me?

Carter, this crooked cop
used his badge and a lie

to put my daddy in prison
for a crime he did not commit.

He had decades to ask for forgiveness.

But now, on his deathbed,

he wants to come
with a pathetic apology?

- I think not.
- Could be worth hearing.

Close a painful chapter,
help you to move on.

- [CHUCKLES] I have moved on.
- You sure about that?

- I'm sure about that.
- Grudges only hurt people

- who can't let go, Simone.
- Well...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Why is he flying with us?
Doesn't the DEA have planes?

Yeah, and they're a lot nicer than this.

Feel free to step off,
preferably when we're at , feet.

GARZA: Carter, you know the DEA

has jurisdictional command in Guatemala,

which is why Special Agent Lind
is with us.

So everyone, play nice.

Hello. I'm Simone.

Pleasure to meet you, Simone.

By the way, your training
agent is an idiot.

Okay, did I not just say to play nice?

I'm the idiot because I made it
through the FBI academy?

You couldn't hack it.

SIMONE: So that's where you guys
know each other from.

Lind, you wanted to be in the FBI?

Till I came to my senses.

Especially since Carter
was such a miserable roommate.

What? I was neat, courteous...

Always thought you were better than me.

I tried to lift you up!
And for that, you blew me off.

And guess what. I'm doing it again.

And you want to talk to me
about grudges?


This isn't exactly how you wanted

to spend your day with Laura, but hey,

at least you get to spend
some time with her, right?

I appreciate you, man.

Not as much as I appreciate you.

Alright, enough with the bromance.

Oh, sorry.

Marshals are bringing Elijah
in from prison.

In the meantime, let's build
profiles on his crew.

- Okay.
- Now, with Elijah gone,

one of these guys
is going to take control.

I think it's Hazy. He's been
his top lieutenant for years.

My money's on Idalo.

If you don't mind?


There. They grew up together.
There's deep trust, loyalty.

Their relationship is defined.

that's a very good point.

I don't think it is.

Idalo might have been
his childhood friend,

but Hazy is his right hand,
knows how to run the business.

Idalo's more of a muscle,

whereas Hazy has proven he can
thrive in Elijah's absence.

I mean, when you put it that way...

Yeah, that... That makes sense.

See? Brendon agrees with me.

Actually, we're both wrong.

If we want to dismantle Elijah's crew,

we need to find the weakest link...

The lieutenant we can turn.

This guy.

Dangerous, but scared of commitment.

Four children by three different women.

Seems like he runs
when things get serious.

Or maybe he doesn't
do well under pressure.

Or maybe he deflects and
avoids tough conversations.

Or maybe he doesn't wanna jeopardize
this thing by over-analyzing it.

Hey, are we still
talking about the case?

- Of course.
- Yeah.

♪ Sera, sera ♪

♪ Puedan tocar solo admirar ♪

♪ Yo no quiero oír otra cosa mas ♪

♪ Tocas a mi gente
y Te Va Ir Mal, voy a... ♪

TRENT: What the hell took so long?

Briefings and protocols.

Waste of time.

Back in the day, DEA could storm
gates without interference.

FAST teams didn't have
to wait for the FBI.

No checks and balances
allowed for corruption,

so those teams had to go.

Just made us weaker
and the enemy stronger.

Now we got to deal
with all your red tape.

Here's the sit-rep.

Target's compound, access points
on the north and east sides.

We will hit both gates,
neutralize all guards,

and apprehend her.

Lock and load! Moving out!


You know, for someone so controlled,

you sure played it fast and loose.

Letting a personal vendetta

get the best of you
until you lost everything.

You think I've lost

just 'cause I'm sitting here
in this jumpsuit?

Maybe not. I mean,
you do have a wide reach.

I'm sure it'd be easy to
coordinate with Hazy, Idalo,

any of your other lieutenants
from the inside.

How long do you think you can
run your business like this?

Sooner or later, your crew's
going to cut you loose,

find someone new.

