01x07 - Ghosts of w*r

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "RoboCop". Aired: March 18 – November 26, 1994.
A high-tech robot fights crime in the early 21st century.
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01x07 - Ghosts of w*r

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How do I get to Moore parkway?

What does this look like,
buddy, a gas station?

This is private property, so move before
I have you arrested for trespassing.

I have come in the
name of the Lord.


Let's party!

All right, seconds before the
cops will spot the silent alarm.

Let's hit it!

Available units, silent alarm in Omni-Militech
storage facility, Delorian avenue.

Please respond!

Night, let the forces of evil tremble.
The justice has a new champion.

Megabyte man!

You, superhero! How about this?

The latest field combat hacker. bitrate
with a laser satcomlink and mass-density battery.

This will be mighty w*apon
in my w*r against evil.

Sir! The cannon is in perfect
working cond (?), sir.

This is an unauthorized entry!
You are all under arrest!

I, Jeanne of Arc,
command you, begone!

- That sucks!
- sh**t the plasma cannon!

This one's for America!


Hey, Combat Bill!

I think you're supposed
to wear these.


Go ahead and shock the
flatline, then let's quit.

Okay, everybody clear!

Officer Alex Murphy sh*t to
death in a line of duty.

Legally he's d*ad. We can
pretty much do what we want.

There's a new guy in town.
His name's Robocop.

Murphy, it is you.

Oh Murphy... How bad?

Bad. Some kind of massive electrical discharge
fried every dendrit in his synaptic net.

What the hell did this?

Well, nothing that I know of.

But whatever it is, packs
a heck of a punch.

Nice dress.

I need to retrieve any data
from his memory on the robbery.

Madigan, this is a total disruption. There
may not be any memory left, period.

What've we got, Sarge?

Hot date?

Well, I could flash in
the pan, what's up?

No prints, no fibres, no DNA traces,
but forensics did find these.

Dog tags? Looks
like they're fried.

I'll see if I can get the
lab to raise the engraving.

Sergeant, I demand to know
what the hell's going on here.

I'm afraid you've
been robbed, sir.

Detective Madigan is in
charge of the investigation.


Eugene Omar, vice-president

Yes sir, I know.

Interpreting the on-duty dresscode a
little liberately, aren't we, detective?

This was an emergency call, sir,
I didn't have time to change.

Sergeant, will you tell me why this case
has been assigned to a wo-, rookie?

Detective Madigan is one of
our best investigators, sir.

The first thing we'll need is an
inventory of what was stolen.

Hold on! Most of the ordnance
in here is top secret.

Well, that's a problem, sir, we need to
know what we're looking for, don't we?

Sergeant, keep me posted.

And you, little lady... I didn't stand for insubordination when I
hold brass on my shoulders. And I'm damned if I'll take it from you.

Real, live chauvinist pig.

What does he think this is,
the twentieth century?

This is still a men's world.

Yeah, well maybe that's
why it's so screwed up.

Is he gonna die?

This one's for America!

This one's for America!

I'm gonna be like Combat
Bill when I grow up!

This one's for America!

Okay, raise the right arm.

His head's turning.

Yeah, I can see that.
Okay, hold on.

Got it. Now, raise
the right arm.

Did you reprogram the counter of
ionization on the field dampers?

Of course I did.

Lucky guess.

Hey, Charlie! Can I talk to him?

Oh, I'll try his vocal synapse.

Off... officer... office...

Adjusting a tonal oscillation.

Officer... Officer Madigan,
how can I help you?

All right, he's back!

How are you feeling, partner?

I have been better.

Okay, so what hit you, can you
remember anything about the robbery?

My memory banks were damaged.

There is much conflicting data.

Okay, maybe this will jog a few circuits. We found
a melted pair of dog tags on the scene, right?

We've got a lab to raise the engraving enough to where we could
identify one of them is belonging to something called H-company.


Also known as Hard Company. An
elite combat unit in the Amazon.

The entire company was massacred in the
Feliz Navida offense nine years ago.

Sure, we learned all about that in
social studies class. They were heroes.

Great, our only solid piece of evidence,
and it points to a d*ad Amazon w*r hero.

- Madigan!
- Sarge!

