02x12 - DOUBLE THINK / Event Boundary

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex". Aired: 1 October 2002 – 8 January 2005.*
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Series follows the members of Public Security Section 9, a special-operations task-force made up of former m*llitary officers and police detectives.
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02x12 - DOUBLE THINK / Event Boundary

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DOUBLE THINK / BOUNDARY OF EVENTS Work never ends for you, does it, Major? I'm sorry to say it was a rather boring case.

Compared to the last one, any case would seem boring.

Ishikawa, I sent you the data.

Can I leave the rest to you? Sure.

I'll take care of the backlog.

So in the end, Huge's death was a su1c1de? Judging from the way he sold off his company's stock, he must have felt guilty about profiting from w*apon.

Pretty sentimental for an arms dealer.

Huh? What do we have here? with your prosthetic? Why don't you just get a new one? It has seen better days, but this body and I go way back.

I'm still amazed your brain case was intact after all those b*ll*ts.

You're a lucky man.

I suppose.

Saito! You're back already too? Yeah.

Still, peace just doesn't seem to suit us, does it? Old Man The prime minister just contacted me about the incident in the new Far East.

A medal, huh? Can't he give us something with actual benefits? He's considering a bonus as well.

No kidding? That's great.

Regardless, there's no doubt that it was your efforts that prevented a global nuclear w*r.

Once again, I can't thank you enough.

Is something wrong, Major? No.

Sorry, everybody! I had a date to keep with my kids.

At least peace suits one of us.

That makes you the best candidate for this.

I don't know what it is, but I'll happily accept it.

Everyone, are you sure no information has leaked from our last case? Everything's fine.

- That's great.

- Still, our judgment as individuals was really tested this time, wasn't it? What are you saying? There's no hierarchy among us.

I guess that's true, but Oh, Batou!

- Batou!

- Batou! I see you're enjoying yourselves, as always.

- Batou, over here!

- Give us some oil!

- Can you take us outside?

- Please! Sure.

When there's time.


- Huh?

- Batou? Burnout syndrome A mid

-life crisis Or maybe just nostalgia.

Is something wrong, Major? Nothing.

About Takashi Shimamura He seems to have returned home safely.

His mother called to thank us the other day.

Takashi Shimamura? Work never ends for you, does it, Major? I'm sorry to say it was a rather boring case.

Compared to the last one, any case would seem boring.

Ishikawa, I sent you the data.

Can I leave the rest to you? Sure.

I'll take care of the backlog.

So in the end, Huge's death was a su1c1de? This isn't right.

Am I in a brain maze? Hey, Major! Major.

Another job well done.

Chief, is it too much to dream that we'll receive citations or a bonus this time around? Huh? How did you know? If I am trapped in a brain maze, it won't be long before data is revised.

Purin Esaki? SECTION 9 ACTIVITY LOG PURIN ESAKI, k*lled IN ACTION Lots of records have gone undocumented since things got busy.

John Smith? A cryogenic chamber? I'm alive.

Tell me.

What year is it? It's 2045.

Then that means That must mean that after my capture, we succeeded in covering up the truth about 1A84.

Or Did we lose the w*r against the posthumans? Are you N? Forget it.

Major Kusanagi! It seems you found a solution.

I'm grateful to you.

I'm sure the President will honor your accomplishments too.

This isn't a brain maze.

Could it be that I don't exist here? But if I exist on the Net, even in autistic mode, where is my body? This is Then that means Major! Esaki? What happened to the others? Don't worry.

After the thr*at of the smart gas had passed, everyone was evacuated and they are living happily.

Then what about the nuclear m*ssile? For some people, they were launched.

And for others, they were avoided.

Even so, the world still exists and the human race has survived.


Help me understand.

The truth is that several hours before the smart gas was dispersed, most of those who had gathered in Shin

-Tokyo were sheltered in here and had already become N.

In the first place, what is "N"? They are people who live in reality, but at the same time, they are able to live in another reality, with no friction between the two.

Does that mean Batou and the others now see an illusory world different from ours, that was created by Shimamura? No, that's not it! How can I put it It's as if everyone is enjoying their own private video game? Or at least, I think they all live in reality, but in an enlightened state.