No, they know better. And so do I.

That's why I'm not buying
whatever it is you all are here to sell.

You sure about that? Because
what we're offering you is a lifeline.

You find that burner phone yet?

Is that what...

this is all really about?

Abril Rodas?

Were you able to trace her
location in Guatemala with it?

You probably got a whole team
down there right now,

ready to storm her castle.

You actually think
you're going to get her,

but you're thinking like feds.

How should we be thinking?

Like a woman who was dropped
on her head as a child.

You know about that, right?

Abril's origin story?

Suffering head trauma doesn't exactly
make one a master strategist.

No, but staying awake / does.

The woman doesn't sleep, y'all.

So what do you think she does
with all that spare time?

Bravo Team approaching.
No sign of hostiles.

Plans. Strategizes.

Copy. Alpha team on the move.

She would have heard
what's happened to me.

You don't think she's going
to see y'all coming?

She's gonna have something real special

waiting for your friends.

Bravo team in position.

TRENT: On my mark, we move.


[SIGHS] Come on, Matt.

Pick up, pick up, pick up.

Three, two, one, breach!


Hallway clear!


Third room clear!


All clear.

It's a dry hole. No one's here.


What is it, Simone? What is it?





The devil's got nothing on Abril.

BRENDON: Alright, who is the priest?

GARZA: Father Juan Castillo. He's local.

Is there any significance to the writing

Campo De Sangre on the floor?

That means "Field of Blood," right?

It was the field where Judas
went to hang himself

after he betrayed Jesus.

His stomach was open
and his intestines spilled out.

Laura, Atlas, initial thoughts?

Just one...

It doesn't fit Abril's
profile to display her kills.

She's utilitarian, not an exhibitionist.

Okay, well, then,
why the break in her MO?

No idea,
but maybe it has something to do

with the symbol that she painted
with the victim's blood?

It's called Miquiztli.
It signifies death.

Kind of redundant for this tableau.

A little trite, to be honest.

It's an ancient Aztec glyph.

At least the skull is.
This pitchfork doesn't belong.

So Abril added her own
little artistic flourish?

Okay, we're going to
wrap things up here,

see if Abril or Daylin
left any breadcrumbs

that we could follow, okay?

How did it go with Elijah?

Well, he didn't give us
much of anything,

but we did identify a lieutenant

with the least amount of loyalty.

Tito Morales.
LAPD just picked him up for us.

Okay, see what you can get out of him.

So, what do we do now, boss?

We just get back on the jet

No, no, no, no. Remember
what Laura said about Abril.

She's not the type to make
statements with her kills.

Right, we need to find out
what's motivating her,

since clearly, it's not
business as usual.

We find out why, we might find her.

I need to speak to that man's
next of kin right away.

So things are good
with you and Antoinette?

- Yeah.
- Nice. Nice.

You guys exclusive,
like, boyfriend-girlfriend?

BRENDON: Uh, I don't know.
We haven't really talked about it.

Maybe we should.

Maybe you shouldn't. Antoinette
might not like labels.

That'd be a shame. Labels are great.

Lets you know what to expect,
where you stand.

Maybe if Brendon would pay attention,
he'd know where he stood.

Ooh, first lovers' quarrel. Nice.

You know, I once did a Lifetime movie

about two rival psychiatrists
who got together, started dating.

"My Couch or Yours,"
it was called. Terrible movie.

But great relationship advice.
You wanna hear it?

Absolutely not. Can we stop talking?

- ATLAS: Well...
- Goes for everyone.


LIND: Priest's sister
is here, Mayra Perez.

Okay, look, here's the deal.

If we all go over there,
she's going to get spooked,

so I'll go over with Simone.

You do your thing.
Might put her at ease.

Got your back, boss.

Carter, you stay here with Lind.

If Trent gets a lead on Abril,
you come and get us, understand?




I know who you Americans are.

It's okay if we ask you
questions about your brother?

