10x15 - Blood and Honor

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Chicago P.D.". Aired: January 2014 to present.
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Activities of the Chicago District 21 police, whose intelligence unit combats major offenses. A spin-off from "Chicago f*re".
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10x15 - Blood and Honor

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Here we go.

- How y'all doing?
- Hi.


What is Jordan teaching her?

How to check. You see that?

I told you, if she gonna
learn hockey from him,

he gonna teach her how to scrap.

I've been told Jordan's a
more "legit" teacher than I am.

That he is.

Come on, kid!

Nice hit!

There you go.

Yo, what's up with Burge?
She pulling up?

Uh, no. She, uh, got an appointment.

Just so you know,
she did tell me about that.

- Did she?
- Mm-hmm.

That's good.
That's a step forward. All right.

- Glad to hear that.
- Yeah.

I don't know if you ever met Burgess,

- but she will get through it.
- Nah, I know.

How you doing?

Yeah, I'm good. I'm good.

I'm just trying to keep Makayla out,

keep her busy when Kim's got
the therapy, the meetings.

- Yeah.
- That poor kid.

She's had to understand
way too much of this type

- of thing, you know?
- Yeah.

Got to keep her protected from it.



- That's how you do it, Mack!
- Hey!

- Jordan, stop crying, man.

- Shut up, Kev.

Aw, son of a bitch.

Here we go. What happened?

I got a patrol buddy in Hegewisch.

He caught a scene.
Wants me to take a look.

Go. Go.

- You know we got her.
- Yeah.

We're gonna drop her off

hopped off of candy and chaos
soon as we done.

That sounds like way more fun
than what I'm about to do.

- See you later, bro.
- Be safe, dog.


- Yeah?
- Hey, listen.

I gotta go to work,
so you're gonna go home

- with Uncle Kev and Jordan, OK?
- OK.

- I'll see you later.
- See you later.

Be safe!


- Gerry. How are we doing, man?
- Hey.

Thanks for coming out. I owe you.

- You good? Family good?
- Yeah. You?

Carmen's got me sleeping on the couch,

but I made the best of it.
Bought a new couch.

Well played.

That enough pleasantries?

You're always such a social gem, Gerry.

Yes, it is. What'd you catch?

That's the thing. I don't know.

Thought you could take a look.

ME's stuck at another site.

I don't know when
they're gonna get down here

to take a look at the bodies.



The neighbors called in a smell.

Partner and I found them like this.

No sign of forced entry.

Felt like a m*rder-su1c1de to me.

Partner wanted to call in the cavalry,

but, uh, thought I should
avoid the media.

Looks like they choked to death.


Come on.

Officer, do me a favor.
Clear these people back.

Yeah. Come on. Let's go. Back up.

Gerry, you run this building next door?

Yeah. Place has been
abandoned for years.

No. See? These papers are recent.

Whoa. Whoa.

Adam, what's going on?
We good with this?


♪ ♪

Someone was cooking meth in here.

Fumes leaked upstairs.

Coffee filters, plastic tubing, propane.

That family didn't stand a chance.

We should get out of here. Come on.

Need to clear out the neighbors,

get Hazmat on the horn.


All right. Where are we at?

ID'd the family as the Snyders.

Time of death, hours, give or take.

ME's preliminary has cause of death

as asphyxiation from hydroiodic gas,

so brutal way to go.

Meth lab made a mistake? A leak?

Something went sideways during a cook.

Fumes leaked upstairs.

Must have been bad enough for these guys

to clear out the whole lab.

Supplies, equipment, product...
nearly everything's gone.

Sarge, you're gonna want to see this.

We're running every camera in the area.

There aren't many,

but there's a bus route
that runs right by here.

Caught this.

That's Samantha Beck at a meth lab.

♪ ♪

Martin, Jessa, Joe Snyder.

Found d*ad this morning
from meth byproduct.

Joe, here, he was only ten.

Last year, the Snyders,
they fell on tough times.

They bounced from shelter to shelter

until they found that illegal apartment.

Obviously, it wasn't ideal.
It wasn't up to code.

But it had walls, roof.
It's winter in Chicago.

