01x13 - Let Him Hang

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Walker: Independence". Aired: October 6, 2022 –; present.
Set in the late 1800s, an origin story of the series "Walker," follows Abby Walker, an affluent and tough-minded Bostonian whose husband is m*rder before her eyes while on their journey out West.
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01x13 - Let Him Hang

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Previously on "Walker: Independence"...


ABBY: Will you miss it?


Hey. This is a fresh start for us.

I just don't like to think you're
hiding something from me.


What was that?

- (g*n)



My husband was k*lled.

- (g*n)

He was supposed to be
the sheriff of Independence.

Who k*lled him?

The new sheriff.

- Morning.
- Tom Davidson must be stopped.

So this can never happen again.

It ever cross your mind
he could be onto you?

Stay out of the lion's den.

I'm the only person who doesn't
work for Tom Davidson.

You run this place for him.


Abby's his clerk. Calian's his tracker.

But me?

I'm beholden to no man.
A genuine renegade.

How come you're being so nice to me?

Well, you remind me of me

when I was young, I guess.

The tribe chose a leader
who wants to go to w*r.

- A w*r with who?
- The railroad.

You use me for information.

You drop by only when I serve you.

I know you are a Pinkerton agent.


I know you're shocked by what you saw,

but I had to do it.

So your accent's not real either.

I wanted to avoid suspicion.

Sheriff Davidson?

Evening, ma'am.

I'm not sure Tom is the k*ller.

I saw a man who I could have
sworn was Tom, but it wasn't.

I-I don't know how this is possible.

- Shane Davidson.
- Tom, I didn't know you had siblings.

It's interesting how
the two loneliest people

in Independence are together.

- Do you feel alone?
- Maybe I choose to be.

Even if Tom didn't k*ll your husband,

you know the Davidsons are dangerous.

Whatever Tom wants, Tom gets.

I borrowed your knife.

It's time that you got
what's coming to you.

Oh, God! For God's sake, sh**t him.

SHANE: No, Tom's the one!

- He's the k*ller!
- k*ll him!

- (g*n COCKS)


Gus. Let's get out of here. Come on.


What the hell are you doing?

No one is above the badge. (COUGHS)

Shane, no!

For family.



♪ This life ♪

♪ This lonely life ♪

♪ Is on the line... ♪

SHANE: I had to k*ll him, Tom.

I couldn't let him take you.

♪ I wish that I... ♪

TOM: Right. Let's go.

(GROANS) Where are the horses?


Must've gotten spooked by the g*n.

Probably on the other side of the hill.

♪ This lie ♪

♪ The deadly lie
that it's all right... ♪

♪ I wish you knew... ♪

SHANE: I've got to stop!


I wasn't gonna k*ll you
back in that barn.

You know that, right?

I just wanted to... (GURGLES) I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry, Tom.


I'm not doing so good, am I?

Hell, Tom.

You're gonna get us
out of this one, right?


TOM: We can figure this out!

Can't just let everything
we planned fall apart now.

I can go get help, but...

... it's gonna take a while.

(GROANS) The closest town
is Independence.

We can't show up there together.

We can't.

Somebody's gonna come looking
for that deputy in the barn.

Start asking questions.

I know.

Someone has to take
the fall for this, Shane.

For everything.

It's the only way.

The deputy and I g*n each other down.

Is that it?


I wish you'd never came out west, Shane.




(p*stol COCKS)

For family.

(g*n ECHOES)

- Whoa, whoa.

Whoa, boy.



Oh, my God.

Gus, come on. Come on.

Oh, we're gonna get you
out of here. Come on.


Come on.



Come on.


♪ ♪


MATTHEW: There's a First Federal
over in Clay...

HOYT: Tellers are too young.

You want them old
and preferably half-blind.

What about the First National in Emory?

Uh-uh. Big picture window
out front. No bueno.

Why'd you come out here?


And don't... don't tell me
it's to rob banks.

I'm, uh, I'm looking for kin.

Mama told me I had some out here.

Your mama? Where's she?

She, uh...

Sorry for your loss.

She said, if anything
ever happened to her,

I should come west. Find my pa.

Where'd you grow up, again?

All over.

Lived back east but moved around a lot.

Not really sure where home is.



MAN: He's all torn up.

- What the hell?
- What the hell?

