03x13 - The Deserters

Episode transcripts of the TV show, "Walker". Aired: January 2021 to present.
A widowed father returns to Austin after 2 years to reconnect with family.
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03x13 - The Deserters

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♪ I watch the sun come up ♪

♪ Over city lights ♪


♪ Felt the ocean at my feet ♪

♪ I try to hold my breath ♪

♪ Make the seconds last ♪

♪ Time won't stop for me... ♪

Thank you so much for
helping with the build, Dad.

Yeah, when you dangled
bacon in front of me

until my eyes went crossed,

I had no earthly idea
what I'd signed up for.

Well, we couldn't build all this

for the horse rescue without you.

You've got more experience than
the both of us combined.

That was real sweet of you to say, sis.

I mean, I love it

when my expertise is
acknowledged, really.

Oh, August, that's a good joke.

Been funnier if you hadn't oversold it.

Like, "That's sweet of you to say, sis".

See? Sweet, simple, clean, funny.

I don't know, I think I like it
better the way he did it.

Just kind of went on and on.

Watch... Hey, Stella,
can you set me up again

with the line that you said
to your grandad?

What is going on here?

Go ahead, show them a thing
or two about comedic timing.

When Mawline was your age
she was the star

of a comedy troupe.

That's sweet of you to say, sis.

And that's what's known as a callback.

Okay, how am I just
finding out about this?

Can we focus on building the s*ab?

We can't board the rescues
at the Davidson Ranch anymore.

Colton said their s*ab are packed.

What's this? Cordell send
someone over to help

because he's too busy today?

Too busy today, too busy every day.

For weeks.

Howdy there, Walkers.

Heard you could use an extra hand.

I invited Kevin.

Well, he-he kind of asked

to help after he hooked us up
with the horse donor lady.

Uh, Georgia May of Happy Horse Farms

is not a mere horse donor lady, Augie.

She happens to be

one of the most influential
philanthropists in all of Texas.

She also happens to see

a lot of potential in your horse rescue,

as do I, which is why I'm here.

LIAM: You didn't have to do that, Kevin.

I know how busy you are

at the mayor's office, but thank you.

KEVIN: Oh, no, honestly.

Helping at a grassroots level

is what I really love anyway.

Although, Georgia did show me
your timeline to launch.

Yikes. Not exactly what she had in mind.

But don't worry, 'cause I'm here to help

get those trains rolling
on time, you know what I mean?

And save your relationship with
the mayor's donor?


♪ ♪


JAMES: So, what?

Clay Cooper's been hiding for years?

Maybe he wasn't hiding.

Maybe he was captured and turned.

- Hey.
- Hey.

So I know we've gone down
a dozen d*ad ends

the last few days, but I
found something, okay?

I found something that connects the dots

from the Clay Cooper I thought I knew

to the Clay Cooper who

very well might be
the head of Grey Flag.

Yeah, it's just,
it's a lot of dots to connect.

Maybe we should look at
other theories, not force it.

All the evidence points to this.

I mean, every single Marine
in our unit was targeted

- and m*rder.
- So, you're still working

from the premise that Coop went
all "Winter Soldier"

after he thought you guys left
him for d*ad in Afghanistan?

I stopped trying to understand the why,

and started trying to
figure out the how.

JAMES: Walker, we've got
two teams of FBI agents

working day and night on this.

I know that. I know.

But they don't have the history
with Coop that I do.


- Whoa, whoa.
- There's no way he hit that.

- Wow.
- I don't know how,

but you cheated.

Fellas, if I'd known you threw darts

as bad as you sh**t an M ...

COOPER: What've you done now, Duke?


I apologize for whatever sort of antics

Corporal Culpepper here's been up to,

but I hope you boys will let him
atone by buying y'all a round.

ALL: Oorah!

PFC J.B. Hardage.

- Thank you for setting things right.

Sergeant Fred Frausto.

- Don't mention it.
- WALKER: I heard Coop

use that alias before...

Fred Frausto.

And when Julia and I
looked into it, we learned

that a certain "Fred Frausto"
booked a room in Kandahar

four months after Coop's
so-called death.

JAMES: Okay. Beyond the possibility
that he may have survived

a few months after he was declared KIA,

I'm not sure I see the relevance.


Julia and I connected that alias

to a different one.

One that rented a car

here in Austin, last week.

Wait, wait, wait. A different alias?

- Yeah.
- So, Fred Frausto

- didn't rent a car in Austin?
- No.

But an alias connected to that one did.