Did he ever have any problems
with a woman

by the name of Abril Rodas?

No, Juan was a holy man.

He would have nothing to do
with anyone like her.

Is there anyone you could think of

that would want to hurt your brother?

Once Juan became a priest,

he became a man of love and compassion.

He had no enemies.

What about before he committed
his life to God?

Anyone from his past?

Listen, we want what you want
for your brother... justice.

This was left on the doorstep
of Juan's church this morning.

San Marcos police badge.

It was Juan's, long ago.

I'm just gonna say it.

We were boys at Quantico,
and you up and quit.

Ghosted me like we never met.
I mean, what was that?

We were the only two brothers
in our class,

going through the trenches together,

- getting hazed.
- That wasn't hazing, man.

The good old boy instructors
didn't want us there.

With their less-than-subtle
r*cist comments,

messing with our g*n sights
before range exams.

And I kept telling you to shake it off,

look at the bigger picture.

And work with r*cist and h*m*?

No, thank you.
Look, I'm not like you, man.

I can't go along to get along
with people like that.

Abril's dad and Juan were cops
years ago here in San Marcos.

Juan became a priest and left
the force after Abril's dad

was m*rder by some soldier.

- What soldier?
- Nobody knows.

But he was the one who ripped baby Abril

from her father's arms
and tossed her aside.

That's how she got her brain injury.

Made her who she is today.

She left this along
with Juan's old police badge.

It's another death symbol.

It looks like Abril is out for revenge.

years later? Why now?

One thing is for sure.

Abril did not k*ll that priest
like a Judas for nothing.

Maybe back in their policing days,
Juan betrayed Abril's dad somehow.

Abril tortured Juan before k*lling him.

So she is after that soldier.

Now, you know if we find
that soldier before she does,

- we can catch her.

An informant says Abril
and Daylin boarded a small plane

and flew out of the country hours ago.

What? They could be anywhere
in the world right now.




Don't you just hate when
the k*lling is this easy?

All of Elijah's crew were
k*lled except for Tito.

LAPD picked him up before
he could go to the soiree.

- He's in protective custody.
- Any messages left behind?

None, just . auto GSWs
to most victims,

s*ab wounds to the rest.

Great. That's Abril and Daylin's
M.O. all over.

SIMONE: She's mixing business
with pleasure,

taking down Elijah's drug operation

and hunting the soldier
who k*lled her father.

It's going to make her
unfocused, emotional,

prone to mistakes.

We just need to catch her making one.

Okay, that's it for today.

I got every local agency
in the area looking for them,

so keep your phones on, understood?

- LAURA: Mm-hmm.
- Good.

- ELENA: Tío?
- GARZA: Yeah?

I see that look.

Want to grab a drink? Decompress?

It's your date night with Phoebe.

- You remembered.
- GARZA: How could I forget?

Your love life is far
more interesting than mine.

Go, have fun. I'll be fine.


Thank you.


After we've been arguing all day?

Yeah, that's what we do. We fight hard.

We play hard.

You're trying to keep it physical
so you can avoid emotional intimacy

because you're afraid
of getting hurt again.

Don't profile me.

Last time I was here,
I told you I wanted more.

We haven't talked about it since.

- Okay. Yeah, let's talk.
- Okay.

What... What does that even look like?

You're not going to move to L.A.

I'm sure as hell not moving back to D.C.

Most long-distance
relationships, they don't work.

Sometimes they do.

Only when the distance has an
end date, and we won't have that.

I don't want to be in a
situationship with you anymore.

I want commitment. I want...
I want something real.

I want... something, Laura.



Are you leaving?

We want different things.

Staying here isn't gonna change that.

It's just gonna make it more painful.


PHOEBE: I've been thinking...

maybe it's time we take the next step.

Girl, I am not moving in with you.

No, I meant like taking a trip
together somewhere.

You thinking fruity drinks
with umbrellas by the beach?

More like refurbished
vintage Airstream trailers

in the woods?

