04x13 - Power Outage

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Static Shock". Aired: September 23, 2000 – May 22, 2004.
Accidental exposure to an experimental mutagen leaves geeky high school student Virgil with super powers.
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04x13 - Power Outage

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♪ Fight the criminals,
chase the bad guys ♪

♪ Save the world,
fly through the sky ♪

♪ Half kid, half amazing ♪

♪ Ok, static shock,
who you're facing ♪

♪ Yeah, one zip,
then you zapped ♪

♪ Good against evil,
get trapped ♪

♪ Look in my eyes,
I got the power ♪

♪ Villains run
from the static shower ♪

♪ Superhero static shock ♪
♪ whoo whoo ♪

♪ Superhero static shock ♪
♪ whoo whoo ♪

♪ Criminals get twisted ♪

♪ This superhero gifted ♪

♪ Bell rings,
I'm back in school ♪

♪ Nobody know
what I do, ok ♪

♪ Superhero static shock ♪
♪ whoo whoo ♪

♪ Superhero static shock ♪
♪ whoo whoo ♪

♪ Superhero static shock ♪
♪ whoo whoo ♪

♪ One zip, then you zapped ♪

♪ Good against evil,
get trapped ♪

♪ Look in my eyes,
I've got the power ♪

♪ Villains run
from the static shower ♪

♪ Criminals get twisted ♪

♪ This superhero gifted ♪

♪ Bell rings,
I'm back in school ♪

♪ Nobody know
what I do, ok ♪

♪ Superhero static shock! ♪

Captioning made possible by
warner bros. Tv animation



You shrieked?

You didn't take
the garbage out last night.

Is that what smells?

I figured you were
trying a new recipe.

For the last time, virgil,

You have to help
with the chores!

I do help
with the chores.

No. You say you'll help.

Then you disappear. Poof.

Well, I wouldn't
say poof.

It's more like...zzuum.

Virgil, believe it or not,
I am worried about you.

You're always tired.
You're out late at night.

Young man,
I need a word with you.

Finally. Maybe now
things around here
will change.

You talk to him, daddy.

This old electric razor
just doesn't hold
a charge anymore.

Could you
take a look at it?



You want him
to fix a razor?!

He can't
fix breakfast.

[Razor buzzing]

Wait. How did you--

I, uh,
just scraped some g*n off
the charger contacts. See?

Thanks, son.
Have a good day today.

And be careful
out there.


Good news, class.

I'm returning
last thursday's tests.

[Students grumbling]

I tell you, rich,
sharon was not gonna let up.

If pops hadn't
come in with that razor...

So? Maybe
it's not so bad

That he found out about
your secret identity.

Yeah. He saves me
from sharon,

And I save him a fortune
in appliance repairs.

Here you go,
mr. Hawkins.

And a surprise
for you, mr. Foley.

Now, class, open your books
to chapter .

what's wrong?

shh. Later.

What is
your problem?

I got a b-minus, ok?

No way.

B-minus for brain boy?

Well, lately this brain
has been having some
serious mental lapses.

Sometimes I'm lucky
just to remember my name.

Frieda: richie foley!

And virgil hawkins!

Didn't you
say you'd help us with
the recycling campaign?

Yeah, and then
not show up...again?

Well, uh...

I guess we,

What is up
with you two?

You say you'll help.
Then you disappear.

Have you
been talking
to my sister?

we're being serious.

If our friendship
means so little to you,


Frieda, daisy,
we can explain.

We can?

What I mean is,
we're real sorry.



Hey, that sounds
pretty close.

[Alarm blaring]

Where did they--

Ohh! Not again.

[Gasps] look!

It's static and gear!

And as usual,

Virgil and richie
are missing out.

You don't think...


Both: couldn't be.


Thanks. I have
very delicate ears.

You're supposed
to grab the cash, mon.

What you doin'
with all that food?

I was hungry.
Is that a crime?

