01x16 - Episode 16

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Awaken". Aired: November 30, 2020 – January 19, 2021.
Police officers investigate some mysterious m*rder that seem to be related to a tragic event in a village 28 years earlier.
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01x16 - Episode 16

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He's been working for you all his life.
How can you toss him out like this?

I'm not tossing him out.

I'm just retrieving my test subject.

You're retrieving the test subject.
That's great.

You are a pretty important guy.
But it's just the two of us here

in this shady area.

What if something happens to you out here?

Are you worried about me?

That's not it. I just went through
a lot of trouble to get here.

I'd been working my ass off
to find His Excellency,

so I was annoyed.

Right. So did your troubles pay off?
Did you find His Excellency?

I did.

I'm looking at him…

Your Excellency.

Who is the owner of Baegya Foundation now?

-His Excellency.
-You mean, Ji Hyeong-geun?

He's still alive?

I did hear about a secret laboratory.

I don't think Son Min-ho ever met
His Excellency in person.

Ji Hyeong-geun.

On paper, he's retired,
but there's no trace of him anywhere.

He exerts influence everywhere,
but he doesn't exist in real life.

I saw the people who succeeded
in this experiment.

I'm sure he said "people."

That means it was successful
for more than one person.

Cho Hyeon-hui.

I already saw her with my own two eyes.

If it was successful for anyone else,

it must be you.

Don't you think
you're jumping to conclusions?

Out of Baegya Foundation's
many powerful directors,

only you don't have any record

from before the tragedy
at White Night Village.

Why is that? Why?

What if Ji Hyeong-geun is living his life,
pretending to be Oh Jeong-hwan?

It all makes sense now, doesn't it?

Your house is secured by armed men.

Yet, you must have so much to hide if you
came to such a dangerous place yourself.

Chief Secretary…

Wait. Scratch that.

His Excellency Ji Hyeong-geun.

Don't just stand there. Get him!


How dare you…

Get me my meds.

-Meds? What meds?
-Anti-anxiety pills.

They're in my inside pocket.

Make do without them.

What are you doing?

I found the formula.

What did you say?

Come and take a look.

Where did you get this?

I made a deal with Do Jeong-woo.

You made a deal?

As long as it works, it doesn't matter
if he knows where the lab is.

I didn't know you could be crafty.

You injected it into Son Min-ho.

What are you doing?

We gave you the drug
you've desperately wanted.

If this works, you can live forever.

I'm your test subject?

Untie me right now! Untie me.

How much did you give him?

-I gave him  milliliters.
-Give him another milliliters.

Hey, Gong Il-do. You bastard, Gong Il-do!

How dare you, after all I've done for you?

You ungrateful bastard.

No, don't do it. Don't.

No, don't do it. No, Il-do.

Gong Il-do…

So Do Jeong-woo's formula was a fake.


This is probably the correct formula.

This way.

Hey. Isn't that
Chief Secretary Oh Jeong-hwan?

Yes. But he's also Ji Hyeong-geun
and His Excellency.

-You should stay out of this.

-Come on.


I think I found your pass.

What are these pills?
Are they the anti-anxiety pills?


Don't try anything funny.

If you do, you could die right here,
right now.

Son Min-ho is d*ad.

What? So the formula was fake?

No, this is the correct formula.

In the end, we need
the serum of my son, Do Jeong-woo.

Your Excellency.

Okay, Dr. Cho.

I'm in the middle of something,
so I'll call you later.

What is it?

I think something's happened to him.

She needs my serum.

I must know where the lab is
to make that happen.

Why don't you tell me now?

I see. Okay, then.

My pills.

Give me my pills.


Are these important to you?

Right. I remember you
taking this pill before.

I don't think this is for anxiety.

What are these pills?

Yes, the side effects.
These pills suppress side effects.

The formula wasn't perfect,
so of course there were side effects.

How often do you need to take the pills?

-Every six hours.
-That's a pretty short cycle.

What if you don't?

I'll die of old age.

You sacrificed all those children
to make this drug?

So only you

could live forever?

