01x08 - ...And Finally: Black Bolt

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Inhumans". Aired: September 29 – November 10, 2017.
Black Bolt, the enigmatic, commanding head of the Inhuman royal family and King of Attilan, possesses a voice so powerful that the slightest whisper can destroy a city.
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01x08 - ...And Finally: Black Bolt

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Previously on "Marvel's Inhumans" MEDUSA: Gorgon is d*ad.

You want to become Inhuman.

That's your motivation behind this revolt.

This is our bunker? Why have I never seen this before? We bring Gorgon back through a second Terrigenesis.

You know it's forbidden.

It can produce madness, addiction, even death.

Alone at last.

Brother against brother.


I enacted a failsafe system.

If I die, all of Attilan dies with me.

I connected our protective dome to a scanner in the control room.

If I don't place my palm print on it every hour, on the hour, the power will cut, and the dome will begin to fail.

Without the protection of our dome our city will disintegrate.

We don't believe you.

Up to you.

It's already been half an hour since I, uh, scanned my palm.


Sorry, brother.

You know that won't work.

MEDUSA: Perhaps the people of Attilan should know how self-serving you are.

Let me tell you, brother.

I did not steal the people from you.

You abandoned them.

And soon, I shall go through Terrigenesis again, and I will lead all of Attilan to Earth as a conquering army.

MEDUSA: You fool.

You have no idea the enemy that you are facing.

I'm not as afraid of the humans as you are.

I'm not talking about the humans.

We have no other enemy.

If he's telling the truth, Black Bolt, we have to act now.

My Royal Guards are patrolling every inch of this city.

You'll never get me to the control room.

They'll sh**t you on sight.

The tunnels.

He wants us to set up an evacuation.

Why? As a last resort.

If he can't stop Maximus.

But evacuate where? How? I'll take care of it.

Crystal, I'm gonna need your help and Lockjaw's.

Yes, of course.

I can k*ll you three different ways.

He's a member of the Royal Family.

Lock him in the quiet room.


I didn't think I would ever see you again.

Are you moving in? Not exactly.

You're here to ask for another favor, aren't you? 'Cause you're not exactly the type to just stop by, though I wish you were.

Am I right? Yes.

Yeah, well, you should know that I have been reading a lot of articles on how to negotiate if you're a woman.

- Which, by the way, is very difficult - Louise, slow down.

I have a favor I would like to ask in return.


I want to go to the Moon Attilan.

Maximus has compromised the protective dome that's over our city.

I don't have to go for long.

It is not safe for you to come.

You know what this would mean to me.

We might be leaving All of us.

Where will you go? That's why I'm here.




Just stay calm.

Stay calm, please.


Gorgon, was it? I mean, i-i-is it? You're confused.

You're confused.

I understand.

You were You were d*ad, and now you live.

I can I can help you.

Just please Just Just stay back.

I don't want to hurt you, but I will! I will hurt you! Just stay back!




MAN: Gorgon!


Aah! It's ironic that the tunnels are empty of the people who'd be more than happy to free me, because I freed them.

And they hate you because you kept the lower caste in such misery.

Out of sight, out of mind, huh? You act as if you're better, and you're just What? Do tell.

A selfish, small-minded person.


Small-minded? Really? Aren't you the water-based Inhuman who's allowed Black Bolt to keep you on the Moon, where there is no water? How liberating Earth must have been.


Guards! I'll take care of them.





Of course.

It always takes Auran a bit to come back.

I'm so stupid.



It's me Karnak, your cousin.

We're friends, allies! We're family! Karnak please help me.

You don't know which way, do you? You've never been down here before.

And why should you? Would soil your precious crown.

You do realize this is your fault.

You're the one who betrayed me, after all.

You promised you didn't want to be king, that the honor would be mine, then, for no reason at all, you changed your mind.

Or do you even remember? You said you didn't want to be king.

Then, right after you k*lled our parents, you changed your mind.

Upon the death of your parents, your gift now makes perfect sense.

You're the only one who can protect us from this, our greatest enemy.


Maximus, you cannot be in here.

We're discussing information privy only to the head of the Genetic Council and the king of Attilan.

How insulting that you, a m*rder, would make a better king than I.

Oh, just sign, you idiot.

I learned your language long ago.

Really? You didn't want to be king, you just had to be king.

That's rich, Black Bolt.

Rich, indeed.



The dome is getting weak.

Pressure trying to s*ab on both sides, and you know what that means.

Little trembles here and there, and then, suddenly, pfft!


We should hurry.

I'm sorry.

This is my fault.

You did this?



Gorgon! Please, stop! Gorgon! Calm down.

Calm down.

This This is not good.

I was broken, too, remember? And I'm getting better.

We may be able to help you.

But right now, we we need to get out of here.

So, please, just give me a minute to think.

Gorgon? -


- Wait!


KARNAK: I designed this room.

I built it to contain the most powerful w*apon in Attilan.



