03x03 - Hellsing: The Dawn Special 3

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Hellsing". Aired: October 11, 2001 – December 26, 2012.
An organisation dealing with supernatural thr*at dispatches the powerful vampire Alucard and Seras, a woman who was until recently human, to battle vampires and the undead.
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03x03 - Hellsing: The Dawn Special 3

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The uprising Polish military resistance.

Also, Soviet forces are advancing into German Wehrmacht.

Warsaw is in a horrible state because of those two countries.

You're right,

but Arthur...

Your study is a mess just like the w*r situation. Can't you tidy up a bit?

I don't have a choice...

My butler Walter is currently fighting in the b*ttlefield.

He takes care of everything in this room.

When he returns home,

we'll celebrate by drinking.

Stop drinking Arthur.

This is a serious problem.

It's safe to say we've been in this problem for the past five years.

Which is why I need this whiskey to get me through these hard times.

Final : Kanji is the sound of alcohol being poured



What the hell you doing?! Bastard!



As charming as ever.

What's the situation?

The cargo plane should be in Warsaw airspace by now.

The boy along with that "thing", should have landed there by now.

Are you sure about that?


If this fails...

What are you talking about?

You realize how strong he is, don't you?

Arthur? Are you there? You're there, aren't you?

I've arrived. I took the liberty of showing myself in since nobody came to the door after ringing the bell.

Arthur? Hello! Can't you hear me?!


Oh no! Wait a minute! Don't come in yet!

But if you didn't want me in, why did you leave the door unlocked, Arthur?

Arthur, you realize it's past the time we agreed to meet, don't you?

I told you to wait!

minutes! Come back in minutes!


And you come back in minutes!

Okay. I guess we got no choice.

I apologize!


My fault!

Take care!



You bastard! This is a very important moment for our country.

What the hell are you doing with women like that?

What am I doing?

You know precisely what I'm doing.

You idiot!

You really are an idiot!

You've always been an idiot since I've known you from Oxford University!

I didn't think you were a complete and utter idiot like that!

What's it to you!

Walter isn't here,

therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to have fun, right?

Idiot! Idiot!



Stop it, Islands!

Total idiot!

Walter is out there, fighting on the b*ttlefield at this very moment!

You should be a little less concerned about yourself and show more concern for him!

We needn't concern ourselves with the Angel of Death!


that butler, goes by codename, the Angel of Death, Walter is...

a force that's beyond our wildest imaginations, Islands.


is strong!

Ba.. st.. ard!

What's wrong, Angel of Death?

You don't look to well.

You're late, you idiot

Bastard, where is your true form?

Still waking up from your slumber, Vampire Alucard.

You have to understand,

I can change my form into anything.

The kind of form doesn't matter to me.

Let me help you a bit,

little angel.


take a card

and wait.

On lunch break Please wait a moment

On lunch break Please wait a moment

On lunch break Please wait a moment

On lunch break Please wait a moment

On lunch break Please wait a moment

On lunch break Please wait a moment

On lunch break Please wait a moment

On lunch break Please wait a moment

On lunch break Please wait a moment

Shimazu Toyohisa

Yamaguchi Tamon



What is this?

Where I'm I?

Who are you?


tell me where I am,


Shimazu Toyohisa

Yamaguchi Tamon




O l m i n e

Octo Magician

Abe no



Oda Sakinoufu

Nasu Suketaka

No Yoichi


Hangan Yoshitsune


Fighter Squadron




I don't know where I am!

I still don't f*ck know where I am!
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