02x01 - Episodes 1-6

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Freedom Fighters: The Ray". Aired: December 8, 2017 – July 18, 2018.
Reporter Raymond Terrill is attacked with a genetic light b*mb that gives him super powers.
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02x01 - Episodes 1-6

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I'm just saying it would really suck

- if we kidnapped the wrong guy.

No, no, no. We didn't kidnap him.
We're recruiting him.

CURTIS: Would still suck though.


Where am I? What's going on?

I see he's awake.

I can't believe you tranq-darted him.

It was a tranq-flechette, actually.

Wait a sec. I know you guys.

Really? Was it the masks and
colorful outfits that gave it away?

Don't mind him. He likes to
bust the chops of the rookies.


We keep an eye
on emerging heroes. Metas.

Seemed like a good time for us to meet.

What he means is you've been using
your powers in public quite a bit.

You know about that?
How do you know about that?

We do our homework, Mr. Terrill.

Raymond Terrill. Born March, ,

graduated Central State University .

His brother, Michael, died in .

Lives with his mother, Grace,
and father, Richard.

You still live with your parents?

We'll come back to that.

It sounds like you could still
use some training

in the proper use of your powers.

And we've got some
experience in that area.


Whatever training we're talking about,

it's gonna have to be on the job.

What's going on?

That was Mari McCabe.

Trouble in Detroit.



That never gets old.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

Keep it together.

FLASH: Um, guys.

When Cisco said military prototype,

I think what he really meant was...

CURTIS: A giant robot.

Isn't this like the coolest?

VIXEN: Well, that's
one way of looking at it.


But that thing's already
destroyed three city blocks.

Well, we need to keep it
from being four.


Waiting for an invitation.

Yeah. Right.



You guys probably run headfirst
into danger all the time.

But, like, uh,
how often do you make it back?

I've never run a statistical analysis.

I've also never fought a giant robot.

(MACHINE g*n f*ring)

















Do you think the cable's gonna hold?

I made them. They'll hold.

We need to herd it towards the web.

And now are we supposed to do that?

I think I got an idea.



It's working.

He's headed towards the net. Get ready.



Next time, aim your blasts
in a tighter grouping.

Wow! How about a, "Nice job, kid"?

That was his nice job, kid.

I'm Mari, by the way.

Ray. That's actually my name.

And my code name.

I don't think you really understand

the whole secret identity thing.

Seriously, Ray, great job.

Particularly for your
first giant robot fight.

- There's gonna be more?
- Maybe.

That was some
quick thinking in the field.

But you need to hone your skills.

And now, he's gonna offer to train you.

Shh. He doesn't like it
when you steal his thunder.

Well, if you're offering,
the answer is yes.

You're offering, right?

I guess I have to now.

Thank you!


Ah, I gotta go though.

It was great to meet you guys.

I'll see you soon.



Raymond? Where have you been?

Um, out with some new friends.

I lost track of time. Again.

What kind of friends?

The "not bad" kind. Don't worry.

- Ray.
- Yeah?

If there's anything
you want to tell me about,

the people you spend your
time with, you know you can.

They're good people.

They're trying to make
the world a better place.

Like Michael.

And these friends are... Other men?

Some of them.

Okay. I love you, Ray.

I love you too, Mom.

What I mean to say is,

I love you for everything you are,

without conditions.

Do you understand what I'm saying?



Stay downstairs!

Is that an earthquake?

Get downstairs with Mom!

I looked all over the world for this.

Turns out I was just looking
in the wrong world.

You look just like him.

a pansy like him as well?

I'm genuinely curious.

Is this world devoid of
Aryan perfection?

Yeah. You could say that.

Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God...



Surrender the cortex and I won't
make you suffer before you die.


Final warning.



Do you even know what this is?

It is the means for me to tear out

the resistance root and branch.




Oh, my God! Look at your face.

You were right.

Wait, what happened to you?

You were right about the cortex.

I should've tried harder to destroy it

or asked to get the Heroes for help.

Slow down. What happened?

One of those super-n*zi
from the other Earth.

She came to my parents' house.

Oh, my God! Are they...

I checked. They're fine.