Hey. I'm claustrophobic.

I'll start hyperventilating.
At least open the window.

Are you okay?

I'm feeling a lot better.

It reduces the side effects
of the experiment,

so there won't be any big problems.

You're up.

Who is he?

Say hello.
He's also from White Night Village.

I'm number .

I'm number .

I'm number .



It's me.

You grew into a fine young lady,
my daughter.

How come

you haven't aged?

I bet I look exactly how you remember me
when you were a kid.

What are you trying to do?

Why can't you give up your dream after all
the sacrifices you made in the village?

You were curious, weren't you?

Dreams are meant to be achieved.

Six hours went by so fast.

It's time to take your pill.


-My son.
-What did you do to Dr. Leighton?

Are you worried that I might have hurt
my own daughter?

We're your children now?

That's a load of crap.

Even so. You ought to show
some respect to your own mother.

Cut the crap and send
Dr. Leighton back right now.

-If you don't--
-Or what?


I can't say His Excellency will be safe.

I'm sure he of all people

must know what he needs right now.

Did you hear that?

I think it's time for us
to go to a secret lab.

Why don't we do an experiment
with Dr. Leighton's serum?

They are twins.

Fraternal twins won't help us.

It won't work
without Do Jeong-woo's serum.

I think he created the formula
based on his own blood from the start.

He made the experiment to be successful

with only his serum from the start.

Do Jeong-woo is part
of the formula after all.

This is it.


-I'm back.
-You're here.

What? You're that guy from Yeonsi-dong.

-It's been a while.


You have a guest.


He's the third child!

It's okay. He's not like that anymore.

Where's Mr. Do?

Mr. Do!

It's been a while. It's good to see you.

Okay. Salute.

It's awkward in here.

She won't do anything
to Dr. Leighton, right?

She's Dr. Leighton's mother after all.

She's not a mother figure.

But she won't do anything
until she gets my serum.

What's your plan?

The secret lab. We should head over there.

I understand that
Chief Secretary Oh is Ji Hyeong-geun,

but we basically kidnapped him
and are illegally imprisoning him.


By the way, Lieutenant Jang sounds
level-headed at times like this.

How did you know? Yes, it's illegal.

So, no more cops.


What are you talking about?

They'll do anything
to achieve their goals.

It's too dangerous.

Helping a wanted man like me
might cost your badge.

-What do you mean, "so"?

I'm with you.

Dr. Leighton is on our team, too.
We must save her.

Yes, let's do this together, Mr. Do.

I can't let you act all cool without us.

Did I look cool?

It's all set.

But are you sure about this?

What if this goes south?

I may not know my birthday,

but I'll get to know when my death is.

Come on. Don't jinx it.

Let me join you.

You, too? You don't have to do that.

I'm part of this mess.

And so am I.

And this is our case, too.

You said we'd get a scoop
that no TV crew could even dream of.

When are you going to get that scoop?

We haven't done a thing
after we started our channel.

-Darn it.

I want an iced Americano.

-Who is it?
-You've got a package.

No way. Is it another warning letter?

Give me that.

What is this?



Do Jeong-woo.

Is this the place?

Even Dr. Leighton is being held hostage
at that secret laboratory or whatever?


Superintendent Do and the rest of our team
just left for the secret laboratory.

You bastards. Why didn't you report
to me in advance? Damn it.

What should I do?

Isn't it obvious?


Let's go.

Grab your gear and get ready to move.

Get the SWAT team ready.

Listen up. We're police officers of Korea.

Let's show them what justice is all about!
Move out!

-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.

Hye-won, how did you…


Well done, my son.

You found your way here.

Is this the secret lab?

Where's Dr. Leighton?

I bet you probably want to
give me your serum now.

Is this really necessary?

You can solve everything
by just giving me your blood.

-And the kids?
-I just need to finish my drug.

I don't care about anything else.

Don't worry about me.

Police Commissioner Kim Chang-gu
and Mayor of Seoul Im Jin-gwon

are with the Baegya Foundation?

Gosh. The foundation dug into
every sector of the social elite.