Okay, that sounds awful,
but I'm listening.

This is everything we wanted.

With Elijah's crew gone,

we can get our own
distribution network running.


- Mira?
- I'm listening.

But you're distracted.

This is serious.

So is finding my father's k*ller.

At what cost?

- It's become too risky.
- This is the only way.

And she will lead us
to my father's k*ller.

Why this girl?

She's Matthew Garza's
niece and assistant,

not a trained agent.

She won't know to be on the lookout.

Plug the device into her phone
and upload the malware.

Look at them. Not a care in the world.

I wonder what that's like.



What's the downside?

PHOEBE: Well, don't
write it off just yet.

And what if it's freezing?

That's what blankets are for.

And body heat.

Mm-hmm. Keep talking.

There is a fully-loaded bar
in the clubhouse.

Why didn't you lead with that?
Okay. I'm in.

When are you thinking?

Okay, um, well, I have plans...



That was way too close.

You're pushing our luck with this.

I don't care.

And that's the problem!

You're willing to sacrifice
everything we've built.

We've built?

I am the one
that took over from La Fiera.

I am the one who has built my
business to what it is today.

And you're about to burn it
to the ground.

And for what? Your d*ad papi?

Don't make the same mistake
La Fiera made.

Don't make it personal.

But I have to do this.


[QUIETLY] Get out.



Good morning, papa bear!

What fresh hell is going on
in the world today?

Well, the big story is about
a man who has decided

he is going to visit Benny Reynolds

at the hospital tonight.

Okay, hold up, don't give me that face.

I've dedicated myself to helping

formerly incarcerated folks
find forgiveness,

and I've got to practice what I preach.

And I'm hoping that you will join me.

Daddy, I love you to the moon and back,

but it's a hard pass.

You are one of the most
compassionate people

I know, Simone.

How can you still show
no mercy for this man?

If you want me to show up
for you, I can do that.

But anything else? Unh-unh.

I'm not packed for that trip.

And I mean it.

If you change your mind,

I will be at Saint Stephen's at : .

You gonna say something,

or are you just going to keep
looking at me all weird?

Keep looking at you weird.

Atlas stayed at my house last night.

Mm. Slumber party.

You know, I know
it's none of my business,

but he's really hurting.

And I thought you said
you wanted to be with him.

- You're right.

It's none of your business.

GARZA: Good, everyone is here.

I couldn't sleep last night,

thinking about the symbol
that Abril left behind.

Now, Atlas seemed to think

that it was too trite for her,
and I agree.

Is he not coming in or what?

- Probably not.
- GARZA: Okay.

Well, the addition of the pitchfork

got me thinking, right?

So I did a deep dive and found
that it was a logo used

by the DEA FAST team stationed
in Guatemala in the ' s.

What's a FAST team?

Stands for Foreign Deployed
Advisory and Support Team.

It's like the DEA's
version of Navy SEALs.

Elite teams of cowboys

who pulled off
secret ops in the drug wars,

and some of them were dirty.

GARZA: Yeah, money laundering
and conspiring with the very cartels

that they were supposed
to be taking down.

Congress k*lled their funding
years ago.

I tapped into the DEA archives
through my assistant network.

The logo was on patches worn by a team

working in Guatemala in .

What... Is that Trent,
who we worked with?

Yeah, that's him.

Abril's father was a cop

in San Marcos around this same time.

What if he discovered
that Trent's team was dirty,

and that's what got him k*lled?

I'm gonna go find out.

Have them f*re up the jet,
destination, San Marcos.

Alright, we'll pack up.

No, this is a solo mission.

If Trent senses an ambush,
he will disappear.

Stay here.

What, you forget your toothbrush?

We need to talk.

In private.

Abril's Aztec skull symbol...

You know it, don't you?

I mean, hell, you should.

You wore it on your FAST team uniform.

You flew all the way down here
to talk about ancient history?

Why did you keep that little
detail to yourself, Trent?

What, now you want to shut up?

