01x06 - Decisions

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Switched". Aired: August 1, 2018.
High schooler Ayumi's perfect world evaporates when envious classmate Zenko somehow steals her body, her boyfriend and her life.
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01x06 - Decisions

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Did you find her? Where'd she go? She's in danger.

- Huh?

- What? Actually Originally, I intended to die.

As of yesterday, Ayumi Kohinata has gone missing.

We won't let her k*ll herself.

Track her down at whatever cost!

- Got it.

- Yeah.

What's wrong? Wanna grab something hot to drink? Come on, just for a little bit.

How 'bout it? What's with you, ugly? I changed my appearance but I'm still the same inside.

What's inside? What am I? SHUFFLE This was very well thought out.

Surely if this method is carried out, you would all go back to normal.

Yeah Do you intend on going back? Of course not.

I finally got this body after all.

I was like you before.

What? I was raised in a poor family.

I was always alone.

If I had money, then my whole life would change.

With that in mind, I switched with the daughter of a wealthy family.

I envy you.

Huh? Because you're free, right? My entire life, everything has been decided for me by my parents.

Hey, would you switch with me? After that, I had friends and a boyfriend.

I wanted to keep this life forever, even die for it.

Then why? Why did you try to go back? That's something you already know without asking.

No! Since then, I've always been alone.

You might end up like me if you stay that way.

Even though I stole Ayumi Kohinata's body, I couldn't become Ayumi Kohinata.

What's with you, ugly? You might end up like me if you stay that way.

- Kohinata!

- Ayumi! Ayumi! The Ayumi everyone is looking for is not me.

Umine! Umine! Thank you for searching so late.

Mom she's wasting away.

She hasn't slept.

I've been to every place where she might have gone.

Places she might've gone? Like the park she went to as a child and other memorable places.

I might know of a place.

I'll check there, too! Take a short break, Mom! Huh? We don't know anything about Umine.

So there's only one person to ask.

Mom! We'll talk later.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.

I am not Zenko.

I'm really her classmate, Ayumi Kohinata.

What're you talking about? I know it sounds unbelievable.

But please listen.

Right now, Umine is in my body and she is missing.

If we don't find her soon, she might die.

Is there anywhere you can think of where she might go?

- I don't know.

- Memorable places?

- Or with her dad?

- I said I don't know! I'm sorry for saying these weird things.

Akatsuki Forest.

Thank you very much! MAP OF AKATSUKI FORES We'll have to split up and search.

Kaga and I will look.

Ayumi, you go back home.

I can't do that.

I'm going too.

But the forest is pitch black.

Ayumi, you're afraid of the dark.

It's too dangerous.

Please let me go, too.

I promise I won't be a burden to you two.

Ayumi can take the path on the right.

Kaga! She's determined to go anyway.

Don't overexert yourself.

I won't.

Let's get going.

Umine where are you? I'm scared.

But why am I scared? I understand now.

Back then, when I was inside a darkness I thought would last forever, I felt a fear so deep that I couldn't bear it.

Umine, too might have been suffering in that darkness this whole time.

Umine? Are you okay?

- Umine?

- Don't come near me with that face! I'm begging you.

Everyone is worried about you.

Let's go home together.

No You just came to get your body back.

It wasn't just Kaga.

Even Koshiro took your side and you all just think I'm pathetic.

That's not true! I am truly glad that you're alive and safe.

Go away.

Go away! Ayumi! Are you okay? I am, but Umine.

I came to get you.

You didn't come for me, Koshiro.

You came for this body, right? Yes.

Don't think that I feel something for you.

Whether you return to normal or stay looking like that, I will never have romantic feelings for you.


- Hey, aren't you being harsh

- But I can sympathize.

Thinking about how you've lived, I can feel compassion for you.

But if you say you're not giving Ayumi her body back, I would only feel resentment.

I'd deeply despise you.

Hey, was every person truly as bad as you thought? I don't remember an attitude change before the switch.

Both Ayumi and Koshiro reached out to you.

I'll help you.

I can do it alone.

Umine, are you okay? You can use my notes.

I don't need it.

You rejected others but wanted to be loved when it was convenient.

- Isn't that too selfish?

- Enough already! I get what you're both saying, but I can't blame Umine.

No one understood me, either.

I'm Ayumi! Are you Ayumi's friend? Don't come near Ayumi.

I'm sorry if I led you on.

That wasn't all.

Go take a look in the mirror! Kaga's into ugly girls! We aren't friends.

Is she even aware that she's ugly? It hurt so suddenly.

I was helplessly in pain.

Certainly Umine felt the same thing before.

Being like that, there's nothing you can do alone! You can't be strong and you can't make a right judgment.

Can you stop talking to me like I'm in the wrong? You're all so good

-looking, aren't you? You're just saying pretty things to justify it, right? But, if you were born with this face, could you say the same things? You like Ayumi no matter how she looks? Don't make me laugh.

You only say that because she was cute before! Don't act tough.

Say what you're really thinking.

That you're so ugly now and you want your pretty body back! That's enough! If we're just saying pretty things, then you have a persecution complex! What! Do you know what it's like? Have you been called ugly by people passing by? Or been called vermin for bumping into someone? I wanted to disappear.