Okay, look, Coop kept his assets liquid,

and he never used an alias
for more than six months.

But he still had to move his assets

- from one alias to the next.
- JAMES: So...

you used forensic accounting
to connect the aliases,

followed the money every time
he moved it to a new identity?


So once we established the connection,

Julia and I tracked down
the names until we got a hit.

That rental.

- Here in Austin.
- Okay.

It's not bulletproof, but
it's definitely actionable.

The rental agency equips
all their cars with

the QuikRekover stolen vehicle
recovery systems, so...

So, use the tracker to find
the car you think he rented?

That... tracks.

Great, because I already
spoke to a judge

we trust, and got
a warrant for the tracker.

Uh, all right, Cassie.

- We got to move on this.
- CASSIE: Yeah.

Hold on, hold on. Cordi, hey, listen.

This guy was your mentor, man.

If you do find him,

are you sure you're gonna be able to

slap the cuffs on him, or worse?

Listen. My gut is telling me
that if I can just talk to him,

I can deescalate this, and then
no one else has to get hurt.

CASSIE: (SIGHS) I don't know, Walker.

I mean, you said that the guy's
edge of the coin, like you.

How do we know that the coin
doesn't fall on tails?

Which, in this metaphor, is a bad thing.

Look, the bottom line is this...
if he really m*rder

everybody in your unit,

he's not gonna let you take him alive.

He's just not.


If it comes to that...

I'll have what it takes to stop him.

JAMES: All right.

And just in case
you don't have it in you,

Cassie'll be there to take the sh*t.

Yeah. We've got this.

Yeah. Of course.

- ♪


Take it. Hold this.

♪ ♪

All right, give it to me.


♪ ♪



All right, come on.

♪ After all was said and done ♪

♪ They took the cuffs off ♪

♪ And put me on probation ♪

♪ arrived at o'clock
on the dot... ♪



You can't even clear phase one.

I thought y'all were supposed to be

the dream team after you
survived some dumb mission.

EICHMANN: Which was
meant to be a milk run.


How'd you get sh*t on a milk run?

And how're y'all even up

for the Elite Squad when
me and Snyder did this trial

in a minute flat?

SUPERVISOR: You completed
it in a minute...

but Snyder dropped the bag
when he ascended.

A fatal misstep.


If you make the cut,

there'll be seven pounds of
C- packed in that bag

on the actual mission.

Enough to tear down a building.

Unless you're not up for the task?

Yeah, we're up for it.

(SIGHS) Ain't that right, Lana?

Yeah. Yeah. We got this.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Get yourselves back to the barracks now.

Get a move on.

♪ ♪

They're resetting the elevator.

You need to prep blast charges
for another run at the trial.

And maybe try not to
blow us up next time?

Excuse me? My blast
charge was just fine.

- Hmm.
- What's your problem?

You're the one that's
been off all morning.

You never answered my questions
about our last mission.

Like where'd you get the combat gauze?

And I heard a woman's voice
when we were under f*re...

all while you were triaging me.

You couldn't have done all that.

Not without support.
So, who was helping you?

- Who was that woman?
- I'm a medic.

I came prepared with combat gauze.

- Besides, you were half-conscious anyways.

You don't know what you heard.

- I know what I heard.
- You know what?

I requested you as my partner

because nobody else would take you.

You need to get your act together.

- I have to be on this mission in the Elite Squad.
- Why?

With the way they're
keeping all the jobs

of the mission separate, no
communication between teams, I mean,

we don't even know
what the full Elite Squad

will be tasked with.

So, why is it so important
to you, Barnett?

I don't need to explain myself to you.

I'm squared away. You're not.


- Hey, can I ask you a question?
- Sure.

I know you used to be
in politics, you know.

- I voted for you for D.A.

What I don't understand is
what got you so interested

in equine therapy.

Well, it just, uh, you know,
really helped with everything

that went on with my brother and me...


- Oh, yeah. Of course.
- Mm-hmm.

I mean, obviously, I read
Julia Johnson's article

- about what you went through.
- Yeah.

That sounded horrible.
I-I can't even imagine.

I don't know, maybe I'm hunting too hard

for a silver lining here, but...

if you hadn't been taken c*ptive,

I wouldn't even be alive today.

Sorry, I don't really follow.

The nerve agent att*ck
on the mayor's office.

I was exposed.

I could've died. I would've died.

Had you not made the connection

between the chemist smelling like sulfur

which led Cordell
to the abandoned coal refinery

where he found him making it.


No, I never...