So they made it a home.

Unfortunately, that home
shared a floor with a meth lab.

Now, the best guess is
the Snyders were unaware

until the lab had problems.

ME thinks that they smelled
the fumes, tried to get out,

but the poison got to them first.

And the whole time,
this connects to the Becks?

To Samantha, at least.

Samantha Beck and her father, Richard.

We met them about a month ago,
when Samantha was abducted.

The kidnappers had ties
to the meth world.

And they ransomed her for $ , , ,

but dear, old dad refused to pay.

Even though he had two
offshore accounts in his name,

still, he didn't blink.

And that is probably why.

The Becks are manufacturing and
running mass amounts of meth.

Yeah, I mean, sounds good.
But what do we actually have?

We have Samantha visiting the lab

five times in the past few months.

Did she ever visit
after the Snyders were k*lled?

No, at least not on camera.

But every time she did,

she drove the same sedan
with dummy plates.

- It was clearly criminal.
- But it's nowhere near enough.

Cams don't have Samantha
entering or exiting the lab,

and we don't have product.

It's not a coincidence she's there.

She's clearly doing pickups.

We can bring her in, press her on it.

We tried that already. She's loyal.

Look, her father's got her running meth.

I mean, she's not
gonna turn on him easy.

We need more.

How much are they running?
Who are they selling to?

Where's the remainder
of their product now?

I mean, their lab is gone.
Are they setting up a new one?

So let's build.

And start with her.


Samantha Beck lives a life of routine.

Single mom.

Drops her kid off at school
every morning.

Heads to work.

And she works for her dad
at Beck Trucking.

The company carts a ton
of above-board products,

so the yard is very secure.

With trucks in and out all day,

you couldn't find a better place

to store and traffic product.

On the outside, they
look like a bright family.

Coworkers, good parents.
Kid's on the hockey team.

Mom and Grandpa watch his games.

He's a good student. She's involved.

All normal stuff,
aside from running meth.

Samantha and her father,
they hardly speak

when they're at work.

They keep to themselves.

But we've got Samantha doing drug runs.

It's always Samantha. It's always clean.

She picks up a car at the yard.

She drops it in a lot.

She picks up a new car,
drives it back to the yard,

drops it in the garage.

Guessing the cash and product

are in that garage, but we got no eyes.

At the last car exchange,

this man picked up Samantha's sedan.

We followed him all the way
to an old house in Wicker Park.

ID'd him as Jeff Corazin.
He's a mid-level meth guy.

Deals dope out of the West Side.

These are straight-up dope deals.

And we never have
Richard's hands on any of it?

No, he lets his daughter
do the dirty work.

We could press Samantha on this.

It's dry conspiracy, but it's something.

What if we did a walled-off
stop at the next switch?

Caught her and the buyer
at the same time.

We can get her on tighter charges,
and it's a better chance.

There's still no guarantee
she gives up her father.

Or... they never saw me.

Richard and Samantha,
on her abduction case.

They never saw me. I could go under.

♪ ♪



Give me the keys! Keys!

- Get away from the car!
- No, no, no, no!

Don't even think about it,
bitch! I'll k*ll you!

Hey! Get away from her!

Get away from her! Hey! Back off!

Get the hell out of here!

You all right?

- Whoa! Whoa, lady! Easy!
- Get your hands off me!

They're gone. They're gone.
Take it easy. Take it easy.

I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm just here to help you.

Come on.


Let's move. Let's move. Let's move.


All right, we gotta go. Come on.

- Come on.
- What the hell are you doing?

The cops are gonna be here any second.

We gotta go. Come on.

Lady, I'm begging you, OK?

All right? I just saved your ass.

Least you could do is get me
the hell out of here, OK?

This piece you got legal? Mine ain't.

OK? Please.

All right. Look, look, look.

My name is Adam, OK?

I'm sure you're nice and everything,

but I don't wanna go
to jail for you, OK?

So please, would you drive the car?

All right.

How are you getting home?

- Got them feet.
- OK.

Look, uh,

if it wasn't clear
when I was trying to k*ll you,

thank you.

Yeah, sure. Sure.