Okay, well, that's fine, 'cause
I already know the answer.

years ago, Abril's dad was a cop here

intent on rooting out corruption,
and a soldier k*lled him for it.

Now she's hunting down
the FAST team member

who took out her old man.

Now, you either did it
or you know who did...

You're grasping, gato.

Yeah, and you are out of time, Trent.

Cut yourself a deal.
If I walk away, you are done.


[SIGHS] Alright.

I did not k*ll that girl's
father, I swear.

But I heard rumors.

I don't care about rumors.
Tell me what you saw.

Sometimes I was put on guard duty

outside a warehouse in the sticks.

We called it the Hornet's Nest.

Did someone k*ll Abril's father's there?

I didn't see it.

But all high-level wet work
was done by one man.



GARZA: The soldier we're
looking for isn't Trent.

It's Owen Ripley.

He's the head of
the damn task force we're on.

That complicates things.

LAURA: We need to find him, put
him under protective detail,

and figure out
what exactly happened in ' .

Wait, here's what I don't get.

Why would Abril leave us breadcrumbs,

knowing that once we figured it out,

we would find her
father's k*ller before she did?

She was using us to get that Intel.

That's impossible,
unless they bugged the building somehow.

No way, there's an obscene
amount of cyber security here.

That's im...

What about us?

What... What if they
bugged us, like, individually?

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

GARZA: Has anyone's phone
been out of their possession

in the last hours?

My phone was in my bag
during my date last night.

And I remember this woman, she
sat behind me, bumped my chair.

Someone installed malware on my phone!

A listening device.

Oh, God. She can hear
everything we're saying.

Tío, I'm so sorry.


We got him, papi. We got him.

Did we get a location on Owen Ripley?

He left his office this morning
and ditched his phone.

Well, what's the DEA saying?

They shut us out, Matt.

They want to handle it internally,

especially since it was one of
our phones that was compromised.

SIMONE: Yeah, and while they're
doing their internal investigation,

Abril is out here hunting down Owen.

Which is why we need to find out

what the DEA knows about
where Owen might have gone.

Well, no one over there
is gonna help us.

What about that cutie pie Lind, hmm?

Maybe if you're nice for once,
he might hook us up.

- Maybe.
- GARZA: Call him, Carter.

In the meantime, Simone, I want
you to check on that BOLO.

I want every law enforcement
agency in the Southland

on active search, okay?

You alright?

- You sure?
- Yeah.

Good, because we're gonna
go hunt down Abril.

Wait, who?

- Me?
- Yeah, you and me.

You're the one on my team
who got closest to her, right?

Take me to where you had
your date with Phoebe.

Let's go.

We were sitting right over here, Tío.

Alright, well, this is
a cute place for a date.

Yeah, not so much anymore.

Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

It's totally normal
to feel unnerved, okay?

Killers were watching you,
waiting for the right moment

to hack your phone. That's a violation.

I'm very sorry that it happened to you.

But with any luck,

they left a trace or two
of themselves behind, right?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

So the woman in the chair
bumped into me.

That must have been
when she swiped my phone.

Okay, when you analyze a crime scene,

you always start
from the point of origin,

and then you work
your way outward, right?

And remember, not one piece
of evidence is ever too small.

I once cracked a case just
from grains of Bahamian sand.

You're making that up.

No, honest to Pete.

Another time, it was exotic hair gel.

Okay. Well, what about security cameras?

Well, that would be optimal,
but I checked

and there aren't any.

Well, then what's that?

What's what?



So what do you think
we should do with that?

- Call for a warrant.
- There you go.


CARTER: Thanks for meeting me.

LIND: How'd you know I'd help you?

Well, you said it yourself...
Even at Quantico,

you didn't go along to get along.

I don't think you do to this day.

What can you tell me?

Owen's off the grid.

The bosses are quietly freaking out.

So he's on the run?

That's what everyone's saying.

But you don't agree?

Look, I know Owen.