But that w*apon was made of sonic waves, whereas your w*apon is made of brute force.




It would've been easier if you'd gone a little to the left.

There's a a door.

Eldrac! Hello, Crystal.

We need you.

We may have to evacuate Attilan.

Maximus has set up something that can destroy the dome.

It's too much for Lockjaw.

Too many people.

Then I will help.

Thank you, Eldrac.

I'll be back.

No! Might want to access some of that rage.


Wait! Stop it! Stop! - Gorgon! - KARNAK: Stop.


Triton wasn't really d*ad.

I put Gorgon through Terrigenesis again.

- That goes against - I know.

It was a mistake.

We have another problem.

Declan, my Terrigenesis Now! My King Gorgon did this.

So he lives.

The crystals are gone.

Bring Bronaja to the Grand Hall! MAXIMUS: It is imperative that we retrieve the crystals, Bronaja.

Can you tell me what happened with them? Who has them? That's never been the way my gift works, My K Then I need you to tell me if I will at least find the crystals.

Will I go through Terrigenesis? I'll tell you whatever I see.

Like you did with Tibor?


Tell me.

I saw you as the undisputed king of Attilan.

And Black Bolt? He was gone.



Control room Now.


Address all of Attilan.

Put me on the dome.


People of Attilan look around you.

Black Bolt and the Royal Family continue their att*ck on Attilan.

Their latest cowardly act was to steal our Terrigen crystals, our most sacred relic.

I thought you said Black Bolt had them.

They must be captured.

He did.

Today, every citizen of Attilan is its best and last defense.

If you hear this, you are Attilan's greatest champion.

We will never surrender.

My entire city 1,400 people, give or take Might have to come to Earth.

We need to find a place where we are safe.

We need you to talk to the boss.

I would call him myself, but he's he's never given me his number.

Well, with good reason.

You've gone from eccentric to lunatic.


Crystal, bring me Lockjaw now.



Yeah, they teleported.

LOUISE: From the Moon.

Yeah, that's right.

So we're gonna need you to call the boss.

Uh Okay.

- I'll, uh -


I'll talk with him.

A-And I think I know just the right place.

Who else knows about this? No one.


You're gonna need to keep it that way.

The boss is gonna want exclusive access to you and and them.

We need to go.

I may need to stay and help coordinate.

Maximus got away.

The dome is failing.

These are some of our Terrigen crystals.

They define who we are.

And you are gonna take care of them.

- Are you sure? - Yeah, I don't think I am.

There isn't a friend that I trust more than you.

She doesn't have that many friends.

Neither do I.

I won't let anything happen to them.

Thank you.

- We have to go, but - Wait.

- I I just have one last thing - Louise, Louise I cannot take you to the Moon.

I know that.

I thought maybe you could take Dad.

That I can do.

Maybe you can find, like, - a garden or somewhere that has a nice - Louise let go.

Bye, Dad.

Safe travels.


Let's go.

Bring up protective dome protocols.

Can you stop what Maximus did? No.

Only Maximus can stop the dome from collapsing.

There's no flaw? Well, there's definitely a flaw.

Speak so we understand.

The flaw in his plan is that Maximus is no technical genius.

He doesn't really know what he did.

He thinks he can stop the damage at any time, but that may not be the case.

How will we know? When the dome collapses and we all die.

KARNAK: Black Bolt, you're safe.

We I put him through Terrigenesis again.

I know.

I I disobeyed a direct order from My King.

I have no good reason, other than I wanted my cousin back.



KARNAK: He's in there.




I can't stop it.

Look for Medusa.


Louise found us a place.

Gorgon He's He's not the same.

Did you put him through Terrigenesis again? Were Attilan not on the verge of collapse, this would be dealt with very seriously.

We will talk about this at a later time.

Yes, My Queen.

He is your responsibility.

Keep him safe.

Where's Triton? Guarding the control room.

And Crystal? She's with Lockjaw, coordinating the evacuation, if need be.

We need to tell the people to prepared to leave.

KARNAK: We have to connect your comlink to the city cameras, which means going back to the control room.

I would like to make one last effort to talk Maximus down.

Even if it doesn't work, I can keep him distracted.

I can stall him.

I've got a Terrigen crystal.

Maybe he'll be willing to trade.

How will we get you to Maximus? His guards are patrolling everywhere.

Then we find a go-between.

Who would want to protect both Maximus and Attilan? I have personally guaranteed her safety and yours.

I'll be outside.

How long until you have to return to the scanner?


That's for me to know.

Must be close to an hour by now.

Are you willing to die?


I can terminate the destruction plan anytime I like.

But it will be when I have successfully rounded up our family.

I am your family.

Look at me.

Look at what you have done to me.

Does it make you feel good to see me this way? Now you are more like me.

Almost human.

Now you know how it feels to have people stare at you, dismiss you.

Like you did to me so long ago.

You're right.

I did treat you like everyone else.

I ignored you.