There was nowhere for me to go.

I had no friends.

I Zenko! Mom? What the hell are you doing?! How did you know? At first, I didn't believe it, but I was sure with one look.

I'm deeply sorry for all the trouble Zenko has caused.

You apologize with me! Do it quickly.

Shut up! Don't act like you're my mom now! What? What the hell is so funny? You have such a cute face now.

But your personality didn't change, did it? You poor child.

I threw you away with my body.

Well I never thought of you as family in the first place.


- Umine!

- Stay back! It's dangerous there.

Let's go home.

Enough with the lip service.

- Ayumi is seriously worried about

- I didn't ask her to be! It wasn't supposed to be like this.

I was supposed to steal Ayumi Kohinata's body, become Koshiro's girlfriend, and live a life free of discomfort in my appearance and environment.

But it's all over now.

I'll teach all of you people with pretty faces and pure hearts about the absurd pain by shredding this face to pieces.

Umine don't do it!

- Shut up.

- If you hurt her face, I won't let it go! Shut up! Zenko! I'm scared.

I'm sorry, Zenko.

I can't believe that I pushed you this far.

Why? I'm sorry for leaving you alone.

It's too late for that now! No, it's not too late.

After I changed into you, it was very lonely at first.

But when Kaga noticed me I learned that if there is just one person who sees you, you can be pulled out of the darkness.

More pretty words Even if it sounds pretty, I'm being serious! Umine.

I said a lot of things but I think you've got a lot of guts.

Right, Koshiro? Yeah.

By risking your life you reached us.

You're not alone anymore.


The next day, during the appearance of the Red Moon, we carried out the plan Koshiro devised.

Kaga and I went first.

Then, Umine and Koshiro switched.

A week later, on the day of the last Red Moon, If Koshiro and I, and Umine and Kaga could successfully change, everything would be back to normal.

Kohinata, what is that? Kaga gave it to me before as a protective charm.

Umine, this will work, right? Yo, Koshiro, What, Kaga? We're really going back to normal, right? Do you want to stop? No.

I don't want to be in someone's body.

But you know, once we get back, let's not hold hands.


I don't want to be seen.


Thank you.


It's supposed to rain today.

Bring your umbrella.

I'm Ayumi! Ayumi? See you later.

Have a good day.

Thanks for waiting.

- Good morning, Ayumi.

- You're late.

Let's go.


Ah, I'm starving! Already? Isn't it too early? What? Nothing.

FOR SALE Goodbye, Amagase.

What? You forgot your homework again? Do it yourself from time to time.

Yesterday I was so busy I couldn't even sleep.

Gaming, right? You should quit.

You'll fail again.

All right already! Are you my mom? Oh yeah.

This was in your pocket.

It's yours, right? Here.

Wait up, Kaga.

Kaga, Koshiro.

Thank you for bringing me back.

But I can't go back to being Koshiro's girlfriend.

And I can't date Kaga.

I guess I can't go back to before when I didn't know anything.

Sorry, Koshiro.

I'm borrowing Ayumi for a bit.

Wait Hold hold on Huh? Kaga? You like me.

But as a friend.

Who are you seriously in love with? If there's something to steal, I'll steal it.

But you know, to bring you back, he was the one who suffered the most.

Don't be so careful.

Make a decision! He wins completely.

You don't need that barrette anymore.

Thank you.


I'm going ahead.

Ayumi? What about Kaga? It's nothing.

- That's not scary at all!

- You're so mean! I gave it my best sh*t! Am I a kappa?! Thank you.

Ow! That hurts! Everyone, Fifty yen is fine.

I got wrapped up in the moment and held your hand.

Lucky me! If the Red Moon day ends safely, let me answer your feelings.

Why are you dawdling? Kaga.

Okay There ya go.

Get in there! Oh! Good morning, Zenko.

Morning! Good morning.

Your barrette's crooked.

Barrette? I'll fix it for you.


- Cute!

- Looks good.

Hey, do you want to go eat pancakes with us next time? They're this big! Come on, let's go.


- Okay.

- Yay! Hey! Someone give me your homework.

Again?! Sorry! I forgot again.

Thank you! By the way, when we did the shuffle, it was a good thing I was in Ayumi's body.

You didn't! You think I'd let you? Bastard! You always take the good stuff! Sorry.

- Koshiro! Kaga!

- Seriously? Let's all go eat strawberry parfaits.

I wanted to try it once.

Yeah, we can eat strawberry parfaits, pancakes, everything! Koshiro's treat!

- Why me?

- Because you benefited the most.

- Benefit?

- Actually Kaga! He looks so composed, but Okay, okay! My treat!

- Don't talk!

- I know your weakness! Just ignore him! It's nothing at all!

- Fine! I'll treat!

- My chin! You're hurting my chin! Shall we go? We're leaving.

- But you know, this guy

- Kaga! Let's go! I'm paying so eat as much as you want! Okay?!

- Kaga!

- Sorry! Ignore him! Kaga, hurry up and get moving!
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