I... I... They think it
was just an earthquake.

- In Oklahoma?
- I don't know. Fracking.

But she took it. The cortex.

RAY: She said she can use it
to k*ll thousands of people.

I should've listened to you.
I should've...

Hey! It's okay. It's okay.
It's gonna be fine.

No. It's not.

I was so caught up in being
the big-sh*t super hero.

I was... I was so excited
to be like Michael.

To feel like I was
helping people for once.

I wasn't thinking.

Look, people make mistakes, Ray.

You can't b*at yourself up about it.

Besides, that's the
super-n*zi's job, right?

No? Too soon? Hey, look, you screwed up.

We all do. And I'm sure that goes
double for new super heroes.

Point being, you pick yourself
up and you try to fix things.

How do I fix this?

I turned my back on an entire
world and people in danger.

You'll figure something out.

You always do.

- Really?
- Really. Look,

I get it. I can't imagine

what it's like to grow up in
the shadow of a d*ad w*r-hero.

But you somehow talked yourself
into this weird idea that...

you'd do the right thing
because of Michael.

You don't man. You do the
right thing because of you.

Because you're that kind of person.
That's who you are, Ray.


DAD: What do you mean "you
have to get out of town."

RAY: Just for a little while.

Does this have anything to do
with what happened to your face?

A little. But I've got it handled.

Well, your Mom says you've got some...
some new friends.

Did you get uh...

Well, did you get attacked
because of these friends?

You mean, did I get
jumped because I'm gay?

Because I didn't get jumped.

But I am gay.

Well, gay means happy, right?

Ah, yeah. Huh. Sometimes.

What you're father's saying is, so
long as you're happy, so are we.

We're proud of you. And whoever
you wanna... you know.


You grew up right.

You sure you don't wish I'd
grown up to be Michael?

MOM: Don't be silly. Michael
was an exceptional person.

But so are you.

We've never wanted you to be
anyone other than our Ray.


Thanks, Mom.

I love you, guys.



- Hey, Cisco.
- Whoa, dude.

What happened to your face.

n*zi super girl.

Come again?

Short version. 'Cause I
don't have a lot of time.

I got my powers from another Ray

from another Earth where the
n*zi's have taken over.

Okay. I get it. Very funny, Barry.

Cisco, I'm serious. I need to
find a way to get to n*zi Earth.

And I heard that's your jam.

So, you want me to send you
to an Earth overrun by n*zi's

including a n*zi supergirl.

Uh... yeah.

My life is so weird sometimes.

CISCO: If what's going down on n*zi
Earth is as serious as you say,

you shouldn't be heading
our there without backup.

I can't let anyone else get
hurt because of me, Cisco.

Does that include Barry k*lling me

when he finds out
I let you do this alone?

- You don't have to tell him.
- Sure point.

I have to say it. It might sound weird.

But I can't believe I'm
missing out on n*zi Earth.

Cisco, you're seriously the only
person who wants to visit n*zi Earth.

Yeah. That's probably true.

All right. Your power's left you
with a vibrational reminiscence

of your doppelganger from n*zi Earth.

Which I was able to use
to attenuate the breach.

So you end up in the right
world in the multiverse.

Yeah, I didn't understand any of that.

I think I'm sending you
to the right Earth.

But you'll still be in Central City.


What's your plan when you get there?

Find other members of the Resistance

- before I get k*lled by super n*zi's.
- Good plan.

I gotta look
at their secret base, Elier.

I think I can find it.

Here's hoping.

- Be careful, Ray.
-I will.

And if you see my doppelganger,
tell him he's awesome.

Never go n*zi.












PHANTOM LADY: Don't sh**t!

He's on our side.

thought you were d*ad.

Yeah. About that. I need
to talk to you both.

I can't believe Ray died on your Earth.

I'm sorry I couldn't save him.

We have other problems if Overgirl
has Tornado's Neural Cortex.

The New Reichsmen
will know where we are.

If they did they would
have moved on us already.

They're probably just
mustering their forces.

They know this is their chance

to wipe out the entire resistance.

I came here to help.

I think you've helped enough

by letting Overgirl
obtain Tornado's Cortex.