I've warned you about locking
horns with OCP brass.

I just got a call from Public Works, Mr. Omar and the
chairman himself want to see you, and I mean right now.

That's good, cause I'd
like to talk to them.

- Madigan!
- Don't worry Sarge, I'll be my usual charming self.

Yeah, that's what
I was afraid of.

Come on, Gadget, upstairs.

Oh, can I stay? Please, Sarge!

I don't mind if she hangs around.
Maybe she'll learn something.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

You behave yourself, okay?

Don't worry, Charlie
and me will fix you.

On the floor above, OCP's Neurobrain and Metronet computers manage the
utility needs of over million people, all of it powered from here.

This room is the heart
of the entire system.

And this is what makes it tick.

OCP's contribution to the
periodic table of elements.

The first and only s*ab trans-uranic catalyst that
successfully fuses hydrogen isotopes at low enough temperatures

to make cold fusion energy
possible on a major scale.

The scientific explanation
is in your brochures.

But with these kilograms of omnium, we can generate
enough energy to run our city into the next century.

Imagine the possibilities!

Enough power to industrialize a nation without a drop
of oil, hydro dams or those pesky nuclear reactors.

And remember, our price includes installation plus, at no extra
charge, a custom security system complements of Omni-Militech.

- General Omar!
- Yes, thank you, sir.

Well... we have full video coverage
enhanced by thermal, sonar and ion sweeps.

Now, say one of those crazy rebel groups that's
always pestering you folks tries to take over?

That elevator is
the only way in.

Should an intruder gain entry, cryoblasters will instantly reduce
the temperature of the car to near absolute zero in . seconds.

Now, if that doesn't stop them cold, a -ton armored door drops
into place, sealing off this chamber with an impenetrable barrier.

Gentlemen, I'm afraid we
have to leave you now.

Business calls. If you have any further
questions, I'm sure Dr. Tang can answer them.

You wanted to see me, sir?

Not here, detective, this way.

Is this what you call
proper on-a-job attire?

It is a Metro-South.

Sir, I've got to discuss...

One moment, detective.

What is this?


Little lady, what we're about to
tell you is highly classified.

You understand, detective, we can't risk exposing
military secrets to the enemy or, worse, a competitor.

Mr. Chairman, I'm only interested
in taking out the bad guys.

I understand that.

But the stolen items must be recovered quietly.
After all, we don't want to cause a panic.


One of the w*apon might pose a
significant thr*at to public safety.

What the hell was
in that warehouse?

In case you run into whatever caused
that issue again, I'm installing an EDF.

EDF, that means electrostatic
damping field.

Right. Here goes.

This one's for America!


Robo, what's wrong?


You shouted a name, "Frank".

Uncle Sam's mission in the Amazon w*r is to
defeat the enemy while saving the rainforest.

This ruled out most conventional w*apon today. Omni Militech
answer, a plasma cannon. A new generation in military technology.

We developed the plasma
cannon for the Pentagon.

As a way to neutralize the enemy while causing
minimum damage to the flora and fauna.

Neutralize, as in k*ll.

It fires a concentrated energy bolt at million zoidian gausses, capable
of destroying the electrical system of any machine, w*apon or human.

Needless to say, OCP is anxious
to avoid any publicity.

The very existence of this
w*apon must remain secret.

Oh, a k*lling machine is on the loose but you
do not want to warn the people about it?

Try to understand OCP's position,
detective. If word of its theft gets out...

If word gets out, you tell them that people's lives are
more important than your precious corporate image!

Our country is at w*r. To divulge
any of this would be treason.

Punishable by death.

It's not very nice
to spy on a lady.

The plasma cannon is ready
for transport, sir.

Good work, soldier. Our whole
mission depends on this baby.

Dr. Rimmer, I saw her... a super-villainess
inhabiting the city's computer net!

Hey, I'm real happy for you, pal. Just
remember to take your super-vitamins.

Say hi to God from me, Joanie!

What's the problem, Lupus?
Are you starting to shed?

Your damn pills can't help me!
I'm changing!

Look: Fangs, hairs, I'm itchingly
crazy, it's k*lling me.

Down, boy! Somebody help!

See what happens when you
don't take your medication?