KATE: I caught your grand entrance.

You don't look so good, Sheriff.

I need a doctor. (SIGHS)

Doctor's not in town, visiting family.

Then get me Kai.

What the hell happened?

KATE: Did you find your brother?

Yeah, I tracked him to my cabin.

He ambushed me, and he knocked me out.

- Where is he now?
- I don't know.

When I came to, I was tied up.

- HOYT: Why?
- Because he knew that I found out the truth.


That he m*rder Liam Collins,

and he was gonna k*ll me.

And, if Gus didn't show up
when he did, then I...

Wait, Gus? Wh... ?

Where is Gus?

WOMAN: Someone help! It's Gus.

Someone get the doctor.
The deputy's been sh*t.

♪ ♪

Put him here.

KATE: Folks, please, come on.
Give me some room.

HOYT: Come on, buddy.

KATE: You mind?

He's been sh*t in the shoulder.

- Maybe four or five hours ago.
- Oh, man.

The back of his head's been injured.

KATE: Abby.

Hoyt, water, please.

KATE: We need to make bandages.

- There.
- Here's some water.

- There's no exit wound.
- You mean the b*llet's still in there?

- Yeah.
- If you don't get it out...

CALIAN (QUIETLY): It's okay. It's okay.

- Hold him down.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You just gonna start digging for lead?

- No choice.
- ABBY: I need another one.

- KATE: Stay with us, Gus. It's okay.
- ABBY: Gus, we've got you.

- HOYT: Here, buddy, this'll help.
- Mm-mm. Mm.

You don't need to suffer.
This is gonna hurt like

- a son of a g*n.
- No.

- Hoyt, leave it.
- KAI: Hoyt.

RUBY: It's all right, Gus.
You're going to be okay.

All right, here we go.


- I'm sorry.
- Oh, man.

Stay with us, Gus. Come on.


ABBY: Come on. Almost there.

Almost there.

I see it.


- ABBY: I know. I know.

- I'm sorry.
- Damn it, Kai.

- Find the damn thing already.
- Shut up, Hoyt.

- KAI: I got it.

- KATE: You got it?

Kai, you got it? Abby?

KAI: The bleeding won't stop.

I don't know what to...

We need to burn the wound shut.

- What?
- I've done it before.

- Oh, my God.
- RUBY: Here, use this.

Thank you.

I'm gonna need to sit down.

- Right here. You got him?
- Got him.

HOYT: Just hang in there.
You're going to be okay.

ABBY: Bite down, bite down.
I know. It's okay.

- It's okay.
- I'm sorry, old friend.





The bleeding stopped.

It's okay.

♪ ♪

TOM: Good job, Kai.

Let me know when he wakes up.

Before anybody else.

TOM: Okay?


Will you help me with this dressing?


HOYT: Oh, thank God. Kai.

Whew, that was something else.

HOYT: Whew!

Hey, hey.

You saved his life.

What did Tom say to you?



KATE: You going somewhere?

Looks like you're leaving town.

TOM: Kai did a good job on Gus,

but I'm going to Brenham
to get a real doctor.

Are you going to tell me what
really happened out there,

or should I wait for Gus
to wake up and tell

- the whole story?
- Let's hope he pulls through.

No thanks to you.

- Pardon me,

it was your brother
who sh*t Gus, is that right?

You know, it's funny,

your family really seems to
enjoy breaking the law,

which is strange, given
that you're the sheriff.

That is, unless, God forbid,
you're helping them.

That failed attempt at a coup
on the Town Council?

Poisoning Nate, thr*at my life.

You had to know I was going
to find out about that one.

Although I will say,

cutting a deal with
the Pinkertons is impressive.



They wanted you d*ad.

Did you know about that?

I talked to your contact, Ethan.

And he told me about you.

The Pinkertons have a lot
to gain with the railroad

and working with my family,

so they offered to take care of you.

And that didn't mean sending you away,


So I protected you. I saved your life.



This is what it looks like, Kate.

Not a woman wearing a man's suit,

acting like something they're not.


I build cities

so people like you can sing
their little songs in them.

You don't build cities, Tom.

Your family does.

You work for them like a chump.

Don't act like you're
some kind of savior.

You don't build, Tom.

You destroy.

Just like Eli.

And your brother.

'Cause that's what
really happened out there,

isn't it?