I didn't expect it to be this big.

-Wonsa-ro, Seowon, Gyeonggi Province.
-Where are you going?

Use these files to prepare to go on air.

I'll call you when I get there.

What's going on?

It's an exclusive scoop!

How long does it take
for the drug to be ready?

We separate the serum from the blood

and wait until it reacts
once it's mixed with the drug we prepared.

It won't take long.

I've been waiting for this day
for the past years.

I don't have much time. Hurry up.

Yes, you'd better hurry.

His Excellency only has a few pills left.

-Where are my pills?
-The pills?

Oh, right. Here…

Oh, right. I left them in the car.

-You crazy bastard.
-Your Excellency, don't. Calm down.

Once we get into the secret lab, find
a chance to plug this into the computer.

Then these two will take care of it.


We're in.

As you may have guessed,
there's more than one secret lab.

There's no way they'd store all the data
they collected over decades in one place.

-The network.
-Yes, the network.

It's highly likely that
it's shared on the network.

To get rid of so many files in one go,

we have no choice but to hack
into the server and k*ll the source.

That's my specialty.

Same here. I mean, I'll help him.

Once all the data on the server
is deleted,

activate the timer.

It's operated remotely from outside,
so they can't stop it.

Then we have five minutes left.

We have to get out in five minutes.

I'm sorry.

What can I do? I have a bad memory.

Is this it?

Yes. This is the address
Oh Jeong-hwan gave us.

What's going on?
I told you to control the scene!

Who is this jerk?

You can't start this party without me!

Just wait. Sometimes,
even a lowly reporter can be of use.

That bastard.

How did that bastard get wind of this?

Did you leak it?

No, I didn't.

Let's standby
until we find out what's going on.

We're good to go.

Now, we just have to delete the data.

It's ready.

Finally. We've been waiting for this.

Hurry up. We don't have much time.

Do you think that will work?


Are you sure it will make you immortal?

No, I'm asking because I'm really curious.

I'm not sure if the drug made with
my serum based on my formula is…

a drug for immortality…

or a poison that kills people.

The formula I saw in his glasses

was the same formula he wrote
on the playground at White Night Village.

Yes. I remember that, too.
I wrote that formula.

What's the use of an unproven formula?

I didn't age for the last years.

I am that proof.

"It's just a matter of speed.
We'll all grow old and die one day.

Our death is part of human nature."

Didn't that cross your mind?

Don't bullshit me.

Oh, no. No.

I mean, you said Son Min-ho died, too.

What's going on?

Are you sure this formula even existed?

It wasn't done with Do Jeong-woo's serum.

Bring back the subjects' serum.

I'll show you the difference myself.

It's almost time for you to take the pill.
I guess it's not that urgent.

Right. You can compare the finished drug

with the pills you have.

With this, you will live forever.

Believe me, Your Excellency.

No! I can't believe you.

I can't be your test subject.

I must take the pill at least.

Your Excellency.

That's Oh Jeong-hwan!

Oh Jeong-hwan! Don't move!

Get out of the car! Oh Jeong-hwan!

Where is it?

He's acting weird.

Do Jeong-woo.


What just happened?

What in the world…


It's all gone.

I think it's time
to put an end to this tragedy.

Activate the timer for the b*mb.

All right. Everyone, calm down.

We've been waiting for

this miraculous moment.

We all can see what happens.

Don't do it.




Have you never

had any regrets about what you did?


Why would…

I regret what I did?

Everything I did was purely
for the success of my experiment.

Even if your son and daughter

were your test subjects?


That's right.

I still remember the look on your face
when I first saw you after being born.

At first, you were worried.

When our eyes met, you were thrilled.

I was certain of your abilities.

Normal newborns can't make
eye contact with their mothers right away.

Giving birth to a new child
wasn't what made you happy.

You were satisfied because you gave birth
to the perfect test subject.


why you were born.




-I'm a monster.

You're a monster. A monster!

You're a monster!

If I knew this would be my life,

I wish I'd never been born.

Superintendent Do.