I worked with him for years.

Despite his rank and
the way he wears a suit,

he is still the same monster
he was in Guatemala.

So he's not a house mouse,
he's a feral animal.

And what do they do when attacked?

Fight back.

You think he's going after Abril?

To neutralize the thr*at, yes.

Then he'll use
his connections inside the DEA

to sweep his past crimes under the rug.

I know this was a huge risk
to you, career-wise.

I appreciate you doing it.



Have you talked to Atlas?

Stay in your lane, Brendon.

You're swerving again.

You know...

that Lifetime movie I did,
the character I played, Larry,

he felt pressure to date
his best friend too, Larisa.

Oh, I'm sorry, you starred in a movie

with a couple named Larry and Larisa?

Yeah, it was very cute.
Anyway, Larry wanted things

to stay the way
that they were, uncomplicated,

but he was just lying to himself.

Hey, focus.

Larry loved Larisa.

You know, you have had
the worst acting career ever.

Have you ever done anything good?

It's no wonder you became a fed.

I'm going to let that insult go,

because I know that you're hurting.

FYI, my IMDb page, legendary.

- CARTER: Matt?
- GARZA: Yeah?

According to Lind, Owen isn't running.

He's going after Abril on his own.

How? He has as much Intel
into her whereabouts as we do.

So... Wait a minute.

Elena, the warrant
for the surveillance video...

Why is it taking so long?

Let me check the case file
from the joint task force.


This is weird.

The warrant was executed
and the surveillance video

uploaded minutes ago.

Why weren't we notified?

Owen still has access,
because he's the head of the task force.

He must have disabled our alerts
and bogarted the evidence.

Play it, play it.

That's Abril's car.
You think we can get a plate?

GARZA: There it is.

Car's owned by an offshore corporation.

Address is in Belize,

but the same corp owns an office
building near downtown.

Could be Abril's local hideout.

Grab Simone and get to
that building right away.

I'll have SWAT meet you. Go.


♪ I'm not asking for it,
I know what you want ♪

♪ I know what you want ♪

♪ I don't owe you one ♪

♪ I'm a rocket,
I hit like a b*llet, son ♪

♪ Like a b*llet, son ♪

♪ You ain't getting none ♪

♪ I'm not asking for it ♪

♪ I know what you want ♪

♪ I know what you want ♪


Where's that coming from?

Above us.

Third floor, west wing.
We're heading up.

I really should be thanking you.

So many years wondering who
took my father from me.

And here you are,
serving yourself up to die.




♪ Diamonds and gold ♪

♪ Ice and around my neck
so that everybody knows ♪


♪ Bend over to your toes ♪

♪ I talk about my...
'cause my brain is... slow ♪


♪ I'm not asking for it,
I know what you want ♪

♪ I know what you want ♪

♪ I don't owe you one ♪

♪ I'm not asking for it ♪

♪ I know what you want,
I know what you want ♪

- FBI!
- CARTER: Put your g*n down!

- SIMONE: Let him go, Abril!

Or what, you'll sh**t me?

If you had a clean sh*t,
you would have taken it.

You want revenge? Take it.

Don't. We know what he did
to your family.

Give us a chance to bring him
to justice.

Justice? My father believed in justice!

Doing things by the book.

Well, justice failed him,
and it's not going to fail me.


Look, Abril, I'm sorry
for what happened to you

when you were a little girl.

You did not deserve to have
your daddy taken from you like that.

All my life, I never knew
who k*lled my father.

On my mother's death bed, she told me

that Father Juan was not allowed
anywhere near her funeral,

and that's when I realized that
he had something to do with it.

My father was going
to do the right thing,

and his best friend
turned him in to this man.


sweetie, you are holding so
much hate in your heart.

Now, I'm not saying you got
to forgive this man,

but your father sounds like
he was a good man,

and I think you should honor him

by doing it his way.

By the book.

I prefer the g*n.

Abril, no!


You okay?

Two people are d*ad
because someone got to my phone.