Shane saved you, didn't he?

And what did you do?

You turned around, and you k*ll him.

Tom, you k*lled your brother.

- Stop.
- And, you know, I've got to ask myself,

- is there anyone that you're not willing to k*ll?
- Stop!

- You son of a bitch!
- (p*stol COCKS)


You know, I got to be honest with you,

I was really hoping that you would try.


CALIAN: Augustus.

Thank God. You're safe. It's okay.

Yeah, I knew he'd pull through.

Just get your rest, all right?
We can talk later.

We should change his dressing.

ABBY: All right.

HOYT: Handcuffs? What the hell?

Tom had the same bruising on his wrist.

You saying Gus tried
to handcuff the sheriff?

He never trusted him.

That's why he went
to the Davidson ranch.

What are you saying, Abby?

Block all the roads out of town.

Wagons, carts, whatever you can find.

- Kai, can you stay with Gus?
- Yeah, of course.

What're you gonna do?

Something I should've
done a long time ago.


How many more shots you got in
that little purse g*n of yours?

I don't know. Show me
your handsome face.

We'll find out together.








- HOYT: Give up, Sheriff!
- Go inside.



You son of a bitch.


Got nowhere else to run, Sheriff!

Come on!

Face me like a man!


Stop hiding, Tom.

Let's see who's got
what it takes to finish the job.

(g*n CLICKS)

- (g*n)




♪ ♪

Ah! Damn it!



ABBY: Stay inside!

Get down.

These vigilantes are trying to k*ll me!

You gonna let them take our town?

The sheriff is a m*rder!


He k*lled Liam Collins.


He framed Griffin for his crimes.

- (g*n)
- He poisoned Nathaniel Hagan!

- (g*n)
- He's an imposter.

He's lied to you. He's
not fit to wear the badge.


Kai! Kai, help me, get me a damn horse!





You're pretty good
with that r*fle, Abby!

Throw down your g*n and give up, Tom.

Doesn't have to end like this.

I think it does.

♪ ♪

Are you ready?

♪ ♪

- (g*n)


You should've k*lled me
when you had the chance.

Do you think he can hear us?

(DISTORTED): We gonna let him bleed out?

(DISTORTED): We have to keep him alive.


GUS (DISTORTED): Yeah, but
why are we doing all this?

ABBY: If he dies, that's too easy.

GUS: He should pay for what he did.


You should've just let me die.

For the record, we didn't vote on it.

I need to speak with him.


So, where do we begin?


To all of it.

There's more to talk about,
and we both know it.

Tom, why did you do all of this?


Because of loyalty.

To my Aunt Teresa.

She saved me

and she gave me purpose.

She saved you.


I was in...

... an institution.

For k*lling a man, defending my brother.

Hell doesn't even describe
what it was like in there.

I saw things,

and I did things to get by.

And if I would have stayed
in there any longer,

I would have lost myself.

My aunt got me out.

And I owe her my life.

She made you a monster.

Not everyone is like you, Abby.

Some of us can't just
bury the past and start over.

You say that like you know me.

I think we both know that I do.

That night you were playing piano

at Hagan's,

I saw you.

Those demons.

And you found a way to deal with yours.

And you're helping me deal with mine.

Not all of them.

That song.

When I first arrived, Augustus
was whistling a song.

He said he learned it from you.

How did you know it?

What do you think's going on in there?

I'd be lying to you if I said
I wasn't trying

- to figure it out myself.
- What are you even doing here, Gus?

Why don't you get some rest?

There ain't no way in hell
I'm missing this.

Give me a minute.

GUS: All right.


Caught him, huh?

More of a group effort.

Learning that being the lone
wolf ain't always the way.

Look, kid, I got to ask.

You mentioned looking for your pa.

And, you know, after everything
that happened around here,

I got to know...

It's not you.


Well, who is he then?

I don't know.

Gathered he has brown eyes.

Wealthy family. They, uh, met back east,

and he came out here after.


You really thought it was you?

Well, I'd be lying if I said

I wasn't sweating b*ll*ts wondering.

But in the back of my brain,

I knew you were
too ugly to be a kid of mine.


I need answers, Tom.

The song.

Do you remember

when you first played it?

The night you k*lled my husband.

Mary Abigail McKenzie Collins.

You've known who I am
the whole time, haven't you?