I never really thought of it that way.

- Huh.
- Well, I have.

A lot, actually.

And I can't overstate
how much it means to me

what you did that day.

You're a real hero. (LAUGHS)

I appreciate you saying that.

Can I actually use some
of what we just discussed

in the mayor's speech at
the medal ceremony tomorrow?

You know, you guys are getting honored,

I'm punching up speeches...

I think it'd play really well.

- Whoa, Ke...

- Are you... ?

- Kevin, are you, are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah.

I think I got my nail here.

- Oh!
- LIAM: Ooh, yeah.

That's my throttle hand, too.

Throttle hand?

Amateur pilot.

(CHUCKLING) Aren't you
just full of surprises?

Well, uh, I saved you
from a nerve agent,

I'm not gonna let you lose
a nail on your throttle hand.

We got first aid over in the
farmhouse right over there.

- All right.
- Take a break.

- I'm sorry about all this.
- No, no, no, don't.

I-I will finish the fence, all right?

- Thanks.
- Take care of that now.



- Hey.
- Hey.

I got the keys to the impound vehicle.

And, uh, you, you've got... ?

- What exactly

have you got there?

Enhanced body armor and two M s.


(HISSES) I mean, I-I seem to recall

when you didn't even want to
carry a sidearm.

I've evolved.

And Clay Cooper is a Marine Raider.

So better safe than sorry, right?


Eh, listen, I was thinking,

the judge only put my name
on the warrant,

so I think it's best
if we divide and conquer.

You know, it can save us

a lot of headache and save us some time.

I'll go to the rental agency
and grab the QuikRekover

and you can swing by the ranch

and grab all the files that
Julia put together on Coop.

You really think we'll need those?

- We'll have the tracker.
- Right, sure.

But I mean, those files

have details on all of Coop's movements,

his alias's records...

details that could put you
and me a step ahead.

You know?

So, we'll meet back up here after,

uh, we can take this beast...


... and track Coop. Sound good?

As long as I don't have to
drive that monstrosity.


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

♪ ♪


Stella? Augie?

I'm grabbing some files
from your dad's office.



- Uh... Hi.
- Hi.

- What are you... ?
- Doing in Walker's house?

- Eh, yeah.

Well, um, after I connected

Liam and Stella with a donor
for their horse rescue,

I figured I'd come out
and help with the build.

- But...

... turns out I'm a bit of
a clod with the hammer.

(CHUCKLES) That's nice.

The "helping the Walkers" part,
not the thumb.

I mean, the thumb's fine, but...

It's not fine. It's...
Cassie, stop. Just stop.

Well, I for one, am very relieved

it's not awkward between us.

(LAUGHS) Oh, my God. Totally.

♪ ♪

All right, I should get back to
bludgeoning my fingers.


Well, it's good to see you.


You know, look, Kevin...

You and Trey are friends,

and I know I'm gonna see you around,

and I just don't want it to
always feel like...

this, between us.


I promise you next time
it'll be different.

It was really good to see you.

You, too.



TREY: Come on, keep up the pace.

Come on.



♪ ♪


Watch it.


(SMALL expl*si*n)


- We failed again for the second time.
- Just stop,

because you screwed up
that time, not me.

- I didn't say you did.
- No, but you said

you had to be on the Elite Squad.

- I know what I said.
- So if it's so damn important,

why'd you use such a small charge?

Because I didn't want to hurt you!

I put your safety over my concerns!


You're not who you say you are.

When I got sh*t on our first mission,

Grey Flag was willing to let me die.

But you...

... a guy I just met,

risked your life to save mine.

You're not one of them.

If you'd shared your doubts
about me with anyone,

I'd be in a tight spot right now.

Clearly, you haven't.


Grey Flag recruited me with hopes of

"making real change in the world
on a grassroots level".

They took me under their wing,

they helped with my mother's
medical issues by

"cutting through
the bureaucratic red tape".


And by the time I learned
what that meant...


I don't know, I guess I was just willing

to overlook certain things.

"For the greater good".

But now I'm here and...

and this is, this is a far cry
from where I started.

- I...
- Listen, Lana.

I didn't request for you
to be my partner

because no one else would take you.

I requested you to be my partner

because you're not one of them either.

- Hey, hey.

- You don't have to do this.
- No.

I've seen what happens
to people who leave,

and to their families.

What if there was a safe way out
for you and your family?

Hey, hey, listen to me.

What if I found a weak point
in the perimeter

under the ash tree

where a branch knocked out
the power to the cameras

- and the electrical fence?