If I knew you had the Glock,
I wouldn't have done it.

I mean, I think
you would have been fine.

Fine, but in jail.

Want a bad can of beer as a thank you?

Yeah, sure. Yeah.


- Here you go.
- Thank you.

I just got to make a call real quick.

Hey. Did they get any of it?


I mean, I'm not an idiot.

Those dudes were waiting for you,

knew you were gonna be there.

You drive a busted Twin Cam.

I mean, I don't think
they even make those anymore.

And pretty clear
you don't got a lot of money.

How do you know...

So they were ripping you, right?

You're not an idiot.

OK, let's go ahead and
pretend I'm not one, either.

You didn't just piece together

I was running product
from the car I drive.

And you weren't magically there,

ready to save me
with your piss-poor piece

you can't even sh**t.

So what do you want?


I want a job.

- Look.

Hey, listen to me.

Some guys at Cork's were bragging about

ripping some chick runner,
lightweight, moving ice.

They practically said the address

that you were gonna be at.

It was too easy. Fell right in my lap.

I thought I could use it to get a job

'cause I want to work
for who you work for.

No, you don't.

Yes, I do.

I've been dealing stepped-on
dime bags the last five years.

I need something more.
I got people to provide for.

Mom, you home?

Callum, what are you doing here?

Practice ended early, so Joe dropped me.

Yo, is that the second one?

You better move, man.

You're gonna run right into that tree.

You gotta jump.

Who are you?

I'm Adam.

Who are you?


OK, honey. Go back upstairs.

- I'll be up in a minute, OK?
- OK.

Nice to meet you, Callum.


I didn't know there was a kid here.

I'm sorry.

He's about the same age
as my daughter, actually.

Listen, would you just
think about it, please?

Here's my number.

I'm not a bad guy. I'm really not.

And I'd be good.

All right.

Thank you for the beer.

You texted me.

Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are.

Surprised and damn jazzed up,
is what I am.

Don't talk like that with him.

Who's him? Who am I meeting?

My father.

Your dad?

- You work with your dad?
- Yeah.

You understood the kind of job I wanted?

Yeah, I cracked that code.

Listen, I didn't tell him
about the men that jumped me.

- Why?
- I didn't.

So don't mention it. And listen.

My father, uh...

he doesn't trust most people.

So if by some grace of God
he trusts you,

then you're gonna be with him for life.

You won't get to leave.

Do you understand?

Wow. I mean, what,
are we taking blood oaths too?

I am not screwing with you.

Tell me that you understand, that you...

that you want to do this.

I understand.


Just wait here a minute.

- What is this?
- His name is Adam.

Met him through Cal's school.
He's got a kid the same age.

He's solid, and he'd like a job.

A job?

I want to bring him in.

I'll coordinate for him.

I'll set him up for drops,
deliveries, exchanges,

just like I do for everybody else.

Wow. She's setting all
the runs and making the deals.

We have had setbacks.

You said it yourself,
we got a big thing coming.

We need more bodies.

He's just a low-level dealer,
not hooked in.

A couple pops for petty possession.

I'm steady, sir.

- I can do whatever you...
- Shh.

This is what you want?

Is this gonna make you happy?

Stantz, vet him.

You ever gonna tell me what we're doing?

Two men inside used to work for us.

They started having fun
with the product instead.

One of them owes the Becks a grand.

Go get it.

Which one of them owes?

It's the big one.


Jesse, with one hand,
he's in the slammer.

Tried to steal a Toyota Corolla.

Problem? Stick shift. [LAUGHTER]

Cops caught him pushing it up the hill.

They had to cuff him at the ankles.

- Fellas, how are you doing?
- BOTH: Oh! Whoa! Whoa!

I'm here for the Becks.

- Richard sent me.
- What the hell?

You owe him a grand, my friend.
I'm just here to collect.

How'd you get in here, man?

- I don't owe nobody nothing.
- Nah.

You owe a grand. If you pay, I go.

No, no, no. We don't owe you.

I'm here to collect.

Why are you here, man?
You ripping or something?

- Easy.
- Oh.

- We don't need that.
- Yeah?