You taught me to dream
with my eyes open.

My book.

At the train station, it was left open.

You were the dream to me, Abby.

And I hadn't felt that way for years.

Because you reminded me of someone.

We were young.

And we wanted to start a family.

Tom, you should have run away with her.

You could have started
a new life. None of this...

But I found you.

And I had a chance to save you instead.

- You didn't.


Tom, if you...

... if you care for me...

... you'll tell me the truth.

Did you k*ll Liam?

Why does this matter?

He was everything that you detest.

He was a liar, he was
corrupt, he was weak.

He kept everything from you.

And how is that any different
than what you've done?

Because I brought you in

and I gave you purpose,

and we could've made
something of this place.

I will make it something.

Just not what you intended.

First, you have to answer
for what you did.

You know, your family will do
everything in their power

to keep the truth from being exposed.

I can't even testify
anymore because I...

Because of us.

Because I doubted myself.

And even if I were to testify

to Liam's m*rder and everything
that your family has done,

they would find a way to discredit me.

You could have k*lled me that night.

But you didn't.


I had been... (SIGHS)

... following you for days.


And I was questioning what to do.

And what did they tell you to do?

To k*ll you.



What did you do? What happened?

Liam wasn't gonna make it
after the first sh*t.

So I ended his suffering.


Shane wasn't close enough to see you,

so all I had to do was make it
look like I finished the job.


And I knew you would make it.

You can end this, Tom.

Will you testify?

To all of it?

If it keeps you safe.

Did he confess?





Come on.

Rangers are here.


For what?

Take you to Austin
so you can stand trial.

Abby didn't want to have
a trial in town?

That didn't go so well last time.

Facts are on our side.

And judge in Austin
is impartial. Seen to it myself.

Looks like you finally got
to put that sheriff's badge on,


It's funny.

Where was that Pax Romana
of yours when you sh*t me?

What was it all for?


Is that what you tell yourself

while your brother lies d*ad in a field?

("SOUND OF v*olence"


♪ Great destroyer, you plant the seed ♪

♪ Leaving guilt
and the loser's grief, but ♪

♪ Nothing compares ♪

♪ To the sound of their ♪

♪ v*olence, no ♪

♪ No, nothing compares ♪

♪ To the sound of their ♪

♪ v*olence ♪


♪ Take your time ♪

- ♪ Take your time, don't lose your head... ♪
- KATE: You know, it's funny.

You had all these people
thinking you were a human being.

Curtain's got to fall at some point.

So no catchy song for me, then?

I'm thinking no.

♪ Nothing compares ♪

♪ To the sound of your ♪

♪ v*olence ♪

I don't have much right to judge others,

given all the things I done.

But I will say this:

If anyone deserves the rope...

... it's you.

And when I see you in hell,

I'm gonna kick your ass there, too.



Sure you don't want to k*ll me?

End it right here, right now?

As much as I would love
to see you writhe in pain...

... I'd rather see you squirm.

Every day in that courtroom.

And I will be there.

Until you hang.

Is that what Liam would want for you?

Liam isn't here anymore,

thanks to you.

But I am.

And it's what I want.


♪ Take your time, take your time ♪

♪ Don't lose your head ♪


♪ Nothing compares ♪

♪ To the sound of your ♪

♪ v*olence. ♪

KATE: Hey. Hey!

Who the hell told you to do this?

I don't know, it, it didn't say.

I'm so sorry.

I had no choice.

Yes, you did.

It's times like this I really wish

I learned how to ride a horse.

We've got to catch up to that wagon.

There's no telling how many other towns

were painted with that same message.

You two, ride up over the ridge

and get ahead of the stagecoach.

Split up and come from both sides.

I k*lled a man with that same tattoo.


HOYT: Bastard's gone.


Sent word to every
telegraph office in Texas.


We'll find him.

You want to walk over to Sung's with me?

Everyone's waiting.

I'll meet you over there.

All right.


KATE: Where's the man of the hour?

Lifted a bottle of Hagan's
best whiskey for him.

I don't think I've ever seen
the man drink,

except copious amounts of water.

I'll accept this on his behalf.

Hoyt Rawlins, you are not fit

for hooch this good.
I'd rather give it to Cordell.


You know, I've actually been meaning

to share something with you.