Let him sleep it off.

Damn it, he's sick, sir!

I gave you an order, soldier!

Roger that, sir.

Roger that.

You said the medication would
pacify their episodes.

Hey, we are dealing with post-trauma personality displacement,
psychosis the likes of which the medical world has never seen.

Can I help it if every so often
one of them slips a gear?

Colonel Brock!

Damn it! Now what?

It's Lupus, sir. He's d*ad.

In the name of Father,
Son and the Holy Spirit.

Murphy! I didn't know Charlie
put you back online.

I put myself back. A crime
has been committed.

So, I was just about to scan the
Pentagon data on Hard company.

All k*lled in action.

These dog-tags had to
come from somewhere...

Try next of kin.

None. I don't get it.

I will put those
pictures on the wire.

So Murphy, you sure you're okay?

Yes, but thank you
for your concern.

All right.

Lying, Alex? I didn't know you
were programmed for deception.

I did not lie.

Okay, you bent the truth.

You know those are the creeps you
ran into at the Militech warehouse.

d*ad men do not commit crimes.

Why not? Officially, we're d*ad,
and it hasn't stopped us.

Diana, can you access the Pentagon's
classified data on Hard company?

Do you know how many security codes are
layered on that stuff? There's a w*r on!

That should not be difficult
for someone with your skill.

First lying, and now flattery?

What has got into you, Alex?

It is personal, Diana.

Okay, I'll do it, but
only as a favor for you.

Keep me informed.

Yes, sir.

Got you, Murphy!

Friends of yours?

They are parents of a friend.

Correction... foster parents.

Frank was an orphan.

You and this Frank were close?

We grew up together.

Frank Uno was a sergeant at
Hard company, k*lled in action.

But I saw him alive.

Did you check the
Pentagon's files?

All I could find out was that Hard company was assigned to a
top-secret biochemical project just before they were massacred.

And their codename was,
get this, "Big Sword".

Ask nicely, and I may tell you the name of the Pentagon
officer in charge of Hard company and Big Sword.

Tell me, please.

General Eugene Omar.

Vice-president of Omni Militech.

One and the same.

You see what happens
when you're nice?

Diana. Thank you.

Anything for a friend.

Two hours to go, look alive.

You're one cold sucker, sir,
begging your colonel's pardon.

Don't let one casualty make you lose
sight of the objective, soldier!

He was in country with us,
we bled on the same dirt.

It was no casualty,
Lupus was a friend.

And a thousands more
are just like him.

They'll all die the
same way if we fail.

Lupus would've
wanted us to go on.

Sanitation workers found
him in the city dump.

Figured he was just another
homeless John Doe.

The cop who responded got your APB on Hard company, she did two tours
in the Amazon, and she recognized this... Zoom at the right wrist.

Let me guess, H-company. This guy was
supposed to be k*lled nine years ago.

Yeah, I know, Feliz Navida.

I don't get it. Why did this
guy end up in our morgue?

Well, the coroner said he had highly advanced
nerve damage and cell cancer. Poor guy.

He was literally
eaten away inside.

If he was a member of Hard company, guess what,
Sarge? Pentagon has been lying to us all these years.

Yeah, well it wouldn't
be the first time.

Detective Madigan!

I'm in an important meeting when I get
a call demanding that I come here.

Like a come-in criminal.

This time I'm gonna
have your badge.

I didn't call you in, sir.

Then who the hell did?

I did.

General Omar, you are wanted for questioning
in connection with the warehouse robbery.

You have the right to remain silent, you may
have a lawyer present during questioning.

If you cannot afford a lawyer,
one will be provided for you.

Your heads are going
to roll for this!

This one's for America!

Frank Uno, sergeant, first
class with H-company.

And Lyle Vance, another member of Hard
company found d*ad in a city garbage dump.

This all means squat to me.

You were the Pentagon officer
in command of Hard company.

That information is classified.

Did you know that members of
Hard company are still alive?

No, I did not.


Voice-stress analysis
indicates you are lying.

Hard company... never existed.

It was a coverstory cooked up...
when we formed the Ghost squad.

Ghost squad?

Volunteers, orphans mostly.
People who wouldn't be missed.