♪ ♪

Guess what I heard.

Boss is coming tonight

to announce who's gonna
be on the Elite Squad.


Is that all?

And I'm supposed to tell you
that you two get one more sh*t.

Don't ask me why.




Come on.

Oh, no.

Damn it.

♪ Mother, don't cut me down ♪

♪ Father, don't take me out ♪

♪ Fore I turn to dust ♪

♪ Fore I'm in the ground ♪

♪ Gonna dance with the devil ♪

♪ And let those demons out ♪

♪ Those demons out ♪


♪ Brother, I made my bed ♪

♪ Mm ♪

♪ When in the end ♪

♪ I paid off all my debts ♪

♪ With my dying breath ♪

♪ Let me dance with the devil ♪

♪ And let my demons rest ♪

♪ There's a beast in me. ♪


One, two, three!.

♪ ♪

BONHAM: All right, all right.

- Tie it off.

BONHAM: There it is.


- All right.
- I cannot believe

we actually did it.

It's kind of mind-blowing.

It's kind of a miracle.

It's kind of a s*ab.
But to each his own.

Hey, Mawline, um...

I know I'm the last person
to say anything, so...

for real, please, with all due respect.


Overdue respect.

I feel like you can be
a bit... intimidating,

and I just feel like
you kind of don't like Kevin.

- Mm.
- He's all right.

You know? He's kind of like a mentor,

and he's even gonna coach
Sacred Heart Model UN

if I join.

LIAM: So...

What do you think?

I think our dream's becoming real.

and I think we should put

those vibration plates for the horses

right over there.

I thought you said we needed to
hire equine therapists first.

Well, I wanted to start with your idea.

If that's okay... partner.

BONHAM: Stella, August,

come over and help me a little bit.

- Yes, sir.
- STELLA: Okay.

- Hey, Liam, hey.
- Hmm? Hey.

KEVIN: Look, what I said this morning

about the donor and
the trains running on time,

that came out wrong.

- Oh.
- I just wanted you guys to succeed.

And, well, turns out you guys
have got exactly what it takes.

LIAM: Well, thanks, Kevin.

And what we discussed earlier,

it would be an honor if you were
to put it in the mayor's speech.

- Sounds good.
- Yeah.

- I got to get back to work.
- Get to it.

LIAM: All right.


You helped my family today.

And I appreciate it, truly.

So, how do you feel about
staying for dinner?

You know, a do-over for Thanksgiving.

And maybe this time,
you can take off your shoes.

The storm. I ruined your floors.

And you seem so well-mannered otherwise.

KEVIN: Oh, I am so sorry.
I don't even know what to say.

I-I think I was distracted and...

ABELINE: And then
there was a lot going on?

- Yes.
- Yeah.

I'll tell you what, I-I-I
would love a do-over.

Unfortunately, I have
to take a rain check.

Duty calls at the mayor's office.

- Well, next time.
- Take care.

- You gotta go? All right.
- Yeah.

That was very sweet of you to say, sis.

(LAUGHING) Nice callback.

And you still oversold it.

(LAUGHING) Give me some slack.





♪ ♪

Nah. Too easy, Coop.

♪ ♪




Hey, what happened?

Snyder spotted Lana by the perimeter.

She coldcocked him and took off.

I won't have a deserter

on the day the guy in charge
of all of this arrives.

Lock and load, and k*ll on sight.


♪ ♪


- Lana.
- Trey.

Hey. We don't have much time.

Come on, I'll give you a boost.

There you go.

- You good?
- Yeah.

- EICHMANN: Deserters!
- (g*n)


Lana, listen to me, listen to me.

Hey, hey, go to Glencroft Road.

I have friends there that'll
keep you and your family safe.

Now here, take my notes and tell them...

Uh... listen, tell them that
the leader of Grey Flag

is gonna be at the compound tonight.

This might be their
only chance to stop him.

All right, now, they're not
gonna trust you at first,

so tell them that Walter Mercado
sent you from the stars.

All right? They'll know
what it means, okay?

I'd ask why you're not coming,
but I think I'm finally

getting an idea of what
you're really doing here.


♪ Shackled by ignorant hands ♪

♪ Calloused by the
prejudice in politics ♪

♪ And making my soul cold, man ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Someday in the courtyard ♪

♪ Gawking at the fella
swinging to and fro ♪

♪ From the gallows ♪

♪ What you gonna do ♪

♪ If the noose breaks ♪

♪ What you gonna do ♪

♪ If it don't take? ♪

♪ What you gonna do ♪

♪ If your devil don't stay chained? ♪

♪ Chained, chained ♪

♪ Chains ♪

♪ Oppression is the unrest ♪

♪ Unifies and crucified ♪

♪ Sanctifies the vengeance... ♪


I just want to talk.