Then why don't you walk out of here?

- Yeah, walk away, bro.
- Walk away.

Once you pay me
the money you owe, I will.

We don't even know you.

Look by the door. You know him?

You recognize him? You understand now?

Let's keep this easy.

All right. Just be ready.

We're gonna wait for him to call it.

Let's make this simple.



All right, move! Move!

You mother... [GRUNTING]

Don't you move. Don't move. Don't move.

Whoa! Whoa! Stand down!

Stand down!

It's over, man.

Where's the money?

Come on.

Come on, man. Where's the money?

Aw, f... just take it.

Thanks for your help.

- Dude, are you OK?
- I'm fine.

Are those two men all right,
or am I in trouble?

They're good.

Torres and Kev are sitting on them

in case that changes.

You guys felt that between
Samantha and her father?

What the hell was that?
She's really scared of him.

I think she held her own.

I mean, she's helping him
run a large-scale DTO.

It's not a good
father-daughter relationship.

I don't know.
It felt like more than that.

It felt wrong.

All right. We'll keep an eye on it.

So Stantz told you
Samantha will be in touch?

Yeah. Yeah, he said she's gonna text me

- with details for my first deal.
- Good.

If this is something big
like Samantha said,

chances are one of the Becks
will be transactional.

When we get them with cash and product,

we can hook them for all of it...

meth and triple homicide.

That's good work.
All right, get some ice.

- Change out.
- Thanks, boss.

I'll grab you an ice pack,
something for your hand.

Appreciate it.


You really good?

I'm fine. I just...

I'll tell you,
this isn't what I expected.

Samantha's not what I expected.

- How so?
- I don't know yet.

- Just isn't.

Yeah, I guess they went for it.

She wants me to meet her
at her house, first thing.

Game on.

My face is fine, thanks for asking.

I gotta tell you,
I gave as good as I got.

Oh, I heard.

But you know, Harold is quite sweet,

as long as you explain things to him.

Oh, yeah? You're funny.

So I pass?

Hand me the peanut butter.


you'll start on company payroll
next week.

You have to show your face
every morning at the yard.

All right. OK.

So how about unofficially?

Unofficially, real jobs come through me.

I am your contact from here on out.

Don't talk to Richard
unless he talks to you.

That his rule or yours?

- First job will be a deal.
- OK.

Well, you tell me when and where.

What's going on?


- Callum!
- Yeah?


What the hell are these?

I don't know.

Well, where did they come from?

Mom, you shouldn't go
through my stuff, OK?

Did Grandpa give these to you?

Did he?

Answer me!

Please don't be mad. Please.

Hey, Sam.

Yo, you telling me
what's going on, or...

I'm leaving. We're done. Go!


Get in the car. Get in the car!

Hey. Yo, slow down, Sam.

What? Can I help?




- Hey, you guys here?
- Yeah, we're here.

We're two blocks down. What's going on?

I got no idea.

It's got something to do
with her father.

Well, dog, just hold up
and let us follow.

No, I got it.

Adam, if she makes you, we're done.

No, I got it. I can use this.

You guys stay at her house.

Stay in the car.


What is this?

I found it in Callum's backpack.

What is it?

He's nine, OK?

Everything you have asked,
I've only asked this one thing!

He is just a kid!


All right.


- Did you follow me?
- Yeah, I followed you.

You took off.
You're driving like a maniac.

Y'all are gonna get hurt
driving like that.

What's going on? What happened?

I mean, you and Callum
need help or something?

We don't need your help.

Just show up at the yard at : a.m.

for work tomorrow, OK?

That's all I need from you.



It's "The Turner Diaries."

Written in the s by a neo-n*zi.

Real fun read.
Just your basic, you know,

ultraviolent, insurrectionist
race-w*r fantasy.

Popular with extremists.

This right here,
it's a h*tler Youth knife.

Looks genuine too.

It's got an inscription on the blade.

Reads "Blut und Ehre."
I think I'm saying that right.

Means "blood and honor."

These were both in Callum's backpack?

Little gifts from Richard Beck.

Huh, so Richard's a white supremacist.

Yeah, so I dug into him
based on that angle.