They carried out the
most sensitive missions.

The ones that
officially don't exist.

Mr. Brown, you've just won a brand new SUX
and gallons of ultra-leaded gasoline.

What do you have to
say for yourself?

Boy, do I feel stupid!

Oh, you missed a good one.

Here goes... He's
a winner, folks!

Freeze! Lose the g*n!

Okay, okay, we don't get
paid enough to get sh*t.

Lock them up!

Let's go!

We have taken the objective.

Somebody's pirating the signal over the
police comnet, you'd better take a look.

To protest the cruel treatment of Americans
who fought and died in the Amazon jungle,

we have seized OCP Public Works.

We have a w*apon capable of destroying the omnium
core which powers the Metronet that runs your city.

The plasma cannon.

We demand that former general Eugene Omar,
now OCP vice-president of Omni Militech,

divulges the facts of operation
"Big Sword" to the American public.

Divulges the facts of operation
"Big sword" to the American public.

You have one hour to comply.

If our demand is not met,
we will turn off your city.


Can they carry out this thr*at?

Well, destruction of the
isotopes is just for openers.

The electrostatic pulse of that
cannon would fry the whole system.

The power will be out for
years, maybe decades.

General Omar, what about
giving in to their demand?

Wait-wait-wait, what
is "Big Sword" anyway?

That information is classified.

Oh come on!

Big Sword was a secret biochemical
projecct assigned to Hard company.

How the hell do you know that?

That information is classified.

General Omar, if you don't give them what they want
those maniacs are gonna carry out their thr*at!

Now you try to imagine what a permanent
loss of power will do to this city.

It will be the stone age before sunrise, do
you really want that on your conscience?

You're asking me to commit
treason, I won't do that.

Tell that to the chairman.

Omar, what the hell's going on?
Are these people serious?

I'm afraid that's a roger.

Sir, I strongly advise against
negotiating with these t*rrorists.

Quite right, but
can we stop them?

They control the security system,
sir, we can't get to them.

I can.

Hold on. The EDF I installed may shield you
from one blast of that cannon, two tops.

Any more could result
in terminal shutdown.

I will have to take that risk.

He is our only chance, sir.


Robocop, we're
counting on you, son.

Good luck.

You heard?

Are you kidding?

Whatever they use to jam that signal
gave me one very large headache.

Can you access the Public
Works security system?

I already tried. They've got a hacker who
could show me the way around the computer.

Alex, do you know what bolt of electrical
plasma fired into the omnium core would do?

Permanent erasure of all data in Metronet
and Neurobrain memory, including you.

Permanent erasure.

It's one way to describe it.

Another is death.

It's time for... Commander Cash!

Stupid g*n, stupid old g*n!

Hey, Bobby! Why the long face?

I'm bored! There's
nothing to do!

Well, we can't have our
nation's children bored.

You need the Eliminator-!

It has over realistic warfare features including satellite
dish, flamethrower, anti-t*nk m*ssile and cluster b*mb!

And, if you act now, you'll
also receive "bag-o-guts"!

Wow! Looks like a
real w*r wound!

Dad, don't let your little soldier
get bored, I am the Eliminator-!

Additional bag-o-guts available at
all OCP toy outlets and gift shops.

This is a MediaBreak bulletin.

A shocking development tonight.

A small band of armed t*rrorists has seized
control of the OCP Public Works complex.

We have few details but the police has cordoned off the area,
and the chairman of Omni-Consumer Products is on the scene.

We now go there live.

I repeat, there's no need to panic. We
have total control of the situation.

The citizens of this city, not to mention our shareholders,
can rest assured OCP will never bow to t*rrorists' thr*at.

We can't allow ourselves to be bullied and intimidated
by a small group of mali-justed individuals.

Let him talk. In ten minutes he and three
million citizens will be freezing in the dark.

We have provided a way to
handle it, I assure you...

Police business, make way.

As I said, everything's under control.
Robocop's on the job.

Joan, get up there,
hold him off!

Activate the elevator!

Hit it!

Now that's staying cool!

Hit him!

Take him out!



Surrender, or there
will be trouble.

Trouble? Well, I'll
show you trouble.

This one is for America!