The side effect of the experiment
is elevating your brain pressure.


-Mr. Do!
-Don't come any closer.

My son.

I didn't know you had feelings.

It must've been hard for a monster
to understand people's feelings.

I'm proud of you.

No. No…

Don't come out, please!

Don't come out! Please… Hurry.

Get out of here. Please…

Please. Get out of here now!

I told Do Jeong-woo that I wanted to
come out, but he resisted until the end.

All right.

So everyone related to
White Night Village is here, right?

I kept telling him that he shouldn't leave
any traces of me,

but Do Jeong-woo never listens to me.


could have just k*lled all of them.

The monster.

That's the monster.

That monster.

Dissociative identity disorder.

The third child and I weren't
the only ones who had it.

Mr. Do!

What are you doing? sh**t!

I'm all alone on an empty street.

The sun is shining brightly.

No, you don't.

If Do Jeong-woo takes over again,

it'll be quite annoying.

The sun is…

shining brightly.

But the watch that can't be wrong
says it's midnight.

That makes me wonder.

Is it…


Or night?

No, Mr. Do.







Stop it.

Please, stop.


Get out!

What's going on? No!

Hye-won, are you okay?

We must get out of here.

Okay. Your father.
Go find your father first.

The children. Get the children!

Dad, wake up.

We have to get out of here, Dad.

Why aren't they out yet?

Okay. We have to get out of here. Hurry.


I hope you don't suffer anymore
and be happy.



Let's go out together.




Mr. Do.

Mr. Do.

What are you doing?


Mr. Do, what are you doing? Mr. Do!

-Mr. Do!

-We don't have time. We have to go now.
-Mr. Do!

Mr. Do!

Mr. Do.

Mr. Do!

-Over here!
-There are children!

-Bring the blankets!

Dr. Oh!

Hye-won. Where's Jeong-woo? Where is he?

Where's Jeong-woo?

What about Mr. Do?

Where is he?

Why isn't he out?

What are you doing? Come on out.
Get out of there!

It's not too late.

Let's complete this experiment together.


This is your last chance to escape here.

This is your last chance
to apologize to the world.



a scientist…

I have to see through this experiment.

It is my duty.


You and I are the ones
who started this tragedy.

This sad story can only end
when the two of us are gone.

Do Jeong-woo.


How are you?

If you plead guilty, the court
will recognize it as a mitigating factor.

Confess to your crimes and pay for them.


I've never committed any crimes.

How is it in there?

It's okay. They always feed me on time.

I do want some cup noodles, though.

If you admitted that
you were mentally unstable,

you would've gone to a hospital.

-I know.
-If you knew, why didn't you?

Because I have committed crimes.

I'm going back to the States now.


today is our last day.

I'll be back.

I'll visit you again then.

Lieutenant Gong.

Good job. When are you coming to work?

I already resigned.

Don't be ridiculous.


Do you know how much
it costs to train a good police officer?

Come on. Pull yourself together
and come back to work.


Gosh. It's cold.

I miss that jerk again.

What are you doing here?

Did you think I'd let you go
without a proper goodbye?

Well, I wasn't much help.
It's embarrassing.

Thank you for everything.

I didn't do much.

I regained my lost memories.

So much has happened in such a short time.

Did they find Jeong-woo?


Mr. Do and Cho Hyeon-hui
vanished without a trace.

I'm sure.

Have a safe flight and contact me
when you come back to Korea.

Lieutenant Gong, if you need help,
please call me whatever it is.

Take care.

Mr. Jung.

Hey. What's up?

How have you been?

I'm doing okay. Things are quiet now.

But it feels a bit empty
because it's so quiet.

What's with the ambulance?

-Is this yours?

I got a used one,
so I can use it when I get older.

Who's going to drive it?


if that bastard were here,
he would've been perfect for it.

But I have somewhere to be.

I was just in the neighborhood, too.

Is that so?
Then I'll give you a ride. Get in.

Mr. Jung, you knew
Mr. Do would do this, didn't you?

How would I know what he's thinking?

Nothing is predictable with him.