Couldn't find any current connections,

but I did find an old dummy
Facebook account of Beck's

from ten years ago.

Back then,

he followed white identity sites,

white nationalists, white separatists.

You can call them
whatever the hell you want.

They all preach
the same thing... r*cist hate.

And he's feeding it to his grandchild.

Yeah, he is poisoning that kid.

That's what we were missing
with Samantha.

That's why it felt so wrong
between her and her dad.

And we can't police him for his views,

no matter how hateful they are.

It's not actionable
unless he's committing a crime

in the name of that hate.

And he hasn't. Not yet.

His DTO could have links

to other white supremacist chapters.

He could be funding it
with the proceeds.

All right. That's possible.

- Dig into that.
- All right.

But that angle still means

we get him for drug tr*ffick first.

Just stay the course.

Hey, I've been looking for you.

Team's headed out for the night.

All right.

You're still running Samantha?

Yeah. So she's homeschooled
her whole life by her dad.

- OK.
- There's no evidence

she's ever been out of Illinois.

Never been on a plane.

All of her income comes from him.

He cosigned the lease on her house.

- She's tied to him.
- Yeah, in every way.

So maybe she just can't leave.

I'll tell you what, though.

You should have seen her face

when she found the knife and the book.

It was primal.

She didn't want that stuff
anywhere near her kid.

She can be a protective mom
and still be involved in this.


She's tr*ffick drugs, Adam.

A family died because of their meth.

I mean, if you think
you can protect her...

I don't. I don't. I just...

There's something about she and the kid

that reminds me of us, you know?

That's what's different.


like, she writes cute,
little notes to Callum

on a Post-it Note in
his school lunch, like we do.

And Callum, he's sweet like Mack.

He's still just a sweet kid.

Let's go home before you
have to go back, all right?

Let's go see our daughter.

Yeah. Good call.


not supposed to catch me.



Do you want me to get you ice?

No, I want you to go to sleep.

I'm OK, I promise, but thank you.

Is that from work?

Yeah. Yeah, it's from work.

Go to sleep.

OK. That looks like that's it.

Thanks, guys. Thanks.

- See you later.
- See you later.

You're late.

It's : .

I need you to load product on
those first four trucks there.

All right.

Can we talk about yesterday, please?


Look, it sure didn't feel right.

You know, I'm trying to understand
what I got myself into here.

So if there's something
going on with your dad...

Look, does this seem
like the right place

to talk about this?

This feel right to you?

- The hell is he doing?
- None of it feels right.

That's why I asked.

Frankly, you seem like you
could use someone to talk to.

All right. Well, suit yourself.

I'm good at it, talking.

My older sister talks like she breathes.

And my daughter, Makayla,

she says I got a nice, soft,
talking-to kind of face.


So do with that what you will.

All right. Here we go.


There's nothing but T-shirts.

Come on.




Samantha told me to load these trucks.

There something you need me for?

Come with me.

This doesn't feel right.

Ruz will call it.

Where are we going?

There something wrong?

I don't like this. He could be made.

I mean, we've still got eyes and ears,

and he hasn't called it yet.

He's not gonna have time to call it

if he has a b*llet
in the back of his head.



I thought we should talk.


About what?

My daughter.

My grandson.

Samantha likes you.

I like her too, sir.

She's never brought anyone in before.

I didn't know that.

It makes me ask myself,

why you?

Uh, you'd probably have to ask her.

I did.

She said you remind her of me.

Ambitious, resourceful, loyal.

But I wonder.

I have to know...

Are you like me?

Are you with me?

I think I am.

I have words that say I am.

And if I were to ask you
about my daughter, my grandson,

about whether they're doing anything

that doesn't seem like me...

would you answer me?

Anything like what, sir?

Well, let's just go ahead
and say anything at all.

Anything my daughter does
that seems of importance,

you tell me.



We're doing a job tomorrow.

: a.m. You, me, and Sam.

I'll be there.



♪ ♪

All right. We got a positive.

Truck has got a drop location.
It's got to be a deal.

Look, we get the Becks
transactional, we got them,

so, everyone, follow close.