I know it's not my fault, but...

But you feel responsible.


That's because you have a conscience.

I just keep thinking about
what could have been.

How do you move on?

By forgetting about
the "could have been."


in every case, there are mistakes made

and there are victories won.

And today, two very dangerous people

are no longer on the street.

You... You helped make that happen.

You just hold on to that, okay?

Good. Okay, come here.


♪ I don't believe in love ♪


How are you doing?

You want the truth or a polite answer?

When have you ever been polite?

Stop it.

♪ The well's been poisoned all along ♪

I hate failing.

Daylin is still at large.

I couldn't talk Abril down.

Who was a sociopath. Come on.

But still,

I thought I could get through to her.


I guess some grudges

just are too impossible to get over.

Maybe that's just hitting you
a little harder right now,

because, you know.


Speaking of grudges...

♪ Mine to hold and mine to heal ♪

♪ And it ain't fair and it ain't right ♪


Go home, Simone.

Leave me be.

Good night.

♪ It's just hurting, but I'm learning ♪

♪ Ohh ♪

Uh, do you mind if I
finish taking his statement?

He's all yours.


♪ How could I not see this coming? ♪

How are things back at your office?

DOJ is already talking "inquiries."

It'll be a thing. As it should be.

Look at you, continuing
to stand up for what's right,

no matter what the cost.

I admire that.

You didn't, back at Quantico.

I was so worried about sticking out

or... Being seen as difficult.

You teach people how to treat you.

I learned that the hard way.

When I got in the Bureau,

I was a company man,
toeing the line for years.

I blended in so well
that when it came time

for promotions, they forgot I was here.

You've got a good thing going here.

Your boss respects you.
Your team is inclusive.

You're a leader.

Own it.


We're doing good work here,

even though today was not ideal.

Pulling the trigger on someone,
it's never easy.

You could probably use a drink.

So could I.

I'm buying.

I owe you.

You're damn right you do.

♪ It's just hurting, but I'm learning ♪

- Hey.
- Hey!

Thought you... you had
a flight to catch.

I bumped my flight. Came to see Laura.

- Oh.
- Mm.

Apparently you told her the plot of this

made-for-TV movie you were in,
and now she wants to talk.

Well, if my powers of persuasion
are as good as I think they are,

then maybe she realized
what she's missing.

Or maybe she wants to officially end it.

I like my version better.

♪ The well's been poisoned all along ♪

♪ But I couldn't taste it ♪

♪ That's how my mama raised me ♪

Well, Brendon was right.

Well, he wasn't right.

The writer of the Lifetime movie
he did was.

About what?

I've been trying to convince
myself that what we have

is uncomplicated...

You know, just fun hookups and banter.

But the truth is, I care about you

more than you know.

So... I'm all in, too.

If we can agree on some rules.


Who's the one who's Type A now?


Now, we have to find some time

to see each other
every two weeks in person.

I have a lot of frequent flier miles.

I don't mind sharing.

We can even meet in the middle.
Fun fact, that's Oklahoma.


Now, you know that I hate labels,

but it's important to you, so...



will you be my boyfriend?

♪ Staring at the stars ♪

Too much? Too little?

Too late?

It's perfect.

Absolutely perfect.

The answer is yes.

♪ Nobody's gonna save me ♪

♪ That's how my daddy raised me ♪

Okay, I just have more slides
to go through,

if you don't mind.

- Right.
- Okay.


Oh, hi there.

I am looking for Benny Reynolds' room.

It's , Daddy.

Simone, you are here.

And I don't want to be, but I also

don't want to keep carrying
all this hate around either.

He has no power over us.

We are in control.

What we do, how we react, we choose,

not him.


Forgiveness is for the forgiver.

You understand?

- Okay, Daddy.
- Mm-hmm.

Let's go see the man.


Afterwards... we will go home

and I will kick your tail in chess.

Keep dreaming, old man.

♪ But I'm learning ♪
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