That's true.

Do you think Mr. Do is really d*ad?

I know it was a big expl*si*n,
but he just disappeared without a trace.

I'm sure he's in a good place.


What are you doing?

What are you doing, Gong?

It's the security camera
at the secret lab's entrance.

What's this for?

-I found it.
-What are we looking at?




Where are you going, Gong? Gong!

Why did you want to meet?
Don't you know I'm busy?

-Oh, my.

I wanted to give you an exclusive.

Gosh. I don't need that.

Winning Journalist of the Year
was enough for me.

Forget it, then.

You know what?
I'll at least hear you out. Okay?

Later that night,
when the secret lab exploded,

an ambulance rushing to leave the scene
was caught on a security camera.

But the ambulance belongs to Jung Sun-gu.

And I happened
to find a toll receipt in the car.

On the very same night,
he passed through the tollgate in Yeosu.

Do Jeong-woo.

Are you really alive?


I like that it's wireless.

-What's up?
-Have you had breakfast?

I made some side dishes.

Come on. Eat something before you go.

I can't be late for my first day
after my promotion.

I'll be back.

My gosh, Team Leader Gong!

I heard you got promoted. Congrats.

Thank you.

My gosh. You changed your hairstyle.

Was that to celebrate your promotion?

-Does it look weird?
-Well, no.

You look the part.

By the way, is there any news?

I saw the ambulance go through
the tollgate on the security footage

and confirmed
that it got on the ferry to an island.

Was Mr. Do on it, too?

The only person that got off was Mr. Jung.


a man told me he saw
Do Jeong-woo on that island.

He's the village head. He said a stranger
came to him in the middle of the night.

He was looking for a house to live in
and was willing to match any price.

Wait. This guy…

And there was a vacant house,
so he took the guy there.

But he was carrying a woman
who couldn't move her arms or legs.

And she was all wrapped up on his back.

He asked the guy why his young wife
couldn't move her limbs.

He said she wasn't his wife.

When he asked the guy
who he was carrying on his back…

He said it was his mother.

Goodness. He's so young.
But he made such a ridiculous joke.

One time, I happened to be in the area,
so I dropped by.

But I didn't see the guy.
Only his wife was lying down.

So I just turned around to leave.

But she stopped me.

So I asked her if she needed help.

Go on.

She asked me if I had any pesticides.

Then she gave me a cold look and said,

"Please k*ll me."

After hearing that,
I just left the mountain right then.

Do you think it's him?

If so, why would he do that?

Maybe he thought
living eternally in pain instead of dying

was the appropriate punishment
for Cho Hyeon-hui.

She's still his mother after all.

He thought that dealing with her for
the rest of his life was his punishment.

That's just how he is.

-It's done.
-Thank you.

-Okay, thank you.
-Thank you.

I can't believe you made us
come here for a tint job.

It's not any tint job.

-This is bulletproof.
-Is this bulletproof?

What's the point of this
when we can't even carry g*n?

-Rookie, attention.
-Yes, sir.

-Don't you agree?
-Yes, you're right.

Is that so?

-Who's right?

Listen, Rookie. You know that detectives
must be very observant, right?

Yes, I know.

Okay. Right now,
I'm going to test your observation skills.

Let's see how quickly you can find

the chosen card
in this randomly shuffled deck of cards.

We have a case. , Jangyi-dong.

Hey, stop.

You bastard!

Lieutenant Jang!


It really didn't break.

It's really bulletproof.

-I know, right?

The car is bulletproof. But you guys are…

-Look at him.

-What are you doing? Go get him!


Hey! Freeze!

Stop right there, you jerk!

-Hey! Come here.
-I'm in a bad mood. Just give it up.

Put the knife down.

-Get away from me, you bastards!
-Put it down.

Put it down, you jerk!

-You bastards.

-Help me.
-If you come, I'll k*ll her.

Damn it!

Are you okay?

-Lieutenant Jang.

-Doesn't this scene look familiar?

-Stay still, you bastard.
-Give me your hands.

Gong! Come on!

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