Yo, I'm at the truck right now.


Yo, Samantha. Slow down.

What do you mean Callum's gone?

Are we up on his undercover phone?

- Yeah, we got it.
- I can't leave.

I'll have someone else cover it.

I think my dad took him, Adam.
I need your help.

Hold on. Wait,
if you think your dad took him,

you should call the police.

- Call the police right now.
- I can't!

I can't call them! Please!

All right, I'm coming.
I'm on my way right now.

This might not be bona fide.

She could have forgotten
he had something this morning,

or this could be
a loyalty test by Richard.

Well, we can't risk it. We can't.

All right, you three, stay on the lot.

Follow that truck.

Whoever shows up to grab it,
follow them.

We'll back up Ruzek.

Copy that.

We got in a fight last night.

I woke up this morning. His bed's empty.

If he talked to my dad...

If you talked to my dad...

I didn't talk to your dad
about you, all right?

I wouldn't do that. Sam.

Hey. What's really going on?
Let's leave.

- Let's call the police.
- No, I can't do that.

I can't, OK?

All right. OK.

All right. Did he take
his tablet with him?

- What?
- Callum.

His tablet.
Was it where he left it last?

I don't know.

- No, I don't think so.
- OK.

So can I see your phone,
just real quick?

All right.

Sarge, we got movement.

Richard just pulled in.
Callum isn't with him.

And we're running blind
without Ruz inside.

I'm gonna jump the fence to get eyes.

Hold on. Hold on.

Guys, we've got multiple trucks moving.

Damn. We can't follow all of them.

Yo, Sarge,
we got three trucks in motion.

Which one do you want us to follow?

Product's not gonna be with Richard.

Just stay on the truck Ruzek
was supposed to be driving.

- It has the tracker.

- His tablet's on your Wi-Fi.
- What?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. He's on your internet.

No, I've been looking for him.

I think he's here.

I have been calling his name.

I have been looking for him everywhere.


Kev, tell me we got something.

Yeah. We got him, Sarge.

The truck just pulled into a lot.

♪ ♪


Callum, it's Adam.
Remember me from the other day?

Sam, I got him!

Oh, thank God!

Hey, man.


You all right?

My mom won't let me see my grandpa.


Wait. What the hell is he doing?

There was no switch.

Stantz never even left the truck.

It must have been a heat run.
They're smart.

I'm thinking Beck and Samantha
wanted to test you easy, early.

Use you as a decoy.

And there were two other trucks

that could have been holding product,

or Beck transported it himself.

We never got eyes on drugs or cash.

We missed the deal.

I made the wrong call.

No, you didn't.

All right. So what's next?

We move on the yard?

Move under the assumption

they got proceeds from the last deal?

Judge won't give us a warrant.

Then we press them.

You know, gamble that we've got enough

to get Samantha talking.

It's too big a gamble.

What about the fact that
Richard is a white supremacist?

He's manipulating his daughter.
He's corrupting his grandson.

We don't have any proof
of any coercion, Adam.

We don't have it, OK? We got nothing.

Yeah, I know.

The only thing left is Samantha.

So just stay under.

- Get closer.
- All right.

- We'll keep building.
- All right.


What are you doing here?

I was... you know, I was headed home.

I thought I'd check on you.

Come on in.

Callum all right?


He's OK.

Look, I'm... I'm sorry
that I called you.

- I didn't know who else to call.
- Samantha, you can call me.

Like I said, you can talk to me.

You did me a huge favor,
giving me this job.

You need help, you just say the word.

I'll do what I can.

I can be here.

Speaking of the job,
should I be worried?

I mean, I just didn't show up today.

Can you smooth that out with your dad?

Yeah. You're gonna
have plenty more chances

- to prove yourself to him.
- All right.

Our buyer's got more product coming.

What... what do you mean product?

Don't you get paid in cash?

Look, with my dad,
it's not always in cash.

What is it?

Supplies, preparations.

For what?

For the end.


What are you doing up?

I couldn't sleep.

I'm sorry.

- I'm so sorry, Mom.
- Oh.

- Come here, honey.
- I'm so sorry.

Come here.

It's OK.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

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