No, but everything
else you do is. Ha!



Need a hand?

the hands...
Aren't the problem.

Well, he's doing jokes.

He must not need my help.

Stay back!

No, smart guy.
I'm gonna run!

Right. What was
I thinking?




I'm gonna
crush you like--

Uhh! Ohh!


Gear: here, ferrett,
ferrett, ferrett.

gear, get over here!

What about ferrett?

Now, bro!


Whoa. What's
happening to him?

His feet are shrinking.

You're not making
any sense.

I don't get it,

It's like kangor
was turning...


That's crazy.

It was like
a monster movie--


Get up, ferrett.

I said--

Stop it, ebon.

Open your eyes!

becoming human.


Just like kangor.


Me feelin' kinda
light on my feet.

Better than before,

When you were light
in your head.

Thank you for calling me.

Well, dr. Todd,
we figured if anyone
can explain what's up,

You're the guy.

This is kangor.

Human again, yes.
And before long,

The same thing will happen
to all of the bang babies.

Did you say "all"?

That's right.
Including you and gear.

Within a few days,
your powers will be gone...


dr. Todd, is it true

You've been spraying
the city with this
metahuman antidote

For several weeks?

Yes. The governor
authorized the procedure

Late last month.
So far, there are

Of bang babies
reverting to human form.

But what if they
don't want to change?

Don't they have
a choice?

With a few exceptions,

The bang babies are
a menace to public safety.

To protect our citizens,

We had to use
extreme measures.

And how areyou
handling this?

I don't know.
Maybe dr. Todd's right.

For the good
of the people and all...


Pops, I like
being static.

Even with all
the bang babies gone,

I still think
I'd be needed.

How does richie feel?

Well, he could be
takin' it better.

Richie: no!

No! No!

Hey! Chill, ok?

There's no way to stop it.
I'm not gonna be
a genius anymore,

And your powers,
they're gonna--

I know.

I've been feeling
them slipping away
all week.

Didn't want
to freak you out.

Why did they
do this to us?!

We're the good guys!
It's not fair!

Uhh! Ow.

Then again,
if we're not fighting
bang babies,

We'll have time
to study.

Frieda and daisy
won't hate us anymore.

Could be ok.

Do you honestly
believe that?

How long have we got?

I truly have no idea.

What say we jet over
to see if the doctor's in?

Assuming we can
stay in the air.

Good point.
Fly low.

Donald, I just heard
from a clinic
on the south side.

More bang babies
came in.

Totally cured.

At this pace--



Hey, doc. Remember me?

Thought you'd want
to meet some of my pals.

This is talon, shiv--

Skip the intros,

This ain't
a party.

Who are you
callin' stupid?


You're the one who came up
with this lousy cure.


and it's working.

So whatever you do
to me won't change
a thing.

Tough talk.
But are you sure

You speak for your
homeboy over there?

Just what do you want?

You had to have some of
the old bang baby gas

To make a up a cure.

I want whatever
you got left.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

In the safe...

Over there.

open it.

Open it yourself.

Didn't you hear the man?

Same thing's gonna
happen to you as kangor

Unless you do
like I say.

Make me.

[Loud shrieking]

You're both acting
like jerks.

Now, let's--


No! Not talon!

Hey, look.



You sure
you're up for this?

No. But if we
go down fightin',

I'm glad it's
against these guys.

Oh, yeah.
That's a real comfort.

Burn 'em.

With pleasure.

What's the deal?

[All grunting]

What's the problem,

You runnin'
out of juice?

Ha! Look who's talkin'.

I've seen birthday candles
hotter than you.

[Both grunting]

By the time
I'm done...

You're not gonna
even be half
the superhero

You once were.


Then here's something
for you to rember me by!

Eww! Aah


Get up, talon.
We gotta--

No! Get away!

I want to be
normal again!

Too bad.
You're coming with me.


See? We're all
going back to
the way we were.