♪ If you look past his flaws ♪

♪ And, boy, there are many ♪

♪ You'll see that he's actually kind ♪

♪ Loving a stiff drink ♪

♪ With Henleys aplenty ♪

♪ He won't leave a good man behind ♪

♪ And our warrior with a gaze ♪

♪ And his aim so steady ♪

♪ He's there when
your back's to the wall ♪

♪ With a comforting word ♪

♪ That he has at the ready ♪

♪ It helps that he's hopelessly tall ♪

♪ And you ♪

♪ With your smile and
your mystery ways ♪

♪ Watchful yet shockingly sly ♪

♪ Equal parts fighter
and artist and lover ♪

♪ He'll keep me well-fed till I die ♪

♪ And though he may be absent ♪

♪ I just have to say ♪

♪ Augustus, he blows me away ♪

♪ Loyal and true ♪

♪ We're glad he's our friend ♪

♪ He'll always be there ♪

♪ In the end ♪

♪ And ♪

♪ As for the glue ♪

♪ Of this misfit crew ♪

♪ Showed me the meaning of grit ♪

♪ If you ever leave town ♪

♪ I don't know what I'd do ♪

♪ When it comes to best friends ♪

♪ This is... ♪

... kind of it.

All right. If anybody laughs,

you don't drink for free
anymore. Hand me that.


- ABBY: Cheers.


Well done.

Not bad, Kate.



You missed your own party,


The last sheriff soured
the coronation for me.

Speaking of,

what's going on with the new chief?

He settled on a path
forward for the tribe?

He still wants w*r.

The elders have called for a meeting.

You have allies here.

No one powerful enough
to stop the railroad.

Not anymore.

Every problem is easier
to see under the sun.

For tonight, we have this.

- KATE: Hi.
- Hi.

You left this at the restaurant.

Didn't want it to go to waste.

You want to help me finish it?


I only did what I did to survive.

I should've just told you.

About being a Pinkerton, I should.

I should've just told you
from the beginning.

And after all this,
I'm right back at Hagan's.

Can you believe
the bastard left it to me?

You own it?

Hagan snuck a clause into the deed:

in the untimely death
or absence of Tom Davidson,

everything goes to me.

What are you going to do
now that you're in charge?

I want to do more shows.


... only if I can do them with you.

So, what do you say?




♪ Ain't all right ♪

♪ The hardness of my head... ♪

HOYT: So, you gonna stay?

- In Independence?
- KATE: Oh.

Actually, I couldn't imagine
being anywhere else.

This town, these people,

you, Hoyt Rawlins,

have grown on me.

This is the part where Kate would say...

- "like a fungus".

Come here.

- Thank you.

For everything you've done.

You've become one of my
most reliable friends.

Well, I don't hear that a lot.

What about you, hmm?

Will you stay?


This is the longest
I've been in town since,

well, I was a kid.

Used to getting that itch, you know?

Look for some new trouble to get into.

Guess I scratched it.

Or maybe you just found something here.

Funny thing is,

for a few hours today...

... I thought I was Matthew's pa.

And, uh,

I kind of didn't mind it.

- Matthew's father?
- Yeah.

Hoyt, that's a bit of a stretch.

Well, hold on, now.

The kid is , so, if you do the math,

that means it could be
Jocelyn in the pigpen,

Annie in the cathedral,

- Evelyn in the leather tannery.
- All right, I get

it's physically possible.


would you actually consider
being a father?

With Lucia?

I don't know about that.

I mean, when we're hot, we're hot.

But when we're cold...

Point is, I just...

I never thought I'd even consider it.

Seems like you've finally grown up.

Oh, hell, Abby.

Now I got to go in there and get drunk,

gamble, make some really bad decisions

that wind me at the Doves by sunup.


Been looking for you.

Evening, Miss Walker.

May I say, your hair is so pretty.

It reminds me of a...

of a weasel's pelt.

Matthew, uh, in the future,

perhaps don't refer
to the object of your affection

as a rodent.

Yes, ma'am.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I've got some poker winnings

- burning a hole in my pocket.
- ABBY: Mm.



That damn kid picked my pocket.

Poker winnings, my ass.

He's gonna use my money at the Doves.


Two can play at that game, Rawlins.

♪ But it's still all right. ♪








I remember when you gave
me this for the first time.

And now here you are.

It's good to see you, Dad.
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