♪ Sitting in a cage ♪

♪ Choking on the olive branch ♪

♪ And waiting for his chance ♪

♪ To unleash his good rage ♪

♪ What you gonna do ♪

♪ If the noose breaks? ♪

♪ What you gonna do ♪

♪ If it don't take? ♪

♪ What you gonna do ♪

♪ If your devil don't stay chained? ♪


Damn it.

I must've missed him.

He can't have gone far.




♪ When God made man ♪

♪ He thought it best ♪

♪ To make him in the east ♪

♪ And let him travel west ♪

♪ Well, a soul can roam ♪

♪ Never rest... ♪



Well, hell.

How'd we let two decades
go by and not done this?

It's good to see you, Cordi.

- Captain.
- JAMES: Hey.

Walker's not here?

I waited for him at HQ.

We were supposed to meet there
after he grabbed the tracker

and I got these files on Coop.

I thought maybe he came here instead.

Don't worry about Walker.
You know how it is.

Rental agency probably insisted on

calling the judge
to validate the warrant.

He'll be here any minute.

- Yeah.
- In the meantime,

here, you can help me cross-reference

the background of some
of these Grey Flag g*ons.


- See? What'd I tell you?

FBI AGENT: We stopped her
before she got to the door.

She's unarmed. She said
Trey Barnett sent her.

(GASPS) You're the woman who got sh*t.

I recognize your voice.

You helped save my life.

Trey said you could protect me
from Grey Flag.

What're you doing here?

No, no. You know what?

What are you doing alive?!

And how did you go
from a man I respected,

a man I modeled myself after,

to-to the leader of an anarchist group?

Man, two decades and
this is how you greet me?

Not even a thank-you

for pulling you out of
that burning truck?

You crashed into my car.

You caused the vehicle

- to catch f*re.
- You cornered me.

I was just looking for a way out.

And besides, I only tapped you.

I was just trying to
disable your vehicle

and slow you down a little bit,

but that thing you were
driving was such a lemon,

it just fell apart.

And really, I did you a favor.

You also did me a favor
when you had me abducted

- and tortured?
- That wasn't me.


You know, Coop? I saw my Grey Flag file.

Had a whole lot of details
about our time together

in Afghanistan.

Our time together

before you turned into

whoever the hell you are today.

Cordell, what do you think
I'm doing here?

WALKER: For starters,

I think you're boiling that echinacea

so you can treat your b*rned hand

and get back to your
Grey Flag comrades...

your real brothers.

So first of all, I b*rned
my hand saving your life.


Second of all, I came back
for my mother's funeral.


And you expect me to believe that?

Coop... you faked your own death.

One time.

What? Now all my credibility
goes out the window?

I used to consider you my brother.

So did Turner and Ortiz.

And Tommy. And you m*rder them.

You s*ab Tommy
and you let him bleed out.

You really think I'm capable of that?

I don't know what you're capable of.

- I don't even know who you are.
- Oh, come on.

(SCOFFS) You know me, stinker.

D-Don't "stinker" me.
Don't go to that well.

You're caught, Coop.

And now you're gonna
answer my questions.

All right, fine.

So if I am this evil,

vile person that
you're saying that I am,

why the hell did I save you?



Why didn't I just sh**t you?

♪ ♪

Got no interest in ever
hurting you, Cordi.


No, you just want to toy with me first.

Yeah, t*rture me and my family.

That's not true.

So if you actually want to talk,
then let's have a seat.

And we'll talk like the old
brothers that we actually are.

♪ ♪

I literally just came from
the Grey Flag compound.

- I can direct you there.
- JAMES: Why should we trust you?

How do we know this isn't a trap?

(SIGHS) Trey said you would think that.

He told me to tell you,

"Walter Mercado sent me from the stars".


- He said you would understand.
- CASSIE: It's something

I told him when we first met.

Something only Trey would know.


LANA: Look, there's one more thing.

I worked for Grey Flag for years,

and I never saw the guy in charge.

But he is going to be
at the compound tonight.

♪ ♪

Might be our best chance to catch him.

SUPERVISOR: Heads are gonna roll.

I can't have deserters in the wind.

How'd this happen?
What'd you see, Barnett?