I put our friendship behind us.

And maybe if I had been a better friend, we wouldn't be here.

But here we are.

You were my only friend.

I had no one.

Which is why maybe you wanted to be someone.


To fill the emptiness inside, but that is not a s*ab foundation for leadership.

If you truly cared about Attilan, you would You would never destroy it!



We are getting dangerously close.

Access camera systems.

She can speak to the whole city now.

One step closer to evacuation.

We are running out of time, Maximus All of us.

I will spare your life.

Go, now, back to Earth While you still can.

I have something you want.

Give it to me.

If you first step down from the throne and you stop the collapse of the dome.

I demand you give it to me.

This is your last chance.

I said give it to me!




You will die for this, Medusa.

Auran! Auran, k*ll her.

You know I cannot.

I promised her safety.


He's all yours.

Maximus won't back down.

Should we begin the evacuation of Attilan? MEDUSA: People of Attilan, we have made mistakes, and it has cost us all.

But even though we have failed you, failed to hear your pleas for equality, believe me when I say that we have always put the needs of Attilan before our own.


Many of you know the story of my parents, who had a different vision for the future of Attilan, one of tearing down the walls of class that divide us, a vision that might seem to be shared by Maximus.

But in truth, he is willing to endanger you all to achieve his selfish needs.

Maximus has forced us into an era of change.

But we would like to continue it in a more positive direction.

But that next chapter will not be here.


Because Maximus has compromised the protective shield that surrounds our home.

We can no longer stay on the Moon.

It is time for us to return to our homeland to Earth.

And Black Bolt and I will lead the way.

She's lying.

Every word she says is a lie.

Because how can you ever trust a leader who puts his needs before yours? The people will never follow you! Black Bolt and I will ensure that Attilan survives on Earth.

Attilan is mine, not yours.

It's ours.

If I can't have Attilan, no one will.

I will let the dome collapse and suck the life out of every one of you! Evacuation is underway.

Please, go to Eldrac.




You need to get to the control room and put your hand in the scanner.

- Do I? - Yes.



- Perhaps soon.

I first need to make it clear to everyone that I am in charge here.

I can stop the dome from collapsing anytime I like.

What if you can't? Of course I can.

Need I remind you of Bronaja's vision? I will be the true king of Attilan.

Open your eyes.


I see quite clearly.

What do you see? A city in motion, evolving.

Our city is in ruins! We can't stay here.

No one goes to Earth until I say so.

Perhaps you should stand guard outside my door.

I will take my leave of you.

MAXIMUS: Thank you, Auran.

Your loyalty means everything to me.

Now please wait outside.


Come on, everybody.

It's time to go.





Gorgon! Gorgon! Stop! - We need to leave! Now! It's time! - No! Just I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

What I've done to you It's the most selfish thing I've ever done.

I simply acted from my heart.

If you stay here, you will die.

But I will leave that up to you.

If that's what you want.


But I want I want you to live.

And if that's your choice, I promise you I will help you.

This is my burden, as well as yours.

We can't wait.





Attilan was born in strife.

It will now die of the same disease.

We the people are Attilan.

Attilan will never die.

I know you never intended this.

KARNAK: We need to go.

Leave Maximus to the madness that he created.

He's never gonna see your side.

He says that he needs to resolve this, that Maximus is too dangerous to leave unchecked.

But what if something happens to you?


I love you.


It's too late.

I let it go too long.

There's no stopping it now.

The dome will collapse.

And Attilan will be destroyed.


This is definitely my fault.

It's sweet that you don't want to hurt me.

You always had a soft heart.

Nevertheless, it seems that we will both die.



And quite soon.



We are, indeed, brothers.

That's why you should know the truth about our family.

It's not what you think.

The document you saw with the royal seal The Genetic Council wrote a document advocating brain surgery on you.

I forged our parents' signatures convinced you it was real.


So now you know.

It was all me.

Our parents would've never approved such a document.

I assumed you would run off to Earth and we'd never see you again.

But instead you k*lled our parents for no reason at all.


So now Go ahead.

k*ll me.


Back in the bunker.

Rumor has it, this is the first structure we built on the Moon.

MAXIMUS: So even if the dome fails this room will hold.


Enough food and water to last eternity.

Built to withstand an att*ck from whom? Let's hope I never have to find out.

Keeping your secrets till the very last.

Why are we here?


Black Bolt!


What are you doing?! Brother! Open the door! Don't leave me in here!


Open the door! Don't leave me in here! Brother, please!


Goodbye, brother.




I am the king of Attilan!


ELDRAC: Hurry! The city's destruction is my own.

But you must leave now.


LOUISE: So is everyone ready? MEDUSA: It's time to talk to our people.

You should be happy.

You saved the Inhumans.

We traded one danger for another? You're on.



People of Attilan Welcome home.

We face an uncertain future, but we face it with hope, not as a conquering army but as friends who have come back to their birthplace after a very long time away here on Earth.
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