I don't get it.

Of course, you don't Allow me to show you the world Takashi Shimamura has created.

These people are continuing with the lives they led before the incident occurred, and each one of them maintains their own ideal state of calm within their minds.

Takashi Shimamura refers to that as doublethink.

And that's happening around the world currently? I believe so.

Just now, you said the smart gas was dispersed, but the nuclear m*ssile weren't fired.

Does that mean the dream world began from that point? For the most part, yes.

However, it seems that many people had already g*n to doublethink by then.

It likely began around the time that Togusa disappeared.

So that nostalgia virus was Yes.

It seems the virus has been downloaded in my brain too.

In that case, where is Shimamura? What? Well, that's This way.

Right now he's engaged in the final steps of spreading doublethink around the world.

Among those unconnected to the Net or in certain environments, there are some who haven't become N.

Takashi Shimamura Do you hear me? This is your vision of a sustainable society? Tell me why you had to complicate things enough to bring us to the brink of nuclear w*r.

I discovered people within the AE who had experienced an evolution in consciousness alone, without fully becoming N.

I wanted to buy time to prevent them from being att*cked.

You You can speak? Then the American response was stronger than you expected? Yes.

When humans discover foreign elements different from themselves, they feel an urge to expel them.

In case I was unable to transform everything to N before suffering the counterattack, it needed to appear as if we had lost to America.

Luckily, one hour before the smart gas was to be dispersed, I gained control of all the AE's core institutions and successfully converted them to N.

Because your team re

-established top

-secret communications before the filter here was lifted, I was able to tap them.

I feel nothing but gratitude.

So the communication line we opened spread your code around the world? My plan was an impressive success.

The human race has brought itself to a critical point in its technological advancement.

But when it happens, people are not even aware of the evolution within them? Correct.

It is a joyous event.

Either way, the human race suffered a total defeat to the posthumans.

Thank you very much.

Your letter saved my mother from pain.

At this moment, I am directing all resources toward the finishing touches.

If you were to remove this cord you could restore the world to its original state.

By not preparing a way to expel you in the event that you found your way here, I have lost.

Although I recognized the possibility.

That is why you, yourself, have not yet lost.

That may be true in competitive terms, but this is a chance for humanity to enter a new phase! Tell me one more thing.

Why haven't Esaki and I developed doublethink? You are one of the few true romantics.

There is nothing that separates your dreams from reality.

As for Esaki, sadly she has no ghost.

Esaki, why didn't you return to Section 9? Even without a ghost, you could have kept it a secret.

In the end I betrayed Batou and chose to side with the ideas of fellow AIs.

Once I did that, I couldn't just return to Section 9 like nothing happened.

I've decided to stay with him and witness the evolution of mankind.

How can I be crying? I don't even have a ghost.

- Say hello to our newest member.

- So the ground hardens after the rain!

- Whoa! It's Clown!

- Yo! Long time no see! What the hell? Is that you, Clown? There's also one more.

I'm Purin Esaki.

I look forward to working with you!

- Hi there! Nice to meet you!

- Yeah! Huh?

- Hey, now.

- What's happening?

- What's the matter?

- Is she okay? Oh, you can read my profile here.

- Wow, pretty impressive!

- Huh? You skipped straight to MIT? Is that good? It's different from you, at least.

Major? Thank you for everything, Prime Minister Tate.

I am truly grateful to you, Mr.


- Okay! Let's do it!

- Good seeing you! Oh, hi.

It's me.

I know I promised to meet you at five, but something's come up.

Tell your mom sorry for me.

- Hey, you can't do that!

- Hold it No fair, Purin!

- No way!

- Do as I say.

Major, you can't shoulder every burden alone.

The Net is vast, isn't it? I imagine that the next time humanity reaches a critical point, it will depart this planet and spread to the far reaches of space.

Are you leaving again? Yes.

Batou The next time we meet, we might not recognize one another.

In that case, why don't we choose a code word? Code 1A84.

Don't ever forget that we existed in these times.
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