When I got there, Eichmann
was already sh*t, sir.


Hey, hang in there.


(PANTING) I saw you...

help her.


TREY: I tried to revive him, but...

- it was already too late.
- Where was Lana?

She was long gone.

Now that I know that she's a traitor,

I wish I hadn't saved her life

on our first mission.

I wish I'd just let her bleed out.

Eichmann's death was a real blow,

but you're the better candidate
for this Elite Squad.

You and Snyder will make good partners.

Wait, sir, are you saying that I'm... ?

I'm supposed to let our leader
make the announcement,

but you made the cut, Barnett.

You're now on the Elite Squad.

♪ ♪

If you don't want to
answer my questions,

I'm gonna leave you handcuffed here,

hike back to civilization,

and return with the Feds and the Rangers

who don't play so nice.

You try the same crap with them,

they will not hesitate
to use deadly force.

Fine. What do you want to know?

I want to know
how you became the monster

that nearly broke apart my family.

I'm not a monster.

I'm strategic, maybe...

You're a coward.



You know, years ago,
that blast should've k*lled me.

And when I came to, I knew that
they would mark me KIA.

I just...

I just operated on instinct.

I ran.

No, you don't make a decision
like that on instinct, Coop.

That wouldn't have been... sudden.

You were sitting with something,
weren't you?

Something was bothering you.

And just, I never saw it.

Yeah, because I had to be
your leader, didn't I?

- Everyone was always counting on me.
- Not that day.

Not that day, you weren't our leader.

That day... you ran.


Yeah, Cordi, that day I ran.

- Mm-hmm.
- I ran from my family, from my job,

my responsibilities.

I honestly thought my family
would be better off without me.

So, you chose to just disappear?

And decided to come back years later

as the leader of
an anarchist organization?

Walker, I'm guilty of a lot of stuff...

deserting the Marine Corps,

allowing the people that I love
to think that I was d*ad,

but I am not guilty of
Grey Flag's crimes.

Then who is?

I wish I knew.

Cordi, of all people, you know me.

And deep in your heart you know
there is no way in hell

that I can do any of these heinous acts.

Trust your gut.

I've been beating myself up.

Blaming myself for your death.

For two decades.

You've been d*ad.

So this? Right now?

It's like I'm talking to a ghost.

I don't know what my gut's telling me.

I think you do.

You became the man I fell short of.


Hell, at least I did that right.

Got you started off on the right path.

years is a long time, Cordi.

You just never know
what someone will turn into.

No, I guess you don't.

All right, well.

This is all well and nice, but...

... none of it means a damn thing

if you're not man enough to come clean.

All of the evidence

points to you.

So we can end this once and for all.

Just tell me why you created Grey Flag.

Give me some Intel that
can stop more att*cks

and needless deaths,

and maybe, just maybe,
I can get you leniency.

No more people have to get hurt.

It sounds like Grey Flag
nearly destroyed your family.

Well, it completely destroyed mine.

I'll tell you whatever you want to know.

Hell, stinker...

you can even have your g*n back.

♪ ♪




♪ ♪


COOPER: Now, Cordi.

I didn't return that

so you can sh**t me in the back with it.

Uncuff me.

COOPER: I'm not the one you're after.

Then who is?

Who is the leader of Grey Flag?

It's not your fight, Cordi.

This is something I got to do on my own.



You know, I never wanted you to
blame yourself for my death.

Not then.

And not now.

See you down the line, partner.

♪ ♪





Call me when you get this, okay?

No answer.

I can't believe
I didn't see this coming.

He sent me to the farmhouse

so he could go after Coop on his own.

Don't b*at yourself up.
I didn't see it coming either.

I've already got patrols out
looking for him, but...

can't really dwell on that right now.

Besides, if Walker's right

and Cooper's the head of Grey Flag,

then according to Lana,
he's gonna be here tonight.




Grey Flag must have

some pretty powerful connections
to cover this up.


♪ In like the rose that
grows in your soul... ♪

This is it.

♪ In like the stone
that forms in your heart ♪

♪ Out of reach ♪

♪ But you can't give up this time ♪

♪ I'm on a wire ♪

♪ To see your star ♪

♪ Shine ♪

♪ I'm on a wire ♪

♪ To see your star ♪


♪ Shine... ♪


♪ I'm on a wire ♪

♪ To see your star ♪

♪ Shine... ♪

It's a lot to take in,

I know.

But I'm glad to see you on our team.

Happy you chose the right side.


♪ But your hope is gone. ♪

♪ ♪
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