Not me!


About time.



Grab...the gas!


Uhh. You know,

If the superhero thing
doesn't work out,

You have a real future
in pro football.

Yeah, I'll keep that
in mind.

Dr. Todd,
how's your friend?

He'll be fine.

Looks like
everybody's ok.

Not everybody.


Talon: it's like waking
from a nightmare,

And I never want
to go back.

We're glad
for you, talon.

Please don't
call me that.

My name's teresa.

ok, teresa...

But we need your help.

We want to know
what ebon plans to do
with that t*nk of gas.

We figure he's trying
to restore his powers.

It's worse than that.

He's gonna set off
another big bang.

[Both screaming]

Can't maintain altitude.

My magnetic power
keeps dropping out.

I know! I can hardly
control backpack.

The data comes too fast,
and brain can't keep up!


Uhh! Ohh! Uhh!


I'm not doing too hot
on the skates, either.

[Ekg machine beeping]


It's no use.

I can't decipher
backpack's incoming
police data.

There's too much.

Is there anything
youcan understand?

Just that there seem
to be some metahumans

Heading toward the docks.

The docks--
where the first
big bang happened.

[Ship horn blows]


I'm not waiting here
all night.

Where's ebon?

Iam ebon, fool.

That cure
they've been spraying
is getting to me, too,

But that's all
gonna change.

This here's the last can
of bang baby gas,

And y'all can take
a breath of it,

Long as you agree
that I'm in charge

Of this whole crew
from now on!



Nobody quits,

Including you.


Your scared.

You were nothing
before the big bang,

And that's what
you're gonna be

I told you
to keep her quiet.

No. She's right.

[Electricity surging]


You guys really need
to oil these hatches.


Ok. Now we run.

After 'em!
Don't let 'em
get away!

Up there!

[Both screaming]

Where to now?

Ebon: nowhere.

In here!

A d*ad end.

You got that right.

Take the gas from the man,


Now, we're gonna lock you
in here for a while,

But we'll drop in again,

Soon as we got
our powers back.

You mean,
if hotstreak lets you
have your powers back.

Where's hotstreak?

I don't know.

He was just here
a second ago, and--

You, go that way.
You, go that way.

Find him!

Which way
shouldwe go?

Ok, then.

We've looked

He must've left
the ship.

Then search
every building around here.


Wait a minute.


Ebon: gotcha.

Ah, it's useless.

It can't link
to my thoughts anymore.

I want that gas.

Back off, ebon.

It's mine now.
I'm givin'
the orders.

[Both grunting]

[Both screaming]

what are you doing?

Static: stand back.

Maybe I can whip up
one more blast.

, --Huh?

Of course,
that also works.

Ebon and hotstreak
set off the gas.

It's gonna fill
the ship.

You'd better
get out of here.

No kiddin'.

What do we do?

Whatever it takes
to stop ebon.

[Both coughing]

Bro...you have
your powers again.

Yeah, it looks like
you do, too.

Ha ha, yeah.

I can interpret
the data stream again.

Brain boy's back.

Come on.
We gotta find ebon
and hotstreak.


What is that?


Static: oh, man.


It's ebon
and hotstreak.

They must've sucked
up so much gas,

They fused together.



static, move!




Aah! Aah!






I've never seen you
do this before!

That was nothing.
Watch this!


Nice work.

[Both screaming]

Oh, no, you don't!



Let's hope you're right.

Virgil: no sign of
that -headed nightmare.

Think it's still alive?

From a strictly
analytical perspective,

That is highly
improbable, captain.

But my gut says...yeah.

Ebon and hotstreak
are still out there

And we don't know
how many of those
other bang babies

Got a whiff
of that gas.

Guess dr. Todd
will be whippin' up
another batch

Of his antidote.

Only now that
I'm a genius again,

I think I'll whip us up
a little cure for the cure.

Yeah. They can't get rid
of us that easily.
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