Hold, you'll hit the omnium!

What do we do now?

What we came to do, soldier.
Get back to your post.

Away of me, robot!

Now we are both offline.

This is between us, Frank.

I'm Combat Bill.

Your name is Frank Uno.

No, no! Frank Uno was a wimp man, Frank Uno was a wimp. Frank Uno
was... he couldn't stand the heat of battle, that's why I took over!

Combat Bill.

God... I can feel myself slipping
away, I ca-I can't stop it!

I want to help you, Frank.

How do you know my real name?

That is not important now.

Tell me about operation
"Big Sword".

It's k*lling me. It's k*lling all
of us that fought in the Amazon.

General Omar came up with this idea for Big
Sword... some sort of chemical w*apon.

k*lling people but
not the plants, ha!

A depopulate.

God forgive us.

What are you doing?

We have to help Joan
and Combat Bill!

Forget them. They're
casualties of w*r, soldier.

And so are you.

And they tried to hush us
up, shipped us state-side.

Straight to the loony bin, they started
pumping us full of dope to keep us quiet.

And we would've still been there if
good ol' Brox didn't come along.

Who is Brox?

He was stationed at the
hospital last year.

He and doc Rimmer, they wanted
to help us tell the truth...

warn the people about Big Sword.


Well, they care!

They're the only ones that
care about what happens to us.

What was that?

He's been sh*t!

Do you still believe Brox and
Rimmer want to help you?

Warning: Core failure.
Critical loss of power.

Backup systems overloaded. Termination of
computer memory will occur in minutes.

Alex! Please help me,
they took the omnium!

Alex, help me, please!

What was that?

A friend. She is dying.

Warning: Backup systems overloaded.
Termination of computer memory in minutes.

Alex, please help me!

Alex, please! Help me, Alex!

There it is again.

Your partners are
stealing the omnium.

I must stop them.

Count me in.

Oh God, those maniacs have
shut down the Metronet!

What the hell have you
got my company into?

Mr. Chairman, I assure you...

The only assurance I want is that your letter of
resignation will be on my desk first thing in the morning!

You pompous strutting
matronette (?)!

My resignation?

You bet your ass!

Warning: Termination of computer memory
will occur in minutes seconds.


Our South American partners will
pay extra buggle for this baby.

Warning: Termination of computer
memory will occur in minutes.

I'm getting weaker, Alex.

- Please!
- Man, you sure got some weird friends.

Why does she call you "Alex"?

We are close.

Yeah, I knew a kid named Alex once...
no-no, a long time ago.

Alex... Murphy.

Yeah, yeah, how did you...

How would you...

Murphy, is that you?

I was. A long time ago.

No, it can't be...

Man, you sure have changed.

So have you.

You are under arrest.

Warning: Termination of computer
memory will occur in minutes.

Get behind me!

Give it up, Brox!

This one IS for America!

I'm getting weaker, Alex.
Please help me!

Warning: Termination of computer
memory will occur in minute.

Ha! You missed!

No, you missed!

Warning: Termination of
computer memory in seconds.

, , , , , , , , ...

Power has been restored.
Have a nice day.

Are you all right?

Thanks to you.

Hey, do I see an angel?

I will summon paramedics.

Don't bother.

Tell my parents that...

What will we tell them?

That he died.

For his country.

Give us three minutes, and
we'll give you the world.

This is MediaBreak with Bo
Harlan and Rocky Crenshaw.

As Congress began hearings on the Big Sword's scandal, rocking
the Pentagon, members approved funding for medical research

to help Amazon vets who may have
been exposed to the deadly biotoxin.

In Detroit, former general Eugene Omar resigned from the Omni
Militech after his involvement in Big Sword was exposed.

The sale of Puerto Rico to the group of Taiwanese
businessmen is a step closer to reality.

As the government spokesperson noted today in
Washington: "They have plans for it, we don't".

Sorry about your friend.

He may have saved the lives
of a lot of Amazon w*r vets.

At least, he went out as a hero.

He was a good soldier.

I wonder how many more like him
have to die in that stupid w*r.

Do you think the Amazon w*r
will ever come to an end?

Let's hope so.

With luck, maybe we
will outgrow it.
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