Sorry. I messed up. But your
friend gave me these powers.

And I wanna make things right.

We are short-handed.

Okay then. What are we gonna do?

- We need to abandon the base.
- And go where?

If we split up they can't k*ll us all.

Splitting up would mean
the end of the Resistance.

So would the New Reichsmen
attacking us here.

At least we'd be alive.

We can't give up.

This moment, right here
is our last stand.

We can't fight them all.

They g*n us and outpower us.

Winning is no longer
an option. Only survival is.

Our parents, our grandparents,
they started this fight.

What would they say if they were here?

I'd say they'd say
they wanted us to live.

We don't have a battleplan.


I don't know much about this Earth.

But I know something about my Earth.

My Earth isn't like this one.

RAY: My Earth isn't perfect.

It... it's nowhere close
to perfect. But...

at least there's hope. And I'm here
to tell you that it's possible

that freedom is possible.

You can be exactly who you are
without having to live in fear.

I can help you imagine a better world.

The world you can have if
you're willing to fight for it.

RAY: I'm willing to fight for it.
Because I've seen it.

And I'll fight like hell
to show it to you.

- So will I.
- Who's with us?

- Yeah.
- Yes.

We've got incoming!

Come on!


We need to set up a perimeter.

Just point me in the right direction.



You shouldn't be here.

I think this is exactly
where I should be.



You should have stayed
in your own crappy universe.

- Ray!
- Stay on Black Arrow.



We'll never stop.

Let's see what your new "friends"
have to say about that.


Whatever she says, don't listen to her.

This is very simple.

With his powers, the Reich can open

breaches all across the multiverse.

We will raise the n*zi flag
over infinite Earths.

Stand down and we'll spare yours.

Think of your family.
Think of your friends.

I am thinking of them.

And they want me
to tell you to go to hell.

Doesn't sound all that unpleasant.

k*ll them all.


Fall back!

You heard Overgirl.
No one gets out alive.

We're trapped.

Thought you could use a little help.

We've got cover. Engage!

Let's see you outrun this.

What the...



(PANTING) Why are you fighting?

This isn't your world.
This isn't your fight.

You thr*at to breach your
way to my Earth, remember?

And even if you didn't,
I'd still kick your ass.



The resistance is on its last legs.

You're only prolonging
these people's suffering.

You don't belong here.

You're wrong.

I've spent my whole life trying
to make the world a better place.

But it's this world
that needs me the most.

The resistance is on its last legs.

You're only prolonging
these people's suffering.

You don't belong here.

You're wrong.

I've spent my whole life trying
to make the world a better place.

But it's this world that
needs me the most.

Thanks, kid.

Is that all you've got?

Gonna feel that tomorrow.





He's out cold.




Come on, Ray.

Fight it, you've got the power.


We might actually survive this.

Is that Overgirl?

Move out!

That was...


What about the rest?

Out cold and locked up.

- We won.
- Not entirely.

We have to pack your stuff.
We have to leave.

The Reichsmen may have been finished,

but the Reich is as powerful as ever.

This location is no longer secure.

- We have to leave.
- That's my fault.

Your Ray told me to destroy the cortex

so the Reichsmen wouldn't get it.

I didn't try hard enough.

I wasn't ready to be a hero.

No one ever is. But you're one now.

Our Ray would be proud of you.

Yeah, and he'd be a little grossed
out by the sentimentality.

You ready for me to
vibe you back to your Earth?

- RAY: No.
- What?

Like I said, it's my fault
you're compromised.

And even if it wasn't, it's
like I told n*zi Supergirl,

I'm needed here more than
I'm needed back home.

- Cool.
- Besides, it's like it's meant to be.

Back on my Earth, we all work together.

- As Freedom Fighters?
- No.

But heroes.

Well, government employees.

But still, we help people.

Actually, I think my J'onn's
kinda got a crush on you.

Yeah, I think there are a few
differences between our Earths.

I like dudes, dude.

Interrogation report from the
Reichsmen we captured, ma'am.

We have a location for the Chancellor.

- Who's that?
- Leader of the Reich.

Not for long he's not.

It's go time.

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